Katana, sword sheath, compass, water bottle, lighter, some sheets of white paper & a pen.


Excellent sword skills, can sense the "essence" of living beings.


Can't swim, doesn't know how to ride any kind of animal, weak magic skills (for a twili), because of his facial features he always appear to be angry (he has difficulties to befriend people because of this).


He's a very talented swordman who serves the royal army as a mid ranked officer. Despite his abilities and love for the sword art, he doesn't have a higher rank because he doesn't have any relationship with royalty or aristocracy. He loves to fight, but hates to actually hurt people.

His twin sister, Lilith, is a very talented wizard, but unfortunately she's prey to a rare disease. Neon agrees to participate in the war against Hyrule with the hopes of gaining reputation in order to reach a higher rank in the army to be able to afford treatment for his sister.