• Categorize All Chapters with Player and Character Tags
  • Add Remainder of IW Season 2
  • Add "Participated Chapters" section to all Character Bio Pages
  • Add "Contributing Authors" and "Contributing Characters" to the top of all chapter pages.
  • Update Contributing Authors/Contributing Characters to link to the relevant bio or category pages.
  • Correct markup errors in Epoch S1, Epoch S2, and IW S1.
  • Add "stub" to any pages lacking the category that qualify
  • Update IW Character Bio Pages to Epoch standards
  • Add Faction Data to all IW Bios
  • Add Dark/Light tag to all IW Bios
  • Continue creating stub pages from Red Links so that an easy to assess list of incomplete pages can be generated
  • Update to the current chapter names
  • Updated all Character Bio pages to contain (Bio) in the name of the page. Then tag the Bio page with the characters name. This will allow the Bio page to be clearly identified when viewing any characters category list.

Excel Worksheet version of this list:

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