The Order of Elemental Worship is a faction seen in Epoch of Disharmony. This order originally began as a group of normal (but not necessarily good intentioned) monks. Template:Infobox GroupThey lived and prayed within the Temple of Forgotten Depths, which to them was known as the Temple of Elemental Worship, where they worshiped to the various elements of the world. The members were all united by their common worship of the Moon and the Stars, which they did by night, and lived in the Temple by Day. Many however were keen on their own private worship of their desired elements, which later in the life of the order would lead to fragmentation and sub-orders being created as members split off and left to other nations.

The exact point of origin of the temple is AD-0002, shortly after the Era of Skyward Sword began. During a battle with a monstrous Lava Scorpion, AvaKai and Polaris Eridanus accidentally went back in time to an unknown point in the Order's history, inadvertently influencing the Monks then in-progress artwork. The Monks were responsible for painting the Mural of Living History, although how the Mural later became a path through time is not known.

The Monks within the Order have split off through the years and established satellite groups around the world, but all with the common belief of praising the incredible, both godly, and mortal. Thus every group considers itself to be The Order of Elemental worship, as all things they worship have a major defining element. Eventually groups were established who worshipped entities such as The Ma, specifically the Fallen Lords, Abatheras, Tempest, and Ratnis. It is not known how many groups exist in the world total.