Elizabeth: "Brothers and Sisters of the Eclipse, what is our aim?"
Cultists: "Prepare this world for our Dark Father's coming! Extinguish all hope!"
―Elizabeth Bryce to her followers

The Order of the Crimson Eclipse is a cult devoted to pagan libertarianism and the worship of Sourbeneton, the Oni of Light. Little is known about their deity except that he encourages his faithful to exist outside of consensual morality. Members of the Order believe social norms put confines on true potential, and initiates quickly learn that the only way to become true followers of the Dark Father is to commit an act of flagrant sin and gain understanding from it. This could be murder, theft, destruction of property, or just about anything else that is frowned upon by the law.

The Order of the Crimson Eclipse was founded by its leader, Elizabeth Bryce in the year AD-1199. Based out of The Crimson Sanctuary in the Gerudo Desert the cult would prove to be a thorn in the Kingdom of Hyrule's side for many years. Members of the Order could come from any race or walk of life. Among them were several monsters, and the cult possessed a limited military capability. Even so the Order was greatly outnumberd by the Hylian army, so its activitys were usually reserved to hit and run tactics. At the start of the Epoch War the Order of the Crimson Eclipse allied itself with the Zora war effort after a deal made between Elizabeth and King Tiburon.