14th chapter of IW Season 2. Follows the Forest and Spirit Temple storylines.

Lost Woods Edit

Ayala/South Hyrule Field/Morning 6

"Kinslayer's not really a problem. I really think he's just a guy who like to fight really strong people. If we send someone stronger then him we can probably get the ingredient back. My sword will work just fine on the ghost Taden." She tried to hide any hint of anger in her voice as she thought of sending the bastard back to his grave, again. Though she figured Felina couldn't know much about her past with Kashin, otherwise she would have hid the truth about Taden from her like everyone always seems to, but she didn't want to risk questions being brought up.

"The two possessed would still be a problem though, especially the Shiekah." The hints of anger disappeared from her voice replaced by a sorrow so subtle and well hidden any who didn't know of her normal cheery disposition would confuse it for apathy. "If she's as hard line as you say that Taden will destroy her. He'll make her become everything she'd, make her hurt everyone and everything she cares about. Until she finally have nothing left except the hate she feels form him and when he's not around she'll focus it on herself. That she's on our side just makes all the better for Taden too. Since now we'll hate him for doing to her, and ourselves if we can't stop him."

She paused for a moment taking in the meaning of her own words. "Damn it..." she suddenly picked speed up her pace to a full run. "If that's the case then we need to make this sword as fast as possible, and if we can't then we need to find my brother. The odds of it working are so slim its no better then a back up plan, but the Master Sword might be able to exorcise her."

IC: Felina - Lost Woods - noon 6

Having spent the rest of the morning crossing the southern plains and sneaking past Twili patrols the duo finally reached the treeline of the forests. Ducking into the treeline the two found a secluded spot to stop and plan their stops.

Pulling out an old map of the area Felina began figuring out where the major landmarks are.

"If I recall correctly I believe there are two spirits who dwell in the forest, one in the north and the other in the south. The north one should be easy enough to reach, but the southern one is seperated by that river and the Twili apparently have captured that town in the south, so they will no doubt be watching the river more closesly than the rest of the forest. We could probably slip through if we went as deep as the Kokiri Forest though, the Deku Tree would probably do us a favor and provide some manner of cover to let us cross where the twili aren't looking." Felina spoke aloud trying to figure out the plan of action.

Ayala/Faron Woods/Noon 6

"Ok that's fine but we'd have the find the Great Deku Tree first. I know I use to know the way but the forest is a lot different now. Oh well I guess we'll just have to hope Kokage finds up so he can show us the way right. In the mean time lets go that easy one you mentioned." Ayala headed into the forest ahead of Felina despite not knowing the way. She turned back upon realizing this small issue, "Right I don't know where we're going. You know, right?"

IC: Felina - Lost Woods - Noon 6

"Yeah, its actually pretty close to the edge of the forest actually. Near those peaks over there." Felina spoke, pointing at the small mountains that poking out above the canopy of the forest.

"The light spirits reside in a pair of springs right alongside the road to Ordon, so they are pretty hard to miss. Unfortunatly that is also going to leave us with some issues dodging the Twili's patrols. The closest one is near some caves though, so we should have some cover, the other is on the other side of that river valley that seperates Hyrule from the villages and nations to the south." she spoke laying out the general location of both springs

Making their way through the forest, avoiding the main road when possible the two slowly made their way to the mouth of the tunnel leading to the spring. 

Invoking her coyote powers Felina began trying to get a sense of the scents nearby. "There are definetly some Twili scents that have passed near here, but they don't seem to be recent. We'll just have to take the gamble and go for the tunnel." she spoke glancing at Ayala.

With a nod she led off, darting out from the cover and making for the tunnel, trying to blend in as best she could.

Ayala/Faron/Noon 6

The two young women darted towards the cave hoping to avoid being scene while out from cover. Their heightened tension was rewarded with nothing more then an anti-climax as they both made it to the tunnel without raising the slightest of alarm. Though they new this was probably out of sure luck as it was likely no patrols were near by. Ayala found it odd that an bottle necked entrance to such an important sight wasn't heavily guards but she figured the Twili probably have a very limited understanding of Hylian Lore and regional religion. If that were the case it meant they at least still had one advantage over the interlopers.

The narrow cave seemed to stretch on forever but lacked any deviating paths. They also had Ayala's sword to keep there path lit just in case. After what bored on an annoyingly drawn out walk through near darkness the pair finally emerged into a small meadow with a fresh water spring feed by a brook that stretched into an unseen distance.

The meadow had a strangely calming effect. It was much brighter then the the rest of the forest adding a certain subtle divinity. Small flowering plants, a gathering a small birds and woodland creatures as well as the quiet trickle of the small layered water falls only added to the tranquility of what far to many would just pass off as some random puddle of water in the woods. "Brings back memories. Good ones of when the forest was only place in the world not covered with war. Kind makes me wish I was still a little kid running through the woods with all the Kokiri." a beaming smile slowly appeared on Ayala's face as all of the thoughts of Taden that had been troubling her since Felina told her the truth seemed to melt away for the moment. 

"Anyway, any idea how were summon this spirit?"

IC: Felina - Faron Spring - Noon 6

"Well, its not so much a matter of summoning as much as it is getting the spirits attention. The spirit is already here, it just tends to ignore the random mortals that wander into its domain." Felina spoke walking a few steps into the water and picking up a small rock.

Tossing it up and down in her hand a few times and then threw it at a large rock with a rune carved into it. "Come on out! We need to talk to you!" Felina called out to the seemingly empty spring.

For a moment nothing seemed to be happening, but finally a flow began to rise from deep beneath the water and the large rune stones began to glow. As the glowing intensified small whisps of light began to emerge from the water and gather into a ball. Suddenly a deathening shriek called out and a large shadow passed over Felina and Ayala. A large wyvern was charging down from above. As its large serpentine body slammed down into the spring the gathering light dispersed and the runes stopped glowing. Flapping the wings on its arms the serpent began to slither forward toward the Hylian pair letting out another loud roar. A collar and shackles with writing that appeared similiar to what the twili used could be seen.

"Hmph... Looks like the interlopers actually know a little more about the local lore than I thought. Guess this guy is suppossed to keep any of the locals from getting help from the guardian spirits of the area." Felina spoke as she stepped back and readied for battle.

OOC Summary: Felina provokes the light spirit to show itself but is interupted by a Wyvern guard dog left by the twili to keep the subjugated Ordonians from turning to the spirits for help.

IC: Shato - above the Lost Woods - noon 6

"Oh ho. Turning to some random guardians for help? I guess I was right to follow this group. Maybe I can find out something useful about this mystery quest they are on." Shato laughed to herself as she redirected the Helmorac King and began to head towards the nearest friendly checkpoint. "There might only be two of them, but that battle at the castle had quite a few one-man armies, better get some backup."

Ayala/Faron Spring/Noon 6

"Oh come on they send a dragon at us. This fight'll be so one sided it'll be boring." Oberon complained always one to judge the situation based on how "awesome" the fight will be.

"Actually that a wyvern, a really big one but still not a dragon." Ayala corrected with her nerd like knowledge of the worlds grand reptiles.

"There's a difference?"

"Yeah see how its only got two legs and its wings are positioned a birds or a keese. A dragon has for legs or two legs and two arms depending on the size and type. Plus dragons are a lot smarter, this guys more like a dog."

The wyvern reared back its head as it deeply inhaled. Ayala grabbed the fairy and turn her back providing Oberon the same protection from fire that her armor offered her just as the feral fire thrower unleashed a stream of flaming breath. "They're also a lot meaner."

The Wyvern flapped it wing to get airborne with enough great enough force that the foliage its attack had ignited were quickly extinguished. Ayala activated the magic tip on her spear and jumped into the air to pierce the beast heart before it could dive bomb them. The Wyvern screeched in agony and it tumbled down to the ground. Ayala holding her grip on her spear the whole way down and managing to land on top of the beast when it crashed into the dirt path. "They're also a lot weaker. A dragon I would have needed to use burst."

IC: Shato - forest - afternoon 6

Flying along the path that cut through the forest Shato finally reached a patrol checkpoint at a bridge spanning a small canyon which cut the forest in two.

"Hey, we've spotted a Hylian special forces squad at that spring down the road, sound the alarm and get some troops down there to help me catch them." Shato called out to the soldiers below.

OOC Summary: Shato sounds the alarm to get some backup grunts.

L64, I'm going to apologize in advance for the motoring, but it just helps make this flow better.

IC: Felina - forest spring - afternoon 6

Before she could do anything Ayala had rushed out to attack the wyvern, slaying it with little effort.

"Huh, guess that dragoon title of yours isn't just for show." Felina spoke with a sigh. She could tell Ayala was quite pleased with herself, as she was grinning from ear to ear as she hopped down off the wyvern's body, stopping to give a thumbs up.

Felina couldn't help but let out snicker at the sight of the young woman completely dominating the large monster. However the mood quickly darkened as Felina realized an aura was rising up from the Wyvern's remains. Almost like mist it quickly gathered and reformed into the ghastly form of the wyvern and let out an otherworldly shriek as it lunged towards Ayala.

"Crap, the ghost is trying to launch one last attack... she doesn't even see it coming..." Felina thought to herself as she dashed forward towards Ayala. "Look out!" she called out as she shoved Ayala out of the way. Cringing she felt the wyverns spectral form smash into her, entering her body.

For a moment her upper body went limp as her clothing began to change and a new set of rune tattoos formed.

Climbing back to her feet Ayala approached. "Are you alright?" she asked as she tried to look into Felina's almost lifeless eyes. "I... I guess you just saved me from that monsters ghost or something. Does this mean you have a new summoning pact?" she asked hoping to coax out a response.

Without warning life finally returned to Felina's body as she quickly swung out her arm and backhanded Ayala in the face, knocking her back down.

Looking down at Ayala who was starring up in shock Felina began to laugh uncontrollably. "Not quite bitch. 'Fraid your princess is in another castle." she laughed, "Consider this round two!" she then shouted as she took a deep breath and spat out a fireball.

Ayala/Faron Spring/Noon 6

"Castle?" Ayala questioned seconds before taking a fireball to the chest. Thanks to her armors fire immunity her possessed ally's attack did nothing but provider her a smoke screen. Ayala lounged out of the smoke cloud with her dagger aimed at Felina's neck but was force to pull to the side the second she realized what she was doing. "Damn it."

The Dragoon jumped back before Draco-Felina could take advantage of the opening her pulled punch had just caused. He jabbed her spear into the ground leaning back at a slight angle and moved to a defensive stance with her dagger at the ready. "OK, I don't know if being in Felina gave you the ability to reason but I'll try anyway. Right now we're in the middle of Twili controlled area and your in the body of a Hylian. Now I can't hurt you and you really can't hurt me but fighting is going to bring the bad guys running. So can we forge a truce or do we have to do this the fun way."

IC: Wyvern-Felina - forest spring - afternoon 6

"Heh, this is only going to be fun for one of us. I seriously doubt you have the guts to carve up your little friend." Wyvern laughed back as she began to charge straight at Ayala.

Taking a swipe with her claws Ayala slid back to avoid the strike, taking the opening to grab Wyvern's arm and wrap her other arm around to try and get a headlock.

"Enough of this. Felina you can overpower this lizard, show it whose really in control!" Ayala yelled hoping to get through to Felina.

"Hmph, I'm the only one in control here, don't forget it!" Wyvern yelled back as she used her powers to start to rise into the air. After they had lifted off the ground about 10 feet she flew back, slamming Ayala against the ground forcing her to release her grip.

Rolling over Wyvern quickly pinned down, grabbing her throat with both hands and pushing her face beneath the spring water. "Now stop squirming and die."

Ayala/Faron Spring/Noon 6

Ayala tried to use a burst attack with her spear so send debris flying into Felina's face as she charged but reacted to slowly and was forced to grapple with her now super strong ally. This proved to be a graver mistake then she could have anticipated as the Wyvern spirit retained with ability to fly even in a Hylian body and used that skill to lift them both into the sky and pile drive Ayala face down into the spring.

"Hey get off her you jerk. Don't you know the bad guys are suppose to lose!" Oberon shouted as she pounded on the back of the possessed woman's head to no effect.

Ayala struggled to retrieve the light shard from her belt pouch, finally managing to do so and form the Sword of Light just as the limits of her breathe were reached. The jabbed the blade into the springs silty bottom forming the Wings of Light with enough force to throw Felina off of here. She gasped for air as she resurfaced until to start coughing heavily for a moment until she could regain her stance. "Ok, I hate to break this to you but you've kinda misjudged me. Sure I like Felina she was honest with me and reminds me of her ancestor, but do you really think I'd let you kill me because I don't want to hurt someone I've know half a day."

A single flap of her wings lifted Ayala several feet into the air. She slashed downward with the Sword of Light creating the crescent tip of the True Blade angled down towards her newly found foe. "I just wanted to end this peacefully because Kokage will get made if I hurt the forest." She swung her blade upward back along the same path firing a massive wave of light magic the launched the true blade with enough force to cut a Iron Knuckle clean in half.

C: Wyvern - forest - afternoon 6

"Heh, bold talk! Lets see just how far you are willing to go with it."

Lifting up a boulder Wyvern quickly threw it towards Ayala, launching a fireball right behind it. Before Ayala could intercept the boulder the fireball impacted into the back of it blowing out the back of it and sending a shower of small rocky debris and a thick cloud of dust outward in all directions.

Hidden by the dust cloud Wyvern quickly slipped underwater and began to swim on an eliptical path towards Ayala, readying herself to strike at the young dragoons submerged legs.

Ayala/Faron Spring/Afternoon 6

Less then a second before the True Light Blade Strike could be launched the wyvern had lob a large boulder followed a blast of fire that detonated to mass of earth into a shotgun of debris. She shielded herself with the Wing of Light but at the cost of the True Blade misfiring and having to land back in the spring.

The wanna be dragon jumped into the spring and circled around Ayala waiting to strike, except it forgot two important details. Its current Hylian frame wasn't as agile under water as its original body, and the water was clear. Ayala jabbed with her spear just in front of the wyvern's path and used a burst attack to unleash an concussive shock wave into its face.

IC: Wyvern - forest - afternoon 6

With a quick thrust the dragoons spear plunged into the water right in front of Wyvern. With a small flash a sudden shockwave of force was released creating an explosion as Wyvern was knocked backwards out of the water.

"Hmph, looks like you aren't all talk afterall, but it wo..." Wyvern began to taunt as it realized the two of them were surrounding by rapidly approaching soldiers.

"Crap, I wasted to much time on you!" she quickly shouted as she tried to dart into the treeline, only to be met by an exploding arrow. Skidding back to the fountain she readied herself for the new guests.

IC: Shato - same time and place

"Hey there girls! Thanks for sticking around for the party!" Shato shouted as she descended on the Helmorac Kings back. As she neared several dozen twili soldiers approached from either side of the narrow pass with blades drawn and crossbows at the ready.

Releasing the Helmorac King back to the urn Shato landed next to the soldiers.

"Why don't you two be good girls and toss away those nasty toys of yours and we can have a nice civilized discussion about your little mission to make that new weapon." Shato spoke with a grin on her face.

As expected the duo only tightened into a defensive posture.

"No? Then I guess we'll just have to beat you to a bloody pulp and then use torture and truth syrum to get the information." Shato spoke in a dissappointed tone as she released a cloud from the urn.

Quickly it formed into a dozen floating skulls with red auras around them which immediatly began to race towards the Hylians. With a hand gesture Shato then ordered everyone to attack.

yala/Faron Spring/Noon 6

"Well damn it." Ayala mumbled as she went into a defensive stance back to back with her wyvernized ally. "Ok truce until we deal with this."

With a single powerful flap of her Light Wings Ayala darted toward at the the twili commander with her spear at the forefront. As the bubbled closed in on her path she quickly batted them away with the Wings of Light quickly dispelling the wings before the bubbles curse could spread to her body.

With her wings gone she took a quick jump magic enhanced slightly altering her path to pass the commander by and impaling two soldiers on her left flank. With her off hand she pointed her Sword of Light back at Shato's head. "Now why would we need, I already have this." With a smile that was frighteningly will with a child like glee she fired off a sword beam to the back of the Twili's head.

IC : Wyvern - forest - afternoon 6

As Ayala took off to go on offense, Wyvern simply smirked a little. Without hesitation she immediantly began dashing off in the oppossite direction. "Smell ya later dragoon!" she called out as she lept over the soldiers blocking her path and began to fly away deeper into the forest.

IC: Shato

In a flash two of her allies on her left were gone and one of the hylian girls had landed a short distance behind her. As the girl began to spin around charging her sword with magic, Shato quickly grabbed an ally to her right and also began to spin around.

As the two finally faced each other a powerful sword beam was released, exploding the head of the poor soldier that Shato was using as a sheild. Quickly raising up her hand Shato began to squeeze a small egglike ball until it broke releasing a thick cloud of toxic smoke.

With everyone in the vicinity shrouded in smoke she quickly darted to the left, throwing a pair of knives at where the Hylian girl had been standing.

Ayala/Faron Spring/Noon 6

Ayala lept up into the trees as soon as the smoke screen converged on her; unknowingly avoiding the hail a throwing knives, so of which hit the other twili in the circle instead. Standing on a branch barely able to hold her weight see saw the still possessed Felina flee from the battle. "I should have saw that com-" her annoyance was cut short as she became consumed by an uncontrollable cough. The hacking back worse as she became light headed and she fell from the branch. The twili soldiers began to surround her as she managed to fire off one last Light Burst before passing out.

In the near by brush a large pack of wolfos absorbed the battle, waiting for their masters command. It was just as Ayala fell from the sky a lone warrior arrived from the woods like a ghost at the Twili's flank. With a single motion he commanded his legion of wolfos to attack the Twili solders surrounding the fallen Dragoon then readied his own sword and attacked their commander.

IC: Shato - forest - afternoon 6

Things had become chaotic very quickly since Shato released the poisoned smoke. The girl was weakened, but so were many of her own allies with many dieing at the hands of the girls last attack, plus a new warrior and some wolfos had arrived.

As the wolfos pounced on the weakened twili troops Shato pulled out the urn and released a set of four Darknuts to take up a defensive stance in front of her as the new warrior approached with sword drawn.

"I don't know who you are, but I hope you are ready to own up to the consequences of siding with that girl." Shato called out as she readied a pair of throwing knives.

Kokage/Faron Spring/Noon 6

"Consequences?" A green aura began to radiate off Kokage's body. While he maintained an outward calm the Twili's words in face of who the girl was threw his mind into a rage. The green glow began to grows, spreading into the nearby plant life. It was the sage energy his body had been constantly absorbing for the past six days, and now in his anger is was gushing out. "You, you speak of consequences!. That girl is a child of this forest, in attacking her you have you've invalidated the treating the Young Deku Tree made with your army. You're no longer free to roam in my forest."

Responding more to the geyser erupting from Kokage's body then his own command over them, the army of the forest came rushing to Faron Spring. Deku Shrubs, Guay, Skulltula, Moblins and more packs wolfos rushed to the battle. Unexpectedly Mad Shrubs and Deku Baba rose up from the earth and a number of gohma scampered out of the brush; likely as a result of the chaotic nature in which the sage power was filling the area. Of all the forests creatures only the Skull Children had the sense to stay away in both fear of the power the called the others and for lack of a role in combat.

A large club wielding Moblin walked up beside the Forest Guardian awaiting instructions on how it should command the sentient being present. Kokage's order came with a blood-lusting smile. "The girl in green is one of us, everything else dies."

Kokage lifted his Morigetsu with its blade pointed to the earth as he pulled the green radiance back into his body and focused it all into the sword. The an unnecessary level of force he stabbed his sword into the dirt channeling that power in the earth beneath himself and the Twili's leader. For a moment nothing seemed to happen but the guardians efforts soon came to fruition as the ground beneath the twili women began to shake with an noticeable rumble from below.

This no farther warning hundreds of spear like wooden shots erupted from the ground beneath and around Shato with speed and force that would earn the envy of the greatest of archers. The shoots worked to impale the twili women but also twisted and converged on each other, forming a tree to crust the woman's remains inside.

C: Shato - forest - afternoon 6

"Child of the forest? So what you guys have been picking up strays?" Shato began to joke as she felt a faint tremor from the ground.

"Shi..." she cried out as she quickly summoned an Argorok bird and quickly had it lift her off the ground. Before she could get above the treeline dozens of wooden shoots erupted from the ground impaling her Darknut bodyguards and slashing across one of her legs. 

"Higher, fly higher!" She yelled at the bird as it rose up. Finally, once it was well above the forest she released it and summoned the Helmorac King.

"Fine! Keep her! I didn't want her anyway!" Shato yelled down as she commanded the giant bird to fly back to the Twili base camp in Ordon. 

Kokage/Faron Spring/Noon 6

The Twili commander had retreated abandoning the last of her men to meet there fate against the forces of the forest. Kokage's sword dissipated becoming one with his body again as he calmly walked over to pick up the unconscious Ayala. He began to leave the battle field in a calm cool pace stopping only to leave the Club Moblin with a final command that he was sure it would enjoy. "Make sure they can't harm are kind again. I don't care how you go about that."

As soon as he was out of view of the battle Kokage dropped his calm image and began speeding towards the Kokiri village as quickly as he possible good with a passenger in his arms.

IC: Felina - Felina's Innerspace - afternoon 6

Everything had gone wrong. In her attempt to shield Ayala from the Wyvern's fury Felina had left herself open to its attempt at possession. Her past experience hadn't fully prepared her for this type of fight. This wasn't a fight between two flesh and blood beings on the material plane, but rather it was between souls inside a mindscape of dreams and memories. 

It was strange trying to exist as a complete person within a fragment of ones own mind. All of the senses one normally relies on to define their existance in the world were hollow and meaningless in a world that lacked substance. Yet the world seemed to have an order governing it all its own. Drawn from Felina's memories the four souls were racing across the Calatian countryside. Even though it was based on a real place in Felina's memory, this dream world felt far from its counterpart. Everything seemed to be like a rainbow colored mist gathered into the shapes of familiar objects. Even the souls themselves held this strange ghostly appearance, with each soul resembling the true form of their physical bodies.

"Scatter!" Felina called out to her allied spirits as Wyvern swooped down from above firing off a fiery blast. Diving behind what seemed like cover Felina couldn't help but worry about the situation. All of her previous contracts with spirits had been willing exchanges between both parties. In theory as a summoner she held the power to bend others souls to her will, but she had never actually considered it let alone tried it.

To make matters worse, in this dreamscape she couldn't utilize any of the abilities of her spirits, as each of them existed seperately from herself.

"Haa!! Come out girl! Why do you delay the inevitable! You know a frail human like yourself can't possibly stand against me!" Wyvern called out.

"Grrr... Just let me get close enough and I'll rip his throat out!" Cyote snarled in anger as she turned to face Wyvern.

"Don't try it! You'll never get close enough." Owl interupted as he flew higher to avoid Wyvern's flames.

"This is my fight. Don't risk yourselves." Felina called out as she stepped out from her hiding spot.

"Oh? Tired of running?" Wyvern mocked as he landed in front of her. "From some of your memories I've seen, I didn't think you would give up that easily."

"Hmph... Know your place serpent! I am a summoner and you are in my domain! Now bow before your new master!" Felina yelled as she invoked her powers and unleashed a stream of magic that began to form into chains binding Wyvern.

Shrieking out Wyvern began to thrash wildly as Felina slowly tightened her grip. "No... You will be the one bowing..." Wyvern hissed as it began to force the chains loose. Finally with another burst of strength the chains tore loose sending their magic exploding outward.

"Gah!! He's to strong..." Felina cried out as she once more took flight. 

Ayala/Kokiri Forest/Midnight 6/7

Ayala briefly came to and tried to look around but found she couldn't open her eyes all the way. She could make out a few blurry figures, two adult and one child all of which wearing a lot of green, or brown. She wasn't really sure the walls and people were starting to blur together. She tried to speak but found she could barely breathe. She tried to force herself upright instead but every attempt at using a muscle was met pain.  Noticing her stirring one of the adults came to her side and rubbed something slimy on her forehead, upper lip and then down her chest. Even with her nose and throat mostly closed up she was still able to breathe in the vapors and quickly drifted. 

Spirited Away Edit

Senshi/Hyrule/5 Years after OoT

A young Senshi sat on a ledge over looking Hyrule field wallowing in his own pity. He started to hum part of a song he's had stuck in his head for as long as he could remember but never seemed to sound complete to him. 

"That's a nice song, kind of familiar actually." the boy's uncle uncle said having sunk up on him while the kid was lost in his own thoughts.

"It's just something I've always had stuck in my head, though it seems off. By the way I came out here to be alone."

"Oh I know, but it's been a few hours and your mom were getting worried. I'm trying to figure out this who having a family thing so I agreed to go find you."

"Yeah well I'm in no rush to go back. She just wants me to hurry up and pack my things so she can move us away to some distant island. I just get a girlfriend and she wants us to leave because of one little war. Its not just a a small distance away either, its days of sailing to get back. Hell it won't even be in the same frame of time. Do you have any idea what that's like?"


"And all this because there was another war. It barely lasted a year! And its not like their going to keep happening. It was just a coincidence that this happened so soon. Besides it's like I didn't grow up in a worse one, and I'm not a little kid anymore either. If there is another war I can take care of myself."

"To be honest I don't disagree but everyone keeps telling me I'm not the best judge of that kind of thing." 

"Or maybe you are and everyone else is wrong. I mean who would now better then the one person who's been saving the world since he was ten. And if you can do it I can do, we're related after all."

"When I was ten I was beat be Ganondorf in a single blow and only allowed to live because he figured he could follow me into the sacred realm. That's not really something to brag about when think about the 7 years it took before I could make up for that." Link sighed as he sat down next to his nephew. "Ok you can't change this right, and hiding up here and trying to avoid the truth wont help either. As it stand you'll just have to face the music, but hey one day you'll be older and um..."

" able to live on my own?"

"Sure that'll work. Sorry I'm still not that good at this kind of thing. Usually I can't get a word in edgewise in a conversation."

"Thanks I guess?"

"Anyway, just stop acting like this is the end of the world... oh I just realize where I heard that song you were humming before. I think it was called Ballad of the Windfish."

"Windfish!?" The word resonated through Senshi's mind like a lost memory he couldn't bring himself to remember. He knew he'd never heard that before but it was still to painfully familiar. It wouldn't be until years later when is parents told him to story behind his conception that he'd finally learn way.

"Yeah I was part of this band in a place called Termina and they used it as a warm up song. It's suppose to use multiple instruments which is why it probably sound off to you. What your humming is just a bit of it, the vocals I think. If you want I can help you work it out better on an ocarina."

"I don't have an ocarina."

Link pulled out the Ocarina of Time and his old Fairy Ocarina and tossed the latter to Senshi. "Now you do. Now lets see if I can manage to teach you how to play it. Of course it would take a while for me to teach you all the song I know but that'll just give me another reason to visit you guys."

Senshi/Temple of Spirit/Day 6

"Why are all my dream of my past. I'm really starting to think someone screwing with me again." Senshi said to himself as he woke back up. He tried to stand but found all his muscle were still to weak so instead merely forced himself to sit up right. He leaned back against the wall and started to play his ocarina to pass the time until he could move again.

Senshi/Spirit Temple/Morning 6

"Exactly why are you wasting time in my temple." The an image of Nabooru called out to Senshi interpreting the song he was playing on his ocarina. 

"You're temple, here I assumed I'd died and was stuck in purgatory. Of course now that your here I know I was wrong, it's hell."

Nabooru's image vanished and reappeared in front of Senshi with a dagger to his throat. "You should learn to watch that smart mouth of yours Little Sen. Magic might now work on you but there are plenty of other ways I can teach you manners." Taking advantage of her position she lifted up his left sleeve to see half the mark she'd given him was used up. "Oh a see you've been busy. Well any progress."

"Other then being alive no. I used it for the sake of stupid heroics."

Nabooru calmly stood up and kick Senshi square in the chest. The fact that he was already sitting being all that kept him from falling over. "I gave you that mark so you could learn to control your power, not run off and play hero."

"And here I though you'd be impressed." Senshi said trying not to cough up a lung.

"Impressed, just what do you take me for?"

"...a sage."

"Sages help real hero's, not children who like to roleplay. How could you be a hero with your powers running completely out of control. You'd just kill everyone you were trying to save."

"By that logic I should just keep it sealed. I can't be a hero if I'm using a villains power right."

Nabooru paused for a moment then kicked Senshi in the chest again. "You dumbass, you of all people should know a power can't be evil, it just the user that makes it that way. And stop acting like not being your uncle means your a villain. For one thing you're not that sexy, for another if you use him as a standard even I'd be a villain."

"You're not?"

"Oh hit him again. This is getting funny."

"Why can I here you again?"

"Between nearly dieing and my taking over of your body that mental barrier you created must have dropped. At the moment your life force is still drained so I would not recommend putting it back up yet."

"Ha, well I'll leave you to your voices then. Maybe they can help you figure out why your a dumbass. In the mean time I'll let you recover here if you need to but I'm not restoring that half of the mark you used. I will give you one last piece of advice though. You have here the expression it takes all kinds. It apply to hero boys to." Nabooru's image vanished leaving Senshi to the "peace" of his thoughts.

"Ah she left already, I was hoping to ask her out for drinks. We could spend the night making fun of the kid and stories about her that I'd pretend to listen to until she took me back to her place."

"I believe this is her 'place,' and you lack a body."

"Hey, where there's a will."

"Furthermore you are a demon, why are you trying to woe a sage."

"Love does not discriminate! Plus she's hot."

"I was right about this being hell."

[b]Mid-Morning 6/Spirit Temple[/b]

The Sage's Chamber deep inside the Spirit Temple shook. Then again, more violently. Then a long, continuous rumble rocked the room. The door from the main temple shattered open, spreading a large cloud of concealing dust around the entrance. The vague shape of a man was silhouetted in the dust.

Senshi/Spirit Temple/Morning 6

"What the hell?" Senshi was stirred from his light nap by the sound of the chamber door opening and slamming shut.

An unknown called out with a threatening demand,"Sage of Spirit! I come for your power!"

"Hell, what now." Senshi climbed to the top of the platform in the middle of the room to gain the high ground before he called out the new intruder. "Talking like that, I'd almost think you're making demands to a sage. In fact from your tone I'd say you're making threats. Now as much as I'd normally applaud that I really can't let it slide. So here's how this works, either you leave now or you give me a reason why I shouldn't kill to save Nabooru the trouble. I do owe her a favor after all."

[b]Mid-Morning 6/Spirit Temple[/b]

The figure strode forth from the dust of the destroyed door. Ganondorf faced the source of the voice that spoke to him. "[color=#800000]Making threats? No, boy. I am making [i]demands[/i]. That is, of the Sage. To you, I will make threats. Leave, filthy Hylian. Get out of my way. Or I will kill you to get what I am after.[/color]"

Ganondorf cracked his knuckles, and entered a brawling stance. "[color=#800000]The choice is yours, and this is the only time I will offer it.[/color]"

Senshi/Spirit Temple/Mid Morning 6

"Death threats, that's rich." Senshi jumped down from the elevated alter forming his scythe to slow his decent into a gentle glide. "If you were anyone I should be concerned about you would have tried to kill me by now. Oh well I guess that's to be expected from a..." he paused, surprised at the appearance of his challenger now that he'd gotten close enough for a good look. "Gerudo? A male Gerudo? Well I guess that old pig beasts line continues after all, or is it that Dajronon's line has fallen so far I guess it doesn't matter."

"I find it prudent to remind you that you are not fully healed yet Senshi. Potential element advantage aside, you can not afford to drag this out." The Angel chimed Senshi recent streak of nearly suicidal "heroics" will leave him without a host.

Senshi moved to a defensive stance, willing to let the Gerudo make the first move. "Well, I suppose I should make short work of this," he said as both a response to the more reasonable voice in his head and a subtle taunt to the Gerudo "King." 

[b][color=#800000]Ganondorf[/color]/Mid-Morning 6/Spirit Temple Sage's Chamber[/b]

Ganondorf twitched with ire at this Hylian dog's words. "[color=#800000]Pig beast!?[/color]" As he rumbled out this displeased exclamation he closed to partial distance with his opponent. "[color=#800000]You damn Hylians are all the [b]same[/b]![/color]"

He emphasized his words with a sucker punch that slammed through the air toward its target.

Behind Ganondorf, a head peeked around the corner of the destroyed door. Telma's eyes grew wide as she saw the beginning of the clash.

Senshi/Spirit Temple/Mid Morning 6

Senshi blocked to the Gerudo's punch with the staff of his scythe, though to his surprise the blow had more effect one him then it should have. Despite the force being distributed a powerful shock ran up his left arm. He suddenly realized he couldn't take Death Angel's warning about his weakened state lightly. He counted his blessing that his hood hid any signs of pain from his opponent.

"All the same? Why because I called your former king a 'pig beast?' Are you such a childish fool that you'd be angered by the truth? Have the Gerudo fallen so far that their 'king' can be provoked so easily?" He swiped at the Gerudo "King" as he jumped back ensuring the blade itself missed but at the same time extending the scythe's shadowy aura to see the extent the Gerudo was vulnerable to shadow magic, if at all.

"Leave," he said as he turned his back feigning that he had dropped his guard. "I have no desire to kill you, but if you continues I'll be forced to humiliate you in front of Nabooru and that women behind the door."

Ganondorf Mid-Morning 6/Spirit Temple Sage's Chamber

Ganondorf dodged the attack from the scythe-wielding psycho, and felt a pall fall upon him with its wake. He growled at the man.

"[color=#800000]I have every desire to kill you,[/color]" he spat out, "[color=#800000]but it would be such a waste of my time. I have more important things to do than face off against a single Hylian dog.[/color]"

His breath came heavier in the oppressive atmosphere of the scythe's influence, but he refused to back down, not after all he, and his people, had endured. And he had only to continue in this fashion for a while longer. He cocked his shoulder and drove forward into the chest of the man, intending to crush his ribs against the wall of the chamber.

[hr] [b]Telma/Mid-Morning 6/Spirit Temple Sage's Chamber[/b]

Telma watched from the doorway as the King and the cloaked man fought. This was Ganondorf, the man for whom she had died. The man for whom she had been returned to life. She would not see him fail. Thus, when Ganondorf threw his body into his foe, distracting the man, Telma entered through the destroyed throne, making her way to the pedestal upon which stood the spectral image of the Sage of Spirit, that famous Gerudo...

Telma bowed her head to the Sage, in respect for her position and her history. "Nabooru... You, of all people, must understand..."

Senshi/Spirit Temple Sage Chamber/Mid-Morning 6

"Yes more important things, like trying to attack your people's own sage," Senshi fired back at the Gerudo's. "Though I'm not sure what you expected to happen if you got the chance. You can't even get past me so I'm sure Nabooru would defeat you with a flick of her wrist. Though I will give you this much, my Scythe is clearly having an effect yet your forcing through it. That much will power is... Wait a minute." Senshi suddenly realized that something was off about the situation as he saw it but before he had a chance to piece it together the Gerudo King charged forward with wall smashing force.

Senshi moved to block the blow from impacting his chest though despite the Gerudo being effected by the shadow magic Senshi was still weakened. Unable to muster up much strength Senshi was forced back into the wall with enough force to send crack running up to the ceiling. He clenched his teeth hard to keep himself from crying out in pain but was still forced to let out a muffled yell. "Ok, I'll admit it. I underestimated you just a little bit." he said panting heavily. "Still..." 

The purple aura of the Shadow Scythes blade began to radiate outward. With in seconds everything around the two was encompassed by the power of shadow, the encumbering force of which on the Gerudo's body giving Senshi the opportunity to slip out from the raw vice like force that was keeping him pinned to the wall. "So Shadow really does have an effect on you. Well now I'm curious. If you were a dark wizard like Dragmire you'd be weak against Light instead of Shadow like most Gerudo. Beyond that I don't think you can use magic at all. So tell me, why is would a Gerudo king who's not corrupted by dark magic what to kill the Spirit Sage?"

IC: Quell - Spirit Temple - Mid-morning 6

In the quiet depths of the temple a loud whining roar grew louder before finally a lone figure flew through the corridor at high speed. 

"Heh, the enhancements to my armor worked." Quell mused to himself, pleased with the modifications he had made to his armor based on the Scions sacred tattoos. He had adjusted the armor with a pair of wing binders to convert magic into thrust to increase his speed significantly. The only problem was the magic relics he had been previously using were no longer compatible with the armor.

Coming to a stop at the near the entrance to the sage chamber he saw two foes squaring off against each other. One was a Hylian who seemed to be defending the sages chamber and the other was the outcast Gerudo King who had recently been welcomed into the Twili forces.

Watching for a moment Quell realized that the Gerudo was at a slight disadvantage, at least in terms of abilities. 

"Hey, desert rat! These might level the playing field." Quell called out as he tossed out the gauntlets and the sword he had retrieved from Maydni's basecamp.

"They are blessed with he power of our tribe. They will be more than enough to crush that fool."

Senshi/Spirit Temple/Mid-Day 6

"Who's the fool? I'm on your side moron!" Senshi yelled at the Twili mage that had butted into his battle. Though he doubted it would do him much good. He recognized this Twili, it was the one who nearly destroyed Hyrule Castle several days ago in a act that required Death Angel's intervention to stop. He couldn't simply assume he'd recognize him as an ally even if he did seeing how he aided to Gerudo without a moments forethought he may not being one to care about such things. Worse Senshi new he was trapped. As he was he was struggling against the Gerudo and was in no shape to fight a mage one on one. Fighting them both at the same time would be out of the question. Normally he'd be forced to retreat but that wasn't an option at this point. For now he'd have to just let this play out and try and survive.

"Besides this fight has nothing to do with you or this war. Unless you have some foolish or twisted desire to interfere with religious affairs I suggest you leave. Trust me getting involved in such matter is really of personal benefit, of course if you enjoy being made into a puppet by all means." Senshi said in a belittling tone hoping to bluff the mage into leaving. Though regardless of whether or not it was a bluff, Senshi spoke what he felt was the truth.

"Now, Gerudo King. Interruptions aside, I still want to know. What is your business with the Sage of Spirit."

[b][color=#800000]Ganondorf[/color]/Mid-Morning 6/Spirit Temple Sage's Chamber[/b]

The King of the Gerudo inspected his newly gifted items. The gauntlets seemed to speak to him, fitting with the style he had embraced since his escape from that accursed prison. The sword was what it was, and for now he held it with impertinence. He flexed his fingers inside the embrace of the gauntlets; they felt right. He noticed the dust in the air swirling in front of him in reaction to the movements.

"[color=#800000]Interruptions aside,[/color]" he responded to the Hylian, "[color=#800000]My business with the Sage is none of [i]your[/i] Goddess blasted business![/color]"

He swiped a hand at the Hylian, scarring a gash across the wall as the telekinectic powers of the armored gloves exerted themselves. Senshi easily ducked the wave of energy and Ganondorf struck with the other hand. Another dodge from Senshi left a hole blasted into the wall. Ganondorf smiled.

"[color=#800000]Oh. I [i]like[/i] these.[/color]"

He reached above his head, forming fists and jerking his arms back down. The ceiling, caught in the distant grip of the gauntlets, cracked, bowed, and collapsed downward.

Senshi/Spirit Temple/Mid-Day 6

"Goddesses? You think I;m working for the-" Senshi was cut off before he could finish his sentence buy the Gerudo King's testing of his new toys. The initial strikes were easy enough to dodge but the Gerudo decided to throw away any air of caution in light of his new found toys and bring down the ceiling. Senshi knew he couldn't jump out of the way in time nor could he sit back and hope his telekinesis kicked in so with little other option he reached into a pouch on his belt just as the rumble crashed down to bury him alive.

For a moment the dust settled with no sign of Senshi in sight. To his enemies it would seem he had be crushed under the a large mound of sand, dirt and rocks, but before the Gerudo could enjoy his victory six golden wings burst from the top of the pile. Senshi returned to his feet completely unharmed thanks to the Wings created by the sage coin acting as a shield. "You know I really hope you are Ganondorf's decedent because Dajronon would turn in his grave if he new his line was trashing this place. For the record though, I could give a flying **** about what the Goddesses think about you, me or anything else going on here. My obligations are strictly to Nabooru. That's why I was going to give you a moment to explain yourself, I figured 'maybe he's has an honest reason for wanted to see Nabooru and his tone is just because he's a king and kings tend to be pricks,' but that doesn't really matter know. Now I've seen what happens when you get just a little bit of power. You're just like that damn Pig Bastard form back then. So I'll be damned if I'm letting you anywhere near the sage!" The fires of rage grew in Senshi's eyes as his words spurred up old memories. He dispersed two of the wings on his back, reforming the energy as a golden glowing dragons claw on his left still injured left arm. The burning on his arm left over from his use of the Star coin in his last fight was intensified by now even the use of Winged Light, likely a result of it not having time to heal. Regardless his growing anger kept his from feeling a thing.

"I hope you're watching closely you Hothnight rip off!" he shouted to the interloper with a removing his gaze form the Gerudo "King". "This is the other reason I told you to stay out of this damned religious crap." The charged at the Gerudo with his Dragon First raised, the remaining four wings giving off a single flap the launch him and an otherwise impossible speed. "Because you're both out of your damn league!"

Ganondorf/Mid-Morning 6/Spirit Temple Sage's Chamber

Ganondorf thrust out his hands, palm first, exerting the telepathic aspect of his new gauntlets. The palm-strike moved out in front of him, slamming against his aggressor with the fury of Ganondorf's own physicality. The Hylian grunted, and though slowed he nonetheless forced his way through the attack to continue his assault on the Gerudo king. With nearly a bare second to spare Ganondorf leapt to the side, rolling out of the way of the attack. The magic corona that infused Senshi's attack still washed over Ganondorf, tingling his skin with its power and causing him to stumble mid-dodge, leaving him sprawled on the floor.

Senshi turned, skidding along the ground, ready to finish his opponent. A flash of Spirit magic tore through the room, accompanied by a feminine shout.


And all movement obeyed.

Telma/Mid-Morning 6/Spirit Temple Sage's Chamber

"We are the last of the Gerudo, he and I." Telma implored Nabooru. "There are none left in all of Hyrule. And... he is my King."

Nabooru cast an imperious look upon the Gerudo woman before her. "And that is reason enough to follow him into destruction? Seems the Gerudo have learned nothing from history."

Telma shook her head. "I know the histories! Believe me, I know them. I spent the majority of my adult life imprisoned for the crimes committed by your generation! You can't believe I wish that on... future generations. I want only for us to be free, but without the power to defend ourselves, we will always be persecuted by the Hylians!"

"And if you go around acting like an idiot, you'll only make them want to hunt you down." Nabooru sighed, and her expression softened. "Look, Telma, I've been where you stand... I once loved a young man, but he turned out to be the worst thing to happen to the Gerudo."

Impetuously, Nabooru pulled a pendant from seemingly nowhere. "This is the Sage Medallion of Spirit. It is a physical embodiment of my powers. I give this to you, Telma, and you alone. Not Ganondorf. May it empower you as it once empowered me. Follow your king if you must, but if he proves true to his namesake... well, may it serve you as it once served me. And remember: use this power as I once did; not for your king, but for your people."

Telma dropped to one knee before the Sage, humbly accepting the Medallion. "Your wisdom will weigh heavily on my heart, Sage of Spirit. I accept this burden, and pray that I will not prove unworthy of this power."

Nabooru smirked at her. "Stop sucking up, it's so un-Gerudo. All you have to do is what you feel is right."

Telma stood. "Thank you, Nabooru."

"Don't mention it," Nabooru said with a wave as she disappeared into the ethereal. "Just don't mess up."

Telma turned to face the brawl happening in the Chamber and saw the Hylian primed to land a heavy blow against Ganondorf. "Well, now's as good a time as any to test this thing..."

She cupped the Medallion between her palms, not quite knowing what she was doing but somehow tapping into its power, and her words were infused with the thing's magic.


She faced the man who assaulted her king. "By the power invested in me by the Sage of Spirit, I hereby banish you from this Chamber!"

Senshi/Mid-Moring 6/Spirit Temple

"Stop!" a women voice called out. Senshi turned to see who was suddenly giving out commands only to find another Gerudo holding what must have been there reason for coming here. 

"Now how the hell did you get..." before he could finish his sentence the Gerudo women attempted to use her new found power to banish him from the Temple. A wave of spirit magic washed over Senshi but as it faded he was left unaffected. Only the enhancements he'd forged from the Winged Light Coin had vanished, seemingly suffocated under the power of a proper and living sage.

"Ok first, that thing wont work on me," he said as he walked toward the newcomer at an aggressive pace. "Second, you'll need a lot more practice if you want to cast spells like. Third like I told your boss, I have a contract with Nabooru right now so me being here make sense. That means trying to beat me with her powers is a little redundant don't you think?" 

Senshi stopped as he got just slightly closer to the Gerudo then anyone would be comfortable with and continued with his lecture with his voice lowered so only she could here. "Though I suppose you have one know as well, since I doubt you could have taken that by force. Well, little advice then since you've gotten yourself involved in sage nonsense. Most powerful beings wont take kindly to your bosses tone, so if you want to keep him and yourself alive you should probably the proper way to talk to someone above him."

"Still," he said turning away from the women and raising his voice back up to a level were everyone else could here him. "I see we're all mostly on the same side here, so I no longer have a reason to be here. Besides I have much more important things worry about. All though I am, still curious as to why you were after a sage medallion." He stopped for a minute only to shake his head as he decided to let the matter go for now. "Well perhaps I no longer has any business asking. Nevertheless let me give leave you with a final piece of advice. If what ever you're planning involves the other sages, change your plan now. As you are now, any one of them could kill with a snap of their fingers, two of them could do so even without there powers. In fact I'd say the only one willing to put up with your crap is the Forest Sage and she has a guardian who's not quite as diplomatic as I am. Just keep that in mind."

Senshi turns to leave but stops once he remembered Quell was still hanging around. "Hey, Icy McGenocide, seeing as there's no way I can leave you here, take me to Grem. I need to report a few things about the castle siege to him and make sure he's keeping up his side of our deal.

IC: Quell - Spirit Temple - mid morning 6

"What makes you assume I'm obligated to be your escort? If you want to report in, do so yourself." Quell spoke as he turned to walk away, annoyed at the sudden ceasefire.

"Since you are so worried about my presence here, maybe I should go check on the child. Afterall, you seem quite preoccuppied with us keeping our end of the bargain. We certainly wouldn't want anyone to overstep their bounds and do unfortunate things to the kid." Quell added as he began to fly off.

Senshi/Spirit Temple/Mid-Morning 6

The Ice Knight made a few threats against Misha but Senshi was in no condition to do anything about it. He was still physically and mentally drained and that show of force he just made with the Winged Light power kill what little stamina he had left. He'd just have to hope when his head cleared he'd be able to find the girls mind and keep an eye on here that way. Of course that meant he couldn't use to full barrier that keep Death and the Demon silent. Regardless the Ice mage left the temple so that was one less thing for him to worry about.

He briefly turned back to the Gerudo woman, "Remember to keep what I said in mind. After all I'd hat for history to repeat itself."

Senshi left the temple for the Mirror Shield exit that Chamder and Syzan's Spirit had cleared early, and looked over the Twili's main camp. The construction was rapid with several structure and hundred of different sized tents already up and many more on the way from the looks of it. Still I couldn't discern anything that look like a HQ or a POW camp. Not surprising though as it looked like there forces were numerous enough that they stretched far out of the Desert Colossus region and into the Haunted Wasteland, perhaps even farther. Normally he'd use his psychic abilities to try and find his targets but he was to exhausted at the moment and in the case of Grem it wasn't worth the risk. It looked like he'd have to rely on Plan B.

Deciding the leave the shield in its chest and using his scythe's power to slow his decent into a gentle gild Senshi jumped from the hand shape platform landing next to the first Twili Solder he saw. "Either tell me where Grem is or where you keep the POWs. Preferably both, and quickly as I'm sure the general has another fun errand for me."

Senshi/Twili Desert Camp/Noon 6

"You seem relatively unharmed, that's good." Senshi said as he walked into the dark tent where Mikhail was being kept. His arms we chained up and the cage he was kept in seemed more suited for animals, but looking around this seemed standard for POWs. At the very least what injures he could see were likely for the battles that got them into this predicament. 

Mikhail's eyes open wide at the site of his cloaked ally, "Senshi! You came to rescue me!"

"I guess they didn't tell you?"

"No they haven't told or even asked my anything. I think they forgot to interrogate me. That doesn't matter now because where getting out of here. Wait, tell me what?" Mikhail rambled on with little inheritance his words. Senshi new the kid was always clumsy but that was always an act and never included obfuscated stupidity. He realized they were probably keeping him drugged but considering what she was really trained for there was probably little other option.

"This isn't a rescue and you’re not a prisoner, you're a hostage. So long as I work for the twili you'll stay safe. You should probably drop any notion of getting out of here any time soon. The whole of the twili army numbers just a bit high for me to fight off to break you out."

Mikhail head was spinning for the drugs he'd been given causing him to take a moment to fully comprehend everything that he just learned, but simple truth set in quickly enough. "So it's my fault. If it weren't for me you could easily escape couldn't you." His own words seem to spiral him down into a depression as he realized not only had he done the exact opposite of what he was assigned to, he'd deliver taken someone as powerful Senshi from the Hylian's a dropped him right into the hands of the Twili. Mustering up the will the thing though the drugs effect Misha uttered the phrase she was trained to if she was ever caught in this situation "Just leave me, I'm not important."

"You're fault? Leave you? I don't think you truly understand what's going on here." Shinigami replied sharply his tone forced cold and his hood hiding his face in the shadows to hide even the slightest hint of emotion. "This is exactly where I wish to be. In fact I'd like to that you for being tool I needed to join the Twili ranks." Shinigami paused as if to allow for the expected response of denial form the girl but she seemed to shocked to reply. "It was always my intent to join the twili, I only returned to Hyrule in hopes of learning something from their magic arts. My reason for joining the Hylian's was simply together information that I could give the twili was a sign of loyalty. Unfortunately Hothnight came back and things became complicated. I ended up working so closely with the Light Warriors that I couldn't expect the Twili to turst me. Well not with some of the old Dark Warriors how knew of my past deeds were running around anyway. Still it all came together when we were ambushed leaving the Spirit Temple. Once you were caught it was simply a matter of convincing the Twili General Grem of my worth and letting him make up his own conclusions about our relationship and now they have every reason to believe I'll follow there every word. For that I thank you."

"Senshi you bastard!" Misha yelled only to stumble slightly as a raised heart rate and her current inebriation did not mix well.

"That's Shinigami." Senshi barked as slammed his fist into side of Misha's cage hard enough to push in back a foot or two. The girl just glared back at him completely unfazed. "It's best you forget everything Phoenix told you about me. I'm sure it's only given you the wrong idea about me. Besides letting the twili know some of the details would only hurt the Hylian war effort. I wouldn't try and escape if you either. Even if you get out of the cage the Twili army stretches from the Temple to the old Gerudo Fortress, and a mere clumsy medic couldn't possible survive the taking the long way around in the desert. Besides Hyrule Castle's been sacked so where would you go. Now if you excuse me, I have to go report to Grem, can't have him thinking I ran off or died or your safety might be compromised right." 

Just before exiting Senshi stopped and threw a think leather sack into Misha's cage. "Have some water, I'm sure what their giving you isn't worth a damn and we can't have you dehydrating. I'd hide that though."

"Sap" The demon mocked, knowing the reason behind Senshi's cold words.

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

Senshi/Gerudo-Twili Fortress/Late Afternoon 6

"Where's Grem?" Senshi demanded to the first person he saw as he entered the commandeered fortress.

The stuffy lieutenant colonel looked back at Senshi with a single eyebrow raised. "The General is predisposed, and just who do you think you-"

Senshi cut the officer off with a hint of anger rising in his voice with every worth, "I'm the guy who could kill everyone in this fortress if I wanted, but fortunately for you I'm we're on the same side. Now," he said sharply only to pause to calm his voice, "where is Grem. I need to report the results of the castle siege and have a little talk about his hostages water rations."

"Oh you're that guy. Yes I've heard of you, the man who sold out his country for a piece of boyish looking jailbait. Well for that child's sake I'll remind you to know you're place. The General may have given you a commanding roll in that battle, but that was a suicide mission by all rights. You may have come back alive some how but you'd do best to remember both you and her are out our mercy." The Light Colonel start had a much longer rant planned but was forced to silence himself as Senshi grabbed him by the neck and slammed him into the nearest wall.

"Now you're clearly and idiot so I'm going to say this very slowly for you." Senshi said as he drew his hook shot and pointed its tip centimeters from the officers right eye. "I am here of my own accord. Remember when I emerged from the Spirit Temple I went toe to toe with you're precious General after fighting through waves of your own men. It was only fatigue for the Temples trials and your grabbing of a hostage that stopped me. Now consider that and ask yourself why I haven't simple grabbed the girl and left. I choose to work with the twili, I choose to be on the winning side. The hostage is merely a necessary measure until I can better earn Grem's trust. Remember this though, despite all of that, if that girl is harmed in the slightest I will open the gates of hell in the heart of this encampment. Now I'll ask again, where is Grem?"

The officer fell to the ground coughing once Senshi had released his grip. "I told you, he'd busy," he responded once again though in a much more cooperative tone. Though it was likely he was motivated my by the spring loaded spear that nearly pierce his eye then though Senshi claims of "loyalty." The officer stood back up and straitened out his uniform. "I was not lying about that part. What we believe to be the Light Warriors assaulted the fortress to rescue there capture ally. The General was locked in battle with the up until recently, so you'll have to wait. Now if you'll excuse I have to organize a team to go bring back the prisoner."

"They'll just be killed. Even you're most elite solders can't stand up to a Light Warrior."

"My job is to ensure prisons of war do not escape and when they do, to bring them back. I know full well the power of your former friends, the feet that pulled today if proof enough. However what else would you have me do, neglect my duty? I'd me killed myself."

"Send a Dark Warrior. A true Dark Warrior is more powerful then a whole group of most Light Warriors."

"And where would I find such a Dark Warrior."

"Well you have Kinslayer and that other Ice mage, but I suspect those two wouldn't be able to probably function with regular solders. I'll tell you what, I said I need to gain trust so as a favor I will escort you're men. I can't promise they'll come back alive but I can make sure they last long enough to find the target for me so I can drag him back. I the mean time do me a favor and tell Grem the Castle Siege was mostly a success. The mutual enemy I warned him about caused some trouble and that insane woman made our own causalities higher then needed, but it was a victory none the less."

Senshi/Desert/Night 6

"Hold here." Senshi called out to his escort as the made there way through the desert towards Lake Hylian. Senshi look back over his shoulder; his mental powers were starting to kick back in allowing him to sense something. "They're still in the desert, somewhere in that direction." 

"Yeah, sure. You know that how exactly?" On of this tracker entourage mocked.

"The I'm helping you morons is because you're dealing with things you don't under stand. Those some things that are far beyond your comprehension are why I know the light warriors are that way."

"Oh I'm too stupid, is that what it is. Well look I may be a dumbass but I can tell when someone blowing smoke up my ass. The best I can tell is you're just making **** up to buy you're friends some time. In five minutes you'll tell us your mystic bull**** is telling you there in another direction entirely."

"Do what you while..." Senshi said calmly then turned and walked in the direction he had felt the other in. The other three trackers looked at each other briefly, shrugged then followed after him. The forth hesitated a moment, spat, then followed after them.

Trailing Threads Edit

IC: Shato - Ordon Village - Dawn 7

"Uuggh..." Shato grunted as she crawled out of bed and got dressed. Running her leg along her thigh it still felt very tender and it stung when she put her weight on it.

She had spent most of the night being healed by some of the garrisons medics that were occupying the village. They had mended the flesh to the point where the wound was sealed, but there was still a visible bruise. 

"Eh, I guess I should be thankfull that it won't leave a scar." she mused to herself as she made her way outside. 

Most of the towns people were going about their daily activities, but the presence of so many soldiers was obviously putting a great deal of stress on them. 

"What to do now... those kids were obviously trying to do something important to come back behind our lines like this... but I really don't want to get in another clash with that forest man again." she whined as she recalled the stories the soldiers had been telling about how a forest demon had single handedly forced them into an agreement that restricted their passage through the forest.

IC: Wyvern Felina - forest - Dawn 7

"Enough time should have passed." Wyvern thought to himself as he peaked through the treeline at the light spirits fountain. Sure enough there weren't any twili nearby.

"Good, they were stupid enough to leave and Kokage must still be helping Ayala."

Swifting flying over to the fountain Wyvern began calling out to the spirit.  "Light Spirit of Ordon I call out to thee. The balance of the world is being disrupted and your power is needed."

Wyvern had full access to Felina's memories and knew of the power that she sought. If he could convince the Light Spirit to grant it to him he would no longer need to lurk in the shadows of the forest.

Light Spirit Ordon/Dawn 7/Ordon Fountain

With a small anticlimactic flash, the Light Spirit Ordon appeared above the waters of the spring. It peered down at the woman who had begged its presence.

"I know of Hyrule's plight, and I feel the pain of this, my land. Ordon is beleaguered. Faron still reels from the wanton destruction reeked though its domain. My aid is meant for the Hero. You are not he. The Dark Interlopers threaten Hyrule, and it is the one from Ordon who is to oppose them, yet I have not sensed his rise in my realm.

"Perhaps what I know is wrong. Perhaps I am too early. Nonetheless, I sense both light and darkness in you. Prove your connection to the lineage I have sworn to aid in protecting the Goddess' creation. Then prove that it is the Light which guides your actions. Do this, and I will bless your path."

IC: Wyvern Felina - morning 7 - forest light spirit fountain

"Eh, well I don't think you'll be seeing a chosen hero anytime soon. This time we Light Warriors are taking up the burden." Wyvern spoke as he considered the riddle.

Reaching down he picked up a large blade of grass and began to use it as a makeshift instrument. Using Felina's memories he began to play a lullaby that was as old as the kingdom itself and seemed to hold a deep bond between Hyrule and its guardian spirits.

IC: Wyvern Felina - forest fountain - morning 7 The light spirit seemed to hesitate for a moment. "You possess the song and your line is true, but I sense conflict in you. Not all of your contracts are pure of heart... However it is truely a dire hour for the land and some level of risk must be taken to attain a desirable outcome. I will have faith that you can overcome this inner conflict and use my power to restore proper order to the land." the spirit spoke as it released a small spark of light that floated down to Felina's hand and materialized as a small gemstone in her palm.

"This fragment contains a faint essence of my power. In its current form it will be useless, when the time is right it will awaken its powers to those who are truely worthy." the spirit spoke before fading.

Turning and walking away from the fountain Wyvern couldn't help but smirk. Even if the spirit was only willing to give a sealed container with its power, it could still be forced open with enough effort.

"Now lets see... I think there was another one at that town up north..." Wyvern mused to herself as she began to float up above the treeline. Once clear she began skimming the treetops as she headed north towards Kakariko village.

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