4 foot 8 inches. Garbed in a dark indigo hooded cloak with torn & worn features, though this cloak serves only as a conduit for his physical form. Yellow crescent shaped eyes peer through the hood. A steel chain is wrapped around his shoulder & waist, as a type of belt to hold his belongings.


A metallic lantern that houses a Big Fairy, as well as a steel scythe with an iron encrusted wooden handle.

NPC Companion

Medicrises, the big fairy housed within his lantern. It has no sex, and is totally entrapped within the lantern unless it is smashed open.

Strengths & Abilities

Phasma has vast knowledge regarding spiritual and dark magic, allowing him to stretch his power to its limit through the partnership between his soul's dark energy and powerful dark magic. Has the ability to, for short periods of time, turn himself and whatever he may be in physical contact with, invisible. Decent combat abilities with scythe. Once dusk hits, Phasma's power increases drastically.


Although Phasma has the ability of becoming invisible, he is still "present", meaning that he can still be physically harmed with a weapon or magic during this state. Incredibly susceptible to light magic. Power is slightly weaker during the day; however, if exposed to light directly (whether it be from the sun or otherwise) he will be unable to take advantage of invisibility, and his power will drop significantly.


Phasma was once a mighty sorcerer that worked under the Royal Family. Conjured up by a spiritual specialist of sorts, he remembers the instantaneous stripping of all positivity upon reanimation. Though his memories are incredibly fuzzy, one thing is for certain: he was murdered. Vengeance-ridden, Phasma now desperately wanders Hyrule in search of the unknown culprit.