5 foot 11 inches, long and stocky build, light skinned and very wrinkly.He has a bit of grey hair which he combs over to hide his balding. He wears overalls and a dark brown cotton shirt. Whenever he remembers to, he wears glasses.


A pocket knife usually used for whittling.

NPC Companion

Ren's wife, Terra. She is 68 years old and is 5 foot 3 inches tall. She wears an old-style green dress that goes down to just above her ankles and covers up her shoulders. She has black hair that pulls up in to a bun on the back of her head. Several grey strands can be found with the black hair.

Second NPC companion is their male dog, Blood. Blood is 5 years old and in his prime. He has short, black fur that sheds excessively. He has learned to follow Ren's commands quickly; he won't even ignore his master when it is obvious Ren is in danger.

Strengths & Abilities

Ren and his wife are an old couple, so don't have that much of a capability for fighting. Ren is very good at causing people to feel guilty, although he hasn't needed to use this ability in quite a while. Although the couple can't fight, their dog, Blood, is there to protect them. He can be quite vicious when needed, but will stop if ordered by Ren.


Being quite old, Ren can easily be taken down, which will usually involve bones being broken in the process. Because of this, he will always step away from a fight unless he knows it won't go any farther past shouting.

Character Backstory

Ren was raised in Castle Town to be a merchant, but when he met the love of his life, quarrels with his family arose. Terra was a simple farmer’s daughter and had no place in their family as they put it. Eventually, Ren and terra decided to elope, eventually finding themselves lost in the Kokiri forest. They have stayed there ever since, easily finding the sustenance they need. Living in a log cabin with his love and their loyal dog, Ren thinks that nothing can disrupt their peaceful life.