6 foot 4 inches, stocky and burly, but with a bit of a gut. He has a scruffy grizzled gray beard. His body is covered in the typical twili tattoos. Heavy cloth and Duskshard armor, with a pleated metal armored skirt (kilt?), but no helmet. He has a mane of graying-hair, and a circlet around his forehead.

Think Jeor Mormont (the Old Bear) as a Twili, and you’re in the ballpark.


A hip flask of whiskey, a large Zweihänder strapped to his hip. A good book or two in his pack.

NPC Companion

An earthen golem servant he calls Hikaru. Something of a bodyguard and proxy in battle for Rhendil. Might also be considered "inventory".

Strengths & Abilities

Devastating offensive capability, and a large repertoire of Shadow magic mastered over his many years in the Twili military. Also, he may not look it, but he’s something of an academic.


Sake. :D

…Ahem, I mean very sluggish in battle, including slow reflexes. His age is beginning to sap his power, so sometimes it can wipe him out to use his abilities too much.

Character Backstory

Rhendil Hearst is a low-ranking officer in Lord Grem’s army. He was once a very promising soldier, until accusations of blasphemy against the dusk destroyed his military career. Despite being cleared of charges, Rhendil was never quite able to shake the whispers. He is now a captain over a small Twili unit stationed with several others in the Gerudo Desert.