Rhunerys Telaris is a 20 year old female Gerudo witch created by redawson2. She was originally introduced in Interloper War as simply Rhunerys, and beginning with Epoch of Disharmony, stache19 began writing for her as well, with the introduced last name of Telaris.


Throughout history, Rhunerys Telaris has been involved in a number of time travel incidents with Polaris Eridanus, and Sirius Fulmaren. Having gained seeming immortality at some point in the past, she stalked the world as an old crone witch for centuries. She rescued Sirius and Vera Fulmaren from death by Davus Fulmen in the year AD-1630, after they encountered him in the desert. They then became indebted to her, and gained access to their own latent abilities plus her near immortality. In the year AD-2000, she sent Sirius and Vera on their supposed last mission, before being free to live out their lives as they choose.

Despite her longevity Rhunerys true beginnings occurred in the early Epoch Era, some 20 years after she was born. Deemed unsavory even among a race of thieves and cutthroats, this younger Rhunerys carries on an isolated existence in the volatile desert wastes in the very heart of Gerudo territory. War and rumors of war, along with a confusing summons out of the sands, have brought her out of the swirling desert abyss astride her pale mare.


Rhunerys is master of "the sands" and all that that entails. Technically sound with the kopis and naginata.


Rhunerys possesses very little along the lines of physical strength and can easily be overpowered in physical combat. So, despite being technically sound with both her kopis and the naginata favored by Gerudo sentries, Rhunerys can be easily overpowered.


Nothing of note save a desert worn Kopis with a leather wrapped handle, various pouches full of desert sand and a ragged looking hourglass.

Non-Combat Companion

A pale mare named Khamseen.


Rhunerys stands a respectable 5' 7 tall, lithe and athleticly built despite her physical ineptitude. Olive colored skin, flowing red hair and sandy colored eyes, Rhunerys wears your typical Gerudo garb accented by golden hoop earrings and a golden scarab choker at her throat.


Ruthlessly devoted to the betterment of the Gerudo as a nation, Rhunerys is considered more than a bit radical in her methods and beliefs. A manipulator of men and women alike, Rhunerys typically has no allies.