"Well, Hathor old girl, time to see if these bloody bastards are ready for Bumba."
— Rykos Bumba

Rykos Bumba is a 36 year old male Gerudo created by Oni_Link87 who is a playable character in Epoch of Disharmony.


As of Day 8 Rykos remains asleep in a stasis chamber within Sirius’ Hidden Laboratory in Subrosia.


Rykos was a disappointment to the Gerudo tribe. Born to be a leader, he found himself drawn to whoring, gambling, and organized crime, falling out of favor with the Gerudo matriarchs. Although he came before the OOT-era curse that limits the Gerudo to one male per century, males are still extremely rare for their tribe, so his reluctance to become a prince and remain a petty mob boss has made him something of a black sheep, which contributes to his bad attitude. At the start of Season 2, he's on orders from General Namira to find Bloody Beth and join her cause, if for no other reason than to get him out from under the General's nose.


Fire mage. Attack pig. Big ass hammer.


Water/ice. Slow-moving. Emotionally attached to attack pig (see Companions).


Big ass hammer. Leather armor. Various sundries in saddle bags.

Non-Combat Companion

A beautiful black Bullbo mount named Hathor. She breathes fire.


Kind of a fat Ganon, except without the green, and less dignified, like if he were in a grunge metal band. Extremely overweight, with big muscular arms and tiny little legs. Wart on his nose, underbite, yellowish eyes and slightly bald. Usually chewing a cigar.


Rykos is well-versed and well-known in the criminal underworld of Hyrule. His personality is sarcastic, unscrupulous, and fairly base and depraved. He's got a soft spot for his Bullbo mount, but other than that he works alone or with one-off co-conspirators.

Timeline of Major Events

Day 4 Summary

Rykos spots Beth and Polaris after the Battle of Disharmony. He follows from a distance.

Day 5-6 Summary

Rykos enters Zora's Domain and looks for Beth. He has a brief conversation with a drunken Majin on the way in.

Day 7 Summary

The Gerudo finds Elizabeth Bryce at a bar and starts hitting on her. Still in a drunken stupor Majin picks a fight with Rykos, only to get badly injured in the following brawl. Later on Rykos helps fight Davus Fulmen outside of Zora's Domain.