11th Chapter of IW Season One. Follows up on castle town battle aftermath.

Infirmary Edit

Darrel Mytura - Hyrule Castle Infirmary - Third ???

When he first started to become aware once more, it was a painfully slow process. Everything around him was blurry, obscure, even threatening. Still he could barely move at first, every part of his body felt as though it was filled with lead. His first attempt to move brought back the phantoms of pain that shot through his shoulder.

Still, he was alive, that much he knew and could take heart in. He'd overtaxed himself, used his magic more in the last day than he had in a long time. He'd forgotten what the aftermath of such channeling could feel like. He'd forgotten how much agony a living being could experience.

"Good, you're awake." There was that voice again, the one that he dimly recalled speaking to him as he lay dying. Now, as he heard it audibly rather than telepathically, he recognized it far quicker. His mind was working properly once more, delirium had been staved off it appeared, along with death.

"Moran... what are you doing here?" his voice was weak, but stronger than it should have been given the circumstances.

"You don't remember then?" the aged man asked, leaning forward in the bedside chair in which he sat, surveying him critically. The more his vision cleared, the more he realized he was in some sort of medical facility. Who had brought him?

"I remember fighting... and dying. I was dying, wasn't I?"

"You could have, but it's hardly the worst wound you've ever suffered, and far from the worst that I've ever healed."

"You healed me...? I thought you couldn't..."

"Not over that distance. I had to travel here with some haste, you should be thankful that I made it in time. You were in very rough shape." Darrel wondered why Moran had made such an effort to help him, the old man had always been a bit reclusive. He supposed, however, that no matter how much a hermit Moran became, he could not wholly leave behind the altruist that he'd once been.

"I thought you... wanted to avoid attention."

"I do, but this was worth the risk. I wasn't lying when I told you that you are important. Healing you was a task that had to be done."

"Why...?" He didn't understand. Aside from being one of the ancient light warriors, what importance did he have? He wasn't the one called upon as a Scion of the Goddesses, he wasn't the one entrusted with a mission from the light spirit Lanayru. He was just a man, as he'd always been, with the skills to help when he was needed.

"Later. You need to rest now. Your wound is healed and your strength will return quickly, as you know, but you did suffer significant injury."

"He thought I... thought I was reforming the light warriors..."

"Don't." Moran said, placing a hand atop his sweaty brow and whispering an incantation in a language that Darrel could not fathom. All of the sudden he felt weary. "You might only end up letting them down, in the end."

Afternoon 3/Castle Town/Senshi

Senshi didn't both responding to the Shiekah, he knew he'd only loose his cool again and it wasn't as if arguing could change anything. Besides they needed to get everyone patched up.

After arriving at the castle Senshi reclaimed his clock from Phoenix and arranged for several guards to keep an eye on the Stalfos. He wanted to check up on Mihkal in the hospital and felt if would be best if he didn't bring a skeleton into a place like that.

Has he walked though the over crowed halls of the castles main hospital he notice a familiar face in the leaving Mytura's bedside. He wasn't certain as he only saw him in the corner of his eye but it couldn't help but bother him. He considered following after the figure just to make sure but he realized there was little good that could come from it. As far as Senshi was considered there were two people whose appearance would suggest the Light Warriors really were needed, so if that really was Chamder it could mean there really was a world of crap about to fall on the room and that wasn't something he wanted to think about while after what hand just happened earlier. 

"Are you feeling better?" he asked as Misha sat up in her bed. Her once private room was now filled with random people hurt earlier in the day but they were all regular people who wouldn't be able to realize she was a soldier. 

"I'm fine thanks, but what ever happened to not caring about what happened to me?" she said some what playfully.

"Well, the situation changed," he said noticeably annoyed about having to admit that.

"Oh so because you found out I'm really a girl and now you want to play mister chivalry."

"It's because I figured out you were still just a kid, beyond that I could care less what you are." it was a half truth. In reality it was because she was about this same age his sister was when they first became Light Warriors. He couldn't stand seeing another young girl getting hurt because of meaningless chaos caused by Light Warriors fighting with the Dark.

"And just how could you know my age," she asked being annoyed after being called a kid.

"Adult women are allowed in the Hylian Army. That means the only reason you would need to disguise yourself as a boy is if you were under 16. Since boys can enlist at 14 that means you'd probably be between 14 and 15, though I guess you could be as young as 13 or even 12 all things considered."

"I'm 14, jerk..." she mumbled in irritation. He was right about her age but fortunately he wasn't able to figure out the real reason for her disguise. She counted herself lucky that Senshi came up with his own explanation instead of pressing for answers. 

"Well it's nice to hear some honesty for once," he struggled to hold back a smirk. "By the way, what are you going to do now that your covers blown?"

"It wasn't, a nurse here is a friend of mine and manage to keep me covered. You're the only one that know the truth." Another half truth, the nurse was her friend but in reality it was the Intel Department that was helping her maintain her identity.

"Oh so will they return you to the front lines?"

"The front? They assigned me to follow after you remember."

"Yes but your injured right, you can't possibly follow me if your stuck in a hospital bed."

"No, they'll just kick me out of here early and make me go."

"That's pointless, why send an injured medic to make sure no ones hurt in battle. Besides it's not as if I'm that important." He was trying to bait her for information. He already realized Phoenix had arranged for her to keep an eye on him, but something wasn't adding up and he needed to know more.

"Well that's because I'm not..." she fell silent with a sad expression. Senshi had some how managed to touch on something personal. Something below all the layers of lies. "Oh, It's Misha by the way." she suddenly said trying to change the subject.

"Excuse me?"

"My real name, it's Misha. Please keep that a secret though."

"As long as you don't tell anyone what my real name is."

"But I don't know what it is." Senshi knew she was lying. He knew she heard the Deku Tree say his name back in the forest and that she seemed shocked by it. Now he knew something was up.

Moran Taliesin - Hyrule Castle - Third Afternoon

After ministering to the needs of charge, Mytura, Moran had left the infirmary and gone in search of another. Darrel had been the primary reason that he had come so far, but once roused from his secluded home in the wood south of Kakariko he had deemed some matters important enough to look into them himself.

That was why he had made for the halls of the Hylian military leaders. Living history commanded their armies in the conflict against the Dark Interlopers, living history much the same as he, and Darrel, and Telmar, and several others it seemed. One more ancient entity that Moran had known at one time or another. The Chief Military Adviser, a Terminian man who held within himself a power that was ancient and primal, wild and powerful. Phoenix.

He came upon the war room, where commanders, officers, and lords devised strategies and discussed outcomes. If Phoenix was not within at present, he would certainly appear at some point. Moran could be patient, after all, he was probably the oldest of the old, an antique to even those light and dark warriors that had reappeared of late.

The sentry at the door of the war room stiffened as the old mage approached. Moran could see the young soldier's eyes appraise him cautiously.

"I'm looking for Phoenix, lad, no need to be ill at ease.

[b]Darrel Mytura - Hyrule Castle Infirmary - Third Afternoon/Evening[/b]
When Darrel's eyes opened again the room was still spinning, albeit very slowly. His head thrummed painfully and his eyes watered, but the pain that he'd felt earlier had more or less subsided. Cautiously he inspected his right shoulder, feeling around it. The wound was gone, healed over, but the flesh was still tender.

If Moran hadn't come with his magic, Darrel wasn't sure what would have become of him. Kae had exerted herself in the extreme earlier during the conflict, and his wounds had been a bit more serious than Hylian healers could have dealt with. The thought that he might actually have died sent a chill through him. He shook his head and pushed back the dark thoughts.

Finally he pushed himself up into a sitting position and threw his legs over the side of the bed. His clothes lay in a chair next to his bed, it appeared that they had been washed and mended. His sword as well leaned against the seat. Darrel found that he was instead clad in a white medical gown, a look that he determined he was not overly fond of. Instead he quickly cast it off and clothed himself in his traditional fashion, belting Morning's Edge on his waist.

"Excuse me! You should be in bed, your wounds were very serious!" an overzealous healer asserted frantically, rushing across the shared room.

[color=orangered]"I'm fine, go attend to your other charges."[/color] Darrel told him, calm but firm in his refusal to cooperate. The aging man grew thin lipped and red faced, but then his eyes flickered from the hilt of Darrel's sword to the sunburst emblazoned upon his surcoat. Apparently those things made him think better of trying to bully him back into bed. Darrel didn't stay to discuss the matter, but headed out through the door.

He had a few people that he wanted to speak with. Moran was one, if the enigmatic sorcerer was still in the castle. Senshi was the other, the one who had admonished him for reforming the light warriors despite any truth to the claim. It was he that Darrel went in search for first, and he found him a short time later in another room in the infirmary.

[color=orangered]"Senshi Ma, or is it Shinigami? I never could keep track."[/color] Darrel said, speaking softly but with insistence from the threshold, looking into the room at his one time acquaintance. [color=orangered]"I think we need to talk. Don't you?"[/color]

Polaris/ Castle Infirmary/ Day 3

As soon as Polaris landed the giant shrunk down to the size of a normal man. It appeared that he'd removed some sort of mask in the shrinking process. The man, whom Polaris did not know seemed to have a plethora of magical relics in his store and Polaris wshed to question him to find out what had made him decide to wreak havoc on the city..but there was a massive glacier looming directly above Castle Town, threatening to flatten the city and all within it. An event Polaris feared even he might not survive. So the matter of the incredible shrinking man could be dealt with later.

Those who were already dealing with the giant frozen mass seemed to have the matter well enough in hand. Intervening may only make matters worse, so he resigned himself to redirecting and or obliterating as many of the falling stray chunks that slipped passed Kae's vortex and the immense power of the floating mage.

All in all, when the issue was over, large portions of the city were destroyed. The destruction wrought by the cataclysm seemed unimaginable, yet Polaris beheld it with his own eyes.

As he joined the others, he found himself and his companions being chastised for acting. At first, this annoyed him and he meant to respond in kind, but the urge was soon stifled. Lynn and Darrel were in bad shape and they needed to be tended to. Helping in whatever ways necessary Polaris accompanied the group to the infirmary in silence.

Kae/Day 3/Hyrule Infirmary/Afternoon

She was lucky to make it to the hospital before her rote wore off. And she also hoped she wouldn't have to stay here long. There was nothing in her blessing descriptors about speedy healing. Potions only did so much, after all.

After finding a bed for Lynn, she inquired about one for herself and found one just as fast. While the casualties were piling up, exceptions were made for Sheikah. Being far away from general population had its drawbacks and gains.

Pain started to wrack Kae's frame shortly after she'd found a place to lay her head. She bit her lip not to cry out in pain; she couldn't even sit up or move her left leg. Blood still trickled from her tattoos and her sweat still had a crimson tinge to it. 

If you're in that bad of shape, I'll just come see you instead. But I do think before you leave Castle Town that there is much to discuss...especially about your friend...if you've sensed what I've sensed, I fear for her. She will have a large role in things to come...

Visitors? Nora's soothing voice and hopefully a warm drink would be significant wants for Kae.

Lynn's bed wasn't too far away. She looked delerious and had a red band round her ankle. Kae had a yellow band...triage policies...expected but not welcomed.

When a nurse took one look at Kae, she winced. Glowing eyes also were out of the ordinary and garnered additional awkwardness.

"How are you still conscious?"

"This pain makes me wish I was not. Divine providence, really. How is my companion?"

"Critical. You technically are too. Whatever the lot of you did out there, thank you."

Soothing feelings of her arms being wiped made Kae drift off, just as they got to her forehead.

Afternoon 3/Castle/Phoenix

"Now now, don't tell him that," the elderly Phoenix said as he approached the ancient wizard. "As far as that young man knows you're just a strange looking for a high ranking official during of war. Not to mention the crisis that just befall the castle. If anything he should be very suspicious." he said with a slight smile.

He paused for a moment looking at the young guard and the door he was guarding. "I suppose we should go somewhere we can talk in private. I can't help but think what ever you need to discuss with me would cause the officers in that room to panic more and get less done."

Afternoon 3/Hospital/Senshi

"Senshi Ma, or is it Shinigami? I never could keep track. I think we need to talk. Don't you?" Mytura spoke calmly from the doorway

"I'm not sure it matters anymore but I would prefer the latter. After all you do count two Shiekah among your party and it would be rather annoying if they were able to connect all dots." He said rising from his seat and heading for the door. "But yes we do need to talk though we should do so outside. This is a hospital after all and I will admit I have not fully calmed myself." he said struggling to maintain a civil tone for the sake of there present company then began heading towards the exit.

Lynn Annei/Day 3/Hospital

Lynn awoke with a start, jerking upright in the bed and tearing herself from the deep black nothingness of dreamless sleep. She cast her gaze about the room, confused by her surroundings. It was dark in the room, the only window covered by a thick curtain. There were many other beds here, each holding a person in some way disfigured by injury.

Oh, no. Goddesses, please... Let me not be invalid from injury.

She frantically searched her body with her eyes. Hands were still there, good. She added those to the search, patting herself as she looked. Everything seemed fine. Other than a dull soreness, she was in peak condition. "Why the hell am I in a hospital?"

Lynn turned out of the bed and stood, wiggling her bare toes against the cold stone floor. She started for door, and then saw her; Kae, lying in one of the beds, obvious grimace of pain plastered across her face. "Oh, no... Kae!"

With the patter of bare skin against stone, Lynn ran to Kae's bed. Nothing appeared to be wrong with her. Likely some form of internal injury. Or mystical, considering recent developments in Kae's life. But it didn't matter. Her friend was hurt, and she had been unable to prevent it.

"No... please be alright. Wake up, Kae. Tell me you are alright?" Lynn stroked Kae's bangs from her face, and poked her cheek, trying to get some response from the unconscious girl. "I am sorry I could not... I am not strong enough, Kae. I am sorry."

"You did what you could and were able, as all Sheikah should. You perform your duty admirably, Lynn."

Lynn spun to face the elderly voice as it spoke. "Nora..."

"Step aside, let me see to my apprentice."

"I am sorry, Nora. I... was unable protect her."

The old crone cast a stern glare upon Lynn, and made her way forward to the hospital bed. "Listen, child: You almost died in that battle. You almost died to protect Kae. I think you did more than enough. In fact, you did all that you could. Kae is growing in her strength, yes, but she still needs guidance. She still needs you... and me."

Nora sat down on the side of Kae's bed, and peered at her charge. There was a short look of maternal worry on her face, but she steeled it away, and Lynn began to wonder if perhaps she hadn't imagined it.

"I came to check on the two Sheikah who acted as saviors of Castle Town on this day. You seem fine; Kae's starmetal concoction may have been unstable, but the risk has paid off. High Command wants to see you at the Castle as soon as you're fit to leave the hospital."

"I can leave now, then. As soon as I find my clothes, and change out of this hospital gown."

"Good. Do it. And leave me with my apprentice. She exerted herself, and myself, much with her actions. I believe we need to have a few words."

Lynn left the room without any further words, and padded down the hallway in search of an orderly.

Kae/Hospital/Day 3/afternoon

In her slumber, Kae was receiving oracles. This happened often, but for the first rest since her imbuing, the potency increased.

Feelings of inadequacy beget desperation. Desperation is the herald of Hatred. Ancient ones awaken to seek their interests still, and the interests of their allegiances. The Scion will immolate a murderer of many with wrathful moonfire, but she must avoid the slayer of kin. A dabbler in the Scion's Art will make the Interlopers regret capturing him. Beware battling in Kakariko's graveyard. Spirits of days long gone must not be disturbed. Sun and Moon will learn to co-exist...for the first time ever...

When the messages ended, Kae was face down on her bed. She stirred slowly to find Nora was kneading at her bruises with a salve to accelerate the healing process, and then found a sour green apple in her left hand. Surprised to find her master as well as her favorite food so close, she reached up with a free hand to touch Nora's arm. When her master responded in the ancient tongue, Kae stiffened a bit before trying to relax again.

"Scion or not, you still enjoy being pampered. While it lasts, savor it. Your group performed admirably, all things considered. Even if you did use that corrupted rote. That backlash still rings in my ears, Kae. But...did you hear anything in your slumber?"

Kae relayed the oracle in its entirety to Nora. She didn't seem at all surprised to hear it.

"Our minds are in concert. But do you really know what that Hatred means? Your friend cares deeply for you, Kae. I just hope your feelings don't waver in the next few days. Your heart is in for a major shock or two. And the Sun is also something neither of us would expect. The Stars are aligned so oddly right now that ancient kings rising from death's realm would not surprise me."

"A dabbler in the Scion's Art...Jaden..."

"I cannot think of anyone else, dear. He is fighting with everything he has against a much healthier opponent. But it is a battle he will most likely lose. Had he been at full strength, the outcome most likely would have been different. When you slay over a thousand men and a commanding officer, the next wave's leader has a much better chance of winning. But do not get me wrong. Your brother's captor is an even match. And you'd be in trouble too if you fought him."

"And I am in for an epic duel of sorts it seems?"

"Someone's going to have to go get him. They will be expecting you. Bring friends. Their scryers are tampering with both of us. Luckily, I reversed the last attempt and killed a half-dozen of them...they will not be bothering with us again. It takes them years to train up such units...and if one bothers you again, trace them and liquefy their brains. You know how to do not hesitate in sending them an unforgettable reminder that we are not to be trifled with."

Kae started munching on the apple as some of the nurses looked strangely at Nora.

"She'll be fine. Thank you for watching over my student, but I have this covered. Due for discharge by nightfall."

"To the castle after this, yes?"

"Precisely. Someone else you need to see."

She then assumed the pamper mode again, savoring a treat and a deep back rub.

"So tense...breathe, Kae."

Moran Taliesin - Hyrule Castle - Third Afternoon/Evening

After taking their leave of the war room, Moran and the Chief Military Adviser traced a path through the castle corridors that Phoenix must have had in mind, finding themselves eventually in an empty antechamber. Once within, away from prying eyes and burning ears, they faced one another as had not been done in a very long time.

"It's been a long time, Phoenix. I'm surprised to see you here and the paladin absent." said he as he straightened the heavy brown coat that covered him, then stroking the closely cropped beard that adorned his jaw. "You have to know that the invading hordes aren't the only threat to Hyrule. The timing of their invasion coincides almost perfectly with the rise of ancient warriors, and I cannot say for sure whether there is a correlation between the two. The first attack by the Twili came, and within twenty-four hours the first sighting of Kinslayer was made."

Moran crossed his arms behind his back and took a deep breath.

"And then today, Fulmen the Feared was spotted within this city's walls. That concerns me greatly, for if ever there was a dark votary that Kinslayer could play nicely with, it was Davus. Those two together once more, with your army sent south to contend with that threat... It's a dangerous proposition, given how dangerous they are all by themselves.

"Senshi Ma is back in Hyrule, and Darrel Mytura has been wrested from his cottage as well. It's a beginning of sorts, and there are new faces that we've both seen. I think, however, that it's almost time for the oldest of the old to emerge. What say you, Phoenix? How much do you have left? Because it looks like we're not going to be able to sit on the sidelines forever."

Darrel Mytura - Castle Infirmary - Third Afternoon/Evening

They exited the castle wing that had been dedicated to the infirmary and once outside faced each other once more. Darrel had not missed the rage with which Shinigami had spoken before, first outside when it had been at its peak, and again inside when it had been concealed, held in check. They were two warriors of ancient times, at times soldiers of light and at others soldiers of fortune. They were more alike than perhaps the necromancer thought, but Darrel was not blind to the similarities.

[color=orangered]"For all your wrath, you spoke out of ignorance before."[/color] Darrel began, knowing that calling Shinigami ignorant would not endear him to the paladin's son any further. [color=orangered]"I do not reform the light warriors, that's not my job. I have a task that I've been charged with, and it supercedes, for now, the threat that Kinslayer or Fulmen pose."[/color]

Darrel's hand drifted down to his hip, brushing over the pommel of Morning's Edge, feeling the comforting weight of it there as he had not in so long. Darrel had to admit one thing to himself, being needed once more, being relied upon, it made him feel more alive than he had in ages. How long had he buried himself in his house, cut off from the world outside, drowning in grief, guilt and depression. Having a responsibility again, it had made him think of other things, forced him to shake off the melancholy and remember who he was.

[color=orangered]"So please, answer my question. Do you feel that the threat of the ancient darks is something that must be addressed?"[/color] He asked, peering intently into Shinigami's eyes. His jaw muscles flexed and his gaze was like iron. [color=orangered]"No, I'm not going to reform the light warriors, but if you feel concerned in any way about the return of Kinslayer and the Feared One, then [i]you[/i] might have to."[/color]

Day 3/Castle/Phoenix

"How much do I have left," Phoenix chuckled slightly. "Well my really form has plenty, it's this body that can't keep up anymore. Needless to say walking around in that form could cause problems right now. Besides right now my place is here. The King is young and Blade's sage powers haven't matured yet so I'm worried about leaving the castle right now."

Phoenix shifted his wait onto the cane he now had to use in his Hylian form, "For now I will protect the home front. Of course I will play the roll of the liaison again. After all the army isn't always willing to except the Light Warriors nor do they understand how to work there abilities to there advantage." He paused for a brief moment, "Still I agree with what your saying and after what has happened today I know what I have to do. I will see if I can't call Seishi out of retirement and with any luck we'll gain the aid of the rest of his family. It will take some time though and we must make sure to keep this a secret from Senshi. Right now I think we can push him to act as a true Light Warrior, but I'm worried he's looking for any excuse to return to his 'Ends justify the means' way to doing things."

Day 3/Outside Hospital/Senshi

"So you did know about Fulmen. Well now I'm curious if you knew he was there why did you come with such a large group. You know very well if that whole group attack him at once death toll would have been much higher today." he said with a slightly mocking tone.

"As for my ignorance," he continued before giving Darrel the chance to respond, "I think its more likely that you're in denial. I don't pretend to be well Aquitaine with Kinslayer or your issues with them but I know its not to far off from my fathers fights with Hothnight. Two days ago I fought Kinslayer here at the castle and he flew off. Today he appears again and not more then an hour after he vanishes you show up with a troop of merry do gooders. You can claim it was all just an accident, fate, or even the armies doing since I'm sure those two Shiekah are the ones they send after Kinslayer, but I really don't care. The fact is they formed and they formed around you."

He stopped himself for a moment. He saw his was letting anger of the past get to him again. He knew he was placing blame were it didn't belong. "Though I suppose what's done is done and there's no way of know if that battle would have still ended like this if I was alone. As for as the darks, I prefer not to hold on to ancient rivalries, after all just how much needless destruction have we cause because of our vendettas." he said in a solemn tone. "You know I'm starting to wonder if this is all the goddesses fault. They let us deal with people like that when I know they could just come down and fix things like they did with Fallen Ang..." he stopped mid word.

Senshi removed his hood then walked leaded against a near by wall. He pulled a small object wrapped in cloth from a pouch on his belt. It was oval shaped with a tip protruding from the side of the blunt part. "I might have? You know Death suggested that to me a few days ago and I got so pissed about it I ended up attacking Kinslayer," he said looking at his trinket. "The funny thing is, all those years ago I would have taken that as a complement. Back before all those things happened, back when I had that same hope and faith in mankind that Ayala still manages to hold onto. You know twice I've been giving this thing," he held up the object. "When I first join the Light Warriors all those years ago, and then again when I first joined the Dark Warriors and subverted them from with in. The first time I though I received it because of my blood line, the second time I saw it as a sign that my way was right. Now I here I am still holding it even though I've rejected everything its stood for, yet now I realize each time it was given me was because someone was trying to show my the right path." 

He put the item away and stood strait up looking Darrel in the eye, "You say I should from the Light Warriors, possibly even lead them, well I've lost the right. Besides I'm already convinced you already have, even if my accident. However, you are right that I should do something about those Dark Legends rising up again. Hell I'm sure Death will force my hand when it comes to Fulmen and I'm the only one immune to Kinslayer and that new ice mages powers. So I'll join the light warriors this time. I will defend this country as a hero for once instead of just playing damage control from the shadows. Besides this way I can keep an eye on the new kids, and maybe even redeem one or two of my sins." He said placing his hood back on and staring his way back inside.

"Oh and one last thing," He said coming to a sudden stop. "Don't you dare let those two Shiekah fight out I'm descended from the Hylian Knight. That's the last thing I need and its not like I can draw that sword anyway."

The Hated Edit

Lynn Annei/Day 3/Hyrule Castle

Lynn dipped her head to the trio of top-tier Hylian military masterminds. "You requested my presence, sirs?"

She recognized each of them, and found it interesting that Commander Phoenix was not among their numbers. No doubt out dealing with Darrel. Or Habiki.

Shit! Habiki... It finally dawned on her that the golem had been left outside the Castle Town walls. With her time spent unconscious in the infirmary, she had no way of knowing what had happened in the intervening time, or if the golem and Zora child had ever reported to these men. Or even made it alive into the town.

"Yes. Lynn Annei. Born Lynn Taru, orphaned at six and subsequently adopted by a Shiekah family, the Anneis, when your parents were killed in a Bulblin attack on a merchant caravan. Raised as a Sheikah, you are one of the most loyal and dutiful soldiers we have, by your service and training records."

These people almost knew more about her than she did. "That is correct, sir."

"Your... partner recently was blessed with a great power. We've been briefed by the mystic Nora on all that that entails; her becoming a Scion of Nayru. The details are top secret, but you've been granted clearance, under and understanding we have with Nora: You'll only learn the specifics if they are revealed to you by the Scion herself.

"We have deemed your partnership with the Scion to be... very beneficial to us. With your affections together, as friends, we believe you are in a unique position to be sure that she stays on task and works to follow our orders in the best interest of Hylian security and sovereignty."

"Permission to speak freely, sir?"


Lynn shifted uncomfortably. What she had to say was something she didn't want to say. "Begging your pardons, but I must decline. I am not suited to accompany the Scion. I have no mastery over any arcane schools; I am not gifted with any form of magical strength. From what I have seen only in the past twenty-four hours, I am far outclasses and will serve only as an impediment to her abilities and effectiveness in service to the Crown. I-I pretty much died this morning, and was only saved by Kae's quick thinking."

One of the men nodded with a smirk. "Yes, we have been appraised of the situation. You have been cleared, in addition, for limited access to the Royal Vaults. Many items of mystic power reside within, and should enhance you to a point that will make you an effective partner to the Scion of Nayru. You will be taken there forthwith and be matched to a single item that will naturally attune to your dormant abilities. This item will be on loan to you until such time as you die, the Scion of Nayru dies, or the Scion's powers are diminished or revoked to a point that the boost from the item is no longer necessary to match you in power level as her partner."

Lynn blinked, stunned. Had she just heard correctly? Was it possible? Could she be of use in this war, even with the magic that was being thrown around? Could she really be... on par with Kae?

"These items have been collected over the past centuries. Their power is unquantified. You will find something. Ms. Cresce will match you to something. Go with her now. Dismissed, soldier."

As he spoke her name, the woman whom Lynn assumed was Ms Cresce entered, and beckoned to Lynn. Lynn saluted the trio, and left, proceeding down the hall behind the middle-aged woman.

"Don't be intimidated, babe," said the woman. "It's not all pomp and circumstance. Magical attunement mostly relies on the resonance of a person's aura and the item in question. Basically, we have you walk around the Vault until you find the one thing that... well, it'll sing to you, and you'll know. It sounds weird, but most magic is, isn't it? Just trust me. And... here we are!"

She pushed back a huge vault door, which opened smoothly despite its giant size, and revealed a large room filled with an abundance of random items, ranging from statuary to shrubbery, full suits of full plate armor to handkerchiefs. They hadn't been lying, it seemed, when they said they had been collecting items over centuries.

"Don't be shy, Lynn! Take a look around. It's the ultimate in window-shopping, only you actually get to keep something in here, for free!"

Tentatively Lynn stepped past the threshold. It was immense. How was she supposed to know what one item would work best in her hands, and allow her to be useful to Kae and Polaris and the others? It seemed a daunting task. Behind her, the door slid closed again. Ms Cresce sat cross-legged near the door, book cradled in her lap to read and await Lynn's choice. And Lynn began to wander aimlessly through the items. She touched a pair of gauntlets, and they shone a dull green. She ran her fingertips over a large fang, like something from a serpent, and cringed at the feelings she felt from it. She picked up a little brown flute, and thought she could hear the faint music of the forest. There were so many wondrous things in this room!

Out of the corner of her eye she caught sight of an unassuming item. Everything else here was well cared for and kept polished and stitched. This simple thick coat hung tattered over a dull mannequin. She stepped toward, wondering what powers such a boring thing could hold.

When she touched it, she felt cold, and breathed out a small cloud of steamed breath. Inriguing!

When she took it from the mannequin and slung it over he back, the chill increased, and her toes and fingers were numb with chill.

When she slid her arms through the sleeves, her body locked, unable to move, as if frozen, and she saw a tall mountain sheathed in ice. She looked at it, and the light was warped, as through looking through a thick sheet of glass. Like looking through ice.

She tore the coat from her back and threw it to the ground, gasping breath through her lungs as she freed herself from the crushing grasp of that glacier. But she knew already. It was ecstatic, that chill. It was exciting. It was... sexy.

It was meant for her.

She picked it up and carried it over to Ms. Cresce. "I found it. This is mine."

The clerk looked up from her book. "What? That? Huh. I don't remember that being in here... We'll have to double-check on what it does, and what power level it is before we can lease it to your name. Here, hand it over, it'll take a day or two for the mystics and scholars to investigate its history."

As the woman spoke, Lynn was compelled by the tattered livery coat. She pulled it onto her body again, and felt the glacier-cold clamp down around her again. The world went black.

Taden Hothnight the Hated/Day 3/Hyrule Castle Vault

He opened his eyes for the first time in decades; in centuries. His limbs ached to be used, after so long in darkness, watching and waiting for the way to freedom. There was much to catch up on, after all. He held no knowledge to the current situation of the world, but that he would be called forth once again meant but one thing: interesting times in Hyrule. This body was not as he was used to; it had too much weight in the chest and not enough in the pants. He'd get used to it.

"I can assure you, before you hold occasion to extricate these tattered trappings from my torso I will hold occasion to extirpate your terrene texture from this tenement of a world."


He reached forward, grabbing the woman by the face and channeling his icy spirit through the hand. Her attempts at a scream were choked short as the liquid in her face froze. The cold continued to pour forth from his palm, and veins of ice began to form in her brain, spider-webbing through the soft tissue. He jerked his hand back, breaking off portions of skin that stuck frozen to his own, and she fell to the floor.

"Hmm. Brain freeze." He turned from her, with only a small twitch of his lips at the small pun, and cast the murder from his memory in its entirety. He faced the door, pondering. Merely open the portal? No. Dramatics insist.

He laid both hands against the egress, and once more flexed his long dormant efficacy, spreading a glaze over the metal. With a long creak, asharp crack, and a loud slam, the slab broke free of its housing and fell to the ground.

"And so The Hated takes recrudescence. Derived from thus shall be the dissemination of detestation and disquietude."

Moran Taliesin - Hyrule Castle - Third Afternoon/Evening

"Seishi would be a great help, there's no denying that." Moran muttered in reply, even though at that moment he felt a wave of something wash over him. It felt as though somebody threw ice cold water in his face, he felt as though his equilibrium was lost for a moment. When the sensation lessened in its intensity he looked up into the eyes of his once and future compatriot. "Did you feel that? Something's happened."

Moran had always been sensitive to the fluctuation of magical energies, their ebb and flow. Perhaps because of the nature of his work, his true work, he had sensed something like a tipping of the scales, and not in the way he would have preferred.

"Whatever happened, it happened here. Inside the castle." he told Phoenix urgently before hastily exiting the antechamber. He stopped for a moment outside the door to try and pinpoint the source of the disturbance, it felt so... strange to him. So incredibly familiar and yet utterly different. He couldn't put his finger on it. He wondered, however, what could have happened to have elicited such a strong reaction out of him, it was as if he'd responded without knowing exactly why, like he'd been conditioned to respond in that way and had simply forgotten why.

"It's coming from below. I can feel whatever it is beneath us." Moran hefted the rune inscribed staff and hurried for the stairs. Whatever this was it was disturbing his senses, he needed to investigate.

[b]Darrel Mytura - Outside Castle Infirmary - Third Afternoon/Evening[/b]

[color=orangered]"Fair enough, I'll keep your secret for you. A mutual gain here, it appears. A new incarnation of the light warriors is at this point inevitable, in your eyes it even already exists, though I do not see it thus."[/color] Darrel and the necromancer eyed one another a moment. They might not have liked one another all that much, but there was between them at least a mutual respect.

And then through the cacophony, through the sounds of spirits alive in their bodies, he felt something change, alter, morph into something different, sinister. A spirit, plain and unassuming at its core, was suddenly not what it was, and the change did not go unnoticed by him.

He recognized a magical transformation when one occured, and his senses were attuned enough to the mystical energies that comprised the essences of man that he knew when something wasn't right. What could have happened? Possession? Whatever it was, he could feel even at this distance the sinister nature of it.

[color=orangered]"Well then, I guess as [i]light warriors[/i] we're obligated to go and see what the hell just happened."[/color].

Day 3/Castle/Phoenix

"One of the Shiekah we sent after Kinslayers was to find an artifact from the vault to use so I pray that's what you're sensing. Regardless we should take a look, the Winged Light and Tempest medallions are down there after all. You'll have to run ahead of me though, these halls are to small for my to navigate in my normal from," He paused but continued speaking just before Chamder was able to walk off. "Oh and, well I hope its just these old bones, but it seems to have gotten quiet cold all of the sudden."

Day 3/Castle/Senshi

"This better be a coincidence." Senshi said as he and Darrel sped off towards the castle. A pair of guards tried to stop them at the inner gate however Senshi quickly jumped up and kneed one in the face with out stopping. "Well know I really am a light warrior," he said with a slight grin as he tried to suppress the feeling of dread that was slowing washing over him. The farther into the castle they got then worse it became. With every step there target seemed more and more familiar to him, yet something was off. He tried to convince himself it was just his telepathy playing tricks on him, but the fact that Death and the demon were staying slight just made him worry. To make matter worse it was getting cold.

As the reached the vault Senshi was almost tempted to let out a sigh of relief. Before them was one of the two Shiekah women from earlier unfortunately something wasn't quite right. The door to the near by room was on the ground covered in ice, she was wearing a strangely familiar brown coat, and worst of all the torch nearest to her on the wall had frozen. 

It wasn't something he wanted to believe. Nevertheless he began to slowly approach her while reaching for his sword, but just as he took his first step The Scythe of Shadow from of its own will and hovered in front of him. "It can't be..." he said just above a whisper and he stared awestruck at his weapon. Ayala had told him of something like this happening with the Sword of Light. It was all those years ago when she met a strange young boy her age. The sword formed as a warning that he wasn't who she tough, that he was a threat, one the sword knew all to well. It was just tragic that she didn't understand the sword intentions, but now things were different.

"Hothnight," he spat as he grabbed hold of his scythe. "It's a little early for in the day from you to be showing your face isn't it. Oh and while I'm at it..." he charge at his fathers ancient foe, "Why can't you ever stay dead!" he shouted as he swung down with his massive scythe.

Self Important Edit

Some Jerk/Day 3/Castle Town

He walked through the castle town slowly, wondering when everything became so pathetic. Wondering when all the people turned into the lifeless beings they now were. Great battles had taken place here, and these people would never amount to anything even approaching the grandeur of those fights. He sensed it, the presence of old acquaintances. It was time to make his presence known, and once more integrate himself into a world that had once shouted his name, or at least, shouted a name that now belonged to him. But his message did not go out in words, nor was it vocalized in any way. His way was that of the psychic, and psychics used words only when necessary.

<All who have the mental strength to receive this message, I call to you! It is I, Ithan Chiaria! I have come in a time when the world is in great need of those willing to defend it! Please, find me and respond if you can!>

Hothnight/Day 3/Hyrule Castle

There were great advantages to soul possessions. He retained the memories stored within his soul, but also had access to the memories stored within this new body. Tragic, really, how she was tossed around and used by the Royal Family. But it was not his place to cast pity; he had no need to manipulate a mind in which he resided. It all would prove useful when the time came.

But to see the son of the Paladin, brother of that woman, was here in Castle Town... The time was not right for this confrontation. He had yet to recover his fair footing, or his panoply. Thus, he retreated into the depths of this woman's being, icy talons merging into her consciousness. Living inside her, he would wait, bide his time. Always the empty chill had been patient, and centuries had only served to hone the virtue.

Lynn Annei/Day 3/Hyrule Castle

When the light came back to her vision, Lynn was faced by one of the warriors from the fight earlier that morning, bearing down on her with his scythe. She let out a cry of surprise, and rolled to the side, pulling her swords from their sheaths. The man was nonplussed by her movement, and with a jerk dislodged the metal of his weapon from where it had jammed into the stone floor after missing her. In a fluid motion he swung it toward her, and she intercepted with both swords.

The strength of the impact sent her reeling, her back colliding with the nearby wall.

"Stop it!" she shouted at him, her shoulders sore. "What the hell are you doing?

"I didn't stay dead," she explained, "because Kae Brisies, Scion of Nayru, saved my life with a starmetal potion! And if you don't think I belong here, I have clearance from the Council! Just ask the clerk, Ms Cresce. I think she's still inside."

Day 3/Castle/Senshi

"You should know Hothnight," he said spinning his scythe around to ready for his next strike, "your tricks wont work on me." He swung down once again but just before the tip of the blade would have pierced the woman's flesh the scythe shattered and returned to it shard from. "What the hell?!"

A look of confusion wash over his face as the shard returned to his hand. "Somethings not right, Mytura keep an eye on her. In fact keep a blade on her." He said as he reformed his scythe and entered the vault to verify the woman's claims. 

The room was filled with familiar items. Artifacts and weapons form previous wars as well as many of the tools used the Hero of Time during the Imprisoning War and his adventures in Termina. Though the six temple treasures were missing having been returned to there proper location. The Fierce Deity Mask was missing as well, probably hidden is a safer location be Phoenix.

<All who have the mental strength to receive this message, I call to you! It is I, Ithan Chiaria! I have come in a time when the world is in great need of those willing to defend it! Please, find me and respond if you can!> the message rang out in Senshi's mind. A mixed feeling of hope and dread filled him much like when he spotted Chamder before. On one hand he knew Ithan's power was occasionally on par with the Angels, on the other hand his appearance suggested this were MUCH worse then he Senshi had imagined.

<"You're late,"> he responded to the powerful psychic. <"If anything you should come find us, we're all at the castle anyway."> just as he sent those word he stumbled upon the Cresce the Shiekah had mention. She was dead, her face frozen and probably he insides too. Normal that alone would have had him running back out to kill the Shiekah at the spot but the fact that his scythe stopped him was troublesome. <"And hurry while you're at it. It looks like we have problem. He sent to Ithan hoping his powers would be able to read into what ever was going on in that woman's head.

Polaris/ Castle/ 3rd Day

Polaris was pacing in one of the inner corridors when he felt something...strange, a tingling sensation. The same feeling that usually accompanied one of great power. There was a sudden drop in temperature, one he wasn't the source of. Odd. Another ice mage? The one from the battle in the city again? No, not him. This felt, different, and familiar at the same time. Darrel and the other man sped past him, assuming they knew where they were going he followed.

They had a headstart on him and therefore they arrived at the destination, or, for lack of a better term, ground zero before he did, the closer he got to the room, he no longer needed the others as his guide, the power in the air was so immense that he was drawn to it. Intrigued.

The scene he walked in on caused him to frown. A huge vault door, demolished, beside it was Lynn wearing a peculiar looking coat, Polaris could hear Darrels acquaintance in the vault. Then there was Darrel, hand on his fabled blade, glaring at Lynn.

Before he could speak, he felt an odd tugging at his conscience, it was as if someone were attempting to speak to him from afar.

<All who have the mental strength to receive this message. I call to you! It is I, Ithan Chiaria! I have come in a time when the world is in great need of those willing to defend it! Please, find me respond if you can.>

That name. It struck a chord in his memory. Where had he heard it before? He couldn't recall, and at the moment, he had a more pressing matter to deal with.

What the hell, is going on here?"

[b]Kae/Castle Town/Day 3/Evening[/b]

It appeared as though Nora's treatment was exactly what was needed for a quick mend. Kae felt a great deal better, even though Nora looked visibly worried as they approached Hyrule Castle.

"Trouble brews in the Sanctuary. We may need to investigate, but it appears as though it is contained. What you need to do is drive home the message to High Command that war is not a time to play politics. The Southern Hyrule Line was routed to the last man today, including all of the officers. Jaden was captured and now I don't know where he is. The Twili have broken into Hyrule Field proper, and Goddesses only know what is going to happen now. We need to organize a strong response with the full might of the King's Army!"

Kae raised an eyebrow and nodded.

[color=indigo]"The fact that they had such a minimal and non-diverse unit setup was almost permission to get routed. Had Jaden not been there it would have been much worse."[/color]

Nora rested a hand on Kae's shoulder and pouted.

"You weren't watching the were unconscious and receiving prophecy. I saw many foreboding things...namely the very man you and Lynn were originally sent after. Now that the oracles instruct you to stay away from him, I am going to request an audience with the Chieftain to change your assignment. Do you know why you need to avoid the fire-beast of a man?"

The young Scion paused and reluctantly nodded while wincing.

[color=indigo]"Because I don't hold anything back in a battle...I'd use some crazy rote you told me never to think of casting and kill myself trying to take him out...and then I'd die and he'd be standing there without a scratch. And Hyrule would be short exactly what it needs to resolve the Twili problem as a whole."[/color]

"You learn quickly...I had a nightmare that you had done just became a Vessel and martyred yourself for nothing. The Kinslayer problem will have to be handled by those more knowledgeable about it. Your role should fall to getting your brother back so we can give the military his tactical edge...and yours...give the Army that Triune Valor and they'll rout the Twili so badly they'd wish they stayed deep in Faron brooding with their witchery. And don't forget your dear Lynn...she's really going to need your help."

When the two mystics got to the castle gate, it appeared as though lockdown had occurred. The gate guards gave them a bit of trouble as they tried to gain entry.

"Slight problem. Incident in the basement. You'll have to wait here until it is cleared up."

[color=indigo]"Do you not recognize the weeping eye? We are on official business to see High Command, and we come bearing prophecy."[/color]

"Whatever hoodoo you two want to deliver is on hold, ladies."

Nora closed her eyes and muttered a few command words in ancient Sheikah.

"Your orders are on hold, men. You'll let us pass without incident."

Their faces glazed over as they lifted their spears, signaling for them to pass.

Kae whispered to her master as they got through the gate.

[color=indigo]"They're not going to be happy when they come to."[/color]

"I don't care. If they want to keep those sticks firmly inserted into their backsides, then screw them. And if they distrust us, that is their folly."

Both mystics had an air of urgency about them as they entered Hyrule Castle. Kae had never been while Nora had been there more times than she could remember. There was much to teach Kae about this holy place...the sanctuary of their faith, so to speak. 

[b]Darrel Mytura - Hyrule Castle Vault - Third Afternoon/Evening[/b]

Darrel, as per Shinigami's request, had drawn his sword and had it leveled, if somewhat idly, at Lynn. It seemed as though he'd been here before recently, and he wondered at whether or not he was simply more willing to believe that Lynn was involved in something sinister because of the circumstances of their meeting. Still, he knew what he'd sensed, and it had been wholly unlike what he sensed from Lynn now, or even what he had sensed from her upon their entry. She was now the Lynn that he had first met, and despise her though he might at least a little, he was fairly certain that she was not the evil that he had perceived.

That left few possibilities, but they were each as unpleasant and undesirable as the next. Either the possessor had fled to another body and could be anywhere, or it had decided to sink itself in as deep as it could, to hide behind the active spiritual essence, and wait for the proper time.

[color=blue]<All who have the mental strength to receive this message, I call to you! It is I, Ithan Chiaria! I have come in a time when the world is in great need of those willing to defend it! Please, find me and respond if you can!>[/color]

A stroke of luck, or perhaps not. Ithan Chiara was renowned as one of the most powerful psychics that ever lived, as well as one of the more noteworthy light warriors. If the possessing essence was still in her, then he could potentially locate it in her mind, converse with it or even expel it. He hoped very much that one of the others chose to respond to the message, as Darrel had long since lost the pendant that had in the past given him the ability to send telepathic messages, the pendant given to him by his mother. He recalled Shinigami as having had telepathy, at least when they knew each other long ago, perhaps he was able to contact Chiaria.

[color=royalblue]"What the hell, is going on here?"[/color] Polaris asked as he entered. Now it was he, Shinigami, and Polaris who stared down the Sheikah Lynn.

[color=orangered]"We felt something, and I get the feeling that we all felt something a little different. I felt the disruption in spiritual energies that could indicate possession. It could also indicate any number of other disturbances however so I think we need to think this through rationally before we do anything."[/color]


[b]Moran Taliesin - Hyrule Castle Vault - Third Afternoon/Evening[/b]

[color=white]"Wise counsel, Mytura."[/color] Moran announced as he too stepped into a room that was already flooded with history, and not all of it good. When his eyes fell upon the coat that now adorned the Sheikah, Lynn, he paused in his step and surveyed her, not just visually but mystically as well.

Her presence was clear, there was no arctic phantom looking out at them through her eyes, at least not at the moment. However, there were magical distortions and signatures that didn't add up. He came to a halt next to Mytura and looked the Sheikah directly in the eye.

[color=white]"There's certainly more to this situation than any of us know, but let us be reasonable, what threat can we honestly expect out of her?"[/color] often the best magic wasn't magic at all, but mere psychology. [color=white]"Lynn Annei is, at best, unremarkable. She has no magic, and she has nothing that you three have.

"And as for Taden, well who hasn't had the opportunity to kill Taden at least once by now? It's nothing all that special anymore, and certainly not that difficult. I myself have killed him [i]and[/i] brought him back to life at least once each. I don't think he or she is anything we need to worry about."[/color]

Given their history and Taden's hatred for the heavely disciple, if there was anything short of psychic invasion via the newly reappeared Ithan Chiaria that could rouse the ice mage from deep inside Lynn's mind and soul, it was that.

Polaris/ Castle/ 3rd Day

The bewildered look on Lynns face gave nothing away, and did nothing to help Polaris dissect the situation. If anything, it made matters a bit more confusing. Hopefully Darrel could shed some light on the current situation.

"We felt something, and I get the feeling we all felt something a little different. I felt the disruption in spiritual energies that could indicate possession. It could also indicate any number of other disturbances however so I think we need to think this through rationally before we do anything."

Possession? What had Lynn gotten herself into? And what the hell hell was up with the overcoat? It was apparent that whatever was going on here, Lynn was at the center of the disturbance, and her peculiar choice in apparel was just that. Peculiar.

"I don't deal in the spiritual, don't sense it or feel the subtle shifts as you do Darrel, what I felt was power, similar to my own, yet foreign. Anger. Hatred. And power. Immense power. You say be rational, and with that I agree. What form of rationale do you propose?"

Polaris shifted positions as yet another acquaintance of Darrels with whom he was not overly familiar entered the room and began to taunt Lynn, or more accurately it seemed, provoke whatever, whomever Lynn had become. For it was obvious that she was no longer just Lynn, but what exactly she had transformed into, for the time being, remained a mystery. The only plausible answer currently available, one no one was all too excited to admit.

Lynn Annei/Day 3/Hyrule Castle

Lynn stared back at the suddenly converging crowd. Mild confusion took hold of her thoughts, but she was determined to stand on even footing with these ancient warriors. Now that she had the power of the coat, she was sure she could match them. When the man in white spoke, however, she was filled with an intense, nearly painful, revulsion. It was all she could manage not to lash out at him.

"Think what you will, old man, but those days are behind me. I was given an artifact from these vaults, the vaults of the Royal Family. With it I am more powerful than I was without, and with it I will be able to defend Kae.

"I just need to figure out how it works, first."

She stretched out her hand, and as if by memory tapped into the undercurrent of power that fueled Hyrule. She was stunned by how easy it was; it felt as though she had always known how to do this, like it was just second nature. Or as though someone else was guiding her through the process. The room grew chill, and a sudden drop in temperature changed the air pressure, collecting into an orb of condensed cold within her palm.

Without warning the power discharged, and the orb of heavy iced air shot out at the white-dressed man, careening toward his chest with abandon. Despite herself, Lynn squeaked out in surprise.


Whatever had been holding her hand as she used the magic had let go, and she'd lost control, causing the attack. Though she didn't care for the target, glad that it had been him in the line of fire rather than one of the others, she still apologized, not wanting to anger them when they already seemed searching for an excuse to kill her.

"I'm sorry! I guess I need practice?"

Moran Taliesin - Hyrule Castle Vault - Third Afternoon/Evening

The orb of arctic energy hurtled forth from the insufferably arrogant Sheikah's palm and at his chest. Were he a man ungifted with the Goddesses' arts, he would have been harmed, might have even been killed.

But he was gifted, and the holy energy lanced from his palm as he threw it out before him, neutralizing the relatively weak attack before it could reach him. Frowning at her, he wondered if she had the slightest sense in that thick skull of hers. But of course, just by observing how she had behaved toward Darrel and the clay puppet, albeit over a great distance, he could see that she did not. And she would not forsake the coat that now draped about her shoulders. Still, he had to make an attempt.

"You need to remove that cursed thing before you kill someone." He replied, his right hand gripping the holmoak staff ever tighter as his left hand dropped back to his side, still channeling holy power in case the previous bearer of the garment decided that it was worth it to attack his once mortal enemy after all. "That coat belonged to one of the most dangerous men to have ever lived, and the magic contained therein, the imprint he left on it, is as sinister and destructive as he was. There are other things of magic held within the vault, other things that could make you formidable. You wear that coat and eventually you will lose yourself to it, you're not strong enough to remain free of his influence."

Lynn Annei/Day 3/Hyrule Castle

"Listen, I don't know who you are," she grumbled at the man, "but I was cleared by High Command to take an item from the vault. And do you think they would lend out something as dangerous as what you're claiming, instead of keeping it under constant lock-and-key? No. Our leaders are not that stupid. Of course they aren't. Whatever you think is going on, you're clearly wrong. Now, I have to go practice with this, and I'd like to see Kae in the infirmary."

And she meant all of it. These people obviously didn't understand. She walked forward, directly pass Darrel, essentially an unspoken dare for him to try to stop her with the sword he lackadaisically held in her direction. The feeling of power from the coat shimmered beneath her vision, reassuring her that it was there, ready to be summoned, should she need to use it. It was intoxicating, but she knew better than to provoke these people.

They were defenders of Hyrule, just like herself. Now wasn't the time to be fighting them. Not yet. She had to wait until they were away from the castle. Get them separated. Take them out one by one. He wasn't fully developed into his new state, didn't quit have the complete link to the primal leylines of frost and death.

What? What am I thinking? I do not want to kill any of them. I just want to go talk to Kae. She didn't even notice thinking of herself in a masculine way.

Ithan/Day 3/Hyrule Castle

Ithan had quietly entered the castle halls, casually scanning the minds of those that he walked past. The castle guards were too easily influenced, convinced that Ithan was neither scanning their mind, or even in the castle at all. They could not see or sense him in any way, even if they wanted to. He bore an almost childlike smile as he walked towards the mind he sensed, that of Taden Hothnight, although it seemed to be completely partnered and mixed up with another mind, an admittedly strong one, but certainly not strong enough to match up with the legendary ice mage.

<Ah yes, I seem to have forgotten to address you personally, Senshi. I am on my way now, should you see anyone that remembers my name, alert them to my impending presence.>

Day 3/Castle/Senshi

<"Very well..."> he responded in kind as he walk out of the vault just in time to hear most of the conversation between Hothnight's host and the others which now included Chamder.

"To answer your question," he shouted interjected as the Shiekah began to walk away, "He is Moran Taliesin, and man even the sages would show respect. Though I think he might be going senile," He said turning towards the ancient wizard. "Honestly to lower your guard because she doesn't possess magic. Have you forgotten about Xiphias who could kill anyone of us here."

"As for your leaders," he spat turning back to the Shiekah, "yes they are that incompetent and they have proven so time and time again. They're greed caused the Ancient War, their arrogance caused the Great War, their incompetence caused the Imprisoning War, and the foolish reliance on a legend has caused every conflict since. Quite honestly the only member of the royal family who had a brain was an adopted Calatian." he mocked.

"Now Charia is on his way so we're all going to wait here until he arrives and gives me the ok to kill you, because quite frankly if you're not Hothnight then you'll need to explain to me why that women you mentioned was frozen to death." He paused to remove his charm, "Oh and please, I'm begging you, test my resolve. Because while Mytura and the old man may let you pass I don't fear your magic.

Kae/Hyrule Castle/Day 3/Evening

Nora explained most sights to Kae before she could even ask. While Kae had studied this place intensely growing up, she never expected to find herself here so soon. But the history lessons would have to come later.

"Your friend is in a good bit of trouble it seems. I will deal with High Command. You should come when I call for you. For now, do what you need to. And do not desecrate the Sanctuary!"

Kae looked quite puzzled as her mentor stormed off. 

Incident in the basement. Got it. If Lynn's in trouble, may as well head there...she better not be the incident...

She didn't look any worse for wear after being patched up. Even the wounds suffered earlier were gone thanks to Nora's treatments. As she descended the staircase leading to said Royal Vaults in steps of faith, arguments echoed up from below. This caused her steps to quicken. But due to her vows, she could not commit acts of aggression within Hyrule Castle unless the life of a Royal Family member (or herself/allies) was in danger. 

What she saw when she did reach the antechamber frustrated her as well as confused her. There stood Lynn with some sort of dark cloak and also that hooded scythe-wielder from earlier. Darrel, Polaris, an unrecognizable elder fellow with a rather strong energy signature, and an eerie phantasmal signature of frost that she couldn't quite locate. Thanks to troublesome thought-noise generated from all the frustration being exuded by all present, Kae could not divine any further into the situation. 

Tension was so thick in the room that Kae's head swam from all the resonance. Not only was there an eon's worth of magic power in the vault, but all the individuals here possessed a good bit of it as well. The only thing that brought her back to clarity was a large bite from a freshly-conjured sour green apple held in her left hand. 

Kae did not notice that the energies of the palace also set aglow her eyes. Her ink was already alight when she crossed the threshold but she thought nothing of this.

"Lynn! I wasn't sure where to find you. Why is everyone so angry? The frustration is making my head spin."

Moran Taliesin - Hyrule Castle Vault - Third Afternoon/Evening

"Give you the okay? Get in line necro..." Moran heard Darrel mutter as he watched Lynn move to depart, clearly in response to Shinigami's proclamations. Moran heard what the necromancer said, but his focus was directed elsewhere when the Scion of Nayru entered.

"Everyone is quite understandably enraged given the circumstances. Your friend has taken it upon herself to try and revive the most vicious killer to have ever lived, by donning a garment infused with his essence." Moran told her calmly. Senile, perhaps the centuries since his last appearance had dulled his memories, but such would not be the case any longer. "Scion, you and I are of like mind and like purpose, I think, in this conflict. Your friend is beyond reason but I pray that you are not. That coat is dangerous, the power she is tapping cannot be controlled, but must instead be destroyed.

"We could have moved against her at any moment, killed her and ended the threat here and now, and I assure you her death would be a small price to pay, given the alternative. If you can't convince her to remove it then I assure you eventually one of us is going to have to kill her. You might even have to do the deed yourself, if it comes to it. Hothnight the Hated cannot be allowed free reign once more."

Lynn Annei/Day 3/Hyrule Castle

Lynn was about to lash out, verbally of course, at the necromancer when her thoughts were interrupted.

"Lynn! I wasn't sure where to find you. Why is everyone so angry? The frustration is making my head spin."

Her thoughts thoroughly distracted, Lynn pushed past Darrel and ran to Kae, embracing her in a hug, warm in emotion but cold in sensation, when they were in arm's reach of each other. "Kae!"

She smiled at her friend. "Oh, it's wonderful. High Command gave me clearance to an item from the Vaults, Kae! With this, I can continue to travel with you, and not be a liability. We don't have to split up, Kae!

"And you can train me to use the magic, so I don't misuse it."

If there was one thing she needed now, it was someone on her side. These others were too set against her. That would never do. And there was no one better to corrupt as his follower than the very Scion of Nayru. Wouldn't that be a lovely irony to throw in the face of the old 'Envoy'. Patience, though. Always patience. He hadn't spent so long locked away in that vault to throw away this prime chance in a foolish blaze of death.

No. It would have to be far more insidious and lasting a revenge to make up for time lost. With Ithan Chiara, prestigious seer of the mind that he be, matters would take a turn for the worse in short time if thing continued as they were. It was a shame not to face them directly, but as a group, he was at a disadvantage. He needed to practice his favorite past time in these wars, and turn them against one another. Nothing sated the palate quite so as brother killing brother.

And poor Lynn continued as she ever did, wholly unaware of the thoughts taking place in her very mind; thoughts that retreated far into the back of her consciousness, hiding among the baser instincts, disguising themselves within already violent tendencies of Flight or Fight ingrained in every creature of the Goddesses' green earth. And then the Hated began to sleep, entering a state of dormancy as his powers, his soul, slowly leeched from the coat into this dutiful Sheikah servant of Hyrule's Crown. That action alone was satisfying enough to keep him from needing to lash out at them now.

Ithan Chiaria/Evening 3/Castle

Having found the information he needed from the castle guards, Ithan found the route to where his former allies and enemies now waited, and while hardly taking his time, casually strolled over to meet with them. Once more he continued to demonstrate his newfound disdain for the spoken word, and announced his presence in the room telepathically.

<Good evening everyone, it certainly has been some time.> Ithan turned his gaze over to the ever naive but good intentioned Sheikah. <Lynn Annei, whether you accept it as reality or not, you have doomed both yourself and those that would ally themselves with you. I offer you one chance to rid yourself of that cloak, and only one chance. And oh yeah, it's wonderful to see you all again.>

Kae/Royal Vault/Day 3/Evening

This was a lot to take in, especially from what she'd seen in the history books. The Stars must have been aligned to such an anomalous degree if a cloak containing the soul of an unscrupulous murderer to be found by chance in the Royal Vaults. Artifacts contained here are verified and documented to the letter of the law and if they fail the vetting process they are destroyed or banished.

All things must have a purpose...but am I really the right person to make the decision here? It's a bit personal for me.

I cannot find a proper answer for you either, Kae. Such a soul is beyond control. She's just crossed a dangerous threshold. And this is a burden I'd advise you to think seriously about before taking on yourself, because I know you would.

"By the Three, don't kill her. The cosmos are aflutter with prophecy right now. If what you say is true, and I haven't much reason to doubt it, then there is a role that must be played out. Not to mention that the soul may already be incubating...the cloak may be irrelevant. Also, if you destroy the cloak while the soul is dormant, Lynn would die from the psychic shock, and that soul would enter the afterlife's stream once more. At least now, you know where it is and what it is bound to."

She had a feeling she'd get laughed out of the room, but she continued after taking another bite from her apple.

"Either way, Hothnight is awake now. And if his soul can inhabit a cloak, there's a good chance he can cheat death's path as it is. He'd just possess someone else. I don't exactly think he's going to run free...kill me too if you'd like for thinking this, but Lynn is my responsibility. If this goes out of control, I will handle it. She wanted to help me anyway. She's been wanting to help me since my imbuing but has been unable yet desperate to do so. The prophecy I received spoke of Desperation being the Herald of Hatred. There was also one involving both of us. If she's not here, it won't happen. And it needs to happen. It involves the war's endgame."

Kae wasn't kidding. In her rest she received a steady stream of prophecy from the cosmos; from Emissaries of the Three. They didn't lie. If Kae didn't have Lynn, she wouldn't be able to perform a Crucial Act of Nayru. But she knew they probably wouldn't believe any of it because of how close she was to Lynn. 

Kae also didn't know what kind of beast she was awakening with this decision. Whatever happened from this point would be on her head if they listened to her. But she wouldn't have offered to take on the burden if she wasn't prepared to follow through.

ynn Annei/Day 3/Hyrule Castle

"And you, Kae? There is nothing wrong with me. I swear it on Nayru, I feel fine. Maybe this Hothnight, or Taden, whatever, is back, here, somewhere. Maybe he was the one that did this." She gestured to the cracked door, and inside where the necromancer had spoken of the dead clerk. "But it wasn't me. I did black out for a moment. Perhaps he attacked then, before I could tap into this artifact, and overpowered me. And then in that time caused all this.

"But it wasn't me."

She was adamant in her words, and believed them fully. Instinctively, she found herself pleased with the thoughts of innocence. And why shouldn't she? They were true, after all. She was, and would be, a Sheikah. Never would she take a life of a servant of Hyrule; even less so when in the confines of the very Castle she swore her life and soul to protect. It was inconceivable, a non-factor in her mind.

She was fully deluded. How magnificent. The roots grew deeper. And a new feeling leaked into her mind.

"If this cape is so damn scary to you, then fine. I'll return it. But I was given clearance for an item in the Vault. I need something to be on even footing with Kae. I won't leave without that power."


With the arrival of the other Shiekah and Ithan soon after Senshi allowed the matter to be taken out of his hands. He put his charm back on put away his weapons to subtlety snuck back into the vault. Despite the distance and thick walls, being this close to Chiara's was boosting his own mental abilities enough for him to listen though the others ears.

He pathed though massive vault looking not only for a few items relevant to the current predicament but ones that may aid the Light Warriors in the future. A pair of golden gauntlets caught his eye first. They were strength enhancers that his uncle had acquired from Dragmire's own Treasure Horde. These he would keep for himself.

"By the Three, don't kill her. The cosmos are aflutter with prophecy right now. If what you say is true, and I haven't much reason to doubt it, then there is a role that must be played out. Not to mention that the soul may already be incubating...the cloak may be irrelevant. Also, if you destroy the cloak while the soul is dormant, Lynn would die from the psychic shock, and that soul would enter the afterlife's stream once more. At least now, you know where it is and what it is bound to."

<"True,"> he broadcast to all present, <"it may not matter if we burn that cloak, alternatively it may save her. There is no one here who wouldn't willing take that risk. Your friend brought this upon herself, her thirst for power brought a power she could not control into this world and with it an evil that should have never existed. It was her own fault for not seeing the benefit in her own abilities. The Light Warriors once counted in there ranks a man named Syzan Xiphias, he had no magic abilities to speak of and relied soling on skills not so different from a Shiekah's. Also the Hero of Time possessed very little magic. He relied mostly on artifacts and skill with his mystic abilities limited to a few tricks. Had she realized this we wouldn't be having this argument. Nevertheless, I can sympathize, after all I have made this very same mistake in my past. It is something I'm still recovering from."> Form his own words he suddenly realized his own charm should suppress Taden just as it suppressed his demon and his fathers Ma before it. Unfortunately for now he needed it to live.

He found the item's he was looking for, a short bow and a knock off light arrow Link had acquired in Termania. The bow was sized for a child and would be difficult for an adult to aim but it would do for now. Besides the way things were going he almost expected Koro to show up next. Beside the bow was a small mirror shield. It was child sized as well but it would make en effective buckler for an adult, perhaps Mytura. He also grabbed the two hookshots, one Hylian one Termania there were with it just in case. He continued on deeper into the vault. There was one item he need to find. One item he just couldn't leave laying around.

"Either way, Hothnight is awake now. And if his soul can inhabit a cloak, there's a good chance he can cheat death's path as it is. He'd just possess someone else. I don't exactly think he's going to run free...kill me too if you'd like for thinking this, but Lynn is my responsibility. If this goes out of control, I will handle it. She wanted to help me anyway. She's been wanting to help me since my imbuing but has been unable yet desperate to do so. The prophecy I received spoke of Desperation being the Herald of Hatred. There was also one involving both of us. If she's not here, it won't happen. And it needs to happen. It involves the war's endgame."

<"Yes, that is the cat in mouse game we've played with him my entire life. We kill him, he splits in two. We kill the two, he resurrects as a child and plays us for fools. We kill him again he resurrects again claiming to have reformed but in truth was playing both sides. Now he's made a mistake, he's possessed someone instead of resurrecting. I can assure you young lady, there are those in this world well acquainted with dealing with evil spirits that move from host to host. Those same individuals have those among them that have been fighting Taden since before I was born. This will only make things easier for us.">

"If this cape is so damn scary to you, then fine. I'll return it. But I was given clearance for an item in the Vault. I need something to be on even footing with Kae. I won't leave without that power." the Shiekah pleaded after once again claiming her innocence.

<"No you do not! Your friend is a magic user, you are a melee fighter. There is balance in that. I assure you when it comes individuals such as Davus Fulmen who attack this castle earlier today, and Taden Hothnight who possesses you know, you are FAR more the asset then your friend. What a caster gains in mystical power they loss in other areas. You should focus on melee skills and magic defense, let your friend be the artillery while you be the sword and shield. As for your black outs, I know a thing or two about being possessed and the fact that you did black out only proves to me that he has possessed you.">

He found it, sealed way in a dark corner inside a discreet black box. It was a small coin adorned with the symbol of a raging storm, the Sage Medallion of Tempest. He grabbed it and quickly hid it away knowing full well what would happen if that women found it. He concealed all but the Hylian HookShot and quickly headed back out to confront the women face to face. 

"Still it would be a shame to see you die out of your own foolishness. After all I'm only standing here today because a complete moron found an old trinket of his to save me. Besides, killing you would simply make you another of Hothnight's victims and that's something I can't let happen." He tossed the Mirror shield to Darrel figuring he might need it if things go sour the held out the hookshot before the women. "Remove this cloak and let us burn it. In return you can have this item from the vault. Its a hookshot used by the Hero of Time, with it you can snare, stun or draw in your opponents giving you complete tactical control on the fight. It also have some other applications a Shiekah may enjoy."

Her willingness to give up the cloak only made him consider the possibility that her friend was correct and Taden was hear to stay. Still he was feeling the need to save her now and getting her to take that damned thing off would be the others off her back. He only hoped that if she WAS in control right now she'd go for. On the other hand if Hothnight was awake it was a sure thing. After all one of these had killed him before and he didn't necessarily know that there were still at least two more and the Long Shot all with in easy access to him.

"Granted, we should wait and here what Chiara says about your condition first.

Moran Taliesin - Hyrule Castle Vault - Third Afternoon/Evening

"Miss Kae may be right. While the removal or destruction of a physical vessel might in most cases destroy the inhabiting spirit, those of us with a more intimate knowledge of Hothnight the Hated know the cunning with which he operates. He would not allow himself to be so easily destroyed, after all he has survived in spirit form, it appears, for all this time." Moran said, stepping forward and casting Ithan Chiaria a meaningful glance. He and the psychic knew each other well indeed. However, instead of a welcoming smile he gave the young man a half sincere smirk. "Try and speak out loud, old friend. Some people find that sort of thing unsettling."

Then he turned back to the others. Shinigami had added the Mirror Shield to Darrel's arsenal, making him all the more formidable. The heavenly disciple had also watched the necromancer hide numerous other items on his person, as well as a small, round disc that could have been particularly damaging to them. They were better armed and better prepared than he could have hoped for in the situation. Still, he didn't like the choices they were given.

He turned his gaze upon Kae, his eyes alight with the holy energies that suffused his being, physical and metaphysical alike.

"Scion, you are the instrument of Nayru, a formidable position to hold, and one fraught with perils and responsibilities. I should know, I've been a disciple of the Divine Triune for exponentially longer. If you're willing to take this responsibility upon yourself then so be it, I'll not question this decision further, but know that it shall fall on your head if things go poorly."

Polaris/ Castle/ 3rd Day

And so it was settled. Removing or destroying the coat was unlikely to rid Lynn of Tadens possession. One thing was made clear though, Lynn had to be watched, no longer could she be left unchecked. The consciousness now residing inside of her was too volatile, Hotnight was too conniving to risk it. For a brief moment, he felt sorry for Lynn, she wanted to grow stronger, to help, so bad that she overlooked all the good she could've done before and let herself dwell upon magic. She got her coveted magic, but at what cost was yet to be determined.

As was expected Kae volunteered to take responsibility for Lynn and the catastrophe waiting to happen. An endearing gesture no doubt, but when the time came, and it was almost guaranteed to come, would she be able to take the steps necessary to ensure the demise of Hotnight the Hated? Knowing that the likelihood of Lynns survival was almost nonexistant? Doubtful. Polaris had grown somewhat fond of the overbearing Sheikah himself, for all her faults, Lynn had had an unyielding sense of loyalty and a dedication to the crown that went without question. A rare trait, that would be brought into question inthe coming days and weeks.

He liked Lynn, but would not hesitate to take her life for the greater good if the need arose.

But fighting Lynn would mean fighting Taden...a battle of the reincarnated, undead ice mage pitted against undead ice mage. Who would have the upper hand?

If what he'd heard over the years proved to be true, Polaris knew he'd be hard pressed to find himself victorious in a battle with Taden. Unless he acquired another trick or two. Yes, he was going to need some sort of advantage, a bit of extra weight to tip the scales in his favor. What that was, remained to be seen.

Kae/Royal Vault/Day 3/Evening

The old fellow had qualities that Kae thought very familiar. He was almost like Nora without the sarcasm...and a possibility of what Kae could end up as if death didn't curtail her journey. She'd have a lot to ask him if there was more time to spend. 

Was he a previous Scion...? He knew so much, and the energies contained within him were so far off the scale that it very well could have been a divine being housed in a host of flesh. 

"I wouldn't have volunteered it if I didn't have the ability or will. But, you seem to know a lot about what I've been going through, yet we've only just met now. Didn't get your name though."

Living history. Such an imbuing made her a temporary part of it. An all-star team of elite heroes that the bards would sing of for years to come. Historians recording such deeds. Large shoes were sitting there just waiting to be filled. Overwhelming, even. Failure would mean no songs...failure was this dark spirit coming back, consuming Lynn, and turning loyalists against one another. Gift-wrapping Hyrule with the most lavish of garnishes and effortlessly handing it over to the enemy. They made it seem like this Taden fellow was worse than the Twili.

"We cannot forget our overall objective here. If the debate about this fellow continues, and while I realize it may be a dire thing, we'll rip each other apart and give the interlopers exactly what they want. Let's win this war and do what we can with what we've got, yes?" 

What if this Taden fellow did overtake her? Kae prayed it'd not happen. If the Royals and Hyrule turned their back on divine appointed individuals, it didn't leave much hope for the Three or the land itself. She'd seen in visions what the Twili would do to the land if they took over. Despair and fear would rule instead of benevolence and fair justice. 

This land cannot host both Twili and Hylian. One must leave or the fighting will be unending. Vacating Hyrule does not have to end in death. But if the Hylians are forced to leave, they will not survive in another realm.

And why would I want the Twili to survive? All of them should die for their treason.

Lessons that take a thousand years in teaching. Reasons that would make your head spin. But refresh yourself on planar studies...We will talk more later...

Kae had a deep look of worry on her face as she gazed at Lynn. There would be times of struggle ahead. And she didn't quite know what length of leash these folks would give. 

I trust you, Lynn. I've got your back. Your struggle will be difficult, but I know you can win! We've got to get my brother back and crush the traitors.

Moran Taliesin - Hyrule Castle Vault - Third Afternoon/Evening

"The war... Yes perhaps the truest threat, the big picture, but to focus on one threat to the exclusion of the other is foolish. We all have a dangerous tight rope to walk in the coming days." Moran said thoughtfully. The girl seemed wiser than her years, but he could practically see the cogs turning in her mind. Guesses and speculation, burning questions that she didn't yet have the answers for.

He had to say, though, that so far he approved of Nayru's choice, even if perhaps he wasn't fond of the choices Kae was making in the here and now. They were her choices to be made, and her consequences to live with if they turned out to be the wrong ones.

"My name? I could give you hundreds. Moran will do, however, for the time being." He could have given her his true name, his birth name, the name of a sorcerer born to the White, blessed by the Three. But he pretended no claim to that name, not now. He was Gray and would remain so, the Goddesses in their divine wisdom had spared him the whole of their wrath but he was not unscathed. Only in times of need could he attain the White for some fleeting moments, a painful reminder of what he'd lost through the arrogance and greed of others. "And I assure you, though my path was different from your own I have experienced what you have, and what you're about to. I pray your ability and your will are enough to carry you through.

"I think that perhaps you and I should speak privately, as I believe there are some things I might impart to you that could assist you."

Day 3/Castle/Senshi

"Come now old man," Senshi said turning his attention to Chamder but not taking his gaze off the Shiekah, "are you really suggesting an inexperienced teenager is capable of handling this situations simply because she's ordained? If divine providence alone were enough to deal with Hothnight we wouldn't be having problem now would. Let's also not forget who Hothnight once receive a 'chosen' status himself once upon a time."

"Ass for you young miss," he said switching his attention towards Kae, "I can forgive this because you're a Shiekah but you put FAR to much stock in the Goddesses and this country. You also greatly underestimate the forces that now plague this nation. Regardless of what powers the invaders have unless they plan to invade the sacred realm they are not a threat. War happens, it is a necessary evil in this world that balances the population. Furthermore is the Invaders win it would simply mean a new race has gained control of Hyrule. Those invaders are not necessarily any more evil then the Hylians. The REAL threat to this nation, no this world, is the return of the Legendary Mages. Fulmen is a force of chaos that will slaughter both sides on a whim. Hothnight is a force of evil capable of corrupting he most pious of men. There was also a third who seems to have stayed dead for once however Kinslayer has filled his shows and then some. Believe me, THIS IS the more important issue.

"Moran you may think this is a great learning opportunity for this, scion was it, but this is not the time and place. She is not qualified and she's emotionally invested in the host. Of course if you're all so dead set on this I suppose I don't have a say in the matter, but if that is the case I'm not leaving there side until she's dead or I know for sure Hothnight's been ripped out of her body."

Cat Girl Edit

IC: Felina - Hyrule Castle - evening 3

A foul mood hung over the once glistening capital of Hyrule's vast kingdom. Now however its city lay in ruins, its people in shock at the immense battle that had just shattered their everyday lives. Everyone knew of the war, but it was something they only talked about. A passing conversation over dinner that could quickly be shuffled aside for the allure of idle gossip. Now however it was part of their everyday reality, they couldn't hide from it any longer they had become participants... and it frightened them.

"What the hell..." A young woman spoke as she approached the entrance of Hyrule Castle. The door was wide open, a couple guards had been knocked out and others inside the castle had a confused look with glazed over eyes. Nobody seemed to be actually guarding the key stronghold of the Hylian people. Adding to the matter was the chill of a frigid brand of magic, the fact that the city itself was just attacked by an ice mage made it all the more unbelievable that the castle defenses were so lax.

"I sense something foul brewing inside these walls, please use caution milady." A faint voice whispered beyond the threshold of normal ears. "Don't worry yourself, I know what I'm doing." Felina replied quietly.

Strolling through the castle passageways Felina followed the aura of magic and psychic energy that beckoned. A call had been put forth from a potent psychic to gather aid for Hyrule, and aid was apparently in desperate need. As she worked her way through the castle she could begin to hear the sound of a fierce arguement.

It seemed that a sheikah had come into possession of a royal treasure, or rather it seemed to be the other way around. Hothnight the Hated had returned to the world as a possession, and most of the people on hand were debating how to handle the issue. From around a corner just outside of sight Felina listened taking note of the situation.

Having caught enough information to get involved Felina stepped around the corner, she was certain that most of the people had already sensed her presence in some manner or another but seemed to view her as irrelevant in contrast to Taden and the sheikah.

"It might not have to come to such drastic measures Shinigami. There are means to expell dark spirits, even those as vile as Taden." Felina spoke as she approached the group. 

She knew that a newcomer walking in and simply proposing a means to deal with Hothnight would be viewed with skeptisism. If they rejected her proposal out of turn it would only serve to tip off Taden to what her intentions are. Maintaining her composure Felina waited to see if they would be open to her input.

Kae/Day 3/Vaults/Evening

Moran...Darrel had mentioned him earlier. If her research served her proper, he was one of the four who had been imbued before she was chosen. History had been vague about the fate of the other Scions after their journeys had concluded. Ascended. Walked with the Three. None had ever truly "died." But were there more still "alive" on this plane? Privately talking to this fellow would help Kae immensely because the crowding of individuals was causing so much thought-noise that things were starting to become distorted. 

"Sir Moran, I believe I shall take you up on that offer. Any help or advice available would be an honor to hear. Lynn, stay cool. I'll be back shortly. If you need me, just send a sign."

Kae looked a bit shaken up with all she'd been hearing. Some would doubt. But her faith was unshakable. It hadn't led her wrong yet, even when things seemed bleak in the past few days. Mixed perspectives and goals among the others would have to be properly delegated somehow; she could not sit idle while the Twili ravaged the land.

Lynn Annei/Day 3/Castle Vaults

Lynn shrugged her way out the coat and tossed it at the rude man with the scythe, aiming to cover his head with the thing.

"As I said, as long as I can get something to work with Kae on even footing..."

She stepped into the Vault, muttering to herself. Why didn't they trust her? Sure, she had heard horrible stories about this "Taden" in rumor among the Sheikah. And even if those living fossils outside remembered him as real, even if they thought he was alive, hadn't he been confirmed dead? Or was that the 'rumor' part of what she'd heard?

It didn't matter anyway. She'd given up the coat. And she was going to find something in the Vault. Something...

Where was that little indigo disk she had seen earlier? She felt a need to have that. She began to more thoroughly work her way through the horde, hoping to find it. But it was nowhere. Maybe it had been her imagination? Maybe it was taken by this Taden, or whoever had broken the Vault door and killed the clerk?

Or maybe that 'Shinigami' had taken it when he grabbed the Mirror Shield and those other things. Bastard.

She cast her gaze about now, looking for something else, since the emblem was gone. What could be useful? Not the odd pair of goggles sitting next to a plain looking, though no doubt magical, ring. Not even the ring itself. She went deeper still, finding the storehouse for weapons, rather than clothing and armor. Swords, countless swords. Why is it all magical weapons tend to be swords, and not anything else? You never see magic axes or... hammers.

Her eyes fell upon a large-headed hammer, leaning against a wall. Could it be what she thought it was? Cast carelessly into the Royal Vault, instead of held by its rightful owners, the Gorons. She touched the grip and tried to lift it. It was heavier than anything she could have imagined, it would not even move along the floor, let alone give way to be lifted.

"The Megaton Hammer..."

She was disappointed by her weakness. Even with a physical weapon, she was no good. So much for what Shinigami had purported. How had the Hero managed it, in those legends? But, then, speaking of the Legendary Hero, here was another of his weapons. Is this Vault merely full of relics from that old war? Haven't they collected anything in the time between? How disappointing to have no new baubles with which to play.

She stepped to it. It was big for her, but maybe...

She hefted the Biggoron's Sword from the rack. It was cumbersome and awkward, but she could lift it. A few tests swings proved that it diminished her Sheikah speed, but the extra heft and torque made to lend it extra strength of blows. And the reach was nothing to shake a stick at, either! But how to transport it? She didn't want to give up her current wakizashi pair, they were her weapons after all, and with them she could call upon the full aid of her speed.

Well, wasn't it supposed to be a magical weapon, of sorts? She grabbed the huge leather scabbard that was beside the weapon and hoped for... something. When the full length of the blade entered the sheath, there was a click of metal on metal where the guard touched the rim of the scabbard, as though something had latched in place and a switch was thrown. The entire thing then shrank to a reasonable size, about that of a bastard sword, which could easily be worn on the hip.

So that's what she did, attaching the scabbard to one of the loops on her belt. She turned, checking that it was properly secure, and took a few steps to test the ways it changed her center of gravity and sense of balance.

"Not too shabby." she said with a smile when the results proved pleasing. "Well... at least with this I can help out in a pinch. It can deflect magical attacks with a swing, after all..."

She turned and made her way back to the Vault entrance, hoping those bickering old fools had come to some consensus in the time she had been wandering around.

Day 3/Senshi

"As I said, as long as I can get something to work with Kae on even footing..." the Shiekah proclaimed once again as she reentered the vault.

"Damn it you know you some real self esteem issue that I think we need to work one." Senshi pulled the tattered age cloak off this head and threw it to Chamder, "Ok god club, you deal with that thing." He followed after the Shiekah but stopped and turned to the newcomer. "Hold that thought."

He watched as the woman struggled with the Megaton Hammer, which he was quiet surprised about since he was certain it was returned to its proper temple just as the Fairy Bow, Longshot, and other sacred treasures had been. The woman then turned her attention to the Biggoron Sword and after struggling with it for a moment managed to find the sheath to shrink it. "You know that fact that you keep going after the biggest weapons in there just tells me you have major misconception about true power. That or you're compensating for something," he couldn't help but joke. "You know there's another sword in there just like it. It's the purple and green one with the rose pattern. Its just as strong as that monster of a blade you picked out but its a little smaller and a hell of a lot lighter. You know you are really presenting a poor image of a Shiekah right now. Honestly if you get any worse I'm just going to have to pull you aside and retrain you in combat AND logic, and I really don't want to have to do that with that damn ice mage stuck in you."

"You know, this is kind of ironic"

"I do hate to admit it but I can't help but see the same humor in this as the demon."

He turned back to the recently arrived addition to this merry sideshow, "Right, exorcism, how?" 

IC: Felina - Hyrule Castle Vault - Evening 3

Felina's suggestion was left on hold for a moment as the crude Shiekah returned to the vault to try and ransack a bigger club. Felina let out a sight as she pondered what happened to the good old days when people used to be quite pleased with being able to club somebody over the head with a boomerang. Finally after some banter Senshi returned to the topic at hand.

"There is a very easy and absolute way to expel somebody as twisted as Taden. The Blade of Evil's Bane." Felina explained slowly, drawing things out intentionally for dramatic flair.

"The fabled blade infused with the prayers of the Sages and granted the power to repel all magic including that granted by the Triforce itself. The ability to repel all evil. Such a weapon is more than capable of dealing with Taden, whether it he be flesh and blood or merely a spiritual echoe. Simply putting the sword in that girls hands would drive Taden from her and leave him vulnerable to swift defeat by the blades true might." 

She paused for a moment to let her words sink in to those around, she could immediately tell they understood the implications of what she proposed, as well as the reality that it wasn't actually going to be that simple.

"Of course that blade is currently being used for more important things at present, and we can't let somebody like Taden anywhere near its resting place... Which leaves us with the alternative of making a new sacred sword to smite evil. That task is well within the scope of what we can achieve right now. Such a blade would also be very useful for the time to come as well, when we must confront the interlopers and their masters" Felina spoke, ending her rant.

She knew they wouldn't be swayed by the notion of easy success, but the allure of gaining something that potent couldn't be resisted easily.

Day 3/Senshi

The suggestion sent a jolt through his spin, that sword was more then a touchy subject for him especially when it came to getting someone to pull the damn thing out. "Making a new Master Sword might not be possible. It took all six ancient sages using lost magic to forge that thing and two more sages to power it. Not to mention they only did it because of the war fought over the Triforce before they sealed the sacred realm."

He paused for a moment to consider an alternative. He knew her idea had some merit but he really didn't want to risk using the real sword. "As far as making one with out the sages help. Well I suspect there are six weapons with power rivaling the sages scattered through out the world that could be combined into one and bless by the scion and the old man here. The only problem is acquiring the damned things. We've got Shadow and Spirit with us and Light wouldn't be two hard to get a hold of, but Fire is in Kinslayer's hands and I'm not even sure if Forest and Water exist. Besides those weapons tend to be bound to there users."

"As far as the real sword is concerned there are a few more issues then you realize. First is getting to the Temple of Time, it's in the forest now and Tsukiakari is never going to let use through if Taden's involved. Second the Hylian army set off the Forest Sage's pendent right by is so it might not be accessible anymore. Furthermore if we can get there we'd need the Ocarina of Time and someone who knew the right notes to get the door open," he listed off not bothering to mention he still had the trinket in his possession. "Then there's pulling the damned thing out. The Sword will always respond to the Legendary Hero but right now none of the Hero of Times decedents have the mark. Don't ask why I know that," he said pointing back at the others while keeping his attention on the woman. "It will also usually respond to anyone that with a pure heart then can and needs to use it, as well anyone descended from the ancient Hylia Knight who first wield it in the Ancient War. Of course the need and capability of wielding it is needed in the latter as well, and there are several let's say personality issues that can prevent someone of that line from drawing it. Quiet frankly no one here fits the description of someone who can pull the damn thing out."

"Besides I'm not sure it will work on Hothnight. A long time ago we had a Light Warrior who was able to draw it from its pedestal. Divine justice would have it that Hothnight would be the first person she'd fight against with it. Annoyingly it was less effective on him the the Sword of Light."

"Come now Shinigami," Phoenix yelled out as he approached from down the hall, "you need to stop keeping so many secrets. Most those present now exactly what your talking about but if you keep these newcomers in the Dark they'll never understand the scope of the issue."

"For an old man your hearing works fine," he boomed back.

"No you just all yell far to loud. Oh and by the way," he stopped next to Senshi and hit him with his cane. "Stop beating the guards up! And you're even worse." he said turning to Ithan. "As for what this cocky young fool have been hiding from some of you..."

"Don't you dare!" Senshi jumped in not sure how far Phoenix would go with this.

"The reason divine power might not work on Taden is because he use to be a sage. I'm sure Shinigami was concerned with letting Lynn know that but really if Taden's in there it wouldn't be a secret for long. Second that young Light Warrior he mention is alive and well. Plus I'm sure she'd be more then happy to save a young woman from Taden's clutches." Senshi eyes filled with anger. The last thing he wanted was his little sister being dragged into things like this again. "As for the Ocarina, well that vanished generations ago. It's last know whereabouts was in the hand of a Dark Warrior with 'good' intentions. But I don't think that will be and issue," he said beaming down at Senshi with a cocky smile.

IC: Felina - Hyrule Castle Vault - Evening 3

In an move that wasn't entirely unexpected Shinigami was dead against using anything resembling the Master Sword. His personal issues clearly tainted his judgement on this matter.

"Hmph... and to think that I was actually going to give you credit for not falling into the same brand of assumptions as the common folk who blindly assume a legendary hero will just fall from the sky to save them. There are others beyond just the Sages who possess great power and can commune with the Gods. Many great spirits reside in the world, most of whom have shrines and temples in their honor in this very kingdom. The tree spirit of the forest, the toad shaped wind spirits, the animal shaped light spirits, the great fairies... any of these spirits is the equal of any Sage that this kingdom has known in a long time." Felina spoke explaining her idea of how to empower a new sacred blade. 

"As for the Master Sword not possessing the qualities necessary to rid us of Hothnight, I would blame that more on the incompetence of the person who has been using the blade... poor genetics really. There is no reason a real hero can't utilize the sacred blades true abilities and get the job done. Casting away Hothnight and pushing back the interlopers. Plus if we make a new sword we can tailor it more specifically to what this situation requires." she spoke taking a jab at Hyrule's past heroes.

"However this matter will ultimatly require the support of the crown. I think further discussion would best wait until they have heard the proposal. Lord Phoenix, I realize we haven't had proper introductions yet, I am named Felina and seek to aid this land. It is my understanding that you hold rank here in Hyrule's army. Would you kindly arrange an audience with the powers that be to discuss this matter further?" she spoke turning her attention to the newly arrived soldier.

Moran Taliesin - Hyrule Castle Vault - Third Evening

With Kae's compliance the duo swiftly exited the Vault antechamber and strode down a couple of corridors until Moran was satisfied that they were not likely to be interrupted. What he had to speak with Kae about was, to say the least, very sensitive, and it wasn't for the ears of others, not yet. They came to a halt, Moran pushed open an undecorated wooden door, revealing a storage closet of sorts. They entered and with a wave of his hand commanded the door to slam shut behind them. There was enough room inside that they were not uncomfortably close.

"I know you have a lot of questions. I assure you I have a few for you as well." Moran asserted, scanning the shelves until he spotted a couple of wooden buckets, which he quickly snatched and overturned, providing themselves with a pair of makeshift stools. He motioned for Kae to seat herself and then did the same. "It's been only a very short time since you became the Scion of Nayru, yes? Not even a full day yet and you have already been forced to stretch the limits of your power. I know what that's like.

"I suppose a formal introduction is in order, one divine servant to another. Kae Bryseis, I am Moran Taliesin, First Disciple of the Three and Keeper of the Balance for them on this earth. It is my charge to ensure that the harmony between order and chaos is maintained. So you see, I too have a divine mission, one that's been mine for the better part of several millenia."

Darrel Mytura - Hyrule Castle Vault - Third Evening

[color=orangered]"I actually don't hate the idea the way our necro friend here does."[/color] Darrel asserted after the newcomer turned to address the Chief Military Adviser. Now that they were in the same room again Darrel was reminded just how physically powerful an Oni could look. [color=orangered]"There are beings with formidable power in Hyrule, and those of us with enough of an elemental focus that we might be able to provide that balance while the fairies, light spirits, and what have you provide the brunt of the magic's potency."[/color]

This woman, Felina, had appeared as if from nowhere with an idea that might actually work. Senshi was naturally against the idea, given his family affiliations and past history, but it was not without merit.

[color=orangered]"Yes, Phoenix, it's a pleasure to see you again by the way. I think it's time we got down to business in a more official capacity, don't you think? I have some matters of my own to discuss with you, including a charge apparently bestowed upon a bastardized version of a Twili clay puppet by Lanayru. Perhaps we should consider taking this to the war room?"[/color]

Day 3/Senshi-Phoenix 

"Clearly you need to work on your listening skills," Senshi boomed back at the arrogant woman. "I specifically said there is NO hero to speak of right now. Quite frankly the people in the room are the closest have to one and I'm not even convinced our existence is a good thing. As for the other spirits you mentioned, I'll admit that has merit," he said lowering his voice back down to normal levels. "I doubt the Faeries will be able to aid us in this endeavor but the light spirits sound like a viable option."

"As your for other comments!" he raised his voice once again and approached the woman looking as if he was ready to kill her.

Despite his aged form Phoenix was able to quickly pull Shinigami back before he did anything to agitate the situations farther. "Young lady if I may make a suggestion to you. You've come here to pitch an idea which you require most of those present to agree with in order for it to work, yet out of ignorance you insulted a former comrade in arms of five of the individuals your speaking which. Farther more the irony of your insult really hampers your creditability. For you see the one you claimed lacked the proper 'genetics' to wield the Master Sword is the Hero of Time's niece. Noble blood aside I do find myself troubled with entrusting such an important task to someone who could conduct herself in such a manner. For you see you were give information on the enemy your plan aims to defeat an individual how knows this enemy very well. Yet instead of taking such this information into consideration you attempted to refute it with baseless assumptions. It causes my to quest whether or not you're qualified for this undertaking. Nevertheless, Moran is more more knowledgeable the all of us on the subject matter so I will wait for his inputs on the matter. As for you," he turned back to Senshi, "you WILL help them if needed or I'll contact someone who can get them the real sword."

Senshi remained silent, to much and already been said in his opinion and he didn't feel the need to make the matter worse. 

Darrel entered into the conversations offering a change of subject the Phoenix found surprising to say the least. "No not the war room, the King and all the Generals are in there panicking right and telling them a light spirit is involved with a Twili will only make things worse. We'll talk in the south west tower, I don't want anyone listening in."

He turned his attention back to the necromancer, "Are your powers still in check?" Senshi said nothing but Phoenix already knew the answers. "Good as long as they're under control I want your necklace off and you standing next to Lynn. I'm not taking any risks while we're still in the castle."

Kae/Vault Sidebar/Day 3/Evening

"Thank you for getting us out of there, Moran, and an honor to meet you it is. We do have a lot to talk about...but why is that reaper fellow such an arrogant jerk? I can understand two different worldviews concerning the conflict. But to not care about the war and trivialize the significance of the conflict? To belittle the Three? Ancient mages awakening is dangerous in and of itself, I can understand that. It's frustrating. I can't stand to be around him."

After Kae got that off her chest, she covered her face with her palm and sighed.

"Overtaxed, yes. Ending the past few days in agony, nearly getting killed three times. If I didn't want this life I would have ended it. I just want Hyrule to be safe...and now more complications arise that are pitting the folks entrusted with its care against one another. How did you live through all these years, and I'm barely hanging onto my sanity after only a day of imbuing?"

High Command also has the stick-in-backside problem, Kae. I am returning to the village and petitioning the Chieftain for...alternative measures. This war must be won. I'll not allow squabbling starched shirts to sit aloof while Hyrule burns around them. Be safe; we will meet again soon.

Could it be an inside job?

I wonder that each day, dear. There is no common purpose among them. Until they acquire one, they will continue to get routed. Especially with the Twili having that damned firebug as their good luck charm.

She looked overwhelmed with grief. If there was only a way she could do it all herself and not be concerned about dealing with others, she would. But Scions are not gods. They may have some of the same abilities, but they are not full-fledged divine entities. She wished that she could have the power to obliterate all of the interlopers, as ideal as it was, just to end the nightmare.

If you are in most dire need, do not forget who is at your side.

Moran Taliesin - Hyrule Castle - Third Evening

"You must understand that many of the ancient mages in there have been through many devastating and traumatizing conflicts, most of which ended up centered around the villainous murderers that have been the focal point of the violence of late. He is the product of years of fighting and killing, hopeless struggles that ultimately destroy everything and then abate so that civilization can rebuild and be destroyed again. Can you blame him for the way his experiences have colored his perceptions?" Moran knew better than most the ways that a person could be torn apart by the wars waged between evil mages and noble warriors. "I mean you said it yourself, you've been at this just a day since the imbuing, just two more days prior to that and you're barely hanging on. The mortal mind is a more fragile thing than you might think, but we have always found a way to hang on, for the most part."

Moran wouldn't tell her about his own tragic downfall, his psychotic break and descent into raving madness. It had been so long ago, so long since the Three had restored his clarity of mind. He looked back on that comparably short but horrific chapter of his life and couldn't help but wonder how it had taken so long. Of course he belonged to the Three and they had touched him with their grace and freed him from himself, and then it was back to work, for there truly was no rest for the weary.

"I have to be very clear about one thing, however, and I ask you to please listen. While arrogant and standoffish, Shinigami was right about one thing, at least in part. He downplayed the importance of the war effort, but he did not over exaggerate the danger posed by the elementals. They may be but three, now, but they are relentless and they often aim high. You can bet that if all three are reunited in this conflict, something big is going to happen. That cannot be allowed, Taden is your charge now, keep Lynn with you and watch her carefully. Somebody is going to have to go after Telmar as well, but I'm unsure what became of Fulmen after the attack, something that will need to be determined before any steps can be taken against him."

He exhaled slowly and reached back, running one weathered hand along the dusty shelf he was leaning against. With experience came responsibilities, as always. He was among the oldest tenured 'light warriors' that had returned, as per usual. He very much hated hailing from a civilization that had been dead for millenia.

"The details can be hammered out with the rest, I just wanted a moment to get to know you given our mutual connections to the Divine Triune." Moran said, pushing himself up to his feet and adjusting his heavy coat. His left hand dipped into one of the breast pockets and pulled out a peculiar looking pocket watch, one inscribed in the same runic language of his staff. It appeared so delicate and intricate, and yet it had survived thousands of years. "I think that perhaps after this meeting I might have something to show you."

Kae/Day 3/Vault Sidebar/Evening

It all started to make a little more sense. Her youth did curtail the bigger scheme of things in some aspects, but at least with the way Moran put things it seemed a bit more palatable. Civilizations in rise and decline and historical cycles were part of that. But Kae felt very strongly about Hyrule's survival. She couldn't let her overall mission fail. Both ends were bad. Hothnight, Fulmen, Telmar. All harbingers of ultimate doom in their own right. United, very few things would be able to stop them. But she knew she had to avoid Telmar. Nora's visions didn't lie, even if there was something she could do to change prophetic threads somewhat. 

"I can only imagine with how time shapes things. All my days won't be like this, I'm sure. But if you're interested in my life's origins, I can tell about it. I'm not like the others in my family. They're the strong and fierce Sheikah that the storytellers put in archetypal form. Very few of us become mystics, but that was my calling. We don't have the muscle, but our intellect is unmatched among the people."

She went on to briefly explain the moon-child prophecies surrounding her brother and herself, and while she was the Bryseis "oddball," the only mystic her family has ever had, there were no signs of her becoming a Scion at any point in life. She thought she'd be telling fortunes, divining prophecies, and eventually doing what Nora did in providing spiritual counsel to the Royal Family when her time came. Then came the unusual affinities with lunar magicks of war, which Nora did not expect Kae to learn so quickly. Simply put, she'd been a scholar most of her life before war broke out, and then everything changed. 

"I knew with what I'd honed I wouldn't have enough to get the job done, so I prayed for a fighting chance. Either They have a good sense of humor, or they saw something in me that no one else did. It's still sinking in, really. But in combat, not much has changed. I'm still the first person people go for given a choice of targets. From squishy little caster girl to living beacon of all things evil hates."

Kae took another bite from her apple, glancing at the pocket watch and thinking about the matter at hand some more.

"Lynn's one of my closest friends. She stood up for me when few others would in the village growing up. My brother would help her parents chop firewood for the winter. She's the one who convinced me to actually fight in this war. I won't let anything happen to her. Those other two ancient ones carry some rather grand energy signatures, and I'm quite hypersensitive to things of that sort. Even if her soul is fighting a grand battle against an elder caster who used to be a sage, they'll find me dead before I allow harm to come her way."

Maybe it was something else that Lynn rubbed off on her: that passion for doing what she truly believed regardless of what may come. Sure, she thought better of things more often than Lynn had in the past, but Kae's fury when she put her will toward something was hard to shake. For now, it was winning the war. The added objective of keeping the host of a dangerous old one away from two others of that caliber seemed more difficult, especially given what Nora had revealed. Where the Twili went, Telmar would follow. And neither of the two were to go anywhere near that for different reasons.

And Moran was right about something else. The Three told her the same thing before, as did Nora. 

Find your happy place. Learn to run to it regardless of if it's in your mind or in the world. The mortal mind is a fragile thing, even if it's fortified by the Three.

Moran Taliesin - Hyrule Castle - Third Evening

Something in the story of the young Sheikah girl turned divine instrument struck a chord deep within him. It was a story that he had heard before, one that had informed not only who he had become but also had shaped much of the development of Hyrule and the world beyond.

"That is a story I know well indeed. I knew another young girl, barely older than you yourself, who beseeched the Goddesses for divine intervention. She too was imbued with their magic, she too became the hand of their will. Her name was Cecile, and she was the first of all heavenly servants." it pained him, at times, to speak of her. He had known her for only a short time when she had been a being of flesh, but in the intervening millennia he had known her as something more. "Cecile was good and pure, but those who followed after were imperfect reflections at best, even I. Another, one such as I, one that the Goddesses had imbued to follow the First, betrayed her and betrayed us all. After the crisis was rectified the Goddesses deigned henceforth to elevate but one soul at a time, and kept me as their immortal servant, diminished but not destroyed. Cecile was the first 'Scion' as you know us, I would be the Second, and I am the only one of your predecessors that has survived in the flesh. Others have existed at times, rising and falling, until we come to you. You are the Fifth Scion, and now you understand that you and I are of like purpose in this war."

Lynn Annei/Day 3/Hyrule Castle

"Well, I'll go let Kae and Mr. Whitebritches that we're moving, and bring them along, hm? They should be done with whatever they're doing by now." Lynn said as she started off down the hallway by which Moran and Kae had left.

She didn't bother turning around as she walked, she honestly didn't care who followed her. She had done what they wanted and given up the coat. But there was something she wasn't go to share with any of them.

She could still feel a knot of coldness in her gut. The power of the item lingered. Taden or not, she knew who she was. She knew she was in control. And she wanted this power. Needed it. So it would be her little secret from the rest of the fools. Kae would understand, but none else. Not that Shinigami, arrogant fool he was. His time would come, soon enough. Maybe not by her hand, but one of these days he'd get in over his head, and it would all come crashing down around him.

She stopped when she heard voices behind a closed door. One of them was Kae's. Three succinct knocks heralded her intrusion, but she merely cracked the door a small bit to allow her voice to enter the room beyond.

"Hey, you two? The group is moving to the southwest tower to discuss everything. The golem and the Twili. Try to find us a direction and course of action, since apparently we're all a big happy group of 'Light Warriors' now. Oh, and there's talk of forging a new Sacred Sword to turn the tide of battle. You know, the usual stuff of legends, which we seem to be in now. For better or worse."

Polaris/ Castle/ 3rd day

Unsure of what drove him to follow or what even to say when he caught up to her, Polaris raced off after Lynn. When he found her a brief way down the corridor she was conversing through a cracked door with, he assumed, Kae and Moran.

"Funny turn of events these past few days, wouldn't you say?"

Even though he ws still wary of what might be lurking inside of her, he could not deny that he had become somewhat attached to her over the past few days, at the very least she made things interesting. So, for the time being he put aside thoughs of growing stronger and the possibility of having to kill her, and opted to find out for himself if she really was something to be feared.

Day 3/Castle/Senshi

Senshi watch as Hothnight's host walked off to fetch the old man and her friend. The Zora followed after her but he didn't feel like someone he didn't know being the only one watching her. Besides even Phoenix had told him to stick to her like glue. 

He followed behind as she completed her task without indecent. With of course the addition of a few snide comment out the current situation that he found a bit amusing. Thinking about it now he found the situation almost tragic. Had it not been for this women predicament he'd probably get along with her quite well. It also made him empathize with her slightly better. After all her plight, whether or not she'd admit she had one, was brought on by the same mistake he made centuries ago.

"Funny turn of events these past few days, wouldn't you say?" The Zora attempted to make small talk.

"Tragic events actually, though these things are much more common then they should be," he said jumping into the conversation before the Shiekah could speak. "As for you, I'm sure you mean well but please refrain from walking off by yourself. You might not see a problem with your current conditions but others do and at the very least you can give everyone piece of mind by sticking with your escorts."

Polaris/ Castle/ 3rd Day

"Yes, potentially tragic indeed. Polaris responded in kind to the warrior, again before Lynn was allowed to speak."And, with great luck, potentially not. I personally never crossed paths with Hotnight, I've heard many stories, but never witnessed the devastation that came with the man firsthand. As much as you won't like it Lynn, you probably shouldn't allow yourself to stray too far from the rest of us, if for no more than everyone elses piece of mind."

Turning now to face Senshi, "I don't think we've ever been properly introduced, it's been sometime since my heydays in Hyrule, so you may or may not know of me, names Polaris."

Lynn Annei/Day 3/Hyrule Castle

Lynn snorted at the pair of them. "It's not as though I was trying to run away. I didn't try to stop you from following me or any such, and I told you what I was doing and where I was going. No need to get your tighty-whities in a bunch."

She shot a little smile at Polaris, almost coy. "At least some people still trust me."

A quick glance to the side showed her that the door remained only cracked open and the two inside remained inside. Gah. Din, what is taking them so long? There was only so much of Shinigami's pompous blowhard-iness she'd be able to take. Polaris' presence to back her up did help, though. She sauntered over to the frigid Zora and, acting on impulse, scooped his arm up with her arms and tucked it between her breasts as she leaned against his side to relish the chill of his body.

While before it had been just like any other cold, refreshing and enticing, now the sensation was invigorating. She could sense the core of her being, the magics she had absorbed from the coat, mingling with Polaris' aura. Almost intoxicating. As though she were feeding off the cold, and yet nothing was being taken away from him. She didn't think he would even notice the subliminal sensations.

She rested her chin on his shoulder and asked, peering at his eyes, "You do trust me, don't you, General?"

Polaris/ Hyurle Castle/ 3rd Day

Slightly taken aback, Polaris silently thought that, if he'd had the means, he'd be blushing at Lynns somewhat unexpected advance. And yet, even though he knew he should pull away and break free from her grasp, it was as if her eyes held him in place. Glued to that spot, he didn't know whether to knock her as far away from him as he possibly could, or if he should...kiss her?

No, no, no, not that. What the hell was he thinking? Definitely not that. How foolish of him to let such thoughts even enter his head. But...just as the last time they'd come in contact, she didn't shy away from him, didn't mind the cold, in fact she appeared to enjoy it. She seemed..aroused? The first time he'd laughed it off, but now, now something had changed about her, she was, different.

Clearing his throat, as he searched for his voice, Polaris, still unable to remove his gaze from hers, "You Lynn, I trust, you've given me no reason not to, but there was something...err...someone...well at least we think...the spirit of a very very evil individual, one some might go as far as to say he was evil incarnate, inside that old coat and..." Judging by her expression, she wasn't all too pleased with the direction he was taking, so, softening his expression, he continued on, "I know you gave it back, and that was the right thing to do, but until we're able to make sure something didn't attach itself to you, I think it best that you don't run off alone, even short distances...for your own safety of course."

Smiling, he finally, gently, extricated himself from her grasp.

Day 3/Castle/Senshi

"You know, I'm pretty sure this place has a hot tub if you to plan on going somewhere with this. I'm sure Ithan knows where it is," Senshi couldn't help but comment over the display the other two were putting on.

"Nevertheless, I believe you have not fully grasped the severity of your situation yet," he said getting back to on subject. "Regardless how much you think you're in control, regardless of the trust your friends have in you, you are a potential threat. Enough of one that Phoenix said I should keep my necklace off and stick close to you, and I tend to do just that. So while you letting us know where your going is great, it's not enough for me to let you out of my sights."

"Oh and for the record, the fact that people trust you only makes it easier for him. So you'll forgive me if that doesn't cause me to lower my guard."

Kae/Day 3/Vault Sidebar/Evening

Like purpose. Similar goals. There would need to be more time for her to interpret all of it, but the shock didn't quite wear off about Scion history. Whatever Moran's quiet and happy place was that he could retreat to, it must have been something spectacular. 

This also gave Kae a bit of a fright about her own lifespan. If he lived that long whilst imbued, it most likely held true for any Scion that wasn't killed somehow. 

"If we get more time later on, I'll have plenty more to ask about. But I appreciate the insight you were willing to share. There's still much to be done, and I'm glad I'm not going through this alone. There's more I'm concerned about, especially with my mentor possibly going rogue."

When the door cracked, she stood up feeling a little more refreshed. While the chaos had followed them there, she was more prepared to face it. 

Much must be on the line if another Scion was needed other than him. But I can't be rash about any of this. Every decision ripples.

Kae, the Chieftain is not in the village. I must have just missed him. No matter, I have sensed Jaden already making his path back home. When he arrives, after some brief training, I will send him to you and yours. And I am not going rogue, dear...I am merely offering a second opinion to the Chieftain. Or maybe he is talking sense into the High Command when he arrives? Still no word on your parents' location.

You were listening in...

You've been a beacon to any and all living history in the kingdom thus far. What next? Current Sages wanting to talk with you? Rather legendary individuals. Consider yourself fortunate, Kae. You handle it as though they're just like you...who wouldn't want to be listening in?

"So have we decided on some sort of plan?"

Awkward. Edit

Lynn Annei/Day 3/Hyrule Castle

Lynn shrugged at Shinigami. "Hey, as I said: I didn't 'run off', I didn't try to escape or anything. The fact that you're right here, talking to me, means that I let you follow me. I'm a fully trained Sheikah. Had I truly meant to sneak away from you and do something devious, you still wouldn't even be aware I'd left by now."

She cast a glance over Polaris, smirking. A bit of the teasing she usually reserved for Kae came to the surface. "What would happen if you got into a hot tub, anyway?"

Before Polaris could answer, however, Kae come out of her little meeting, asking, "So have we decided on some sort of plan?"

Lynn took initiative to respond. "Not yet. We're all headed down to the other tower room to discuss that very fact, actually. I don't know if you heard me? There's talk of forging a new Sacred Sword. Plus I would be willing to bet there will be some hard-handed retaliation after the attack on Castle Town itself."

She traipsed back to Kae while she spoke, and took the same actions she had with Polaris. Lynn snatched up Kae's left arm, the one she recalled having been blown away by a star shard just a day or two ago, and tucked herself to Kae's side.

"At least I know I can always count on you, Kae." She left a short kiss on Kae's cheek. "Just like the sister I should have had."

Day 3/Castle/Basement

"Hey, as I said: I didn't 'run off', I didn't try to escape or anything. The fact that you're right here, talking to me, means that I let you follow me. I'm a fully trained Sheikah. Had I truly meant to sneak away from you and do something devious, you still wouldn't even be aware I'd left by now." The shiekah boosted in a way that would seem uncharacteristic when compared to her earlier claims of inadequacy.

"You know I can't help but find humor in that," Senshi responded unphased by her claims. "Just a moment ago you lamenting your own weakness. Hell the whole reason your in this situation is because you felt your own abilities were sub-par and you just had to catch up to your divine servent friend. You do see that irony in that don't you? Nevertheless I'm sure you are very capable more so then you probably give yourself credit for, but there are two things you don't realize. First, it's no you we're concerned with it's what's hiding inside you. Now you may have not been in control of yourself so you didn't see it happen but the second Hothnight emerged we all managed to run strait here. In other words you can hid from me all you want, but he can't. Second <Ithan's not the only psychic here.>"

The two chosen ones finally emerged from there conference and inquired about all the fun they missed. The Shiekah was quick to answer then proceed with to put on another show.

"Yes and what a wonderful idea it is," he said sarcastically, "now if you two are done giving Taliesin the first hard on he's had in 500 year we should probably get moving. We are wasting time after all."

Lynn Annei/Hyrule Castle/Day 3

Lynn made a rude gesture at Shinigami, but continued to hold on to Kae's arm and wait for the little sub-group to move and join with the other sub-group elsewhere in order to continue the conversation as a whole.

Kae/Day 3/Hyrule Castle/Evening

She wasn't expecting an arm-tuck, and she especially wasn't expecting a kiss on the cheek. Her eyes flickered in a bit of a strobe pattern as she blushed, looking straight ahead. It was a rather large shock.

"Unexpected...not unwelcome...yes, I'll be looking out for you."

Kae fanned herself lightly with her other free hand and returned Lynn's gaze.

"New sword? The best one out there is off limits, but how can we rival that? I'd feel blasphemous in an attempt to one-up the Three on that one, unless They don't mind."

Her wrist began to pulse, the one that she fell on two days earlier. Looking down at it, she failed to notice that a fragment of starmetal was embedded there. It started reacting again, which was probably why her eyes and ink were aglow instead of the castle's influence. Or it was the cause of additional illumination? Either way, she figured it was better off in her wrist where it could synchronize with her energy pattern. 

It didn't help that Lynn was clutching the afflicted arm, giving Kae a lot more to look at than the shard.

Remember what I said about your feelings not changing? Avoid the extremes, because she is NOT herself right now! If you truly feel that way about her, save it for after this is all over. You'll thank me later, if I'm still alive.'s all so confusing!

What would your parents say?


Kae closed her eyes and took two deep breaths, trying not to look more awkward than she already was. It was bad enough that her eyes were flickering and voice had gone with a wispy reverberation.

Day 3/Castle/Senshi
"Well well, aren't we the little fire cracker," he joked after the Shiekah's gesture. "You know it's to bad you let that bastard inside of you. Otherwise we might have gotten along."

"New sword? The best one out there is off limits, but how can we rival that? I'd feel blasphemous in an attempt to one-up the Three on that one, unless They don't mind." the saner of the two Shiekah commented.

"The Goddess's didn't make the first one. They left the sacred wide open after they made Hyrule figuring they had other safe guards in place. The probable is they were wrong so man kind made the Master Sword as one of the tools to protect the Triforce our own own. Granted I'm not sure if its because they underestimate the evil that was seeded into this world or if they just have to much faith if the abilities of mortals, but since I'm a cynic I can't help but claim the former. My issues with the divine aside you do wonderful point, I too doubt we could replicate it. Farther more I doubt it would have any effect on you friend simply because the original never worked either." He was about to continue on into a full rant be decided to stop himself, "Well I suppose none of that matters. You're all going to try anyone, and a supposed despite everything its my emotions telling my to stop you all. Well what ever, I just hope that women who came up with this plan is trustworthy."

IC: Felina - Hyrule Castle - day 3

The group was slowly making its way to a more appropriate meeting place. It only made sense afterall, the royal court no doubt made quite the special accomodation to allow the Sheikah Lynn to enter the royal vaults. Having a large group of random strangers just barge would no doubt need some explaining later, it didn't help matters that they had pretty much ransacked the place.

"What the hell is she doing?" Felina thought to herself as she watched the cursed sheikah start to rub up against the zora who had introduced himself as Polaris. "I'm still not familiar with human customs, but maybe she is trying to take him as a mate." the spirit Kali whispered from within Felina's mind.

"Or not..." Kali quiped with a little sharpness to her tone. The sheikah had bounced from the zora to her shiekah friend, what made the scene all the more absurd was that the other sheikah seemed to be enjoying the advances a little. "Oh for gods sake... none of the stories mentioned Taden being a total pervert... this must be Lynn's own personality uninhibited." Felina thought back at Kali.

Amusingly Senshi began to ramble on again but cut himself short, he finished his usual whining while making an offhand remark about if Felina was trustworthy or not.

"Oh, I assure Shinigami, I am just as trustworthy as yourself." Felina spoke aloud, her tone had a slight sarcasm to it. She then motioned with her head down the hall, hinting that it was time to get moving again.

Day 3/Castle/Senshi

"Oh, I assure Shinigami, I am just as trustworthy as yourself." the obnoxious newcomer spoke out having hear his previous comment. 

"And that's where you've made another mistake," he said with an ominous smirk. "Who ever said I was trustworthy?" 

He turned back towards the others specifically the possessed Sheikah, "After you."

IC: Darrel Mytura - Hyrule Castle - Third Evening

Much of the company had split off, and now it was just He, Ithan Chiara, and Phoenix making their way through the castle's maze of corridors toward the South West Tower. Darrel had yet to really address Ithan, there was something about the young man turned legendary psychic and light warrior that was unsettling. He wish he'd still possessed the jewel that had amplified his mental abilities years prior. Phoenix however he felt quite comfortable with, the man was an Oni warrior, nothing unsettling or surprising about his abilities.

"The clay puppet, Habiki, told me that he had to go and visit a local earth mage, I have no idea what his name is or where I might find him. I figured if you knew who or where this earth mage was you could send somebody over to see if they're there."Darrel suggested to Phoenix. It had been a long time, but he knew well how to utilize the clout that the Chief Military Adviser was sure to have with the crown and the generals. "I do wonder if it was wise to allow Lynn to remain on active duty. If there is something of Taden inside of her then she could be just as dangerous as Telmar or Fulmen."


Darrel wondered where he was, what he was doing. It seemed that every time he lost sight of the pyro, something terrible came to pass. He wondered what it would be this time. Lay siege to Kakariko perhaps? Slaughter one of the indigenous races? Or perhaps something altogether different and more sinister. He couldn't help but feel like perhaps he should have been devoting himself to the search rather than tagging along on the 'sacred mission' of a bastardized version of a Twili puppet.

And then there was the necromancer, insistent that Darrel had already inadvertently begun the reformation of the light warriors. Such had never been his intention, but it appeared that perhaps things were going in that direction regardless of what he wanted.

What was it that Moran had said to him...? You might only end up letting them down, in the end.

Day 3/Castle/Phoenix

Phoenix lead the only two light warriors that had an attention span of more than five minutes the the place where they could discuss several issues in private. I figured the others would be able to catch up fairly quickly since they were limited by the pace of Phoenix's aged form at the moment. 

"I can't say I know of any Earth Mages off hand. In fact any capable magic user should have been drafted by the kings conscript so I'm curious how one could have managed to avoid it," he said in response to Darrel's inquiries. "Either way I am concerned that there may be a Twili Golem running around Castle Town right now. Who knows what kind of chaos that could cause. I only wish someone could locate it and guild it here on seen," he said looking towards Ithan.

"As far as Lynn is concerned, well I'm taking a calculated risk with that one. One one hand we know Taden's game and I doubt any of us will fall for his tricks so long as we keep a close on on Lynn. On the other hand we don't know what effect he could be having on Lynn's own personality. Now normally I wouldn't take the risk in trusting her true self is still intact but then there's the issue with Senshi to consider. I don't know what the kid is up to this time. For all I know he could join the Twili at any moment either as a ruse or a true betrayal for his own gain. On the plus side, with Lynn possessed by Taden, Senshi's priorities have shift completely to keeping her in line. Not to mention if he were to betray us I'm sure Lynn would deal with him quickly, and since she's a skilled melee fighter who doesn't rely on magic she's the best one to deal with him. In other words those two cancel out each others risk, to a degree. Admittedly this could all go sour if Lynn's own mind is warped to much."

Polaris/ Castle/ Day 3

Obviously still teasing him, Lynn remarked, "What would happen if you got in a hot tub anyway?"

"I can assure you, none here would enjoy that experience if they were to join me."

Finding himself much more comfortable now that Lynn had returned her attentions and fondlings to Kae, Polaris made a mental note not to let her get to him again. 

Deciding that they'd dawdled long enough he started back down the hall, then stopped mid stride and, looking over his shoulder, "I believe, as has already been stated," he gestured, first at Felina then at Senshi, "our presence is expected in a certain tower to discuss our next move."

Polaris once again began making his way down the corridor, in passing he commented to Senshi, "Senshi is it? Or Shinigami? Probably both. Either way, if the two of us intend to keep tabs on Lynn, and I assure you I plan on keeping a close eye on her, just as you do...I suppose we should talk. Besides, I'm just dieing," chuckling at his own morbid humor he continued, "To ask you a few questions."

/IC Day 3/Castle/Senshi

"Senshi is it? Or Shinigami? Probably both. Either way, if the two of us intend to keep tabs on Lynn, and I assure you I plan on keeping a close eye on her, just as you do...I suppose we should talk. Besides, I'm just dieing to ask you a few questions." Polaris inquired as they all headed to catch back up with the others.

"It's Shinigami," he answered rather coldly. "But by all means ask away, though I can't promise strait answers if you ask the wrong questions."

Polaris/ Castle/ Day 3

Shinigami didn't seem all that pleasant, then again Polaris never expected him to be 

"It's Shinigami," he answered rather coldly. "But by all means ask away, though I can't promise strait answers if you ask the wrong questions."

"I can only guess at what the wrong questions might be. But no worries, the only questions I have for you, are regarding Hotnight. If those are the "wrong" questions, then I appologize.

After the war, and my own untimely demise, I...disappeared from Hyrule for quite a long time. I was here, but not, when Taden really made his mark. I was holed up in a cave in the mountains, contemplating and dealing with my own demons"

Peaking over his shoulder to make sure the rest of the group was keeping up, Polaris continued, "I'm not sure of what you know of me or my story, all I have for you is a name, actually two names, that I've heard spoken. I have my doubts, but in your opinion, what can be done to thwart Hotnight? I've lived long enough to know that Lynn could end up as collateral damage, I'm willing to accept that, for the greater good, of course...I guess it's just an old mans curiosity that drew me to you."

IC: Felina - Hyrule Castle Tower - Day 3

For whatever reason fate had determined to stick Felina in the slow group. As they finally reached the tower she could see the others had already arrived. Shinigami, Polaris, the dynamic shiekah duo, and the light mage followed shortly behind.

Once everyone had settled into the new surroundings Felina let out a small sigh of relief. "Are we missing anybody?" she inquired just to make sure things could actually get started.

Darrel Mytura - South West Tower - Third Evening

"Sadly, yes we are." Darrel answered the young woman as the rest of the group finally arrived, done with whatever it was that they'd been doing. He noticed looks in people's faces that didn't seem to fit their present situation, but without knowing what had transpired after they'd split up, he couldn't place them. "But I've already discussed that with Phoenix so we might as well get started and hope that they show up."

Darrel wondered what had become of Habiki. He hadn't seen the clay puppet or the overly talkative Zora child since they'd entered the fray in Castle Town. He hoped that they had managed to find the earth mage that was needed in order to fix whatever was wrong with Habiki. Still, he wondered if that quest was worth ignoring the war or the resurgent dark warriors. What importance did Habiki's charge have to Hyrule, if any? The light spirit Lanayru, and all light spirits for that matter, were mysterious beings that he knew little about. What did they want?

"So what should we discuss first?" he asked them all, looking from face to face. "There's no shortage of problems for us, after all."

That's Our Habiki Edit

Habiki /Day 3, Mid-day/Hyrule Field 

Habiki looked down at himself. Suddenly he was clad in a white tunic, with brown boots and a brown leather strap running along the shoulder, with a small pack on the end. He looked at the man in white.

“How did you-“

“Now is not the time for you to talk. Now is the time for you to listen. Much has befallen your allies since you last saw them, and the situation will not be what you expect to find. But it is now time for you to rejoin them and fulfill your end of the deal. 

You could run off to Faron now to complete your mission, but it would be dishonorable in light of promises you have made, and recent…discoveries. I’m referring, of course, to how those puppeteers managed to sneak past enemy lines by hiding their puppets. You must warn High Command at once so they may be on the lookout for similar attacks.”

Habiki nodded. “I was always planning to head to High Command, as I was told.”

“I believe I told you not to talk, merely to listen! Moving on then, I am afraid that as you are, so ridiculously unrefined and untrained, your power is a danger to both yourself and those around you. The star that shines brightest burns out quickly. If you continue to use your powers as you do now, you’ll be dead by morning…though that would solve my problem. As it is your life-force is rapidly deteriorating, and you haven’t much time left on this earth if your mission is unfulfilled. So to protect you from yourself-“ The man raised his left hand and pointed his palm towards Habiki’s chest, “I’m going to have to seal your power away from you!”

Habiki screamed as he was enveloped by a blinding white orb of energy, a cocoon, that slowly seemed to condense, to squeeze around him, taking on his shape, crushing him, and then suddenly…it was gone. Habiki looked down at himself. He was now, for all intents and purposes, human. He looked human, he sounded human, and now, he was magic-less. He turned towards the man in white. But he was gone.

Habiki and Raki

Raki was stunned as the horse threw back its mane, then caught his eye. It was calling to him. He stepped towards it. His eyes wandered over to Habiki.

“Are you ready to go, Rocky?” said the man of earth and light.

Raki just stood there in silence. He nodded.

“Then climb on!” Habiki threw his leg over the horse and settled himself in. He reached his arm down to his friend.

Raki reached for the hand cautiously, almost apprehensively. On one level, he knew this man was Habiki, but on another level, he was foreign to him. He was meeting this man for the first time, and he was practically a stranger. But something in his eyes made him realize, he was always this man, trapped inside the shell that had been the old Habiki. And he could trust him before. He could trust him now.

He grabbed Habiki’s hand, and allowed himself to be pulled atop the horse. He swung his pack more firmly over his shoulder.

Equus began to gallop leisurely toward the castle.

“None of this makes sense. Please tell me what’s going on, Habiki!”

Habiki shook his head. “I wish I could. But I’m just as confused as you are.”

“How did you summon this horse? And those clothes, and-"

“That wasn’t me, that was…someone else. I don’t think you can see him. Good thing too, he wasn’t exactly the nicest guy.”

Raki didn’t know what to say to that.

“You did summon that sword though, right? How?”

“I’m not sure I get what you mean.”

“That shard was made of Celestial magic, it was Kae’s. It was a completely different paradigm of magic to your own, and yet you were able to convert it into Light magic with no waste at all, in fact, it seemed almost to become STRONGER, as if her paradigm was somehow a perfect match to yours, like the same blood-type, so to speak. 

And then this blazing horse is summoned from that shard, like that constellate cat that Kae summoned from her shard last night! Don’t you see the similarities?”

Raki looked up at the sun, as he felt the horse beginning to pick up speed. It clicked then.

“That’s it! You and Kae are using the same paradigm, aren’t you?”

Habiki looked back at him. “What are you talking about?” 

“Well, a different manifestation, maybe, but it’s definitely the same source-magic. One could say you use Light magic, but more specifically, it’s Solar, the way Kae’s is Lunar, Celestial in nature. Both of you are using divine magic channeled through the stars, aren’t you?”

“Well that’s interesting…but what’s your point?”

“I’m just trying to understand what makes you tick, is all. Besides, it might come in handy in future battles. I wonder, if Kae had summoned Equus, would he appear as purple stardust, rather than blazing solar light like he is now? I’m betting he would.”

The horse looked back at them.

“It is time to silence yourselves. We must get to the Castle at once. There is no more time for delay.” Before Habiki or Raki could respond, Equus had broken into a full-run, then leapt into the air…and didn’t come back down.

“Holy crap!” yelled Raki as the world below them receded, and Equus Major, the Solar Equine, ran at full-tilt into the sky, the Castle coming close at alarming speed.

Habiki and Raki/Afternoon Day 3/Castle Town

As the horse dashed through the air, and the castle loomed ever nearer, Habiki felt a strange sensation. He could barely hold his eyes open, barely grip the horse. It was as if the horse’s power was overwhelming him, burning off his own energy like steam, making him weaker. He looked back at Raki. Due to the excited look on his face and the screams of exhilaration as they sped toward the town, Raki was not feeling these affects.

Within moments, they were over the castle. Habiki’s stomach lurched, and Raki screamed with delight, as Equus took a nosedive straight towards the ground.

“Holy ****!” cried Raki.

Mere fractions of an inch from inevitable impact, the horse pulled up, set its legs down firmly, and landed so gracefully Habiki didn’t even hear the subtle “click” of hooves against the pavement.

He sat there for a moment, then, feeling light-headed, fell from the horse. He picked himself up, then stumbled to a nearby wall, leaning against it, out of breath.

“Are you okay, Habiki?” said Raki. The boy looked worried.

“Yeah, fine. Habiki just...I’m just…” he closed his eyes and winced, trying to catch his breathe. He looked winded.

“What is it, Habiki?”

“Something…something about the Light…isn’ isn’t feeling right.”

Raki nodded. “Something just isn’t adding up. Every time you absorb Light energy, it seems to make you stronger, it apparently fuels you. But in times where you’d think you’d be stronger, mere moments after coming in contact with Light energy, you seem to be draining abnormally fast. You think maybe it’s some kind of leak in your core?”

“You think so?”

“How should I know, I didn’t make you! I don’t know how your body works, as much as I’d like to. The question is, is that what it feels like to you?”

“Maybe…I,” Habiki shook his head. “No, it’s something else. Something…worse.” He clenched his left hand into a fist, squeezing it tightly to mitigate the pain he was apparently feeling, and when his grip loosened, a small stream of dirt and sand poured out of it. His eyes looked slightly glazed over when they met with Raki’s.

But it soon passed, he stood up tall, and he looked at his friend.

“So, what do we do now?” said Habiki.

Raki’s brow was furrowed in worry. “Well, we could try to meet up with the others and head to High Command, but right now you’re not lookin’ so hot. Maybe we should head towards the workshop of that Earth Mage, as we originally planned. Maybe he can help us figure out what’s going on with you.”

They turned to walk, and Equus followed. “Do not worry, young one called ‘Habiki’, in this state I shall be careful about our proximity. Being too close to me might only worsen your condition. Nonetheless, I shall stay with you for now, for we have much to discuss when you have concluded your business.”

They walked a ways, gathering a few stares as people admired the glowing “horse” that was Equus Major. Much of the town was badly bruised from whatever disturbance had occurred here before, buildings in shambles, entire streets blocked off from rubble, forcing them to take detour after detour. 

They were afraid for a moment that not only might they be unable to reach the man’s house, but it might no longer be there at all. After an hour or so, though, they came upon a modest hut, a shack, really.

“This is the place,” said Raki, as he looked down at a small piece of paper he was carrying, a map he had pulled from his pack. “The workshop of Ulysses Tenturi.”

Habiki looked over at the Zora. “Why does that name ring a bell?” he thought aloud.

Raki knocked on the door, then sat there for a moment, allowing Habiki to ponder the familiarity of the man’s name. Then the door opened. There was an older, middle-aged man standing there, grizzled goatee, his hair graying in places. And Habiki recognized him at once.

The man caught Habiki’s eyes, and his own widened to the size of dinner platters. The man’s mouth was gaping open. He moved to speak.


Habiki’s fist connected hard with Tenturi’s face, and the man collapsed on the floor. He looked up at Habiki, nursing his bleeding nose.

The man pulled his hand away, a small pool of blood emitting from his nostrils.

“Nice of you to drop in on me after all these years, though I say you could have showed some manners...not that your old-man ever taught you any.”

“Don’t you dare mention him to me!”

Then there was silence, awkward, strange. Raki just stood there, not knowing what to say. He was shaking.

“Wait, so you two know each other?” he said at last, breaking the tension.

The man laughed. “Know him?” he stood then, dusting himself off. “I helped create him!”

Habiki and Raki/Afternoon Day 3/Outside Tenturi’s Workshop

Habiki was glaring at Tenturi, seething at this man for whatever injustice he had done him in the past.

Raki looked over at Tenturi. “You created him? So that’s why he’s angry with you, isn’t it? You’re one of the guys who abandoned him in those caves!”

Tenturi seemed puzzled at Raki’s words. “Abandon? Caves? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Habiki looked squarely at Tenturi, not taking his eyes off of him even has he addressed the Zora. “I think you misunderstood, Raki. My own fault, since I couldn’t explain it better before. This man and his friends didn’t abandon me when I stopped meeting their expectations. They decided to have me killed.” He said the last word through gritted teeth, his hands clenching into fists as he did so. “Though my memories are still pretty fuzzy, I distinctly remember him using the phrase ‘Destined to die’ to justify what he was doing.”

Tenturi shook his head. “It seems you still don’t understand, if you think I just decided offhand to kill you.”

The man looked furtively up and down the street. “You should come inside. You look tire-“

“I’m not going anywhere with you, Ten! I’m not stupid enough for you to trick anymore, unlike what you may remember-“

“And what exactly do you remember, hmmm, Habiki? That I slaved for 15 years to bring you to realization after your conception in our minds, that I poured my heart and soul into making you all you could be, and when you awakened, to teaching you? That I doted on you, and yet still was rejected in favor of the man you considered your “true” father? And in the end for my work to mean nothing, as you got sicker and sicker, and for all of us to realize you had no chance of survival? Don’t fault me my memory, unlike yours it’s perfectly intact.” He turned away from Habiki now, stepping into the small hut. Then he looked back at the boy over his shoulder. “But that’s not why you should come inside. You should come in because you long for answers…because youdeserve them. I knew that if you were somehow to live, I’d have to answer to you someday.”

Habiki and Raki/Afternoon Day 3/Tenturi’s Cabin

Raki and Habiki stepped into Tenturi’s cabin, shutting the door behind them, as Equus gazed knowingly at the three from the city streets.

Tenturi gestured them to sit down at a small table, as not so long ago, they had done when they met Darrel.

The walls of this cabin were lined with dusty shelves, each of which lined with jars filled with dirts of various colors and grits. Tenturi, or “Ten” as Habiki had called him, was scanning his finger across them like a librarian looking through his books. The soils were apparently organized by some sort of filing system, though what kind, Raki could not guess at…their order seemed perfectly arbitrary to him.

Ten muttered to himself as he looked through the jars, picking one off the shelf and reading its label, then putting it back. Finally, he seemed to find what he was looking for. “Ah, here we are!” he said as he grabbed a jar of bright red sand. He unscrewed the lid, reached his hand in to pinch a small amount, and to Raki’s great surprise, poured it lightly over the wound on his nose. He patted it slightly, pushing it into the cut, then reached in the jar for another handful and ate it. Disgusting! thought Raki. He’s eating dirt!

Ten paused, looking over at Raki. “Oh, forgive me, this must seem awfully peculiar to you. See, this dirt has a very high mineral content, various nutrients and so-forth. Highly nutritious, and great for cuts. It helps them to heal more quickly so they don’t get infected. I’m something of an expert on various soil types.”

Raki was still giving him a strange look. “Ah, well, no matter,” said Ten, putting the jar back and coming to sit with them at the table. 

Raki looked over at him. “So wait, I thought the people who made Habiki were supposed to be Twili. You don’t look like a Twili.”

Tenturi nodded. “Well, ethnically speaking, Hylians and Twili don’t look all that different. The strange markings and skin color of most Twili are actually a result of their use of Dark Magic. Their overuse has caused a change in their appearance. However, my associates and I engaged little in Dark Magic beyond the basic lessons we were taught in our early military days. 

And Habiki’s ‘father’ being a Light Mage, an immigrant from Labrynna, as we worked with him it helped to undo some of the effects that we had sustained in our youth.”

“I think we should get down to business.” Habiki said, not pleased with the hesitation.

“No need to be so hostile,” Ten smiled, shaking his head. Then suddenly his attention was rapt on Habiki, he placed his elbows on the table in front of him and leaned in towards his creation. “So, how did you do it?” he said quietly, almost a whisper.

Habiki looked confused. “Do what exactly?”

Ten rolled his eyes. “How did you solve the degradation problem? I’m dying to know how you managed to stop the decay!”

Habiki looked at him for a moment. “And what makes you think I’ve done anything like that?”

Ten was growing agitated. “You’ve been running around for 5 years, and yet you’re standing right in front of me, in perfect health! You shouldn’t have even survived, but if you had, you should be little more than a lump of dry mud, barely conscious! Not this young man who’s standing in front of me demanding answers!”

Habiki looked at him, trying to see what he was getting at. “And that’s exactly how I was until this morning. I absorbed a very potent ball of light energy, and that’s what healed me.”

Ten suddenly seemed nervous. He put his head in his hands, then looked back up at Habiki. “You should not have done that.” He pushed away from the table, now clearly uncomfortable, hands shaking. “I have s-something to show you.” He walked over to the back wall, then pulled on a small latch on the floor. It was a trap door leading to a set of stairs. He waved toward the two at the table, and they followed.

Habiki and Raki/Afternoon Day 3/Tenturi’s Workshop

They descended the stairs, the only source of light the torches that lined the walls. Finally they reached the bottom, and were in what appeared to be a small cave.

“Suddenly I feel right at home!” Habiki remarked sarcastically.

“I beg your pardon?” said Ten.

Habiki looked at him. “I’ve spent the last several years living in caves. For some reason, that was where I felt most comfortable.”

Tenturi nodded knowingly. “That explains a great deal. You wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for that. Instinct took over, and it drove you to the safest place, away from the sun.”

What was this man talking about? Away from the sun?

The rock walls were carved in all sorts of strange forms and spires that didn’t look like ordinary cave work. In fact, the shapes were unusually precise, seemingly man-made. Many of these spires took on the shape of ‘tables’ where many strange objects lay.

“As you can see, I’ve used my mastery of the earth to carve out these shapes from the rock, by controlling how the rock tended to form. I’ve made myself a little workshop in here. And these are my pet projects,” said Tenturi, pointing over to one of the ‘tables’.

Habiki looked at the objects, all made of different blends of dirt, but he could only guess at their purpose. One of them was a pair of stone cylinders, connected by roots, possibly from an old tree, and wrapped in those same roots. It took the crude shape of an arm.

Tenturi pulled from his pocket a very powerful handheld light. Habiki could see that there was a small forest firefly inside, granting it brilliant light. Tenturi shined it at the root formation, and saw as the roots crudely contracted, pulling on the “arm.” The plants reacted to the light, as plants do, and he saw what Tenturi was intending. The arm was moving, the roots acting as its muscle.

“Yes, that’s quite fascinating, but I don’t see what this has to do anything.” His patience was growing thin that the man would not get to the point.

“Just a project I’m working on that might be of some benefit to you down the line,” He said, then turned to face Habiki.

“So it’s time I told you exactly what is happening to you.” Tenturi focused his hand on the ground, and the ground erupted along a small fault-line he had created, folding up into another rock formation, this time in the rough shape of a chair. Tenturi sat down and began to explain.

“The clay that forms your body has been used for centuries in the manufacture of Twili puppet golems, so naturally, when we created you, it seemed the appropriate choice for material. And with the Light Mage, Quentin Sol, of Labrynna, insisting that Light would make the best fuel for a constructed being, it was so decided. 

Our initial tests showed that this clay responded easily to the light, conducted it well. So we believed the two were compatible and would grant you a long life. It was only later that we realized the truth about this mineral.”

Habiki was waiting for whatever punch line this man was preparing to throw at him.

“…It is evil,” he said at last.

Habiki grew defensive at the statement. “What do you mean, evil?”

“Its power is an abomination. When we had thought it was conducting the light beautifully, we had no idea what it was actually doing. This clay, this Dusk Powder, as we called it, had the unnatural ability to transmute Light into Darkness.”

Suddenly Habiki’s full attention was on this man, he was transfixed, finally learning the truth. He began to grow afraid at the reality of the man’s words.

“At first, its effect would be miniscule, too small to even measure, much less be of consequence. After all, we’ve used this material for centuries without noticing the effects. But as time went by, and it absorbed more Light energy, the more quickly and efficiently it would carry out this process of forging Light into Darkness, the more powerful it would become. And it has finally grown strong enough for its effects to be felt.”

He continued. “You must understand how completely unnatural this is. Neither Light nor Darkness is, by itself, bad. Light, by definition, banishes Darkness. But this is Darkness refuses to comply. That is what makes it so terrible, so contrary to natural order. And that is why you were ‘destined to die’.”

Habiki’s eyes widened.

“For you see, your body and your soul were simply not compatible, for the substance of your body sought to CONSUME the energy of your soul. When we realized this, that the body was encroaching upon the domain of the spirit, and would only do so more and more quickly, we realized you could never survive. Eventually, the rate at which your body negated the Light would outpace the rate at which your soul could absorb it. 

The very thing that gave you life was harmful to you. Like being allergic to food or air, there was simply no path that would not lead to your destruction. Euthanasia was the only option, to spare you your suffering.”

Habiki flashed for a moment on the memory, hearing his creators speak in hushed tones about his fate, and finally his father setting him free to keep the others from carrying it out. He had wandered for weeks, and one night, the rain fell, slowly attacking his body, each drop eroding away a piece of his identity. And finally, to escape the rain, he fled into the caves, where he had stayed ever since…until now.

“And now, with what you have done today, you might have unwittingly dug your own grave. By absorbing that Light, you have quickened the pace at which you are to be consumed. So yes, in the short term, it made you stronger, but in the long term, it will only kill you faster.”

Habiki nodded. “And your proof?”

This caught Tenturi by surprise. He grabbed Habiki’s arm. “If I may?” he said, picking up a small splinter of stone from off the ground. Before Habiki could protest, Tenturi had sliced a small chunk from Habiki’s arm, which turned to dust instantly, and Tenturi held the small pile in his hand.

Habiki stared at the rough dirt. Perhaps it was just a trick of the strange lighting of this cave, but he did seem to notice a change in its coloration. Before, it had been a pale, sickly gray color. It was still gray, but now it was a much darker shade, almost black.

Then Tenturi placed this small mound of dirt on a table, and, turning a small dial on the light to change the focus, condensed it all on a single point towards the dirt.

The effect was instantaneous. The dirt seemed to slowly grow darker, as the light around it seemed to disappear, not coming back to reach Habiki’s eyes. Soon the dirt turned a vicious shade of black, and began to boil, seemingly taking on a life of its own, and when Tenturi turned the light off, this sickening black puddle began to move, to act of its own accord, and make a horrible hissing, screeching sound. 

There was a small pail of water next to one of the other tables, which Tenturi picked up and poured over the “creature”, causing it to dissolve, unable to hold together.

“That was a taste. But there’s your proof.”

Habiki and Raki/Late Afternoon Day 3/Tenturi’s Workshop

Habiki needed to sit down. He was feeling dizzy from the information he had just gathered. 

Tenturi looked over at him. “If you are fairly frugal with your energy, I estimate you have up to 3 days. As I have suspected, the energies in your body have reached a critical mass, and may soon begin to emit waves of darkness. You have done well to stay in the caves for the last several years, conserving your power. 

But that is no longer enough. Whatever you do, you must NOT use Light Magic for now, as it will drain you quickly. And you must spend as little time in the sun as possible, otherwise it could add to your energy, and thus subtract from it to the Darkness, as we discussed.“

Habiki shrugged. “That’s not really going to be a problem. My Light magic has already been sealed by…someone who apparently had the same concern.” He paused, letting Tenturi’s words finally sink in. “Three days, huh?” he seemed far away, in his own world, as if he couldn’t fully grasp what he had been told.

It was silent then, for quite some time. They all stood there, none daring to break the silence. Finally Tenturi did it for them. “I do have something that might be of use to you…maybe.” he said. He pointed his arm towards a large boulder that appeared to be blocking a recess in the wall. He waved his hand, and suddenly the rock split, opening up to reveal a small cavern, which contained…

It was a strange, stone homunculus, similar to Habiki, but clearly of a different design. A stone skeleton covered in those same, vine-like muscles that Tenturi had constructed from old tree-roots. Habiki walked up to this creature, curled up in the fetal position, and knelt to look at its down-turned face…his face, he realized, or at least incredibly similar. 

The primary difference was that the homunculus looked like a corpse, a zombie, lifeless and shrunken. Its body was shriveled and frail, and its eye sockets were empty. And in its chest, there was a narrow hole between its ribs, as if to accept the orb that Habiki kept within himself.

Instinctively he grabbed at his own chest. “What is this?” Habiki said, afraid that it would suddenly leap to life and attack him, to steal his life-force away from him.

“Habiki, meet Hikaru,” said the Earth Mage with a smile. “A replacement body I designed for you, to correct your fatal flaw. Well, actually, I believed you to be dead, so he was originally intended as the shell of an entirely new being, hence the name ‘Hikaru’. Unfortunately, without your father’s help, I wasn’t able to give him life…so now, he’s all yours. 

As you can see, there have been many improvements to the design. His underlying structure already mimics a hardened skeleton, rather than a solid mass of clay, a flaw that made you incredibly fragile when we were constructing you. This will also make it easier to animate, less work for the magic to do.”

Habiki spun around. “You mean you let me worry that I could be dieing when you had a back-up body waiting for me?” He was still clutching his chest, still not entirely at ease with the corpse that shared such an uncanny resemblance to himself.

Tenturi shook his head. “No, you see, it’s useless as it is. Unfinished. I’ve been completely unable to find the proper soil mixture for it to conduct your energy. I have been all over the world, collecting different soil types, and yet I can’t find a material that will respond to your magic other than the one composing the body you already inhabit! Such a material simply doesn’t exist!”

Habiki quickly clenched his hands into fists. “Then why get my hopes up, if it’s useless?”

Tenturi looked at the ground. “I was hoping in vain that you might have discovered a solution.”

Habiki shook his head. “No I haven’t. I…unless.” He thought of the warnings he had endured from the Deku Tree and from Lanayru. They had told him using the Light too soon would be dangerous. They had also told him that his life would already be short, and the Deku Tree could give him a chance to survive. Habiki smiled. “Actually, yes, I think I have. I think the very quest I’ve been sent on is actually to retrieve such a material…in fact, I’m almost positive.”

Tenturi’s mouth fell open upon hearing this. “You mean it exists?”

Habiki nodded. “And I know just where to find it.”

“Where, you must tell me!” The old mage exclaimed.

“Faron, Tenturi…it’s in Faron.”

Habiki and Raki/Late Afternoon Day 3/Tenturi’s Workshop

Habiki had finished gathering his stuff together. His pack was stuffed to the gills with containers of dirt and rocks, things Tenturi insisted he must have…including a basic book on Earth theory. Tenturi said they would come in handy in a fight.

“What, am I supposed to throw it at people?” Habiki laughed.

Tenturi shook his head. “No, of course not. With your Light Magic sealed, due to the toll it would take on you, your only option is to align with the other element of your make-up…the Earth. It is powerful magic, and will serve you well in combat if you can learn to perform such spells.”

Habiki looked incredulous. “No offense, but I doubt I can master a paradigm of magic in a couple of days.”

“Master? No, but you can certainly begin to learn it. Your physical being is of the Earth, so you have a natural aptitude for its manipulation, it should come easily to you. It may save your life in the coming days.”

Habiki nodded. “I know, I know, less than three days before I croak unless I get that stuff to you. We’ll be back by then, I promise.” 

Raki was looking anxious, standing by the door ready to leave. “Habiki, we have to get going, the others may have already met at High Command without us!”

Habiki looked over his shoulder at him. “Right, I just need to know one more thing.”

He locked eyes with Tenturi. “You mentioned my father, how without his help and the proper materials you couldn’t finish the Hikaru project.”

Tenturi nodded.

“So, my question is…when was the last time you saw him? My father, I mean?”

Tenturi’s eyes grew sad. “Quentin? Well, I…” he seemed at a loss for words. “Maybe you should sit down.”

“Maybe not, we’re in a hurry!” said Raki.

Tenturi nodded. “Very well. Habiki, I just saw him this morning…he.”

Habiki could already guess what he was going to say…at the cemetery. A lump caught in his throat.

“He’s not well. He’s been living in Nydesti’s Home for the Mentally Infirm. A mental health hospital.”

This was not the answer Habiki had expected, and yet it granted him little relief. “What?”

Tenturi’s face fell. “After you left, he became obsessed with finishing his work, finding a way to help you…in the end, he cracked. That is why I came to Castle Town in the first place, the Nydesti Clinic was the only place I could find that would attempt to treat him.”

Habiki was suddenly agitated. “I have to go to him! I have to see him, I-“

“No!” Raki exclaimed, with surprising firmness to his voice. “We don’t have time. Not to be tactless, Habiki, but he’s not going anywhere. We are. We need to get to High Command and get to the job we’ve been told to do. Maybe then we can stop in to see him.”

Habiki looked at his companion in anger, but then relented. “You’re right, there’s no time to sit and tour the town. We have to get going.“ He nodded his farewell to Tenturi, then the two of them were out the door.

Equus was waiting for them. He did not speak, merely gazing knowingly at the two of them.

Habiki turned to his Zora companion. “I know it may not be good for me, but I think we should take Equus. We’ll get there faster. In fact, with him around, this whole mission should be a piece of cake. He can get us to Faron before it even becomes a problem.”

Raki rolled his eyes. “So much for being frugal with your energy.”

He was worried by his friend’s astounding optimism. Nonetheless, when Habiki swung his leg over the glowing white horse, Raki allowed himself to be pulled up there with him.

“To High Command!” yelled Habiki, and spurred the horse onward. As before, Equus had barely started running when his feet suddenly left the ground. Soon they were hurtling upward, Habiki again feeling light-headed, not only from the rapid acceleration into the sky, but also the horse’s energy sapping his strength. In mere seconds, they neared Hyrule Castle, the center of Castle Town, and they saw one tower in particular looming closer. There was a large, open window in this tower, covered by a purple curtain. The wind blew it open for a moment, and he saw Darrel, standing inside, talking to others.

Finally, the gap between them and the window closed. Habiki grabbed hold of the curtain, throwing it open, to reveal himself to the others. Then Raki and him jumped from the horse through the open window, into the room where the others stood, possibly stunned. Equus flew off into a circle around the Castle.

Habiki stood there for a moment, then smiled. “You weren’t going to start without us, were you?” then collapsed to his knee. He breathed heavily, then forced himself to his feet again, and smirked.

The Meeting Continues Edit

/IC Day 3/Castle/Senshi

"I'm not sure of what you know of me or my story, all I have for you is a name, actually two names, that I've heard spoken. I have my doubts, but in your opinion, what can be done to thwart Hothnight? I've lived long enough to know that Lynn could end up as collateral damage, I'm willing to accept that, for the greater good, of course...I guess it's just an old mans curiosity that drew me to you." the Zora inquired.

"You're not going to like my answer but the easiest way to deal with this is to kill Hothnight. He's weak against light to the point where being in direct sun light can kill him so that wouldn't prove difficult. Granted being that he's in someone else's body right now there's no telling with that weakness is still valid. The only way to find out is to wait until Hothnight tries to take control of her while we're outside. Of course on the flip side Hothnight might not even know how he'll react to it. Farther more if he is immune now it also might mean his powers are weaker thus allowing us to use fire on him. The problem is that would kill her as well," he said without emotions but paused for a moment to allow some compassion to return to his tone.

"Granted that's the last thing I want. I'm not exactly willing to sacrifice her just to take care of Hothnight. Besides, its not like she just didn't make the same stupid mistakes I made in my past. I just don't see extracting Hothnight as being as easy as this women would have as think," he said directing his voice towards Felina.

"There might be another way, but I don't like it any more then the master sword plan," he said after thinking about it for a moment. "There is... Well let's say a ritual of sorts that might partially seal Hothnight with her own soul yet still allow her to access his powers. The problem is it would take days and we'd need the help of Taliesin, Chiaria, some people I rather not have to contact, and probably god girl as well. Besides from what I've seen of her I doubt she's ready or capable of sealing him away, and I don't even want to think about what would happen if she tried and fail failed.


"So what should we discuss first? There's no shortage of problems for us, after all." Darrel started out after they all regrouped.

"I think the matter at hand is clearly this owns idea at for dealing with Hothnight," Senshi spoke out first was pointed to Felina. "Now explain this to me, you want to either place weapon with the power of the Master Sword in the hands of the second greatest evil this land has ever seen, or attack his host with it. If this plan fail, which I can't help but feel it will, you'll either make Hothnight unstoppable or kill an innocent girl. Can someone explain to me why that's good idea?"

Before anyone could answer up a rather unusual spectacle appear in the window in the form of two late comers on a glowing horse. “You weren’t going to start without us, were you?” one of the two spoke up.

"Yes." he answered bluntly planing fully to ignore to pair and continue on with the issue at hand.

Polaris/ Castle Tower/ Day 3

Shinigami presented a few viable options, of course the one where Lynn ends up dead being the least appetizing. Polaris didn't want to bother dwelling on that thought just now, not until all of their other options were exhausted. Shinigami seemed to be of the same mind.

As they were arriving in the tower and everyone was more than eager to get the ball rolling on this long awaited meeting of the minds, the conversation with Senshi would have to be put on the backburner for the time being. Just as Darrel finished speaking, Senshi began, but was somewhat interrupted when Raki, a very different looking Habiki and a bright, shining horse swooped in through the window.

Once he was satisfied that the commotion of their new arrivals had calmed a bit, and making sure Senshi was finished speaking for the time being, Heh, glad you two were able to make it, Raki, Habiki," Nodding to each one in turn before he shifted his attention back to the conversation at hand. Gesturing in Shinigamis direction he continued, "I have to agree with our friend here, the idea of forging a new sword seems to have a few potential drawbacks. How can we be sure that we'll come anywhere near seeing our desired outcome?" 

Habiki/Day 3/The Meeting

Habiki looked about himself, confused. The room was filled with unfamiliar faces. One of them was definitely the Chief Military Advisor, that much he knew. Presumably one of the two older men. But there were others here, newcomers, and he could only guess what they sought from this meeting.

A hooded man was decrying some plan they had concocted. "Now explain this to me, you want to either place a weapon with the power of the Master Sword in the hands of the second greatest evil this land has ever seen, or attack his host with it. If this plan fails, which I can't help but feel it will, you'll either make Hothnight unstoppable or kill an innocent girl. Can someone explain to me why that's a good idea?"

"I have to agree with our friend here, the idea of forging a new sword seems to have a few potential drawbacks. How can we be sure that we'll come anywhere near seeing our desired outcome?"

sword? What the **** are they talking about? This was certainly a surprise.

So it looks like this isn't an informal judicial hearing, like I expected. This meeting is about something else entirely.

Whatever they were discussing, it involved crafting a powerful blade. This intrigued him greatly. What exactly was their plan for it? Apparently, to attack the host of an evil being called Hothnight, which, judging by their fidgety glances towards the Sheikah warrior, was Lynn.

I wish I could say I was surprised, he thought bitterly. Does this mean I’m off the hook?

He decided the only way to find out was simply to enter the conversation full-tilt. And suddenly he had a plan to make it all work in his favor…Lynn’s too, but that didn’t bother him too much. He smiled.

"Polaris - if I may?" he said, gesturing to his comrade, then stepped toward the rest of the group. "First off, I’d like to say that Lynn is hardly ‘innocent’, as the hooded one claims. In the single day I’ve known her, she’s tried to kill me twice. Her ‘innocence’, or even sanity, is highly doubtful to me.” He wasn’t looking at Lynn, but he imagined she was glaring at him…fine, let her hate him, he didn’t care.

“Secondly, you’re all asking the wrong questions. The question isn’t 'will it work once we’ve made it,' there's simply no way of knowing until it’s completed. The real question is, do we have any other options? Sealing Hothnight is an invitation for him to escape, and all of your other methods are just as potentially lethal towards Lynn as the blade, if not more.

More importantly, could we even forge such a weapon? Army-shattering sacred blades aren't exactly something you pick up at a local vendor. And no amount of craftsmanship is going to imbue any ordinary claymore with the power you need." Excellent, he'd entered into the discussion without missing a beat.

"Never underestimate the importance of the base ingredients in matters of magical craftsmanship...what you get out of the endeavor is only as good as the materials you use allows for. I've recently come to appreciate this first-hand, being constructed myself. Iron isn't good enough. Steel isn't good enough. What you need are substances bursting with magical potency, substances that could neutralize Hothnight without killing Lynn...substances that would make heaven jealous, had heaven not already been their creator." Now was the time to make his move.

"It just so happens that I can acquire such things for you. I was recently able to transmute the energy of Kae's star shards into Solar paradigm, and shape it into a rudimentary Light Blade for combat. It is highly potent magic. Perhaps you could use the sun shard as a raw material for a proper blade? It would be almost perfect for this job. The Light is only capable of harming those of malicious intent, so hopefully it would cut Hothnight without harming Lynn. It would neither “make Hothnight unstoppable” nor “kill an innocent girl”.

I also know of a rare mineral in Faron capable of efficiently conducting, and possibly even amplifying Light Magic, and I just happen to be headed in that very direction. I could easily acquire this mineral for you. The only favor I ask that you allow me to go about my business, and to keep a small sample of the dirt for myself." 

He cautiously gauged their reactions. “Look, it can’t hurt. It can’t in any way help Hothnight, the worst that could happen is that it doesn't affect him, in which case we just try something else!”

Moran Taliesin - South West Tower - Third Evening

"The clay puppet. Habiki was it?" Moran began, looking over at the newcomers before seeing the almost imperceptible nod from Mytura telling him that he did in fact have the name correct. "Habiki here presents an interesting notion, to say the least. Sunlight was always the element to which Hothnight exhibited the greatest aversion and weakness. It is possible that Lynn's physical self shields Hothnight's spirit from the sun now, but a sacred blade constructed on building blocks of light and solar energies could drive him out. It's certainly something to consider."

From what he had gleaned through the various ways of watching he had at his disposal, he had assumed that Habiki was a rather dull creature, dim-witted with limited usefulness. Now it appeared that he possessed the full range of human cognitive functions, and even appeared intelligent. He had not expected such, and it was likely to make the later parts of the meeting quite intriguing. For now, however, they were busy.

"At the same time, Shinigami brings up valid concerns as well." he said, looking from the necromancer to Phoenix, then sweeping the rest of the chamber with his gaze before speaking again. "Lynn may not be innocent in the strictest sense of the word, but she didn't intend to bring this on herself. Besides, as has already been suggested, killing her might not even take care of Hothnight. He has proved capable enough of surviving up until now, I myself have dealt with him in spirit form before, he can be quite difficult to handle. I doubt he would remain inside the host willingly if she were in danger of being killed. However, if it comes to it, I believe that we here possess the magic necessary to bind him inside the host long enough to kill her. That is an absolute last resort, of course, and would hinge upon the magical participation of several of us. Still, if it comes down to either letting Hothnight roam Hyrule in this hijacked body or dealing with him once and for all, I think it's a contingency that we need to be ready for."

Moran knew that proposing killing Lynn to get rid of Hothnight was not going to be a popular suggestion, but over the centuries he'd been a lot of things. He had been whatever Hyrule and the Divine Triune had required, including a villain, and if such was needed of him again he would do it. If it meant the betterment of Hyrule in service to they who were his mistresses, he would see it done. He just hoped it didn't come to that.

IC: Felina - Castle Tower - day 3

With the meeting started the standard array of questions and doubts rose again, this time however an amusing man who had busted in a flying magical horse seemed to be quite eager to help. 

Felina decided it would be best to point out why creating a sword would work, before outline what they would need to do to make one.

"When creating a sacred weapon we can taylor it to have the desired properties needed for this situation, as well as the greater task of pushing back the dark ones invasion. I think most of us already know about the properties the Master Sword has that we would like to duplicate, there was another sacred blade created by the Picori in the time of Vaati that also has abilities that will be useful. The Four Sword had the ability to split a persons soul into multiple parts. If we mimic that ability even only in part, and use it in combination with the Master Swords ability to repel evil, it will undoubtedly force the two souls of Lynn and Taden to split. For the next step by infusing the power of light into the sword we can use it to purge Taden's soul from existance."

"As you aquantance pointed out, the materials required to create a sacred blade aren't the same as those needed to create normal weapons. To create something that can use the sufficient level of power we will need to gather rare metal ore. This is actually probably going to be the easiest part of making the sword. There are three specific types of ore needed to make the base blade, plus any extras we might want to add to imbue any specific properties." Felina started to explain giving a small wink to Habiki.

"I already know two places off the top of my head that possess such material. The Goron mines at Death Mountain have a pretty reliable supply of one of the metals, they used to craft Magic Shields out of them in the past. They only stopped using it in recent decades because a mine shaft breached some monsters den and that section of the mine has become overrun by various fiery creatures. Ironically enough the Goron sword smiths are among those with the skill needed to work with the ore once we have collected it all, so we can kill two birds with one stone by gaining their support on this project."

"The other one is at the stone quarry that was used to build the North Fortress up in the Snowpeak mountains. The quarry was sealed after the fortress was built, but it should still be in good condition considering nobody in their right mind goes to that province willingly."

"As for the third I don't have the specific location, but I know who does. The Gerudo tribe of the desert used to build monuments and structures using the ore we need. I realize that Hyrule isn't on the best of terms with the desert tribes right now, but we will need to find somebody there who can give us a clue as to where to find some. Worse comes to worse we might have to raid the tombs of one of their former Kings and melt down some of the treasures they were buried with."

"To imbue it with magic, since the Sages of Hyrule are already using their powers for other tasks, we will need to turn to the Guardian Spirits of the land. The various light spirits who call Hyrule home are perfect canidates for what we intend to do, my understanding of Hylian lore indicates 5 such spirits exist. If needed we can also try to form alliances with some of the other spirits such as the spirits of the wind, sky, sea, and forest."

Felina let out a small sigh as she concluded this trimmed down explanation, even when brought down to its simplest terms it was still quite alot to take in, especially for those who weren't familiar with lore and legend.

Phoenix/Meeting/Noon-ish Day 3

Phoenix observed the meeting. It was an interesting prospect. Here was the newest batch of Light Warriors, gathered unintentionally by Darrel. The Goddesses sure seemed to have a sense of humor, using that man as the instrument to revive this band. And it was surely Fate, or Destiny, that brought them together, the same as they always gathered in time of trial, to defend Hyrule. There was only one thing that troubled Phoenix in this: Every other time, the Light Warriors were gathered only when there was no Destined Hero, and only to defend the Sacred Realm, not the kingdom of Hyrule. It was mildly troublesome, and had him worried that they did not fully understand the intent of the Interlopers. However, in one matter, he was assured: if Hyrule was defended, so would be the Sacred Realm, and thus must Hyrule stay safe.

Then there was Habiki, the man who was a construct. He acted nothing like the reports of Twili golems, and his likeness to a man of flesh and blood was just remarkable. He would be an interesting case to deal with, that much was certain. But, of greater concern was the Sheikah, Lynn, and her body's new inhabitant. Taden Hothnight. Hothnight the Hated. A creature of such malice and destruction could not be allowed free in Hyrule. While the death of Lynn was undesirable, and he wanted to avoid it if at all possible, he knew that if the choice came and it was necessary, he would not hesitate to order the act. He would not hesitate to carry it out himself.

But, for now, this was a matter for the Light Warriors to determine. They were the drawn to defend Hyrule, it was their lives that stood on the line. So Pheonix listened. The meeting was about to enter full-swing when the door was pushed open, and a young pageboy rushed into the room. "Commander Phoenix!"

The entire collaborative turned to face the boy. Phoenix near felt sorry for the combined power of the gazes bearing down on him. "Yes?"

"Sir! News from the front! Dire news! The Ordona Standing Army has been routed entirely! Only Meado and his personal retinue have survived, and then only barely. I-It was the fire mage, Commander. He's joined the Interlopers."


Phoenix had known, with the information granted by his position, that the war was to be a struggle, but he had thought, hoped, that the army would be able to push back the Twili. Now, with that bastard in their ranks, things were getting far worse. And with the OSA destroyed, in a single night, no less!, there was nothing in the way of the Interloper Armies and Hyrule Proper. Already they had had to deal with advance parties, but to face the entire might of the invading army... The time for dilly-dallying was over. Action ahd to be taken. And Pheonix already know what action that was to be. The High Command had already bandied about ideas of it before, but until this point, Phoenix had dismissed these ideas as too dangerous. Now, though, with the Light Warriors, there might be a chance to pull it all off.

"Alright. That settles it, then. Felina, was it? Your idea will work. I don't know where you got your information, but it's all correct. The Four Sword, the Light Spirits, even the ore locations. All of it. Combined with Habiki's proposal regarding the Solar energies, we should be able to get a weapon that can both deal with Taden and the Twili. It's just a matter of getting it all done.

"So, here's the situation, I'll come clean: With the OSA gone, we have nothing to defend against a direct assault on Hyrule Proper. The Hylian Army still needs to be mobilized entirely, we've had them shoring up defenses for just such an occasion, but honestly we thought we had more time. So, we need to deal with this as quickly as possible. I think it best if we break into teams to tackle the objectives. Running around trying to do everything together will just take too long, and besides, we all know the soldiers in the regular army can't do anything to stop Telmar.

"So, we need to send a team to the Goron mines to get the ore there, I think they called it Goronium or some equally self-satisfying name, as well as to get the aid of the Goron smiths to actually forge the blade. This team will be facing the fire-beasts that over-ran the mines, so keep that in mind.

"We need a team to go to Snowpeak and retrieve the ore from the quarries there. Shouldn't be too hard except for having to cross the frozen wastes and the treacherous peaks to get over there. As Felina said, the quarry was sealed, and we still do maintain a skeleton crew at the Fortress.

"Another team will need to head out and investigate the desert, try to find the ore the old Gerudo used in building their defunct 'empire'. This one will be a bit of exploring, honestly. We don't have the desert mapped and it is very big. Plus, you'll probably have to contend with some of the natives.

"The last Sword-Forging team will have to accompany Habiki down into enemy territory, making this probably one of the more dangerous tasks of this portion. Not only will you have to worry about the Twili, but you'll probably have to deal with Kokage Tsukiakuri... And then you'll have to get ahold of this mineral he's talking about to amplify the power of the Light magic we'll be infusing into the sword. While there, you'll have to find the Light Spirit Faron in Faron Woods and the Light Spirit Ordon, just outside what used to be Ordon Village before the war broke out. Get them to lend their power to the Sword. I know this is a lot to do, but only having one trip into enemy lines makes everything a lot safer for everyone.

"Meanwhile, another team will have to wage a guerilla war against the Interlopers, at least until the army is fully mobilized, which will take a few days. More importantly, this team will have to tie up Telmar, to keep him from causing too much trouble to the army. Kill him if you can, but just keep him busy and out of the real fight.

"Now, once that's all done, we meet back in Kakariko, where the Goron's, assuming they've agreed, can forge the sword using all the materials. That includes one of your Star Shards, Kae Briseis, so you better not die, wherever you go. Nora's magic mightwork, but I'd rather hedge my bets and use the Scion of Nayru for this. While the forges are working, we'll need to split you Light Warriors up again, though it won't be as bad this time.

"We'll already have the blessings of Faron and Ordon to start the process of making the sword, which is great, but we'll need all five to make it potent enough for our purposes. We'll need the rest of the Spirits. Lanayru's blessing, I think, we already have in the form of Habiki here. You absorbed Lanayru's Light, didn't you, Habiki? That's why you're so human, and that's why you're dying."

Habiki stared in shock at Phoenix.

"I'm the Chief Military Advisor, best you not wonder how I know these things and just accept it as fact. But moving on, that's three Light Spirits: Faron, Ordon, and Habiki will provide the power of Lanayru. On that note, don't die trying to get this mineral, Habiki, we need your spirit alive and whole.

"That still leaves two: One is right in Kakariko and will be easy to beseech for his power, since we're crafting the sword there. The last is, sadly, lost. I'd love to tell you we have records of where it used to reside, but we don't. A team will need to start doing some research and find out where, exactly, the fifth Light Spirit is right now. I suggest looking into legends and stories, and maybe talking to the other Light Spirits... whatever it takes. Then we'll still need a team to deal with defending against the Twili, though by then I hope we have the Army in place, which will make everything seem a bit less catastrophic."

Phoenix scanned the group, taking a bit of time to catch his breath after such a long little rant.

"Well, who wants to tackle which objective?"

Habiki/Day 3/The Meeting

Habiki did a slow clap as Felina finished her exposition. This unfamiliar woman who advocated the sword, she definitely seemed to have it together. He reeled as suddenly, a man burst into the room and declared the Ordona Standing Army to be obliterated. The newly revealed Commander Pheonix, the Chief Military Advisor, gave the orders for them, and revealed surprising knowledge of Habiki.

"A-an e-excellent suggestion, sir. I am entirely in favor of this plan," he bowed his head slightly in respect to the Commander, also somewhat startled by the intimate information Pheonix had on him. "With luck, we should be able to craft such a weapon that would be of no harm to Lynn at all, yet anathema to Hothnight...just so long as she thinks real hard about puppies and sunshine when we run the blade through her." He felt the sarcasm was needed to get the point across: this was still risky, but it was riskier not to, and with luck she'd be untouched, maybe even rejuvenated. 

"Lynn is perhaps a narcissist at best and a violent, post-traumatic nut at worst, but as the kind fellow in gray pointed out, she is not evil. She doesn't deserve the fate of being anyone's puppet...I know what that's like, and thus I will do everything I can to help her.” He paused, reflecting on his own troubles.

“I shall do my best to bring this mineral, and the blessings of Ordona and Faron, along with me intact, Commander.”

Suddenly his face fell. “Unfortunately, I do not think you would truly accept my help on this matter. The reason my comrades came here in the first place was because my loyalty to the throne was in question…I am, after all, of Twili origin. The question, so becomes, where does my loyalty lay: with the Twili or with Hyrule? So I will be completely honest with all of you…” He paused, taking a deep breath for what he was about to say. “It doesn’t rest with Hyrule.”

Ithan/Day 3/The Meeting

Done so quietly and calmly, Ithan nevertheless held a presence in the meeting. He was doing little more than projecting his emotions out to the entire group, subtly suggesting what his feelings were each time a light warrior spoke. So far he had no strong reactions to any one person, and had declined to offer his own opinions or advice. This attitude had resulted in him going largely unnoticed, despite having been standing mere feet away from the rest of the group since the confrontation with Lynn and Hothnight. Having finally heard enough to be satisfied and willing to speak, Ithan did exactly that.

"I will go with whatever group must confront Kokage."

IC Senshi

"Unfortunately, I do not think you would truly accept my help on this matter. The reason my comrades came here in the first place was because my loyalty to the throne was in question…I am, after all, of Twili origin. The question, so becomes, where does my loyalty lay: with the Twili or with Hyrule? So I will be completely honest with all of you. It doesn’t rest with Hyrule." The golem spoke with blunt honesty. Senshi had be looking him over since he first spoke up. He was a very interesting being, a sentient puppet and intelligent no doubt. He couldn't help but wonder who he worked and what he could learn from him.

"Well that's of no concern, my loyalties aren't with Hyrule either. Quiet frankly I'm sure my sin out weight most of those present here. Well perhaps excluding the old man simply because he's been alive so long he's had time to commit evil acts then I ever will." he said waving between smug and heartless tones. "The state of the throne is irrelevant, the only reason to be concerned with the Twili at all is because of what they might to the people who live in Hyrule. Unless they're up to something else as well. Truthfully as long as we share a common goal in dealing with Hothnight and the Dark Warriors then your loyalties, methods and hidden goals are irrelevant as far as I'm concerned." He paused for a moment deciding to finish what he was saying telepathic. "<On a side note you would do best to mind that hatred you seem to hold against the Shiekah. Let is control you and you'll merely become Hothnight's new toy, and trust me that scenario would be much worse to any one you care about then it will be for you.>"

"Now as for the matter at hand," he said turning back the others. "Not that I know much about the Four Sword I do have to admit the plan is actually starting to sound feasible, or at the very least it has a much better chance then just making a pure copy of the Master Sword as was previously suggested. Now I can still see a few ways that this could go wrong but hopefully this golem's idea of using Light will mitigate those."

"As far as splitting into groups, well simply put we don't have enough people to take on all of those tasks at once with out breaking into dangerously small groups. Not to mention the only two here that can communicate over long distances are myself and Chiaria, and with so many untrustworthy individuals here communication would be very important. But if we must split I say would should go with no more then three groups. One with Chiaria, one with myself and the third with Taliesin."

"Normally I would volunteered myself to deal with Tsukiakari since we have an 'understanding,' however I wouldn't be able to get Hothnight or those of you I don't know past him. Besides Chiaria has already volunteered and it would be rather arrogant of me to suggest I'm better suited then him for well anything," he said turning to the legendary psychic. "Far warning though Chiaria, thanks to what ever the Hylians did to the Sacred Grove, Tsukiakari hasn't quite been himself. He's more... well I'm sure you don't need me to explain it."

"Now I'll gladly stay behind and deal with the Twili army and there new toy fire mage, or I might be able to help find that fifth Light Spirit, what ever I'm needed for. My only demand is that I remain with this Sheikah at all times, because quiet frankly, I'm refuse to make the same mistake twice."

Darrel Mytura - South West Tower - Third Evening

"I have already committed myself to guiding Habiki into the forest. It's my charge. And if as you, Shinigami, have said I am the one who has reformed this group of light warriors then I'll not be led by anyone. Not you, not High Command, and not Chiaria. Habiki and his quest are my charge and I'll not be led by anyone." Darrel announced rather hotly. Despite his age he was not as old as Chiaria or Taliesin. Well... nobody was as old as Taliesin. Still he found that it grated on him, how they presumed. Uncounted years in solitude had brought an edge to his once pleasant, honorable manner.

"Nobody was saying-" Moran began. Darrel directed a gaze at him that even he could not withstand. He remained silent.

"There is too much to be done at once to split into only three teams, anyway. Perhaps your services would be better suited elsewhere, Chiaria."

Ithan/The Meeting

<Your arrogance is leading you to misconceptions.> Ithan sent the message to Darrel with as much belittlement as he could.

"I have made no claims of leadership, so I shall assume your words are the result of another concern."

While smug in his transmitted thoughts, Ithan's face remained calm and emotionless, though he intentionally allowed his eyes to at least somewhat reveal his emotions.

/ic  Senshi

"Well, and here I thought I was suppose to be the difficult one," Senshi said with a smirk. "Well who ever goes I recommend doing so at night. Tsukiakari should be more reasonable after dark. Of course I'd wait until tomorrow night since we're all pretty much burnt out as it is. In fact we should all wait until tomorrow before we set out for that very reason. Unless you have a problem with that, Taichou." he said switch to ancient Hylian in order to make fun of Darrel in a way that only a select few would catch. 

Lynn Annei/Noon 3/Light Meeting

Lynn decided to finally speak up when it came time to decide who was going where.

"Kae and I can take care of the Snowpeak Excursion. Sounds like the easiest mission, just travel there and come back, right? No need to worry about anything going awry with that, and if, if, all your fears aren't ungrounded, then there's no danger of... anything happening if... something happens while I'm there, since it's just a half-deserted fortress and an old abandoned quarry out that way."

She glared at Shinigami. "And you won't have to stretch our thin numbers any worse, coming with us, since there's no danger that Kae wouldn't be able to handle."

Habiki/Day 3/The Meeting

Habiki received a message to quell his hatred of Lynn. He'd have to make a mental note of it later.

Turning to Senshi, he smiled. "A pity you won't be joining us, “Shinigami”. It seems you and I have an understanding. We both care more for the people who live in Hyrule than we do the State. Hyrule, as a nation, means nothing to me. Nor does "Twili". What matters to me is that the two peoples will selfishly tear each other apart in this war effort, and that must be prevented at all costs...and because of that, I shall fight both sides vehemently."

He looked over at the others. "That is why you all have good reason to be wary of me. If push comes to shove, I will stand between you and the Twili, to keep you from destroying one another.

You assume the moral high ground, but do not be naive. If the two nations fall, history shall not care which one was “at fault,” merely that they fell. Do not forget that.”

Darrel was still fuming at the others over his "charge". “With all due respect, Darrel, it is my charge, not yours," he said, adressing the Sword of the Sunrise. "I am grateful for your commitment to me, but do not try to assert some misguided authority over the group because of it.”

He caught eyes with Ithan. “We would be glad to have you with us, if that is what you choose. I apologize for his behavior.”

He turned from the group now, winked at Raki, and began to walk towards the door.

“Beyond that, I have little interest in petty bickering over which of us is assigned which task. You can discuss that without me. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the lavatory.”

On his way to the door, he passed by the Sheikah fortune-teller, and gave her an intense gaze. “I am indebted to you, Kae," he said. "Without your sentry Star Shard, I’d be dead right now. You may never know how grateful I am. Thank you.” He bowed his head slightly, and then, his eyes lingering on her beauty for only a second more, walked out without another word.

Though as he passed through the door, he sent her a vague telepathic notion. The gist of it was “You're welcome to join us.”

Darrel Mytura - South West Tower - Third Evening

Darrel's eyebrows shot up at the sudden and unexpected rebuke.

"Hit the breaks, skipper." Darrel said, his voice carrying an iron edge as he addressed the construct that had originally had the mental capacity of a child, and that estimate was generous. He stepped forward and locked gazes with the Twili puppet, his expression severe. "As the Twili are an invading force and your sympathies appear questionable, I'm not sure I can trust your judgement. Make no mistake, while the Hylians certainly aren't without faults, they did not initiate this invasion and they did not employ the services of an outlaw fire mage that cost uncounted deaths both on the field of battle and off.

"I signed on to guide you because quite frankly I believed you too stupid to be capable of elaborate deception. I don't know what happened to you and I don't know why, but what I do know is that now that you're fully sentient you're exhibiting what appears to be increasingly anti-Hylian sentiments."

His jaw muscles flexed as he stared down the creature that appeared to be a man. He didn't recall himself ever being like this, any of the other times he'd been called upon to defend Hyrule. He had always been a white hat, but now he almost felt like an authoritarian.

"So I'm taking command of this mission, and if you have an issue with that then you can think real hard about the fact that you're alive right now, and be thankful I was in the right mood at the right time last night. Do you understand."

His fingers brushed the pommel of Morning's Edge as he looked into the eyes of the puppet. Habiki might have been new and 'improved', but he was hardly something that Darrel had never seen.

Day 3/Senshi

"Yes, because nothing could possibly go wrong with sending you to Hothnight's own personal play ground. No I'm think it's best you don't go there." he said promptly shooting down Lynn's plan. "You know more and more I'm wondering just how much he's influencing your thoughts, assuming not really in control right now and just playing us for fools again."

"Oh and by the way, I don't care how strong your friend. The simple fact that she's so close to you makes her the least qualified to keep an eye on you. Besides, that thing inside you will gladly hurt her just to twist your heart," he said gradually shifting to a serious tone. "Taden Hothnight does not kill his victims, he toys with them and toys with there souls by going after everything they hold dear. He plants the seeds of hatred in your heart so you'll keep coming after him again and again. Each time he takes a little more from you. He keeps going until you've lost everything in the only feeling you left in your heart is a seething hatred for him. I have no doubt he'll play that same game with you, and trust me, as you are now you'll never over come him."

He paused for a moment to calm himself, "besides keeping you out out of the fight is a waist. You now possess Shiekah combat skills and at least a part of Hothnight's magic. You're the best weapon we have again Kinslayer at the moment."

The golem had some friendly words for him before he left the room. Senshi couldn't help be think the construct was giving him far to much credit. Of course he was always harder on himself.  Habiki, as it was named, also made an rather surprising response Darrel. Senshi was finally starting to piece everything together, mainly how someone like Mytura could end up forming this group.

...And then Darrel went and made things worse.

"<Just keep walking for now and let my deal with Mytura. The last thing we need is you and him fighting. Just try and keep in mind that he means well despite his words. Oh and when you get the chance, I'd like to learn more about how you came to be. The fact that you know so much about light magic while being a Twili Golem intrigues me.>" he spoke into Habiki's mind.

He switch to Darrel "<Look Taichou, if I'm piecing this together the Golems current state of mind isn't to far off from a teenager's. Now I'm sure you care about the guy but if you act like that, we'll you'll just cause him to end up like me. Oh and no ones questioning your leadership, Ithan just didn't bother to invade your thoughts.>"

"Why is this so painfully familiar," he thought to himself. "And when the hell did I become the peace keeper of this crews."

Habiki/Evening Day 3/Hyrule Castle

Habiki stumbled into the lavatory, panting heavily. He wouldn't allow the others to see his moment of weakness.

He clutched at his chest as his face seized up in pain, falling back against the wall as he tried to gather his thoughts. Damn you Pheonix, why did you have to tell them I was dieing? How could you reveal something so personal? He limped into the stall and closed it behind him, and began to retch.

His mind was still reeling from the things Darrel had said. 

"Be thankful I was in the right mood at the right time last night!" His hand had twitched towards his sword as he had spoken. Why? thought Habiki. What did I do to deserve his ire? Worst of all, it had been such a slap to the face that Habiki was struck silent, completely unable to respond as he walked away.

This morning, a simpler Habiki would have considered Darrel a friend. Such was no longer the case. He realized now he didn't really know Darrel, had no idea what he stood for, what he was capable of. In fact, he didn't really know anybody. All he had were first impressions from a single day of acquaintanceship. All his true friends and family were all long since deceased, insane, or simply didn't care about him. He was alone.

He began to cough violently into the toilet, a strange, black liquid escaping from his lips.

Who can I trust? he begged in his head. Who will care what happens to me?

He continued to beg, until finally the answer struck him: no one. His stomach gave a sudden, horrible lurch, either from his illness or from the realization that he was friendless. He was the creation of the enemy, abandoned by the enemy...he was a pariah.

And yet he had to trust them, to be burdened with the fact that he even cared for them...a terrible feeling, to worry so much and know that it would never, could never, be reciprocated.

He slunk away from the toilet bowl now, his head in his hands, and he began to sob.

Suddenly he heard the voice of the Shinigami in his head. <Just keep walking for now and let me deal with Mytura. The last thing we need is you and him fighting. Just try and keep in mind that he means well despite his words. Oh and when you get the chance, I'd like to learn more about how you came to be. The fact that you know so much about light magic while being a Twili Golem intrigues me.>

Habiki then lowered his hands and scolded himself. He was being melodramatic, to be sure. It was unbecoming of a "Light Warrior," as his new comrades referred to themselves.

His emotional turmoil quelled for now, he still had his illness to contend with.

He was hacking uncontrollably, but he forced himself to stand. Limping out of the stall, he looked into the mirror. As he coughed, the skin around his eyes and lips began to crack, tracing shiny, specular black lines across his face, each cough causing the lines to pulse silvery and widen. He looked plague-ridden. He could not allow the others to see this.

He forced himself to stop coughing, burying the pain. Once he did that, he carefully patted down his skin, covering the cracks and sealing them, and wiping away the muck around his lips. Soon he looked normal again, no sign of what he'd just endured. He stood, careful not to reveal any sign of pain, and walked out, ready to rejoin the group.

Kae/Day 3/Hyrule Castle Tower Meeting/Evening

She bit her tongue many times based on what was said. Kae was out of her league with the powers assembled here, but the infusion of Nayru kept her somewhat at even keel. To explode after being called "God Girl" would have cost her dearly, but she did narrow her eyes at Senshi at the sound of that. 

Phoenix's confidence in her abilities also stirred well with her. But she got very worried when she saw Habiki arrive. The Solar and Lunar practicioners usually do not agree on moral and metamagical grounds, with Lunar casters more concerned about end result and Solar caring about the process. Lunar magicks as a whole were shrouded in more mystery and also had a bad connotation thanks to the psychic undercurrent connected with the attunement. Thought-snatchers was the vulgar argot used long ago...

Nora instructed Kae as a child to try to avoid that, and thus Kae refused to delve into someone's head without permission or in an emergency, meaning life or kingdom in danger.

The strategies presented still kept her silent. She nodded to Habiki and winced; his resonance made her feel uneasy.

Sun and Moon will learn to co-exist, somehow.

Not dying. She'd have to pick an easier quest rather than the one she wanted: to hit the battlefield hard. Lynn's idea was agreeable with her, as long as she didn't have to take Senshi with them. Her contempt of him was growing with the veiled insults and strong desire to kill her friend...she did not want an argument to break out during the mission that would come to blows. The last thing Hyrule needed was its heroes fighting amongst themselves.

A prophecy thrust fiercely into her mind with a voice she'd never heard before. It was rich, full of knowledge, and authoritative. Was it Nayru? She wasn't quite sure, but it made her head throb in intensity.

Dark crosses light. Light shatters Dark. Dark enters dark. Light shatters light.

She'd have to dwell on it later, but it was seared into her memory. She couldn't forget it even if she was rather freaky. It looked as though she'd seen a ghost momentarily.

"I think I'm with Lynn on this one. Give me something that is minimal risk; I will be a high profile target if the Twili confirm a newly-imbued Scion. Their knowledge of the metaphysical is vast. I'd love to go to the desert, but that is a bit higher on the danger-scale. And I will be able to assist with the next major battle...I will conjure two major star shards this evening. One for the new sword, and one for the Royal Army. If they feel overwhelmed, the person entrusted with it should throw it into the sky...and the unbridled wrath of the Three will rain down upon the enemy. Since I cannot be there in body for that, I wish to be there in spirit."

Kae quickly conjured her blade and levitated it in front of her.

"The shard, or fragment, or whatever you wish to call it will grow in potency the longer energy is funneled to it. I will set aside a sizeable amount each day. By the time we all return, it should be ready for use in forging the new blade. Some starmetal deposits might even form around it, and that'd be even better news. Those could also be used in its construction for psychic warding."

She dismissed the blade and concluded with her two rupees.

"I believe Lynn and I can handle that leg on our own. I can understand if people wish to keep their eyes on her thanks to the latest developments, but we can't thin the ranks too much on low-risk scenarios...and if someone wishes to keep a remote eye on us, I can conjure an item to allow them to do that."

Darrel Mytura - South West Tower - Third Evening

Watching Habiki retreat in the wake of his heated, confrontational outburst seemed to cause the shades of red he was seeing fade. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, exhaling and letting his hand drop from his sword hilt.

"Perhaps I went a bit too far..." he muttered, unsure of what had come over him. He'd been angry a lot over the past centuries, but he'd never felt like that. It was the oddest sensation, something he'd never experienced before. One thing he knew for sure was that he didn't like it. "I'll bring him back."

Darrel exited the chamber and hurried off, following the Twili puppet that he had deemed his charge. He tried to convince himself that that's what it had been, that he'd had a preexisting notion of Habiki and that it had been suddenly and unexpectedly shattered.

He knew deep down that that wasn't really what was going on here.

As he approached the privy the door swung open and out stepped the one that he had sought.

"Habiki, there you are. Perhaps we should speak privately before we go back in."
[b]Moran Taliesin - South West Tower - Third Evening[/b]

Moran had never seen Mytura like this. Things were happening too quickly, he hadn't anticipated anything like this for at least another several days. News of Telmar's rout of the Hylian forces however appeared to have accelerated matters. The reappearance of Taden Hothnight was something that he suspected also had a hand in what was happening.

Still, it wasn't important yet. Telmar had set this in motion days ago, but he still had time.

[color=white]"I'll travel with the group heading into Gerudo territory."[/color] he asserted, looking to those who remained. Kae in particular. She was more visible, at present, than he, who had taken so many steps to remain unnoticed over the ages. [color=white]"I'm not ignorant to the dangers there, I'll be just fine.

"A remote eye does no good for anyone if she kills you. You can't watch her every second, and Hothnight is patient if he's anything. You need a third party to watch her when you can't, or rather, when you [i]don't[/i]. You trust Lynn, you don't have the proper objectivity on the matter."[/color]

So many things all at once, so many different strands. They were all going to come together at some point down the road, and when they did the results would be catastrophic.

[i]This is a dangerous gambit, Chamdar. I hope you know what you're doing.[/i]

Raki/Evening Day 3/The Meeting

Raki had remained silent throughout the meeting. These people intimidated him, and he knew few of them. Even Habiki was somewhat unapproachable as he vehemently and forcefully declared his position and gave his suggestions.

The only one he really felt comfortable around was Kae, and unfortunately, due to the nature of the meeting, he couldn't exactly run over and say hello without looking disrespectful. Now that the meeting was concluded, though, he decided to do just that.

He ran towards his new friend and began to speak "Hey, Kae I-" when suddenly something caught his eye. He looked at it and saw for a split second a strange glint behind the Shinigami's cloak as it fluttered.

"Hey, mister Shinigami, what's that?" he said.

Habiki/Outside the Lavatory

"Habiki, there you are. Perhaps we should speak privately before we go back in."

Habiki struggled to keep the anger out of his eyes as the Sword of the Sunrise came upon him suddenly. He looked left down the hall, then right, saw that they were alone, and said simply "Go ahead, nothing's stopping you."

Senshi/Day 3

"DAMN IT! I've had enough!" shouted out letting loss the rage he'd spend most of his life suppressing. "Neither of to have a single ****ing clue about whats going on here so just shut the hell up and do what you're told." he boomed at the two Shiekah. "So help me in the name of your damned goddesses, there is no way I'm letting that thing alone with you. The last time he had a living body and was left alone with a young girl-" he cut himself short. In part because he didn't want to say to much but also because he could feel him power leaking out. His anger and caused him to loss the focus he needed to keep it in check.

He leaned against the wall facing away from the others trying desperately to regain control without the help of his charm. "Heh, temper temper. Bec areful or you might and up letting my take over."

"Shut up," he whispered under his breathe. "I don't need to here that from you."

"He's right Shinigami. Perhaps you should place your necklace back on."

"I've already figured out that it will take more then rage to trigger him, so let me be."

He took a deep breath to regain his cool. He had resealed his powers for the first time without the use of his charm or deep meditation. He knew it was a huge step but it still wouldn't help him in the heat battle. "Now, the two Sheikah and myself will head to Death Mountain to plead with the Goron. On the way we can plead with the Light Spirit in Kakariko. Hothnight can't fresh a whole volcano, I would hope, and me and the priestess here probably have the best chance of calling up the spirit aside from the Old man and possible that construct from what's been said. Mytura and the Golem can deal with what ever they have to do in the forest and talk to both spirits there at the same time. Ithan do what ever the hell you want, but please try and pass in intel between all the groups. Oldman, Phoenix, you two figure out the rest. Now unless someone here has a problem with this and truly believes they can do something to stand in my way, please speak up. If not I suggest we get some rest."

After a short pause he finally took notice of the young Zora that had entered with Habiki. "Yes?"

Raki/Evening Day 3/

"Yes?" said the man called Shinigami.

"Nothing, I guess," said Raki. "I just thought I saw a glint of something under your cloak."

He looked around at all the people, few of them familiar. "Hey, um...can I go with you guys? I only came here to help Habiki, but I don't think he really needs me anymore." his voice was tinged with sadness. "But I'm not going back to the fountain any time soon, I want to help."

Day 3/Castle/Senshi

"You're pretty observant," he said pulling out the Hero Bow, Light Arrow, and Terminian hookshot. "They're just a few things I grabbed out of the vault, but they're better suited for someone of your stature so take them." he said handing them over to the Zora child. Suddenly he found himself wishing he had the sense to grab the other two arrows as well but it didn't matter now.

At the same time he realize how bad that situation could have been. Had that kid noticed the sage medallion and noticed it he'd have a problem on his hand. He knew he needed to hand it off to someone since he'd be far to close to Lynn and quite frankly couldn't be trusted with it. The problem was who. Mytura and Chamder might use it as a bargaining chip, Ithan would probably give it to someone who'd use it, and the others were to trusting of Lynn. That aside he was concerned that to many people would find out about. He had to find a way to hide it on someone with out them knowing.

Lynn Annei/Noon 3/Meeting

Lynn glared at Shinigami. She was tired of the whiny brat talking down on her. She was sick of his barely veiled threats against her life. And she was fed up with his arrogant 'woe is me' hypocrisy.

"Listen, Dark-and-Brooding. You can go to hell. Straight to hell. Now, Kae and I are going to Snowpeak. Now, you can come along, or not, I don't care. But we should be fine with the two of us, and as Kae said, she can set up those sentry shards or whatever. She's the Scion of Nayru, and she can summon those things to protect us, her, at night. Or all the time. Whatever. Even if I am possessed, which, by the by, I'm not, I wouldn't be able to kill her when she's surrounded with those things."

Lynn shrugged, and continued, "I really don't mind you all wanting to "keep tabs on me" and have someone nearby just to assuage your baseless fears..." Then she pointed at Shinigami, with malice and intent. "...but I am not going anywhere with him."

Kae/Day 3/Tower Council/Evening

Kae narrowed her gaze once more. Senshi's arrogance was pressing thin on her nerves...she prayed quietly to keep herself in check, but she was on her last reserves. And Kae hardly ever got angry about anyone...what was wrong with her?

She reached her mind out to Moran's momentarily.

"If I am forced to go with Senshi it will not end well. I cannot stand to be around him for an iota of a moment...please find a way to place me elsewhere. I'd even consider going to the desert with you if I could, but I don't want to leave Lynn alone either...and he seems so attached to wanting to be around her. What do I do?"

"I don't rightly feel comfortable with that group arrangement. Give me some time to think about it. My presence might be better placed elsewhere."

Kae took a few steps back and gazed out at the night sky.

"I don't necessarily hold the same exact opinion that Lynn has, but I would feel more comfortable if Senshi was not grouped with me as well. It's siege fuel and fertilizer in the same canister; it's a bad idea. There are enough potent individuals here that another may accompany us to keep Hothnight's Host in check. As far as destination, that is an open decision for me at this time."

Senshi/Day 3

"Is that so, well..." he charge forward at the shiekah, drawing his sword and holding near her neck. He willingly left his power flow out just enough so as to reduce to heat of his blade so it wouldn't burn the women. At the same time he pulled out the other hookshot and pointed Kae's neck before she could react. "I recall saying you could only speak up in protest if you could do something about it. Do try and remember you don't have say in the matter here. Besides I already told you Hothnight does not fear the power of the Goddessess. The Oldman, Arch Angel, the sages of Stars and Winged Light, and an a few others all stronger and more experienced have gone up against him yet he survived." 

He turned his head slightly to address Kae, "You think talking Nayru makes you special, join club kid. I'm cursed by those three twice over and I could tell you horror stories about what some of there other victims have had to deal with. Hell I rather not think about what Taliesin has had to put up with. Truthfully I'll never understand how he can remain faithful after all those years. So unless those three dropped down here and take care of this issue themselves, and I know they can cause I saw them do it with Fallen Angel with my own eye, we'll be doing thing my way."

"Now, I am trying," he said turning his attention back to Lynn, "trying oh so hard to help you, but you just have to keep making it more and more difficult. If you'd learn to control that attitude of yours we might be able to come to a conclusion that even you'd be happy with. Oh and please lie to me and tell me that you don't want this plan to fail. We all know how you what to keep Hothnight inside of because your jealous of your little friend here. The kicker is I know away we can deal with Taden and you can keep some of his powers. The problem is, that way you are know, you'd never pull it off. And trust, I know a thing or two about dealing with inner demons, after all I've been down this path your taking."

Raki/Evening Day 3/Hyrule Castle

Raki drooled over the shiny tools and weapons that Senshi gave him.

"You know, I bet these are!" he gazed at the glowing tip of the Light Arrow, mesmerized by it, then secured his new tools to his person, placing the hookshot on his belt and strapping the bow to his pack.

He went to thank the Shinigami, but before he could, the argument between him and the Sheikah reached a boiling point, and soon his blade was at Kae's neck.

"EVERYONE STOP!" He screamed. "I. have. HAD IT! What is the matter with you people?!" suddenly he was livid, breathing heavily. "Lynn, quit with the attitude, shut the hell up and take the man's help. Kae, stop defending every damn thing that Lynn does when she's obviously in the wrong and people could die because of it! And Shinigami, get your blade the **** off my friend's neck, NOW!"

When none of them reacted, he exploded. "MOVE IT!"

Kae/Day 3/Tower Council/Evening

She wasn't expecting violence to break out. And she was glad she'd lifted it up in prayer only a moment earlier; a strange calm had come over her while keeping an assertive air.

"Case in point, right here. We haven't even journeyed out and we're at each other's throats. Whether my judgment is clouded based on affiliation or not, the fact that we're near coming to blows is a very bad sign. Everyone just stand down and keep it civil. Otherwise nothing will get done."

Kae could feel the sapping power of the Light Arrow and it wasn't even active. The further attuning made her vulnerability to Light powers worse. Technically, she was weak to her own abilities. Pure light energy would probably kill her if she was struck with it. Warlock's curse of sorts. She gave a wary eye to Raki and motioned for him to put the bow away.

That arrow is my antithesis. Try to avoid using it around me...

Lynn Annei/Noon 3/Meeting Room

Shinigami charged forward, and Lynn reacted fast as she could, grabbing the hilt of the sword on her hip before he had crossed all the way. She was about to unsheathe the weapon when she felt the warmth of the steel against her throat. She was only a bit too slow, not expecting him to actually take such an aggressive action here, in Hyrule Castle, among all these powerful people.

She peered into his dark eyes.

"Whatever inner demons haunt you, you deserve each and every one of them. You tell me to 'control my attitude'? Do it yourself."

All the while she slowly edged the sword from its hilt while inching little by little away from Shinigami's weapon. When she had her neck back enough to avoid any jerk reactions from the man, she pulled the Biggoron's Sword from its magical sheathe and swung it toward Shinigami. After it cleared the final edge of the sheathe, it grew and expanded to its full size, banging against Shinigami's armor and pushing him away from her.

"Now, do you really want me to 'do something about it'? Because, frankly, at this point, I'm willing to put you in your damn place."

Senshi/Day 3

Senshi would have been willing to back down at after the young Zora shouted out but Lynn was quick to react. "Whatever inner demons haunt you, you deserve each and every one of them. You tell me to 'control my attitude'? Do it yourself." she said before forcing him back with her new toy. "Now, do you really want me to 'do something about it'? Because, frankly, at this point, I'm willing to put you in your damn place."

"Yes I deserve them and many more, but your sins are the same as mine so where does that leave you. But yes, show me just what your capable of." He placed his charm back on knowing full well he'd only lose complete control at this point.

He made an obvious charge for the Shiekah looking as if he was going to swing but instead fired the hook shot into the ceiling just as she swung at him. He quickly release landed on top of the massive blade then pointed his own sword, now in full blaze at her face. "I told you to take the smaller one, that's far to big for you."

"Oh and young one, I applaud your courage in trying to prevent this, but next time you want to some me from hurting someone you care about you'd better point a weapon at me."

Lynn Annei/Noon 3/Meeting Room

Lynn was taken aback when Shinigami landed on her sword, and it was all she could do to hold the blade upright when his scorching blade was pointed, very closely, toward her face. "The only thing too big in here is your ego. And this blade serves its purpose."

She suddenly let go of the Biggoron's Sword, and both it and Shinigami crashed to the floor. As the man fell, she jumped backward out of the path of his sword, and then spring-boarded off the wall behind her with her legs, pulling her personal wakizashi pair from their sheathes on her back, swinging them over her head mid-air, and landed straddling Shinigami's chest, with her knees pining his arms and both blades crossed in an X over his neck.

"See? Caught you off guard talking to the Zora brat." She smirked down at him, reveling in the sudden reversal.


Raki put his palm to his face as Lynn drew her sword on Shinigami. How stupid can you get?

He was seething with anger at how they had completely ignored his advice. Deep down he knew that for once, it had nothing to do with him being a child...for once, it was simply reason they wouldn't listen to. Still, it offended his sensibilities deeply.

"You know, I really don't like being ignored," he said, angered that his voice still fell upon deaf ears.

"Look, there is nothing to defend here! Lynn, put down the sword already! He's not trying to kill you! Why do you keep insisting that, when he was the one who insisted forging a new sword was a bad idea because it would hurt you?! Don't you see, he has done nothing but try to help!"

No one was listening to one was listening to him.

Suddenly his tone of voice changed, instantly transitioning from panicked to ruthlessly calm. He shook his head.

"You children force my hand." he said in a deep monotone whisper, and suddenly a fell wind picked up around him. His eyes began to glow a vicious silver, the wind enveloping his entire body, all condensing into a single ball of moving air cupped in his webbed hands. His skin seemed to be getting tight around him, as if he was growing within it, and it could no longer contain him.

"Not exactly a weapon, Senshi Ma, but it should suffice."

In a split second, he pulled his hands from the center, separating the wind, and shot his arms out towards each of their weapons, sending a gust towards his blade and hers. With luck, they'd be disarmed before they even realized anything had happened.

Lynn Annei/Noon 3/Meeting Room

Suddenly Lynn's swords were wrenched sideways, away from Shinigami's throat, and she was jerked along with them. She managed to catch herself with her elbows before hitting the floor, but was no longer pining Shinigami to the floor. Without time to think about what happened, she turned and raised her weapons into a defensive stance to ward off an follow-up attacks.

Since when is the paladin a telekinetic as well as telepath?

"Raki" (for lack of a better term)

<Never, Lynn Annei. Senshi Ma was never a telekinetic. It was I who disarmed you, the "Zora brat", to use your ridiculously primitive colloquial phrasing.> He chuckled inside her head. <Oh, yes, I am able to read your each and every thought like a children's book. Now I suggest you drop your weapons on the floor, child, for you do not wish to invoke the wrath of the Wind Fish. >

Senshi/Where the fun is at.

"Tell me know Miss, what was its Annei, if we're so weak then how did you get me in this position. I may be younger then most of the other relics here but I just as strong and just as experienced. I doubt your friend could have pulled this off. Blow up the tower maybe, but she'd be hard pressed to beat me. It kind makes having ice magic a bit pointless doesn't. Like almost like tieing a club to the tip of a spear." He slowly reached for his necklace entering to blow her off with his dark magic. 

"Then again..." before he could finish Lynn was knocked off him by what seemed to be a blast from the kid. Before he could get back to his feet a second blast smashed into him sending him sliding back back into the far wall. "That's more like it," he said climbing back to his feet, "wait, what did you just call me!?" 

Kae/Day 3/Council Tower/Evening

"I'll handle Snowpeak myself then if you all want to play into the Twili's hands. Cut this **** out!"

Kae's anima started to flare. A few subtle wisps of violet-white light cascaded out before an aura enveloped the rest of her being. Her hair got kicked up by the winds as a result, though no structural damage came of it. Her eyes became bright and her ink began to sparkle. A handful of star shards began to encircle her as well.

"This is for my own defense. It needs to bloody stop. The fact that it's going this far is showing irreparable differences within our makeup. And if no one heeds my words in this case, there's not much we're going to be able to do. Hyrule will fall, and you'll have yourselves to blame! You two can kill each other later, when a lot less is on the line."

Don't take the bait, Kae. If you avoid combat, you will prove yourself even more. This Shinigami fellow...whatever the curses are, this is why I trained you as I have. So you don't end up dealing with permanent backlashes.

"I refuse to enter combat. I'd prefer to get back on task!"

Senshi/Day 3

"Play into there hands, believe me this isn't helping them. Besides I'm not trying to kill her, I'm trying to save her. Other wise I would have actually stuck with my blade instead of pointing just close enough for her to feel a little heat," he spoke in his normal calm tone with a hint of friendless.

"Come to think of it, if avoiding combat is so important to you then my plan is prefect. Kakariko is safe as you can get and Death Mountain posses no greater threat then Snowpeak, plus it wont risk Lynn losing control. As for your issues with me, well your stuck with me either way. Beside you and her can deal with me, and I can deal with Hothnight. The evil spirit is under close watch and the traitorous bastard has two Shiekah keeping an eye one him. Besides there will be a forth person with us. The baby sitter Phoenix already assigned me."

"Our respective youthful angst aside, what just happened with the kid?"


The Wind Fish heard the words of the prodigal Light Warrior, and was pleased. He turned to Kae.

"Forgive me, young Scion, but I believe the situation has already begun the movement toward equilibreum without your help," said the Wind Fish. "Such outbursts are no longer neccessary. I can handle Lynn Annei and the son of Seishi Ma just fine...and if they continue to fret, I will simply bind them into temporary paralysis with my winds and carry them myself." 

He looked about the group sternly. "So here is what we are going to do. You are all going to forget your so-called differences and work towards a cause greater than yourselves. No more bickering or you shall be punished. We head out as a group. If we must, we will decide our destination later. And if we truly cannot work as a cohesive unit, then so be it, we shall separate. But for now, you will all at least make an attempt to be civil, or I just may send you before Nayru herself for discipline, and I don't think she would be pleased."

He rolled his eyes, and then looked to each of them in turn. "Oh, and one more thing. None of you shall speak of this to anyone, do you understand?" he turned from them then, leaving them to their own devices, and walked towards the open window, muttering to himself. The others couldn't hear all of it, but there was a surprising amount of repetition of "insolence", "impudence", and "damaging my avatar".

Rest At Last Edit

Ithan/The Meeting

Ithan's own patience was near limitless, but it was a trait he hadn't always been known for, and silence was also not something he was so well known for. Thus, he once again took it upon himself to speak, instead of blindly invading other minds and risking the startling of those who were unable to reply in kind.

"Hyrule will fall no matter what we do. I believe you have all made the mistake of believing that Hyrule as it stands now will always be this way. It is clearly already a weak place that stands to crumble. If you all are so intent upon being some sort of group of warriors for the sake of light, then it will be your Hyrule when this war is over, not the Hyrule we stand in now."

<And Senshi, I believe you have proven that your abilities to maintain control are limited by your own emotions and desires.>

"...And while I once considered it wise to wait to reveal this, I suppose now is the right time to do so." Ithan held out an open hand and a very small, but rapidly growing orb of blue energy with yellow sparks grew from it. It hovered out of his hand and into the center of the room where it took on a shimmering, transparent image, the image of Davus Fulmen.

<Davus Fulmen.> Ithan projected to all in the room. <Fulmen the Feared.>

"The man who attacked Castle Town several days ago was the last remnant of Davus Fulmen, a rotting corpse deprived of the greater portion of his own soul. It was only through his own mastery of his element that he could maintain a physical form - and much of it was magical energy at that." Ithan paused, and smirked, showing his first emotion physically since he arrived.

<Nothing to fear anymore.> Ithan projected to all the minds around him.

"This Davus existed because long ago the original was in a great battle - a battle that tore his soul apart. I destroyed the part of his soul that made him who he was, but a portion escaped with his last great storm. After the show that his spectre put on in castle town three days ago, he encountered me. I destroyed the last of his soul, except for one small relic that was left behind when I crushed both his body and mind."

<His staff.> Ithan held out the staff as he once more entered the minds of his ally's.

"But unlike the cloak that our young Lynn donned, this staff does not crackle with energy, nor does it harbor the soul of a villain long past. It is a lifeless creation, left by chance as lightning struck the very earth that Davus died upon. I saw to it myself that the staff not contain his essence."

<But it should not be destroyed without first considering our options.>

"I believe that this staff still has the power to control the storm. And the question now remains: Do we destroy it? Or do we try to harness its power?"

<I leave the answer to all of you.>


The kid spoke of things the he shouldn't know, in a manner and a kid wouldn't speak in. "Just what are?" he said slowly removing his hood.

Before he could get an answer Ithan took the stage. 

<And Senshi, I believe you have proven that your abilities to maintain control are limited by your own emotions and desires.> the telepath spoke into his mind. Senshi couldn't help but admit the truth in that.

"<True, but the threat isn't that my emotions can set off my powers, it's that we don't know which ones will do it. Either way I've manage to keep the demon in check will enough and I'm gaining control of my powers. As for my action, can you really blame me. I'm watching this women make every mistake that I once made. Mistakes that I only lived through because I had help, now I'm trying my damnedest to help her in return. To make matters worse I'm watching this girl about to suffer a similar fate to Ayala. Tell me you wouldn't be acting the same if what happen to my sister happened to Masa.>

Before Ithan responded the truth about Davus was brought to light. "So you finally pulled it off. I'm glad, now two of those Legends are dead. It does explain why he acted in such an odd way when I encounter in though. Anyway it doesn't matter, now we only need to deal with Hothnight and the substitute Fire mage."

It was a huge weight off Senshi's shoulders. Fulmen's death meant many things for him. The death of one so dangerous that even Death Angel would come forth. The Death of the one Legendary Mage who's power he couldn't counter. Most of all the death of another one of his child hood nightmares.

"I really don't care what you do with that stick, just put it were someone wont grab it by accident. Wait a second, didn't Fulmen has a both or something, and didn't that other guy with the Sun and Moon powers have some kind of relation to them as well," Senshi inquired having never fully understood the scoop of the Fulmen family tree but figuring Ithan did. "Couldn't those two be an issue now that you've finally killed a family member."

”Wind Fish”

He hated revealing himself to others, hated breaking the magical bonds of identity that tied him to any given incarnation of himself. So much so that he always spent the time between his many lifetimes crafting false identities and pseudonyms for just such an emergency, where he had to shed his current identity and become the real “him”...though luckily, such emergencies were rare.

He was a decent liar, and playing the part of a demi-god wasn’t very difficult for him. Though usually, he only had to play such a role for a few hours before reasserting the identity of the flesh and going on his merry way. This was different: these were potentially long-term allies…and he had just claimed he was the god-damned Wind Fish. He didn’t have the power to make them believe for long. What had he gotten himself into? Damn it, I should have just let Lynn cut his throat. he though bitterly.

Upon hearing Ithan's voice, "Wind Fish", or the being that called itself the Wind Fish, smiled, still facing the window. That staff could allow me to keep up this charade long enough to get through this.

"I do not think it wise to entrust the staff of Fulmen the Feared to mortals," he said sternly. "No matter how small, some kernel of his existence may yet dwell in that staff. 

The soul is surprisingly resilient. There are those who believe it can never fully be destroyed, I among them. I have seen a great many believed to have been wiped from existence bring themselves back through sheer force of will." His hands were crossed behind his back.

"I should know," he said, turning from the window to face Ithan. "I was one of them." he always thought it a plus when he could weave a grain of truth into his stories, making them easier to remember. 

He took firm, almost march-like steps toward Ithan. "And that is why I believe the staff's rightful place is with me." He showed no hint of his strong desire for it, trying to feign sharp pragmatism. "I am master of the winds, Cyclos and Zephos were my disciples, and though Davus Fulmen's primary power was lightning, the storm is nothing without the wind. 

It is for this reason I believe I can, with time, augment its power to suit my own vision of the storm...and for the time being, my own power limited greatly by my cherubic avatar, I believe that would be an enormous benefit." He turned toward Senshi. "If you like, I can return your toys to you, son of Seishi."


"Keep them, just stop calling me that. Also if it's at all possible, give that kid back control of his body and don't come out again unless you're needed. I'm started to like the half pint I know what it's like to have divine beings take control of you so I don't want to see him have to suffer through it."

Lynn Annei/Noon 3/Meeting

Seeing as no one was attacking her, Lynn stood up and relaxed a bit, though still keeping a way eye on Shinigami and her swords out and ready. Or, not Shinigami. Senshi Ma, son of Seishi Ma. Yes, Lynn had heard of the Ma family. What Sheikah hadn't? Knights of the Hylian Royal Family, way way back in history. Fought in the Imprisoning War. Aided the Legendary Hero of Time. They were something of an ideal for devout servants of Hyrule.

Which is why it came as such a shock and disappointment to learn that this idiot was a prodigy of the line.

"I know the name Seishi Ma." she said. "His history is one that I studied when training as a Sheikah. How he fought in the Imprisoning War, aided the Hero of Time... To think that you come from his line. He would be so very disappointed in you."

Polaris/ Castle Tower/ Day 3

Having been content to play the role of bystander during the small skirmish that had erupted, Polaris sat in a shadowy corner, feet up, observing, enjoying the show. Lynn had actually seemed to hold her own much better than he'd expected. He would've been impressed, and technically, still was, but Raki, the bookworm he'd scolded just the day before, had pulled something out of left field and one-upped everyone in the room. The Windfish. Now that, was interesting.

Rising and applauding Polaris entered the conversation again, "Bravo, bravo. No seriously guys, I'm impressed. I suppose I should've blasted someone with a jet of ice just to say I participated."

Stepping closer to the rest of them so there was no doubt that his words were heard, "Now, I don't really care what happens to Davus' staff, nor do I care to know what the hell just happened to you Raki, I'm just interested to know where I get to go, and when we're actually going to start doing something. I'm quite familiar with Snowpeak, I lived in a damn cave on the side of that blasted mountain for longer than any of you would care to know. I'd prefer NOT to go back there, but I will. What I'd really like to do is fight. Go to the front lines, introduce myself to the invaders and, if I must, the pyro. That IS why I joined you in the first place Lynn, Kae. Now, I know that Telmar isn't necessarily vulnerable to water and ice, but...well, I said I'd find him, I'd like to keep my word."


The worst case scenario had come about, the Shiekah knew who he was, well part of it anyway. At this point it really didn't matter, though. They were able to learn to mistrust him long before they learned of his background. There was no risk of the them having misconceptions about him base on his lineage. In other words he could still use Lynn to give the old farts piece of mind as he roamed free, and he could relay on Kae in case his worst fears came true.

"Most father's are disappointed in there sons. It doesn't really matter though, he's idiot after all. Besides if some of the actions I've taken that earned you contempt are similar to how he would act." he could help but notice Phoenix trying muffle a sinker at his comments. In the past this situation would have brought a rise out of him, but right now he had much greater concerns

The older Zora spoke up with willingness to go the Snowpeak. "Oh so you're an ice mage too. Well this is perfect, you can probably handle Snowpeak by yourself. I other words there's no reason for these two to go there."

Polaris/ Castle Tower/ Day 3

"Oh so you're and ice mage too. Well this is perfect, you can probably handle Snowpeak by yourself. In other words, there's no reason for these two to go there."

Smirking at Senshi, whom he thought may have known or at least heard echoes of Polaris, the undead Zora general. But those echoes, were just that, most people aside of those overly familiar with legend, wouldn't have a clue who he was. All the better."Yes, I can manipulate both water and ice, and as I said, if need be, I'll travel back to Snowpeak and retrieve the needed mineral, I'd prefer not to travel alone, but we are spread quite thin as it is, so if no one can be spared to join me, then so be it."

Moran Taliesin - South West Tower - Third Evening

"Very well, Polaris goes to Snowpeak, I go to the desert. If you don't mind, Shinigami, I would prefer if Kae and Lynn accompanied me. I have just as much experience with Hothnight if not a great deal more." he told the necromancer, honoring his desire that he not be called by his true name, even though the infantile Zora had already spoiled that secret.

I'll do what I can to help. I would like the chance to further investigate Lynn's possession and it will give you and I more time to talk.

"Habiki and Raki are already bound to the forest, as are Ithan and Darrel it would appear. I would prefer to pare that group down more and Ithan seems fairly committed. There are two more objectives that need to be addressed. Harrying the Twili invaders and tying up Telmar if he is with them, and traveling into the Goron mines."

He looked around, at how they fell apart at the slightest sign of unrest. How could they succeed if they were going to fight each other. Darrel he understood, Darrel didn't know and he didn't understand. Lynn too, perhaps. But the rest...

"Any takers?"

[b]Darrel Mytura - With Habiki - Third Evening[/b]

[color=orangered]"I'm sorry for what I said in there, I honestly don't know what possessed me to say it."[/color] said he in a sincere tone. He was still shaken a bit by how he'd acted in there and he was desperately trying to regroup, to regain some sense of himself.

[color=orangered]"Look I didn't leave my home because I wanted to be a leader, I left my home because I felt like it was what I needed to do. Shinigami picked me to play the leader and all of the sudden it was all I saw, a sudden burden of lives and fates placed on my shoulders."[/color] he rubbed at his eyes and then stroked the smooth line of his jaw, taking a deep breath. [color=orangered]"Who the leader is, well that's of little importance. It's your charge to go to the Deku Tree, but it's my charge to see you there safely. More so now than ever, if a leader is what I'm supposed to be. I respect your desire not to do harm to the Twili [i]or[/i] the Hylians, but this is a time of war and we're not fighting for the Interlopers. They are the invaders, the aggressors, and we are what is ultimately going to stop them. They'll be in the forest and we will have to deal with them. However if you are so averse to it then I'll try and do most of the killing from here on out.

"Habiki I considered you a friend when you were a different person. I would like to consider you a friend now, and I'd like to be able to work together."[/color] Slowly he held out his hand to the construct. No, not to 'the construct', to Habiki. [color=orangered]"Forgive me for losing my head?"[/color]

IC: Felina - Castle Tower - day 3

Felina watched from the sidelines as the rest of the group bickered about leadership roles and who would be traveling with whom. She herself really didn't have any preference on who should go where. Senshi probably did have a good point about sending Lynn to Snowpeak, a place where Taden's soul would feel at home. The Goron Mines were probably the lowest priority for the time being, as that was where they would have to deliver the metal ore anyway. Fighting against the Twili's main forces was rather unappealing however, which left Snowpeak and the Desert.

Should she offer to join the old frosty zora or the old mage... The mage had indicated a desire to take along the sheikahs to keep them out of trouble. So Snowpeak seemed the best choice.

"Since most of the other areas are adequetly covered or are less of a priority right now I will travel to Snowpeak as well. Considering the mines were intentionally sealed we can probably make a safe bet that some manner of safeguards and traps have been put in place to protect it from intrusion." Felina spoke up glancing at the elder Zora. "I don't think the two of us have been properly introduced yet, I am Felina Xiphias." she spoke as she extended a hand towards the Zora.

In the back of her mind she couldn't help but feel troubled by the younger zoras claim of being the Windfish. She had heard tales of the Windfish before and none of them indicated that he willingly took the form of mortals to mingle with them, let alone actually try to meddle in their affairs. His domain was the vast sea afterall. Giving the display of power however the possibility couldn't be ruled out entirely.

Evening 3/Castle/Senshi

"A fair compromise, besides sticking with you would probably be wise all things considered." He said in response to Chamders proposal. Everyone else seemed to have there targets chosen as well. The Castle wouldn't have a a dedicated guard like Phoenix wanted but he could manage that himself if he dropped the oldman disguise.

"Wait a second, did she say Xiphias?" he thought to himself.

"Wind Fish/Night 3/The Meeting"

Whenever he broke the bonds of the flesh, the burst of mental energy often gave him a brief but terrific psychic sense, which had been perfect for intimidating Annei and Ma into believing he was somehow omnipotent. It had already subsided, and he could no longer rely on their inner thoughts to pull their strings, but it had done the trick. He was fairly certain they were convinced.

He was beginning to believe he could pull this off. They had all proved surprisingly helpful in his bid to deceive them.

Annei was a foolish clod, she barely understood the world of magic at all, she would never suspect because she would never comprehend. Even now she firmly denied the presence of Hothnight within her.

Ithan would surely deem to grant him the staff of Fulmen, which would amplify his wind, if only a little, and grant him control of lightning. This would be a very effective tool in trying to demonstrate “godly” powers. Still, he knew these people, aside from Lynn, were hard to impress. And even she was beginning to grow accustomed to such things. He’d have to rely on showmanship to sell it.

Senshi Ma had even given him an out: “If it's at all possible, give that kid back control of his body and don't come out again unless you're needed. I've started to like the half pint. I know what it's like to have divine beings take control of you, so I don't want to see him have to suffer through it." 

Perfect, directly inviting him to reassert the identity of the flesh, to slink back into obscurity in the mists of “Raki” and possibly avoid this charade altogether in favor of a snarky child.

The only real contingency was Kae. She knew her folklore: she would know that the Wind Fish was not a wrathful god, but a jovial one. He might be able to get away with claiming he was "nothing like the stories portrayed," or that “this is a time of war, such levity must be suspended,” but she also communicated with those same gods that he claimed to walk among. If anyone were to discover his deception, it would be her.

“Very well, Senshi Ma,” he said, his smile only thinly veiling the relief that Ma had provided a temporary solution for him. “But remember…if you breathe a word of this to Raki…you shall be severely punished.”

He began to focus on the loose thread of consciousness that was Raki, the shell of awareness in which he shielded himself from the outside. In his mind’s eye, an ethereal blue strand attached itself to the base of his skull, then slowly spread a translucent blue husk over the rest of his head. His mind began to cloud over, to forget, and the chatter of “Raki’s” thought patterns began to overwhelm. He began to recede physically as well, the tension of his skin gone slack as he once again took the stature of a child.

Raki looked up at the face of Senshi Ma. “Why are you staring at me, Shinigami?”

Habiki/Night 3/Outside the Lavatory

The Sword of the Sunrise stood before him, humbly apologizing for his earlier outburst, and Habiki couldn’t help but feel somewhat swayed.

I respect your desire not to do harm to the Twili or the Hylians, but this is a time of war and we're not fighting for the Interlopers. They are the invaders, the aggressors, and we are what is ultimately going to stop them. They'll be in the forest and we will have to deal with them. However if you are so averse to it then I'll try and do most of the killing from here on out.”

Habiki shook his head.

“You forget that a people is not their military. There are surely civilian Twili as well, and certainly there are those who don’t wish Hyrule ill. In times of war, it is the leaders who demand conquest, and the people are merely their pawns. The moment I see evidence that the Twili are the army of evil you think them to be, please believe I will be the first to hoist the Hylian flag above them…until then, I refuse to follow any misguided notions of ‘the promised land’. There is no reason to advocate this war, even if they are the invaders. We are Light Warriors, we should seek to quell the violence, not condone it for the sake of national pride.”

Darrel looked at him, saw that he was unmoved, and made his appeal personal.

"Habiki, I considered you a friend when you were a different person. I would like to consider you a friend now, and I'd like to be able to work together." He reached his hand out to Habiki.

Habiki nodded. “We may disagree on method, but in the blade we have a common goal. He clasped Darrel’s hand firmly with both hands, and shook. “I won’t let you down, I promise."

He tightened his grip on Darrel’s hand, and suddenly heard a faint crack. He quickly released his grip on Darrel and glanced quickly at his own hand, a single fault running along his palm, eerie blackness pouring forth. He quickly thrust it down to his side, praying Darrel had not seen it.

He looked away from his comrade then. “W-we should head back to the others,” he said, suddenly awkward, and walked away, still nursing his injured hand.

Darrel Mytura - With Habiki - Third Evening

"Good idea..." he muttered, withdrawing his hand quickly upon seeing the damage that the handshake had done to his companion. There was too much happening all at once for them to dilly-dally. Besides, the sooner they got the meeting over with the sooner they could travel south and find the mineral that Habiki needed.

Side by side they headed back down the corridor toward the chamber where the others still discussed matters.

"You're wrong you know." he said, looking sideways at Habiki, never breaking his gait. "Even the Twili leadership does not hold magical sway over its people. Even the lowest of foot soldiers is culpable in this matter, they have willingly suspended reason in favor of blind obedience, and the cost is Hylian lives. They left their homes, not by the point of a sword but the point of a pen."

He started to cough all of the sudden, bile rising up in his throat. He managed to suppress the sudden feeling of illness but it left him a bit dizzy.

"The blood on their hands is their doing. Their leaders didn't force them onto the field of battle, they marched there. They're guilty. If they're out there, among that horde, willingly committing murder and violence where it was unprovoked, then they're guilty."

The feeling of nausea was just beginning to wear off when they walked back into the meeting chamber.

Habiki/Night 3/The Meeting

As they reentered the meeting chamber, their debate continued.

"Ultimately, their guilt is irrelevant," said Habiki. "Choosing to join them in reckless blade-swinging makes the Hylian's just as culpable in whatever results...he who fights monsters, and all that."

He looked sternly at his comrade. "They may march by the pen rather than the sword, but so too do the Hylians. They march with the same blind fervor, and people like Lynn are the result. Focusing on who made the first blow is a children's game, it is foolish to find merit in such behavior. 

You speak of the loss of Hylian life. But if the two factions really choose to make an arms race out of this, it will cost far more of the same. And still you put it in terms of "Hylian lives" and "Twili lives", judging worth by nation...what matters is that lives are on the line, and that is all." 

He paused for a moment, and then summed it up in a single phrase. "Remember, an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. I do not condone the behavior of the Twili...but paying evil unto evil will get you nowhere."

And then he was silent, eyeing the group and praying they had all come to agreement about their tasks.

Darrel Mytura - With Habiki - Third Evening

"The Hylians fight for their lives, there is no guilt in that. Put yourself under threat, do you blindly surrender your own right to life because of some misguided sense of moral superiority? No, you don't." Darrel said through gritted teeth. "The lives of the aggressors mean nothing, they're made worthless by their despicable actions. The Twili army will march forward, they will press their advantage and innocent lives will be lost. The Hylians are not the aggressors, they're just trying to survive."

The dizziness was back again but he fought it off.

"There is no evil in trying to preserve and protect lives. What choice do the Hylians have but to fight back? They did no evil unto the Interlopers but there was evil done unto them regardless. I know you don't believe in black and white, but in some matters you have to accept that there is a right and a wrong. The Twili invade, they slaughter and they'll likely enslave if they succeed. The Hylians, within their own borders, fight to keep safe the citizens of the realm, citizens that have done nothing to the invaders. They fight for their survival. So I'm sorry, but this is a matter of black and white, guilty and innocent. The Twili are the guilty party.

"And I'll kill every last one of them if it will save the lives that they put under threat by their blood lust and warmongering."

Senshi/Evening 3

"But remember…if you breathe a word of this to Raki… you shall be severely punished." the Windfish warned before returning control to the kid.

"No need to threaten, some of us can keep secrets." he shot back before the being completely faded away.

“Why are you staring at me, Shinigami?” Raki asked now that he was back in control. It seemed the boy faced the same memory issues that he had to put up with when Death Angel took control. Though at least Death would usually fill him in afterwords. 

"Long story kid, don't worry about it. Nice job stopping that fight though."

Habiki/Night 3/The Meeting

This debate was making him weary.

"Forget it, Darrel. We don't have to discuss this right now." he looked over at his friend, and saw him give a terrible, wheezing cough. If he hadn't just left the lavatory with a similar cough, and known himself to be terminal, Darrel's quickly passing discomfort wouldn't have worried him much. As it stood, it troubled him greatly. "Woah, are you okay? That doesn't sound too good," he said, doing his best not to sound overly panicked.

Polaris/ Castle Tower/ Day 3

The young girl who seemed to know so much introduced herself, "I don't think the two of us have been properly introduced yet, I am Felina Xiphias." as she extended forth her hand in greeting.

Xiphias, another name that echoed in the past. One that Polaris was positive he'd heard before, but having heard a family name and actually having encountered one of that lineage were obviously two different things. The life of seclusion he'd forced upon himslf after the war had it's perks, but it also limited ones opportunites to make acquaintances.

Nodding to acknowledge her greeting, Polaris extended his right arm, covered in the funerary tattoos of his tribe and family, markings that extended up both arms, onto his chest, back and portions of his legs, to approach such a spectacle spoke of her fortitude. He responded to her in kind as he wrapped he hand in his frigid grasp, "My surname has long been abandoned for various reasons. I'm known only as Polaris nowadays. It's a pleasure to meet you ma'am, and I'd be more than glad to have company on the coming journey. Especially that of one such as yourself who may well know the location of what it is we search for."

Phoenix/Meeting/Noon-ish Day 3

Phoenix shook his head as Senshi and the Sheikah had their little scuffle. At this point, it was better to let them have their displays of dominance and get it out of their system before the real problems began. And he was ready to intervene if things got too serious. He was wary of Lynn, knowing that Taden was somewhere under the surface, but she seemed, for now, to have control. Hothnight was patient, that much was true.

His mind wandered from there as the fight continued. Hothnight. Telmar. Mytura. Taliesin. Chiara. Polaris. Even Senshi, here. And of course Kokage always out in the forest. Plus, now, these new warriors. Lynn. Kae. Habiki, even. Whatever soldiers were allied with the Twili Interlopers... the Ice Mage that attacked Castle Town. Even Fulmen, for the briefest of moments.

It was history, resurfacing and repeating. There was a large conflict, and the Light Warriors rallied to Hyrule, while the Dark Warriors assaulted the kingdom. There was only one thing bothering Phoenix in this contemplation. The Light Warriors were not destined to defend Hyrule. They rose up in a time that saw no Destined Hero, Chosen by the Goddesses. And like the Hero that they replaced, it was their duty not to defend Hyrule, but to defend the Sacred Realm. This said something about the true nature of the Twili, he was certain. But at what level of their organization did this lust for the Power of the Triforce reside?

His reverie was broken when Lynn was able to pin Senshi to the floor, her blades at his neck. Now, that was interesting. And she thought herself weak? Anyone gaining the upper-hand on that boy had to have quite some skills or power. Before he could do anything to divert a potentially disastrous decision by Senshi, or one of his inhabitants should the wrong emotion surface and weaken his spiritual resistance, Lynn was sent flying back and the unassuming Zora child suddenly became more interesting. Someone in intel had really dropped the ball with Zora Domain scouting, apparently.

Phoenix decided would be best, at this point, to observe, and gather what information he could...

Wind Fish entity. Interesting. The situation, again, resolved itself without his having to get involved. It was always better that way, allowing the new heroes (and some of the old ones, admittedly) to sort through it and learn for themselves. Once everyone seemed to settle a bit and decide where they were going, it appeared to be time for him to take charge as the highest ranking military figure present.

"So, everyone's settled on what they're doing, then?" No objections were raised. "Good! If anyone wants to get started on your journeys, there are still a few many hours of daylight left. If not, I can get you a room in the castle and you can leave in the morning. Anyone staying after mid-day had better be people staying with me to defend Castle Town.

"So... get going! Hyrule won't defend itself, you know. Oh... except you two. Darrel, Kae, I need to talk to you. Everyone else can go."

Kae/Day 3/Evening/Tower Council

Phoenix wanted to talk to her...

I am going to train Jaden quickly in the artes he has practiced. It will require a day's worth of time, but he is my alternative measure for Hyrule's defense. The Chieftain has considered choosing him as the heir apparent. A Bryseis Moonchild in charge of our people with a war hero's accreditation would be good, no?"

I see no issue with it. You've been our spiritual counsel for the past 4 chieftains I believe? And you've trained each one. an interesting choice.

It takes me 3 months to train one properly. Jaden's so gifted that I can handle him in a day, to be honest. These times are too trying and we are blessed to have him.

Kae looked a little shocked after the mental exchange with Nora. But it was good news for Phoenix though, if they could hold out for a day to wait for him. What she didn't know was that he was a sole survivor of the rout that had occurred earlier that day. And she also didn't know how the hell he was so lucky to be dodging so many brushes with death.

"Sir Phoenix, before we begin again, I do have some news to pass along. Nora just contacted me, and she is going to train my brother Jaden as a Chieftain's heir. He's a Moon-child like me, and is highly gifted in combat artes. It'll take a day, but he will be available for Hyrule's defense very soon. I don't know exactly what she's going to do to facilitate 3 months' worth of lessons in that time, but she has been a valuable ally of our kingdom for nearly a century. He will be reporting to the Castle by mid-day of the thumbnail moon.

Her conjured shards from earlier dismissed slowly one by one in small flashes of light. She was surprised that Phoenix wanted her to stay after the meeting. Fatigue was setting in, and she had two Starfire Crystal summoning rituals to conduct. This was on top of the potions and elixirs she'd need to mix for the journey ahead. Mayhaps Felis would do it for her...she planned on summoning him before bed for consultation as it was.

"As for what you required of me, I'm all ears, sir."

Kae respectfully curtsied and waited for what was to come next.

Day 3/Castle/Phoenix 

"That's good to here, I only hope he can get here before the Twili decide to make a move on us," he said breathing a slight sigh of relief at Kae's announcement. "As for why I wanted to keep you both here. Well Darrel you already no most of what I'm about to say but you still need to hear this as the task I'm about to place on Kae's shoulders will fall on you as well should she fail or when your groups meet back up after your tasks are complete."

He paused for a brief moment to gather his words properly. What he was about to say wasn't exactly easy for him all things considered. "First things first, you are not to mention what we're about to discuss with anyone else. Now about Shinigami, I doubt this comes as a shock to you considering your what you've seen of him but he can not be completely trusted. Considering his stance on this war I'm fairly certain he came here for selfish reasons, and given that he's joined the Dark Warrior in the past it wouldn't be a shock if he joined the Twili if there was something he could gain from them." 

He neglected to mention that he had joined the Dark Warriors as a means to an end, and that in doing so he actually helped Hyrule. However this time they weren't up against some wizard trying to preform a ritual, it was war. He couldn't afford to let him act as an asset for the enemy regardless of the intent and he didn't want Kae to doubt any action she'd have to take against him based on the one time everything worked out for the best.

"For now this issue with Lynn has locked his allegiance with us, but if that situation changes we won't be able to predict his reaction. As such I've had a special agent assigned to keep an eye on him. He disguises himself as a weak and clumsy medical troop but in reality is a skill combatant. His orders are to kill Shinigami should he defect however I fear that will be imposable. He' skill but nothing compared to any of you and quite frankly there are factors that make killing Shinigami somewhat difficult even for those more skilled them him. To be honest we only choose him because we felt Senshi wouldn't fight him back, well wouldn't fight him seriously at least."

He once again paused not wanting to finish what he was about to say, "That's where you come in Kae, should Shinigami betray us it will fall on you to stop him by any means necessary. As much as he's brought up his immunity to certain powers I'm certain he can't defend against yours, besides while I forbid you from discussing this with her in advance you'll also have Lynn present to back you up should this problem come to fruition. Darrel when you all regroup this task falls on you as well, especially if certain 'factors' present themselves as it will require many of you working together to fight against that."

He let out a long sigh having possibly signed to death warrant of his friends son, "I just hope more then anything that Shinigami never gives you a reason to act on these orders. Now if neither of you have any questions I suggest you rest a bit before setting out. Oh and Kae, everything I've said aside there's something you need to keep in mind. I have known that boy since he was in diapers so I can say this with great confidence. When he says he's trying to help Lynn and protect you he really means it, his methods just aren't always the best. Take that for what you will but at the very least it means he's unlikely to betray us as long as Lynn remains possessed."

Habiki/Evening 3/The Meeting

Habiki was tired…it had been a long day. He had been reborn, discovered his own mortality, and dealt with the immediate effects of his illness. He had chanced upon an elite group of “Light Warriors” and been casually accepted into their ranks. He’d helped them devise a plan to save a woman he couldn’t stand, but he knew didn’t deserve her fate. In the process he had also created a viable route to curing himself, if he could hold out long enough. It had all made him very groggy, and he would sleep soon, if he could.

But surprisingly, the thing that held his attention after all that was Kae. There was something indescribable about her that drew him in, had done so even before his sudden rebirth…was it the way she carried herself? Was it her intelligence? Her beauty? Her dedication to her cause? 

He wasn’t sure, but the point was that he was attracted to her. He listened intently as she declared her brother was coming to defend the castle, careful not to stare as he pretended to let his attention wander to other things. I have to go talk to her, He resolved. He was about to do just that when Pheonix dismissed everybody, except Darrel and Kae. Damn it! He thought, and headed for the door.

As he did so, his Zora friend caught up with him. “Hey, Habiki! Wait up!”

Raki/Evening 3/The Meeting

Raki was nonplussed by everyone's sidelong glances at him. Apparently, he'd done something significant without even realizing it. He shook off the disturbing feeling that he was missing something, and after they were dismissed, ran up to Habiki, showing off the new gear he had acquired from Shinigami and Ithan.

"Isn’t this stuff awesome?”

“Wow, that’s some pretty nice gear, there, Rocky,” said Habiki, truly impressed. “Are you sure you can handle that much heat?” he teased.

Raki laughed. “Well I guess we’ll find out.” Then his expression changed. “Um, look, you can probably handle yourself now, right? So I think I'm going to head out with someone else...I don't know, wherever I'm needed." 

That was just it…wherever he was needed. He had thought Habiki, this fragile creature, would need him to survive...he didn't. He still wanted to go with him, but Habiki would only see him as a hindrance. He wanted to actually be useful to someone.

Habiki/Evening 3/The Meeting

It seemed Raki no longer wanted to accompany him to Faron. He wanted to say, I thought we were in this together. He didn't say it.

"Good luck then, Raki Cestus." he smiled, and put out his hand.

"Good luck, Habiki Sol." the boy grinned back at him, and clasped his hand, shaking it firmly.

Then Habiki turned and walked out the door.

Kae/Day 3/Tower Council/Evening

Only one day imbued and she had another responsibility. Is this why all the other Scions went insane or vanished to the annals of divine history? 

This was more of a shock to Kae than most other things. Her energies could bypass Senshi's immunities? She wasn't quite sure exactly what properties her blasts consisted of now, but they were more potent. Then there was that new anima field...she'd have much to think on during the next few days of journey. 

But how could she face off against that? He was born for battle. She had little to no fighting experience except for the past few days. And the battles were nasty, brutish and short. Jaden told her enough about the whole "3 seconds to make a difference" against a superior opponent. 

There was that embedded fragment of a star shard in her left wrist that kept siphoning energies...was that the thing to unleash in case of emergencies? She'd have to devise a new rote to work with it. It was starting to seep a deep violet ichor, which she knew would become starmetal if she refined it. But she'd never heard of starmetal being harvested from individual beings.

"As you command, sir. Hyrule's well-being is my top priority, and any traitor to the Crown will be dealt with to the fullest extent. In fact, I'm pretty sure the Three would give special dispensation in times of dire need. I pray I don't have to do that though. We need all the help we can get."

Kae looked concernedly at her left wrist before saluting Phoenix again.

"Am I still needed here? I've got to summon the Starfire Crystals before I rest."

Darrel Mytura - South West Tower - Night 3

"You're right about one thing. The Goddesses do allow special dispensation in times of emergency. I know you're the Scion and I'm but a mortal that has accessed the power of the mortal soul, but I've witnessed the things that the old man has been able to summon or unleash in times of need and they are quite staggering." Darrel said, giving Kae an understanding pat on the shoulder. He liked the young Chosen, she was intelligent and ultimately humble. He'd never met a Scion at the prelude of his or her career. His only experience with the divine servants was with the old man, and he was aged to the extreme and had already developed an unhealthy arrogance. It wasn't his fault, it came with millenia of experiences, but it still irritated him. Kae was fresh, pure.

"If it comes to it I'll do what I have to do. I don't relish the idea of having to kill another relic light warrior but if he endangers what we're trying to do then I'll intervene. Kae and I together, the embodiments of mortal and divine wills, should be more than enough for him."

IC: Felina - Hyrule Castle Tower - evening 3
Felina smiled and shook Polaris hand. "Well I think you give me a little to much credit, I've never actually been up in these mountains before so I've only got a general idea of where to go. We'll need to get more specific directions from the soldiers stationed at Snowpeak Fortress." she spoke, realizing that she had really given off the illusion of being a bit more all knowing than she was. She knew much about Hyrule, its lore and the locations of various stuff scattered around the kingdom, but it was still only her first time actually visiting.

Phoenix once more spoke and then dismissed the group to complete their tasks. Walking out of one of the tower doors, she glanced back at Polaris. "It is getting kind of late in the day to be setting off for such a distant destination. You could probably reach Zora's Domain before the sun completely sets if you traveled by water, but I would have to take the land route and it is a bit longer with its winding paths. Should we wait until morning before setting out or take our chances and leave now?" she inquired.

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