Seishi’s Platoon

Name: 1st Lieutenant D'Ren Lon Appearance: 6'5", built like a brick house late, twenties Weapons: Two Hand Sword, medium armor Reason for being in Seishi's platoon: With the forces spread thin he's one of the last few competent Junior Officers left in the Castle. Unfortunately being of common birth makes him an outcast in the officer core and hold back his career. On the other hand his down to earth attitude and gruff disposition makes him the only officer that could work for Seishi without *ing at Phoenix every day.

Name: Sergent Major Shin Koma Appearance: Average height and build, early 50s, notably battled warn. Weapons: Sword and Shield, light armor Reasons for being in Seishi's Platoon: One of the most experienced enlisted soldiers in the army, but has a habit of telling commanding officers why they're ideas are stupid. Granted he's usually right, but officers tend not to like that kind of thing. (Trust me, I know)

Name: Staff Sergent Megumi, just Megumi but Mistress to her play things. Appearence: Something between this and this as for he age, I'm scared to ask external image -lufsp30LuY7M6e-FkVawFAaJ1EHnJriq3YABaZ2EAxQjCq43RSbAu7M1G-h54SBgzPxiotijMvwYAQM-7rtP1MCs1tDsM5yTUqgZDYn2v8aiIq_PD895JRRiw Weapons: Minor binding spells, cat of nine tales and a small mace Reason for being in Seishi Platoon: She has the habit of trying to make her platoon makes her sexslaves be they man, women, officer, enlisted or zora. Her current target is of course Ayala since she's little and cute and Megumi figures that would make great pet play. Naturally her advances terrify Ayala, disgust the other woman in the squad, worry Seishi and give a hard on to all the other guys. She hasn't been kicked out of the military because well everyone's either her pet of scared to death of her.

Name: Staff Sergent Rin Megan Appearance: Like that chick for dragon age that's not Moragan Weapons: Two Daggers and a short bow, light armor Reason for being in Seishi Platoon: She's a bit of a feminist and has in the best knocked out of few superiors who pissed, most recently D'Ren. She hasn't been kicked out simply because she's just that good.

Name: Sergent Gen Eric Appearance: Average Hylian male in his twenties Weapons: Sword and Shield, medium armor Reason for being in Seishi Platoon: Because I'm aiming for 9 enlisted and I haven't come up with back stories for all of them

Name: Sergent Crim Ridden Appearance: 6'3, mid twenties, average build Weapons: Pike and Long Bow Reason for being in Seishi Platoon: Cocky asshole and a bit of a womanizer. He was commissioned once but got demoted for conducted unbecoming of and officer committed on a few peoples wives, at the same time. He's still in the military because A) He's a great archer 2) he is lower nobility and C) most people hope he'll die horribly in battle.

Name: Corporal Mike "That Guy" Litoris Appearance: average Hylian in his early twenties Weapons: Glave and Long Bow Reason for being in Seishi Platoon: He's a drunkard, but still skilled. No one knows why he just hasn't been kicked out yet.

Name: Corporal Len Ront Appearance: average height above average build early twenties Weapons: Great Sword, Heavy Armor Reason for being in Seishi Platoon: Lazy as hell but can cleave a man in two.

Name: Private Hark Jarkings Appearances: Average height below average build, late teens Weapons: arming sword, buckler, short bow, light armor. Reason for being in Seishi Platoon: Slept with his last commanders daughter, still in the military because said officer wants to make his life a living hell. As a note he's been hitting on Ayala not because he hasn't learned his lesson, but because he hasn't figured out she's his current commanders daughter. The rest of the squad is less dense and has started an officer pool over how long until he gets his ass kicked.

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