"We all know that this alliance of ours will end in bloodshed. But necessity rules all, doesn't it?"
— Severa Fulmaren

Severa Fulmaren, also known as Severa Brycaren is a 23 year old female Labrynnian who is a playable character in Epoch of Disharmony.


Severa was born in 1177-AD. She spent her life growing up incredibly sheltered by her parents Sirius and Vera Fulmaren. They never expected to be able to have children (being immortal and tampered with magically by Rhunerys Telaris) so they see Severa as a precious miracle that must be carefully guarded. As a result Severa grew up with incredible resentment for her parents. From the years 1196 to 1199 she was constantly breaking out of the house in order to track down and watch the famous Elizabeth Bryce, first following her in her Minstrel years, and eventually attempting to join Beth's Cult.

She did this out of admiration for Beth's free roaming spirit and the fact that seemed to not have to answer to parents the way Severa did.In 1199 Severa attempted to find and join the cult, but was imprisoned by Sirius in his lab. Furious, she went on a rampage, breaking out of the lab and having a confrontation with both of her parents on the edge of a cliff in snowpeak, where she ultimately appeared to fall to her death.She later awoke in a snowdrift, and knew that her parents expected her to be dead, since being alive at all was a miracle in and of itself.

She chose not to seek them out, and instead departed for Hyrule, where she at last was able to seek out and join Elizabeth Bryce's cult. She joined approximately 6 months prior to the start of the RP (halfway through 1199AD) and immediately changed her last name to Brycaren, as an homage to her idol, Elizabeth Bryce.


Dual absorption of sunlight and moonlight for restoring energy. She needs very little sleep to function. She has a natural elemental advantage over ice, and is unaffected by standard amounts of light or light based magic. Her combat style is fast and furious despite wielding a large sword.

Can assess situations very quickly. She has perfect knowledge of the night sky constellations, sun and moon cycles, and anticipated weather patterns. Also has the ability to learn new languages in half the time a normal humanoid would take.


Shadow magic has a unique advantage over her due to her reliance on sunlight and moonlight for magical augmentation, this is partly a product of living in the snowpeak lab. Her fast combat style burns energy quickly, which she can regenerate, but only out of combat. Despite this, she has a tendency to fight until exhaustion, forcing her to retreat by threat of falling unconscious.


  • Special Lunar/Solar Plated Gauntlets, Boots, & Belt (All color changing)
  • Flexible Color Changing Armor Underweave
  • Flexible Color Changing Armor Underweave
  • Timestone crusher (stolen from Sirius’ lab)
  • Labrynnian Seed Satchel (Pegasus Seeds, Scent Seeds, & Ember Seeds)
  • Eternal Gasha Sapling (works like Aloe Vera with magical enchantments for healing)
  • Flammenschwert sword. Able to wield with one hand when wearing her gauntlets.

Non-Combat Companion

Ravi, her horse. Raider warband on call.


She is the spitting image of her mother Vera, who bears a strong resemblance to the below reference image. She keeps her red hair cut shorter (averaging about the length seen above). Her attire changes regularly, but she prefers outfits that pop against the world around her, and always chooses clothing that has a flowing nature, so if the clothing itself doesn't flow, she adorns herself with accessories (such as the image) that will.

Much like her idol Beth, she keeps an armor underweave on at all times, but makes no efforts to disguise the fact, so it often works in tandem with her outfits to provide style. She prefers to keep as much skin as covered at all times for safety reasons, so her outfits typically extend to her upper arms and her hands, which themselves are covered by special lunar and solar elementally plated gauntlets. She has boots and a belt made of a similar material.

The underweave itself is extremely flexible and can change colors at will to match any clothing she is wearing, as can the gauntlets and boots. She's 5'9, and weighs 143 pounds. She has a tattoo on her neck denoting her membership to the Order of the Crimson Eclipse.


Severa is incredibly rebellious and many of her actions early in life were directly meant to undermine and spite her parents. She doesn't do well with most authority figures, with the exception of the Beth's Cult. She has all the cunning and intelligence of her parents, and is capable of rapidly deducing situations much like her father Sirius.

She is able to be charming and manipulative, but if someone knows her weak spots, she can be easy to anger, though nigh impossible to break. She won't hesitate to kill if given a good reason, and sees morality as a tool to be used, not a belief to be held, for this reason she has no clear set of morals beyond those that fit her personal goals.