Shadow Nightingale is an immortal male character created by Link64Gogetta for Interloper War. A player character in season 1 and 2 he returns as Baron Ryssdal's companion NPC in season 3. Appearing to be some form of Human Shadow reluctantly must absorb the life enegry of beings he kills in order to sustain himself. Although not personality loyal to their cause Shadow is blackmailed into the service of Twili Army at the start of the RP.


A shadow of a man drifting through life. He awoke one day centuries ago with no knowledge of his past and a strange jar in his possession. For a reason he doesn't understand he treats the jar as if it were his own life, but at the same time can't bring himself to open it. He drifts through out the day merely trying to survive though he hates that he must drain the life of other things to do so.

The Twili, having seen his power, managed to steal his jar and have been using it to enslave him as a living weapon. So far he has been fighting in the Twili Army in hopes of one day getting the jar back in return for his service. One of the few Twili aligned men to survive the Castle Town Siege, he is currently participateing in the Twili's New Years offensive as a special forces agent.


Can sap the life out of anything he can touch, be it plant or animal. The one being sapped with rapidly wither and die. Moderately good at fighting with a sword or whips.


His life tap is his only way of sustaining himself. If he doesn't use it on something ever so often he'll start to decompose and die.


Bladed Chain whips hidden up either sleeve. Kind of like those chainsaw whip things that came out of Spawns shoulder emblems in that Live action movie. A plain old long sword.


Shadow resembles Gilbert Durandal from Gundam Seed Destiny. He has long dark black hair and pail skin. He wears a plain brown overcoat that's not too form fitting. Has a constant sorrowful/melancholy expression on his face.