Shin, an 18 year old Hylian, grew up on an island north northwest of the Great Sea hearing legends about the heroes of the old world. He has long dreamed to live his own adventures on the sea.

Appearance 5’11, thin but tone muscles. Dresses in plan cloths save for leather greaves, armbands and a vest. Brown hair usually kept short but he has a habit of letting grow unkempt when his girlfriend isn’t around to cut it for him.

Personality and/or Allegiances Neutral Good

Inventory A sword with a permanent flame enchantment, a short sword with a mirrored finish, a long dagger, an assortment a throwing knives, a grabbling hook, and a small metal shard with a subtle violet tint.

Strengths A skilled swordsman who specializes in duel wielding. Shin’s mostly relies and speed, agility and a fair bit of improvisation but knows a few hard hitting tricks to help him out in a pinch. He also has the passive ability to absorb light the refill his stamina. Furthermore he can actively boost this power and sustain himself on only sunlight and freshwater for weeks at a time if over fertile land, though why these specific limits are in place is unknown to him.

Weaknesses The needs of his fighting style force him to forego any armor heavy then simple leather. He also has no real magic to speak of short of a few “hooky sword techniques” he father force him to learn.

Backstory Shin grew up on an island north northwest of the Great Sea owned by a family of mages that claim to be surviving lower nobility of the Old Hyrule. He and his girlfriend Katsumi Chan were raised on legends of heroes from the old world and they had long dreamed of setting out to sea together to live out adventures of their own. Shin’s father had long been a detractor of the children’s dreams, dismissing the stories has half truths that confidently ignore the harsh suffering suffered by people who live those lives. It’s only with his final breath does the old man have a change of heart giving his now adult son his blessing to set out into the world at large.