Shinsou no Ten is a 13 year old, female Hylian who is a Non-Playable chharacter in Epoch of Disharmony. She is one of King Dromand's Secret Agents.


Shinsou was the daughter of Veritas du Ciel, a knight of the Guardian Order who went AWOL several years ago. She grew up on a small farm near the shores of Lake Hylia with her parents, knowing little of her fathers’ previous history. She inherited from him an ability to manipulate the earth in special ways. Shinsou lived many happy years together with her family until one day her father was confronted by his older brother, Soldat du Ciel. Soldat killed Vertias under orders from his Patriarch for his previous desertion as well as thief of a "weapon" he was possessed by.

Seeing her father die before her Shinsou was sent into an uncontrollable rage, lashing out in all directions with her earth powers. Unwilling to confront her father’s death Shinsou ran away from home. While out in the open on the verge of exhaustion she was found and helped by Kourtz and Tarah Vass, two secret agents hired by the King of Hyrule. Feeling she had no place else go and refusing to return home Shinsou was taken in by the two under Tarah's protection. She also hopes to find Soldat in secret, but wont say as much as it would mean admitting her father is really gone.


Possess strong earth manipulating abilities.




Plainly dressed farm girl with light hair tied back in a braid. Petite and fairly young looking for her age.


Normally she's a strong willed teenage girl, tough and stubborn. Never the less Shinsou is still fairly timid around strangers. She tends to hide hid behind her friends at first instinct but can stand on her own once oriented to the environment or pushed. While kind and encouraging she can quickly turn to anger once threatened. She’s one part shrinking violet, one part fiery red head.

Though she hides it from everyone, Shinsou is emotionally distraught over her father's murder. She's seemingly stuck in an extreme state of denial while also in the anger stage of grieving. Also seems to have other issues messing with her head that she does not understand.


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