Sirius Fulmaren is a being over 2000 years old. He takes on human form but is not human at all, other than having human flesh and blood. But his soul is demonic in nature, heavily modified and twisted by the magic of a witch. Sirius thus stands apart in his own category, best defined as bumbling scientist prone to mood swings. The non-human part really only comes into play when people try to kill him, which usually doesn't work out for them, even if they manage to pull it off.

These days, Sirius has a rather low profile compared to some of the louder times of his past. He helps develop and supply advanced technology to the people of The Great Sea. He is involved with a number of both legitimate and illegitimate operations to this end.


Sirius can channel and manipulate lunar power in a variety of ways. Physical objects can be imbued with lunar power, his own strength can be enhanced, and he can create Lunar Runes for the application of lunar magic to small range zones. Because the moon is not always a reliable power source to him, he typically carries several weapons or items with him that have runes applied. The exact principles of Lunar magic are not precise, but it typically is used to enhance individually qualities of items, such as a poisons potency, or the strength of a sword.

As a student of Lunar Magic, Sirius is still somewhat attuned to the sun, so he can draw additional power from sunlight or moonlight, though he is better attune to moonlight.

Non-Combat Skills

Sirius can extract and contain soul fragments of the willing, or of those that he can impose his will upon (such as the Avatar of Kaimu Kotaro). He cannot do this against an unwilling target. It is a method of historical storage and scientific advancement in the eyes of Sirius.


Sirius is not weak to any particular element but isn't typically equipped for lengthy engagements on his own. If he is alone in a place he doesn't control, then his skill set is mostly suited to running and not battle.


The Lunar Notebook

The Lunar Notebook is a magical tome that contains a spiritual extension of Sirius mind. The Lunar Notebook has found its way around between many people and places. It functions by tethering itself to the souls of those whose names are in its pages. So far only Sirius, Severa, and Bernard have their names inscribed in the book in such a way to tether their souls.

This tethering has the effect of the book being able to teleport anywhere that a soulbound individual is, even across dimensions, but not across time. The book is also bound to the timestream in such a way that it cannot be moved or transferred through time in any capacity, existing outside time in a sense.

Lunar Whip-Rod

A whip composed of lunar energy. This lunar energy is specially controlled by Sirius and can be manipulated into various forms.


Sirius is a relatively balanced combination of sarcastic wit, scientific inquiry, and in your face attitude and opinion. He is capable of remaining deceptively pleasant, even amongst those whom he despises. He ultimately serves his own needs above all others, but is relatively protective (though in denial about it) of those he does care about. In the past he has sacrificed love for work, and now spends much of his time totally absorbed in his work, which has also become his life. He is prone to occasional bouts of egotistical self indulgence, and often talks a bigger game than he has moment to moment, but by the same measure he is not easily duped by his own vanity or external efforts to exploit it.


5' 9, weight unknown/indeterminate Build unclear, not truly human Eye color not consistent. His personality tends to overshadow his appearance

His appearance hovers somewhere between these two images.

Master with laser screwdriver


Condensed Backstory

Sirius Fulmaren has existed for over 2000 years, having been dead, undead, and alive at varying points in that time span. He is a brilliant mad scientist that typically serves only himself, but has been known to do a good thing or two in the past. In the era of The Great Sea, he works behind the scenes maintaining much of the advanced technology of the realm. He does this in coordination and cooperation with the Council of Isles.

In a previous point in his life, he was married to a woman named Vera, who turned out to be from another universe and was manipulating Sirius to her own ends. Sirius banished Vera to another dimension, and is currently preparing for her return.

Comprehensive History

Here is an image of Sirius' timeline and then a text breakdown as wel

l. Sirius Fulmaren Timeline Graph

Pre-RP history

AD-1560 (Birth)

Sirius is born from the same storm that spawns Davus. Rhunerys uses magic not unlike Skull Kids and transforms Sirius from a vessel of darkness into a humanoid. He is renamed Sirius Fulmaren from Sirius Fulmen to symbolize this. Rhunerys takes Sirius to a Laboratory in an unknown location, where is put into suspended animation for 50 years to ensure that his humanoid form has completely shed all traces of Ma darkness. This lab is actually Sirius' though it is not in Snowpeak at this point in time.

AD-1610 (Awakening)

Sirius is taken out of stasis and begins to age normally. The laboratory he is in is under the control of unknown wizards.

AD-1617 through AD-1628 (Freedom and Murder)

Sirius has been trapped in the lab for some time but is freed when a man claiming to be his adult future self appears and allows him to escape. Sirius escapes along with Ithan and Lia Chiaria. The three end up parting ways at an unknown point. Sirius goes on to grow up in a Labrynnian village, different from the one Ithan and Lia grew up in. Struggling with things he did not yet understand, he became more and more dangerous, ultimately killing his entire village due to hatred for his foster father.

AD-1630 (Marriage of Eternity)

Sirius meets a woman named Vera, and the two become close, sharing a great many inhuman qualities with each other.

Sirius is married with Vera, and the two begin traveling. In 1630 they are lost in the desert, and nearly murdered by Davus Fulmen, still seeking to kill or capture Sirius and reclaim him as his dark brother. Sirius and Vera are saved by Rhunerys Telaris, who was in the desert at the time. They then became indebted to her.

AD-1631 to AD-1999 (The Unremembered)

Very little is known about these years for Sirius. At some point he and Vera acquired dragon blood. During these years a spell was cast upon them that prevented anyone meeting them from retaining memories of the encounter for longer than five days. This was done by Rhunerys Telaris in an attempt to mute the immense time travel damage caused by Sirius. Preventing memories of him would likely help facilitate his frequent travels.

AD-2000 to AD-850 (The Mural and Time Travel)

While on their supposed final mission for their employer Telaris; Sirius Fulmaren and Vera are sent back in time to the Pre-Epoch Era after stumbling upon an ancient mural painted in a deep cavern. Sirius is 440 years old (from 1560) when sent back. They arrive in the year AD-850.

AD-851 (Zora Experimentation)

Sirius embraces the new time period, and immediately begins experimenting on Zora's. His previous jobs for Rhunerys were much more along the lines of grunt work, errand running. Now he could completely focus upon his science and magic investigations and experiments. Sirius used dragon blood (obtained in his past when working for Rhunerys) to alter a batch of Zora eggs that would later go on to hatch Kaimu Kotaro/Eridanus.

AD-852 to AD-1184 (Unknown Dates)

Not much is known about Sirius' activities during this time period.

AD-1185 (Theft)

Davus Fulmen breaks into Sirius' lab and takes an experimental plague with him. This is later used to poison the village of Kaimu Kotaro. Kaimu himself survived along with a small batch of Zora's he saved, including Bernard Kotaro.

AD-1195 (Whales)

Still experimenting, Sirius battles Kaimu as he interferes with the whale food supply that Kaimu's people rely on.

AD-1200 (Epoch of Disharmony)

Sirius is now 790 years old. It is this version of Sirius who frees his 7 year old self. Sirius created AvaKai the day before Epoch started. AvaKai died per Sirius' expectations on the third day. AvaKai was the first successful clone experiment that lived longer than 24 hours.


Epoch Season 1 Day 1 & 2 Summary

Sirius was not present for the first two days of the RP. He was in his hidden lab in Snowpeak perform research and recovering from the ordeal that resulted in the Avatar of Kaimu Kotaro.

Epoch Season 1 Day 3 Summary Sirius was introduced on the third day, emerging from his hidden laboratory in Snowpeak to watch Taden Horwendil murder the Avatar of Kaimu Kotaro.

After AvaKai’s murder, he immediately began to attempt to perform experiments on Majin and Taden, offering them a Moon Door to pass through, with no other reason besides fate. Naturally, the two decline the mad stranger’s offer, and Majin attacks. Sirius throws his one and only time stone grenade, and all three are projected into Sirius’ own past briefly, before the door dumps them into Death Mountain.

At Death Mountain, Sirius goes on to introduce himself to Polaris, whom he recognizes from the ancient Mural he saw before being transported in time to the Epoch era. The two meet up with Majin, and all three agree to chase town Taden, each for slightly different reasons. They catch up and all 4 legends are forced to work together within Dodongo’s Nest to defeat MegaDodongo.

Day 4-6 Summary Sirius participated in The Battle of Disharmony, and was approached afterwards by the real Kaimu Kotaro. Sirius forced a badge of restraining onto Kaimu, and both were teleported across the world. Sirius was sent back to his lab in Snowpeak. He then spent Day 5 and 6 restoring the lab's core, while he also created the clone Avarius in secret. Avarius then departed with Bernard back to Hyrule Castle Town, with the intent of killing any agents that stood in the real Sirius' way.

Day 7 Summary Sirius spent his time inside his lab, watching the outside world from affar. He took much interest in Severa and attempted to contact her. He also reunited with his wife on news that their daughter was still alive.

AD-1201 to AD-1560 Unknown what occurs during these years for Sirius. At some point in this time span, the Laboratory was moved from its original location to a new one, where the three children would later be held captive. In 1560, Sirius would have been 1150 years old. Rhunerys Telaris showed up at his Lab holding the infant version of himself, just recently transformed into a humanoid and separated from Davus/Ratnis, completing the cycle of his birth.

Sirius assists in putting his own infant self into stasis for testing (to ensure all traces of the Ma Ratnis are gone), however shortly after this he vanishes and his lab is briefly taken over by evil wizards. Adult Sirius remains missing for centuries.


It is unknown where Sirius was for those 440 years. His adult self is eventually discovered hidden away in a distant land. He was found by Ithan/Lia Chiaria and woken up from stasis, perhaps self imposed, or forcefully imposed by Rhunerys to prevent timeline overlap. Sirius remained awake and returned his lab to its location in Subrosia, where he then continued working living until 2107.


Sirius Fulmaren is executed by Kokage Tsukiakari. His age at the time of death was 1697 years old. The death of Sirius meant the deactivation of most major systems in his Laboratory. However, it was not all at once, causing many safeguard systems to disable first, resulting in the entire Laboratory undergoing a sudden time jump to The Vault of the Epoch Era. This happened due to the Laboratory absorbing excess timestone energy for many centuries after King Dromand destroyed the last of the timestones, releasing an invisible but potent timewave through history.

AD-2108 Interloper Season 3

Sirius is dead, and his corpse is inhabited by a small piece of Ratnis, and begins to refer to itself as Morton Waypost. In his new form, Morton kills Ithan and then escapes. He later encounters Davus Fulmen and Polaris Eridanus at the Castle Grounds, and discovers that Sirius' body (Morton's body too) still has the Lunar Notebook on it. The piece of Ratnis is exorcised by Sirius, who immediately regains control of his body and is put under control by Davus, in a surprise twist of events.

Sirius and Davus depart the Castle Grounds and end up encountering Chamdar, Taden, and Lynn. Sirius reveals he faked the entire capture, and teleports the entire group into his lab, intent on using them to help route the presence of Vera inside. Davus and Sirius are now agreeing to work together at this point.

Sirius, Chamdar, Lynn, and Taden all travel through his lab, getting into all sorts of trouble. Eventually the group fights a grotesque monster in Sirius' bedroom. They defeat the monster, clearing out the last of Vera's presence in the lab. Sirius then kicks everyone out, teleporting them to other places.

Sirius, Bernard, and Severa (who had just returned) have a brief encounter with Vera, before Sirius locks her out of Hyrule completely, trapping Vera in her home universe.

Sirius then sends Davus off to meet with the rebellion.

Sirius whereabouts and actions between 2108AD and 2700AD are unknown at this time.

AD-2700 Tides of Discord Volume 1

Sirius helps develop and supply advanced technology to the people of The Great Sea. He is involved with a number of both legitimate and illegitimate operations to this end.