Snowpeak is Chapter 14 of IW Season One.

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IC: Felina - northern field - Morning 4

The pair had made camp for the night and now they were both well rested and ready to continue. Picking up their things and making final preperations, they prepared to resume their trek towards the domain of the Zoras.

"I believe the entrance to Zora's Domain is up along the high ground just past the mouth of the river... Through a tunnel in the mountainside I believe. I wonder, does the Hylian garrison at the fort on Snowpeak get its supplies through the same route? It seems like something the Zoras would find invasive, having a large amount of food and other supplies hauled through their home on a regular basis." Felina inquired. She wasn't sure what type of reception she could expect out of the zora, from what she understood they had mostly stayed out of the Twili-Hylian conflict, and would likely want to avoid being seen as taking sides.

Felina though for a moment about the pace the two were moving at. They should reach the home of the Zoras before noon, which would leave plenty of daylight to try and make the dash up the snow covered mountainside of Snow Peak. If the Hylians really did move their supplies through zoras domain, then there should be some manner of extra cargo or junk left behind that she could use to learn their scent to help navigate up the mountain. Following the route the Hylians used would most likely be safer and faster than blindly trying to find her own way to the fort.

Polaris/ Travel/ Morning 4

The setting up of camp went by without event and the two settled down to rest for the night.

Polaris awoke, well rested by his standards. Although he rarely ever "slept" as others do, what he experienced was more along the lines of waking dreams, not fully awake, but never fully asleep. It had been this way for so long he couldn't recall when he last had a good nights sleep.

As they began moving again, Felina inquired about how the garrison received reinforcements and supplies, to Polaris' knowledge, there was no other way for wagons and mass quantities of goods to be transported up the mountain, aside of the trail she spoke of.

"To my knowledge, there isn't another route accessible for the wagons that would be required to bring the necessary supplies to the garrison. I would assume the Zoran peoples, as they did in my time, allow the Hylians access to the pass, with the understanding that in no way meant they were partial to their beliefs. For the most part, whether vocally or in silent the Zora nation tends to favor the crown in times such as these."

Resigning himself to the possibile rude reception he may receive Polaris sighed, "I can't promise that they'll be all too friendly to me, depends really, some may still favor me, others, will turn their backs to me, but even the ones who still harbor ill will towards me, shouldn't be hostile, just unfriendly at the worst. Or at least that's what he was banking on, a full out battle against his own kind in the place he once called home! Was something he could do without.

Of course he was sure his mind was just running rampant, probably just over analyzing the situation, over the years he'd come to expect the worst out of any scenario that presented itself.

IC: Felina - north Hyrule Field - Morning 4

"Don't you think you're being a bit dramatic. Is there even anyone there that is actually old enough to remember you? I seriously doubt it." Felina mused as the duo set out.

The theory would soon be put to the test as the mountain path leading to the tunnel became visible.

After trekking onward for a couple hours they had reach the tunnel. It went deep into the mountainside leading towards the river valley the Zoras called home.

"Well then, it looks like we're here. Now is probably as good a time as any to lay our a basic gameplan for what we're going to do while here. I realize this probably won't be welcome news for you, but I do need to stop here for a couple minutes and talk to the locals. We still need to confirm the location of the light spirits, and I'm going to need to aquire something belonging to the garrison to get their scent so we can follow their trail more easily. Is there anything you think you need to do on your end while we are here?" Felina spoke, pondering how long it might take to get any decent info. It would be best to go talk to the big fish in charge about the spirits.

Polaris/ Hyrule Field/ Morning 4

"Heh, you're probably correct. The odds of anyone still living recognizing me are slim, the boy, or Windfish, whatever he may be, or claim to be, recognized me and that surprised me quite a bit. In the years I've spent in exile have caused me to grow cautious, somewhat cynical and skeptical of others intentions. I always fear the worst even if I do not express it openly. But, only those very familiar with lore and legend, would really recognize me. I know through rumors that a few had become interested in my battle tactics and scheming to the point that I was studied extensively, but I believe that was more of a Sheikah and or, Hylian trend."

Shrugging, "I always wanted to be great and had aspirations of becoming so, but never considered myself legendary, just destined to be legendary, if that makes sense...anyway, no, I can't think of anything off hand that I really need to do before heading up the mountainside. I'm sure I can find something to bide my time whilst you prepare for our departure. Even if it happens to be tagging along with you." 

IC: Felina - Noon 4 - Zora's Domain

Felina and Polaris made their way out of the tunnel into the heart of Zoras Domain. A large waterfall cascaded off a cliffside, carved into it were paths and rooms with Zoras going about their day to day lives, it was far more refreshing and uplifting to see that Castle Town was in its current state.

"I'll go up to the upper level to inquire about the Light Spirit, perhaps you could ask around down here to find out more about the Hylian garrison at Snowpeak." Felina spoke glancing at Polaris. She knew he was still uncomfortable so it might be best to let him limit his exposure for the time being.

Transforming into coyote mode she quickly made her way up the winding cliffside pass. Reverting to normal form she approached the main court of the Zora.

"I am sorry to intrude in your land, but I am on a mission on behalf of the people of Hyrule. My name is Felina Xiphias, I am trying to gather information relating to the legendary light spirits of the land. I have to come to learn if the Zora have any tales that might help us establish contact with the spirits to help defend the land against the advances of the Twili." she spoke, hoping not to make a total fool out of herself. Thankfully the steward currently in attendence was quite cooperative and he and his aides began to tell Felina several tales and rumors the Zoras had passed down over the years. Having gathered sufficient information Felina thanked them and made her way back down to Polaris who was waiting near the tunnel leading to Snowpeak.

"Although few know the specific route, there are some crates that were accidentally left behind during the last shipment. I believe this should be sufficient for you to pick up their trail." Polaris spoke. Felina only smiled, thankfully his part of this task had turned up useful results.

"I'm sad to say I wasn't able to get anything specific about the location of the light spirits, the only lead that sounds promising is several Zoras have seen strange lights at night around Lake Hylia. It might be worth checking out later." Felina spoke as she transformed again and began checking the scent.

"Yes, this scent is growing a little faint, but I should be able to track it, we should set out right away though." She added as started to walk into the tunnel, she could feel a chill breeze blowing through. 

Polaris/ Zoras Domain/ Noon 4

"...perhaps you could ask around down here, to find out more about the Hylian garrison at Snowpeak."

Before Polaris could respond, she bounded off up the trail. After a few moments hesitation, Polaris decided that it was trivial to allow his worries to linger, there was really no point in letting them hinder their progress. His thoughts were interrupted by a young Zora male, probably in his late teens struggling towards the tunnel with a stack of crates loaded into his arms and piled well above his head, obscuring his vision. Before he could offer his assistance the topmost box wobbled a bit, and had Polaris not been there to catch it, it would've smashed hard onto the unforgiving ground. 

"Oh thankyou, thankyou so much. My boss would have my head if I broke another crate!"

Reassuring himself that only the tops of his tattoos, the ones extending up onto his neck, were visible, and only barely, maybe not at all to the shorter Zora, he gestured as if to relieve him of a few more of the cumbersome crates; "Might I ask, where these crates are headed?"

"The Hylians have a garrison somewhere on the side of the mountain, these crates are filled with supplies to help restock some of their stores, somehow we managed to get our wires crossed and these were left behind during their last visit. I'm supposed to bring them to, well, right here actually. The items in these crates are non-perishable, and it's a good thing too, as there are very few that know the exact location of the garrison, since these things won't go bad, we intend to just leave them at the mouth of the tunnel to be retrieved whenever the Hylians see fit."

Fate, it seemed, had smiled upon him. Felina wanted information on how to get to Snowpeak, well how about this?! Without even moving from where she left him, a way for her to acquire the scent, and with that, hopefully the location of the garrison, had literally stumbled upon him.

He helped the younger Zora stack the crates in the corner and smiled as the young man hurried off up the path. Feeling almost foolish that he did absolutely nothing and yet accomplished his goal, Polaris leaned against the wall and waited for Felina to return.

It wasn't long before he saw her making her way towards him back down the path, and once she was in ear shot he stood and said "Although few know the specific route, there are some crates that were accidentally left behind during the last shipment. I believe this should be sufficient for you to pick up their trail."

Felina seemed pleased that at least one part had yielded success, she sniffed about the crates as she explained what had occurred while she was inquiring about the whereabouts of the light spirit. Seemingly satisfied, she inclined that they should make haste towards the garrison.

 "The strange happenings at Lake Hylia are quite intriguing indeed, but, as you said, first things first, let us be off." 

IC: Felina - Snowpeak - afternoon 4

The duo quickly made their way through the snow covered mountainside. The wind howled loudly as it kicked up blinding amounts of snow. However this wouldn't be nearly enough to slow their progress, Felina continued to follow the scent as it led up the hillside.

The two didn't stop except to dispatch an occasional monster, however even they were few and far between in this unforgiven environment.

After a couple hours of moving up the mountain side Felina stopped at the mouth of a small tunnel, glancing up it seemed they were close to the peak of this particular part of the mountain. Entering the tunnel the two stopped to rest for a moment, the break from the wind was much needed.

"I think we are getting pretty close to the peak, I think we should probably be able to get a good view of things at the top." Felina spoke as the two caught their breath.

Walking through the cave at a more leisurely pace they reached the exit. Glancing out the wind was still howling pretty hard, but Felina could see a vast plain winding across the mountain top. There were small tracks near the cave exit that seemed like sled tracks. A small glint of light caught her eye near the horizon, but it was to far to make out what it was. 

 "Heh, looks like it will all be downhill from here." Felina joked as they waited for the wind to die down. They were still quite a distance from their destination but they wouldn't be climbing up the mountainside now. 

Polaris/ Snowpeak/ Afternoon 4

The elements raged around them, the wind was a howling tempest as it lifted vast amounts of the powdery snow from the side of the mountain into the air, swirling it into a near blinding mixture with the copious amounts that fell from the sky above. The bone piercing gale and blizzard like conditions reminded Polaris of why he chose this place as his refuge all those years ago. It empowered him, the pure, unbridled cold, unrelenting, completely unaffected by the suns rays, it envigorated him.

Aside of the elements, the pair faced little resistance as they traversed up the mountainside. An Ice Keese or two here, a Wolfos there, at first, all of which were disposed of rather quickly. For the most part though, it was just them against the mountain. Whatever creatures inhabited the area were in hiding, burrowed in a den or cave somewhere taking respite from the frosty death that waited outside.

No matter how dire the situation, or how bad their field of vision deteriorated, Felina pressed on, unencumbered by the weather, the scent obviously still strong in her nostrils and Polaris marveled as she lead the way.

Pausing inside a tunnel near what had to be the pinnacle of the mountain, the both of them shared speculation as to how much farther they would have to travel to reach the garrison. Once at the other side of the tunnel, they peered out over an expansive frozen plain with a pronounced downward slope. Neither of them were all too eager to trek back out into the blinding fury of the mountain storm, so they waited, hoping the wind would calm some with time.

After awhile the wind did die down somewhat and with that Polaris stepped near the edge of the tunnel, standing in what undoubtedly were sled or snowboard tracks and formed two slats of ice from the snow beneath their feet, both "boards" were approximately four feet in length, six to eight inches wide along the length, and curved at each end,

"These should help us cover the distance in a more timely manner. It's simple really, guide the board with your feet, steer by leaning your body, it's all about balance and counter balance. This part could actually be somehwat fun."

 Stepping onto the first "board," without command, ice rose up and enveloped his feet to just above the ankles, gesturing for Felina to do the same, he oriented himself so that he was facing what appeared as a tiny flicker of light, an exclammation point at the very end of their line of sight. Rocking himself forward he inched out of the tunnels mouth and began to pick up speed. Being sure not to get too far ahead of his companion, for she, or more specifically her nose, was their guide. 

IC: Felina - Snowpeak - day 4
Felina glanced down at the ice sheet that Polaris had provided to ski down the hill with. 

It was definetly the fastest option for traversing this type of terrain. Although it would mean giving up on the idea of relying on scent to guide them, there was simply no way she would be able to keep that trail while snowboarding downhill. The sled tracks seemed to go down the hillside and there really weren't that many visible ways for the path to safely branch. 

 "Okay then..." she mused to herself as she reverted to her normal form. "Coyote instincts will only get in the way while doing this. We'll have to follow the tracks from here." She added glancing to Polaris as they set off down the hillside. 

Polaris/ Snowpeak/ Afternoon 4

Polaris hadn't taken into account the obvious, it would be nigh impossible to follow the scent trail at the speed they'd be traveling down the slope. Following the tracks, would hopefully lead to the garrison, if not, Polaris could only cross his fingers in the hopes that she'd be able to pick up the scent once more.

Glancing over his shoulder at Felina with a half cocked grin, "Let us hope against hope then, that these tracks do in fact lead to our destination, if not, that nose of yours, will be put to the test at the bottom if we have to try and find the scent once more."

 There was really only one way to know whether they'd have to worry about that at the bottom or not, and that way was to reach said bottom and go from there. Crouching low and leaning forward on his slab of ice Polaris started to pick up even more speed. As the duo shot down the moutainside, two indistinguishable blurs to anything they may pass, Polaris couldn't help but wonder what exactly it was that they rocketed toward. 

IC: Felina - afternoon 4 - Snowpeak

The duo raced down the hillside at lightning speed. Felina had done a similar sport on mountains in Calatia before, but those were with skis instead of a board. It was a little unfamilar but she made a good showing.

Going down the hill was far easier and faster than climbing up it. Within minutes they had traversed miles and the glistening light in the distance now had the clear shape of a fort. In only a minutes more time they would be at their destination.

"Heh, looks like we've made it!" Felina called out to Polaris. This was a big mistake however, her concentration broken she began to lose her balance and started to skid off course.

"Aack!" she called out as she hit a rough patch of snow and clipped the edge of a large rock. Her ice snowboard shattered easily on the impact and she tumbled end over end through the powder like snow before cartwheeling and landing flat on her face.

 "Owww..." she mumbled as she slowly got up. Every joint in her body hurt and she had several small scrapes and bruises. After a crash like that it would be impossible to laugh it off and try to play it cool with Polaris. At least they were the only ones who could see it. 

Polaris/ Snowpeak/ Afternoon 4

Felina seemed to take to the makeshift snowboard quite well, even overtaking Polaris on the slope, calling out in delight as she did so. It appeared that there was nothing that this mysterious young lady could not accomplish. That was, until her concentration briefly wavered and, in an instant she was sent tumbling end over end through the snow.

Genuine concern for her safety welled up in the pit of Polaris' stomach as he made his way over to her. She appeared to be okay, aside of the obvious bruise to her pride.

With an outstretched hand, Polaris suppressed a chuckle and helped Felina to her feet. As she began to brush herself off, he took in their surroundings, they had traveled quite a disance in the minutes they spent racing down the mountainside, and their proximity to the fort was miniscule.

"We may as well hoof it the rest of the way." Felina nodded her approval and the two set off once again.

When they came within earshot of the sentries posted at the front gates, Polaris raised his hands in a way so that he hoped the guards would not feel threatened and called out, "Ahoy! We come from the castle on a mission for the crown, we seek a brief respite from our journey and the elements. Any information you may possess that would aide our quest would be highly appreciated."

With a subtle gesture to Felina, Polaris relaxed somewhat, feeling that it was safe to continue their approach...finally they had arrived at the Snowpeak outpost. They were now one step closer to the ultimate goal. Finding the location of the ore, and returning to Castletown triumphant. More importantly, they were one more step, albeit a small one, it was still a step in the direction that would hopefully put an end to this conflict and release Lynn from the clutches of The Hated. 

IC: Felina - Snowpeak Fort - Afternoon 4

Felina and Polaris made their way up the stone path to the forts entrance. The fort was pretty big for an outpost out in the middle of nowhere. Men patrolled its walls and cannons could be seen at key points. It really was a shame that it wasn't in the south, as such a structure would have really helped stall the Twili's advance. Alas it was but a relic from a forgotten time and no longer held its former significance.

"Halt and be identified!" A guard spoke at the gate.

"Good day sir, we are representatives from Hyrule Castle on a mission for the crown. I am Polaris and my companion is Felina." Polaris spoke as the duo approached the skeptical guard. Felina then pulled out a letter from the pouch on her belt. "We need to speak with your commander about an urgent issue." Felina spoke as she showed it to the soldier.

Before leaving the castle she had gotten Phoenix to write a letter of introduction for them to use to gain the cooperation of the garrison. The soldier looked over the letter carefully taking note of the official notorization that all military dispatches had.

"Very well." the guard spoke letting the duo inside the fort. "Please wait over here." he instructed guiding the two towards a side room that appeared to be a makeshift meeting place. He then sent another soldier to inform the commander. After waiting a few moments an older man arrived in a heavy coat. He seemed to be a bit past his prime but seemed reliable.

"Hmm... a zora and a girl in a miniskirt... Not exactly the usual messengers we get out here. None the less the letter is clearly written in the royal military advisors own hand, so you must have an important matter to attend to. I am Lt.Colonel Gerard, commander of the Northern Frontier Battalion, how might I be of service." the man spoke.

"We are on a mission to procure a useable sample of Argentum for the use of combating the advancing Twili incursion. The only location where we can procur the metal in enough quantity is at the sealed royal quarry, located here at Snowpeak. We require a guide to take us to the entrance of the quarry." Felina replied.

"I hadn't realized the war was going this badly." Gerard spoke as he rubbed his forhead. He knew that structures sealed by royal decree were only reopened in response to the most dire of situations. "As of a day ago they had advanced as far as the southern fields of Hyrule, and Hyrule castle town was attacked by an advance party." Polaris spoke, filling the commander in on the situation.

The commander was clearly taken aback by this news. "Yes, I see why this is so urgent now. You have our help of course, but it isn't as simple as just walking across a hillside. This fort was originally intended to be the primary defense for the quarry, so its location is relatively near. However the only entrance is across a chasm and when it was sealed the bridge leading to it was demolished. Even if you could cross the gap it still wouldn't be enough..." the commander started to explain. Pausing for a moment he nodded and straightened his coat. "It would be easier for you to see what I mean rather than just hearing a long winded explanation. I'll have my men show you where to go when you are ready."

Felina and Polaris nodded. As Gerard began making the arrangements for their escort, they took a moment to warm up and get something to eat. "I don't know about you, but I'm worried about this chasm the Lt.Colonel was talking about. Snowpeak has quite a few cliffsides that are impassible. This might be a real problem." Polaris spoke.

Felina sighed, she also was worried about this new problem. As she pondered the situation she could hear a few soldiers at a table talking.

"I'm telling you this place is cursed! I've seen the beast myself lurking in that cave up the trail! You've got to believe me!" a soldier spoke as he tried to convince his friend of some tall tale. "Come off it. Everyone knows this phantom is nothing more than a hoax to scare the rookies. That beast is nothing more than some old birds skeleton and rags a few guys propped up with sticks and string." the other guy laughed as he got up and left the table.

"I wonder if there might be something more to that story..." Felina spoke as she watched the soldiers leave. "Huh? What story?" Polaris replied puzzled by the sudden change of conversation "Its nothing..." Felina spoke as she got up, "We should get going ourselves and check this out."

Once ready the two set out to a nearby cliffside within sight of the fort. On another cliffside about 100 feet opposite them a small stone ledge with a large door was carved right into the mountainside.

"We could probably make a rope bridge long enough, but connecting it to the other side is going to be a real problem." Polaris spoke as he began to analyze the situation. "I also don't think I should try making anything out of ice to cross, I don't think it would be stable over this type of distance..."

"We need to fly..." Felina spoke as she stared across the gap.

"Yeah, but that is easier said than done. Neither of us have wings and I don't know any spells for levitation." Polaris replied.

 "I've got an idea, it might be a long shot though, c'mon." Felina spoke as she motioned for Polaris to follow. "You guys return to the fort and gather up enough rope for a rope bridge." she spoke as she glanced the soldiers. 

IC: Felina - Snowpeak - Afternoon 4

Felina and Polaris made their way across the snow covered mountainside towards a rocky mound. "I think they said it was somewhere around here..." Felina spoke as she began looking around for any caves or crevices that might be in the rockface.

"What are you looking for? I though you said we needed to find somebody who could fly? The only person on our side that I can think of who can levitate is that Shinigami fellow, shouldn't go and try to get some help?" Polaris spoke, annoyed that Felina still hadn't explained herself.

"It would take to long to get help from the others, besides they have their own tasks to accomplish. As for what I'm looking for... The soldiers at the fort mentioned an old ghost story and I want to see if it is true. So keep your eyes peeled for something that looks like a monster." Felina spoke as she began to inspect each nook and cranny she could find in the rockface.

"A monster? You've got to be kidding me, that is kind of vague around these parts..." Polaris thought to himself as he began to glance around the area.

After several minutes Polaris finally spotted a ragged looking creature lurking in a deep crevace along the trail. "Is this it?" he spoke as he looked at the strange figure uncertain as to its real form.

"Yeah, I think so." Felina spoke as she climbed down and began to pull the rags away. Beneath the rags were many bones from different animals held together by sticks and string. She was somewhat taken aback by how little regard the soldiers had given to the dead when they decided to pull this prank.

After sorting through the bones they found a complete owls skeleton and the assorted remains of various monsters. Burying them Felina bowed her head and clasped her hands together, and began to say a small prayer in Calatian.

Raising her head she felt a warm feeling began to rise from the ground. Slowly glowing aura rose up and took the form of a large owl.

"Thank you for taking the time to give this old bird a proper burial. I've spent many long winters on this mountain unable to rest. It is unusual for a human to take the time to have such compassion for animals, most would simply dismiss us as lower creatures not worth the attention. I get the sense you and your companion are different though. The zora seems to be a similar kindred spirit who has refused to heed the call of the life beyond this to remain in this world, seeking to find something that will make his time here meaningful. Then there is you... One who appears to share the lineage of the blessed, yet there seems to be a little more than even that. I have watched you both since you arrived and know of your task to help this land. I wish to lend you my aid in any way that I can." the owl spirit spoke, giving thanks to Felina and Polaris.

Felina was a little taken aback by how chatty the owl was. Polaris was becoming visably concerned, she had been standing their staring off in space for quite awhile now. 

"Thank you. I would really appreciate any help you can provide. Please lend me your strength so that I can accomplish this task." Felina spoke bowing slightly.

"Wha... What are you doing? There's nobody here but us." Polaris spoke placing his hand on her shoulder. Felina simply smiled and tried to give Polaris a reassuring look that she wasn't completely crazy.

"Very well, use my power well." the owl spoke as he reverted back to a glowing aura and passed into Felina. Felina glowed for a moment and then transformed into a new form. Polaris stepped back in surprise at the sudden change. Felina was now in a form completely different from her normal appearance or her coyote form. Her clothes had taken the form of a long sleeved button up jacket, similar in style to the fashion of Kakariko. Her eyes were now more birdlike as well.

"I've enlisted the aid of a new ally. I believe the gap across the canyon won't be a problem any more." Felina spoke as she glanced back at Polaris. Jumping up a little she began to focus her magic. As she did her descent slowed and then stopped, applying a little more force she was able to raise herself higher into the air before lowering herself back down.  

Reverting to normal she let out a sigh. "I think we're ready, now to get that rope bridge setup." she spoke as the two made their way back to the broken bridge. 

Polaris/ Snowpeak/ Afternoon 4

A new ally? Where was said accomplice?

Polaris opened his mouth to speak his questions, but closed it before any sound escaped his lips..he'd almost forgot what Felina was. Remembering this, he resigned himself to believe that there was some sort of spirit trapped in the animal remains she had buried and prayed over. Either that or she's was Keese ssss crazy...then she levitated. Yep, bird spirit in the bones. She'd made a pact and, essentially solved their problem.

The snow boarding earlier had given Polaris an idea though, hypothetically he should be able to draw upon the water particles in the air and from his own essence to sort of snow board across the air...this is a theory that would definitely have to be tested later.

Hearing Felina speak brought him out of his thoughts and he nodded, "Indeed, it's about time we got our show back on the road." Idle conversation had never been his strong point. Sure he could bark orders on the battlefield and scheme and plan with the best tacticians around, but when it came to making simple conversation, he was lacking. So, he spoke about what he knew, the obvious and what was to come, "I don't expect this to be a walk in the park even after we gain entrance to the mines. The Lt. Colonel seemed concerned with more that just the chasm separating the cliff they were on from the entrance to the mine. The place was sealed off years ago, and for good measure I'm sure. There are probably all kinds of ancient baddies in there. It will undoubtedly be dangerous, which I'm sure you know already, just stay on your toes and we'll be fine I'm sure."

Realizing she may think he was speaking down to her, he added, "Forgive me if I was out line reminding you of that, as I'm sure you can handle yourself quite well, it's just that if I'm going to ere I prefer to do so on the side of caution." He smiled the same half cocked grin as always, and pointed as the soldiers who had accompanied them earlier were just getting back with the ropes for the bridge. 

"Our timing is impeccable." 

IC: Felina - Snowpeak - Afternoon 4

"Yes, it makes sense to expect combat inside the quarry. I believe in the past Hyrule has used guardians to protect ancient temples and other important locations. We can probably expect similar nasty business and traps." Felina spoke as she readied the ropes as best she could. Even though she could fly now the maximum weight she could carry was limited.

As she lifted off and floated across the chasm the soldiers gasped in surprise. As Felina flew across the rope bridge unfurled, it was a basic three rope design, with smaller lines connected between them for stability. Arriving at the other side and reverting back to normal, Felina tied two of the ropes to large stone pillars on what was left of the bridge, while Polaris did the same on his end. 

Slowly Polaris crossed the wobbly rope bridge and finally made it to the small stone ledge. As he caught his breath he noticed something strange about the door. "Isn't this?" he began to ask.

"A blood seal. A type of magical lock that can only be opened by people of the desired bloodline. Left by leaders of Hyrule to make sure no outsiders would be able to enter this place..." Felina spoke as she gazed at the markings on the large door.

On the door was the Hylian crest stood out boldly from the rest of the design. It was clear that this was intended to be opened only by those chosen by the royal family.

Across the chasm the soldiers turned and greeted their commander. "Now they realize it was foolish of them to come all this way. That door can only be opened by one who carries the line of those who sealed the door in the first place." Gerard spoke as he watched, fully expecting the duo to turn back.

Felina glanced around a little, looking nervous. "Well I guess this is the moment of truth... I'm not sure if this will actually work... but I think Phoenix would have said something to me if he had doubts." she spoke nervously as she took off one of her gloves and placed her hand on the door. 

Polaris just glanced at her with a confused look, then a sudden realization came crashing down. On the back of Felina's hand a small red outline of the Triforce appeared and glowed for a moment. After glowing the mark faded and a rumbling sound could be heard behind the stone. The engravings on the door lit up brightly and the door began to slide inward, opening the long sealed mine.

Putting her glove back on Felina turned to Polaris "Do me a favor and don't mention this to the others." she spoke quietly as she walked into the large structure.

 Gerard and the soldiers watched from the hill top as Felina and Polaris walked into the quarry, dissappearing from view. "That girl... is she?" Gerard thought to himself as stood their frozen in disbelief.  

Polaris/ Snowpeak Mine Entrance/ Afternoon 4

Shocked by what he'd just saw, Polaris was silent for a few moments as the pair entered the mine and the door sealed behind them. 

Clearing his head enough to muster a response, " worries. The secret is safe with me. And might I add, that's a helluva secret ma'lady."

Not wanting to dwell unnecessarily on the subject Polaris walked a ways further into the dark mine, if that's really what it could be called. The place was enormous.

 "Well, now that we're here, where to first? ...this place is's a shame I didn't know about it when I was hiding out in that cave."☁ 

IC: Felina - Snowpeak Quarry - Afternoon 4

Felina and Polaris made their way down a long corridor. Aside from the light pouring in from the entrance it was poorly lit. The corridors roof seemed to stretch into oblivion and large stone pillars lined either side of the path. The path itself seemed to have a gradual slope to it leading downward, but it was hard to tell without any real points of reference in the poor light.

Making their way to end of the path they reached a normal heavy metal door. Pushing it opening they both jumped in shock. "Whoa... I really didn't expect this place to have such an elaborate setup." Felina spoke as she gazed at the vast chamber they were now in.

The room was essentially a large underground town, of the scale typically associated with Goron cities. In ages past the quarry had mined various stone, minerals, and gems. Its remote location made travel to and from difficult, so the miners needed a relatively self sufficient camp to call home while they worked. This was beyond a simple mining camp though. It was a large multi floor ringed pit with small buildings and structures carved from stone. A large central pillar stood in the center of the room to support the ceiling and countless small paths branched out on all side.

 "I have to admit I'm not sure where to start looking. This place is way bigger than I expected. We're going to need to find the map to this place and probably the magic compass that goes with it." Felina spoke as her eyes wandered. 

Polaris/ Snowpeak Quarry/ Afternoon 4

Polaris was taken aback by the sheer magnitude of the quarry, everything it seemed, was larger than life. Massive pillars and wide corridors with seemingly unreachable ceilings. And then the town, for that's what it was at one time, a fully functioning underground mining community, a semi-self sufficient town.

The size of the place presented a bit of an issue with where exactly, to start. Felina was correct, finding the map and compass was going to be essential to their progress. As the duo made their way down a flight of stairs Polaris' head was on a swivel, looking both left and right for any hint of movement or a chest, an open doorway, anything. Although their field of vision was somewhat limited due to the poor lighting he knew Felina had the heightened senses of both owl and coyote on her side, and that reassured him, knowing that her senses, along with his own, would alert them of any approaching danger.

"I couldn't agree more, we could wander around in here for weeks on end and maybe still not find what we search for, I'm not sure where to start either, but if it's the map and compass we seek, why not try sifting through the buildings and various structures? Seems like they'd be as good a place as any to start our search."

Polaris started when, a boomerang whizzed passed his head, it had come from their left, and there, approaching, footsteps almost in unison were 3 dog-like creatures with fur of a blue tint, wearing cloaks not unlike what your everyday Hylian would wear, Polaris remembered that these beasts were called Goriya, and they were apparently hostile.

 Unleashing a two jets of ice at the Goriya flanking the one in the center, he nodded at Felina, "So much for a friendly welcome party, eh?" 

IC: Felina - Snowpeak Quarry - Day 4

As the duo started to plan out their next move they were interupted by unwanted guests. As the trio of Goriya drew near Polaris began to counterattack, isolating one of the foes with an icy barrage. 

Changing to owl mode Felina took to the air dodging a boomerang. Pulling out a pair of feather darts in each hand she lobbed them at her foe who quickly rolled to the side and tried to shield himself with his arms. Seizing the opportunity Felina swapped to coyote mode and sprang down on the Goriya with a strong kick, knocking him to the ground. As she moved in to follow up another Goriya stepped in to intervene lobbing his boomerang at Felina.

Cartwheeling out of the way Felina was quickly suprised as the Goriya spit a fireball from its mouth. Impacting near her feet Felina was knocked by the blast, but was otherwise unharmed. Catching the returning boomerang the goriya let out a snicker as his fallen ally rejoined him.

 "It would seem these guys are a little tougher than your average monster? Wouldn't you agree?" Felina called out to Polaris glancing to check his status. 

Polaris/ Snowpeak Quarry/ Afternoon 4

If it hadn't been for the second burst or ice, Polaris' initial attack would've been a fruitless endeavor, because as the first jet of arctic energies drew near it's target, the Goriya, whose reflexes proved much quicker than anticipated, spat out a writhing globule of flame reducing the attack to nothing more than a splash of water on the monsters face. As it was, the second jet of ice, which had been aimed much lower struck the beast clean, in the mid section and sent it tumbling backwards, gasping as the air was driven out of it's lungs. Wasting no time in awe of the creatures fire breathing abilities, Polaris quickly drew his dagger from it's resting place in his boot, and once it was drawn, released the barriers that held back the flow of magic between the blade and himself. He allowed his frozen aura to engulf the enchanted silver weapon and soon the magic once again flowed freely between himself and his weapon.

The blade as seen by others was no more than a dagger made out of blessed silver, the same silver used to make arrowheads for hero's past, in it's true form when it was doing what it was made for, it was shapeless. Bending to suit Polaris' will. At the moment, the blade best resembled a doubled-edged, hand-and-a-half sword.

"It would seem these guys are a little tougher than your average monster? Wouldn't you agree?"

Whirling away from his temporarily incapacitated enemy to face Felina, Polaris saw that she had engaged the two remaining Goriya and was putting up what seemed to be a good fight. He'd been completely oblivious to what had happened up to that point, it'd been sometime since he had to worry about allies on the field of battle. He made a mental note to try and be more aware of his accomplices even while in the heat of battle. "Heh, yeah, you could definitely say that. The fire breath was a fun surprise. I got lucky with this guy..." nodding towards the Goriya he'd hit with the second part of his initial frigid assault. Even then, the creatures was struggling to get back to it's feet and in a standing position. Polaris gave it no time to gathers it's wits, three long strides and a quick spin later, Polaris had unfurled a downward diagonal right to left slash that tore through flesh and bone alike as if it were nothing. A small, gurgling wheeze followed by a wet thud as the beast crumpled to the floor were the only sounds made.

The time for celebration was short lived though, it seemed no sooner than he had disposed of his original foe, one of the Goriya that had been fighting with Felina struck him in the small of the back with a well aimed boomerang causing him to stumble forward a few steps. Clenching his teeth Polaris growled, "Those damn things are getting on my nerves!!"

And incomprehensible cry came from one of the Goriya who drew three boomerangs simultaneously, coughed up more flame upon them, setting them to fire and then launched the projectiles hurtling toward Polaris. 

IC: Felina - Snowpeak - Day 4

Turning back to owl mode Felina once again took to the air doding the projectiles of the two Goriya. Thankfully Polaris had defeating the third and now had the attention of the other two split one on one.

Throwing some darts she forced the Goriya who was focused on her to move more to the left. She had an idea in mind but it would be tricky. Waiting for the right moment she paused her attack. Dodging the boomerang and then a fireball she smirked at the chance. The boomerang was now on its return course. Throwing several darts she forced the Goriya to jump out of the way.

With its owner gone the boomerang flew along further, smashing into the back of the other Goriya that Polaris had been fighting, knocking it to its knees. Letting out a growl of concern for its injured partner the other Goriya was to late as Polaris delivered a final blow. "Its to late for you to!" Felina called out as she swooped down and changed to coyote form somersaulting down and delivering a fierce axe kick to the Goriyas head, putting it out of the fight as well.

 Pausing to catch her breath and reverting to normal Felina glanced over to make sure Polaris was ok. "I think we should move on before we find any more guys to welcome us." she said as she gestured towards a nearby building. "That one looks like it is relatively prominent." 

Polaris/ Snowpeak Mines/ Day 4

Upon finishing off the third and final Goriya, Felina gestured toward one of the structures suggesting they take refuge inside it while plans of what to do next were laid out. Agreeing, Polaris hastily made his way alongside her to said building. 

 Luckily for them, there was no lock on the door and it opened inward, as the two entered the room Polaris commented, "Well, if the master of this place is anything like the grunts, we're surely in for a fight. That is a ways off, for now, I think it best we continue on the path you recommended, map and compass...where to start?" 

IC: Felina - Snowpeak dungeon - day 4

Making their way to what looked like an office Felina and Polaris began thumbing through various peices of paperwork that had been abandoned. Most pertained to mundane mining quotas and complaints from workers.

"Hm... I think this might be helpful." Felina spoke as she looked at an old diagram on the wall. It was a basic overview of the mine, not details enough to be considered a true map, but it had enough detail to point them in the right direction.

 "It looks like if we take the main tunnel west it will lead to the foremans office. We should be able to find better info in there." Felina spoke as she yanked the diagram out of its frame and rolled it up. With the information they now had the duo made their way towards the western branch of the tunnels. 

Polaris/ Snowpeak Mines/ Day 4

As Felina rolled up the blueprint for the mines and stuffed it into her pack, Polaris was eyeing a scrap of parchment found in the topmost drawer of one the desks, the parchment proved useless, and with a shrug, Polaris fell in tow behind Felina as she exited the office.

After getting their bearings, the pair set out towards the aforementioned tunnels and, more importantly, the office of the one time foreman. Making idle conversation as they passed through the massive, yet seemingly empty halls, Polaris broke the silence by saying, "I haven't put much thought to it myself, at least not until now, but I wonder, how do you think the others are faring? We've had a rough go of it here and there, but nothing overly discouraging...yet."

 She seemed to be determined on the path ahead, so Polaris quietly trudged along awaiting her opinion. 

IC: Felina - Snowpeak - Day 4

As the two made their way through the quarry Felina pondered on Polaris question. How were the others doing at this point?

"Its hard to say... We picked the most remote of the destinations, so we only have to contend with the traps and protective measures that were intended to guard this place. The desert group is also out of the way, but the desert has its own dangers as well as the Gerudo to deal with, not to mention that group seems somewhat unreliable. The forest group will definetly have their work cut out for them, having to deal with the Twili on top of everything else." she mused aloud. She really had no idea of what was happening, this entire plan was a gamble as they really didn't know how strong the Twili's forces were or how fast they would make their next move.

Entering the next room Felina was startled at what they were confronted with. A large pit with a metal catwalk stretched across the center of the room covering a pit of flames. The metal segments of the catwalk opened and closed as random intervals. At the opposite side of the room were a pair of soldiers. Their armor was clearly of Hylian design, of a somewhat older era based on the colors and materials. She couldn't see their faces though, as they wore helmets with a bird design that completely masked their faces.

"Intruders!" one spoke in a seemingly hollow tone as it drew its dagger. 

 "Wait! We're not your enemies!" Felina tried to call out, but the soldiers were already charging at them. 

Polaris/ Snowpeak Mines/ Day 4

Taking a moment to digest Felina's insight Polaris bristled at an obvious rise in temperature as they traversed the hall, "Forgive me, if I read too much into what you say, or I'm suspecting insinuation where there is none, but the main reason I asked is because, well, call it old age, or the cynicism that has taken hold of me over the years, but I'm not sure I trust any of the others to complete their assigned tasks really. I've been, pre-emptively no doubt, pondering which of the minerals WE, or, at least, I, intend to pursue next. Relying upon others is one thing I struggle with. Outwardly, I express confidence to keep morale up, but inwardly, I question all things and the motives of all people...even you, at least in the beginning of our journey. When no one, not even myself really, wanted to travel here you CHOSE to, that speaks multitudes for you grit, willingly you accompanied me and I wondered why. In some facets, I still wonder, but I'll not question you, and for the most part, and if I'm proven wrong, we'll be instant enemies..that is not a threat, just making you aware of the wages of my companionship. But I'm getting off point here, what I'm trying to say, is I trust you, whom I've known for but a few days, more so than most, if not all within our ranks."

As the duo entered the connecting room, Polaris' eyes were at first drawn to the spouts of flame that shot into the air, then to the means of crossing such hazards. The guards, until they cried out, Polaris had paid no mind to. Felina called to them, trying to let them know they came in peace, it appeared though, that they were having nothing of it and charged them. Once again drawing his dagger and releasing the magical barriers between it and himself, Polaris allowed the magicks to flow freely between himself and the weapon, again he opted for the hand-and-a-half style sword he usually favored and spoke to Felina in undertones, "They have until they get to the edge of our platform to heed your parlay, after that, we dance my friend." 

IC: Felina - snowpeak - day 4

The soldiers were now only halfway across the room. Felina sighed to herself, she had already known they would not listen to reason, they were merely guardians left over to guard this place afterall. Watching the trap doors open and close was more troublesome, as she was having trouble finding any pattern to the movement.

 "I guess flight is the best bet..." she thought to herself as she transformed and lifted off. Gliding towards the soldiers she tossed a few darts which impacted with only minimal effect. "The armor is to thick for this..." she sighed as she was forced to turn into coyote form to fight hand to hand. Thankfully these soldiers were so normal in their abilities that they might be considered mundane in terms of the threat level. 

Polaris/ Snowpeak Mines/ Day 4

No sooner than the words had left Polaris' mouth, Felina vaulted into the air to unleash an aerial assault, both of them had known, or at least expected that these enemies were simplings. Capable of only one cognitive thought, attack anything that moved. Considering how long they'd been cooped up in this place, the fact that they were still able to differentiate between intruder and ally was a suprise in its own right. Polaris knew that Felina crying out in a failed attempt at parlay, was just a formality really and that they were destined to attack these foes head on all along. Polaris began to accumulate the sparse amounts of liquid present in the air around him forming a relatively mid sized orb of frozen energy, he lobbed it into the middled of the oncoming attackers, knowing that upon impact the orb would explode into thousands of tiny projectiles and pieces of icy shrapnel, which, at best would slow their advance.

As soon as the orb struck the ground, it shattered and shards of ice exploded outwards in every direction, Polaris did what he could to redirect and of the razor sharp splinters of ice that came towards his partner, all in all the makeshift frag did little to slow the oncoming attackers, so Polaris, letting out a mirthless laugh launched himself forward, ready to unleash his artic hell upon those that blocked their advance, the seemingly random pattern of the lifts made this more difficult than he had anticipated, but in time he stood shoulder to shoulder with Felina, blade drawn, chest heaving from the excitement of a battle that, had really not even begun yet. 

 Drawing from his own magical aura, Polaris sent out more jets of ice directed at the joints, specifically the knees, of the approaching foes hoping to freeze them in their tracks in an attempt to make them easy targets for Felina and himself. 

IC: Felina - snowpeak - day 4

As Polaris hit the enemies low and knocked them off balance Felina followed up with a quick uppercut to one of them knocking them into the air. Jumping up she assaulted the soldier with a quick combination of punches and kicks, finally ending with a spin kick sending the soldier crashing to the ground in defeat.

 Landing back on the ground Felina quickly moved to more stable ground as she watched Polaris deal with the remaining soldier. Thankfully these guards were a minor threat compared to the Goriya looters they had encountered earlier. 

Polaris/ Snowpeak/ Day 4

His strategy, seemingly effective, allowed Felina to pummel one of the grunts to a pulp. 

Grunting his approval, Polaris closed the gap between himself and the remaining guard, and with an ice encapsulated fist, struck the attacker square in the chest with the full force of his might, leaving an admirable dent in the beats breastplate, Polaris continued to strike in the same spot until it was evident that the beasts chest cavity had gone the way of his breastplate and had caved in as well. As the monster laid there on the ground, gasping, drowning in it's own blood, Polaris lobbed off it's head to end the misery it was now suffering.

Turning to Felina, "Well, I think it's safe to say that the door they were guarding is where we need to go next."

It took a small amount of timing to traverse across from platform to platform, he probably could've propelled himself by ice magicks, but after being in hiding for so long he had begun to relish the physical aspect of their journey. Odd though it sounded, he was actually enjoying himself. The invasion had once again given him purpose, something to fight for, hell something to DO, aside of lay up in his hole afraid to face the outside world again for reasons that really, were petty to him now.

The door didn't appear locked, only jammed, which was nothing a swift kick couldn't resolve, the door swung inward to reveal an office much like the one they'd been in earlier, but larger with many more bookshelves and stacks of paper on the desk, there was a moderate sized trunk in one of the corners.

 In a tone much more formal than the situation called for, "I believe I present the foremans office to you ma'lady. After you of course." 

IC: Felina - Snowpeak - Day 4 Making short work of the grunts the duo entered a large office, a center table and desks surrounded by a number of cabinets with a second story balcony lined with bookshelves. After scouring the office for a minutes the duo finally found the map of the quarry. 

"Hm... yes, I think this is it. The part of the mine we need to go looks to be in this section right here." Felina spoke as her and Polaris analyzed the map.

"Its a shame you won't live long enough to go any further." a voice called out from above.

Standing on a balcony stood another soldier with armor similar to the ones they had just fought. However this one was distinctly femine in form and in a shocking twist had the head of a hawk with a pair of large wings sprouting from her back to match.

"Wait! We are here to aid Hyrule in its time of need! The land is threatened by dark forces once more..." Felina started to call out, hoping this time communication might work, afterall this foe could actually speak.

"As the royal guardian, Aves Valkyrian, it is my duty to stand in your way. If you are rightous enough to proclaim yourselves heroes prove it." the hawk woman interupted raising a long staff, one end blunt and the other forked.

Pointing the forked end towards them a large lightning bolt shot forth straight at Felina and Polaris. 

Polaris/ Snowpeak/ Day 4

The room proved to be much larger than it did at first glance, even possessing a second level; balcony and all. It was there that this new foe had appeared shortly after they obtained the dungeons map and located where they needed to go next. She, for that voice was almost undoubtedly female, called herself Aves Valkyrian, a royal guardian, apparently honor, or oath bound to protect this place. She was sure to be a more formidable opponent than any they had encountered up to this point, and although she obviously possessed much more intelligence than anyone they'd come across in the mountains, she still did not possess so much that she would listen to reason. The entrance to this place had been sealed many years ago, a seal that could only be broken by one of he Royal Family's lineage, then again, maybe she wasn't privy to this little nugget of information and Polaris had promised not to reveal it to anyone anyway, so there was really no case to plead.

She held a rather interesting and oversized staff in her hands and sent a large crackling bolt of lightning screaming right at them. All Polaris could manage in the seconds they had before they were lit up brighter than Castle Town at night was to raise a solid wall of ice in front of them in an attempt to form some semblance of a deterrent to the bolt. Upon impact, the wall exploded inward sending several pieces of icy shrapnel whizzing towards them, Polaris stopped all but the smallest chunks and redirected what he could back in the direction they came, sending them hurtling towards their attacker, in turn, Polaris and Felina were pelted by some of the smaller pieces that he did not catch, but neither of them appeared any worse for wear because of it. 

Nodding to Felina, "Never easy is it?" Then turning to face the guardian, "As for your little threat, I was dead long before I set foot on this mountain, bitch. Would you care to join me?"

 With the hunks of their impromptu shield acting as covering fire, Polaris jumped into the air and unleashed a large beam of arctic energy directed at Aves. 

IC: Felina - Snowpeak - Day 4

Polaris had shielded the both of them as best he could and was now trying to launch his own counterattack, however their foe simply spread her wings and rose above the artic blast.

Going into owl mode Felina launched several darts at her foe. "Hmph, amateurs how can amateurs like you claim you're going to save Hyrule when you can't even save yourselves." Aves taunted as she flipped the staff around and pointed the blunt end towards Felina.

 A deafening thunderclap shook the room and deflected the darts and sent a shockwave of air slamming into Felina, sending her crashing through a desk.  

Polaris/ Snowpeak/ Day 4

Unable to mask the annoyance in his voice Polaris responded, "Amateurs? You're calling us amateurs?!? Ha! You've been left alone in a god forsaken place such as this to protect the contents of a dungeon that no one was even interested in until a few days ago, and you have the audacity to call us amateurs? Please. You're no more than a stepping stone at best.

 Eyes flashing white, Polaris' feet left the floor with a rush of arctic energies beneath him giving the faux appearance of levitation even though he couldn't truly levitate, just propel himself through the air by freezing the water particles in the air around himself to force him upwards. He then let loose another arctic blast directed at the valkyrie and plunged forward, sword drawn. His blade had taken on a frosty crimson sheen as it had been encapsulated with red ice. When he was within striking distance he swung wildly at her mid-section hoping to end the encounter here and there by cleaving her in two. Fearing that this would not be the case, he simultaneously redoubled his efforts to try and freeze the very air around them, hoping to tarnish the oxygen that she sucked into her lungs. The biting pain of each and every breath, was something he hoped she felt right down to every inch of her being, if he could ground her, she was no match for them and ultimately she would surrender, or die. 

IC: Felina - Snowpeak - day 4

As Polaris lunged towards the guardian and his blade made contact with the staff, Aves merely extended her wings and with a flap gained the highground. With a simple sweeping movements of the staff she parried the blade away and knocked Polaris back using a vortex created from the motion of the staff. As Polaris landed Felina quickly noticed his strike had nearly sliced halfway through the staff. Polaris backup plan seemed to work though, as the valkyrie pulled back instead of following up with another attack.

 Moving over to Polaris, Felina began to whisper into his ear. "That attack had enough power to finish this, we need to hit her with that again but bind her wings so she can't dodge. I'll try to get behind her and get ahold of those wings, but I'll need a distraction."  

Polaris/ Snowpeak/ Day 4

Polaris skidded to a stop not far from where Felina had been standing, apparently his surge forward wasn't all for naught, as Felina pointed out the cut he'd made in the Valkyrie's staff. "A diversion huh, I can do that...I think."

Scrambling back up to his Polaris let out maniacal, shrieking laugh. He may have gone too far with the theatrics, but he didn't care. After composing himself he bellowed, "That! That was fun!! I do so hope that wasn't your best shot?! Spare me, I've been hit harder by a snowball thrown by a child!!

Leaving the ground again, Polaris expanded the reaches of his frigid aura outwards in all directions, the room began to freeze, layers of ice forming on the floor, desk, shelves, walls and books alike until the majority of the room was covered by a sheet of ice. Tossing his blade from right hand to left and back again, he began to twirl it in his hand, slowly at first, then faster, and faster until it was a blur of red, focusing now, he slashed forward, using his sword to direct and launch multiple crimson waves of ice towards the valkyrie. The waves cut through all things in their path and froze solid that which was not in the direct path, but was still in close proximity to it. Floor boards creaked and popped and splintered as they were rent apart, as did pieces of the balcony, stairs and handrailings. Any and everything that his arctic energy had encapsulated, if it wasn't bolted down, he gained control of and hurled towards her as a secondary assault, books, shelves, a desk, debris from his slashes, everything. From her point of view, the entire room may have been coming at her.

Satisfied with his "distraction," Polaris paid careful attention to leave Felina a path to sneak through in all of the fuss. With Aves wielding that staff of hers, he assumed nothing would get by the valkyrie that could or would hinder Felina in carrying out her part of the plan. All he could do now is send the occasional jets of ice out at their foe followed by more taunting..and wait for Felina to move into position. 

IC: Felina - Snowpeak - day 4

As Polaris artic attack raced forward Aves countered with another lightning bolt, smashing through the attack. However it was enough of a distraction to allow Felina to slip behind.

Lunging out Felina grabbed onto Aves wings and used all her strength to pin them together. "Gah, how did you..." the guardian cried out as the two crashed to the ground. 

Without hesitation Polaris built up and released another burst of water to propel himself forward at tremendous speed. Raising her staff to block Polaris smashed down with both blades, aiming for the spot he had damaged earlier. With a blinding flash of light and a deafening boom the attack smashed through the staff and cleaved through Aves torso.

"Heh.. heh heh, it would seem you both pass. This was... just a test to make sure you were worthy and that you weren't being coerced into this path. You still have one more trial though... don't die." Aves spoke weakly, dropping her staff as her body faded away into dust.

 Panting with exhaustian the duo picked up the two halves of the staff. Fumbling with the forked end Felina released a small electric burst, knocking over a chair. Curiously they seemed to still be responsive to magic, although not quite at full strength. 

Polaris/ Snowpeak/ Day 4

It all happened in a matter of seconds, Felina restrained the valkyrie and Polaris lunged forward ready to slash at her once again, this time, as his blade connected with the spot his previous attack had weakened it broke through. Slicing the staff in two, the force of the attack, propelled by the jet of water and ice behind him, carried his sword forward and through Aves as well. In her dying words, the mocking, condescending tone now gone, she congratulated and deemed them worthy. Apparently killing her was just the first step in retrieving the ore and completing their task here, she was not the boss of this definitely wasn't going to get any easier.

"You know," said Polaris as he examined the Thunder Rod he know held, "Annoying as she was, Aves was one helluva guardian. Much stronger than I had anticipated, if you hadn't chose to come along, I'm not sure I could've defeated her." Compliments not being his strong suit, Polaris hoped she got the gist of what he was saying.

Pausing to take in the havoc they had reeked on the room, he figured now was as good a time as any to try his new toy, he could feel the magic coursing through the object, somewhat diminished from what it was when it was whole, but still potent nonetheless. Unsure how to trigger the magic he pointed the blunted end of the staff towards the pile of debris blocking the doorway, when that proved to be a futile attempt, he swung the staff through air in frustration. A deep, sonorous boom echoed through the room as the rubble, as if struck by some unseen force, was sent flying through the air, Polaris unprepared for this was caught unawares and in turn was knocked back a few paces from the recoil. A look of pure glee crossed over his face as the ancient Zora laughed with excitement, "Now that's what I'm talking about!! It's not as powerful as before, but let me tell ya, she still packs a mean punch!"

With their path now cleared and Polaris visibly giddy with excitement, he decided to take the opportunity to ask Felina a question he'd had for some time now, "So, I know this probably isn't something you're real keen on discussing, but I have to at least ask, what is your connection to the royal family? I've went over it a thousand times in my head, and there's no way you should've been able to break that seal on the entrance to this place unless...well, I won't speculate on things I don't know for sure, but your surname, Xiphias, it has a familiar sound to it as I've said before, perhaps I've heard it in days gone by, and perhaps I'm just a senile old man." 

 As the two delved deeper into the mountain Polaris added, "You've no obligation to me, and aren't required to tell me anything, feel free to tell me where to shove my question if you wish. Either way my earlier promise to keep what I know, or at least suspect, secret from the rest of the group will be upheld."  

IC: Felina - Snowpeak - Day 4

It was amusing to see Polaris so giddy after the fight, he normally seemed so somber and distant, it was nice to see him enjoying himself.

With the two catching their breath Polaris finally inquired about her lineage, it was a conversation that she was surprised had waited so long. "Eh, why not. A long time ago in this very kingdom a war was fought between the forces of darkness and light. It was the time of the king of darkness Ganon and a number of lesser evils that threatened the peace of the world. During a time when the Hero of Time was absent Hyrule turned to that generations Light Warriors to fill the void. One of them was a mercenary named Syzan Xiphias, my ancestor. He had originally come to Hyrule out of spite and worked with the dark forces to take his revenge for the death of his family years earier. When he was a child his parents ship had been attacked by another ship carrying the Hylian flag, he and his younger sister Nydesti were set off in a lifeboat, but the fierce waves of the sea knocked Syzan overboard. His parents perished in the battle and he was seperated from his sister and never saw her again. When he came to Hyrule he came closer than any before to slaying the Princess Zelda, it was only a twist of fate that stopped him. It turned out that his sister had not died and was picked up by a royal ship, it was a time of conflict among Hyrule's tribes, with the Queen ill and the royal family lacking an heir, they chose to secretly raise the child as his own, that girl by tradition was renamed Zelda and was the Sage of Time who assisted the Hero of Time in defeating Ganon. As a closely guarded secret of that era that has been forgotten by most, the royal family of Hyrule has branched off of the Xiphias line. Eventually as Hyrule rebuilt and its aristocracy reasserted itself it became more and more inconventient to Nydesti's rule to have a branch family present and eventually Syzan and his family left to help ease the burden she was facing. I doubt many members of the royal court or family would even remember any of this now, those that do would probably simply view me as an irritance to their rule. The few original light warriors who are still around on the other hand view me amusingly as a relative of an old friend and ally." Felina spoke as she rambled on about the past. 

She could see that Polaris was in a bit of shock at the revalations of all that happened during that time that was omitted from the legends of today. "Heh heh... If that is enough to push you into shock, then you'll probably love the fact that Shinigami is a close relative of the Hero of Time." She added with a laugh. "That was a pretty crazy era." 

Polaris/ Snowpeak/ Day 4

From starry eyed and smiling, to wide eyed and gaping Polaris' visage had changed in an instant. He massaged his temples in order to alleviate the sudden onset headache that accompanied this revelation. His mind was running at a thousand miles a minute, a good deal of these things had to have occurred right under his nose! How could he have been so oblivious to the goings on in Hyrule in his younger days? Deception by the royal family wasn't that hard to believe really, hell at this point it wasn't even that far fetched to believe Shinigami a relative of the Hero of Time...if what Felina said was true, and he did not doubt that it was, this girls lineage was as royal and "pure" as that of the King himself. Hell, it was the same blood line! Shaking his head Polaris chuckled as he gathered his wits, "The first thought that comes to mind, is wow. Just wow. Senshi?...really? That's intriguing to say the least. Not to mention you, your blood sits on the throne no doubt. And here you are, fighting alongside myself and the other light warriors of this age. All this time, and I never knew. Had no idea. These things were taking place right under my nose, and yet I knew nothing of it. Everything, always veiled in secrecy."

As the two walked in silence Polaris glanced at Felina, this was a big deal, for her to trust him with this information said a lot for her trust in him as a person. "This changes nothing between us as I'm sure you know. You're royalty yes, but in my book, you've already done more for Hyrule than any of the current occupants of Hyrule castle. The king hides behind his guards while we fight. You're secret is safe with me and I won't look at you any differently than I have before. You're a helluva warrior and I'm glad to have you at my side."

 A smile crept back across his face as Polaris again went to fiddling with the thunder rod. "We should probably get a move on eh? Deal with the rest of the baddies here, snag the ore and go see what awaits us in Castle Town...on the way back, if we're able maybe I'll throw in a crash course" Laughing at the totally intended, totally cheesy pun. "On snow boarding and the finer parts of stopping."  

C: Felina - Snowpeak - day 4

"Yes, we should get back at it..." Felina spoke as she sighed. The two then set off to obtain the ore. With map in hand they were able to easily find the shortest route to their destination, picking off the minor foes who guarded the route with relative ease.

After several minutes they reached a large metal door, it would take both of them to push it open. 

"I guess this is it... the final guardian should be behind this door, he is bound to be tougher than the rest." Felina spoke glancing at Polaris. "We should catch our breath and do our best to prepare before we enter this chamber."

After making their preperations the two forced the door open and entered a massive round chamber. It was easily the largest and tallest room they had come across. Pillars ran around the perimeter of the round chamber, with a simple metal gate on the oppossite side. As they walked forward a large cross beam slammed down across the door they entered from, barring the way back. Next to the gate was the guardian. A towering soldier clad in white and black armor with a distinct red horn protruding from the front of his helmet, standing twice as tall as an ordinary man. In one of his hand he held a monsterous sword that was nearly twice the size of himself, however the ease with which the single hand held the blade conveyed the immense physical strength the guardian possessed.

"You have come far and faced much to reach me... However I will not let you pass. I have sworn to protect this place from all who would misuse the power that lies beyond this gate." the guardian spoke as it raised its sword and pointed it towards Felina and Polaris.

"As we proved to Aves, we are here to save..." Felina began to speak, but she was cutoff.

"Silence! I am Custos Demum, the sword of justice! We fight now!" the final guardian shouted as he began to dash towards the would be heroes.  

Polaris/ Snowpeak/ Day 4

As their gigantic new foe sped towards them, Polaris dove out of his path, at seemingly the last second, as he did so he whipped the Thunder Rod around behind himself, hoping to clip Custos somewhere, anywhere, but it was to no avail, he'd already zoomed by. Polaris tucked into a roll as he hit the ground and came up in a crouched position, thunder rod in one hand, dagger, encapsulated in red ice again, but now in the form of a mikhaira which was better suited for a two weapon fighting style, in the other. "Agh, what is it with these damn guardians around here? Always ill tempered, pissed at the world, sworn to protect this, honor bound to protect that. Whoever brainwashed these yahoos did a damn fine job." Mused Polaris.

Drawing from the substantial amounts of liquid in the air around him, Polaris formed a sizable sphere of frozen energy, tossed it into the air and, swinging the staff like a bat, he struck the orb with the full sonic force of the thunder rod, with a resounding boom the orb was launched towards the mech. "Heh, I never get tired of that sound." 

Leaving the floor with a jet of water in his wake Polaris was preparing to unfurl his arctic wrath upon their attacker, when he was sent spinning by the very orb he'd launched at Custos, apparently the guardians reflexes were quite a bit faster than Polaris had anticipated. Demum appeared to take pleasure in this as he chuckled while Polaris struggled to regain his composure. "Hmph, now that's NOT, how we play this game at all. Here, let me show you."

Polaris let loose a dazzling frenzy of icy blasts, with the coup de grace, being a rather impressive beam of ice which was substantially larger than the one he shot at Aves a short while ago (think Samus' beam finisher from Smash Brothers here).

  As nearly every single jet of ice found it's mark somewhere on his enemy, and with his chest heaving from the exertion Polaris lowered himself to the floor and dashed forward, leaping into the air moments before he reached his target, meaning to strike him square in the face with a frozen fisted superman punch.  

IC: Felina - Snowpeak - Day 4

As Polaris unleashed a massive barrage of his magic, Custos charged through smashing down with his giant sword. Thankfully Polaris was able to dive out of the way at the last minute. With the giants backside exposed Felina flew up in owl mode and let loose with a barrage of darts and charged electric orbs. With his armor crackling with energy the giant seemed momentarily frozen. 

Taking the opportunity Felina transformed into coyote mode and lept up onto the giants back using the lightning rod to unleash a spray of electricity onto the guardian. As she did Polaris followed up with another barrage to the guardians frontside. Large cracks and gaps began to form on the guardians armor as he grunted in pain.

"Enough!" Custos shouted as he swung around knocking Felina and Polaris away. Slamming his blade into the ground the giant reached around his back and pulled large pair of drill tipped gauntlets off his back.

"Are those drills? Why does he have giant drills?! Who comes up with this stuff!" Felina rambled in surprise. However the initial shock was nothing compared to what came next.

Punching forward with each arm Custos launched the drills like rockets. Diving out of the way, the drills flew past the duo and slammed into the wall gouging out a massive crater in the wall. As if by magic the drills flew back to Custos and returned to their resting place on the back of his armor.

"Now we get serious." Custos spoke as he picked his sword back up.

"What are you talking about, it looks like you are running on fumes!" Felina called out mocking the giant and his badly damaged armor.

"Hmph, this is nothing." Custos laughed as the cracks in his armor began to glow and dissappear, restoring himself to the condition he was in when the battle started.

  "Gah, he can heal himself?! That's not fair!" Felina gasped in shock.  

Polaris/ Snowpeak/ Day 4

Almost dumbfounded, Polaris could do naught but shake his head and curse. "All right, now this is getting downright ridiculous!" As he said this he whipped the thunder rod through the air causing a frigid gale to go howling through the chamber, seemingly giving voice to his frustration. "As far as I can tell, and correct me if I'm missing something here, there doesn't appear to be any jewel or device that's fueling the regenerative powers, which leads me to believe they aren't going to be stopped..unless we can inflict so much damage that he simply does not have the strength to heal himself."

  As he rifled through their options in his head, Polaris came to the conclusion that their best shot was to attack the same spot simultaneously, and if luck was on their side they could methodically pick him apart and hurt him bad enough that any regeneration attempt would literally sap the final reserves of life inside of him. It was a brutish, simple plan, but it seemed that it was the only feasible option. Felina was agreeable and the duo, rods in hand, again raced in to attack on the wings of the chill wind.  

IC: Felina - Snowpeak - Day 4

It was frustrating to be facing a foe who could shrug off anything they could throw at them. Polaris had suggested they try a concentrated attack, Felina had her doubts. They just didn't seem to have anything in either of their arsenals that would be able to deal damage faster than this guy could heal it, but they didn't really have any other choice but to try.

As Polaris dashed around to Custos left Felina followed suit on the right. Aiming for his chest, they both began letting loose ranged attacks as they closed in on his from either side. The guardian simply stood his ground, healing from each attack as he waited for them to close into melee distance.

As they entered the reach of his massive sword, Felina lept up as Polaris went low. Charging the staff with electricity Felina readied to strike his chest directly, meanwhile Polaris did the same with the Thunder Rod.

"To slow!" Custos yelled out as he spun around and backhanded Felina out of the air. Flinging her around she was sent crashing straight into Polaris. The two tumbling backwards across the room with tremendous force. "Hmph, is that all you have?" Custos shouted as he watched.

As the two of them tumbled Polaris slid into the wall first with great force, with Felina plowing into him a few seconds later. As they collided the Lightning and Thunder Rods clanged together, their magic energies sparking between them. In her daze Felina could no longer hold back the magic she had been charging up. As it released a tremendous bolt of lightning shot out and struck Custos directly, it was quickly followed by the a deafing clap of thunder as Custos began to fall to the ground.

Dazed from what happened Felina and Polaris simply turned to each other in astonishment as Custos laid their for a moment not moving before slowly rising to a knee and gasping for breath. His armor badly damaged and not recovering as fast as before. The attacks had possessed the same strength and fury that Aves Valkyrian had commanded when the staff was still in one piece. 

Without saying a word the two quickly charged up the staffs again and touched their ends together. Once more they unleashed the powerful fury of a thunderstorm on the final guardian blasting him against a wall. His armor was smashed and his sword was broken at the hilt. A loud clicking sound echoed through the chamber as the latch on the gate released.

"Its over Custos Demum, yield!" Felina called out as her and Polaris got back up and approached.

Rising to his feet Custos panted as he clutched his midsection.

"No, I will not fail. I swore that I wouldn't let anyone pass. I promised her on my honor as a knight." Custos weakly spoke as he clutched his sword and raised it up again.

"What is he..." Polaris began to speak.

The orb at the base of the hilt began to glow and a loud crackling sound began as electricity began to flow out of it freely without limit, ripping through the roof of the chamber and into the exposed sky above.

"Whoa wait, its over, we won!" Felina began to speak as she tried to calm things down, however her pleas fell on deaf ears.

"He's not listening, lets get out of hear" Polaris shouted as he grabbed Felina's arm and began to pull her towards the gate.

Custos let out a fierce battlecry as he dashed forward and swung his devasting blade, engulfing the room in a blinding flash.

-at Snowpeak Fort-

The commander of the fort sat at his desk staring out the window at the mountainside as he considered the future. He had truely wanted to go with the young adventurers and help save Hyrule, but his orders were to guard the frontier. Although the men didn't know anything of that sealed quarry, as commander of the area he was aware of the lock and its requirements. "If she could open it..." he sighed, wishing he could just abandon his duties and follow his instincts.

Suddenly, without warning the ground began to shake fiercely as the mountainside exploding outward and began to collapse. A blinding stream of lightning seemed to be shooting up into the sky visible to all in Hyrule who gazed up at the northern sky.

  "Princess!" the commander cried out on instinct as the light faded. Leaping up from his desk he scrambled outside to the now chaotic fort. The soldiers in a panic over the destroyed mountainside.  

Polaris/ Snowpeak/ Day 4

The entire mountain appeared to be crumbling, large chunks of the ceiling were falling all around them in the aftermath of Custos' final, rage driven attack. Realizing it was run or be crushed, Polaris grabbed Felina's arm and dashed towards the gate on the far side of the chamber, once again there was a royal seal, which Felina promptly released seconds before the duo dove into the final chamber and out of the way of a large chunk of the ceiling that smashed down where they'd been standing just a few seconds ago.

"Talk about a sore loser! Damn..." Polaris fell silent as he realized what Felina was staring at, in the center of this new chamber stood a pedestal upon which sat what undoubtedly was their ore, oval shaped and a faint blue in color, it had a smooth texture and resembled that of marble or glass, only much sturdier than either. "Well now that that's settled, remind me, how do we get out of here again?"  

IC: Felina - Snowpeak - Day 4

As she pocketed the ore peice Polaris pointed out their new dilemna. The way they had come was sealed and there was no clear exit to this chamber in the quarry. It was only because the chamber was reinforced more than the rest of the mine that it was still standing, but damage was still evident from the large cracks that had formed in the walls and supporting pillars.

"There must be some way out of here..." Felina mused as the two began looking around the chamber. 

As they searched a faint rumbling sound caught Felina's ear in a corner of the room. Listening closely against one of the walls she could hear the sound of flowing water, most likely an underground river.

Motioning to Polaris he quickly smashed away at the rock with the Thunder Rod, until he had created a large hole. As expected a large fast flowing river ran beneath the chamber.

"This looks like its going to be our only way out. It looks like it is going to be wide enough for one of those old mine carts over there... they look rugged enough to be a makeshift boat..." Felina spoke with a little skeptisism.

"This sounds dangerous... These types of streams can get really narrow really fast, besides, we don't even know where it leads. Even if we can navigate it safely we might not wind up back in Hyrule." Polaris spoke as he analyzed the options.

  "We don't have much of a choice. Give me a hand." Felina answered as she began pushing one of the minecarts over to the hole.  

Polaris/ Snowpeak/ Day 4

Into the hole, in a mine cart that may, or may not float. If he were alone, Polaris could easily navigate the river himself without using the cart as a raft, sadly Felina didn't have that luxury, so Polaris grabbed a hold of the cart and helped her drag it to the opening. After climbing into the cart, Polaris held out a hand to Felina, "You get in front, I'll push us off, depending on the drop we may partially submerge, but don't worry about that, I'll make sure we don't take on too much water, I'll be damned if we're sinking this thing." After they were situated Polaris used the end of the Thunder Rod to give them that last little nudge required to send them over the edge.

The combined weight of the cart, Felina, and Polaris sent them spiraling downward in a rapid free fall of a good 20 or 25 feet before they landed with a splash. Polaris bent the surface of the water and redirected the vast majority of the frosty water away from them, Felina especially, since the cold made no difference to him. Polaris was able to somewhat guide their course along the stream and through the underground tunnel, that same look of glee that Polaris had seen on Felina's face when they snow boarded was there again, she was taking obvious delight in their white water race into the unknown. Even Polaris had to admit it was invigorating, that is until he spotted the enormous whirlpool that cover the entire breadth of the stream up ahead. There was no avoiding it, Polaris fought against the current as best he could but the sheer might of the river was more than he could handle after all the fighting he'd done earlier he was just too tired, to stop them, this was a battle he simply couldn't win.

  "Oooooooohhhhhh ssss! Hold on, and hold your breath!"  

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