Sourbeneton, also known as the Dark Father or Oni of Light, is a mysterious being that is referenced in Epoch of Disharmony. He is an immortal Celestial male of unknown age or appearance.


Details about the entity known as Sourbeneton remain shrouded in mystery. Even among his closest followers, little is truly known about this beings power or abilities, as Sourbeneton dose not interact with mortal kind directly. From what little can be gathered, he was once one of Aris Mastigos' people. However during the Demon War, Sourbeneton sided with Demise after the Ma kings power tempted him. He soon after became corrupted by this power, and came to be known as the Dark Father, Oni of Light.

During the Interloper War, Sourbeneton's plotted invasion of the Sacred Realm was foiled at the hands of the Fifth Scion, Kae Bryseis, and her group of brave heroes. He was attempting to obtain the Light Medallion so as to corrupt it with his power, but was instead banished to the Twisting Nether outside time and space.

Since then Sourbeneton has bided his time, slowly spreading his dark influence across the mortal world. He is worshiped by a cult known as the Order of the Crimson Eclipse, which seeks to prepare for his eventual arrival to Hyrule and subsequent domination of the world.


The full extent of Sourbeneton’s powers is unknown, but appears to maintain some level of omnipresence. He is known to grant his closest followers great magical and physical power, and at one point was even able to kill off the male half of the Gerudo race remotely.




Sourbeneton's true appearance (or if he even has one) is unknown, as he dose not communicate with mortals directly.


Apart from possessing a strong malevolence and love for power, his personality can only be guessed at by the outside world.

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