Squadleader Corven was a knight in the Hylian army. A loyal member of the corps for years he was most notable for his participation in Battle of Disharmony. Fighting for the first time against the well trained Zora forces, he and his squadmates caught the aquatic knights by surprise and decimated their ranks. Although he was unable to prevent all of the Zora and their allies from escaping Corven still prevented the majority from doing so.

After the battle he assisted in capturing wanted criminals Taden, Tarah, and Kourtz. Upon returning to castle town he was highly rewarded by King Dromand. On Epoch Day 8 Corven was set to help lead an army of conscripts into battle against the Gerudo. To help him train his new soldiers he used the help of a physic girl named Adriana. Although he disliked using such tactics, the squadleader followed through on his orders.

Calling on the spirits of Corven's fallen squadmates she imprinted the memories of their combat training into the new conscripts. With enough knowledge and magical abilities to fight he lead them out of the castle gates and into Hyrule Field. While contemplating why Dromand intended to attack the Gerudo, he was stabbed in the back by an unseen Zora soldier that had appeared. Corven died that afternoon.


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