Stewart Von Jarl is a middle aged Hylian who is a non-playable character in Epoch of Disharmony. A corrupt millionaire who lives in Castle Town Stewart is the "slave master" of Gli Lambe.


Stewart Von Jarl is a corrupt millionaire who lives at a lavish mansion in Castle Town. Years ago he somehow found himself in the region of Kokiri Forest. Though the details remain a mystery, Stewart somehow conceived a half Deku, half Hylian child named Gli Lambe. Stewart hated the girl, considering her a freak and an abomination. Never the less she was his daughter, and Stewart couldn’t find it in himself to get rid of her. Instead he brought her back to his mansion where he reluctantly raised her growing up.

Over the years Stewart proved to be an abusive father. Keeping the truth of Gli’s origin from her Stewart treated Gli as little more than his personal slave. While he was living a life of luxury Gli was stuck doing tiring, unsanitary, sometimes humiliating work at the whim of her so called “Slave-Master”. Stewart began the RPG with sentencing Cirdan Mithrandir to death through his corrupt manipulations. Watching the execution with Gli however, would soon bring about an unexpected turn of events, which would alter his life forever...


Stewart lacks any special abilities or combat experience.


Metal Chains which he uses as a leash to keep Gli chained up when near him. Guard Hounds which he can use to track down Gli should she ever escape.


A middle aged man who is currently missing one arm.


Stewart is an abusive, self centered, and highly greedy person. He thinks nothing of putting his own wellbeing first even when doing so would hurt others. Stewart values his wealth above everything and will selfishly cling to it wither it be 5 or 5 million rupees. While usually a rule-abiding citizen in public, he is more than willing to break the law if it suites his needs. Stewart is also known for his morbid obsession with watching public executions.


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