"If what you say is true General, then yes, I agree. These bastards came to us. And they shall pay for the atrocities committed against out Hylian Zora brethren and their young."
— Svalla Ralisa

Svalla Ralisa was a female River Zora who served as the leader of the Labrynnian Zora Army. Born in Labrynnia she and her people journeyed to Hyrule at the outbreak of the Epoch War to fight against the Hylian forces. On Epoch Night 7 Svalla and her army rounded the Arctic Sea and came ashore on the coast of the Western Ocean at the request of Gerudo General Namira. With the Zora greatly impaird by the desert heat Svalla came up with a strategy to combat the unfavorable climate. That night she ordered her forces to attack the Hyrulean Garo Tribe, based out of a village overlooking the western seas.

Massacreing every last Garo they found Svalla had her people extract magic from their cloaked corpses. Doing this granted them the ability of toxic power, allowing them to proceed through the open desert. On Day 8 Svalla reached the Gerudo Fortress just as the Battle of the Gerudo Desert was beginning. Svalla took command and ordered her army to assist the Gerudo in the defense of their homeland. With their newfound powers the Zora strategy worked flawlessly and pushed the Hylian lines back. With the fortress safe for now Svalla meet with Namira personally to discuss tactics. Namira lead the Zoran woman to the fortress's library to show her a map of Hyrule, only for the two to be confronted by Hylian secret agents Tarah, Xiaber, and Shinsou.

Rather than assist her Gerudo ally in battle however Svalla betrayed Namira inorder to seek out the location of the Thunder Dragon on the map instead. Hoping to take the Timeshift Stone Vault for herself she paralyzed Namira with deadly blood magic, and then began advancing on the Hylian agents. General Namira however was revived by Rhunerys Telaris' new powers and she assaulted the Zora from behind. Svalla's fate was sealed when the Garo magic she had stolen backfired on her. The spirit of a Garo she killed managed to possess her body. The spirit urged Svalla's attackers to finish her off while he left her completely defenseless. Svalla was killed when General Namira stabbed her in the back with a Gerudo sword.