Deceased, his spirit has been temporarily given phyisical form to help out for a short time. In this form he has his appearance from when he was in his early 20s. He wears a dark short sleeve shirt with a simple leather armored vest, has black pants and long gloves (kind of like the ones Marth has in SSBB). He has black hair and is around 5'11".


Saber, razor discs Abilities: He has a sword fighting technique called Howling Blade that will temporarily boost his speed and strength, but comes at the price of burning through his stamina faster. He can enchant his razor discs with fire magic to set them ablaze in various ways. He has a defensive fire barrier spell, which surrounds him in a ball shaped barrier of flames.


He is highly skilled with the sword and is quicker than Link. Weaknesses: His ranged attacks are low power, and his defenses are relatively light.


Syzan's families ship was attack and they were killed when he was young, the manner in which it happened implicated Hyrule's involvment, however that was in reaity a ruse created by Ganon to stir up seeds of distrust prior to the Imprisoning War. Syzan swore revenge and built up his skills as a mercenary before coming to Hyrule during one of the legendary heroes absenses.

Working as a mercenary for the dark forces Syzan nearly succeeded in slaying Princess Zelda, however a sudden revelation caused him to switch sides and defend Hyrule. Once Hyrule had been saved Syzan stayed to help rebuild Hyrule and start a family. As a military advisor, he helped train soldiers to rebuild Hyrule's defenses. After increased infighting with Hyrule's rekindled aristocracy Syzan left Hyrule in disgust and spent his remaining days in far off lands.

Now ages later Syzan has been tasked by the goddesses to help the forces of light retrieve the materials needed to make a sword that can drive back the twilight.