"You say the choice is ours, but do not delude yourself--you leave us no choice."
— Taden Horwendil

Taden "Hothnight" Horwendil is a long recruiting character in the ZRPG Series. A cold skinned, cold hearted warrior originating from Termina, Taden was long ago cast out of his homeland and into the world of Hyrule. Learning the forbidden arts of ice magic and necromancy in the Yeti lands of Snowpeak he has become a powerful force to be reconed with. Over the centuries since his exile Taden has overcome many obstacles, powerful warriors, and even death itself all in his quest for revenge.


Short, stocky, with grey skin and a mane of white hair. A young boy, with some babyfat and wide, wondering eyes. Wears black robes over a grey tunic and breeches, with black Yeti gauntlets and boots. Slightly corrupted look, with faint circles under his eyes and lines around his mouth.


Heavy gauntlets and boots made from black Yeti steel, with tough black robes over a grey tunic and breeches. Currently in possession of two out of four Hated Relics: Yeti Mask, Maskmaker’s Knife, Monkey Mask (stolen), Hated Raiment (stolen).

The Yeti transformation mask contains a possessed ceremonial coin (Hated Medallion) that allows the wearer to take on the form of Tempest, a Yeti demon with control over the upper atmosphere. The Maskmaker’s Knife (Hated Knife) allows the wielder to construct transformation masks from corpses; it was developed by the Yeti for the continuation of a single shamanic ancestor, known as Tempest. One of four Hated Relics.

The Monkey transformation mask (Hated Mask) allows the wearer to become a small, white monkey with extreme agility, balance, and speed. The Hated Raiment is an ornate Terminian field commander’s riding coat which gives its wearer power over water, air, and temperature across long distances, and limited power over shadow and light in the immediate area.

Each of the four Hated Relics were created when Chamdar Taliesin used the holy sword Aurgelmir to tear Hothnight’s soul from his body and rend it into four pieces. The fragments of Taden’s soul fused with four items from his equipment, and his body was taken by Chamdar to the shamanic Yeti tribe for preservation in a state of undying stasis.

NPC Companion

Evil alter ego currently split into the Monkey Mask held by Whie Malreaux and the Hated Raiment held by Lynn Annei.

Strengths & Abilities

Adept field survival skills honed during early years as an overland messenger in Termina; steeped in knowledge of Yeti ritual, sorcery, and lore. As the Yeti demon Tempest, able to control weather patterns, and wield the legendary battleaxe Ginnungagap.


No defense to magic when in his human form; small stature and little strength make him weak in melee combat. The Tempest form can be weakened or dispelled altogether by exposure to direct sunlight or powerful Light spells; as such, it can only be conjured after night has fallen or a natural cloud cover blocks out the sun.


Epoch Ancient Folklore Revision

Taden worked as a messenger in Termina until the day he ran an errand to the north, in Snowhead, and became lost in a blizzard overnight. Once it cleared, he found himself in Hyrule's northern Snowpeak mountains, where a tribe of Yeti discovered him on the brink of death. He was healed over many moons by their medicine man, Jotun, who took him on as an apprentice. He begins the story living among the Yeti of Snowpeak, biding his time in the north.

Interloper War Season 3 Backstory

Terminian folklore tells of a messenger boy who died in the Snowhead Mountains, only to be revived by a Fairy spirit hidden inside his parcel and transported to Hyrule by the enigmatic merchant who sent him on the errand. Once there, driven by the need to kill in order to sustain his own life, the boy used the dark artes of Snowhead that had revived him to afflict the people of Hyrule for generations, ultimately becoming the evil spirit Tempest. At last, he was destroyed by the sacred blade of Chamdar Taliesin, his soul broken into four fragments and his inanimate body sent to the Yeti for preservation.

In the chaos of the Interloper War, the Hated Relics were released from their vault in Hyrule Castle. A fragment of Taden’s Ghost was unsealed from the Hated Knife, and eventually found its way into the underworld where Seishi Ma had sealed the Hated Medallion inside Habiki’s golemic heart. The Hated Knife and Hated Medallion fused with Habiki’s golem corpse to create the Tempest Mask, which was drawn back to the Light World to be found by Taden on the northern shores of Snowpeak.

Now, with the enchanted shortsword at his side and the Hated Medallion converted into a powerful mask of its own, Taden continues his quest for the Hated Relics in Hyrule.​

Epoch Major Events

Day Zero SummaryTemplate:ChaptersTaden hunts with the Yeti, but is banished by Chief Ymir when the medicine man, Master Jotun, is discovered dead with Taden at the scene. He makes his way south, recalling Jotun’s recent prophecies of war.

Day 1 Summary

Taden conspires with Tarah and Leif to kill a Hylian guard, in return for a stash of Bombchus from a seedy Goron bombsmith named Popper. At dawn Impa discovers the plot after the guard is killed. She has Taden and his fellow conspirers brought to Hyrule Castle, where they are joined by Kourtz.

Day 2 Summary

Under threat of imprisonment the group is given the task of investigating the theft of the Hyrulean Trust by King Dromand. Taden breaks out of the dungeon with the others, and as outlaws they head to meet an informant on their quest. In Kakariko Village the group fights agents loyal to King Tiburon, who try and keep them from seeing the informant. Taden fends off Majin, Polaris, and AvaKai (the clone of Kaimu), until the Zora group is defeated and they get the information they need. Taden escapes as a Hylian guard contingent breaks up the fight and the parties disperse.

Day 3 Summary

Taden parts ways with King Dromand’s mercenaries and heads for Snowpeak, called by the restless ghost of Jotun, and secretly followed by Majin. At the Yeti Village, he is taken prisoner but set free by a Yeti elder who opposes Chief Ymir, then faces the Chief in Jotun’s mansion. He kills Chief Ymir, and sets Jotun’s body off on a burning ice flow, gaining Blue Fire and a Yeti Transformation mask as a result.

Using his new Yeti form, he fights Dragon AvaKai, who has been driven north by voices in his head after escaping Kakariko through the well. When Taden kills AvaKai, Majin swoops in and steals the dragon mask from his remains. Seeing his creation killed Sirius comes down from his hidden mountain laboratory and opens a Moonlight doorway. Taunting Taden and Majin he pushes them through, letting them out at Death Mountain.

At Goron City Taden taden decides to confront Goron leader Darmoto disguised in his Yeti Transformation. Taden falsely states that Majin has come to steel the Goron Trust Key and offers to protect it. Darmoto agrees to an alliance with the mountain man and tells him the hidden location of his trust. Taden then takes off, plotting to steal the key for himself.

Day 4 Summary

After fighting through Dongono's Cavern Majin, Polaris, and Sirius catch Taden in the act of stealing the trust. However this act awakens the fearsome Mega Dongono, which proceeds to attack all of them. The four are forced to work together in order to defeat the beast. Mega Dongono is defeated and dies in a massive explosion. Taden then escapes out through a tunnel to the surface with the others.

They emerge onto Hyrule Field where the Battle of Disharmony is taking place. Fighting his way through the Zora solders Taden manages to run off with the Goron Trust Key. In the field Taden is reunited with Kourtz, Tarah, and Impa, who had stolen the Zora Trust Key the previous night. All of them escape to Lon Lon Ranch where Impa had prepared a trap for the Zora. Inside Impa receives the trust keys, while Taden picks off enemies surrounding them at the ranch. After the battle Taden and his companions are captured by the Hylian army.

Day 5-6 Summary

Taden is thrown into Hyrule Castles Dungeon along with Leif, Kourtz, Tarah, Shinsou, and Xiaber.

Day 7 Summary

Impa offers Taden the chance to become a Sheikah agent along with the others. He accepts the offer, but then the living bomb Avairus bursts into the cell. Taden kills Avairus in an attempt to stop the bomb, but only triggers a countdown. Taden is narrowly able to get out of the dungeons in time before the blast goes off. Later on in the night he is united with some of the bombs survivors and officially becomes a Sheikah.

Day 8 Summary

Taden is accidentaly warped into The Fulmaren Laboratory after an experiment to Warp back Sirius' daughter Severa goes wrong. Unsure what to do with Horwendil Sirius has Taden placed into suspended animation to be awoken at a later date in time.

Interloper War Major Events

Season One and Two SummaryTemplate:Chapters

Season Three SummaryTemplate:ChaptersDay One