Name Edit

Taur Dagnir (here's where I reveal a bit of my nerdiness, translated to English from Sindarin the name reads, literally, "King Slayer" Dagnir is also one of Tolkien's words for 'bane' as well, but for all intents and purposes I think slayer works better here. Haha.)

Appearance Edit

Black battle worn armor head to toe, a flowing black cape, with a chain fixed about his waist acting as a belt, that when needed, can be used as a melee weapon.

Inventory Edit

The massive war axe Tholcrist (Sindarin to English = "Helm Cleaver"), the aforementioned chain, a large roundshield also black and battle worn matching his armor perfectly, a crossbow with both regular and explosive bolts, and a suit of chainmail which is worn under his armor at all times.

Strengths Edit

Insanely strong physically and mentally, the sheer force with which he attacks is matched by very few, a downright destructive force in combat. He is well fortified with his armor. He tends to favor the chain in the rare cases that his armor gets knocked off as he's much more agile in this form, although he's been known to ditch the shield at times and wield both Tholcrist and his chain.

Weaknesses Edit

As it is with all members of his race Taur, although quite agile, much moreso than most all Darknuts/Iron Knuckles, he is still relatively slow when compared to other fighters. As of yet he has no discernible magical abilities (keyword being Even though his agility increases when his armor is removed his defense is substantially decreased and he becomes much more vulnerable to attack. Weak against light/spirit based attacks.

Background Edit

All in due time.

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