The 12 Robot-Clones (also called Robo-Clones) are part robot, part organic clones made by Sirius Fulmaren during the interim. The 12 clones were made by mistake, and ransacked the nearby Yeti Village before Sirius regained control over them. He then sent them on a mission to gather intel from the dragons about the Timeshift Stone Vault. The robo-clones are only at a fraction of the strength of the originals they are based on, but feel no pain and are extremely resilient. They broke into two groups and departed to find two of the three dragons. All of the Robo Clones were killed in battle on Day 8.

The Water Dragon

  • R1-Kaimu
  • R2-Polaris
  • R3-Dragon Majin
  • R4-Beth
  • R5-Yeti Taden
  • R6-Mako

The Fire Dragon

  • R7-Tarah
  • R8-Warrior Koda
  • R9-Kourtz
  • R10-Alauth
  • R11-Gli
  • R12-Human Taden


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