Dromand: "The deed is done. Hyrule believes you five to be dead. Now we return to the original question, that which I posed to you the morning two days ago, after your capture. You have each had time to consider the proposition."
Impa: "You did well before, serving King Dromand and recovering the Trust Keys from the Zoras and the Gorons. Now you have the chance to serve further, if you so choose, but this time there will be no manhunt. You are no longer fugitives, for you do not in the minds of the people exist. You are dead men, phantoms."
―King Dromand and Impa to their Secret Agents

The False Executions were a series of events that took place on Epoch Day 7. That morning the King Dromand and Impa arrived in Hyrule Castle Town's central square to mark the public executions of Taden Horwendil, Tarah Vass, Leif, Kourtz, and Xiaber. All five of them were captured in the Battle of Disharmony and sentenced to death. Under the pretext they were the ones responsible for stealing the Hyrulean Trust Keys and sparking war on the behalf of Hyrule's enemies all five appeared to have been beheaded with the public convinced of their deaths. In reality all of King Dromand's Secret Agents were alive and well within the confined cells of Hyrule Castle Dungeon.

The people killed in the execution were Hyrule's former Zora ambassadors who were captured and designed useing shadow magic. In the dungeons King Dromand, Impa, and Chamdar Taliesin explained to them what happened and told them they were now free from the Kings servitude. However Impa offered her agents the chance to become honorary Sheikah if they chose to stay and fight under their own free will. Everyone present accepted the offer with the noteable exception of Kourtz who wished to leave the war behind instead. Before their arrangements could be made however a number of people broke into the castle. Sirius Fulmaren and his assistant Bernard Kotaro witnessed the executions, and became suspicious.

He attempted to get into the castle to investigate, but was interrupted by Zerin Savassi and the two dueled as guards swarmed in. Sirius eventually made it inside the agents cell. However Bernard then revealed to everyone that the Sirius before them is really a clone named Avarius. As a living bomb he was sent by the real Sirius to blow up the castle and kill any who might threaten his plans. Taden attempted to disable the bomb by killing Avarius, but only triggered a countdown. Everyone remaining in the dungeons either attempted to evacuate or take cover as the bomb detonated. The Leif is killed in the explosion and the dungeons were destroyed, but miraculously everyone else survived. That night survivors of King Dromand's Secret Agents were made Sheikah and told to seek out the Timeshift Stone Vault's location from the Thunder Dragon.


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