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Classic Veteran Style Fight Edit

Laura Pathfinder/The Lost Woods/Dusk/Day 1

As he countered the arrow that flew from her bow, she could only smile as her own arrow was pressed again her own pale skin. That had been a skillfull move, though now she realized how easily he had decieved her. She had no desire to die today, and quickly she went into a persuasive mood that she always used.

"I'm not your everday archer." And with that, she told him what he wanted to know, "Laura. Laura Pathfinder. But if I were you, I would be careful where you point that... You never know. Where one archer is, another could thrive. He could have his bow pointed at you right now, right at the flesh of your own little head." And with that, right after saying it she saw the creature's head jerk back, just the slightest. Only to look for another bow upon him, but that gave her the time she needed. She gave him a swift kick to the bony hand that held her arrow, and hopped backward quickly as she unseathed two knives.

"Or... You and I, and your partners, could be friends. I don't know where you're going, or why, but a skilled archer is always handy to have along."

Lorelia Ennah / Kakariko Village / Afternoon 1
It was only when the mounted man addressed the Kokiri child that Lorelia finally noticed the boy and his cart. After quickly assessing the Kokiri, she determined that he was what he seemed, and wondered how one of that race would react to her malady. She then returned her gaze to the armored man.

"You offer me aid, then call me freak, beat me, then ask for my help? I'll never understand how Hylian minds can think in such twisted ways; never understand how you can profess honor then turn on your fellow townsperson; never understand why I am so shunned.

"Tell me, why do you so despise the Gerudo? I am treated no differently under their rule then I was as a child under rule of Queen Zelda. More to the point, how do you expect my aid in such a monumentous quest, when you've yet to give a name?

She stared at him momentarily, before he gave the name 'Aedor', then interrupted him before he could answer any of her other questions.

"Tell me, Aedor, what it is you hope to gain by throwing away your life resisting this new change in leadership?"

Viridio Tan/Hyrule Field/Day One

Viridio put his harp away and stood up, looking towards the forest. There was definitely something going on it there- birds were looking upset as they fled to the skies. Flying over his head he noticed a bird with a particular streak of red- one that he knew nested in the Lost Woods near the Sacred Forest Meadow... were there intruders going to the Forest Temple? Viridio was not a Kokiri, but he had gained a respect for the forest and for the land that matched that of his child-like friends. If there was going to be some trouble at the Forest Temple, he better be there to defend the hallowed place.

He briskly started running towards the forest, hoping to get there before whatever happened happened. Viridio knew some backways and short cuts that were unknown to others, and quickly made his way to them.

Morton: Dusk 1/Sacred Meadow Morton dropped the arrow and it fell of the ledge to the ground below where Baequi and Denzel stood.

"Or... You and I, and your partners, could be friends. I don't know where you're going, or why, but a skilled archer is always handy to have along." Laura said. Morton watched her two knives carefully, knowing full well that he could escape from her into the treetops if she proved a liar.

"You threaten to shoot us if we do not give you money, yet now that we have discovered you and backed you into a corner, you cry truce?" Morton sighed. "I cannot call you my friend, nor can I merely have you follow along with me. My task here is done, I was to lead Baequi to the forest meadow, and I have done so." Morton explained. He then began backing away, keeping his eyes on Laura's knives. "So I bid you farewell." Morton turned, covering himself with his cloak, and darted back into the trees, and followed their branches up and over the Forest Temple itself, moving along its topside.

Oliandra Naveer/Gerudo Fortress/Morning 1

Oliandra had just woken up from a long night of patrolling the Fortress and was now getting ready for a long day of patrolling. It was a boring and monotonous job, but someone had help keep the fortress safe and she knew that if the other guards failed than she would probably be their last hope. Today was different though, there was a knock at her door. 

"Come in" she said rather sharply

A fellow guard came in, holding a piece of parchment. 

"You've been relocated to Kakariko Village, by order of the Captain. You are to report to your new post today." The guard said rather officially. 

"Oh yay, a new place to patrol" Oliandra said rather sarcastically. 

She obeyed though, and packed up what little things she had and headed off to her new post in Kakariko. She didn't much like being a guard, it was too constricting, too rigid. She wondered what would happen if she just never showed up for her post. 

"Well, maybe it wont be too bad. I'm sure there are more exciting things to be done in Kakariko than back at the fortress" She said to herself and as she stepped out into to open expanse of Hyrule field. 

Rami Webber/Kakariko Village/Afternoon 1

Rami had seen the knight offer assistance to the woman, but apparently he had done something she did not appreciate. She took a dagger, which Rami guessed she must have had hidden under her cloak, and threw it at Aedor, peircing his belt, luckily Aedor was wearing armor and was not hurt by the blade. Rami did not releize that Aedor was alright at first though, by he was reassured by a faint metallic sound when the blade hit his belt. The knight then got off his horse a slammed his gauntlet into the womans face, sending her flying to the ground. When she hit the ground her hood had fallen off, and her face was visible. Rami noticed in the few seconds her hood had fallen that she was of a much lighter completion than most, if not all, of the Hylians he had seen seen he entered the village, but thought that nothing of it, thinking she was just someone who was not in the sun much, after all he did not know anything about Hylians other than the obvious, until today he could not remember any occasion where he had seen a hylian up close.

"Were all hylians this violent?" he thought to himself. From what he had seen since he left the forest he had seen that hylians were at war, plus the woman had attempted to harm the knight for particularly no reason, and even though he was not harmed, the knight had very possibly broken the womans nose, as he could see since she was bleeding steadily from it. He began to question the chivalrousness of the knight, but came to the conclusion that everyone must have been on edge with the recent gerudo attack. The woman began to beg the knight not to tell anyone about something, probably about her attacking him so suddenly, Rami assumed. Aedor then turned towards him and asked him if he would like to fight back against the gerudo.

Rami was unsure if he should fight against the gerudo, after all he knew that there was little tension between the kokiri and gerudo. He, along with the majority of the other kokiri, had heard about the suicides of the sages and how everyone had originally assumed that they were killed by gerudo assassins, this was the reason the kokiri had not fought against the gerudo, along with the fact that the majority of his people were not warriors in the slightest. So by fighting the gerudo it could be considered an act of violence from the kokiri to gerudos, but Aedor had made a good point, how long until the gerudo attacked the forest? Even if he did manage to get food for the kokiri that just promised immediate survival, what he really needed was long term. He decided that he act as if he was a young hylian page of Aedor if he was caught, so if he attacked them it would not bring tensions between the kokiri and gerudo. So Rami told Aedor that he would fight for the survival of his people.

IC: Ceras Agenos - Haunted Wasteland - Afternoon 1

Slowly a lone figure advanced through the sweeping sands of the desert. As he trudged along Ceras could make out the figures of two horses rapidly approaching.

"Great... a Gerudo patrol no doubt..." Ceras thought as the two raced towards him.

"Halt! Identify yourself!" One of the women yelled raising a bow and taking aim.

Ceras stopped as he watched the other gerudo climb off her horse and approach with a spear. "I am a mercenary. My work requires that I pass through your domain." Ceras spoke calmly avoiding any motions that might provoke the archer.

"Then lets see your travel documents!" the spear holding Gerudo demanded. Complying Ceras pulled out a small piece of paper with an official looking seal on it. The spear holding Gerudo quickly snatched it up and examined it.

"What are you trying to pull! This is a forgery!" The gerudo yelled dropping the document and raising her spear.

"I don't have time for this..." Ceras muttered as he quickly drew his sword and slashed at the Gerudo, deflecting her spear towards the ground. The archer quickly released her bolt as Ceras rolled behind the other Gerudo, evading the shot. 

While the archer reached for another arrow the spear holder thrust her spear towards Ceras. With ease Ceras swung his sword down engulfing it in a dark aura. With its magical enchantment the blade easily slashed the Gerudo's spear in half. As she recoiled in suprise Ceras clasped his hand onto her forhead.

"Let darkness consume you." he spoke softly as his hand became engulfed in a dark aura similar to that of his sword. The Gerudo instantly cried out in intense pain, staggering back clutching her face.

"Whoa! Easy!" The archer cried out as her horse bucked backwards. The sudden use of magic had spooked the horse and it now bucked wildly. The archer dropped her bow and gripped the reigns tightly with both hands, but it was to late. The horse reared up to far and fell over smashing down on the archer.

As the spear holder stumbled around temporarily blinded Ceras casually walked behind her and raised his sword. "Don't fear, I'm not going to kill you." Ceras spoke as he smashed the flat of his blade across the womans back.

"It wouldn't make for a good first impression if I killed some of his soldiers..." Ceras mumbled as he picked up the two women and slung them over the back of one of the horses. He then set out for the Gerudo's Fortress which could be seen in the distance.

--Early Evening 1--

Finally Ceras arrived at the Fortress gate. The guards were clearly shocked to see their comrads in such condition.

"Excuse me! I have business to attend to, I seek an audience with the King of this land!" Ceras called out waiting for what was going to no doubt be a cold reception.

Random Gerudo Guards / Gerudo Fortress / Early Evening 1

Up to the gates which held at bay the winds of the Hanted Wasteland walked a single male, though he was accompanied by two Gerudo scouts. These females were slung over his shoulder, each slearly unconcious. The gate guard was instantly tense, and signaled to her fellow soldier to raise an alarm deeper in the fortress. This was likely to be some attack by those Hylian scum, she assumed.

In an attempt to distract the man and leave him outside the defenses, she called back, "You will have no such audience with our great king. I see you carry two of my comrades. You had better pray you found them in the state they be, for such an attack constitutes an act of war. War is not something that should be sought with the might Gerudo and their Sorceror King."

The soldier she had signalled returned, reporting that the fortress was on full alert, and a small contingent of troops was even then leaving through unknown passages to circle and ensnare this man should he prove trouble.

"State what business you would have with our Master. Perhaps we may find someone else to give you what you seek."

C: Ceras Agenos - Gerudo's Fortress - Evening 1

It was abundantly clear that the gate guards were stalling, but Ceras could do little about that. 

"I was not aware that the actions of one man could constitute an act of war." Ceras joked in a mocking manner as he placed the two patrol troops on the ground.

"If you really need more information then inform your superiors that I have come in regards to eliminating a grave threat to your kingdom." Ceras called out as he drew his sword and planted its tip into the ground.

"Surely it would be worth hearing what I have to say if it means the continued prosperity of your people. Now be a good girl and go get somebody who has the authority to make decisions." Ceras spoke as he stepped forward leaving his sword in the ground.

IC: Guard / Gerudo Fortress / Early Evening 1
The guard nodded to the hills, and the guards who had been waiting revealed themselves, keeping an agressive stance but making no moves to attack.

"If you seek such an audience, you will relinquish your weapons to my soldiers. They will be returned to you when you leave the Fortress, if your intent is proven to be that which you claim.

"However, the King is otherwise indisposed this evening. You will have to spend the night under watch within the Fortress until the morn. If these terms are unacceptable to you... leave."

Rucius Ironbreath/Gerudo Fortress/Evening 1 ----------------------------------------

Rucius had certainly been in more comfortable jail cells during his life, but it really wasn't all that bad, for a Goron at least. The walls were of the good granite that most of the Valley was made of and held the heat of the day well. There was a window high up and through it he could see the darkening night sky filled with familiar constellations. During his travels, he had often journeyed beneath skies filled with unfamiliar shapes. Seeing the constellations, he knew he was back in Hyrule, but his encounter earlier made him wonder if it was the Hyrule he had known.

The guard had stared at him, slack-jawed, for over a minute before apparently sounding some sort of alarm. Within a minute, he had found himself surrounded by a small army of Gerudo. They had not hurt him, but he had been informed that he was in 'protective custody' until his 'loyalties' were confirmed. What they had meant by that, he'd had no clue. But they had taken his pack and his gloves, and had placed him in the cell.

Rucius wasn't too worried, but he was a bit irritated. He had a task to complete, and while She had given him no deadline, he had the feeling he had only so much time. Great works took time, and he had seven of them to complete. If he didn't, no Goron would be able to show his face for decades. No one failed a Goddess. Even if this one was only a fever dream.

Rucius stood up from where he had been sitting, and touched the wall of the cell. It was good stone, not very tasty, but particularly nutritious and wonderful to work with. His family had had a wonderful business with the Gerudo involving this stone. To bad it had to go.

He closed his eyes and sought his spiritual center. It had been a while since he had used any of the stone spells. They brought back too many memories. Here they were necessary, though. He pressed both his hand up against the wall and begin the chant.

"Fire's Blood, Stone's Flesh, Hear me in my time of need, Earth's bones break at thy call, And blow away like dust in the wind."

For a second, nothing seemed to happen, but as Rucius watched, the wall he had touched seemed to start melting. Of course it wasn't melting, only turning from stone to sand. He smiled for a moment, but was suddenly thrown against the opposite wall as the tower he was in began to shake.

Maybe he had put too much power into the spell.

IC: Ceras Agenos - Gerudo's Fortress - Evening 1

"So be it." Ceras called out to the guard. He then turned towards the reinforcements that had arrived.

"So which one of you ladies is going to be doing the watching?" Ceras asked in a joking manner as the guards escorted him into the fortress. He was only met with scowls and the rolling of eyes.

As he was taken further inside the fortress he noticed a Goron being taken into one of the dungeon buildings. "Hm... busy night... must have been why the guards responded so quickly." Ceras thought as he was escorted to another part of the fortress. Once there the guards shoved him into a simple cell with barred wall.

The cell wasn't much to look at, but Ceras could deal with it for a night. However he soon felt a rumbling coming from nearby. "What's going on now?" he wondered glancing at the guards outside.

"Don't get any funny ideas!" a guard yelled at Ceras as one of the others ran off to inspect the disturbance.

Rather than provoke more suspicion Ceras simply layed down on his cells bed and began the long wait until morning.

Rucius Ironbreath/Gerudo's Fortress/Evening 1 ---------------------------------------------

Rucius watched with great interest as a crack quickly spread across the floor. That was certainly a bad sign. The tower's shaking was becoming much more pronouced, most likely due to a large portion of the wall disentegrating. If the tower just collapsed on itself, it would be unlikely that he would surivive. The only good side to that would be it would be quick and relatively painless.

Rucius however did not have much to worry about, for at that moment far below him, the spell ate through a support holding up one of the halves of the tower. This caused, for a moment anyway, the entire weight to be placed on one side. Gravity took hold and the entire tower began to tip to one side, towards another tower.

When Rucius felt the tower truely begin to tip, he did what most Gorons would have done when faced with that particular situation. He curled himself into a ball, began ferverent prayers to the Goddesses, and hoped for the best. 

What the best entailed was the tower hitting the one next to it and Rucius being thrown through the wall of both towers, crashing through a metal gate, and impacting in the opposite side of the tower.

IC: The Gerudo / Gerudo Fortress / Evening 1

In one full minute, the entirety of the Gerudo Fortress erupted into clamoring activity like an ant hill on which someone had stepped. Some soldiers crawled forth from the sprawling mess of two guard towers, others who had been fortunate enough to avoid the disaster went to the aid of their trapped comrades. The guard was immediately and fully aware of everything both inside and outside the complete arena of Gerudo Valley.

The General Kiryana, still in command of the main forces of ther Gerudo army under King Dragmyre, gathered information before issuing orders.

"So, that odd rumbling was from the first tower? And you say sand fell on you from above? When you looked, did it come from the tower itself? The wall was melting to sand? Very well, you are dismissed...

"Begin rescue operations immediately. Who all was being held in the cells in the first tower? The Goron? I want him found and slain immediately. If he escapes, it is on your heads. Keep the entire watch on alert until the rock-beast is dead, I don't want him getting away. Is the King safe? Good. What of the other prisoners? Post extra guards in the cell rooms. You, get me an estimate on casualities and damage costs. Make sure there is no panic among the civilians. On that note, I want extra guards assigned to the civilian areas, as well. Close off the gate to the Haunted Wasteland and raise the drawbridge to the rest of Hyrule."

Viridio Tan/Sacred Forest Meadow-Forest Temple/Day One

Viridio reached the Sacred Forest Meadow at an angle, sidestepping the usual entrance and passing through the trees, who were wonderfully cooperative today. There were hardly any birds in the area, but the squirrels helped him along. The Lost Woods, Kokiri Forest, and the Sacred Forest Meadow were all a part of his home for a good six years, and within that time he learned much about the area, the wildlife, the flora, and the temple. He knew how to get around.

Viridio saw the four people in the meadow, including one that he had seen before within the forest: the Kokiri wrapped up in a cloak that was quickly moving out of sight, Viridio knew, was half-skullkid, and such a being made him more than a little uneasy. Leaping from a nearby tree, he landed on the raised platform in front of the Forest Temple entrance, trying to be as stealthily as possible. Tree cover was good, so unless these people had some spiritual or environmental sense (which was very possible), Viridio knew that he wasn't seen. He stood just within the entrance to the place, covered by shadows, and listened to the people talking outside.

Talai Nocturna - Kokiri Forest - Afternoon 1

After a long ride through the lush beautiful landscape of the land of the Kokiri, Talai had a very bad feeling about her scheduling with this patrol. She had miscalculated how much time it would take to finish up this patrol and get back to the Fortress. 

"I can't let myself be stuck in the wilderness again...not only would I lose my horse again, with the Lost Woods so close I wouldn't be surprised to find myself stuck in there. There's got to be a place to check in...oh! There's a garrison at Kakariko! If I ride hard enough...yes, perfect, perfect indeed."

The children of the forest weren't too happy with her being there. She'd been used to the negative stares and looks, but she had the brass, and that was her pride as part of the ruling kingdom's military. Nothing was out of order though. Everyone was going about their business, and though she wanted to patrol deeper, the sun was going down, and from what she was feeling, it was happening way too fast for her liking. With that, she took off at a full gallop, not caring what exactly she trampled over. 

Hyrule Field - Afternoon 1 (near sunset)

She could feel it nagging in her heart, and screaming in her head. The madness wanted to come out, and it wanted out badly. Azure hues were fading from the sky, and as those faded, so did her sanity. While she was losing mastery of herself, her horse wasn't too appreciative of this fact, having some sort of odd sixth sense that horses do. In that shred of time the horse had, it bucked her off, and even though she tried with much difficulty to hold on, it flung her high in the air, and that is when the madness truly took hold.

Talai blacked out at that point. If anyone had asked her about what was to happen, she would not be able to remember. It was at that point that the familiar denizens of the evening were beginning to come out...and they were quite aggravated, as usual. She staggered to her feet and began to cut through them one by one.

In this state is when her longsword becomes her favored weapon. Even with a bad knee and broken ribs, her internal monologue was dead set on getting to Kakariko Village to check in for the night. Unfortunately, she'd be lucky to find anything in such a rage of lunacy.

Kakariko Village - Dusk 1

Drenched in sweat with sword frozen to her hand, Talai stumbled into Kakariko Village. Its inhabitants were quite disturbed, and those who would normally pay attention to a Gerudo soldier in the area averted their eyes. She raved nonsensically until some of the guards in the towers spotted her and quickly swept her away to the garrison.

It was in that garrison that her sanity came back an hour or so later, when the sun had finished setting and the moon took its height in the sky.

"So I made it after all...where's Andi?"

The other soldiers, all of them lower ranked explained that she stumbled in on foot and fully went on to detail her condition. She was absolutely frustrated with herself that she'd let this happen again, and end up looking like a fool. It was because of this that promotion to Captain evaded her time and time again. Any time she had been up for promotion, someone else got that bid. 

Embarrassed further with her condition, she thanked the soldiers for helping her get to where she was and then asked to rest. Hopefully with a new day would come new blessings and new mercies, one of which would be to find a place to ride out her twice-daily spells of insanity and not be the laughing stock of the Fortress. This was the second time this week that she'd had problems, and not only that, it was two days in a row. "Things had better start looking up. There's got to be some way to cure this..."

Aislinn - Kakariko Village - Dusk of Day 1

There was a sordid hush bubbling through the crowd at the garrison near the potion shop, which stood at the corner of the old dusty road that wound its way out of town. Aislinn pushed his way through the gathering of men and women and nearly bumped into the guards rushing down the tunnel with a strange Gerudo huddled in between them. There was no mistaking her red hair, or her devilishly purple eyes, or the rags the desert harlet wore, but when he saw her face he could only picture the hundreds of comrades that had been slain at the hands of those inhuman marauders. He never had that drink with Anson, and he hopelessly wished he could have now. That face took him back, back to a time he had wished to keep burried.

Aislinn had taken the thought of revenge under his wing, and compared to his time in the army picking off lone Gerudo was like a milk run. For every one he killed he notched a separate line in his birch walking stick, and would only be satisfied until every death in his platoon had been accounted for. After a string of mysterious disappearances the Gerudo had ramped up their security forces around the garrison, and a strict curfew and buddy system was put in place. His lust for revenge had been momentarily squelched, but there was something in the face of that Gerudo woman that stoked all that bad blood once again. Aislinn broke from the crowd and found his way past the commotion to the back of the garrison. There was a lone window along the side looking into a sterile room with beds lining the wall. He placed his hand on the glass and the latch along the other side of the window unhitched. Aislinn slid it open and crawled through. The beds had been wrapped in a fresh linen, but the air was musty, and there was a creak in the grimy floorboards.

Aislinn jetted to the door on the opposite side and pressed his back against the wall, and he silently unsheathed his sword. He could sense a guard coming his way, and as he went past Aislinn belted her across the head with the stubble of his sword. A clear path lay between him and the adjacent room, where the Gerudo female was being kept. Anticipation increased with every foot fall, and hate carried his step.

It was dark now, and she was laying on the lower part of a bunk bed covered up to her stomach in white sheets. The flame from a lantern on an oaken box next to the bed cast a halo on her face and danced away. There was a gold chain bandied around her neck. He found a mirrored locket at the end, and nestled it in his hand. Aislinn lifted it up and brought his sword a breath away from her neck. There would be time to steal the locket once he had severed her head from her body...

Morton: Atop the Forest Temple/Night 1

Morton had sat atop the Forest Temple for some time, waiting for night to fall. Once the sun had set, Morton entered into the Temple through one of the many broken parts of its ceiling, which served to let light in, whether it be from the sun or the moon. He looked for signs of one of the few people he had met previously, and saw nothing, but his ears told him otherwise. He heard something heavy being pushed, and Morton glanced around a corner to see Baequi moving several large boulders in an attempt to reach a blocked off doorway. The Temple was in extremely bad shape, and Morton was already questioning why it didn't just collapse into itself. Morton eyed the staff that Baequi held, noting that it held quite a bit of power. He also knew that it couldn't possibly hold enough power to fight what lurked inside the Temple.

"He's a fool..." Morton said quietly, watching as Baequi finally reached the door, reading something from a book that caused it to glow and open up. Morton had visited this Temple before, and never once seen that door open - and with good reason, something evil lurked beyond. Something guarding a great power. Morton waited for Baequi to enter into the room, and then he moved swiftly over to the door, grabbing it before it closed. "But I suppose that makes me a fool as well." Morton muttered, slipping into the room.

The Grand Entrance of Polaris Edit

Polaris/Zoras Domain/ Mid-Morning/Day 0

Voices...voices of a familiar tone echoed in his throbbing skull, Polaris' body ached everywhere, the coldness consumed him, but why, shouldn't it be warm this time of year? He wanted so badly to call out to the voices he heard and beg them for their aid, but his mouth stayed firmly shut, he couldn't move anything. The muscles of his body felt as they were set in stone, as cold as he was in his mind, he joked to himself "Hell, I must be frozen."

Starting to warm up a bit he was finally able to open his eyes and was taken back by what he saw, as his traumatized heart once again began to contract and distribute blood to his lifeless body, he leapt from the oil soaked, flame engulfed slate altar; he was being sacrificed to Lord Jabu-Jabu he thought, but once he saw the line of bodies and took note of the clothing he wore, the realization that he, and countless others were at HIS funeral, came down on him with the force of a thousand Gorons...his conscious slipped from him once again, and just as he awoke, he was down once more.

Shock and confusion gripped all in the miniscule crowd that had gathered to pay their respect to one of the most highly decorated warriors of the Zora tribe, all had assumed that he had froze to death, and who wouldn't, he was frozen solid when they found him on the bank of Lake Hylia the day before. The initial shockwave sent through the crowd from what they had taken as a resurrection subsided and Polaris was quickly scooped up and taken to one of the inner sanctions still left intact and put in a bed with many blankets up on him.

"Let him sleep, I'll bet he has one hell of a story to tell when he wakes up." exclaimed one of the higher ranking Zoras. 

Polaris/ Zoras Domain/ Evening/ Day 0

Though still extremely cold, this awakening was much less shocking to Polaris and those surrounding him, "Can we get you anything sir, a fish? Something to drink, anything?" 

"Food, food would be nice."

Scanning the room Polaris took note of the higher ranking Zora and unleashed his anger towards him. "You there, do you not know how to make certain a man is dead before sending him to the altar for his funeral?"

Sir, when we found you, your body was frozen as solid as the stone I stand upon, there was no doubt to me, or anyone else, you WERE dead. It seems the Goddesses smile upon you, for your life has been restored, one would assume that your work is not yet done..."

Polaris/Zoras Domain/ Late Night/ Day 0

"So you truly remember nothing of the battle at the lake?"

"Aside of getting our a**es handed to us for 3 straight days, and sending for reinforcements that never arrived...I recall nothing."

(Long Pause)

"What of my men?"

"You are all that remains sir, after you and your men fell to the Gerudo forces the dark king ordered them to be taken without mercy, as far as we can tell all of them were slaughtered, and you were left as dead."

"Leave me be for the night, on the morrow I shall travel to Lake Hylia in hopes of regaining any memory of that tragedy."

"And after that?"


Polaris/Zoras Domain - Item Shop/ Morning Day 1

"Aside of a few fish and some bugs that I caught myself, I have very little to offer you, those bitches and their bastard king took all fairies, potions and anything even resembling weaponry for themselves."

"What of this cloak, and these boots, how much are you asking for them?"

"They were taken off of a Hylian soldier who fled here for refuge, but was killed before he reached the entrance by one of the Gerudo sentries who daily patrol the entire kingdom, if you wish, they are yours free of charge."

Nodding, Polaris adorned the boots and cloak and made his way out of the domain, pausing at the entrance to bid his home farewell for, what in his mind, could very well be the last time.

As he stepped through the waterfall, and onto the spot where the seal of the Royal Family of Hyrule had once rested, (that stone is now gone, ripped from the ground, all that is left is a rectangular hole in it's place) he scanned the scenery wondering momentarily what had happened, knowing that the only way to find the answers he was in search of was to go to the site of the massacre, Polaris jumped the gap to the walkway and made his way over to tunnel that had once led to Lake Hylia.

"Blocked off I see, looks like I'll be taking the long way around."

With that he leapt from the ledge and navigated his way downstream to the small bridge that filled the gap by the Castle walls. Polaris climbed out of the water, shook himself dry and set off on foot to the site of that claimed the lives of so many good Zoras that had fought along side him.

Moving On Edit

Aedor Isharan - Kakariko Village - Late Afternoon One

"What do I hope to gain by drawing my sword against oppressors and usurpers? What do I hope to gain by making war on a tyrant and his gendarmes? You possess the temerity to ask of me what I hope to gain by such things? How about peace, liberty, sovereignity, security? Do such words exist in your vocabulary? If not then allow me to provide you with one that I'm certain you are familiar with." Aedor leaned in close to Lorelia, his face contorted with rage, thinking about the injustices of the Gerudo overlords and their revoltingly violent path to dominion. "Vengeance."

Aedor was breathing heavily when he heard the young Kokiri mutter that he would join forces with him against the desert thieves. Aedor was shocked at the courage that the young child of the forest possessed, he was a tribute to his people, that much was certain.

"I would gladly have your help, young Kokiri. It is a dangerous quest and would be proud to fight alongside you. I can see the heart that beats within your chest and I know the love you have for your people, for I have felt that same love myself. A long and dark road lies ahead of us, but we will face it together." he smiled benignly at the boy. He had one comrade. Finally he returned his gaze to Lorelia.

"Perhaps you would be willing to settle for a life much the same as that you lived under the rule of the Hylians, but know this. I care nothing for the state of your physicality, for I believe that who a person is transcends flesh and bone, for it is the soul of a man, or woman, that makes them. Your life might not be so different under the reign of the Gerudo King, but why should one live a life that is unchanging and stagnant when they have a chance to change it for the better, both for themselves and those around them? You could deliver Hyrule from the brink of darkness, be a hero to the people. You could become the recipient of all their praise and adulation, your appearance forgotten, the worth of your life determined by your deeds. Give the people the chance to look past the flesh and see the radient spirit that lies within. The choice is yours, if it is your wish to join with me then know that I intend to seek haven in the local inn and you shall be able to find me there."

He turned once more to his young partner, Rami.

"If you see fit I will escort you back to the forest on the morrow so that you might give unto your brethren what food you are able to procure here in the village. After that we will make preparations. Gather your courage my young friend, you're the first Kokiri to go to war."

Denzel: Forest Temple: End of Day 1

Denzel watched as Baequi walked into the sealed door. "I didn't go this far to be stuck with some broad," he said to himself as he reached out a long arm to hold the door from closing. He slipped in and looked around, making sure he door closed behind him.

The temple was dark and dank, with an odd arouma circulating. He seached desperately for a torch or lantern to light up the place to no avail. Only moonlight that seeped in through cracks in the roof provided a dull light.

Suddenly a hollow thud sound rang through the corridors. He looked farther ahead, but couldn't see a thing. Another sound came, closer now.

"Baequi? Morton? Anyone?"

No one answered. Denzel threw his back against the wall and waited for what seemed like a long, long time.

Polaris/Hyrule Field - Entrance to Lake Hylia/Afternoon 1

The trek across the field had been an uneventful one and Polaris was making great time, he would be to the lake before sunset.

Upon reaching the entryway to Lake Hylia, Polaris took note f the Gerudo's patrolling the gate from the cover of a large boulder. In time, he assumed shifts would change and as the daytime guards gave way to the night shifters, that is when he would make his move.

The coming minutes seemed to drag on for an eternity, but just as he had suspected 3 riders approached and dismounted form their steeds. As the day shifters strolled over to give report before saddling up and heading home, Polaris leapt at his opportunity for entry. With as much speed as he could muster and still maintain stealth, Polaris sprinted to the larger superficial fence, and with relative ease scaled it, then cleared the secondary fence in a single jump.

The laboratory of the old professor was burnt completely to the ground, he could not recall the fate of that poor man, and thought it was for the better that he didn't know. Everywhere he turned, destruction, the doorway to the fishing pond, gone, as a matter of fact, the whole wall was gone and the fishing pond was visible from the banks of the lake. There were no traces of the mystical dancing scarecrows, just the posts that they had rested upon, burnt as well. The blood stained grass told a story of death, one that was racing through Polaris' mind as he threw back the hood of his cloak.

The visions that rushed through his head made him sick, Polaris dropped to his knees and began to vomit, tears flowed down his face and froze before they dropped to the ground, he was cold again, shivering, he wiped his brow.

Pain turned to anger when the patrolwoman called out to him

"You! Zora, what business do you have here, on the personal property of King Dragmyre? You must vacate at once, or you shall be forcibly removed!"

With little hesitation, Polaris sprung to his feet and had her throat clasped in his hand in seconds.

"My business here is no concern of yours wench."

Tightening his grip, Polaris continued on "The only thing forcibly removed shall be your life, and king bitch."

The young woman, struggling for air managed to drive her knee hard into Polaris' mid-section knocking him back a few feet and freeing her from his death grip. before her breathing returned to normal, two razor sharp fins whizzed by her head.

Recognizing the intruders face, she scoffed. "Aims not what it used to be is it commander?"

Surprised by her reference to him as commander, Polaris questioned.

" were here?"

"Yes, I saw your entire party wiped out in just a few short days, and at the end of it all, I saw more than a dozen ice arrows stuck in your body like a pin cushion, when we left you were no more than a frozen block of ice and flesh, yet, you stand here this evening and assault me, how so?"

Enraged Polaris dove forward, tackling her to the ground, she cried out in agony with every punch that connected to her once beautiful face, then as he dug both of his hands deep into her chest crushing both of her lungs, life slipped from her body. Completely overtaken by bloodlust, Polaris stood and headed towards the gate. He was even colder now, so cold, that the Gerudo's blood did not drip from his hands. He could see his own breath, and grinned at the grass dying beneath his every step. He tore of the cloak and burial shroud, to reveal his tattooed body and embrace the frigid power that was overtaking him.

Lorelia Ennah / Kakariko Village / Late Afternoon 1

Lorelia watched as the mounted man trotted off, followed by the Kokiri boy. She was glad he was leaving, really. That bastard had broken her nose, had put her life in jeopardy by revealing her skin to the Hylians of Kakariko. She hoped the crazed fool would find himself dead at the hands of those he fought.

And yet... And yet, what if he prevailed? Or, better still, what if he prevailed with her assistance? Surely, if by joining this lunatic in his fool crusade she could somehow indebt the Hylians to her very existance, they would have to accept her. Perhaps his words had merit, afterall.

But, no. She was treated no different under Gerudo King than Hylian Queen. Her family only had cared for her, and even they despised her; she could not return to that haven any longer. How would she ever break free of this curse placed upon her at birth?

Perhaps, by merely following the vengeful knight, she could come to opportunity for the power she would need to change the world. He indeed wore armor, but armor had its kinks, its holes. She was sure she could overcome him if need be. Were he to prove to be less a zealot and more a true warrior, she could join his cause; were he to prove to be a danger, and nothing more, she could indebt the King to her... assassination of the man; were he to stumble upon something worth her whiles, something to give her what she sought, she could easily take this, this weapon or enchantment or whatever may be, to be used for her own ends.

For the time being, yes, she would follow him; but from a distance.

Thus did she deliberate as she sulked through Kakariko after the pair, not truly following them but still arriving at the same destination. With her hood pulled tug against her neck, concealing still her complexion from prying eyes, she entered the establishment. Spotting the armored knight and his childish companion was no significant feat. Remaining within range to spot when they left, too far to hear what they say or to arouse their suspicions, Lorelia waited for the next move in this odd game of power.

Oliandra Naveer/Kakario Village/Late Afternoon 1

Oliandra walked slowly up the steps to Kakariko Village. She could already smell the filth coming from the city. As she walked towards the outer wall, heavily guarded by her fellow Gerudo, she could see the common area of the city was crowded with people. Many refugees from Castle Town were now milling around the Village. No wonder she was called over here, they looked understaffed of guards. Oliandra met spoke with the guard at the outer wall, Oliandra would be patrolling the main area today. She would start immediately. Oliandra picked up a spear and began patrolling the Village. Her eye was immediately caught by a man that looked like a knight, she thought he looked familiar, as if she had seen somewhere before, but she could not remember where. She watched him as he spoke to a heavily robed person. She walked closer to where they were and got within eavesdropping distance of them. She could now clearly hear what the man was talking about. He spoke of rebellion, he spoke of rising up against the Gerudo guard, of taking the Village back for themselves. "Looks like it wont be a boring first day after all" Oliandra thought to herself. This information needed to get back to her fellow guards. As the man and the robed person walked towards the inn, a little Kokiri following them. Oliandra made haste towards the outer wall, where her superior, Ataka, would love to hear of this news. 

"I come bearing great news Ataka. Do you see that man over on that horse, the one all clad in steel? He was speaking to the robed person next to him of revolt, of rebellion. He plans to go against our hold on this Village. I say we give him the fight he wants and show him our true might." 

"We shall first place this man under arrest, if he does not wish to willingly comply, then he will get his fight. Sacha! Linna! Go and speak with the guards by the entrance to the inn, tell them to place the steel man on the horse under arrest, and if he does not comply that they are to use whatever force necessary to make him comply." Ataka commanded to the two guards as they ran off to report this news to the guards by the inn." 

"Now we wait Oliandra, at the first sign of trouble we shall move in. He will feel the full force of our power."

Aedor Isharan - Kakariko Village - Late Afternoon One

Imaran cantered through the broad avenues of Kakariko Village, Aedor mounted on his back. Rami the Kokiri followed closely behind, hauling his little cart along. Aedor was certain to keep his pace slow in order to allow Rami to keep up, the young Kokiri was the only ally he had for the time being, but that would have to change. He knew that the people of Hyrule were not so far gone as to abandon all hopes of freedom just yet. The Gerudo were brutally effective at keeping the subjugated peoples in line, but such would eventually prove to be their undoing, and that of their King.

As Aedor approached the Stormy Stein, the Inn in Kakariko that was positioned in the shadow of the windmill, two Gerudo guards wrapped in the traditional loose, airy red garb, armed and veiled stepped forward to bar his bath. The guard to the right of him leveled her naginata at his chest and spoke in a harsh accent.

"Halt! You stand accused of treason and conspiracy to commit treason! You are hearby under arrest. You shall remain still as we relieve you of your arms and armor and then you shall be escorted to the Gerudo barracks." Aedor sighed audibly as she finished. His hand went slowly and with great flourish to the hilt of Mynegon hanging from his belt, and he felt the notch that the young albino woman had created with her dagger as his hand passed the spot. The Gerudo jabbed her spear at him in a threatening manner. "Remain still!"

"My apologies, lass, but I find that I cannot adhere to your demands." And with that he leapt from his saddle, the air ringing with the steely hiss of his sword being drawn from its scabbard in mid air. He landed with a crash of steel and his sword slashed forward in a broad arc, marking the Gerudo who stood to his left with a shallow gash across her belly. She launched forward to attack with her dual scimitars, but she was slowed by the wound that he had inflicted and he took the earliest opportunity to knock her weapons away and bury his blade in her gut. Blood bubbled from the wound as he kicked her off of Mynegon, taking note of the wet thump as she hit the dirt. He danced around Imaran and ducked to the right as the second Gerudo's naginata nearly stabbed into his neck. The chain mail protected him, but it wouldn't have guarded him against that. He swept the spear like weapon away with his sword and lunged at the woman. She was just full of nasty surprises however, and she leapt backwards, landing a kick to his breastplate that unbalanced him slightly. He was quick to regain his footing and he pursued her around the corner of the Inn, out of sight of Rami and his horse, where he finally managed to trip her up and drive his sword down through her heart.

"I find it abhorrent to kill women under normal circumstances, however these days I am forced to defy such ideals in order to fight for the greater good." he muttered, half to himself and half to the now inanimate corpse of his attacker. He wiped the blood on Mynegon's blade off on her crimson clothing as he caught his breath. It wouldn't be long before more guards arrived on the scene. He needed to be gone from here, he couldn't hope to gather more allies if he was mired down here fighting a private war against the local Gerudo garrison.

So righteous... so utterly certain of your convictions...

I thought you would have learned by now.

Aedor shut his eyes tightly, banishing the voice from his mind. He couldn't let it distract him now, he needed to depart from Kakariko for the moment, he couldn't linger here. He walked back around the corner, sheathing Mynegon as he went. Imaran cantered up to him and he patted the horse fondly on the snout before quickly climbing back into the saddle. He turned his charger and looked down at Rami.

"You must abandon your cart my young friend if you intend to accompany me, for it is clear that Kakariko is no longer safe. I intend to depart. We can procure produce elsewhere and take it to Kokiri Forest if you wish it, but we must leave now."

Viridio Tan/Forest Temple/Day One

Viridio traced his fingers along the walls, looking over the various carvings into the stone. It had to be here somewhere... the ancient song of the woods, divined by the sages and magical in nature. Reaching the end of a long hallway, he suddenly looked up in front of him. There floating eerily was a ghost, a purple spirit that carried a single torch. This was no regular poe, Viridio could tell, this was one of the Poe Sisters of the Forest Temple. Meg, if he knew correctly. Usually aggressive, the spirits protected the temple from harm- they sealed off the entrance to the innermost chamber and attacked intruders. However, Meg was docile today, gently motioning for Viridio to follow her. The musician did so, curiously. 

She led him down a long staircase, through a tunnel, and finally out into a large room that looked almost like a dungeon. She pointed forward, and Viridio walked up to what seemed to be a giant alter. There, inscribed in the stone, were a few simple notes. Pulling out his harp, he played them, slowly, and then with more vigor and soul. There seemed to be a chorus erupting from the temple as its ancient hallways echoed with the notes and reverberated with the sound. Viridio could feel the magic and energy surging through him and his harp, moving through the old structure and revitalizing it- plants grew spontaneously, flowers bloomed, a sweet scent moved through the walls, and a new sense of strength which hadn't been felt since Saria died filled the temple. Underneath the score, written beautifully and artistically, were the words "The Minuet of Forest". Viridio smiled.

Suddenly, a red flame burst through the wall and towards the Poe Sister behind him. Turning around, Viridio noticed it was another of the four sisters, probably Jo. Jo, however, was extremely agitated, spinning wildly and then suddenly dissapating. Meg flew off in the direction her sister had came from, through the wall, and Viridio realized that something must be horrible wrong... One of those people he saw earlier! They were probably trying to reach the inner chamber, the fools! Viridio took off, sprinting down the halls towards the protected doorway, where he would soon encounter Baequi and Morton.

Oliandra Naveer/Kakariko Village/Late Afternoon 1

"See Ataka, just as I thought. He is not going to comply quietly." 

The village had erupted in turmoil since this knight had started his skirmish with the guards. Screams could be heard as people scattered to get out of the way, gaurds were now rushing to where the man sat on his horse. Oliandra knew he was looking to get out of the village soon. She began to move to stop him when she heard Ataka speak behind her.

"No, Oliandra. Let the others handle it, I don't want to lose someone of your strength. Let him escape, but you will follow him, follow him for as long as you need. I trust you will know when the right time to strike will be. I wish you great luck."


As Denzel continued to wait behind the wall, there was more and more ruckus going on. The sounds were coming closer and closer, and soon he had no choice. He reached for his bow and had it armed as he whipped around the corner to see a man running towards him with great speed.

"Hold on, there!" he shouted 

The man continued running up, when Denzel fired an arrow at the carpet about 3 feet in front of him, hoping he'd trip.

In despiration, he yelled out again. "Is something wrong?! Answer me!"

Morton: Forest Temple/Night 1

Morton was growing extremely angry with Baequi. The Sheikah had entered a room that was not meant to be opened, and continued forward. Morton had hoped he would turn back, so that he would not have to stop him. However, now it seemed he had no choice in the matter. Morton stood, listening for the click of the door to the room closing, but heard nothing.

"Who's there?" Morton spun around, whispering harshly. To his surprise, he spotted a man he had seen before. "...I believe we have met before." The man nodded and Morton continued. "We both live in this forest, so we are allies. As allies, we must stop this Sheikah from awakening the darkness in this Temple." Morton could sense life re-invigorating the temple halls. "In fact, it may be too late. It will probably wake on its own now that the darkness has been disturbed!" Morton shouted, running down a long staircase that Baequi was already descending.

IC:Viridio Tan/Forest Temple/Day One

Viridio saw the arrow in the ground before him and heard Denzel yelling at him, "Hold on! Is something wrong?" Sidestepping the obstruction quickly, he replied, "Yes! There's no time to explain," and kept on running towards the inner chamber. 

--Stache's Post Occurs Here--

Viridio quickly took off down the staircase, following Morton. "Who is this man that's trying to awake the darkness, half-form? What is he trying to do?" As he looked at the half-Kokiri, he knew that Morton understood. The temple was sacred grounds for a reason. It had many guards, many tricks and traps and secrets for a reason. It was supposed to be protected for a reason. If the darkness was released, there could be chaos throughout the forest. 

Truth be known, however, Viridio had no idea what the darkness within the depths of the Forest Temple truly was. He had heard stories of a horsebound phantom, similar in nature to the Poe Sisters, but these were but rumors. Gohma, the only true enemy that the forest ever really had, was easily defeated by a young Kokiri boy, who later faded away in obscurity. Saria had kept most things at bay, but what now? What could be within these walls that was so horrid?

Suddenly, Viridio stopped short, almost tripping over a small bundle. Reaching down, he picked it up and brought it to the light. "What is it?" Morton asked. Suddenly, from the blue cloth rolled out a broken and chipped torch, its flame extinguished and the handle snapped. It had a faint blue glow that signified it's previous owner. "It's the torch of Beth, one of the Poe Sisters and guardians of the Forest Temple. Could... could that Shiekah have done this...?" Morton and Viridio looked at each other, and then started sprinting once again down the staircase.

Rami Webber/Kakariko Village/Late Afternoon 1

"'re the first Kokiri to go to war," were the last words Rami heard pass from Aedor`s lips. Some how these words had filled Rami with both great pride and terrible fear at the same time. He himself had never seen war or actual violence before, sure a few fights had broken out in his life, but they had been mild and short-lived, with little bloodshed if any, and now here he was...preparing to go to war with the most likely future oppressors of his people. Rami`s blood began to run cold as slight drops of moisture began to form on his face and forehead. Was he sure he really wanted to do this? He ran the scenarios through his head what seemed like a million times, and every single one of them where he did not fight all ended with the destruction or enslavement of his people. He decided that he would no more doubts from there on. He was ready.

They had began to walk towards the nearest inn, but were stopped near the entrance. There stood two standard gerudo guards, both looking menacingly feirce. They told Aedor of his being accused of treason against the mighty gerudo empire and commanded him to step down. Aedor took the rather prestigious looking blade from his sheath and slashed tor wards the first gaurd. After a few more moments of this Aedor had driven his blade through the women. He had began finishing the second on as well, but had finished her around the other side of the building. That didn't matter though, the screams of pain coming from the women were still audible, until she was obviously dead that is. Aedor came around with slight blood on himself, wiping the same crimson liquid off his sword. War had driven him to do this, to take life with little care, or at least thats what it appeared like.

The blood-spattered knight rose upon his steed once again and told Rami they must leave. Rami knew that he wouldn't be able to gather the food here anymore any way, or be able to carry th cart behind him and manage to outrun any troops, even if he did have the benefit of a head start. He left the cart were it was and began to attempt to climb Aedors massive horse, which as frightening as it may be, was the quickest route out of here. Thanks to Rami`s slightly diminutive stature he had trouble ascending the horse. After a few moments of trying Aedor must have known that he was having trouble and that they must leave soon, since he pulled Rami`s entire body up with one of his arms and pull him behind him. As Rami was being pulled up he spotted the cloaked pale woman they had encountered earlier, but thought nothing of it. Rami, now on the steed, threw his arms around the knight in an attempt to keep stability in the no doubt ride in the near future.

Aedor Isharan - Kakariko Village - Evening One

Once Rami was situated on the back of Imaran's saddle, Aedor pulled roughly on the reigns and wheeled the mighty steed around, giving him a hard kick in the flank with his heels, spurring him forward at a gallop. The wind rushed over him as refugees dived out of his path. Gerudo guards shouted and tried to push their way through the throng of impoverished Hylians in order to catch him, but they had little chance. He was prepared to draw Mynegon should the need arise, but his focus was on escape, not needless conflict, he was too greatly outnumbered here in Kakariko to be able to fight effectively. The plan he was hatching was not yet fully formed, he needed to enlist allies to fight with him if they were to have a chance at victory. He shouted at the crowds of people to move aside as he charged past.

"I apologize for what you had to see back there, young friend. It truly pains me that you should have to endure the sight of such mindless brutality." he called back to Rami as he cleared the outer edges of the crowd and neared the great tree that stood near the entrance to Kakariko. As he looked ahead he could see a large number of Gerudo soldiers barring the threshold leading out into Hyrule Field. He knew that he could escape quite easily if he could just make it past this final obstacle. "Hold on tightly, we're going to go through them!"

Aedor... dear sweet Aedor...

Still doing things the hard way are we? You know there is another alternative.

We don't have to fight them all.

Just look into my eyes.

Imaran's gallop slowed as the great beast of a horse sensed indecision in his master. Aedor was looking to his right, and there, standing next to the tree, clad in that same lavender dress that she had worn on the day she had...

It was Lilayn. There was no doubt in his mind, it could be nobody else, she was standing right in front of him. It was impossible and yet there she was. She smiled coyly at him, even as she motioned for him to gaze into her dark brown eyes. He obeyed, losing himself in her as he had so many times in the past, and joy filled his senses, blocking out everything that had once existed in his mind, all that mattered was that he and his love, the mistress of his heart were reunited. Finally she turned from his gaze in order to redirect his attention back to the Gerudo women blocking his way.

Do what must be done Aedor, I know you have the power in you.

He could do nothing else. He sat erect in his saddle, his eyesight darkening as the pupils of his eyes expanding, filling his entire eyesockets with a black deeper then midnight. His jaw was clenched tight, his muscles went rigid. His fingers gripped Imaran's reigns so tight that magic would have been required to remove them. Magic... no not quite, but similar. He glared at the Gerudo in his path. One of them was the one that had reported him to the authorities, the rest were merely riding on the coat tails of their master. He didn't care what special abilities they possessed, all he needed to do was remove them from his path long enough to ride past.

Do it now.

A series of violent impacts and concussions in the very air itself erupted within the ranks of the guards. Some were thrown to the ground, others crashed into one another, and still others were sent literally sailing through mid air to land roughly in the dirt some ten or fifteen feet away from where they had originally stood. Aedor percieved his chance, and he drove his heels once more into Imaran's flank, and the horse renewed its charge with even greater ferocity then before. The Gerudo women scrambled to rise to their feet and bring their weapons to bear against him, but they simply lacked the time to be able to organize themselves once more. He thundered past them and down the stairs, Rami clinging tightly to his midsection until they reached the bridge. Once across, Aedor slowed his horse's pace somewhat in order to preserve Imaran's strength as they rode in the general direction of Kokiri Forest in silence. He needed to think.

Well done my love... well done.

Morton: Forest Temple/Night 1

"The Sheikah...opened the door, but I'm not sure that would have mattered until something else happened." Morton thought to himself. He had felt the temple filling with life again, far more than in recent years. While it was uplifting, it also made Morton feel uncomfortable, as if the temple was now trying to make him remember something.

"What else happened?" Viridio asked.

"Something caused this Temple to...come back to life, so to speak. Any ideas?" Morton asked, figuring Viridio would have no clue as to what it could be. Viridio looked shocked for a moment, but then replied.

"That was me, I discovered the melody of this Temple and played it. I was shocked it was so simple actually, but now it's starting to revive!" Morton grimaced.

"If something that should be difficult, isn't, then there's a problem." Morton watched Baequi from a distance. The man was in a trance, slowly approaching a strange stone alter with a book upon it. The alter was upon a stony ledge that looked nothing like the Forest Temple. In fact, Morton felt a familiar air about the room. Then he spotted it, a symbol he'd seen before, a symbol that represented his half-kokiri, half-skull kid state. "A...big problem."

"What, exactly?"

"Hard to explain, but let me put it this way." Morton extended his skull kid arm. "Get ready to look at another half-dead creature." Morton watched as Baequi began reading from a book, summoning some sort of power.

Viridio Tan/Forest Temple/Day One (this is a really, really long day)

Looking at Baequi, then back at Morton, Viridio suddenly dropped to the floor, pulling out his small drum and tapping out a few simple beats on it, which slowly became more and more complex. His eyes were fixated on the Shiekah that was reading as intently as he was playing. Morton looked down on him, "What are you doing?"

Viridio, without missing a beat, replied, "I'm drumming out an anti-evil, protection song. It should buy us a little time. The only problem is, I'm not exactly proficient at open encounters. If you want to do something, you should probably do it soon- I can feel my magic working, but it's nowhere near strong enough to stop him for long..."

Morton: Forest Temple/Night 1

"Baequi, what are you doing?!" Morton cried, running up to him. The man turned, his eyes filled with pure happiness. Morton was confused, the man must have thought he was unlocking a great power. Baequi said nothing, and returned to what he was saying.

"Listen, Viridio, I've heard this incantation before. I've been in this Temple before and seen things about it. It's meant to wake up Queen Ghoma from its sleep." Viridio paused his counter-spell for half a second, but Morton continued speaking. "Look, I know there aren't supposed to be Ghoma's in this area anymore, but there is one here. I know about it because...I know who revived it. The same people who revived me, they like to play around with special kinds of magic. Most of it revolves around reversing curses of death, or death itself in some cases. I guess these people tap into the magic of the Lost Woods itself..." Morton paused. "BAEQUI, STOP!" Baequi ignored the calls and Morton rushed up, grabbing his shoulder. The Sheikah threw him off, and shut his book violently.

"Oh didn't work." Viridio said. Morton felt an immense shaking, and then a terrifying clicking sound, the sound of a spider's feet as it raced up a wall. But it was worse, the sound of a creature that was half dead, a creature that by right should not have been alive.

"Queen Ghoma, welcome home..." Morton muttered, staring at the skeletal Ghoma Queen. "Viridio, there's only two ways out of this, fight, or run. I plan to fight."

Denzel: Forest Temple: Very end of Day 1

Denzel knew he wouldn't want to miss this event for the world, whatever it may be. He happily galloped down the stairs, glad that something interesting was now going on. He walked down to hear the sound of drums and a passage from a book being read. The melody reminded him of a song he once sang to him...

"Plenty of room at the hotel california!"

Denzel quickly snapped out of it and continued to watch. He had mixed emotions, mostly hunger and excitement. "Anyone got something good to eat?" he asked.

Little did he see, from the corner of his eye, Morton desperately trying to stop Baequi. Rumbling erupted, and a giant beast in that of Gohma came out from the walls. Morton was prepared to fight. Denzel drew his bow... he was too.

Morton: Forest Temple/Night 1

Queen Ghoma was skeletal only its leg sections, and the lining just outside of its single massive eye. Morton grinned, knowing it would be easy to destroy since its eye was its weak spot.

" this?" Baequi looked up at Queen Ghoma, and it swiped a single giant clawed leg at him. Morton jumped to pull him out of the way, but he got hit by the claw along with Baequi and both went tumbling over the edge of the ledge. Morton grabbed on at the last second, and Baequi gripped onto his legs tightly. "What have I done?!" Morton cringed as Baequi cried out, his arms unable to hold both himself and Baequi. Morton felt a twinge of hatred for a moment, and struggled to kick Baequi loose.

"I cannot hold us both!" Baequi seemed to quickly recompose himself, and he proved his abilities as a Sheikah, flipping up and off of Morton, grabbing the ledge on his own. However, luck was not on his side, for Queen Ghoma attacked again, impaling his right arm, and crushing away the ledge Baequi had grabbed onto. Morton took his chance, grabbing onto Queen Ghoma's claws and using them to swing himself back away from the abyss below. Baequi was not so lucky, and plunged into the depths below, uttering not even a scream as he went, going out as a Sheikah would. Morton cursed silently, knowing the man had meant no harm. He remained latched onto the Ghoma, and climbed up to its top. He could only hope Denzel would take advantage of this moment and fire his arrows while the creature was distracted.

Denzel: Deep in the Forest Temple: End of Day 1

As Denzel watched Baequi fly hopelessly into the pit, he saw Morton scambling around. Denzel fell back for a moment, and hit the ground. He awoke to a rumbling stomach... he needed food. Fast. The last thing he wanted to do was pass out with this thing running around.

Whether it was his imagination or not, Denzel smelt something. Something... good. He sniffed and sniffed, and noticed that the closer to Gohma he got, the stronger the smell got. A crazy idea passed his mind.

Gohma was obviously aware of Denzel's presence, but with Morton scrambling around on her back, that was it's main focus. He crept closer until Gohma finally thought he was close enough, and lunged down with it's gigantic claws in an attempt to injure him. This left it's gigantic, red eye wide open. Denzel took no notice, as he grabbed a chunk of flesh right off Gohma's forehead. It squealed, and lunged to attack again, and caught a peice of Denzel. Now annoyed, Denzel threw his thumb into it's eye. As he tried to remove it... he couldn't!

Gohma threw her head back and Denzel went flying along with it, his thumb still impaled in her eye. The chunk of flesh was still in his other hand, so while Gohma layed there, breathing heavily from all this activity, Denzel took a bite. 

It was glorious. He felt the energy of 1,000 men flow through him. He chucked the rest of the meat up to Morton.

"Take a bite! I dare you..."

Talai Nocturna - Kakariko Garrison - Dusk/Evening 1

She never did sleep soundly. It was difficult but she preferred to try to sleep at this point of the day, and at this point she was as out as she could be, trusting in her fellow Gerudo comrades to keep her safe. Her dreams, if they could be called such, were not very peaceful. Her forehead was glistened with sweat, and her breathing was shallow, shivering occasionally.

What was happening to her? She felt a pulling toward reality, but with the time of day being the time of day it was, was it really reality? Her neck was being tugged at while her sanity fought to return to her, and her eyes slowly opened to see the most dreadful thing possible in her mind. It was clear enough to see even through some of the lunacy, but moving would have gotten her killed. The man was touching her locket, and this made her quite angry. If only the moon were at its be able to shine a moonbeam in his eyes could be her saving grace...

She braced herself against the sheets, shrinking back as much as she could but with the locket in the man's hand her neck was held decently in place. Her eyes were showing her lack of full awareness, but she knew enough that this could be the end. It was a big risk, but she needed to do something. They hadn't taken off her boots or any of her armor, though her riding veil was gone. If he was focused solely on holding the blade and the locket, her bootknife was not strapped to her bad leg, and she could try to get at it.

"What the hell are you doing in here? How did I even get here?"

Talai did her best not to fidget enough to give away the fact that she was looking for her bootknife, and disguised that in the shrinking back in the sheets to reach for it and get it. When she did, she palmed it amidst the shivering, hoping to do something about this assailant.

Her training bought her enough time to do something, but it wasn't much. She took a quick swipe at her assailant with the once-hidden dagger and tried to roll off the bed and get at her longsword that would be under the bed with the rest of her gear, hoping that the swipe would startle him enough to make the odds in this fight for her life as even as she could...or did she have to shrill scream could get help fast...but she'd still have to survive, and she wasn't as quick as usual with her bruised left knee.

Polaris/Lake Hylia/Afternoon/Day 1

Knowing that the other two guards would not let those screams go unnoticed, Polaris readied himself for conflict once more, as he approached the entrance the two women sprinted around the corner, took note of their fallen comrade, and then of Polaris approaching, with blood stained hands. The two women lowered their naginatas' and once again sprinted his way. Unencumbered by the impending threat Polaris stopped, inhaled deeply and focused on the incoming targets. He let loose his fins once more, this time however one found its mark, well, sort of, he'd missed the vital organs he was aiming for, but the fin lodged itself deep into the upper thigh of one of the attackers. The other, missed it's mark horribly. but was still close enough to cause his foe to change the angle of her approach, and she ran right past him.

With her wits about her, the Gerudo warrior buried her weapon into the ground and whipped her body around the pole, firmly planting both feet into the small of Polaris' back. The force of the attack allowed Polaris to have an informal meeting with the ground, face to grass. Landing on her feet in a crouched position, the warrior woman unsheathed her dagger and lunged forward intent on driving the blade deep into Polaris' skull. Seconds before impact Polaris managed to roll out of the way, suffering only a small scratch on his left jaw, blood began to flow, but for the most part he was unscathed.

Jumping up to his feet, Polaris barely had the time to kick the blade from his adversaries hand, before she impaled him. Then on an impulse he had never felt before, Polaris grasped her head with both hands and pulled her in close to him, his eyes glassed over an icy blue as he whispered into her ear.

"My fallen tribesmen await your arrival in hell!”

Acting purely on an instinct, that moments ago was not there, Polaris stretched forth his right hand, drawing strength from the chill wind that blew off of the lake, he thrust his palm onto her chest, the event that followed, awestruck even Polaris himself, as a pointed shaft of solid ice shot through his hand plunging into, and through her heart. She fell limp to the ground, writhing, sobbing, and then, her life slipped from her. The other guard, had managed to dislodge the fin from her thigh, but only made matters worse because in doing so she severed the tendons that attached the muscle to bone, relinquishing her the ability to stand, she had no control over that leg, it was limp, and blood was gushing from the open wound. Picking up the dagger of her ally, Polaris walked over to the woman, and slashing her throat, put her out of her misery.

As he regained his composure, Polaris retrieved his cloak, hatred for the Gerudo, growing stronger inside of him with every second, he set off across Hyrule field in the general direction of the Kokiri Forest.

Viridio Tan/Queen Gohma's Chamber-Forest Temple/Day One

Viridio looked upward at the battle before him, and then downward again. His harp was out, and he kept a steady rhythm. Though the three, now two, of them were fighting their hardest, he knew that if he were to joing them he'd just be in the way. Viridio was not a direct fighter. What he could do, he would do. He continued to strum peacefully and intently, weaving a spellsong with his harp.

Lorelia Ennah / Kakariko Village / Evening One

"Dammit," Lorelia swore under her breath. There surely were multiple downsides to wearing but on cloak, with the inability to change vestements. She had found at least one in her first day.

The Gerudo soldiers had her surrounded, her back pressed against the sole tree near the entrance, or in her case exit, of the Village. They had seen her with that idiot fool Aedor, had associated her with his ridiculous rebellion, and now were attempting to incarcerate, or flat-out kill, her. Though, she presumed that were they to arrest her, seeing her features would cause them to kill her no matter their orders.

The Gerudo were of such dark complexion.

Lorelia called out timidly to the soldiers, "Wh-What reason have you to bring claim against me?"

The leader of the gang glared back at her, "We need not explain our reasons to an Hylian." This last word she venomously spat.

Lorelia paused. Hylian? Hylian?! These fool Gerudo would associate her with that cursed, inhumane race?

"Damn you, you Gerudo WHORES! I am no sub-race Hylian! I am not one of those brute monsters who would hunt the difference of appearance!" as she spoke, she tore off her cloak, casting it aside to reveal to the Gerudo her shocking complexion. "I am greater than these bigoted fools you are content to rule!"

Shocked at Lorelia's dead-white skin, pink eyes, and pale platinum blonde hair, the Gerudo warriors barely reacted as Lorelia buried her first two throwing knives into the bridge of two Gerudo noses. The remainder of the force was broken from the disturbing spell of her appearance by this aggression, but not swift enough to save another two warriors from eating dagger.

However, by the time she had loosed these for projectiles, the surprises wore off, and the next two missed their marks; one merely sliced the shirt and skin of a Gerudo shoulder. Now with naginata at the ready and bloodlust in their eyes, the soldiers stalked forward, constraining the circle which ensnared Lorelia. In response, she readied her larger close-combat daggers, pressing her back to the tree.

The first assailant to assault her came from her right, swinging down hard with her naginata. Lorelia spun in that direction, bringing her dual blades to impact against the flate edge of the long weapon, following her spin to parry aside the naginata and cause it's sharpened edge to bury into the ground. She continued her spin in an attempt to slice her blades through the now defenseless woman. Her maneuver was interrupted, however, by a firm blow to the back of her head. Dizzied, she immediately collapsed, the inertia of her spun causing her head to connect solidly with the trunk of the tree that had previously protected her.

Her eyes fell shut as she lost connection to the waking world.

Morton: Forest Temple/Night 1 Morton felt his very essence backed by the song that Viridio was playing. He swung off of Ghoma, ignoring Denzel as he foolishly began to eat pieces of Queen Ghoma's flesh.

"I am infused with the very magic that flows through the flesh you are eating." Morton spoke to Denzel, taking advantage of Ghoma's moment of rest. "I don't need any more of it." Morton jumped to the side as Ghoma sprung back up, stabbing a leg down towards him. Ghoma's foot became stuck into the floor for a moment, and Morton took in every detail that he could, noting that vines were covering the creatures body. And stuck to those vines were a few of Baequi's items, including his staff.

"Denzel, keep it occupied a little longer!" Morton shouted, and the man obliged, eating more of the creatures flesh. Morton was disgusted, but impressed nonetheless by Denzel's unorthadox fighting techniques. Morton meanwhile scrambled about, trying to time his movements with the flailings of the Ghoma. It seemed to have a second delay or so each time a clawed foot slammed down into the floor, and it struck out that way often. If the creature had any semblence of intelligence, it vanished after its revival. Morton waited only a few moments before Ghoma struck out, its anger almost completely focused towards Denzel, who had half-blinded the creature. It dug its claws so hard into the ground that a chunk of one came loose, forming a makeshift dagger.

Now's my chance! Morton ripped the skeletal dagger from the earth and sliced out towards the vines holding Baequi's staff to Skeleton Queen Ghoma's body. It fell away, and bounced towards the great chasm Baequi had tumbled into. Hoping he wouldn't get impaled, Morton jumped up onto Queen Ghoma and ran along its body, sliding down one of the legs, which had hovered over the edge for a moment. He grabbed onto the staff, keeping his grip upon the Ghoma tight. The monster was in so much pain that it didn't even seem to notice Morton, making the battle far easier. Morton glanced down into the abyss as he crawled up the Ghoma, wondering just what could be at the bottom.

"Denzel, Viridio!" Morton called out. He hopped to the ground, slashing at the Ghoma with his dagger to keep it back. He felt the ground quake as he called their names. Morton knew exactly what was going to happen. The Forest Temple was home to a number of undergrounds caverns and portals, one of which would lead to the very place where Morton was made into a half-kokiri, half-skull kid. Now that the portal was wide open because of Queen Ghoma, it was making part of the Temple unstable. Morton could only assume that the monster had destroyed part of the main structure holding the Temple up.

"I don't know if you felt that, but it was an earthquake! Queen Ghoma must have destroyed something it woke up, something important!" Morton steadied himself and dodged out of the way of an attack by Ghoma's claws. "We need to either finish this fight now, or get out of here!" Morton looked to the stairway that would take them out, planning to make a run for it.

Viridio Tan/Forest Temple/Day One

Viridio looked up. "There," he said aloud, calling it out definitely and with force. Suddenly, the shaking in the temple grew even louder, and then ceased momentarily. Everyone in the room froze as a heavy silence pervaded. Even Queen Gohma was aware of the heavy magic that was occurring. Quickly and serenely, four lights sparked to life around the room... Green, Blue, Red, and Purple. Torches appeared beneath the lights, and the faces of the four Poe Sisters suddenly became clear. The silence and the gravity were still strong, as if some unknown force of the temple held everyone where they were.

Then a simple few notes began to play, first softly and barely audible, and then louder and louder. It was almost as if the sisters themselves were singing, and the temple along with them. By now, however, Queen Gohma was getting restless and fearful. Shaking violently, the creature reared up, giving a skeletal excuse for a roar, and then leaping into the air, latching on to the ceiling. It moved quickly along, but the music was getting louder and more powerful. Those who had heard before knew what the song was: the Minuet of Forest. Here, in the innermost and most sacred of chambers of the Forest Temple, its full and great strength was coming to life. 

Gohma was going ballistic, as it shaked and convulsed, having some kind of seizure. Looking closer, one could see vines growing at a phenomenal rate, wrapping themselves around the creatures legs, reaching and grabbing her entire form. The vines kept growing and growing, and though the Queen struggled and attacked them constantly, they quickly overcame here, completely covering her in a vine cocoon. It shook and sputtered for a bit, but then calmed down completely. At the exact point it became still, the vines erupted in brilliant orange and purple flowers, as somewhat of a taunt to the evil powers of the skeletal creature. Viridio, in the first time for a while, relaxed for a moment and sat down.

"Well. That's that!" Viridio threw his arms up in relief, just as a skeletal claw ripped through the barrier and a piercing scream ran through their ears and reverberated through the room. The entire temple began to shake once more, and Viridio shot up, looking towards the beast. Floating towards the slowly disingtegrating net of vines, the four Poe Sisters looked towards Morton, Viridio, and Denzel, motioning them to leave. They would take care of Gohma, or at least try their best. Viridio glanced towards Morton, mouthed the words "Run!" and started towards the stairwell leading up.

Denzel: Forest Temple: End of Day 1

As he saw the ghosts frantically trying to fend off Gohma, he also looked from the corner of his eye to see Viridio and Morton fleeing to a set of stairs. He looked at Gohma, and went to move. As he began to run, he began to sweat frantically and cough. Soon he collapsed in a heap, unable to move. All he saw was colours flying by him, that he assumed were the sisters. He couldn't hear a thing but faint screams in the backround from Morton and Viridio.

He fought frantically to get up, but constantly failed. He was sweating profusely now, and soon everything in front of him went black.

As Denzel awoke, he was alone. The place was but a cold, empty stone room filled with darkness. He was feeling fine now, but his back ached from being on stone. "How long have I been here?" Denzel thought.

He called out, but only heard an echo.[/color]

Morton: Forest Temple/End of Day 1

Morton looked back only once as he scrambled up the staircase leading out of the lower chambers of the Forest Temple. Queen Ghoma wasn't being held back very well by the vines or the Poe sisters, but it looked extremely weakened, and one of its skeletal legs was about to fall right off of its body. Morton saw a flash of red from the abyss behind the Ghoma, and knew he had only once chance.

"Viridio, go on ahead!" Morton shouted. Viridio paused for only a moment, but a roar from Queen Ghoma made him realize it was not the time to argue. Morton doubted that Viridio had any special afinity for him to begin with, so it was likely not a tough decision. "...I'll deal with the Queen." Morton dodged a large rock as it dislodged itself from the ceiling and came crashing down. Morton focused completely on the Queen, only barely noticing that Denzel seemed to be losing his mind. "Your majesty..." Morton began moving towards the Ghoma, bowing down and going into a forward roll as he did so. The monster swung its weak leg towards Morton and he came up hard with his dagger, shattering the leg into pieces. Queen Ghoma began to scream in anger, and lost its balance, stumbling onto its side and striking Morton with one of its good legs. He was powerless to stop the attack, which hit him hard in the back and dragged him towards the abyss once more.

Here goes. Morton thought, letting himself be dragged towards the darkness. Yet, true to what he had suspected, it was not a totally empty chasm. Someway down there glowed a red portal, and Morton knew exactly where it would lead him. He stared at it as Queen Ghoma teetered over the edge, and then he fell down with her. As they fell, before they picked up a great deal of speed Morton kicked hard off of Queen Ghoma's back and angled himself for the portal. He felt his dagger fall away as he leapt, but a moment later a great cry pierced the air, making Morton think that perhaps it had landed in Queen Ghoma's eye. Morton closed his eyes, blocking it all out, and wrapped his cloak about his body, plowing straight into the red portal, vanishing from the subterranean halls of the Forest Temple's basement.

Aislinn - Kakariko Village - Evening of Day 1

The Gerudo woman snapped at him with her boot knife, which she had kept nestled in her hand until Aislinn had raised his sword toward the ceiling. He lurched out of the way and grabbed her arm, flinging her to the hard wood below. She rolled clear of his sword, but the mirrored locket had torn from her neck, and he now gripped it in his palm. Their commotion had stirred the ire of the night watch, and Aislinn could hear their ponderous boots scuffling toward the room as if they were skating upon the floorboards. He ambled to the door and kept his gaze firmly planted on the Gerudo woman with the cold and beautiful eyes, who was backed into the corner with her knife drawn, and he mowed down the first guard that rushed through the door. The Gerudo guard fell limply to the ground as patches of blood flushed from her body, and he kicked her out of the way, closing the door and latching it in place.

He only had his back turned for a second, but that was enough for the Gerudo woman to leap at him, and she bore down with all the weight her injured leg could bare. Aislinn fought her back, but she came at him again. He was not afraid. He had bled every ounce of his fear a long time ago. "For king and country," he said.

"The war is over," she said. "You're still fighting the battle in your mind, a battle you've fought a million times, but you've never fought anybody like me."

He struck at her, and she fell back on to the oaken box beside the bed, knocking it over. The lantern spun in place for a moment, then shattered on the ground, throwing sparks upon the wooden floorboards. The fire spread quickly and swallowed the tiny room in the barracks. Curtains evaporated upon the flame's billowy touch, and fire lept up and singed Aislinn's cloak. He began to sweat as soot covered his eyes, which was just as well since the room was as blinding as the sun. A thinning haze of ash and smoke coiled about the room and clogged his lungs. He coughed, but he was intent on finishing this.

"Your comrades aren't coming back," she said.

"We'll see about that."

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