The Resilience of the Light is the 5th chapter of Interloper War, Season Two. This chapter sees several characters join the battle at Castle Town. It also continues The Cathedral storyline.

 Zora & The Girl Edit

Polaris/ Below Lake Hylia/ Morning 5

Felina appeared to be muttering to herself again, just has she had before gaining the pact with the owl spirit, after a brief time she transformed before his very eyes, taking on a form that somewhat resembled a porpoise, "I guess we don't have a problem anymore..." Polaris chuckled, "No, I suppose not. If you're comfortable enough with the new form to try it out now, we should probably hurry to the surface and make haste back to the city. I'm afraid we've wasted too much time, I've got a feeling somethings going on, and we need to be there." Felina nodded her agreement and the duo entered the vent that Polaris had earlier taken all the way to the surface. Felina went first on Polaris' insistance, he had a mind to pull her back to safety if the pact didn't work properly, they'd been through too much together for him to let her go and die now.

She seemed a tad tentative at first, but all in all took to the water well, seeing that she was in good spirits, Polaris passed her by, so she could follow him up and out of the maze of vents and tunnels leading to the surface of the lake, he kept a steady pace so as not to lose her, until she zipped past him and then it was on, a race to the surface.

Felina - Lake Hylia - Mid-morning 5

Swimming out into the main body of the lake Felina was suprised at how agile she was in the water in this form. She had no trouble at all keeping up with Polaris. Her newfound sonar ability was also amazing as it pretty much gave her a full 360 map of everything in the water. She could only imagine how far it could reach in the open sea.

After taking a couple minutes to test out her abilities she swam to the surface and began to move towards shore. "So then how do we get out of here? I didn't expect this to be like a canyon." 

"There are some small paths along the cliffside over there. They are a little hard to see, but they lead up to the top where the bridge is." Polaris spoke as they neared the shore.

Climbing out of the water Felina reverted back to normal. "Well I guess that's the way we're heading. We're pretty close to the castle town, so we should be able to get there by this afternoon.

Polaris/ Mid-Morning 5/ Lake Hylia

The duo made their way along the bank and to the cliffside Polaris had pointed out earlier. It was difficult work which could probably be made easier with magic. Hell to be honest, they both could probably fly out of here had they not been so worn down from all the fighting of the previous day. As it was, they were taking their time, and in turn taking the brief respite to recuperate as they ascended up the cliff face. 

A gap in the path slowed them for a few long minutes, until finally, frustrated, Felina reverted to owl mode and flew over the gap. Likewise, Polaris with a running headstart leaped into the void and propelled himself forward with ice magicks. 

As they walked on, Polaris was still getting acclimated to his new Thunder Rod, he took note of the rods ability to create small vortexes and produce gale force winds, almost at will. He smiled at the thought of what it may be capable of when in contact with Felina's half of the staff. [color=royalblue]"You know, once we get to Castle Town I can't see us having much, if any time to rest on our laurels. If they aren't already there, the Twili ARE coming...there are other ores to procure yes, but ultimately, we need to repel their forces first. I've a mind to fight. With these,"[/color] he held up the Thunder Rod and motioned to her rod in turn,[color=royalblue]"We can be a devastating force on the battlefield, I see no reason to split up once there unless we're absolutely required to do so. You saw what they did to Custos, and hell, we didn't even know how to use them then."[/color]

His voice trailed off as his thoughts wandered elsewhere, all the while they still trudged along.

Felina - Lake Hylia - mid-morning 5

"Yeah, the combination attack is impressive enough to warrant sticking together later..." Felina replied pausing for a moment as she considered the glaring flaw of the attack.

"We shouldn't try to rely on that attack though. The magical energy required for the attack was very high. I don't know about you, but I think I could only manage to get off 3 shots with that during a single fight."

After continuing up the trail for awhile the duo was nearing the top.

"I'm going to scout above to make sure everything is clear." Felina spoke as she changed to her owl mode and flew the rest of the way up. Thankfully the area at the top was clear. In the distance though dark smoke clouds were coming from the area that the castle was.

Looking back down to Polaris, "It looks like the castle is already under attack! We need to hurry back!" she yelled out to him below. As she looked back up towards the west she noticed something odd looking reflecting light in the desert. Flying higher to get a better view a wave of dread washed over Felina's face. It was the massive main army of the Twili, camped out in the desert

wastelands. "Crap... we're out of time."

Polaris/ Mid-Morning 5/ Lake Hylia

"Crap... we're out of time."

"Out of...what? What do you mean?" Polaris launched himself skyward and at first saw the city being assaulted, smoke roiled into the air, the battle seemed fierce. As he leveled off and came even with Felina, as he gazed out upon the massive force that was forming in the desert, "Mother ffffer...this, all this," He waved a hand towards the city,"It's a ffffing decoy. We've got to get to the city and fast, High Command, Phoenix, they all have to be notified! We have to end the current threat and prepare for the coming storm."

As the duo hovered there, Felina occasionally flapping her wings, Polaris, using the condensation in the air around them to maintain his balance, both were gazing at what could rightly be their impending doom, Polaris felt rather peaceful, finally he had a purpose. Fear was a thing of the past for him, he was the farthest one could popssibly be from afraid, "I LOVE THIS SSSS!" Grabbing Felina's arm he tore through the sky towards the city.

IC: Felina - noon 5 - western field

Having seen the signs of battle at the castle and the massive army grouping in the desert Felina and Polaris had made their best time to get to castle town.

"We should make sure we're rested before we commit to joining the battle. We won't do anyone any good if we arrive totally spent from travel." Felina spoke as the duo stopped to catch their breath.

Polaris/ Noon 5/ Western Hyrule Field

At Felina's insistence, the pair stopped for a brief, yet needed respite from their all out dash to Castle Town. "You're correct, rest, although unwanted, is really what we need." Polaris stretched out in the grass for a few moments to catch his breath as Felina also took a moment to rest. 

After several minutes spent in silence, Polaris rose to his feet and took to pacing, as had become second nature to him, he formed a small orb of frozen energy in his hand and manipulated the sphere into various shapes as he paced and thoughts raced through his mind. What, if any, assistance would they be able to lend when they finally reached the city? He thought about Kae, Lynn, Darrel, Senshi and all the others and said a silent prayer to the Goddesses for their survival, although in his heart he knew, those chosen to live by the Three would live above all else, he himself was a perfect example of this, when on the brink of death he was resurrected in a sense, "alive or living" were not terms that could be applied to him, but neither could dead. Undead was the more proper term, and it seemed odd to him when he thought back on it. 

Polaris was roused from his thoughts when Felina arose and began fidgeting with her water skin, "Hold on, that water is probably warm and stale by now, allow me to provide you with cool, fresh water," Drawing upon the magicks coursing through his veins Polaris separated the cool liquid from the plants, and ground around him. The grasses and shrubbery in a wide circle around him wilted and within seconds Polaris had amassed a substantial amount of fresh water for their consumption. Ever the gentleman he motioned for Felina to cup her hands, as she did so he manipulated the liquid through the air and it slowly began to trickle into her hands, she drank heartily, once she had had her fill, he did the same. Afterwards the duo set out on foot towards the castle, their pace was brisk, but at a measured tempo so as not to tire them too much.

A Challenger Approaches! Edit

Eddard Langston/Day 5/Obscure Cave in the Snowpeak Mountains

He could still hear that damned goron's words in his head: I'm sorry, but tell your king that we cannot help him right now. Ugh. No goron shall be going to war! 

The very thought of those words made him sick. Or rather, it was the thought of having to explain to his master why their plan had failed. 

As the official assistant to the official messenger of the king, he had been given the task of informing the gorons of the coming Twili attack. He had smiled, Perfect, my master was right. he had thought. But no smiles came to him now.

He had sped off to Death Mountain with the speed only a rito would know, soaring through the skies in jubilation, knowing that his and his master's plan was about to pay off. But he had failed. "No goron shall be going to war," he repeated the unfortunate message to himself one last time before he would have to report it to his master.

The rito suddenly realized how cold it was. He scanned the peaks of the mountain for the cave that he knew to be the temporary home of his master. Finally, he saw it, and swooped down and flew into the shelter.

Eddard heard a thud come from behind him. "It's about damn time," he said, not at all playfully, as he put down his copy of [u]Gorons: the Secrets Behind the Stone[/u] and turned around to face the visitor. The rito cringed noticeably as Eddard exposed his face. The scars on the left side of his face were rarely seen by anyone except Eddard himself. Eddard quickly reached down and grabbed his half-mask and securely fastened it on. "Well," he began, "do you have my gorons or not?"

"I...well," the rito sputtered, "no." He was scared, expecting some horrible reaction from Eddard, but his master's face remained stoic. 

"And why not?" Eddard asked.

"Well, they feel it is not their war."

"You understand your failure, yes?" Eddard asked. The rito nodded. "I take you in from exile, I sneak you into a spot close to the king, and when you finally get a chance to make an influence on the gorons, you come crashing down."

Eddard slowly walked up to him. He stared the frightened rito in the face, and slowly drew his knife, and help the point up to his cheek.

"Please don't hurt me master," the rito pleaded. "I won't fail you again!"

"No, I know you won't." And suddenly, without warning, Eddard swung the dagger across the rito's face, slicing his cheek and lip. The rito screamed out in pain, covered his face with his hands, and crashed to the floor wailing.

Eddard paid him no mind and walked to a small bag on the floor. He reached in and pulled out a small, yellow-brown spherical object. He held the object up in the air and smiled.

"Do you know how much a goron's body is worth, my fine, rito friend?"

The rito merely continued thrashing on the floor.

"No? You don't remember? Then let me remind you. One pound of a goron's skin will go for 500 rupees if sold to the right people. 500 a [i]pound.[/i] And do you know how much the average goron weighs? 1500 pounds, 1500 glorious pounds of money. But, as you know I'm sure, due to their damned funeral processions, every time one of them dies, they're thrown into that damned volcano before I can get to them! And this is, my friend, is why your ability to be able to convince those gorons to fight is so important. Because if you have forgotten already, one dead goron is worth much, much more than your life can possibly hope to be worth to me. You listen to me, if you screw up again, you die. If you try to run, I'll find you, and you'll still die. The choice is yours."

Through the speech, the rito had begun to recover himself from the cut. "My lord, there is some good news. The gorons are at least involved with the war. I informed them of the plan to construct the sword, and they agreed to do it. And the one that agreed? He is thirty feet tall."

A smile came across Eddard's face, half of it being covered by his mask. 

Eddard Langston/Noon 5/Flying over Castle Town

 Eddard didn't mind heights normally, but this was just insane. In reality, he had no time to be scared of the fall right now, he was here to scout, and scout he would. But fear was a natural emotion. He swung uneasily as wind blew hard, forcing the Rito carrying him to adjust his flight pattern. Eddard held onto his foot like a man possessed, probably harming his safety more than helping it by possibly injuring his ride.

Below him, a battle was being fought, but Eddard found it hard to look down at the 500 foot tall amount of air between him and the ground. He spotted the spires not far off. "Take...take me to the castle." Fear was not something the Rito heard often in his master's voice, but it was there none-the-less. He still thought it better to do as he was told for now. Eventually, they would be on the ground again, and his master wouldn't be so fearful then.

The rito flew to the tallest building, and he passed the throne room doing so. He circled around, to a little two-yard wide ledge on the outer wall. He dropped his master here, where he would have a full sense of the battle.

Eddard didn't take long to see what he was looking for. It wasn't like it was hard to see anyways. Out in the field, there was a fighter that stood out from the rest of them. A thirty-foot-goron could be seen casually tossing his enemies all over the field, causing mass destruction.

"He's perfect." Eddard grinned.

Gigagoron/Noon 5/Battlefield

Giga was no military expert, he knew this. This girl seemed to have a much better feel for fighting strategy than he did. So he figured it would be wise to do as she said. He picked up an unsuspecting Moblin and threw him as hard as he could into the army behind him. The damage was fairly massive. 

So he did it again, and again, and again until eventually there was a hole in the Twili army the width of thirty men and 5 men deep. How many were killed by the throws, it was hard to say. But none-the-less, this maneuver seemed to upset the Twili's order tremendously. Men who were once protected by a wall of men behind them were left alone in the open, and easily picked off.

The tide was turning it seemed, at least on the outer fronts. 

[b]Summary:[/b]Giga throws moblins, causing big damage.

Shadow/Battle/Noon 5

The man had escaped the chains crushing force but not unscathed. His foot had been caught allowing Shadow to drag him closer as the chains cut into his flesh. The man didn't simply resign himself to death however, unleashed an attack of explosive fury both freeing himself and knock Shadow several paces away. In his days he's scene many a beast lash out with blind instinct, desperately try the mortal fate is life draining touch would soon cast down upon them and Shadow out of habit nearly came to the same conclusion about this man. It was only has the pain from the most resent strike pulsed through his body that he realized the foolishness behind that assumption. The pain, now burning through his whole body instead of just his face, no longer carried the novelty of the first blow. He no longer desired the horrid sensation that he had long forgotten and now having something to fear a realization crossed his mind. This man was not some mindless beast for him to prey upon so he could sustain his life, he was an opponent of intelligence and skill, one would could possibly extinguish his very existence. 

Wisdom would tell him to continue striking form a distance with his chains avoiding tormenting effect of the man's energy, but it was a tactic he would for go. Instead he'd draw his ordinary steel sword and wield it with his left hand as he charged the man head on hoping to grab hold of the man with he bare hands so that he could drain away his life. It was an odd measure but Shadow did not understand what drew him to do it. Such an attack only opened himself to more pain or even defeat. Perhaps he preferred that, it would end his curse and end his nightmare but there was his sword. He wielded it in such away that he could easily block or parry any blow the man may unleash, but yet his still attack in a foolish manner. It was if he was in a rage but such a thing had become foreign to him.

Faith is My Shield Edit

Elly/Hyrule Castle/Noon 5

So this was it. A non-glorious end that technically would still be glorious to her people. Kae was in big trouble, and she whispered up a prayer to Nayru that her pain would be minimal as she crossed over.

But it wasn't her time yet. Either the insane man had a moment of clarity, or he grew tired of her and turned to leave. 

A little nudge in a direction that wasn't the castle was a perfect thing, provided he took the bait. Elly had to get back to the Cathedral soon; that ritual was close to starting from what she could sense. 

Cloudy dark fluid that had been floating over her frame sloughed off and formed a puddle on the ground, and a greyed out duplicate of herself rose from it. It threw a deku nut at his feet and took off toward the outside, taunting him.

In the midst of this confusion, Elly hoped her enemy would fall for it as she made her way toward her friend...

And then she realized her daggers were still stuck in him. She cursed under her breath, realizing she'd have to defend Kae bare-handed.

Kae/Cathedral/Noon 5

It looked like Elly wasn't going to die just yet. As she traced ritual circles near the altar, Kae scryed on her friend's battle. She also was carrying on a conversation with Nora and keeping an eye on Jaden's progress too. With that 90% of her brain that most Hylians didn't have access to, Kae had her mind running on all cylinders. 

Nora approved of her pupil's idea. It was a better tactic than causing mass property damage and invoking Din's ire further. It would provide a stop-gap if the Twili got an upper hand. And it wouldn't sap her like other options at her disposal would. If something went wrong, however, the people would have a broken faith. This Wall had to hold more so than her brother's line. If the castle fell, it would be on her head. 

And she vowed to fight to keep it standing, even if it meant succumbing to her affliction. While she was not pleased with the idea, she was ready to die. Or be banished to the Sacred Realm as a servitor instead of entering it as a hero.

The faithful began to file in. Citizens, clergy, nobles, and others who could not aid in the raging battle outside caught wind of what the Scion had proposed. They were willing to believe in it, partially because they could not stand by and do nothing. Furthermore, this was their faith made manifest. And they could contribute to something greater than themselves. If Kae's ritual made a difference, those who helped would have a story to pass along to their descendants about why faith mattered. And how they were a part of it.

The High Priests approached Kae, offering her a bit of consecrated food and drink and advice.

"We are honored that you are taking this measure, young Scion. Whatever aid we can offer, we shall. But take this sustenance; you will no doubt be exhausted, and this is made to last."

Kae bowed and nodded.

[color=indigo]"I only ask for your prayers and continued support, Brothers and Sisters. Encourage the others in their faith, sing hymns of praise, and invite Nayru's presence into this place. She is always watching over us, as are Din and Farore. In our hour of deepest need, they will not fail us. But pray for me, as my body is afflicted by celestial blood corruption and I am in constant pain. If I falter, so will the Wall. Elly Shea will be returning to us soon. She will be my Guardian during this time, and possibly another may aid her, a fellow named Habiki. Do not impede them in their duties."[/color]

Soldiers were frisking people on their way in. They were doing their best to prevent another security breach. A detachment was also posted outside to protect this critical position. As it had a chokepoint, it would make a suitable location for a last stand, should it come to that. 

After partaking of delicious blessed bread and juice, Kae approached her prepared altar and motioned for everyone to stand.

[color=indigo]"People of Hyrule, believers in the Blessed Triune, I am honored that you are here this day. A great darkness has come over this city, and brave men and women are giving ultimate sacrifices in our streets. We honor them today, both the living and fallen. Remember them as we pray this day. We will be inviting Nayru's presence into this place as we worship. And in doing so, a Wall of Faith will surround this castle, protecting it from the heretics outside. As long as this Wall holds, no Twili will be able to break through. I am not quite certain if the faithful outside will be able to get through it, however. We will have news from the front as it occurs, so if the order to fall back is given, pray that Nayru will allow our countrymen into this sanctuary."[/color]

Priests began to light incense and lightly play music.

[color=indigo]"I ask that none of you get too close to me. While I am channeling divine energies I will need full concentration, and if someone strays too close, what defenses I am able to have will be triggered. Your safety is not guaranteed if this happens. If anyone is to trigger those, Nayru forbid, let it be a heretic, for Her wrath will be directed toward a target deserving it. Very well, let us invoke Her name before we begin."[/color]

Kae opened telepathic channels to Elly, Habiki, Nora, and Jaden as she gave her invocation.

[i][color=indigo]Most glorious Nayru, keeper of the Law and Land, we beseech you for protection this day. Our enemies surround us and we believe in our forces, but we place our trust in you first and foremost, as well as your fellow Goddesses. Hear our prayers and shield us from evil. Use me as your vessel; a conduit by which the faithful may be saved. This body is yours to do with as you will. And if our brothers and sisters out there need shelter, please do not exclude them from this protection. We invoke the name of our deliverer, Nayru! Enshroud us as we profess our faith![/color][/i]

The Scion knelt, and as she did, a violet-white capsule of light radiated around her. Upon seeing this, the people began to pray, and the clergy performed rotes of faith. She cried out one final time before entering her full concentration.

[color=indigo]"Faith is my shield!"[/color]

Nayru saw what Kae desired. She listened to this cry for help, and responded. Her Love also enshrouded Kae, but it began to grow in size at a rather rapid pace. Shouts of praise and adoration filled the Cathedral as the people saw what was unfolding. Smoke from lit incense gravitated toward this manifestation before it shot out in all directions, enveloping the entire castle. Some faithful fell out from the sheer presence that had filled this place. A Hymn began to play, one honoring the one who gave the Hylians this gift. It was entitled Order's Keeper. 

When all seemed darkest, Order's Keeper answers cries for help.

Kae had successfully manifested the purest desires of all in the Castle: they prayed for safety. It was quite doubtful that any were faithless within these walls after seeing what had happened. This shield of faith was visible for miles around. No doubt it would encourage both sides in different aims, but its purpose was to protect, not to harm. And if she grew tired, she had a compartmentalized mind. Some parts of it could rest while others were active in concentrating. And if she needed to focus more on it, she could wake those parts up.



He briefly turned to see what had happened to his reinforcements, and cursed loudly.

[color=chocolate]"Pincered! Rear guard, divert to assist Wave Two! Salvo five! Target back lines! Soften their men up!"[/color]

He knew his rear guard wouldn't be enough to hold off the golems. But he had to buy Meado enough time to deal with this problem. He couldn't go back there himself; someone had to hold this line. He had one more salvo of arrows and magic before he had to save the last three for his final wave.

"Captain, we can't keep this up. If those golems breach, we are dead for sure."

Haraf was grim in his obviousness.

[color=chocolate]"If we have to fall back, I won't waste lives fighting a losing battle in this regard. One of our Goron friends is assisting the rear guard; We can only hope this keeps those abominations from our backs. And if we cannot fall back, I have one final plan that none of us will like."[/color]

"Jaden Bryseis, if you even think about doing that, I will kill myself instead of letting these blasphemers have the honor. You can't cut the head off of this snake. Another one will take her place."

[color=chocolate]"It has a very good chance of stopping this attack. These men are fanatical. They survived an encounter with Kae, Hothnite, and Kinslayer. If they can live through that, they probably believe that this is-"[/color]

It was at that moment while Jaden was dancing deadly steps that he heard his sister's prayer. He wasn't sure why her voice was in his head until he ran through three Twili and had a moment to turn back and see the strong manifestation he'd been feeling.

And he whispered up his own prayer.

[i][color=chocolate]Nayru, don't let us die out here without fulfilling just purpose. And please, protect my sister and those she is shielding with her prayers. Give us the wisdom to think on our feet. The earth erupts beneath us, death falls from the sky, and sharpened steel is calling our names. Even though we stand in this chaos, you are our comfort and shield. My faith will not falter this day, nor any day.[/color][/i]

With his prayers spoken, the young captain continued his push, also continuing his vigil for his very skilled brother in battle on the front lines.

Horus/Bottleneck/Noon 5

In the confusion, Horus had lost sight of where the dust had gone. It had fled with speeds not even he could've imagined. He cursed under his breath. He had failed in his training, being able to spot microbes whilst meditating, but not being able to catch dust in battle? Disgraceful. He was mostly relieved that this fateful encounter was postponed, but also felt a filthy, hollow feeling deep in his gut. The sun had just only reached the peak of its ascent in this day, and he had already failed an ally. He wiped the sweat off his brow as he rested in the sky.

"I might as well..." He sighed as he turned back towards the battle, only to see that the situation had gotten worse. At his altitude, he could see nearly everything going on.

"By Valoo's breath..." He gasped.

He flew as fast as his wings could carry him. He flew by the scene to see how things were going on thier side. The first soldier he laid his eyes on as he scanned the area appeared to be praying.

"Poor man,' He whispered to himself, 'I wonder what's on his mind?" He didn't want to fill his head with questions about the people of the ground just yet, so he simply dismissed the thought immediately. But then it came back. 

"This man calls upon disembodied powers to improve morale? How interesting."

This strange fascination with the whole idea made him anticipate learning more about such mystical force. He decided then and there to touch down. His speed may have not kept up with magical dust, but he had yet to see a man whom could move faster than he. He landed with daggers in hand, feathers flying about to represent his improve speed. Without a word, he planned to help these men up close. He hoped that his sudden arrival was welcome, for he was the only Rito he knew of for miles, if anywhere. His terrible habit of assumption made him think that his arrival was appreciated. He didn't even consider the fact that he was the least armored person in the fray.

Summary: As Horus flies above the battlefield, he notices Jaden praying within the battlefield. Horus believes this is strange, and silently wishes to know more, and descends to help, in hopes of gaining trust among the soldiers, and maybe learn more about this unfamiliar land when the battle is over.

Zasalamel/Western Castle Wall/Noon 5

As he reached the walls, he looked down at the familiar moat around Castle Town. He gazed at his dark and tall reflection as his eyes glowed through his helm. He took a very deep breath, and walked forward. As he went under, he felt the pressure of the water as he walked across the bottom of the moat. It did nothing to him in his present form, but he could quickly feel the air being pushed from him. In his haste for power, he hadn't considered how much stamina he would've lost when traveling underwater. He was sure he was about to drown, until he finally made it the the wall. He drove his fingers into the wall, and climbed. He gasped and wheezed as he came out of the water. His ugly, victorious smile grew upon his face as he stared at the wall he was gripping. Making sure his right hand had a tight grip, he reached for the very large sword he tied to his back. In one swing, he moved the bricks.

"Tsk, tsk, a weak spot." He sneered. He reared back and punched the wall with all of his might. Miraculously, he knocked the bricks down, and was already inside.

"Good thing I didn't grow in size after that ordeal." He grunted as he pushed more bricks aside. He smelled the air, which stunk of death.

"The bottleneck." He sighed happily with a grin.

"Let's see if I'm useful now."

He walked calmly towards the battlefield with his hand on the hilt of his blade, which rested on his back. He was too far to see anything, but close enough to hear it. He kept his hand at the ready as he walked at a leisurely, Dark Nut-like pace. He looked it, so why not act the part too?

"I'm gonna make this fun! I'll show those weaklings that power is all we need for this kind of pest problem." 

Shato - noon 5 - Hyrule Castle Town ~Twili Rear lines

Shato sat near the back of the Twili's lines catching her breath from the exchange with the Hylian paladin. It seemed the last of her Moblins had finally been dispatched and had returned to the urn.

Watching from the back she observed the Twili mages unleashing their Golems to divide the Hylian first and second waves. "Hmph... Not very subtle... just trying to plow through with brute force." Shato mused to herself as she considered what to do.

Although it was tempting to simply summon another giant beast of legend, the Hylians had shown they had the strength and numbers to deal with lone monsters. Perhaps a more subtle approach would yield more interesting results.

Releasing more smoke from the urn she called for twenty shadowy beasts from the urn. As they took form they sank flat against the ground like shadows. 

"Gah, what the heck are you doing witch?!" one of the nearby soldiers cried out as a hand extended out of one of the shadows.

"Oh, I'm just going to thin out the Hylians lines." Shato replied with a smirk. "Ok guys, go nab the commander of their first wave. We'll see if their forces can survive without their head."

With that command the hand sunk back down as a shadow and the horde of Floormasters raced off through the Twili ranks heading straight for the Hylians front lines. 

Seishi/Battle/Noon 5

"Hey boss, there's some weird crap going on at the castle!" CPL Litoris yelled down from the wall after seeing the divine barrier.

"Could you be more specific!" Seishi yelled back as he bandaged up his mostly healed arm.

"Um... Well there's this big blue thing all around it. Looks kind of diamond shaped."

"Sounds like Nayru's Love, well this changes things. Hey change of plans, you four get your asses down here, Lt and Koma come here for a second! He tied off his bandage and motioned to Oberon to come back over and return his armor. "Ok it looks like the castle's taken care of so time to go on the offense. Gather every one and scale the far end of that hill over there, circle around with out being seen and hit the Twili from behind."

"That won't work, some of these clowns can pull it off but still this isn't exactly a stealth unit." Dren spoke up quick to poke hole in the plan. 

"They'll have to learn quick."

"Wait a second, in the time we take to sneak around we could assault there side from here and take out a few hundred." SGM Koma piped in as well not seeing the value in running around like a jack ass in the middle of a huge battle."

"They'd see us coming and I'd prefer the highest impact with the lowest risk to our guys."

"They ain't cowards, and they ain't weak, there's no reason not to hit head on. Besides initial surprise aside how much of an advantage can eleven people expect to gain from hitting rear flanks."

"That's where all there leaders are. You know that old saying about cutting off the head right?"

"So we're killing the officers, you know suddenly I like this plan."

"Figures you would." Dren shot back rather annoyed at the Sergent Major's enthusiasm.

"Good, now I've got to go work up a distraction for you guys." He said as he cast Nayru's Love on himself and started walking off towards there new Goron friend.

"Hey wait, Commander," Dren shouted suddenly realizing the one real problem with them dropping from the defensive mission. "You said the Castle is safe, what about the City?"

"The city'll be fine, the roads are two damn narrow from a force that big to move quickly. Beyond that the people are just gonna have to learn to take care of themselves for once.

-  "Hey Big Guy!" Seishi yelled up to Giga, "You've got a pretty good throwing arm, you see the Twili's rear line, to you think you can toss me just in front of it?

Possessed Zasalamel/Bottleneck/Noon 5

A very evil grin on his face stretched from ear to ear as he slowly walked towards the battleground, like a psychotic zombie. Once he could see the soldiers of each faction, he quickly took to the shadows of the alleyway. He walked to the end of the alleyway he had entered, just out of view, despite his huge figure within the Dark Nut Armor. His empty eyes looked on as the battle before him ensued, and waited. Then the next victim came into view, the white light among the red, through Zasalamel's eyes. This target looked very much human, but owned the wings of an eagle, which could be summoned at any time. The man had landed next to another who appeared to be important, a captain of sorts. A perfect way to begin the slaughter in this city. But many soldiers stood in the way, fighting vigilantly and with pride. The morale seemed rather high...too high for his tastes.

"Let'sssssssss begiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn." He spoke with a rather robotic voice.

His huge hand reached out and grabbed the head of a unsuspecting, miscellaneous soldier, who yelped in suprise as he was pulled into the shadows. Soldiers nearby who could, looked towards the ruckus to only be greeted by horror. They saw a bloodsoaked Dark Nut, wearing the most horrible smile, and holding both halves of a soldier in each hand, whom was still writhing in pain, not yet within the sweet embrace of death.

 He saw dinner. He dropped the soldier's remains and reached for his sword. At this very moment, Zasalamel's soul had been devoured. He was no longer an aware possession of an other. In only a few moments, "he" would cease to exist, and the one whom had control, would have a an empty shell to control without resistance. As this fact came, everything for Zasalamel went black. His hopes and dreams were exstinguished in his last moments. He didn't even get the chance to prove himself. He was born an envious Twili who just wanted to be remembered. He died a plaything of an unknown force. 

Jaden/Bottleneck/Noon 5

"What else can they put in our way? Someone's gotta deal with that damn summoner! I swear by the Three I'm gonna put her head on a pike by war's end!"

"Captain, it's do or die at this point."

With his eyes focused on what was ahead, he wasn't looking down. And that was dangerous ground to tread on.

Unexpectedly, he was on his back with an obtenebrant hand grabbing at his ankle, trying to pull him into a vortex. Loud whirring noises filled earshot as other troops were being knocked over too.

If it weren't for Haraf's halberd this time, he'd have been sucked into limbo. But being prone was bad enough in the midst of a thick melee, let alone a holding action. Jaden took a bit of damage from being trampled and slashed, and this didn't make him happy at all.

Using a rising slash, he kipped up to his feet, taking a few Twili with him. More of those shadowy hands were reaching for his feet, and he made sure to follow up with sweeping strikes. 

The old instructor, however, was not fast enough to save himself from being gripped. Nor was Jaden fast enough to free him, as his hands were full.

"Instructor! No!"

As the tip of his halberd sunk into the ground, Jaden could only fathom where his second in command would end up.

"Sir Alchemist, scorch the ground with all you've got! We can't let those floormasters take any more of our men away!"

Sis better know what she's doing.

This was really a pain. That summoner was the epitome of a pest. With his men being sucked underground or to wherever it was, his line was thinning more than he would have liked. And he had to hold out for at least another hour for the third wave.

Not having Haraf would also make it a lot more difficult to deal with any more Dark Warrior elites if they emerged.

Making do with less was one of Jaden's finer talents. But he didn't really take too much pride in that at all. It was time to turn it up a notch, as things were not looking good.

He changed his aura back to Vigilance and slowed his progress toward the hole in the wall, but aimed to create a good deal more casualties on the Twili end while dealing with these floormasters. Reaching into his satchel, he lobbed a flask of hot pink liquid about 20 yards away from his location. When it exploded, he could hear coughing and cursing. 

There was fire now. And corrosive alchemical lunar-powered fumes. If those abominations decided to say hello, they'd be in for a warm, tingly greeting.

 "Sweeping strikes! Don't let them grab you, whatever you do!" 

Horus/Bottleneck/Noon 5 

Horus could not believe what he had just seen. More and more soldiers were pulled into the ground by darkness, all of them screaming for help. Paralyzed by fear, he watched up close as soldier after soldier were plunged into an unknown fate. Jaden, after loosing whom seemed like a good friend, reached into his sachel and throw what looked like a potion. When it exploded at its target spot, coughing and cursing could be heard. Jaden bellowed orders about the situation. The sound of his voice snapped Horus back to reality, and reached for his weapons. He pulled out some rope he had on him and tied two of his daggers to each end of his staff.

He ran to Jaden and rested his hand on Jaden's shoulder breifly. 

"I'll tear them to pieces sir!"

 With that, he summoned enough wind to act as a shield and with the speed of a horse, ran towards the poison and flame. 

[b]Harken Zeiss/Morning 5/Castle Town Streets[/b]

Harken waited, the Words spoken and the magical energies spent. He felt the same as Tobias: drained and exhausted. It was a symptom of using so much magic in such a short period of time. The crystals itched, but he refrained from scratching. It would only hurt worse if he touched the still-raw skin.

"So..." he glimpsed at Tobias, "do you suppose it worked?"

 It was a bit of rhetorical question, the armored thing wasn't attacking them anymore. Well, for the moment, at least.  

Gigagoron/Noon 5/South Hyrule Field

Giga smiled as the last of the moblins were thrown into the Twili ranks. He took careful note of the direction of the smoke as it flew off towards the back lines. I'm gonna kill that coward summoner. Perhaps I'll step on her. Giga smiled at the thought. But the serene moment of happiness was interrupted by the swordsman he had seen fighting earlier.

This was no ordinary soldier, his advanced fighting techniques could show him that. But still, his orders were...unorthodox. Throw him? he thought.

"Are you sure you'll be unharmed master swordsman?"

The man motioned around his body at the blue shield surrounding him. Giga hadn't noticed until then, but he saw that it was strikingly similar to the shield around the castle. It must be protecting him somehow, Giga realized.

"Very well." Giga tentatively reached out his hand, unsure of what would happen when he made contact with the shield. Surprisingly, his hand passed right through it. He got hold of the man's waist, got into position, and flung the man as hard as he could towards the back line. He watched as the man flew, but never saw him land.

The other men around him began a maneuver around the Twili, heading eventually for the same spot as their commander was just thrown. Giga tentatively followed them from a distance, not wanting to give away their position with his size, and also to allow him to deal with any Twili who dared come out to fight him. Giga also had an ulterior motive, knowing that the back line is where the moblin's smoke had flown off to. 

Seishi/Battle Field/Noon 5

And unseen object smashes done in front of the Twili's rear most echelon sending dust, debris and a few bodies flying.

"Damn it! That was stupid." Seishi cursed as he got back to his feet and crack his joints. "You'd think I'd know better after that "Drop Strike crap I came up with. Next time I'm just flying"

The sounding solders looked on with confusion as the dust settled relieving a knight with a blue barrier that was rapidly fading. "I don't suppose any of you kids can point me to the person running this show?" 

 The various soldiers briefly looked at each other trying to grasp the situation before finally snapping out of it and charging Seishi all at once. "Yeah I figured out say that, oh well..." Seishi thrust his palm downward sending out a half glob of flame the throw back that advancing soldiers. He cast Nayru's Love on himself once more knowing better then to fight so many from all sides then charge forward into the heat of battle to pick them off one at a time, "...let's go, I've got all day."  

Darrel Mytura - Hyrule Castle Town - Fifth Day

Darrel allowed himself to exult for a moment when the eruption of spiritual energy discharged from his sword struck his mysterious adversary and engulfed him. His internal celebration lasted only moments, however, before the man emerged through the swirling dust and dirt in the air, his flesh reforming just as before. He didn't understand how his dark clad foe did it, but it was obvious that he was going to be a formidable enemy, difficult to damage.

But then he did something Darrel wasn't expecting. He drew a sword and approached, intending to engage the Sunrise Knight in melee combat. It didn't make any sense, the ranged attacks had been proving effective enough against the spirit mage to continue employing them. Instead it appeared that his enemy wanted to do this face to face.

Darrel's grip tightened on his hilt, Morning's Edge glowed dazzling persimmon as he took several steps forward, closing the gap between them. His jaw muscles flexed, veins stood out in his neck, and his fists clenched so hard that his knuckles were white. Pain flared through his from the myriad lacerations from the man's whip, but he wouldn't wince or gasp, wouldn't betray any sign of weakness.

 "I don't know who you are." He said through gritted teeth, his eyes never leaving the face of his enemy. Blood soaked the long sleeve of his left arm from where the chain links had nearly cut his arm to ribbons. His raised the sword so that the tip pointed straight at the man's chest. "But you've cast your lot in with the Interlopers, so I'm not sure introductions are necessary." 

Free Agents Edit

Chamdar Taliesin - South-West of Hyrule Castle Town - Fifth Day

He stood off some distance from the tumult, looking down on the fields of Hyrule and the forces amassed there, encircling Hyrule Castle Town and the center of monarchical power in the realm. He wasn't sure how he'd see his way through the throng and into the walls of the city. Already the battlements were crumbling under the fierce magical assaults and arcane powers summoned by the Twili, the city walls had been breached in many places and the city gates were failing as well.

The Castle, however, appeared safe for the time being. Even as he despaired at the appearance of so many invaders at the capital's doorstep, he was heartened by the appearance of a massive mystical barrier around the castle proper. The Twili would be unable to penetrate such a wall, at least for quite some time. He had to assume that Kae was responsible for channeling such energies, it was the province of the Scions to attend to such things.

Though he'd been hesitant to depart the main Twili camp without first attempting to ascertain the fates of Shinigami and his companion, he'd felt himself compelled in this direction. He could only assume it was the use of such levels of divine energy that had drawn him hence, and now he needed some time to assess the situation.

"A bold strategy, if perhaps a bit premature." Chamdar didn't jump, didn't betray any signs that he was surprised by the presence of the other. He stood stock still as Isaac Telmar strode up at his right, looking down on the battle with what appeared only mild interest. Chamdar knew the Kinslayer better than most, however, and was aware that he often feigned disinterest in the things that intrigued him most.

"Castle Town was vulnerable, beset as it's been these last few days with all manner of destructive conflict." He retorted, never looking over at the murderer who stood so close at his side. "I imagine it looked ripe for the picking to their eyes."

"Perhaps." For a time they stood in silence, just watching as events unfolded before them. "Those Twili are all going to die."

 As Isaac Telmar took to walking down the hill toward the Twili rear lines, a brief smile touched Chamdar's lips. Yes, he thought to himself, I suspect they are

Isaac Telmar - Twili Rear Lines (Outside Hyrule Castle Town) - Fifth Day

Isaac approached at a languid pace, taking his time as he enjoyed the spectacle unfolding before his eyes. Death was in the air, the walls of Castle Town were crumbling, and the stench of magic both vile and wholesome swirled on the winds blowing over the hills and through the valleys of the realm. He didn't smile, didn't smirk, didn't grin or grimace, he showed no emotion at all. The Twili, and particularly their commander, were hardly on his good side at present. That he'd been interrupted in his contest with the newest Scion chafed him, he hated the interference of others. And he'd thought to do them favors by offering his allegiance. He'd intended to kill the Scion, which undoubtedly benefited their cause. That he'd been selfishly motivated in the attempt meant nothing now.

Toward the rear of the Twili force milling about before the walls of Castle Town the soldiers stood idle or wielded bows and other ranged weapons so as to help their fellows on the front lines. They were comfortable, expecting any counterattack to come from the fore, and why wouldn't they? They had their enemies boxed in, after all.

Save for the enemies they'd made without realizing.

A knot of officers huddled together discussing how their units would align when at last the time came for them to storm the many breaches into the city. Isaac bumped into them and held his hands aloft when they barked at him to watch where he was going. His face remained schooled as he walked past them, deeper into the throng and the Ember seed he'd let drop from his fingers ignited and incinerated the officers in one swift, swirling conflagration. 

Oops... He thought to himself as he continued on, casting his eyes this way and that, looking for the face of the one who'd cost him his prize. 

Jaden/Bottleneck/Noon 5

"Sir, we've got bigger problems than golems back here! Need help!"

He was really wishing Haraf hadn't gotten caught by that Floormaster.

If he left the front now, the line would not hold. Even if he stayed within aura range, it was his orders that held the line together. But he'd lose more troops if he didn't act. This dilemma peeved him to no end. 

"I will return shortly. Hold fast until then, and do not yield!"

His place was immediately filled, though there was more movement in the wrong direction as he stepped out. Laying eyes on what was decimating his rear guard, he cursed even louder. Something nearly impossible to attack from the front. If he cleaved hard enough, maybe he could knock it off balance and finish it quickly.

"You face me now, abomination!"

 Jaden rushed headlong, ready to unleash a slash capable of splitting five men in two. 

Daurubia/Noon 5/Bottleneck

The giant golem seemed to have a single-minded goal: to kill him. Daurubia realized that a fight of two behemoths in this narrow of a space would cause nothing but more destruction. He had to get away from the area. Daurubia got into a ball, rolled around his foe quickly in order to entice him further, and then sped backwards towards the castle town fountain. The golem lumbered after him.

Daurubia cursed as he unexpectedly crashed. He looked up and saw to his dismay that he had hit the fountain itself. He got slowly up from the wreckage, and water began to fill out into the road. Daurubia felt ashamed, knowing that he had destroyed one of the Hylian's most iconic landmarks in his mistake.

But the shame couldn't last long, as the giant golem finally came to fight. It took a step forward as it brought a fist down on Daurubia. Daurubia flew backwards, this time crashing into the spout of the fountain, destroying it as well. Water began to fly everywhere as there was no longer anything controlling it. 

As the water hit the golem, it began to dissolve away the clay skin. And the golem was now having a difficult time standing due to his feet being misshapen by the liquid.

"The water dissolves them?" The realization heartened Daurubia, knowing that he had a valid strategy to defeat these monstrosities. He rushed into the fountain and started kicking or throwing water at his foe. Slowly but surely, the golem began to splatter across the ground, the clay being liquefied. 

Daurubia now took a final blow at his legs, completely obliterating the soft clay, and sending the golem crashing down. Not stopping to think, Daurubia rushed back to the line where the men were still struggling to survive against the clay monsters. He came back just in time to see Jaden taking a giant slash at something in the shadows.

"Hylians, you must listen! The key to victory is not strength, it is wits. These creatures dissolve in water, we must bring the fight to the fountain." The men seemed to understand the plan, as they slowly attempted to move backwards. But at their rate, along with continuing to fight back, half the line would be lost before they even encountered the Twili.

Damn, we need more water, Daurubia thought to himself. 

Possessed Zasalamel/Bottleneck/Noon 5

His body continued to kill soldiers with a face of glee, soaked with the few soldiers he had already killed. His empty eyes were glued to Jaden, whom appeared to notice his presence.

"Eeeeeeexcelleeeeeeent..." He hissed with glee.

He watched with anticipation as his prey came towards him. A thousand ways to incapacitate this target to bring him to his master rushed through his brain as said target approached from the midst of the other dozen soldiers whom were trying to stop him. He looked at his sword, hesitated, then adjusted it in his hand so the flat side faced forward.

"I'll juuuuuust smoosh hiiiiim. Like a buuuuuug!" He droned to himself, with his gruff, strong voice mixed with a monotone, otherworldly voice.

 As Jaden came closer and closer, Zasalamel raised his sword into the air, ready to slam it down on his target, with the force of an explosion in the swing. 

Horus/Bottleneck/Noon 5

Horus entered the mist of poison and fire at breakneck speed, waving his staff about the area. In the pink and orange, beyond his mystical shield of wind he could see the silhouettes of creatures that looked less than human. Knowing his wind would only protect his lungs for a few moments, he ran past every dark figure he found, rotating his staff like a fan. His muscles strained as the daggers on each end of his staff cut through flesh at frightening speeds. He could tell he was hitting the vitals, because he heard the dreadful 'thud' of a dead body hitting the floor as he ran to his next target. Soon, he stopped and looked back at his progress. The silhouettes of people were coughing and cursing were replaced with unmoving lumps of darkness and gore. He almost felt like gloating in a kiddish fashion, but was too amazed at what he had done in such little time. Even though he could stop and do just that, his shield was fading, and he had to move. He ran as fast as he could, out of the mist of pink, and soon, onto a rooftop. 

He was exhausted. All the things he had done and learned in just a quarter of a day boggled his mind to no end. He looked back to see archer aiming at him, and he had to move quickly. He charged off the roof, and further into the fight, away from eyes in the sky. He finally reached were Jaden used to be, but to his dismay, he was gone.

"I hope he's okay..." He muttered. He landed on a nearby house, out of reach of anyone. He could see a fountain, which seemed to signify the heart of Castle Town. He saw a goron rolling towards it before he gasped in pain, looking down and clutching his chest. This suprising pain made him trip, and fall to the ground below. As he landed on the cold hard ground, he rose slowly, coughing and hacking whilst getting up.

"Dammit, the poison is taking its toll." He grunted. He reached within his pouchand pulled out his red potion, and took a sip. The burning subsided, thankfully. He breathed in fresh air as an unfamiliar Goron approached, appearing to need his services. Although embarassed, Horus remained lying on the ground the way he was when he fell, his wings in his back limp in the mud, waiting for whatever order he was about to be given. 

Shadow/Battle/Noon 5

"I don't know who you are, but you've cast your lot in with the Interlopers, so I'm not sure introductions are necessary."

"They are not." Shadow spoke calms the swung his blade to push this targets infernal sword to the side. He lunged forward to grab the mans neck with his free hand know he'd only need to latch on for a moment to drain away his life. 

Darrel Mytura - Hyrule Castle Town - Fifth Day

One quick strike hit the side of Morning's Edge and pushed the blazing blade to the side, out from between them. He expected a sword strike, a lunge, some attempt to cut him or run him through. What he got instead was surprising, and troubling.

In the space of an instant his enemy's fingers closed around his throat. He didn't squeeze, didn't try to choke him. Still, it felt like Darrel had run into a wall, slammed with a slab of concrete. He could feel his strength ebbing away into that fatal touch, stealing away his life force. As quickly as he realized what was happening he grasped at his foe's wrist with his free hand, and with all the strength he could muster pulled that hand away from his flesh.

Once free of it, he felt his energy returning as he held that hand away and looked into the eye of his enemy. His power may not have damaged him in the traditional manner, at the very least it hurt like hell. And in such close proximity...

"Good, after so many centuries of fights like this you start to feel like a narcissist saying your name that many times." He threw away the wrist he was holding, pulled his sword back in and took a quick step back. He was still holding his adversary's gaze as all of the energy that had built up in the blade was discharged into his chest.

 He didn't see how effective the blast was as he dropped to his knees. The drain on his power from physical contact had caused the repeated use of spirit energy attacks to take its toll. He tried to draw off of the spirits of others, that energy that radiated off of them as they fought so desperately for Castle Town. 

IC: Shato - Hyrule Castle Town, Twili Rear Lines - Noon 5

Several minutes after sending out the Floormasters some of them began to return.

"Huh... what are you guys doing back here?!" Shato shouted at the monsters. Almost as if in response they began to spew out captured Hylian soldiers. "Gah!! What are you doing?! Don't take them here!!" Shato shouted in shock as the Twili rear lines suddenly scrambled to deal with the bewildered Hylians.

Returning the Floormasters back to the urn Shato quickly summoned a group of Darknuts. "Finish them off! Quickly before they come to their senses!" she shouted to them as she pulled a knife and threw it at a Shiekah who had been spewed out. 

Quell - Above Hyrule Castle Town - Noon 5

Watching from high above Quell took stock of the situation on the ground. The Hylians had erected a barrier of sorts around the castle, their second wave had been stalled by Golems from underground and their first wave was caught in by the pinser and seemed to be in disaray. It would seem like the Twili had an advantage, but somehow it seemed a group of the Hylians had made it around to the Twili rear line and were starting to cause all kinds of mayhem.

"Hmph... this is a fine mess Maydni's created." Quell mused to himself as he began to generate 4 large ice shards as thick as tree trunks around himself. "Lets just get rid of that meddlesome first wave the Hylians have."

Using the gauntlets he launched one of the ice shards down at the Hylian lines with tremendous force. As they impacted the ground they shattered and sprayed dangerous ice shards in all directions maiming the Hylian troups in the vicinity.

One at a time Quell continued to launch the other 3 with devasting results. Even if the soldiers weren't outright killed by the shards there would be a massive amount of injuries sustained.

 "Don't think I've forgotten about you my scion. Let us see how much force you've put behind that field of yours." Quell spoke as he created another larger shard and launched it straight at the forcefield protecting the castle. 

Horus/Bottleneck/Noon 5

Upon hearing what the unfamiliar Goron had said, Horus attempted to rise from the mud, with great difficulty. Even as he rose to his feet, he was almost limp in posture. After all he had done in only a few hours, it was official. As time kept up with him, he realized that his energy was completely drained. He looked at on as his wings disintegrated into nothingness, panting heavily. As his wings left him, he used his staff to keep himself upright, and stumbled into the darkness of the alleyways. Regret washed over him as the thought of him being useless grew stronger, and he cursed his nonexistant stamina. Without any magic, he was as normal as anyone else. He collapsed onto the ground next the a pile of hay, and leaned his head on the building he had stopped next to. He closed his eyes, and began to rest.

Rest was soon no longer an option. He heard footsteps coming closer, at a rapid rate. Horus readied his staff and waited, whilst still sitting on the ground. A shadowy figure wearing a trenchcoat was suddenly upon him. It was Twili, based on the color of its skin. Horus grit his teeth, ready for whatever was about to happen. The Twili turned around, his yellow glowing eyes gazing at him. It was wearing a scarf to cover its face, which it reached for immediately after looking at Horus. It revealed its face and began to speak. Horus was suprised he had already forgotten what his comrade looked like.

"Wow Horus, you look a little bushed there,' Cid chuckled in his gravely voice.'I have just the thing..."

Cid reached into his trenchcoat, and pulled out a blue potion. A glimmer of hope began to shine in Horus' eyes.

"You need this more than I do. Including this."

Cid handed Horus the potion, and then reached for his back. His next gift was a shield, which was the color of blood, and had the face of a screaming demon on the front. Horus was puzzled.

"Why do I need this?" Horus asked.

Cid smiled. "It ABSORBS magic, my friend. With you out there, and with me in the shadows, guess who needs it more?" He chuckled as he pat Horus' shoulder.

Horus suddenly realized the importance of such an item. Most of his enemies were magical. Accepting this gift would mean having possession of possibly the most powerful defense out there. Horus could refuse. He accepted the shield, and held it in his hands. It looked at its demonic look, which soon began to change.

"What's happening Cid?" Horus asked, staring at the strange item as it transformed.

"It takes the form of which the user prefers. Think of it as a self-customizing shield."


Horus watched on as the shield finished its transformation. Horus smiled at its beauty.

It shined with great radiance. As Horus attached it to his arm, he could feel its magical power flow inside him. The shield alone had rejuvinated him. He felt better than he had ever felt without the help of a potion. He smiled at Cid, moving his long blonde bangs out of his face.

"A thousand thanks, friend."

"Anytime! That's what friends are for." Cid sneered, scratching his nose.

Horus spread his wings once again, feeling almost reborn. He glanced at Cid and laughed.

"Better get a hood, I'm about to bring the rain."

Horus rose into the air, high above the town, and concentrated his power into the waters below. Wind surrounded the water that surrounded the town, and in mere seconds, began to rise. As Horus rose his hands into the air, so did the water. It was all in his control. The water dance along with his hand motions, creating a beautiful display of the rules of gravity being broken. After a moment of bliss, Horus concetrated, glared at the skies, and flew higher, with water in tow. As he reached an altitude almost above the clouds, he rose the water above his head, in a perfect sphere. He looked up into the giant sphere of water, and flew inside. He rested within the water as he swiftly let his velocity launch him into the center of the giant sphere. He came to a stop as he reached the middle, then launched his power every which way. The sphere exploded, and fell apart. In only seconds, Castle Town would see the heaviest rain, in the sunniest day.

"Let's see those Golems survive that." Horus whispered.

As he scanned the area, all seemed well...Until he saw what he had heard from the stories back home before he had left. A magical being appeared to be flying high above Castle Town, wielding giant ice shards. These ice shards looked exactly how they were described in the story of his father's death. Rage overwhelmed him, which soon became excitement. He could very well avenge his father, right there, right now. 

 "I'll show you to take from me what matters most, you son of a bitch!" He cried as he dove after the attacker. 

Daurubia/Noon 5/Bottleneck

Daurubia simply didn't understand what was happening. By all laws of nature, this didn't make since, but here it was. Literally out of nowhere, on a perfectly sunny day, it began to storm. A gift from the goddesses, Daurubia thought. Good to know they're on our side. And true to Daurubia's plan, the golems hard, crusty clay began to melt down. The slop was tremendous as their legs began to spread out over the ground, mixing in with the already torrential rain.

"Now's our chance! Leave nothing back! Swing for their legs with all your might! Bring these demons down! Go, go go!"

The men began their slicing, decisively aiming for the legs. One by one, the multitude of golems around them were no longer able to be supported by the slush beneath their torsos. As more golems attempted to emerge from the hole, they were soon met with the same fate. 

"Good men! We need to get past this, that front line needs all the help they can get!" As he said this, he turned back to gauge front line's situation for himself. To his great dismay, through the rain and mush, giant shards of ice began falling down on the men. 

First rain, and now ice. Perhaps the goddesses are not as resolute on their sides as I had hoped. Unfortunately for Daurubia, he knew that, as a goron, if he got involved with ice it would be a death ticket. Daurubia had no answers other than to pray as rain continued to pour down hard on him.. 

Jaden/Bottleneck/Noon 5

The enemy's technique was shoddy at best. It was almost like he was fresh out of Darknut Basic. 

At least it had a bit of spunk behind its attacks. The blade's flat was ready to strike; he had to do something or else it'd be a double-contact.

...But why the flat? Wouldn't an enemy want to end the conflict with lethal force? Jaden always learned that the second rule of personal combat is not to let them get back up. The first, obviously, was end it as soon as possible.

He raised his shield to block the blade's flat and changed the direction of his blow to a diagonal sweep. But his opponent did have considerable power in his swings, and knocked him back. Jaden's strike whirred swiftly, cutting nothing but air, and he quickly regained his footing.

The Captain saw that the golem problem was being remedied somewhat, and decided to not assist the second wave unless tides turned once more.

Jaden could hear his troops crying out in pain as loud crashes echoed from behind him, however. Something was very wrong, and he had to see what was going on, but he could not take his eyes off of that Darknut for even a second. He strafed in a semicircle to catch things out of the corner of his eye, and he did not like what had happened at all. His line wasn't routed, but it was close, and it wasn't going to hold. Enemy troops were pouring through at this point. He had to get to the front again and regroup with Wave 2 now, but he could not think too far ahead.

 His current problem was standing right between him and his men. And he didn't have the right weapon in hand to deal with thick armor. Quickly sheathing his sword and locking his shield, Jaden drew his dual morningstars, activating their Wisdom and Courage enchantments. He couldn't afford much time to entertain his enemy, but an anticipatory tactical approach would better his odds. 

Possessed Zasalamel/Bottleneck/Noon 5

His strike was unable to incapacitate the target, only knock him down. Sha'Tive quickly realized just how bad her skills were with a weapon of this size, even when within this skilled creature. The target seemed troubled by what was behind Zasalamel, but did not look as well, it didn't matter.

Yoouuuuu...Will noooot escaaape!"

 She had Zasalamel discard his weapon by throwing it at the target, following close behind in a diving motion, fists ready. 

Jaden/Bottleneck/Noon 5

Absolutely reckless. This was something served up to him on a platter, and he only licked his chops seeing this. 

Primary diversionary tactics were usually enacted in desperation or in knowledge that they will work for sure. Especially when giving up a primary weapon in the process.

He had to be quick. It was either going to be a flying sword in his chest or a pair of fists. If he did this right, it would be neither.

Swaying to the left, he quickly crouched, building up a springing jump for when his opponent drew closer.

"You should have stayed home!"

When he drew close enough, Jaden unleashed a rising corkscrew double-strike, targeting its head. One solid, direct uppercut blow followed by a lightning-fast follow through. He'd probably get a few fists in the chest, but if this hit, it'd be worth it. Leading with a dive...not good to charge an opponent who is waiting for an attack.

 Then again, he did the same thing a few moments ago. But that seemed like a better idea at the time. 

Eddard Langston/Noon 5/On top of a house in Castle Town

Eddard was salivating at the mouth. Out in the fields, the giant goron he had been watching from earlier had taken course behind some hills, blocking Eddard's view of the creature. But now, he looked on from a safe distance as he now saw another goron dealing with what appeared to be golems.

But this also was no ordinary goron. He was at least three feet taller than the average goron, and appeared to have twice the muscle mass. "What was that thing I read about gorons of this appearance?" he said to no one in particular. Let's see. A goron of this size can only be the patriarch. Yes, he must have been blessed by Din.

A patriarch, he knew, must be worth quite a bit of money. Perhaps his blessed skin is even worth more. he thought excitedly. But Eddard realized that he had no way at the moment to achieve his goal. He would eventually get the Twili involved, but for now, his time could be better spent. 

It was then that the rain began. Odd, he thought. The sun is still shining bright as can be. His robes began to get soaked as he sat on top of the house. He wanted to find some shelter, but unfortunately, his rito slave had flown off at his bidding. 

He began to shimmy across the roof tops. He resorted to having to hop across the roofs in order to find a feasible jumping point. He made his way east, keeping low so as to avoid any attention from the archers on the wall. Finally, he found a low point that dropped into an alleyway below. Unfortunately this alley was connected to the street where most of the fighting was being done.

Eddard sneakily slid off the roof and began to hang, preparing for his release. But at that moment, a great shard of ice came crashing down into the street. A broken piece shot off and went through his leg, causing him to drop 10 feet and hit his head on the ground below. A piece of the roof fell down with him, burying him in the rubble.

 He blacked out for a number of hours. As he finally came, to a dog was licking his face, almost smiling at him. The dog's face almost lit up the night sky behind it, it seemed.  

Possessed Zasalamel/Bottleneck/Noon 5

The target hit harder than she had anticipated. Zasalamel's body hit the ground with brick-breaking force, dazed by the attack that had just struck him. He rose to his feet and grabbed his sword again.

("That wasn't the smartest thing...")

"Hoooow...Impressive, humaaaaaann. areeeee...mooooore usefuuuuullll thaaaaan I thought..."

He rose to his feet and stretched his neck.

"How about this?"

 He grabbed a soldier by the head, and impaled another, and threw them at the target, simply for intimidation purposes, as he approached the target with a quick, yet more careful stride. 

Tobias Pepperwhistle/ Mid-morning 5/ Castle Town Streets

As he turned to face Tobias, Harken had asked the obvious question, " you suppose it worked?"

Shrugging, Tobias took a few tentative steps towards the now docile monstrosity, "Well, 'e isn' all buggered up an'more, s'pose there's on'l one way ta find out." As he dug deep into the reserves to muster up every remaining ounce of courage he had left he called out, voice only mildy wavering, "Taur Dagnir! I command ya, retrieve your 'elm an' come show your fealty to 'arken and meself, or," Gulping, "Suffer the consequences."

At first nothing happened, the massive knuckle didn't move an inch. Tiny beads of perspiration began to form on Tobias' forehead, "D'ya hear me? Get your damned 'elmet an' bring your bloody ass over 'ere!" Slowy and deliberately Dagnir went and scooped up his helm and returned to within a few short paces of both Pepperwhistle and Zeiss, he was more than close enough to crush the both of them, but instead, he placed his helm in the crook of his arm and dropped to a knee before them.

"Masters, my purpose is to serve your will. What is it that you mandate?"

 With a toothy, lopsided grin and a twinkle in his eye, Tobias exhaled and elbowed Harken playfully, "Yeh see 'ark? Nuttin ta worry 'bout." 

[b]Harken Zeiss/Mid-Morning 5/Castle Town Street[/b]

"Well, that's that, then, is it?" Harken said, considering the armored servant he now shared with Pepperwhistle. "Looks like he'll come in handy. Do we still have witnesses, though?"

He scanned the surrounding area. Most of the Hylians had run into the shelter and locked themselves in during the struggle between the three combatants. Only a handful remained. Two of Harken's trustworthy bodyguards and three others he didn't recognize. He knew the bodyguards were on the up-and-up, and wouldn't spread rumors or really do anything unless he told them to or it benefited him. But the other three were unknown quantities.

"Well, I've a little idea. Let's test our new toy, eh? See those three?" He pointed to the Hylians. "I want them dead. Make it quick, don't let any escape to spread news what happened here."

Taur stood, moving to follow the command. Zeiss, meanwhile, continued speaking, though now to Tobias.

 "See, I think it best if no one but us know that he's under our control. We'll set him up as some big powerful evil, maybe get him powered up with out own magics and whatever else we can combine. Have him go out and kick around some Light Warrior ass, or what-have-you-not. Then, you and I swoop in, and since he's so beautifully subservient to us, we can defeat him handedly. Then, who are the real heroes? You read me on this one, Pepperwhistle?" 

Tobias Pepperwhistle/ Mid-Morning 5/ Castle Town Streets

As he watched Taur lumber off Tobias approvingly replied, "The wheels are always a turnin' eh mate? Soun's like a fetchin ta me, they'll love us for it. An' THAT'S when the real fun begins."

 Clasping his hands behind his back, Tobias began to pace to and fro as they awaited Taur's return, "Yeh know, 'e enjoys this sorta thing, 'e may take 'is time. I'd be 'appy ta 'ear what yeh 'ave in min' while we wait." 

Taur Dagnir/ Mid-Morning 5/ Castle Town Streets

"I want them dead..." He didn't need to hear anything else to set him into motion, rising from his kneeling position Taur donned his helm, retrieved both his shield and cape and strode towards the safe house, fastening the cape back into place as he did so. 

Once he was on the cusp of the doorstep he sent out a mental blast that sent the door hurtling into the room, knocking over the unlucky man who'd been peering through the keyhole standing watch. As he entered the room, Taur brought his heavy armored boot down upon the mans face without even breaking stride. His skull flattened with a sickening crunching squelch, as almost immediately blood mingled with particles of gray matter splattered out onto the floor.

Scanning the room Taur found that the other two, both children, were huddled together in a corner, hiding behind a small cabinet of sorts. Taur could hear them whispering in urgent, hushed tones. They seemed to be debating as to whether to flee or not. Amused, Dagnir chose to prolong their lives so as to eavesdrop on their argument, his Master hadn't said he couldn't enjoy this.

"Listen Mardie, something that big has got to be super duper slow, I'll bet we can run right passed him. We can shake em if we bolt now." Shaking her head Mardie disagreed, "No Jasper, we can't, he has a crossbow, and a chain...and did you see the size of that axe?! We run, we die. Our best bet is to stay right here. And, be quiet!"

Jasper got up on his haunches, coiled like a sprinter on the blocks, "You can stay here to die if you want Mardie, I'm going." With that he sprinted out from cover, only to run face first into a massive armored leg, as Jasper reeled backwards in a daze, a guantleted hand shot out with lightning quick reflexes and closed around his neck. As he lifted the little rat, feet kicking and body squirming from the floor he pulled him in close to him and whispered in his ear, "If it's any consolation Jasper, you were correct, stay in hiding and you die. Unfortunately for you, she too was correct, you run, you die first." Taur closed his first, crushing trachea, esophagus, and vertebrae alike. He dropped Jasper to the floor in a heap. Then called out, "Mardie is it? Come on out little girl, if you do, I won't kill you, I won't even hurt you or touch a hair on your precious little head. In fact, if you come out, I'll let you help me get rid of the bad men who're trying to make me hurt you."

Trembling with fear Mardie sobbed, "N-no you w-won't! You're just trying to trick me!" Sighing, Taur brought his axe crashing through the cabinet and down on top of the clever little girl cleaving her in two. "Too smart for your age Mardie. Just too damned smart."

 Taur chuckled as he exited the building back to the streets and returned to his masters. "It is finished." 

Jaden/Bottleneck/Noon 5

"Men, regroup and redouble at Point Beta! Alpha compromised!"

He didn't have to tell them twice. Many had already started to advance in a different direction. Jaden didn't have much time until he was overrun by these fools anyway. 

It was a torn judgment. Kiting the Darknut into what was left of Wave Two would not end well. It was rampaging, and he had to stop it.

"Salvo Six, fire!"

He also risked being hit by magic and arrow by calling this, but he was in light cover. 

Bodies were flying right at him as he made these calls, and he took to the air. The one that was already dead had become a springboard for his next offensive; he leaped and took an extra jump off of it. While airborne, Jaden twisted as he flipped, hoping to land behind his enemy. A cascade of needles flew from his hand as he was directly overhead, spinning in mid-air. They'd probably clank off of its armor, but at least they had a chance of causing a flinch or two.

If I can get an attack off from the rear, it'll be over quick. My men need me.

Kae is still in danger. If you can rout them, get back to the Castle. I have foreseen many dark things ahead, and I will need you to summon me before long...

Why would Nora bother him in the middle of a battle? It must have been very bad. 

He'd have time to focus on that once things calmed down a little bit. But he couldn't underestimate. That was his fourth rule of personal combat. 

Possessed Zasalamel/Bottleneck/Noon 5

"Swiiiiiift...I like thaaaaaaat..."

 The target had succeeded in using his projectiles to jump over Zasalamel with such grace, of which she had never seen another do. As tiny projectiles bounced off Zasalamel's body, she turned around and raised Zasalamel's sword, as if to pin the target in place with a stab to the leg. All that was left was to wait for gravity to do its job. As the target landed on the ground, Zasalamel's sword thrust forward towards the target. 

Gigagoron/Noon 5/South Hyrule Field Battle

Giga soon abandoned his attempt at following the other soldiers. Their tactic was obviously based on stealth, and he was about as unstealthy as one could get. So here he was, with an army of Twili in front of him. Most of these men were focused on charging the wall, but on the outer lines, all attention was on him. 

But no one moved. Giga knew it would be folly to attempt to charge into the army's main bulk, especially with his leg still hurting him so badly. And the Twili infantry simply stared on in fear as no one dared come close to the towering giant they saw before them. And thus they were stuck in what seemed like the most awkward stalemate ever found in this large scale of a battle.

Giga's only option seemed to be rolling, but with such insufficient room to pick up any speed, this tactic would be almost pointless. He could make it through a few lines, sure, but the sheer multitude of bodies would deter his process until he was stranded in the middle of 1000 men.

It was at this point that Giga noticed the rain. It was so sudden, so unexpected, that it literally caused the entire army to briefly stop their attack as they looked inquisitively at the bright sun and the cloudless sky.

Giga grumbled in discomfort. He had never enjoyed the feel of water to his skin, nor did he enjoy the idea of having to fight in this downpour. But his thoughts were sidetracked as a loud crash came from somewhere in the city. He looked at the wall as he was able to see a multitude of ice crystals shoot up over it. 

Again, an ice shard came crashing down. He looked up and saw a lone culprit was the cause of it. He also spied Horus careening towards the man.

I need to get back in there! he thought to himself bitterly. He could only imagine what the damage was without him there to assist.

Giga suddenly felt an odd feeling coming from his would on his calf. He looked down at the recently bandaged part of his skin. The blood seemed to be gone, but the tingling sensation he felt would not cease. He ripped off the bandages and saw to his surprise that the once black mark left from the Twili magic was now green in color. 

His whole body was now coursing with power, and any previous pain he had felt from the wound was replaced with bliss. He had no idea why this was happening, but he knew that something within him had changed. 

 Giga's doubt from before was replaced as he curled up into a ball, and began to roll towards the army. Suddenly, his body burst forth from an explosion of fire as he sped up significantly and spikes formed all over his body. He made a sharp turn for the hole in the wall, planning on making an entrance that would far surpass his fellow goron's a mere few hours prior.  

The Sound A Slide Makes Edit

Whie Malreaux/Noon 5/Hyrule Castle Hallways

Whie grunted, gritting his teeth as he pulled the daggers from his body. To say that it hurt would be rather applicable. Now that adrenaline was waning in his body, he felt the pain quite distinctly. He looked at the blades, dripping his own blood, and wondered why he had allowed the attack to hit.

Damn Whim...

Of course, another unfortunate side effect of the waning adrenaline was that he had more concentration on his thoughts, which meant he could hear Whim and Whisper much more distinctly. Whim, as usual, had no distinct voice, more a constant guttural growl uttering up from his subconscious. Whisper was far more insidious.

There is still time to salvage this venture. You have yet to make restitution for the crimes of your instinctive self. With my guidance, forgiveness can be yours.

"You are the one who damned me to being with! I will not listen! No longer!"

He heard a soft chuckle. Even without listening, you shall hear. I speak to you the truth that you already know, you need only but realize it.

Before Whie could formulate a response, there was a loud snap and a bright flash, blinding him for a brief moment. He blinked, shaking his head, and looked up to see the woman Whim had been fighting running off down the hall, calling back taunts to him. It was a mistake she would regret. The distraction of the deku nut had broken his concentration, and he slid once against into the darkness he had known for years.

 With a dark laugh and whooping shout, Whie took off in pursuit of the dead woman. 

Elly/Cathedral/Noon 5

She gave her shadow double very detailed instructions on what to do. Kite the insane man to a short-drop balcony, jump off, and hope he chases her outside of Kae's barrier. 

After setting that in motion, Elly limped back to the Cathedral, where the soldiers let her in with no struggle. A few clerics ran up to her and asked her if she was alright.

"Shoot it up, tape it up, bless it, just patch me fast. Threats are always present."

She saw Kae at the altar praying, enshrouded in that lunar barrier. Ordained men and women were leading congregants in hymns, spiritual songs, and prayers. After the clerics attended to her she'd join in the song while keeping vigil. For now, the pain would need to go away.

One of them brought her a red potion. It took some of the edge off, but she wasn't back to one hundred percent. It'd do. 

And she wished Kae could give her a pain suppression like five years ago, but not in her condition. 

 Elly started patrolling the Cathedral, keeping her watchful eyes open for anything out of place. There was no room for error now; this operation was red hot.  

Kae and Elly/Cathedral/Noon 5

Elly's sweep of the Cathedral did not belie any problems. There were no threats for once, which relieved her. But she didn't drop her guard. 

A wave of awe swept over them as they heard a loud crash from the left rear, and they weren't sure what it was. Maybe the siege mages had started up again, or something else was trying to break the faithful barrier.

Whatever it was didn't get through. But Kae wasn't exactly in a position to tell them. 

Outside the castle, an ice pillar aimed at the Scion's Wall of Faith crashed against it and shattered. The barrier itself was unaffected, and frosty shards flaked off, falling harmlessly to the ground outside. There was no evidence that anything had even hit it. Not even a dent.

"Death may be raining down from above without. But within, our faith holds strong! Praise the Three!"

Another prayer vigil began after a hymn of thanksgiving was played.

"That's just a warning shot. They've got a lot more than that...keep the faith, friends..."

 Elly knew too well to expect the worst. But she couldn't let that inner curmudgeon out, especially now. 

Whie Malreaux/Noon 5/Hyrule Castle

Whie bolted down the corridors of the castle, keeping pace with his quarry. She was fast, but not fast enough. While she remained just a glimpse around every corner, or a blur at the end of every hallway, she never lost his pursuit. Until she made a fatal mistake.

Whie followed her through an opening, and saw her silhouetted against the brightness of the noon's light of outside, standing along on a balcony. He laughed, short and rasping, and stalked forward. She had nowhere to run. He'd feel her blood spill over his hands. He reached toward her, ready for the work to be done...

And she gripped the railing of the balcony, propelling herself up and over and into the fall beyond. He blinked, surprised.

"What manner of stupidity is this?"

He stepped forward, peering over the edge. She fell, a shadow careening downward.

Whie Malreaux/Ordon Province/Seven Years Before the War

It's very simple. Just let go. No real effort. It'd actually be less work.

Whie looked down at the boy dangling from his arms, peering back up at him with a panicked look in his eyes. He and Jim had been climbing the tall tree, aiming to recover a toy that had become stuck in the high limbs. They had made it over halfway up before Jim had made a miscalculation, stepping on a branch just a bit too thin for his weight. Of course, the branch has snapped, and with a scream Jim had began a fall of several yards down to the hard ground.

Whie had been below the boy, and managed to reach out and grab him, though such action had thrown off Whie's own balance. Now Whie lay on a thicker limb now, acting as Jim's only lifeline. He could easily pull the younger boy over so his feet could prop on a lower branch. But he could just as easily let go and watch him fall.

But... why? Why would I even think that!

Jim whimpered, feet dangling, as his hands slipped a bit. "Whie! I'm slippin'! Hurry, do someth'n!"

Well... he has been spending a lot of time with Leo recently. A bit too much time!

Whie's expression hardened. "Why've ya been spendin' so much time with Leo? Huh?"

Jim gaped at him. "Wh-What? C'mon, Whie! Help me up!"

"You're avoidin' the question!" Whie roared. "What're ya tryin' to hide?!"

"Oh, god! P-Please, Whie, I'm gonna fall!" Jim was on the verge of tears.

"You're right. You are."

Whie let go.

Whie Malreaux/Noon 5/Hyrule Castle

The woman hit the ground running. She didn't stop, didn't react to what should have been at least a jarring fall, if not potentially bone-breaking. She merely continued her flight, making her way out from the castle toward the walls and an odd blue barrier.

"Trickery!" He recalled now how he never fully saw her during the chase, always a peripheral glimpse, or a shadowed silhouette. "A shadow double? Damn!"

You should have known better! If you would listen when I speak!

Whie turned back to the halls of the castle, a growl in his throat.

"This isn't over. I'll find you, dear. And I'll kill you with your own damn daggers! I tried to let you go, to let you escape and run! And what is my repayment? Naught but a wild goose chase! Next time, you won't have the luxury of my kindness to save your wretched existence!"

 He came across a patrolling guard, who shouted at him to stop and leveled a halberd at him. Whie acknowledge the command only in-as-much as raising his arm and releasing a bolt of electricity that coursed through the man's body and rendered him a burnt-out husk in a handful of seconds. The scent of burnt flesh wafted behind Whie as he continued down the hall. 

Elly/Cathedral/Noon 5

[color=teal]"Can't swear in here. This is...really bad. Why didn't he fall for it?!"[/color]

"What do you mean, Elly?"

She fought everything she could not to spit or curse. That crazy man did not fall for her diversion, and there was no telling when he'd return to the Cathedral. With so many innocents here and her in bad shape, it was only a matter of time before she'd be faced with the same problem in a much more dire situation.

Elly prayed that he'd not return. If that shield came down, all would be lost. Including the peoples' faith in her friend.

[color=teal]"Remember that crazy guy who got in here? Well I wasn't exactly able to get him out of the castle. Put the guards on high alert and enact diversionary patrols. Do everything you can to keep him away from here!"[/color]

She gave one of the officers a description, which was then put into a missive.

"We'll get this to High Command immediately. I'm sure Lord Phoenix, while quite busy already, will have some sort of remedy."

"Just make sure the word gets out. If he gets in here, we're done!"  

[b][color=yellow][hl=darkblue]Whie Malreaux[/hl][/color]/Noon 5/Hyrule Castle Halls[/b]

Another guard faced him, trying to stop him. But the boy was scared. Nothing yet had been able to halt Whie's progress, and the reports from the other patrol squads had stopped coming in from that area. They were likely incapacitated. More likely dead.


Whie could almost [i]feel[/i] the fear radiating from the boy. It tickled him, but also reviled him. He was amused and sickened by this reaction to his presence.

"[color=yellow][hl=darkblue]No, you halt! And listen to me! Where is the Cathedral?[/hl][/color]"

The boy's halberd shook as it was leveled at Whie. "N-No! We are meant to keep you out from there at all costs! Leave the Castle, turn yourself in, or face death!"

Whie laughed. "[color=yellow][hl=darkblue]That was your chance. You shouldn't be afraid of me. I'm only here for one person, and you are not her! Don't be afraid![/hl][/color]"

He wanted this guard to... to accept him. Or at least not be afraid of him. There was no reason for the child to be afraid, Whie was telling the truth! There was only one person in the Castle he was after. No one else had to worry, they just had to leave him alone. He was only attacking those who attacked him first, couldn't they see that? Why did they keep harassing him? He didn't want to kill any of them. They just kept forcing his hand.

"I-I'm not afraid of you!" The stammering voice, the shaking halberd, and the scent of fright gave away the truth. He [i]was[/i] afraid! He was afraid of Whie! It was... enraging.

Whie charged forward, suddenly, beating aside the halberd with one of the daggers he had stolen from Elly. The blade of the weapon was deflected, but only just enough; it still managed to knick a slice through his shoulder. The guard cried out in fear. Whie just growled and grabbed the boy by the throat, lifting him off the ground.

"[color=yellow][hl=darkblue]You [i]are[/i] afraid![/hl][/color]" He sneered in the face of the guard. "[color=yellow][hl=darkblue]But you shouldn't be! Tell me where the Cathedral is![/hl][/color]"

The boy whimpered, unable to choke out any coherent words past the grip on his throat. The abject fear revulsed Whie. It was sickening. He didn't deserve to be the target of such terror! It wasn't fair! Whie growled in frustration.

The guard wet himself.

Whie snapped his neck.

Suddenly, the fear was gone. The body hung limp from Whie's hands. It felt nothing. It wasn't afraid of Whie. He sighed in relief, and tossed the guard into the corner, where it landed in a lump of useless flesh. Whie still didn't know where the Cathedral was, but at least he wasn't feared anymore. He smiled as he walked away from the body. It didn't matter, really, anyway. He had all day to search, and maybe eventually someone would be so kind as to actually tell him.  

Elly and Kae/Cathedral/Noon 5

Darkness overcame the Cathedral, hushing the crowd briefly before one of the clergy spoke, breaking the silence.

"It matters not whether we do battle in darkness or light. Where there is true Light there cannot be darkness, for it casts it out. We have a beacon of it right here at our altar, and we praise the Three for bringing her to us at such a time! This too shall pass, sons and daughters of Hyrule. Do not lose hope! This anchor holds regardless of where storm winds shall blow!"

Elly knelt and prayed along with the others briefly before resuming her rounds, hoping that her missive made it to Lord Phoenix. 

"First Lt. Shea, would you be able to give a few words?"

She was a bit stunned at this, as she was never much of a speaker and tried to shy away from being the center of attention.

"I can speak from here...I suppose...but my job requires full attention, sir."

The other priests nodded at her, approving of her decision. Tucking a few tufts of hair behind her left ear, she cleared her throat.

"If we lose hope now, all that our loved ones are fighting for outside will be lost. We know not what has transpired; we know not what the next few hours may bring. But if we soil ourselves over darkness, we didn't do those men one iota of justice for their duty! Or Kae friend, my sister, and the conduit by which Nayru now hears our prayers!"

It wasn't very spiritual, but it was what they needed to hear. Her credibility spoke for itself. They had to be reminded of what they were facing. Elly had faith, to be sure. Nothing like what Kae had before her imbuing, but it was a healthy respect for what the Three could do. And there were many times her prayers kept her from serious harm. 

Her back ached like she couldn't believe, breaking out into spasms periodically. Elly whispered up another prayer that the insane man would not make his way back into this holy place. That mayhaps he'd be captured, detained, or otherwise distracted. Killed wouldn't be bad either. 

After that, she resumed her duties and observations, to the sounds of cheers and chants from the faithful.

[b]Kae and Elly/Cathedral/Noon 5[/b]

[color=teal]"As I said, we've got this covered. Giving up is not an option!"[/color]

Light shone through the darkness once more, giving rise to all sorts of praises to the Three and the Hylian military. 

Emotion filling the cathedral caused more folks to pass out from excitement. Some fell out from stress. Priests did what they could to accommodate those who fainted. 

"We are not going to let them tell us what to think or how to feel. Our faith will not be shaken!"

The Scion stayed kneeling in full concentration. Nothing would distract her from her true desire of keeping the castle safe.

Elly kept herself hard at work while a few clergymen were trying to look at her back.

"You're bruised and oozing, Ms. Shea. At least let us take a look at that."

[color=teal]"Justice never sleeps. If you can keep up, go ahead."[/color]

Elly and Kae/Cathedral/Noon 5

Clerics were doing their best to keep steady hands while Elly marched on. They kept insisting everything was fine now, that she shouldn't push herself so hard.

"The moment I get careless is the moment that something goes wrong. Do you want to accept responsibility for our doom?"

"While it is important that no one come within a certain distance of the Scion, there is also an element of belief to this whole process. None of this would be possible had Nayru not blessed us with her favor. None of this would happen if we did not believe."

"And had I not almost sacrificed myself to get that turd in the punchbowl away from this place, the castle would be swarming with heretics. I do not deny the role of our deities in this matter. But I also believe that we have the free will to help ourselves in addition to that. Which is why I am not sleeping until this is done. Even if it takes days." 

"Now is a very bad time...let us continue in our vigil. But you speak of things that a young mind does. If you have time after this is over, we should talk more."

Elly nodded and took a closer look at the back pews. Awkward folks usually sat there. Even with standing (or kneeling) room only in here, she just knew someone would try something. And she hoped to be nearby when that happened, even with no weapons.

Other clergy members and assistants began to distribute food and drink. With it nearing time to eat lunch, priestesses were consecrating massive amounts of bread and juice. This stuff had to last. And it'd power a common person for longer than it'd power a Scion, or so they thought.

"Do Scions metabolize faster than us?"

"I wouldn't even fathom such things. With being part divine and whatnot, I am surprised Kae even eats at all. Nayru bless her, though. That girl's been through a lot in the past three days."

"If the libraries have entries on previous Scions, I am curious as to how they acted. Even so, she acts very different than most of us who had that kind of responsibility do."

One of the holy ladies handed a prepared cask of juice to the service crew.

"Yeah. I wouldn't have put that shield up. I would have gone out there and rained down damnation upon those heretics."

"And you would have died for it. Didn't you hear? Kae has blood corruption, celestial grade. The Three place that on those who bite off more than they can chew when invoking their essences. Din is usually the one who handles that."

"I will whisper up an extra prayer for her then. She must be in horrible pain at all times...and after facing Kinslayer she's lucky she didn't lose more than her arm."

Elly frisked each member of the service crew as they filed past her. Some looked offended.

"It is more than a compulsion. I can't let anyone hurt her again, you have to understand."  

Elly/Cathedral/Noon 5

"Who knows where he could have gone. I can't get a good read on my daggers. His freaking electricity messes up my scry kata!"

Elly wasn't ever going to flip her panic switch off. It was making some of her colleagues nervous, because they'd seen this out of her before. She'd try to make something out of nothing just to alleviate her fears of someone being a threat.

At least the congregants weren't put off by this. Some of them were relieved that she cared so much. But what were her true intentions? 

"She needs to succeed. I couldn't live with myself if I failed in my vigil. Where the heck is that construct friend of hers?"

The clergy were surprisingly resilient. Long services were not their strength, but they found a way to extend it. They had to. 

Kae was still before the altar, kneeling steadily. Her face appeared tranquil, though her mind was firing on all neurons, including ones she hadn't used in years. That shroud of cosmic energy remained constant; a reminder to keep one's distance as she acted as a living conduit for this act of faith to occur. She didn't really tell anyone what it would do if it discharged. But from what events had transpired less than a day before, it was a reinforced healthy fear.

"We had best say another prayer for our men. The third wave is being briefed and will soon be in staging. May they have the power, wisdom, and courage to defeat our most hated foes!"  

The Battlefield's Final Destination Edit

Jaden/Bottleneck/Noon 5

This was going to hurt. He had to coil to land without hurting himself, and not only was this going to be painful, it would require a trip to the smithy when he got back to the Castle. Provided he survived this battle.

The Darknut's blade hit dead center on his left thigh-plate, virtually cracking the starmetal reinforcements and leaving one hell of a deep muscle bruise on his upper leg. Jaden was fortunate in one regard that instead of his femoral artery getting severed, it was his armor. 

But it sure smarted, and his face gave that away. He had to get behind this thing; frontal attacks were useless against it. Not even an Unbalancing Strike with Power on his bastard sword could break that armor.

He rolled backwards, and while doing so, he reached into his satchel to grab his other Deku Flask. After letting it fly towards his enemy's feet, he shielded his eyes and waited for it to go off.

With pain surging through his left leg, he moved to circle behind his opponent with a considerable limp.

Ma Family/Final Destination/Noon 5

"What the hell is going on?" Seishi called out in confusion as a number of allied solders materialized in the area around him. It was a situation that would have been beneficial if it weren't for the number of Darknuts that popped up out of no where the could easily lay waist to the scattered and spread out infantry. 

The Twili have Darknuts? Screw it, for up on me! He shouted out to he reinforcements but his command was muffled by the chaos of the battlefield. "Damn it I said... his Nayru's Love spell finally dropped prompting a large number of solders that had been keeping there distance from the once invincible powerhouse to regain there initiated and charge forward at the lone knight. It was an act that would prove futile as dozens were sent flying by the powerful orange wave of a full charged sword spin. The spectacle pulled the attention of those around him allowing him to once again give his command, "Form Up On ME!

The near by stranded solders struggled to answer the call, fighting and pushing there way through, dodging arrows, swords and Darknuts all the while. Even the youngest of them new it was worth the risk in effort, after all if they'd stayed split up they'd killed off as a after though but as a group they might survive this mess. 

"That's better, now lets charge that platform, the chick up there looks important!"

Seishi own troops had snuck up behind the Twili army just in time to hear there commander call out a target. Ayala jump into the air the second she saw the women who might very well be running the show. Dren tried to stop hoping to let one of their archers take out there General from a distance but it was too late. Ayala was already bearing down on the General, her spears blade pulsing with as much energy as she could force into it without causing a burst. Suddenly, less then a yard from her target, she jerks to a sudden stop as a Dead Hand arm shot out of the earth and grabbed her by the leg. "What the!

"I told you to go home," Senshi called out from a distance as he calmly approached Maydni command platform. He had ran as fast as he could from Lake Hylia and managed to reach the battle in only half a day. Still he was exhausted and had to use his clock to hid his winded expression from enemy and ally alike. First impression where important after all.

"You know its not easy summoning those things. People don't exactly die like that and I don't appreciate having to go through the effort just because you wanted to stay here to play your war games." He berated his young sibling as he hand Maydni the letter Grem had given him to deliver. "Now assuming Grem was honest with me a to that letters contents I believe I'm now your second in command. I hope this wont be an issue for you."

"Damn it! Not again! Seishi yelled out in rage as he saw his son aid the enemy "You are not pull this **** again!" I don't care what game you're playing but its not gonna happen, not after what happened last time!

"This has nothing to do with that. I'm not playing any games, I don't have a grand scheme, I'm simply doing what is required of me. Now..." he turned his attention back to his new commander, "it seems I'm missed a quite a lot, if you could be so kind as to give me a SITREP."

"Why!? Why would you stop me, I was this close to ending everything. I don't care what your doing I could stopped this whole mess." Ayala screamed in frustration. Despite her bothers words or that he'd completely closed off his mind she knew him all to well. There's no way he didn't have a plan and if she could have just killed the General there might not be a need for it.

"Trust me, you wouldn't have done a thing." He wave his scythe with so much as looking towards his sister causing the giant decaying arm to throw her several feet away. "Now if you won't go home why don't you go play in the woods where its safe. You still have some toys there don't you."

"All the fun ones locked away, and some jerk has the key." 

"Well, I'm sure you can find a way to get it from him. By the way Maydni, it looks like we're having trouble on this front. They Hylians have already made it this far up. I do hope our forces at the east and west gates are fairing better."

"Toy huh, no games my ass." Seishi mumbled to himself after hearing his kids' conversation. "Fine you want to play this way, fine, don't blame me for what happens to you were we get up there!" Seishi called out once more but before he could call out the call the charge a large chunk of ice came careening down at his group. On instinct the knight slacked the ice just inches over his head, shattering it to dust. "...the hell?"

"Oh look, that must be the Twili mage who destroyed the Castle City a few days ago. I'm glad to see he's joined the battle. Since the soldiers can hit him and I don't know of any remaining Light Warriors that can fly he'll be able to win this for us in a matter of minutes." Senshi said gazing down at his irritated father. 

"Damn it! Dren..." Seishi shouted as his hair turned silver and he casted a fire enchantment on his sword. "You're in charge of this cluster ****. I've gotta go play the big damn hero part again."

"Do remember to watch your temper in that form." Senshi called out with one final jab as his father took off towards the ice mage. "Well that's one problem dealt with."

"How is it that you god damned mages always..." Seishi shouted as he speed towards his target, "...always have the worst damned timing." He yelled as he swung his blade with ungodly strength launching a swarm of flaming sword beams on the bombardier snowflake mage. 

Shadow/Battlefield/Noon 5

Shadow was knocked back a few yards by the mans blast. Once again the pain had return but this was different, this time the pain coursed through his body in all where his was hit. The point where the blow had landed he felt nothing. He struggled to his feet not sure why he was having such a difficult time doing so until he finally looked down at himself and noticed that large hole in his chest.

The rush of power the warrior had unleash was to fast and powerful. Shadow was unable to absorb all of it and this wound was the result. Still he was not dead, instead just dazed and he stumbled around in pain searching for something to eat. He had to be quick but his mind wasn't clear. He knew he couldn't eat a Twili solder or the fate of his jar would come into question but at the same time his survival instinct was kicking in clouding his mind and making distinguishing friend or foe imposable. He finally gave up, latching on the nearest person and sucking it dry until the solder fell to the ground as a lifeless corpse. The hole in his chest began to rapidly heal, tissue, organs and flesh all regrowing cell by cell in a grotesque display.

Finally with his lungs and heart regrown Shadow was able to continue on with his struggle. He realized he could longer afford to take risk while fighting this man and decided to his an attack that may endanger his allies despite the consequences. He fired his chains deep into the earth while he himself seemed to become a mere void for a moment. The links continued on seemingly for ever as greater and greater lengths borrowed into the ground below. Suddenly a low rumbled spread though the immediate area as if to war those around as a rattlesnake would before the strike. Still, despite the waring all around were still caught off guard as dozens of copies of Shadows chains bust forth from the earth blow in all directions.

A Stray Dog/Castle Town/Sunrise 5

A nameless dog wandered the streets of Castle Town. Being before dawn, he knew that little people would be out as of yet, but perhaps he could find some scraps from the human's meals last night before the cats got to them. He found finding food was easier with the recent destruction, but finding an actual meal, now that was something that this dog rarely experienced, save for once.


It had been many years earlier. A man he had never seen in town before was trading. Normally, the dog would have thought nothing of this, as new people were in town all the time. But through experience, the dog had come to learn the connection between the amount of rupees the humans had, and the amount of food they had. And this man seemed to have alot of rupees.

So the dog had followed him. The man took note of it soon enough, and took a liking to his strange animal friend. Few humans took interest in the dog, often casting him off when he begged for food. But this human was different. He even looked different than other humans, what with half his face being covered by a mask. But at the end of the day, the dog happily was served a full course meal.

The food was nothing like anything the dog had ever experienced. It was course, rough, and hard to chew. It had a strange light-brownish tint to it and had occasional spots on it. But whatever it was, it was quite possibly the best thing the dog had ever tasted. He had never craved anything more in his entire life than to have that meal again.

But it was not meant to be. The next day, the man was no where to be found. But the craving remained.

A few weeks later

The dog was slowly meandering through the multitude of people selling and buying goods when a familiar scent caught his nose. He followed it to a creature that was much taller than any human, and looked much like a large rock. But it was unmistakable, this creature had the same scent as the food the masked man had given him. 

Without thinking, the dog took a bite, but was met with nothing but a hard crunch. He tried again, but was met with the same result. The creature looked down, "Mangy Mut! Get off of me!" The creature kicked the dog away. 

The dog saw many more of these creatures after that incident, but now knew better than to attempt to eat them. These creatures had meat in them somewhere, but he didn't know how to reach it.

Back to Sunrise Day 5

The dog heard a sudden explosion come from the wall, and heard shouts as it seemed like a thousand men were storming his home. The rest of the day consisted entirely of hiding, trying his best not to get involved with the strange event that was occuring around him.

But when the sun was in its highest point, the dog noticed something in the sky. It was a bird, a very large bird, but it was what the bird was holding that interested the dog. It was holding a man, a man with a face half covered by a mask.

My meal awaits! the dog thought happily to himself.

Maydni/Afternoon 5/Outside Castle Town

Maydni only took enough time looking over the orders to see 'Shinigami', 'second in command', and Grem's signature and seal. Then she discarded the paper.

Then she shrugged at Shinigami. "Fight's going good! They're all in there dying, and we're all out here going in there and killing them. See, see? Already broken past the wall. I don't know about the East and West, but I'm sure they're doing just as well! Go and take a look if you're so curious, you can take command of one of those sections. This one is mine!"

She turned her eyes to look at the woman who had tried to attack her, as well as the other Hylians accompanying the female soldier. "All mine..."

Her eyes flared with a magical luminescence, and she waved her left hand in front of her. A crescent swath of the ground folded away in synchronization with her wave as a telekinetic force extended out from her hand. The Hylians standing in the path of the crescent were swept from their feet, sent tumbling away from the force.

Then, for the first time since the debacle at the Ordon Fortress, Maydni drew her weapons.

"Let's play!"

Gigagoron/Bottleneck/Noon 5

Giga was truley an unstoppable force. Every ounce of his body was filled with pure power as he rolled his path through the multitudes of soldiers in front of him. As he sped up the steps leading to the castle, his path was knocked off-course. The next few seconds were a blur as Giga uncontrollably vaulted off the top of the steps, flew towards the hole in the wall, but instead hit some of the wall. 

He flew into the streets of castle town a spinning ball of spikes as he quickly curved off to the side and crashed completely through a nearby house. He uncurled slowly, taken aback by how out of control this new power had become. But as he tried to stand up, he realized that his legs were so sore that he could hardly move them.

Giga lay there, cold and exhausted, and looked the spot on his calf, but saw that it had now turned back to its original black hue. At least I'm under a roof and out of the rain, he thought to himself. But he knew that he needed to get back out to fight. He forced himself up with support from the wall, and slowly began to move towards the street. 

Every step was a test it seemed. Every movement Giga made was met with a sudden burst of exhaustion, a feeling of tiredness so deep that Giga began to close his eyes instinctively. But still he trudged on towards the hole he had made in the wall of the house. He reached it with one final push of effort, but his legs gave out as he collapsed outside into the street.

Giga passed out right then and there, with Twili soldiers still trying to force their way up. The sudden rain from before seemed to subside as some of the last drops make their way down onto Giga's body. A green glow began to emit from Giga's calf. 

[b]Harken Zeiss/Mid-Morning 5/Castle Town Streets[/b]

Harken chuckled at Tobias. "And here I thought I'd just explained it to you, Pepperwhistle. Straightforward as anything we ever did back in Termina, eh? Set up a villain, then defeat the villain to set ourselves up as heroes. Just need to find the right targets, and have him take them out. He seems loyal enough, after a dual dose of the old Subjugation."

He scratched at the crystals embedded in his body. Some of the skin had begun necrotizing, burnt out from the excess of magic that had been channeled through it. "Damn," he muttered, noticing the unhealthy black spotches.

"Anyway," he continued, "I doubt it's really advisable to set him up against this Scion biddy. I've seen her in action, I doubt even our beat could handle it alone. Now, maybe if we can sneak him in alongside any efforts from the Interlopers... [i]maybe[/i] then, but that's taking too much a risk, in my book. I think better we do something large-scale right during this battle, eh? Take out one of the Hylian commanders, have Mister Armor-pants here be instrumental to the Twili victory. You know, get him nice and IN-famous before we take him out?

"So, on that note... any bright ideas, Pepperwhistle?"


[b]Instructor Haraf/Behind Enemy Lines/Noon 5[/b]
He had to reorient himself, as he did not know where he ended up when being sucked through the floor. It was a very unsettling experience for a man who did not become unsettled easily. At least it wasn't Jaden who got grabbed. That was Haraf's goal; the Captain had to stay up there and fight. He may have been the XO, but it was not as bad of a loss. Plus, he couldn't move troops the way his younger counterpart could.

A knife flew straight at him almost as soon as he got to his feet. He barely knocked it away with his halberd in a reflex motion, and on a ricochet it landed in the left side of a random Twili soldier. Which was surprising, because their armor was thicker in that location.

Haraf saw who threw it. Or at least who was capable of doing so. He had no intention of giving his life just yet. Taking a quick glimpse of his surroundings, he was not totally out of luck. Even with Darknuts making his displaced troops extinct by the second. Nothing could be done for them, which was sad in its own right, but he had to be realistic. Most likely, the middle-aged instructor had minutes to live. If he was lucky.

There were other Hylians back here, causing a bit of havoc. Chucking a deku nut in the woman's general direction, he turned to strafe toward whatever allies he could find. Provided that nut could disorient his attacker long enough to escape.

Daurubia/Bottleneck/Noon 5

The golem problem seemed, at the very least, under control for the time being. But the retreat of the front line due to the ice was disheartening. Daurubia was disgusted knowing all the progress the men had made, all the lives that were lost to push the enemy back, it was all for naught. 

Anger swelled through him as he once again was reminded about how it was his fault this was happening. All he had to do was call the goron army, that one action would have made this battle a cakewalk. The Twili would have been sandwiched between two armies pushing forward, but Daurubia knew his damn pride had prevented him from making the right choice.

"Damn my pride. And damn these Twili," He said to no one in particular. It was at this time that he noticed Jaden again. He had seen him fighting earlier, but what with the golems, he hadn't had a chance to see who he was fighting.

This was no ordinary enemy. Easily ten feet tall, with armor as thick as his skin. Whatever it was, Daurubia knew that Jaden would need help dealing with such a strong opponent. 

Besides, Daurubia wasn't about to be the cause of another man's death on this day. 

With all the speed of a zora, Daurubia bounded forward, hoping to punch the armored man's head with a surprise attack from behind.

Possessed Zasalamel/Bottleneck/Noon 5 

Zasalamel's face smiled in glee as the sword hit. This face of glee became that of disappointment as his strength could only break the armor on the targets leg. Already frustrated with Zasalamel's lack of enough power to run through the targets' leg, Sha'Tive finally took matters completely into her own hands, and put all of her effort into the possession. The possession was so strong that her young, fragile voice could be heard above her vessel's own.

Sha'Tive Zasalamel/Bottleneck/Noon 5 

"I grow tired of your resiliance! If a blade cannot cease your movement, I will wring the willpower out of you." Her voice rang out from within Zasalamel.

She threw down Zasalamel's weapon in disgust, and began to reach for Jaden, who had begun to try going behind her vessel. Before she could react upon complete possession, an explosion of light burst forth, blinding her vessel. She waited impatiently for her vessel to regain sight, unaware of the fate her vessel was about to suffer.

"You cannot run, Jaden...I have your scent. Even you flee, I WILL find you...Oh...and what fun I will have destroying this place as an elite of the Castle Town army. It will be" Sha'Tive could feel her own body shudder in excitement where it hid as she controlled Zasalemel. The robotic drone that once came from Zasalamel was now completely replaced by that of Sha'Tive's natural, stressed voice. Finally, sight was restored to her vessel, only to find that he was face down in the mud.

"What is this?!" She growled as her vessel rose from the mud and turned to look at the cause, to see a goron had punched her vessel from behind. The punch was obviously very powerful, for her vessel was very disoriented. But she was just fine. She made the vessel rise as she spoke again.

"Ooooooh. A rock-eater. I wonder if your blood is as delicious as a Hylian's?" She shuddered in glee again at the thought, this time even the vessel shuddered. She cracked the vessel's knuckles, and entered a defensive stance, ready for the new target's next attack.

Tobias Pepperwhistle/ Late-Morning 5/ Castle Town Streets

"You'll 'ave to forgive me 'ark, me wits weren't quite about me. Yes, I am quite fond of the plan, I s'pose all that's left is to send the beast out to do the deed." Looking to Dagnir who was once again kneeling before them, "You're sure the witnesses 'ave been disposed of?" The beast nodded. "Good, well, you 'eard the man, go, now, seek out the commander of the 'ylian forces an' attack 'is arse. Make 'im rue the day 'e accepted command. But, when we come, 'ark an' I, expect to be attacked by us, make it look real, but you're not to injure either of us, or there will be consequences."

As the beast lumbered off towards the main body of the fighting, Tobias once again turned to Harken, "Well 'ark, s'pose we 'ave some time to kill, hows 'bout you fill me in on your operation 'ere? Over a drink, yes? I could use a nip of bourbon."

IC: Felina - west field - noon 5

"Thank you..." Felina replied in thanks for Polaris cooling the water. The two then set off again a slower and more deliberate pace to keep themselves from being winded as soon as they arrived.

As the two of them neared castle town they could hear the sound of loud explosions in the distance. The battlefield was so close that even through they couldn't see the fighting it still felt threatening.

"This is probably as much time as we can allow ourselves." she said staring at the castle. The two then set off at a faster pace across the last of the field to the castle towns outer walls.

IC: Shato - Castle Town, Twili rear lines - noon 5

"Gaah!" Shato cried out as she was blinded by the shiekahs Deku Nut. Slashing wildly she felt her knife connect and the sound of a soldier collapsing to the ground. As her vision returned she saw she had only managed to kill a lowly Twili soldier. Looking around in panic she quickly found the shiekah dashing off towards a small group of Hylians that had banded together.

"Curses... if they actually manage to pull something off back here I'll be the one that takes the fall." Shato thought to herself as she dashed off after him.

Unfortunatly his head start was to large. As he reached the group of Hylians she could hear Maydni taunting a soldier as she unleashed an attack at the Hylians.

"Did she just say this part of the battlefield was all hers?" Shato thought as panic raced through her mind. That wasn't simply a taunt to her enemies it was also a warning to her subordinates not to get in her way. Maydni might be commander of these forces, but she also had no interest in sharing the spotlight with anyone else.

"Gotta get out of here..." Shato thought as she pulled out the urn and returned the summoned Darknuts and summoned the dragon Aquamentus. Hopping on its back as if it were a horse Shato rose up over the battlefield and flew back towards the front, having Aquamentus launch its magic attacks towards the Hylians as she approached.

"Hmph... Quell is back too. Looks like he really softened them up." she mused as she looked up at the ice mage. "But I guess even he is having problems... Guess I'll just have to pick up where he left off." She spoke as she began strafing what was left of the Hylians first wave.

IC: Quell - Castle Town - above the Hylian lines - noon 5

The ice attacks against the Hylian soldiers had done significant damage and their entire first wave was on the verge of collapse. The attack on the castle had been completely stopped by the barrier though. 

"Hmph... Lets see if your faithful are afraid of the dark." Quell mused as he began firing a concentrated beam of ice magic at the barrier. As it impacted a thick light obscuring layer of ice began to form across the surface of the barrier until it was almost completely engulfed. Even if none of the attack was reaching the castle, the psychological effect of being encased in the darkness of an ice tomb would be hard for even the faithful to ignore.

However before he could fully engulf the barrier he realized he was under attack. "Hmm... a member of a bird tribe? How irritating." Quell spoke as he motioned the ice beam towards the charging birdman. To his surprise the beam's effect was completely nullified upon impact.

"Hmph so they figured out how to use the shield... Huh?!" Out of the corner of his eye he could see a formidable looking soldier flying up to do battle. As the soldier neared he let loose fiery sword beams.

Waving on hand towards the paladin Quell released a burst of artic wind snuffing out the flames. With his free hand he released a burst from his gauntlet to push back the Rito.

"I won't be stopped by feeble attacks of that lev... GAAHH!"

Quell's taunting was cut short as a massive lighting bolt struck and sent him tumbling through the air. 

Stunned momentarily by the electricity Quell was caught completely off guard by the idea that the Hylians had spellcasters strong enough to cast a lightning spell of that magnitude.

IC: Felina - Castle Town west wall - noon 5

"No way! We actually hit him!" Felina laughed with glee.

"Of all the lucky breaks, we could have just as easily hit our own allies at this distance!" Polaris scholded as he pulled the thunder rod away.

"Yeah... but it was definetly worth the risk this time." Felina replied. Quietly thinking in her head about the limited number of shots they had with that attack. "We should probably only do this again with targets at closer range." Polaris nodded in agreement as she drew his normal weapons.

"I'm taking the high road and helping those other two fight the cryomancer." Felina spoke as she shifted into owl mode and began to rise up. "It looks like the Hylian lines could use some help on the ground." she called out to Polaris before flying off.

Catching up quickly to the paladin Felina called out. "Looks like you could use a little help."

"Impudent rodent." Quell shouted as he began firing off a series of short ice magic blasts at the two of them.

Horus/Above Castle Town/Noon 5

Horus hesitated in suprise, he never expected lightning to accompany his rain. He quickly glanced around, in hopes of finding what could have summoned such an attack, to no avail. He quickly dismissed the phenomenon, and quickly recovered from a mysterious force that had pushed him back, and summoned a force of wind to fly at his target, whom seemed a bit...toasty from the blast of lightning. Horus quickly followed that wind, staff ready. He did not know exactly who had summoned the ice that killed his father, or whom had poisoned his mother's drink on her 36th birthday. All he knew, was it was a Twili. Even if he never found who really did it, he would not rest until he was sure that something like that would not happened to anyone else.

Rage clouded his usually clear mind, which was why he had done all the ridiculous things that day. His anger and sadness about the loss of his parents clouded his judgement. He no longer cared...He just wanted revenge.

"By The Great Valoo, I will SMITE you from our skies!"

Polaris/ Castle Town/ Noon 5

Even while he'd played it straight and chided Felina for putting the lives of their allies in danger with the attack, he hadn't stopped her from doing it, in fact, he assisted her. Because all caution aside, he was ecstatic that it'd worked and reveled at the immense power the duo held, limited shots or not. The ice mage, was obviously angered by the substantial attack he'd taken and began to fling arctic blasts all over the battlefield and several of them were in the direction of Polaris and Felina, as she flew off to join the fray, Polaris sent several blasts of his own ice magicks in retaliation to those of Quells in an attempt to provide a measure of cover fire for his friend. Afterwards, he scanned the battlefield and noticed a gap in the Hylian lines that had recently been vacated by a rather formidable Sheikah warrior. The Sheikah, and a Goron of all things, were attempting to deal with a rather immense knuckle. Polaris, would fill the gap they had left behind.

He broke into a dead sprint and after several long strides he leaped into the air and propelled forward by an immense jet of arctic energies he tore through the downpour. As he landed he threw off his cloak with a flourish revealing his ink covered body, he wasn't going to hide his identity under that damned thing any longer. A fair number of the surrounding combatants, Hylian, Twili and otherwise had stopped what they were doing, a mutual cease fire, if only for a moment. Each side was curious as to whom the newcomers loyalties belonged. "Stop gawking like a bunch of damned fools! We're losing ground here and that can't happen. Push the lines back, send these bastard interlopers back to where they came from or to the grave! Merely holding the line isn't enough, I want advancement!" As he spoke he drew his dagger from it's sheath and released the barrier on his magic allowing it to flow freely through the blade, even as this happened the weapon began transform into the seamless shape of the hand and a half broadsword he'd recently came to favor. With a fierce war cry he jumped forward, swinging his sword in calculated strokes, cutting down all who dared to stand before him. The ice of the blade to a ghastly crimson hue as the blood froze to it before it ever got the chance to drip to the ground. A bloodlust in his eyes he was almost ran through by one of the heathens who'd managed to defeat the soldier he'd been fighting and sneek up behind him. With moments to spare, Polaris spun around and caught the blade of his attacker with an ice encapsulated hand. After a few short seconds, the blade froze and then shattered, Polaris drove the splintered fragment he held in his hand deep into the soft organs of the soldier whom still wore a look of shock and disbelief on his countenance. Another of the Twili infantrymen had been charging towards him until he saw what had just transpired, he froze in his steps, a look of terror on his face. Polaris chuckled, "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to make faces like that?" He reached out and palmed the mans face, releasing the glacial magicks he held in his body into the mans face, it froze solid. "If you hold it too long, it'll freeze that way."

He spun around and took in the battle around him, the Hylians were fighting with a restored vigor, but these men were beyond weary, what the really needed right now was a short respite. Reinforcements would be a Godsend. He noticed that the Sheikah he'd seen earlier, although still within attack range, had drawn away from the fight with the knuckle somewhat. As Polaris approached, he held out his hand in greeting. "My accomplice and I have just returned from Snowpeak, we had some business in the quarry there that I'm sure you may be aware of. Looked like you boys could use a hand down here, so we decided to drop in. Hope you don't mind us gate crashing your party." 

Senshi/First level of his own personal Hell/Noon 5

"This women's insane," was the only thing Senshi could think after his first encounter. Even from a quick glance he could tell they battle wasn't going as great as she seemed to think. What worried him more was he couldn't tell if he assessment was out of delusion of her sick desire to just see death not caring if was the Hylian's or her own that were being killed so long as she could taste the blood in the air and dance upon the chaos of battle.

It didn't make following her orders any easier as I would mean leaving his sister to fight this lunatic. Everything he was trying to do would be pointless if anything happened to her. He knew she was stronger now and she could handle herself, hell she had back up and the heavy hitter were all a few yards away, but the over protective brother him him couldn't help but think he'd repeating his mistake from all those years ago. Maydni's sudden display of power didn't do much to help resolve his conflict.

All in all, he didn't have much of a choice. He couldn't very well give up Misha's life just because he underestimates his little sister, especially when he knew he was underestimating him. Besides there was Hothnight to consider and the ability to subvert the Twili from inside if he could gain there trust. There was one other option open to him, he could kill Maydni right now, cutting open her neck while she wasn't expecting it. Then he'd only have to teleport back the desert, find and rescue Misha without begin seen and with look return to the battle to help the Hylains in a final push the victory. To bad that it was a long shot and he knew it. Besides he'd give up any advantage there would be to have by feigning loyalty to the Twili. Besides killing her off might actually help the Twili, in fact Senshi couldn't help but think that might be the real reason he was sent here. It would makes sense, have an outside take care of the problem with out any legal or political repercussion falling back on Grem. As a bonus Grem could claim she died nobly in combat and use that for propaganda. Senshi would simply end up being disposed of.

"The east gate it is then. Hopefully they're fairing at least as well as you are hear. Though I should warn you about wasting your time fighting every little grunt that comes your way. Lose your focus and I'll end up beating you to the castle." He said hoping his parting words might deter the lone from fighting his sister. Of course he knew it was pointless since Ayala would still end up attacking.

Senshi darted off the towards the moat hoping he it would give him a quick short cut to the other gates.

Darrel Mytura - Hyrule Castle Town - Fifth Day

Things just kept getting worse. He was weary, he was weakening, and his foe was full of surprises. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been on this side of such a lopsided contest. His attacks damaged his foe, but only temporarily. Meanwhile all of the power he brought to bear sapped his strength. His adversary just kept coming back, untouched.

Chains erupted from the ground all around him, whipping at him, trying to ensnare him. He dove this way and that, channeling the power he still had into his limbs to increase his speed. He couldn't be caught, couldn't allow himself to be immobilized. If those chains managed to wrap themselves around him they would pull him apart.

The ground shifted beneath his right foot and he had but moments to leap forward before another blade link chain burst up from beneath him. His blade swung about now and then, slicing through the chains that drew too dangerously close to him. But all he could do was hold the enemy at bay.

He had only one option left. He couldn't bring down his adversary using spiritual energy, that had already proved ineffective. Purely physical violence was going to be his only chance. Steeling himself for what had to be done, he let the power of his spirit suffuse his muscles, bestowing strength. He couldn't use it in energy form, couldn't use it directly as a weapon, but he could use it on himself. The enemy couldn't use his power against him if if Darrel didn't channel it openly.

He was already moving, purposefully approaching his vampiric foe, when more chains erupted suddenly, all around him. He had nowhere to go, no direction in which to dive to avoid the razor sharp lengths of chain as they closed in around him. They wrapped themselves around his arms and legs, cutting deep into the flesh and muscle, soaking his garments with flowing crimson. Pain shot through his entire body, a primal, physical agony the likes of which he'd not experienced in a very long time. They pulled at him, cutting deeper, threatening to pull his limbs from their sockets, and then rip them free entirely.

He couldn't have that. There was too much to do yet.

"No." he said through gritted teeth, ignoring the pain as he began to walk forward toward his foe. The chains pulled at him, kept him fettered, but he wouldn't have it. He fought against them, pulled back, resisted. The links began to stretch, began to cut deeper as they lost all slack. They fought to keep him bound, he fought to get at his enemy.

One burst was all it took. He tensed all the muscles in his body, gathered all of the strength that he could muster. When he moved, it was in one powerful, forceful motion. The links broke apart, and within the blink of an eye he was upon his enemy. Bleeding profusely from wounds that covered most of his body, still wrapped in the remnants of bladed chains, he fell upon his foe with what strength he had left.

If spirit energy couldn't harm his enemy, then he would have to try and beat him down.

Jaden/Castle Town/Noon 5

This suddenly got a lot more creepy. The Darknut was obviously possessed by something, and it was of the profane. He could feel its energies teeming at the surface; a byproduct of Nora's training and his pact. He felt emboldened. Almost indignant in wanting to follow through with what happened. His Goron ally hit the enemy with much ferocity, but that didn't stop it in its tracks just yet.

And it wanted to take his body over. He wasn't about to let that happen.

It was at that moment that it had put its attention on Daurubia. And at the same moment someone else he never expected to see in the flesh introduced himself.

Jaden had heard the same voice barking out orders to the remnants of his line. And what was left of the second wave was beginning to advance. Chaos raged around them as leaks in the line were getting plugged up as a result. And some ground was even gained.

He looked over briefly to see the extended hand of a Zora with funerary tattoos. A Zora that looked all too familiar based on the illustrations and studies he'd conducted based on this couldn't be...

Jaden firmly grasped the Zora's hand and nodded.

"I don't turn away help, ever. He who stands with me is my brother in battle. You look familiar though...and forgive me if I seem a bit out there on this. The way you spoke, it's just like how I learned the art of war. Are you...the General?"

His focus briefly returned to the matter at hand, but his mind was very conflicted. If this was his lifelong hero, Polaris, he'd be beside himself. As if he wasn't already... 

Ayala/Final Destination/Noon 5

"Let's play!"

Ayala and Dren were the back on to their feet after Maydni's assault. The young Dragoon was a second away from answering the enemy commanders challenge but Dren having already learned to anticipate the girl's impulsiveness had stopped her before she jumped off. "You're staying put little girl."

"Come on, she's got freaking mind blasts. Who else is going to fight her?"

"Shut up and watch. Megumi, Megan, Ront you all alive?"

"In the relative sense of the term, sir." Len said lifting himself out of the dirt.

"Good, I'm tried of that women looking down on us from up there. You think you three can do something about that?"

"No not really. She'll probably kick our asses and really it would be a lot easy and safer for us to just stay down here."

"Get your arse movin' slack ass," Rin barked as she shoved the heavy armored soldier towards to fight at hand, "and your taken' point too."

"Oh yay." Len sighed as he started climbing up the command pedestal. 

"Sergent Major," Dren shout continuing on with his orders. "Looks like we're got quite a lot of friend surrounded on all sides over there, take the rest of the men and go save there asses."

"So what am I suppose to do?"

"You and me are gonna stay here and get forgotten. Hopefully."


"Look lady I know you're all important and crazy and whatever," Ront started to ramble on has he readied has great sword to confront Maydni, "but the thing is I really don't want to put a lot of effort into this so if you could just stand there and get hit. Thanks." He swung down with enough force to cleave bone hoping to end the fight in a single strike.

Seishi Ma/Rainbow Cruise/Noon 5

"Looks like you could use a little help." The newcomer said having arrived in the air thanks to some kind of owl form.

"No, not really, but I'm willing to share in the fun anyway."

"Impudent rodent." yelled out as he fired off a barrage of ice magic.

"Damn it, your banter all off," Seishi sighed as he swung his sword unleashing a large rushing wave of flame. He charged forward into his own attack, deflecting any of the mage's blasts that made it through with his shield. Seishi darted out of the wall of flame appearing inches from his foe. "Fowl Wretch woulda been funnier he said with a shit-eating grin as he swung down on the snowflake mage's collarbone.

Polaris/ Castle Town/ Noon 5

Polaris was taken aback at the reception from the Sheikah captain. Someone had actually read and enjoyed all of his writings on tactics and battle situations. At the time of writing them, he was young and more interested in finding new ways to gain acclaim, never had he took the moment to think they'd actually be useful to future generations in war. As he stared him down, he cocked his head to the side, "General is a title I held for some time many years ago. I've been known as many things throughout the years young man, for now Mr. Bryseis, Polaris suits me just fine."

Glancing over towards the castle, he saw that, the Nayru's love-esque wall of faith had become covered entirely by ice. Polaris smirked, why not prove his identity? He'd already done so when he first met Jadens sister Kae, one more time wouldn't hurt. "Your sister and her friend required some measure of proof to my identity, why not kill two birds with one stone then? I have no doubt that the massive sphere of energy surrounding the castle is, in some part Kae's doing, I do however doubt severely that the thick sheet of ice on top of it has anything whatsoever to do with her or her magicks. Let's remedy that."

"Why? Why must thou acquiesce the beckonings of that which is considered right or good by those whom know not better than thou?" Stunned, Polaris looked around, "Wha- what? ...Lynn?" He tried to clear his head and focus on the task at hand as Jaden observed with a look of confusion mingled with concern. Polaris held a hand up towards him in an attempt to ease any doubt, "Something..something isn't quite right here."

Focusing, Polaris readied himself to disperse the arctic magicks that held the ice to the wall, and once again, "The encapsulation only enumerates the extent of armament for the inhabitants of the wall. What would be the tariff requited of your own verdure if you thus removed it? Didst thou not tarry and delay thine arrival to the city on the premise that thou must be fully thineself and replete for the battle at hand?"

Growling through clenched teeth, "Silence!" Polaris stretched out his hand, palm upwards, every ounce of his focus was on the frigid wall of ice, in an instant his hand closed into a fist and he jerked it towards himself as if he were pulling the ice to him, as he did this, the entirety of the arctic wall began to crack and crumble, falling off in large chunks and then dissipating into vapor before hitting the ground below until there was naught but the glistening sapphire wall visible once again. His eyes returning to Jaden, Polaris shook his head, "Forgive me for the momentary lapse there, but all is not as it seems here... What do you know of the whereabouts of our accursed friend Lynn Annei?"

Jaden/Castle Town/Noon 5

It was Polaris. The defining inspiration for him undertaking an alternate path to recognition amongst his people. Sentinels...some among the people discounted the unparalleled battle prowess of these folks. Shadow Folk were supposed to be unseen eyes and ears of the Crown. But when forced to act, they had a degree of unmatched skill as it was. Sentinels were not as strong in the stealth department, but the Three had best have mercy on anyone who met one. Jaden was one of a handful of those. And among that handful, he was the best. 

He did what his father couldn't.

Jaden was in a deep state of shock at meeting his role model. Even more so that he knew his name. But it made sense when he found out that Polaris had met Kae. Then Polaris looked troubled about something before proposing a solution to Quell's icy topcoat to Kae's Wall of Faith. 

Maybe living so long had adverse effects upon a person's mind...there was no thought noise though?!

Lynn was a touchy subject.

"Well, she almost got Kae killed yesterday. She dropped Kae from the sky right in the middle of Maydni's forward camp, and then she had to deal with both Kinslayer and that glacier-mongering son of a whore floating above us in the sky. She was a hair away from death had my master not undertaken risky measures to save her. I was part of the rescue as well...I'll tell you more after we polish off these infidels. But no, I don't know where she is now. Wish I did. 'Cause no one should treat Kae like that."

Returning his focus to his enemy, he had his morningstars at the ready, in case the offensive came at him once again.

But that display of power was rather impressive. Worthy of what the legends had said. Kae was right about what she'd showed Jaden in her note. In times of dire need, living history walked the land once more. And now he was a part of that.

"Well done, Polaris. How'd you do that?"

He changed his aura to Defiance, and a red glyph shone over his intricate tattoo pattern on his left arm. If that Darknut wanted another piece of him, Jaden was going to hit with the force of a Goron.

And it seemed very odd not to talk to the General without using a title. But following orders was something he held in high regard. So in a way, it was justified.

Harken Zeiss/Castle Town Streets/Noon 5

Harken had led Tobias down into the labyrinthine system of tunnels beneath Castle Town. A civilized city like Hyrule's Castle Town had need of a more-than-just-adequate sewage system, and over the years the tunnels had been made and remade over and over, through each other, under each other, in a mish-mash of tunnels to make any dungeon-crawler mad, with glee or frustration Harken would never know.

The men who had rallied to him had let him know of this series of tubes, some coming from less than reputable professions who made frequent use of such boltholes, and Harken had in turn determined to use the well-fortified tunnels walls, hidden beneath the very foundations of the city above, as a refuge from the coming Twili siege. It had proved a wise decision. The spaces were cavernous, enough to hold any and all refugees who were unable to react to the haphazard evacuations conducted by the Royal Family before the shield was erected. It also appeared to be quite secure; no Twili had yet to find their hiding spot, despite the overrun Hylian line in the streets above, and the magical barrages from siege mages and otherwise were not felt this deep.

Still, the guard remained vigilant and wary. Many whispered fearful speculations on their vulnerability to the Twili's earth-traveling golems.

Off in a corner, surrounded by the few thugs whom Harken trusted enough to allow remain in earshot, and to actually protect his life should any golems appear, Harken and Tobias sat on a few wooden crates around a small campfire, throwing out a pittance of light compared to the larger bonfire in the center of chamber. They shared between them an old bottle of bourbon.

"So," Harken said with a smack of his lips and a satisfied sigh after a draw on his snifter, "what do you think of my new operation?"

He smirked at his compatriot.

IC: Shato - Castle Town front lines - Noon 5

As Aquamentus skimmed the rooftops blasting Hylian troops Shato began to make out what appeared to be the battle lines commander who was locked in battle with a Darknut that she hadn't summoned herself.

"Huh, guess we have a real one on our side. He could probably handle this himself, but Sheikah commander of theirs is kinda cute... I might as well introduce myself." Shato mused to herself as she used her face mimicing ability to take the face of the woman that was dearest to Jaden.

Landing near the shiekah and the zora Aquamentus let out a loud roar. As all the nearby soldiers turned to see the newly arrived dragon, a strange silence fell over everyone at the sight of the strange twili girl riding the beast.

"Rar! Lets play." Shato called out to them as the dragon began to charge forward bearing its fangs.

IC: Quell - Castle Town sky battle - Noon 5
As Quell launched his wave of ice projectiles the paladin quickly countered with a fire wave and closed in for close quarters combat.

Spinning back from the hit Quell stabilized himself only to see the girl had moved above him and had thrown several feather shaped darts. Bracing himself most of them impacted harmlessly against his armor, but one found its way into a damaged gap on his shoulder that he hadn't fully repaired from his previous fights.

As he began to pull the dart out a sharp pain raced down his arm. Looking at the feather he realized the it was a normal feather and that it was as hard as metal and was serrated in a way that would cause tearing damage when somebody tried to pull it from a wound.

These opponents were troublesome. The paladin had significant power and would obviously be the one he would need to keep his eye on the most. The rito possessed the twili's own shield which would limit his offensive options but he had yet to demonstrate his full offensive abilities. The girl was an annoying menace plain and simple with her accurate ranged attacks.

Releasing a wave of cold air causing the moisture in the air to condense into a patch of fog obscuring himself, Quell quickly changed positions and began gathering ice to create a pair of large person sized snowflakes.

As the brief fog cloud dissappated Quell launched the snowflakes like giant shurikens at the Hylians.

IC: Felina - castle town sky battle - noon 5

As the cryomancer hid in the fog Felina called out to her allies. "I spotted some weak spots on his armor! It looks like the left shoulder and some spots on his right leg are damaged."

Before she could get any acknowledgement the fog had lifted enough for her to see Quell launching a giant snowflake shaped shuriken at her.

Darting out of the way she dodged the initial attack and let it fly past her. Glancing back at Quell she quickly realized he was making some kind of motion with his hands and she could he a large cracking sound from behind her.

Whipping around she was just in time to see the shuriken shatter into hundreds of small shards and explode outward. "Crap! There isn't enough time to dodge" she thought as she began to shift forms.

Shifting to her dolphin mode she quickly enlarged the fins on her arms and legs into shields and blocked the ice shards. As she began to fall she quickly changed back to her owl form to regain her flight ability.

Sha'Tive Zasalamel/Bottleneck/Noon 5

The battle that was about to unfold was interrupted by a very exciting sight. Zasalamel's body shivered in excitement as the Dragon appeared, with what looked like a Twili female on its back. Zasalamel's mouth was agape at the beast's majestic, and ferocious appearance. She immediately noticed something. This dragon was not ordinary, it was brought to existance by a lesser power than the gods. The thought of such a power made Sha'Tive moan sensually in excitement.

"That power could be mine! Oh, the possibilities if I could get a hold of that beautiful body..."

Zasalamel glanced at the Goron, then the target, then at the new target on top the the Dragon's back. She smiled at the target before she began to sprint toward him.

"Sorry honey, your death will have to wait, I found a tastier specimen."

With superhuman speed unlike what had been shown before within her vessel, Zasalamel ran by the target and the Goron, pushing them both to the ground. She ran towards the dragon, jumped, and reached for one of its wings, so she could climb the beast and reach her new target.

"Maybe if I can't take the mind of this one, I can JOIN her..." Sha'Tive thought, "Maybe I can try to gain her trust first. That always worked with the children..."

She cleared her throat, and magically summoned forth Zasalamel's regular voice, fixed her posture, and began to try and climb the dragon, whilst trying to look like a friendly.

"Why don't I take this off your hands so you can do more damage with your hands free?" She asked the Twili rider as she climbed, with a ghastly, yet gentle sounding tone. She readied her vessel for negative reaction. She nearly lost a finger when trying to do the same thing to a horseback rider several years ago, using said rider's brother as her vessel.

Seishi/Rainbow Cruise/Noon 5

"I spotted some weak spots on his armor! It looks like the left shoulder and some spots on his right leg are damaged." his new feathered female acquiescence called out having had the sense to observer the armored ice mages every response to her attack.

Seishi merely shrugged in response, "Sure, or we could just stab him in the face. I find that usually kills'em pretty quickly."

Before either could mount another assault the Ice Knight shrouded himself in a thick fog making him somewhat hard to hit. "Oh here we go again. This is the part where that make some big obnoxious rant about how awesome they are right before he uses some 'ultimate' attack. The fog is just so we can't see him read the speech off the paper he prepared last night. You know you're just a cheap knock off right!"

The paladin's prediction proved less than accurate as his foe dropped this screen and launched two rather large ice shuriken at them. With his guard down Seishi scrambled to slash the spinning projectile but found that it had already shattered in mid air launching a mass as shards at them. He tried to lift his shield but wasn't fast enough allowing a number of the shard to slice into the unarmored parts of his flesh. "Ok I've been wrong before, but really you needed all that prep time for that? You really are a second rate knock off."

"And you, you turn into a fish too?" he said turning towards after noticing her brief transformation.  "I swear, between ice mages, owl's and fish the other thing we're missing is a red head and Syzan and this would be a convention of **** that pisses me off. You know what, screw it. Burst!" Seishi yelled as he pointed his sword at the ice mage and fired off the massive flame charged blast of magic.

Jaden/Castle Town Front/Noon 5

One right after another. He'd drawn the attention of Elly on an Aquamentus? This puzzled him; threw him off a bit.

Elly was back in the castle. There was no way she would have joined the Twili. So...carefree...did not act like her at all. But still, that sadistic grin reminded Jaden of his pledged lady in the thick of combat. It didn't stop him though.

She would have done the same thing if an enemy looked like him.

When the Darknut he was fighting looked to be interested in the Aquamentus as well, he figured he'd try to let some of it play out. He knew they were creepy. This one took the cake.

He remembered that he had a trump card of sorts in his satchel. But would magic powder even work on the dragon? He had a feeling if he was able to dismount the rider, the battle would be more in his favor. She was built light, not really what one would send directly at a line of troops. Looks could be deceiving though, just as her face was Elly's.

Clipping his morningstars to his belt, Jaden drew his hand-and-a-half sword once more, activating its Power word. He took an anticipatory stance with his hand ready to reach in for that powder. There was no knowing what it would do. Nora told him it had a lot of uses, but it would require a lot of trial and error to properly know. 

He didn't want to make the thing worse than it was. Probably worth saving it. But while the Darknut was speaking with the rider, Jaden took the long scalpel from his belt and whipped it right at the rider. He'd stolen it from the Twili Garrison when he escaped. Fitting if he could hit the infidels with their own equipment, he thought.

"I fear nothing! Least of all you!"

Isaac Telmar - Lurking Behind Twili Lines - Fifth Day

He'd seen his fair share of battles, his fair share of wars. This was no different. There was death and mayhem everywhere. The situation was rapidly degenerating into outright chaos.

He liked that.

He could have attacked, could have leaped into the fray at any time. It was expected. Violence had always been the primary vehicle of his will. He was renowned for it. He was the Kinslayer, the Kingslayer, the infernal nightmare of so many. People anticipated that he would fall into line behind the Twili, that he would bring his conflagrant might against the Light Warriors and the followers of the throne. In the past it had been the way of things.

This time, things were not so simple.

He watched as they fought on, as the powerful naturally gravitated toward one another. The armored arctic mage did battle with a number of enemies aligned with the crown, and the powers that be shielded the castle from invasion. Much of the city had already been ruined from within. Now the Twili meant to ruin it from without.

He was content, for the time being, just to watch the confluence of events as they unfolded.

Polaris/ Castle Town Front/ Noon 5

"Well done, Polaris. How'd you do that?"

It was an intriguing question, in all his years, Polaris couldn't recall ever being asked exactly how his powers worked, it was to say the least, difficult to explain. "Honestly, I don't think I've ever been asked that. You're the first. No worries though, I'd be obliged to explain to the best of my abilities. The easiest way to grasp the concept, if you know any of my history is this, being a Zora I was bourne of water, my demise in a sense, came at the hands of water when the Gerudo whenches made a pin cushion out of me with their ice arrows centuries ago. The way I died, by arrows of ice, is not the source of my power, they were merely the key, a trigger mechanism of sorts to them being unlocked and revealed to me. Whether it's by way of the Goddesses or sheer willpower, I live. Yet I'm no more alive than the stones beneath our feet. If cut, you won't see blood spill from my veins, the blood in my body is literally frozen in place. Yet, now and for centuries before now and possibly for many more to come, here I stand. In undeath the innate ability that was always inside of me became unlocked, the best way to describe it, is I can control, manipulate and transform the very essence of liquids, especially water in it's purest h2o form, but anything with even a trace of water inside of it, I can in some way manipulate."

Polaris had never been a scholar or even a decent teacher, but he hoped his explanation was sufficient. "Any other questions are welcome of cour.." He was cut short as a female twili riding atop the legendary dragon Aquamentus landed in their midst, before either Polaris or Jaden could react, the armored knight with whom Jaden and the Goron had been fighting started trying to mount the dragon and coax it's rider off of it.

"I was going to say further questions are welcome when the fighting dies down and we meet up again..." Thumbing towards the newest development, "But there's no way in hell I'm leaving this!"

A sudden, overwhelming urge to protect his Sheikah compatriot rushed over Polaris as Jaden flung some small blade towards the new arrivals and bellowed his cry. His dagger was in his hand, seemingly of it's own accord as Polaris could not recall drawing the blade himself. Nor could he remember letting the magic flow freely through it in order for the blade have taken it's current Falcata-esque form. Why not join up with the newly arrived Twili and her dragon? Doing so would allow him to draw the attention away from the far too valuable to lose Bryseis. Yes, and then, later on when they were away from it all he could always turn on the Twili and slay her and her beast.

"Think no more on this folly. You're too good, too far, Light Warrior to undertake such a gambit. Assault the Sheikah, reveal fear to him, who insists he is not encumbered by it. Let him fear YOU. Claim his head and let the blame fall at the feet of the Twili and her dragon."

"What the hell? I'll play no part in either damnit!" Polaris muttered under his breath. Too much was going on at once, the urges and the hell did she get in his head? Still confused he found himself even more befuddled when he sensed what felt like resistance when he willed the dagger to change into his preferred hand-and-a-half sword, with a little effort the blade relented and made the transformation. The source of this internal struggle was beyond Polaris' grasp, when time permitted he would investigate it further, for the present he had a war to win and fighting his own equipment was not something he had time to do, so he released the magic and stowed the blade in it's sheath. Making sure it was tightly sealed in place, he drew the Thunder Rod and stepped up alongside Jaden. "Fear is a lesson that can be learned, what say we instruct these blasphemers?"

Kinslayer - Outside Castle Town - Fifth Day

Things were rapidly becoming more interesting. Warriors of diverse and powerful talents were still arriving, thrusting themselves into the fray without thought to the consequences. The air reeked with the stench of death and dark magic, and Kinslayer's slow but steady pace had brought him into the very epicenter of the Twili forces assaulting Castle Town.

Standing idly with an amused smirk upon his face, his hands almost casually went to the buttons of his shirt, pulling it open. The Brand, as ever before, burned with a sinister, fiery light all its own, a flame within the flesh that brought the mark to life. The power coursed through it, and through him.

He was, as ever, a marked man. No matter the era, no matter the players, he was hated and feared, he was loathed. The Darks hadn't worked well together in centuries, not since their egos had overgrown their sense of unity. And the Lights, well they couldn't be expected to fell anything for him but contempt. After all he'd killed enough of them.

But now, now was different still. Things weren't unfolding this time as they had in the past. Events were taking a new course, into uncharted territory. The Lights seemed a fragile alliance at best, and easily cracked. The Twili... well he was rather cross with them.

He shrugged out of his coat and shirt, standing bare chested, surrounded by naked steel. Most would have felt vulnerable, but Kinslayer had shed his fear of mortal injury long ago. Besides, it was the only way.

He thought back to the times when he'd employed the most truly sinister aspects of the power of the Brand. It was through doing so that he'd been namedKingslayer. Now, he was about to earn another new nickname. The serpent mark that wound its way about his lean torso burned hot, radiating abominable power as he reached down into the infernal abyss where his soul had once rested. That soul had been given up as forfeit long ago, on the day when he'd been marked. The serpent shifted, moving about over his flesh as though it were truly alive.

Strange that the source of so much death could mimic life in such a manner.

His eyes began to gleam with that same dark fire that comprised the Brand, that animated it. All around him soldiers hurried to and fro, hither and thither, and they knew nothing. Those that laid eyes upon him in that moment had no idea that their lives were very near their end. After all, he had fought for the Twili, had tried to kill the Scion of Nayru. Any power that he prepared to unleash must inevitably be focused toward the Hylians and their misguided Light Warriors.

Assumptions could kill.

His feet left the ground as Kinslayer rose up into the air, enshrouded in an aura of intense heat. The Twili shrank back from him. They utilized dark magic in their assault, but they knew nothing of true darkness. True malice.

The air all about him that wavered as though rising off the ground in the mid summer heat began to gather substance. It darkened, coalesced, and grew. The Brand burned so dark now and so hot, screaming to be released against those present.

And then it was unleashed. That dark aura erupted outward in all directions as an expanding, coronal wall of black flame that washed over Twili but did not incinerate them. In fact those over whom the flames swept were untouched, unharmed. They had no idea what had been done to him.

Gradually the flames burned out, further away from the epicenter of the event, but not until after they had washed over a staggering number of the attacking force. Now they were committed to his path. They were bound to him in a uniquely perverse way. Each individual touched by that baleful conflagration was tied to him, their lives directly linked to his own and to the Brand. They each would die, or he would.

Kinslayer settled back onto solid ground and hefted his Glaive. They knew nothing. They didn't even know to turn against him.

As they began to die, as he began to slaughter them like animals from within their own ranks, the Brand flashed white hot with each soul that it accepted. Each death made his strength swell, their spirits converted to feed his dark power.

He had a great many lives to take.

Bottled Anger Edit

Gigagoron/Day 5/Bottleneck

The world around Giga looked fuzzy. Every muscle in his body was sore, every iota of energy seemingly utterly spent. Yet somewhere on his leg he could still feel power, a small amount of willpower stored in his calf. Begrudgingly, he managed to stand up as his sight began returning to him. 

Twili soldiers were to his right, not making any further moves in fear of the waking giant. To his left was what looked like the main bulk of the fighting, though he felt in no mood to fight at the moment. His first step was an utter failure as his legs gave out and his body came crashing back down into the street.

"I...Someone...please help me." he managed to get out. But his whispers were hardly heard by himself, let alone anyone friendly enough to assist him. Suddenly he could feel the surge of power, this time much more prevalent than the previous one. He looked at his calf to see it had fallen in a puddle of water. 

"What the hell is wrong with me?" Giga didn't know why it was happening, but his injury seemed to have some sort of effect with water. In the ten seconds his leg had been submerged, he had completely regained his strength, though the reason as to how was still a mystery. Regardless, he knew he didn't want another power surge, after what happened previously.

I need to control this, whatever it is. If I don't I could wind up completely drained like last time. Due to Giga's collapse, several Twili had made their way up to his body, swords at the ready. Giga lashed at them, completely taking them by surprise and sending them flying several feet backwards. The others kept their distance.

But Giga had other needs. He knew that Jaden, the other men, and, though he didn't care to admit it, Daurubia, all needed his help right now. He took off to the left, heading into a section of what appeared to be wet, mushy clay mixed with water. But whatever the cause was, Giga had no time to ponder it. For it seemed as if all his prayers had been answered. Right here, in this very battle, he spotted the summoner, the wretched Twili who had destroyed the forge, sitting atop some sort of dragon. Giga grinned.

[b]Daurubia/Noon 5/Bottleneck[/b]
Whatever this darknut had to dish out, Daurubia was ready for it. What he was not ready for, however, was the arrival of a dragon. Large and cumbersome, the dragon was obviously not suited for narrow combat such as this, but its rider looked more than capable. Lean, quick-looking, and beautiful, the woman on top of the dragon looked, at the very least, untrustworthy.

Evidently, he wasn't enough of an issue for the darknut to worry about with this newcomer. His foe turned his back as he began towards the dragon. [i]Big mistake,[/i] Daurubia thought. He made for another hit, running at his opponent planning on making this blow count.

But he suddenly stopped due to an unexpected distraction. Giga had returned at long last. Daurubia again had to pause as some object came flying from Jaden's direction. [i]I better hold back for now.[/i]

Daurubia went back to join Jaden, Giga, and a zora he had noticed for the first time. Zoras were not a species Daurbia, or gorons as a whole, typically enjoyed dealing with, but desperate times called for desperate measures, and Daurubia turned and prepared for the fight.

A goron patriarch, a shiekah, a zora with some glowing stick, and a giant goron against a darknut, a dragon, and a woman. For the life of him, Daurubia could not think of a stranger fight.

Jaden/Bottleneck/Noon 5

It wasn't just Jaden that would stand against this woman summoner and her mount. The General was by his side. It was as if a dream had come true; to do battle against a hated enemy with one of his biggest inspirations in the flesh. And then his Goron friends arrived. 

Against such unity, few things could survive. This was indeed the time for all to come together. All differences and reservations set aside.

The men showed significant progress, and thankfully the dragon ignored them. Jaden barked out more commands for them. They needed more breathing room, especially if that beast was to parade around. 

He was pretty sure that his aura would embolden his friends and his idol. 

"I have dreamed of a day like this, Polaris. Never did I think it would come, but I am honored to join you in battle. Let us purge the unclean from our homeland!"

Jaden nodded at the Gorons as well.

"They've wounded us all. This is for the forges and their smiths as well! This is the judgment of the righteous!"

He focused his inner fury, and his body reacted in kind. There was a conviction, an obligation. A chance to make things right. He'd been at this all day and it had been going back and forth. This was an opportunity to tip the scales and possibly call for a rout. 

This summoner had caused most of the problems for his unit. It was personal for him too. And he didn't forget that promise he'd made an hour or so ago.

[b]Instructor Haraf/Behind the Lines/Noon 5[/b]

They had already engaged the Twili XO. From the looks of things, she was out of his league. But he could not stand idly by. If he was to die today, he wanted his life to mean something other than being a great teacher. He wanted the Sheikah to speak well of him at least once before then. And so he joined up with Seishi's unit.

"Instructor Haraf of the Shadow Folk, reporting for duty. Blood will flow!"

He roared and readied his halberd, awaiting a direction to take in this guerilla blitz of sorts.

Gigagoron/Noon 5/Bottleneck

The summoner's face had changed, it seemed. It was no longer the wicked Twili he knew, but rather a fair faced Hylian woman. But he knew it to be her. Inside that disguise was the one person he was in this fight for. "Vengeance will be sweet"

He was blinded by rage, distracted by anger. Every part of him was focused in on his one foe, despite the fact that there were three. Giga ignored his other three companions, sprinting into the fight. Where ever Jaden's projectile went, he never saw. Whatever the darknut or dragon were doing, he paid no attention to. Every bit of his brain was honed in on the summoner. 

He knew what he was doing was stupid. He knew that it would be smarter to attack this group with some backup and a general plan of attack. He knew that there was a good chance that he would end up hurt after this. But he simply didn't care.

Giga charged with the single intent of making the summoner suffer as he had suffer. He wanted nothing more than to make her feel his pain. His body inadvertently burst into flames as he leaped best he could at his foe, a deep and vibrant green emitting from his calf.

Sha'Tive Zasalamel/Bottleneck/Noon 5

She had only asked for possession of the dragon before Zasalamel looked up. Sha'Tive could feel the fear her vessel felt upon seeing, as the horrifying sight closed in. Zasalamel broke into a cold sweat as what appeared to be a Goron that was ablaze. Worse yet, this burning creature was bigger than any Goron she had ever seen. She feared for the sake of her current vessel, she had only just possessed this powerful body, and it would be a terrible waste to let a new member of her "collection" be destroyed mere hours after making him hers'.

"To hell with this dragon, I'll take what I have." The vessel yelled in Sha'Tive's voice before leaping from the dragon. Upon landing on the ground, the Goron was already upon the dragon and summoner, showing greater speed Sha'Tive had ever seen a creature of its magnitude display. Unfortunately, Zasalamel had landed out in the open, easily seen by the opposition. Regardless, she decided enough was enough. If she could get this vessel to her lair in one piece, this would be a victory for her today. Zasalamel's vessel subconciously directed a rude gesture towards his enemies before turning and running from the scene.

Daurubia/Noon 5/Bottleneck

Daurubia had seen that look in Giga's eye only once before. He had been there when the forge was destroyed, sort of anyways. He was summoned as soon as the infiltrator was spotted, but he was too late to be apart of any chasing or fighting. He just managed to see the great bird fly off with a small Twili sitting atop. But Giga didn't seem to mind too much at that point.

But that look, that awful and fearful look, he had seen mere minutes after. They had gone to check the forge together in order to gauge the damage. They found the site in utter ruins, everything overrun with magma. Soon after, Giga's father, the patriarch, was confirmed as dead. That was when Daurubia had seen the look.

And here it was again, it seemed. Giga stared at the Twili atop of the dragon with such an air of disgust and hatred it almost frightened Daurubia.

What happened next, though, he wasn't entirely sure. Giga seemed to burst into flames as he charged the woman. He didn't have time to figure out the cause of the flames though, as the Darknut soon sprinted off.

"The darknut is mine," he grumbled to Jaden as he took off after his foe, trying desperately to not lose him the twisted streets.

Sha'Tive Zasalamel/Castle Town Streets/Noon 5

Zasalamel had only ran a few building's worth before hiding behind one. Escape would be practically impossible in broad daylight if someone had followed him, what with his huge figure and his very heavy armor.

"The bricks beneath this body's feet crumble if I so much as stomp. There has got to be a way to lighten his step..."

Before she could even finish the sentence, Zasalamel's body began to discard his armor...without her consent.

"What is this?!? He's moving on his own?"

"Yeeessss...I...aaaaammmmmm..." Zasalamel's voice droned from within.

"How dare you resist! You gave yourself to me the moment you touched my flesh. Your soul became mine..."

"I...caaaameee...toooo...fiiight...foooor...the Hyliaaaaaannnssssss..."

"Hmm...I'm controlling a traitor...How irritating."

Zasalamel has stripped his armor at this point.


"You cannot resist. How can a simple-minded creature like you do what hundreds before you have failed? It's pointle-"


Zasalamel's hand clenched itself over his throat, cutting off oxygen.


The hand released his throat, and fell back down to his side. He felled down, and sat down on the ground. He opened his eyes and saw a short-haired black cat had appeared before him, whom looked very well groomed, considering what it really was. Its eyes glowed white as Zasalamel's sight turned into a sickly green. Everything appeared green, even the cat. It merely gazing upon him seemed to capture him, for he suddenly felt a sensation similar to string wrapping around his wrists and ankles.

"The Master chooses...A slave obeys..." The cat sneered.

Zasalamel suddenly smelled the air. A familiar scent was approaching: The Goron...thankfully, the one that wasn't on fire. He looked forward, towards where the cat used to be, only to see that it had disappeared. Unlike before, he was aware of everything that was happening, but could not control any of his actions anymore...Not even his ability to speak. The mysterious voice rang out one last time from within his mind.


He could hear the footsteps of the Goron approaching, close behind. The vessel quickly rose to its feet and fled, with the Goron close behind. Zasalamel smelled the air, and could smell the stench of the dead, and dying. But it wasn't from within the battlefield, it was within town.

"An infirmary...within the courtyard it seems..."

Zasalamel started towards the courtyard as fast as he could, with the Goron close behind.

"Maybe I'll be able to collect more bodies from there...The living will be easier to collect than children in thier injured states..."

Zasalamel's face smiled from ear to ear. A smile filled with sorrow, glee and pain all at once. A tear rolled down his cheek as his body continued to run.

Shadow/Battle Field/Noon 5

Blow after blow, punch after punch the warrior unleash a fully of attacks to Shadow's face reforming it into a bruised and beaten mass. He pushed himself away falling behind a column of allied soldier struggling to rebound him his opponents fury. He knew he would need to feed once more to heal himself, however he had no desire to do so. The primal blood lost from earlier was not present this time and with out it Nightingale despised what he was forced to do to survive. What was worse was the swelling and bleeding was blurring his vision making it once more impossible to discern which side any potential meal would be on. Not to mention his surprise that he could even bruise or bleed to begin with.

Seeing no other optional, Nightingale continued to retreat hoping the Spirit Warrior would not give chase. Still, he knew he could not simply abandon this fight, after all the Twili still had his jar. He knew he'd have to quickly find some form of plant life to drain so that he may heal and re-attack his foe. 

Polaris/ Bottleneck/ Noon 5

"I too am honored, honored to stand by the side of one with a prowess such as you possess. It seems a wonderful day for killing heathens"

The devilish smirk was washed from his countenance as the biggest damned Goron he'd ever beheld came charging towards the dragon and the Twili mounted thereupon. The majestic rock monster leapt into the air and almost simultaneously burst into flames as he hurtled at them. Coinciding with this occurrence the darknut started an immediate retreat, how far the beast would get was yet to be determined, considering that the other Goron was in hot pursuit.

Polaris threw a "What now?" look in Jadens direction and steeled himself for whatever the hell was to happen next. This was the first "fight" in which he hadn't actually had to fight in ages. Which is why Polaris was almost relieved when he saw that a pair of Twili soldiers had somehow managed to get passed the Hylian lines, he needed to hit something, they were the leading candidates.

Twirling the Thunder Rod nonchalantly, Polaris advanced on the still charging duo. "This dance card's already full boys, go find your own." Spinning just as they came within his reach, Polaris swung the rod around with both hands, aiming for a point directly between his shoulder to shoulder would be attackers. The air itself seemed to explode with a cranium rattling clap of mighty thunder as the Twili were sent hurtling backwards through the air, up and over the Hylian combatants and crashing into a few of their own.

"I still cannot fathom the reasoning behind why you continually subjugate yourself to the role of protector for these people. These same people whom shunned and exiled you. Slaughter them all. Let the streets flow with the blood of Hylian and Twili alike."

Polaris felt an uncontrollable urge to hold the precious silver dagger, to feel the perfection of it's hilt in his hands once again, any other weapon seemed inferior to the majesty of such a fine blade. Stowing the Thunder Rod, in one fluid motion, he slid the graceful tool of destruction from within it's sheath. Just holding it made him, yes him the vaunted Ice General and arctic mage, shiver with frigid excitement. It would be so easy to slip the blade right between his own ribs slightly to left of the mid-line and skewering his own heart. Doing so could possibly, hopefully, mercifully, end this new found torment so easily and quickly. Cleanly. That way he would erase any chances of him faltering and ultimately succumbing to the voice in his head, the voice that continually spoke to him, coaxing him, urging him to massacre his friends, loved ones and allies. For even someone as mighty as himself surely couldn't withstand the magnitude of power contained in such an elegant and legendary blade. It was of mythic proportions. He could make a difference, addition by subtraction, subtract himself, remove the threat HE posed to those around him who were counting on him. Eradicate that threat from the picture and it would undoubtedly allow the Hylians to quickly march to an overwhelming victory.

"You are undeniably mad. You know that don't you? Suicide? Really now? A weaklings exit from such an existence. It is unlikely to be successful anyway. Even if success were a foregone conclusion, what would be your gain in such an act of cowardice? Favor with the Goddesses? The same Three that damned you to walk their forsaken lands for all eternity? HA! You would be returned here simply out of spite. Kill the Hylians, decimate their chosen THAT will garner their attention. They've made you a God among swine, they should fear your wrath. Do not go to them, force their hands, and they will come to you."

Polaris massaged his temples in an attempt to clear his mind. Lynn, where ever she was, was laying it on thick with all her talk of Gods and wrath. That along with the unexplainable, barely manageable urges was disconcerting. Maybe Lynn was right, all those years spent in exile, holed up in the mountains had cracked him. Was he really off his rocker? No. Surely not, something was going on he was sure of it, and Lynn Annei, Taden Hothnite, whatever the hell the thing was, or is, had to be the source of it. A remedy would be easy, if only he knew where to find her.

Daurubia/Noon 5/Streets of Castle Town

The chase was not easy. Every alley seemed to trick him into thinking his foe had gone the opposite way. Within these narrow roads, he felt out of place. Rolling would be pointless seeing as how he wouldn't be able to track him, but running wasn't working too well either considering how cumbersome he was being.

Daurubia came upon an interesting find, the darknut's armor. This sucker doesn't want to be caught, but why, he thought to himself. Something was up. It made no sense for this creature to flee the battle when he had a perfectly reasonable shot at winning.

Daurubia shook the thought out of his mind and continued on best he could. It soon became clear where the darknut was running to: the castle. Standing tall and magestic, the castle was not something that one would have trouble finding, but getting in seemed a to be a predicament considering the giant blue shield that now surrounded it.

Having been to the castle before, he soon realized that the route his opponent was taking was not the fastest way. These alleyways were long and winding, while the main road led straight to the only entrance. He doubled back, soon arriving at the fountain he crashed into earlier. Water still covered the ground as the flooding had ceased to stop.

He made his way up near the gate, but hung back and hid behind a building. Whenever his foe arrived, he would wait and watch. No use in killing the creature if that blue shield does it for me.

Sha'Tive Zasalamel/Streets of Castle Town/Noon 5

Zasalamel ran through the winding roads, checking behind him every now and then, until Sha'Tive suddenly noticed the Goron had given up the chase.

"How strange...his eye suggested he would want this vessel in pieces."

Zasalamel pressed on, towards the Castle with his eyes to the sky, looking at the Castle, its appearance magnificent and radiant, a strong contrast with the bloodbath below. Soon he could gaze upon the Castle without having to look up. He could see the doors from the distance he was from the Castle, and smiled. Suddenly, he stopped.

"Why are you resisting again?"

"There is a strange power radiating from this castle..."

"...There must be another way through. Come back to me, my pet, this holy magic will soon be felled after proper planning..."


"Don't be so naive, touching this in your current state will kill you. don't you wish to see your family again, back home? When this is all over, and if you're a good little boy...I'll let you see them again." Sha'Tive snickered.

"I have no killed them all..."

"You will be quite the delicious meal tonight, Twili..."

Zasalamel could feel her power overcoming him again. He strained to keep in control, but it was a losing battle. He strained to use what little energy he had to call his own to yell into the skies.

"Rock monster! I know you are here, come out now and face me! End my suffering before my power is used to corrupt others!"

He looked around frantically.

"Throw me into the sweet embrace Nayru's Love!!!"

That was all he could utter before Sha'Tive could take over once again.

"The fool...a waste of effort. Gorons are a proud race, and do not hide from the enemy. If he was here, we would have seen him by now..."

Slowly, Zasalamel's body turned around, and began to walk away from the castle.

Daurubia/Noon 5/Castle Gates

This isn't normal, as far as these things go I suppose.

And indeed, this was one of the last things Daurubia had expected. The darknut, now completely stripped of his armor, revealing he was in fact a Twili , was screaming for him kill him. It made no sense, and Daurubia wasn't completely sure of what to do.

"I...suppose I should oblige, but why? Why don't you kill yourself if you want it so badly," he said to himself. At that moment, the Twili's remorseful, desperate look turned into an empty and lifeless stare. Seeming indifferent to his surroundings, the Twili walked forward slowly, away from the barrier.

"Fine. If he wants to die, then I'll grant him his wish."

He jumped out from behind his cover and screamed, "Whatever it is you're up to Twili, I do not know. But what I do know is you will harm no one else."

He rolled up into a ball and sped forward, hoping to crush his opponent with one, solid hit.

Sha'Tive Zasalamel/Castle Gate/Noon 5

"Excellent..." Zasalamel's face smiled wickedly.

"I didn't even have to kill anyone to provoke him..."

Zasalamel's hands thrust forward, and his body leaned forward, ready for impact.

"This Twili was boasting about possessing the power of a Goron. If this is true...I can stop him easily."

Sha'Tive could feel the impact in her own arms as Zasalamel grabbed the Goron. Although it was not without consequence. The friction from the Goron's rapid rolling nearly burned away the skin on Zasalamel's hands, and the impact broke several of the bones in his arms. The bones that could, were sticking out of his arms.

"Heh, I can easily fix that once I drag this rock-eater to my children..."

Zaslamel's face grimaced in terrible pain, but his actions afterwards said otherwise. Once the Goron's stationary rolling stopped, he threw him down the street. Sha'Tive chuckled, and made Zasalamel speak.

"You'll have to do better than that. You sentient boulders always fall back on your ability to roll rapidly." Zasalamel's voice was mixed with Sha'Tive's causing a very otherworldly drone. "So very predictable..."

Daurubia/Noon 5/Castle Gates

Daurubia stood up slowly as his opponent mocked him. "So you have some strength in ya, huh? No matter. But I'm a little bit confused, I thought you wanted to die? Or was that just a trick? I'm the patriarch, maybe you shouldn't degrade someone of my stature like that."

Despite his talk, Daurubia didn't fully understand what just happened. This was a normal Twili, it seemed, just as small and insignificant as the rest of them. That roll should have crushed him, yet he was able to catch it. Not only that, but he then tossed aside a 2000 pound goron like it was last week's bread.

He decided to take a more cautious approach. He picked up some nearby rubble and tossed it at his foe. As soon as he tossed it, he took off after it, hoping to catch the Twili by surprise with two collisions in a row.

Sha'Tive Zasalamel/Castle Gates/Noon 5

The goron seemed to be unfazed by the insult, which was suprising. Sha'Tive had decided Gorons were all simple-minded bigots that punched anything that looked at them funny. This Goron's ability to stay clear-minded was a unsettling change of pace for her. The Goron did not hesitate after being thrown, and threw debris at Zasalamel. With a smile, Zasalamel reared back, and punched the huge piece of rubble with all his might.

"Projectiles won't work." Sha'Tive chuckled.

His punch ran straight through the rubble, shattering it into several pieces. As the pieces broke away from each other, beyond the debris, she could see the Goron was already upon Zaslamel. It was so close, she could see the hairs in the creature's nostrils. There was no time to react, and the attack was already mere nanoseconds from impact.

"Why did I not see that..."

Daurubia/Noon 5/Castle Gates

Perhaps it wasn't the most honorable of maneuvers, but a successful plan is a successful plan. Daurubia came hurtling through a crash of rubble and with the full blunt of his shoulder, sandwiched the Twili into the ground.

"What was that you called me earlier, a sentient boulder? Well I have news for you, boulders don't have fists.

Daurubia reared back his arm, and made a massive hammer-like plunge right at the Twili's face.

Sha'Tive Zasalamel/Castle Gates/Noon 5

The Goron had pinned the vessel down to the ground, a very worrying turn of events. Sha'Tive attempted to make Zasalamel move, but the Goron was already rearing back for a punch.

I have to knock my prey unconscious to be able to control what happens if he's knocked out with me in him?" This was the only thought that went through Sha'Tive's and Zasalamel's mind as the Goron's great fist shot towards the vessel's face. Impact brought darkness.

Sha'Tive She'Longe: Cat form/Castle Town Streets/Noon 5

As soon as the punch landed, she was suddenly elsewhere. She looked around, for the first time in fear, to find that she was no longer near the Castle. She looked down at her small furry body, then fear turned to frustration. Although she was supposed to be acting like a cat, and although she was supposed to talk like one too, she screamed into the skies with her normal voice.


Maydni/Noon 5/Battlefield

One of the fool Hylians dared continue the assault! A man in full armor approached her, his great sword unslinging to the ready against her. He rambled some egotistical self-assured garbage and swung at her. She widened her eyes, angry at this idiot, and swung her left hand over her head, before the arc of the sword. A grainy film of nocuous amaranthine magic trailed her hand, hanging in the air to intercept her enemy's downward swipe. The sword impacted the magic, and it acted as a barrier, rooted to nothing but itself. The blade was stopped cold by the sheer force of Maydni's will.

The abrupt end of momentum in the weapon seemed to surprise the man, and he fumbled only but a moment, likely having expected the weapon to cleave all the way through her to the ground. She laughed at his surprise, knowing it would be the last sound he'd ever hear. She balled her fist behind her, collecting the dark psychic energies unlocked by the Medallion bomb. She swing her fist, powered by the warp of her mind, into the chestplate of the man's armor. A loud crack of metal rang out across the battlefield. The tempered steel folded inward, then cracked, sending rough slivers of metal poking into the soldier's now-bruised ribs as he flew away from the Twili Commander.

He rolled once, twice, three times and came to a rest lying in the mud beside his companions.

Maydni uncurled her fist, the knuckles cracking as her fingers straightened, then curled it again to another round of popping, stretching the joints.

She smirked sweetly at the remaining Hylians. "Who's next?"

[b]Jaden/Castle Town/Noon 5[/b]
Such a display of power from the General. It was something that made the Captain smile. This was indeed the man he looked up to all his life. And now he had a chance to show him what he'd learned in his 22 years.

But Polaris looked troubled again, which in turn troubled Jaden.

[color=chocolate]"Look sharp, 'cause here it comes! Our Goron friend's going after the rider it seems...I'll try my hand at the beast. Moving to flank."[/color]

He palmed a bit of magic powder in his left hand, as he had an inkling that it might do something against the dragon as it was a summon. It was worth trying. But the rider would most likely have to deal with Giga first, as the engulfed fellow was in an outright charge. 

Jaden elected to attempt to circle and flank with what time he had left. Opening his palm upward, he blew a cloud of powder in the beast's general direction and went into an attack stance, ready to strike.

Tobias Pepperwhistle/ Harkens Hidey Hole/ Noon 5

"The digs aren' what I'd call the pent'ouse 'ark, but what with all that's goin' on up top, I'd say it's down right 'ome sweet 'omie." Tobias threw back his tumbler and gulped down the contents, pouring the remaining liquor down his gullet. That familiar warm tickle coursed down his esophagus, blazing a trail all the way to his stomach. With a hint of satisfaction in his tone, Tobias took to humming an old tune his mother used to sing before she was committed. Realizing he'd wandered off in thought, Tobias came too and nodded to Harken, "You've done a right bit more for the cause than I 'ave these passed few days mate. You always was the connivin one 'o tha bunch. Always 'ad a knack for schemin' ya did. Whereas, I like ta get 'ans on. Evens things out a bit, I'd say. The two of us."

After speaking Tobias took to rubbing the calloused knuckles of his right hand, taking in his surroundings as he did so, he had to admit it was a rather elaborate operation for one only a few days old. Harken had moved fast. It was impressive to say the least. Scanning the thoughts of a few of the surrounding henchman, Tobias found that the blatantly obvious on the exterior was also blatantly obvious on the interior, every man here was truly loyal and devoted. The level at which these men clung to their figurehead, Zeiss, was unwavering, stronger even than that of those they'd left behind in the homeland. The discovery pleased Tobias to no end, because once the tires were kicked, and really for real "kicked" on this operation, unflinching loyalty was a prerequisite for any involved.

"I 'ope you don't mind 'ark, but I took the liberty of perusing the thoughts 'o some 'o your boys 'ere, heh," He chuckled more out of cynicism than amusement, "it's become a bit 'o secon' nature these days. At any rate, as I'm sure you already know, these are good men to 'ave aroun' ya, true to the cause one might say." Refilling his glass Tobias took another swig and sighed with contentment. "It's on'y a mat'er of time b'fore the big fella finds 'is man."

Polaris/ Castle Town/ Noon 5

Jadens movements were quick and fluid as he moved to a suitable flanking position and dosed the mighty dragon with a helping of magic powder, the dusty substance wafted through the air with a smoke-like demeanor until it fluttered down upon it's target. Polaris admired the rock steady concentration of his compatriot as his own had been wavering over the last several minutes. Whatever the reason for his internal struggle ultimately proved to be, he refused to let it distract him from the current task at hand. "A conflicted conscience can be a cumbrous cross to bear Polaris. Liberate yourself from this onus and simply eliminate them all."

It had progressed to the point that ignoring that damned voice was nigh on impossible, so to say he embraced it, would be incorrect, not the proper terminology by any means, but it was the first wording that came to mind. That voice, HER voice, his anti-conscience, always kept him readily informed of what not to do. Aside of the "suicide is a cowards exit" bit, for he agreed with that, all her machinations had been utterly against the very fabric of Polaris' being. Speaking of the suicidal ideation, where in Gods name had such an urge originated? He resigned that it was merely another of Lynn's mind games, one among many that you could bet Farores blessed ass on that Lynn would have to answer the bell on. For the present however, he was relying on his more baser instincts, the primal fight or flight urges ingrained in every being that had proved themselves true to him time and again throughout the ages.

Taking a defensive stance of his own, Polaris stood, blade in hand waving to and fro ever so slightly, dancing like a viper looking for the opportune moment to strike.

Team Ayala/Final Destination/Noon 5

"son of a bitch..." Len wheezed as he coughed up a little blood. "earned a break at least"

"Well now aren't you a feisty one, how wonderful." Megumi moaned as she waved her moved in a seductive manner that was actually a method she used to cast her spells with out her target realizing what was going one. "To think of the joy it will bring me making you my toy. To think of the pleasures I'll have once you've been broken. Tell me, have you ever had boiling hot wax slowly dripped onto your breast as you were forced to pleasure three people at once."

"Oh for the love of, that harpies at it again. I'm gonna have'ta remember to keep her off the rest of the platoon before some shows up to a battle walkin' funny."" Rin though to herself as she waited for Megan to stop waving around like a desperate whore so she'd know the spell was finished and she could charge in for an easy kill.


"Damn it! She's got Len. I'm going to help them." 

Dren quickly grabbed Ayala by the arm and yanked her back before she could run off. "Nothing's changed, you don't attack until I tell you to."

"He's going to die if we leave him there and Rin and Megumi will be following right after if we don't do something."

"Ront's not that easy to kill. He's just laying there looking hurt because he's a slack ass and trying to fight injured would take effort. Don't go worrying about those other two either. You think I'd send anyone against a target like that if they couldn't take care of themselves."



"Instructor Haraf of the Shadow Folk, reporting for duty. Blood will flow!" the Shiekah among the group proudly pronounced as he met with rest of the group. 

Koma briefly looked him over and snickered. "We'll I've never met a Shiekah who couldn't kick an ass like the best of 'em, but I never met a teacher who was worth a damn in a fight. Well with any luck that'll balance out. Alright here's what we're gonna do, I don't like this being surrounded on all side bull**** so we're gonna take all these half trained school boys that like to called themselves soldiers and push past the Twili's rear line. Our LT his hanging out back there with a little girl and while it pains me to openly admit this he seems to have a plan that might not get us killed."

"Wow Sergeant Major, I'm surprised," Ridden spoke up with feigned astonishment. "I'm pretty sure that's the nicest thing I've ever heard you say about an officer before, and that includes the parts where you made him sound like a coward and a pedophile."

"Say's the womanizer," Litoris shout out as a weak jab not wanting to let an arrogant jackass like Ridden insult the Sergent Major. He didn't know either of them well having only ever worked with Gen before this squad was formed just a day ago; however he'd already learned to despise Crim for his elitism and respect Koma as the only guy on the planet who could out drink him.

"Now now, my interests are purely in wealthy married women. After all women experience and superior breeding tend to be much more, how to put it, enjoyable. Besides I'd never go after a girl that tiny."

"What's wrong with short girls?" Hark asked finding Ayala's form to by near perfect by his standards.

"I wasn't talking about her height kid."

Koma face palmed in annoyance over his subordinates comedy routine but was distracted by a voice call out in his head before he could start barking at them. "Len's hurt bad and Dren wont let me go help him or the others fighting that crazy women. You'll have to do something." 

"Great, now I'm hearing voices because of you jack asses."

"You're not hearing things I'm a telepath. By the way I'm in my 20s and tell Crim he's an asshole."

"I swear I need to retire, to bad the whole damn country would fall apart without my valuable insight." Koma joke with an irritably tone, if it wasn't one thing it was another. "Alright, looks like Ront's slacking off again, Eric see if you can't pull him out of the dirt as we run past. Crim I think the two staff sergeants need some help. See if you can't find a nice spot a snipe from just to make sure we all make it to the bar alive tonight."

"Wait, how do you know all that?" Jarking's asked confused over what seemed to be nothing but wield assumptions.

"You're girl friend told me, not shut it. All right you **** poor excuses for soldiers!" Koma yelled out to all the men he'd now gathered under his command. "Time to prove you ass-hats know how to use a sword besides that ****stick that you practice with alone all night! Now we're gonna push south and plow though every corpse banging twili bastard that gets in our way, and if you jack asses are worth even half your weight in **** as fighters maybe you'll live long enough to make love to something that doesn't go bah! Let's Go!"


Ayala had grown silent, an issue that was beginning to make worry. He'd been in situations like this far to many times. A young soldier doesn't like his orders so they start cooking up some crazy idea because they think they know and some one gets kill. The fact that the soldier doing this time was a bubbly little girl this time around only multiplied his fears.

In reality Ayala was simply focusing, if she couldn't attack directly she'd at least help in another way. She began focusing all of her psychic abilities on Maydni and unleashing an psychic attack similar to the ones her mother would use to punish her and Senshi as a child. Unfortunately she lacked the same skill as her mother and brother and couldn't alter the enemy commanders sense or make her feel pain. Even concentrating the most she could manage was a elaborate mind screw which if she was focused hard enough she might be able to personalize the her target however such a thing usually took a high level of skill even Senshi rarely demonstrated. 

If she was lucky the attack might immobilize the women or even take out of the fight completely. Failing that it should at least distract her.

IC: Quell - castle town air battle - noon 5

The attack had mixed results but was unable to inflict any serious injuries. More interesting was the strange girls transformation abilities. When she had changed the markings on her body had also changed. Quell couldn't help but wonder if the ability was in some way related to the scions tattoos. There would be more time to ponder on that later however.

As the paladin launched another fire attack Quell raised one of his gauntlets and pushed the flames away, until they were dispersed. Then with his free hand he used a pulling force on the paladin to draw him in close. It was time to try a new trick that Quell had been theorizing about.

OOC Summary: Quell uses force push to disrupt Seishi's fire attack and then uses force pull on him to draw him closer.

IC: Shato - castle town - noon 5

Having been momentarily distracted by the strange behavior of the Darknut Shato now faced the prospect of a massive fiery goron charging in to kill her. As Aquamentus backed up a little and launched a few magic bursts they simply impacted harmlessly against the mighty goron.

As it did Shato noticed the shiekah was slipping around from the side. "Crap, guess I have to stick and move..." she mused to herself as she began to run up the dragons neck. When she reached its head it flailed upward launching her high into the air. As she shot up she could see the shiekah using some form of magic powder on the dragon.

Groaning in pain the dragons body began to contort before finally splitting off into several large clumps of flesh. As the lumpy mounds landed they began to shift around revealing large gaping maws on the top of each one. The magic powder had turned the mighty dragon into several Like Likes. They might not have been as mighty as the dragon, but they would still annoy the Hylians counter attack.

As she neared the Gorons head she called out to him. "Sorry sweety, but I learned by lesson with the Emperor Dodongo and I came prepared for big guys like you." She called out as she threw a pair of small balls towards the Gorons face. Each ball quickly exploding releasing a thick black cloud of poison smoke.

Somersaulting over the Goron Shato landed between the zora and the shiekahs positions. Pulling out some knives she quickly threw them at the two of them and made a dash at the sheikah with another blade drawn.

Polaris/ Castle Town/ Noon 5

The action picked up in a flurry, several things happened at once as soon as the Twili was catapulted into the air, she engaged the Goron with some sort of smoke bombs before landing and sending a knife hurtling towards both Polaris and Jaden, she was quick, quicker than Polaris anticipated which made the brush with the throwing knife an all too close one, Polaris spun out of the way just as the blade passed by his head, he felt the wind of it on his face, even heard the whooshing sound it made as it went by.

There was no time to rest on his laurels though, his sword hand, unprovoked, swung up and sent a wave of ice in the Twili's wake, the wave was on a collision course with both her and Jaden..."What the...I didn't..." Something seemed to click in his mind, a revelation of sorts, he gave his dagger a thorough once over and, feeling silly he spoke, "You did that didn't you?"

The spectacle that those surrounding him must have beheld, old Polaris really had cracked, talking to his sword on the battle field? He could hear the mutterings already, poor old coot's so senile he doesn't even remember using his own magic...No, he hadn't lost his mind, he knew what had happened. He knew what he had and hadn't done. And he had not, under his own will, unleashed that arctic wave...his dagger, had a mind of it's own...? 

No, absolutely not. Whoever heard of a weapon with a brain? He seriously needed to get his ssss together, there was a war to win damnit and the last thing he, or his allies needed was ssss like this. "Jaden! You try to deal with her alone for now, you're more than capable. I'm gonna try to do something with these damned Like Like's.." His sentence was cut short as several of the gelatinous blobs started to encircle him, inch by inch they shimmied their way ever closer, Polaris held his ground until four of them had him pretty well hemmed in, until he stepped backwards and drove a fist into the ground, the action send a shock wave of arctic energies out in all directions, sort of like the tit to the Dins Fire spells' tat, the beasts were immediately frozen in motion and then quickly dispatched of with several quick slashes from his blade.

What he didn't notice was the two who had wriggled up behind him while he was dealing with the others, one of them lurched forward and began to inhale, Polaris was slowly pulled towards the creature, he tried to move away, but the force of the vacuum created by this beast was greater than that of any Like Like he'd encountered in the past. Setting his feet, Polaris was determined to stand his ground, his movement was halted as he and the monster were at a standstill.

The intelligence level of these summoned Like Likes was greater than that of your run of the mill Like Like baddie as well, because once the second one realized the proverbial tug of war was at a stalemate, it added it's own sucking power to the mix and Polaris was again drawn towards them. He was now on his chest, frantically trying to scramble back to his feet and give it one last go at dashing away when the Thunder Rod wiggled and then was jerked from it's place on his belt.

The rod was promptly inhaled by the closer of the two creatures. "Oh no you don't! I just got that thing. Give it back you son of a bitch!" And without thought for his own safety, Polaris sprinted towards the beast and dove straight into it's hoover-esque maw. Polaris was astounded at just how dark it was inside the creature, he felt around the mushy insides of the abomination and found many a things, mostly trivial items such as rocks and other pieces of various debris. The only thing of value was a few stray rupees. 

He groped around blindly until his hand struck the handle of his beloved toy. After a brief sigh of relief, he got an idea...the space was cramped, but what he had in mind didn't require much room, he ever so slightly made a swinging motion with the Thunder Rod. The sonic boom had been deafening in the open, it was amplified even moreso in the cramped pit of this foul blobs stomach, his imprisonment didn't last much longer though, as the beast exploded outward in all directions showering the battlefield with uncountable bits and pieces of it's body. Polaris himself was sent tumbling backwards due to his close proximity to the eruption of magic. He skidded to a halt, and slowly, tentatively crawled back to his feet fighting the urge to wretch at the horrid scent emblazoned into his nares. He managed to collect himself just in time to see even more of the beasts advancing on his position.

Daurubia/Noon 5/Castle Town gates

The blow had struck, surprisingly enough, and the Twili lay there completely un-conscience. Daurubia looked on in confusion as the once glowing green eyes dimmed to a normal color. Directly after that, Daurubia felt some sort of...presence fly through him, though he wasn't sure what.

He now was faced with two options, kill this enemy, or let him live. Daurubia sighed, "Well Twili, what should I do to you. You told me to kill you, you screamed it at me, should I grant your wish?"

Daurubia lifted his fist into the air, ready to deliver the ending blow. But something stopped him. Some strange feeling was telling him not to kill this man."He had wanted to die, he told me. But...I shouldn't. It's not right. He's unarmed, this wouldn't be honorable. But there's something else about you Twili. What's holding me back? Something tells me there's more to you than meets the eye.

Despite his better judgment, Daurubia decided to let his foe live, for now. But he was still faced with a dilemma. 

Daurubia had no way of knowing when he would wake back up. And even if he could get into the castle, it would be too dangerous to leave him with innocents. But he had to make sure he was taken for questioning after the battle. A Twili this strong had a secret, some sort of magical enhancement. Perhaps they had implemented it in other Twili as well.

Daurubia picked him up and stared around hopelessly, not knowing what his next course of action should be.

Zasalamel/Castle Gates/Noon 5

After what seemed like an instant of darkness, Zasalamel regained consciousness. He looked around frantically to see that he was not only still near the Castle, but to his pleasant suprise, was also still alive. This brought relief to him, and he began to let his mind wander. A second later, another pleasant suprise hit him. His mind could wander.

("Good. It seems that Goron was able to beat that wretched woman out of me.")

The filled Zasalamel with relief, and for the first time today, he actually felt happy about his situation. This blissful feeling was almost immediately dashed as reality set in. The pain in his arms began to keep up with him, what with them being broken and all. To try and avoid making noise, he gritted his teeth, which also was a painful ordeal, since much of his face was broken as well. As this pain came upon him, he looked down to see that he had been captured.

("Of course...Escape one person, get caught by another.")

He looked around to see that he was in the grasp of the Goron his possessor had previously tried to fight off, with little to no success. The Goron seemed distressed, as if he had done something he regretted. Zasalamel decided to speak, although at this point, this might not be a good idea. The least he could was thanks the Goron for releasing him from his torment. His request was a pained, but polite one.

"Sir...Could you let me down? I wish to speak to you face-to-face..."

He waited for a response, shame still weighing down on him due to his moment of weakness when he met that witch.

Senshi/East Gate/Afternoon 5

"Wonderful..." Senshi sighed having arrived to the sight of several dozen dead Twili soldiers. "I can see this attack was well planned. Well I guess I can still make use of this."

"You... possib... ...trol that... ... same time."

"What the hell!? Ah hell I was afraid of this." Senshi said as he stopped to focus on adjusting his mental barrier. His current situation had forced him to strengthen it to the point where the rest of his psychic abilities were cut off. A side effect of that seemed to keep him from hearing Death Angel or that demon. Not that he turning had a problem with that.

"You know, if you keep closing off your own mind like that you may very well turn yourself into a vegetable by mistake."

"It's necessary and I'm not that careless. Besides just a little more an I'll think I'll have a way shut you two up when I need to."

"You'd miss us admit it."

"Back on point, I was saying, you can't possibly expect to control that many corpse at once. You're not the skilled quite yet."

"I don't have to control them, just raise them and bring them into the city."

"Great the kids cracked. He keeps this up I'll be running this place pretty soon."

"Senshi you do know I hate it when you force me to agree with that demon. Now regardless of what ever plan you have concocted this time are you sure it is wise to unleash of hoard of uncontrolled undead into the city against soldier who are one the side you are really on."

"No, it not, and I don't have a plan. Not a real one anyone, I'm just trying to un**** this whole situation and maybe just maybe pull something positive out of it. Despite what I may have tried to tell myself early I never really intended to play both sides, this whole thing was an beyond my control. Besides after last time I learned my less."

Senshi/Hyrule Castle/Several Hundred Years Ago

"I'm sorry but this is the stupidest idea I've ever heard any of you come up with in the whole of my life." Senshi spoke up in a room of familiar faces after the Queen finished explaining the matter at hand.

"Well that's lie, you've hear much stupider things," the eternal youth Koro quickly responded. "For example..."

He was cut off by Queen Zelda who knew to it could be worth hearing Senshi's reasoning despite his brashness. "Care to elaborate as to why."

"You're asking use to protect these women, but the only thing you can tell us is there race and a general location. Yet they guy after them apparently knows exactly where to find them and he's recruiting the old Dark Warriors to get them. There for we have to so how figure out who these girls are and protect them for pretty much the rest of their lives. Meanwhile the Darks just have to rush in, catch off guard, which won't be hard all things considered, and they win."

"You really are making this out to be more difficult then it is," Nabooru called after being less the pleased with Senshi's view on that matter. "The Oracle of Power is a Gerudo, and which ever one of my sisters she is, she won't be an easy target. Saria here already said she's knows who the Courage Oracle is,"she said pointed to the third sages in attendance, "the only problem is she seemingly disappeared from this world. Though I wager that means they can't find her either. That only leaves the Wisdom Oracle living some where in Kokariko. Fortunately all you Hylian's look a like so if we're lucky they're grab the wrong one a few times."

"Oh yeah, 'cause you Sand Whores are so distinct."

"Ah Seishi Ma, I'm glad to see you still have the knack for kind words."

"Ok great, so we'll just wage several large scale battles in middle of the Forest, Kokariko, and Gerudo Fortress. I'm sure that wouldn't at all lead to massive casualties at alll, or Tsukiakari trying to kill us for that matter. Look we know where this guy is hiding in Death Mountain. Hell he advertised it so the Dark Warriors could find him. So why don't we attack right now. My mothers here she can drop every last of of us right in the middle of his base."

"We already tried attacking him, that only lead to... that attack failed. Trying again would just be throwing all your lives." Zelda said struggling to hold back her emotions. 

"You sent one old man. I think sending every Light Warrior will have slightly better result."

"One old man who's always been better then all of us combined."

"Bull****! We've killed Avarikh, defeated Queen Celda, and stopped Sirius Fulmen. You're trying to tell me just because he beat Ganon is a few weeks after you spent seven years failing to do just that that we couldn't possibly beat the man that killed him. Bull! He was 17 when his killed that ***** not two hundred, and he had The Master Sword back then. He couldn't even pick up the thing any more since he's used that mask that gives powers like Phoenix to many time, the same mask the cost him the Triforce. Hell he didn't bring that mask with him, Phoenix still has it hidden away."

Seishi had heard more of another and in a burst of mixed emotion jumped up and threw a hook punch across his sons jaw. Senshi just looked up in disgust while holding this side of his face. "If you all want to let to world fall into ruin because one man died fine. I the mean time I'm going to do something up this."


"Sen wait!" Ayala yelled having finally caught up to her brother after he stormed out of the meeting. "You can't really think you can win alone."

"I'm not going to pick a fight, I'm find out who these Oracles are and I'm going to save them my why. I will fight this whole damn war my way because everyone else is to busy morning to think strait."

"Fine then, I'm going with you. After all its every little sister's job to protect they foolish big brother from danger." She said with a sarcastic grin while flexing he arms.

"No you're not. What I have planned, well... You know what, if you want to do something useful then figure out how to get past the damned door without the Ocarina. You just might be the last person alive who can still use it right now."

Death Mountain/Just less then a day later

"What the hell is going on!" The Warlord Haullam yelled in a rage as he ran out to see many more the men guarding his encampment nearly dead.

"I heard you require some assistance. I do hope the position hasn't been filled yet. Though if it has," a clock figure wrapped in darkness said as he slowly pressed his scythe against the throat of the collapsed guards, "I don't suppose I could convince you to make another opening."

The Warlord just smirked in amusement.

Daurubia/Noon 5/Castle Gates

Daurubia looked around in indecisiveness, ready to give up on his whole hero's method and just kill the Twili when he felt movement in his arms. The Twili seemed to be regaining conscience, though the faces he made showed he was in great pain.

"Sir...Could you let me down? I wish to speak to you face-to-face..." 

Daurubia smiled. Now there was a true Twili, he thought. One that calls me sir simply because he knows he's beaten.

Gently, Daurubia set him down on the ground. "Very well Twili, but chooses your words carefully. We wouldn't want the next thing you say to be the last, now would we? I saw some of the carnage you displayed to the Hylians, nothing but cold-blooded murder. So talk quickly and tell me one good reason why I shouldn't end your suffering right now.

Daurubia smirked. That was one of the reasons he had been chosen as Patriarch-in-waiting, all those years ago. He got the job done, no matter what.

Sixteen Years Earlier/Death Mountain

"Daurubia, stop it, please! That's my pet, not yours. My daddy gave it to me!"

"It attacked me, so it must be punished. That is the way of our people. Besides, my dad told me I'm in the running to be Patriarch. Patriarchs can't be weak, he says."

"But it was only playing, it never did anything wrong!

A nine-year-old Daurubia was clutching a baby dodongo by the throat, holding a rock in his other hand, ready to bring it down on the dodongo's head. Four years his younger, Giga looked down on Daurubia knowing there wasn't a whole lot he could do to stop him. You had to respect your elders, he knew, no matter what.

"Nothing wrong? The beast attacked me! Besides, I don't know why our father would give you this thing as a pet. Dodongo's are wild beasts. We would have had to kill it eventually." 

Daurubia brought the rock down on the screaming dodongo's head. He tossed it aside and stared at the crying Giga for a few moments. He's weak, he thought, just like my father says his father is.

Present day

The smile left Daurubia's face as the memory returned to him. My god, he thought, could I really have been so creul. That was not the sign of a leader. Killing without mercy only made you a killer, and he would never make that mistake again.

Daurubia waited patiently for the Twili's answer.

Jaden/Castle Town/Noon 5

It worked, sort of. 

No more dragon, but he almost wished he hadn't used that powder so soon. Not knowing what it would do proved to be a gamble that may have hurt the Hylian line. Until Polaris was able to work his magic and do something about the Like-Likes. He wasn't sure what would become of Giga, but now that he was the main target of this assassin's ire, he had to do something to shut her down.

That was until the knives came flying. He did his best to sway out of the way, and he thought he'd gotten clear. But he'd be walking away with yet another facial scar. He had a horizontal one underneath his eyes that spanned the front of his face, and now he'd probably have a nice little addendum on his cheek.

It burned in a way that really didn't make him feel too good about what had happened. Any smart assassin would poison their equipment. While he had undergone different types of resistance training on poisons for the sake of interrogation endurance and wilderness survival, it didn't help that his adrenaline was pumping into overdrive. And since he didn't know what he was hit with, he'd have to act fast. Reaching for an antidote vial while being charged wasn't something he wanted to deal with. His strength would keep him for now.

The Twili were trying everything to get rid of him. Ice from the sky, golems, a Darknut on steroids, and now an elite assassin. This battle had to end. He wasn't getting tired yet, but he'd been fighting for almost five hours now. One of the big parts of his strategy was to allow each of the commanders to rotate leadership while the others took a break, and when the other two were primed, they'd come back to the fore and begin a routing formation.

Jaden's blade had a bright red magical sheen enshrouding it. Shato was rushing him with her own shorter blade. He had a defender's advantage in this case, and so he elected to turn her own force back on her. 

He shifted his stance, awaiting the charge and changing the position of his blade to try to confuse her. His eventual goal would be to parry and riposte. And with how hard his blows came, he was pretty sure that she wouldn't be getting up if he connected. Her body didn't look to be the kind that lasted long in a brawl.

And he hoped it would work. He had to try to cure this poison. It was starting to freeze his face in place and cause him to drool a bit.

Zasalamel/Castle Gates/Noon 5

His mind was racing. He stumbled in his mind, looking for a good way to word and excuse for his actions.

("Shit! If I give an answer that he disagrees with, this will be the end of me...")

He looked up at the Goron, whom seemed to be smiling whilst waiting for his response. Upon further examination of the Goron's face, he suddenly realized who he was talking to.

("Daurubia! By the Gods, this day is starting to look up!")

Instead of gushing about how much Daurubia had inspired him, he quickly returned to the problem at hand in his mind. He tried to organize his thoughts, trying recollect memories that had been eclipsed by the witch, just moments ago.

It had only been half a minute since the Goron set him down, but it felt like an eternity for Zasalamel. He finally decided to wing it, and spill his story as it came back to him. He finally spoke.

"Oh Daurubia, never in a millenium would you believe the explanation for my actions."

He hesitated, hoping to the Gods that what was about to be said would save him. It would take something huge to clear his name throughout the land.

"I came from the sands of the desert with my brother, Cid. Even though we were raised as Twili, we are disgusted with what we are. My brother is more disgusted than I, so much so, you'll more times than not see him wearing make-up to replicate the look of a Hylian. That story is too long to explain right now though..."

He cleared his throat before he began rambling about his past. There was no time for that in this situation.

"I came here with hopes that I could help Hylian forces...But in order to get within, I had to make my own way within the city, since I would be killed outright in the heat of battle. It seems that was an even bigger mistake. You see, when I entered the battlefield, I was not myself. Before I entered the roads of the city, the way I had entered dictated that I had to go through an alleyway. Within said alleyway, I came upon a beautiful, yet shabby looking woman. She appeared to be covered in blood, and was weeping. She had two children beside her whom seemed to had been dead for several hours. Regardless of the fact that she was a Twili, I felt pity for her. I reached down to her in attempts to comfort her, and when I touched her hand, her weeping suddenly stopped. The children also began to move, and look up at me, with a ghastly look about them. They were obviously dead, but continued to move. After that...blackness. The rest, you should know...When you punched me in the face, you seem to have somehow released me. I no longer feel her presence."

Even though his arms were broken, he summoned the strength to salute to Daurubia. He trembled, unsure of his fate.

"For my final act as a member of the Hylian forces, I am afriad to report that there is a witch walking among the people of Hyrule. She may be spreading her influence as we speak."

With that, he closed his eyes, and waited.

Kinslayer - Outside Hyrule Castle Town - Fifth Day

As the battle pushed on towards its conclusion, Kinslayer carried on through the ranks of the Twili. He was as the hot wind of death blowing through their carefully drawn lines. He moved with purpose, every movement measured and calculated, every step and strike made with a fluidity and economy of motion that came from centuries of experience. He was a viper in the grass, and everywhere he went he left bodies in his wake.

His strength had largely been exhausted in his battle with the Scion. To have risen so far, to have channeled so much power and not to snatch away her essence had left him drained. Now he was fueled by the souls of the Twili that he'd bound to him, the souls that he was seizing as he laid them to waste. They moved to intercept him and he cut them down, they moved to flee and they were immolated in his furious flames. Each footstep he took scorched the earth beneath and behind him.

But for all the death, for all the lives snatched away from the battlefield by his sweeping vendetta, they were nothing to him. It wasn't the infantry that had interrupted his quarrel with the Scion. Each kill made him stronger, but they were nothing more than a spectacle. He wanted the leader, the one at the head of the horde.

When he found Maydni on the battlefield, he was going to kill her.

[b]Darrel Mytura - Hyrule Castle Town - Fifth Day[/b]

Exhausted, bleeding, bound by bladed chains that he had not the strength to remove, Darrel staggered through the wreckage. He tried to draw off the spiritual energies exerted on the battlefield, but found nothing. Something had drawn away all of the power he would have drawn upon to sustain and re-energize himself. He wasn't sure exactly where he was in the city, but he knew that he was near the breached walls because he could still hear the sounds of fighting. Weak, in need of time to regain his strength, he stumbled into a small alley and collapsed next to a refuse heap. 

It was difficult to remain conscious, to remain alert. He knew that in his weakened state he was easy prey for any invader that might come upon him. Thus he kept Morning's Edge in hand, ready to muster whatever strength he could muster. Propping himself up against the side of one building, he folded his legs as best he could and tried to seek the calm, the Oneness. He imagined his spirit, his essence, as a point of light in the darkness. He was connected in a way that most weren't, in tune with his soul and the inherent power contained within. It was how he did what he did.

He sought the calm, drifting into a world of peace. He felt like he was floating in the void, weightless and serene.

Until he felt something pulling him back. The Oneness had never been interrupted in this way, he struggled against it but all of the sudden he was back in his body, weak and weighed down. He could hear voices, but could barely make out what they were saying. As he concentrated, tried to sense through the fog of approaching unconsciousness he was able to make out just a few words.

[i]"Things go poorly for us here."

"Yes, but this one is part of the reason. Did you see how they rallied to him? There are no Hylians here, we'll take him back to Lord Grem. We'll be rewarded."

"That sounds good. Take his feet and let's move before we're caught."[/i]

He tried to struggle, but realized that one of them had to be a Twili mage, because he felt the insidious touch of shadow magic subduing him even further. Normally he would have been able to fight them off, even in such a weakened state, but they'd crept up on him, and their magic was exactly what he couldn't withstand.

His last conscious thought was that he was about to see the face of the enemy.

Maydni/Noon 5/South of Castle Town

Madyni smirked at the twitching woman. She thought to unsettle with her display and her words. But Maydni saw the lies of her truth, and the truth of her lies. The ebb and flow, the bend of tides. "Do you ask because you want to?"

Cords of magic slinked around the undulating female as she used her dance to form somatic components of a binding spell. Maydni was amazed at how clearly she could see them, when all else was unclear. They were as reality to her, no less real, perhaps moreso, than the ground beneath her feet. She lifted a hand, reaching out with her mind and grabbing the cords. They were rough and slimy, greasy with the mentality of their summoner. It intrigued and disgusted Maydni. She wrapped the tendrils around her hands, letting the fetid oils soak her skin.

Then she twisted them, turning them against their mistress, binding her in her own spell. The Hylian spellcaster widened her eyes, gasping in surprise as her attempt backfired. Then she fell to the ground, wrapped in binding magical ties. She then, of course, began to efflu a myriad of curses and oaths.

Of course, the Hylians little learned their lesson from this display as Maydni felt a cocksure expansion into the Warp of her psychic domain. Her gaze shot to the source, a young girl timidly hiding with an older man. Typical, typical. And her skill level was neophytic, at best! She couldn't begin to comprehend the obtuse clarity of Maydni's thoughts! As an afterthought, Maydni traced the psychic probe back to its roots in the girl's mind. Her defenses were all but non-existent. It was laughable. There were the rudimentary building blocks of a defense, but they had never been developed. So naive. Maydni didn't even have to blink to step over them, she barely had noticed them so differently did her mind work from those of normal mortals.

And once inside she was inside, the girl's mind was an open book. So ordered and straightforward. It was actually a disappointment to find in a psyker. Oh, Ayala had seen some interesting things. Very interesting. She was older than the rest of her squad combined, in all technicality. It was this alone that stopped Maydni from scrambling her brain like so much eggs. There was actually something interesting here. Instead she reached back into Ayala's subconscious, pulling forward her deepest fears, her most hated and suppressed memories. Let her wallow in that until I'm ready to play with her. Oh, that will be much more fun then that boring old general! A wicked grin spread over his face as a look of horror overtook Ayala's.

She then focused her attention on the battle. The other woman of the group, the one who had moved forward with her now bound-and-cursing ally, had finally moved within striking distance. She swung a double strike with pair of daggers, which Maydni deflected with mirrored swipes of her hands, leaving that same trail of psychic backwash.

"While I'm glad you stopped Megumi's damn harlot dance, I'm afraid you've managed to inconvenience me. I'll have to settle the score!" The dual-wielding Hylian tried her hand at battle banter before renewing her assault.

"Needs work." Maydni responded, parrying each attack with her hands. "Oh, and if you're in the market for score settling, don't forget the tin can I opened, or dear sweet Ayala mired in the filth of her own past. That's three you owe me!" She laughed, shrilly, and then landed a counter that sent the attacker flying back and rolling through the mud to lay next the armored man. Maydni was disappointed to see she had only managed to throw her, not injure her.

"Oh well. Who's next? This is fun!"

Daurubia/Noon 5/Outside Castle gates

His story was ludicrous. No one in their sane mind would ever believe such things, and yet... He had seen this creatures eyes, the way they dimmed out as he was knocked out. And no matter what he told himself, he had felt a presence fly through him at that same instant. Something about this story seemed, at the very least, plausible.

Even more surprising was the fact that the Twili knew his name. Daurubia's first thoughts led to a mind-reader or some sort, or perhaps a spirit wielder. But both of those options seemed unlikely. Daurubia stared into the Twili's eyes and saw no hint of a lie. But should I really heed this warning?

When his tale was done, he feebly managed a salute, a sign of honor for humans and Twili alike. It was no goron honor, but the sign of respect resonated all the same. "Every inch of me is saying that I should smash your head into a pulp, but you've caught my interest. First things first though, before I decide to do anything, I want some explanations. How in Din's name does a Twili come to know me?"

Daurubia waited patiently for the answer.

[b]Gigagoron/Noon 5/Bottleneck[/b]

Giga coughed as smoke surrounded his head. [i]I'm used to smoke, what the hell is wrong with me?[/i] he thought in anguish. Gradually, the smoke dissipated and he was able to open his eyes again to assess the situation. Whatever had happened since his miss fire must have been fairly substantial considering the dragon had disappeared and in its place were several large worm-like blobs.

The zora seemed to have his hands full, but giant worms could wait. His concern was still the summoner, who was now charging at Jaden. Giga suddenly realized he was tired again. He looked down at his calf which had faded to a dull black once again.

[i]Shit,[/i] he thought. [i]That's twice now I've overused this thing.[/i]

He was not nearly as tired as he had been the first time, he guessed due to his limited time in his firewall. But still, fatigue was heavy on his shoulders as he began to step towards his foe.

His situation was not helped by the fact that suddenly his vision became momentarily blurred. [i]What in Din's name was that.[/i] He blinked away the blurriness and made sure to not be distracted again. Jaden seemed to be preparing for some momentary maneuver.

[i]Let's see that bitch dodge this,[/i] he thought. Giga picked up a nearby piece of rubble, (apparently the remnants of a door) and hurled it underhanded at his foe. Giga smiled, hoping that his attack would take her by surprise.

Zasalamel/Castle Gates/Noon 5

His explanation of how he knew Daurubia was a pathetic one, but what he was about to say was true.

"Merely gossip sir, I arrived this morning from Death Mountain. You're importance as patriarch makes you well known, and your disappearance from the area has caused quite the conversation among the adolescent Gorons. It would be an insult NOT to know you, sir."

Realizing his situation probably wasn't going to get any better, he began to sweat, which began to moisten the dried blood on his face.

Kinslayer - On The Battlefield - Fifth Day

Though the Brand still burned white hot on his flesh, shining with the sinister radiance of stolen souls, it no longer pulled at him. Countless Twili soldiers had been slain by his hand, and those that hadn't had been brought low by others. The field at his back was scorched black and littered with bodies. The numbers of the Twili invaders had been drastically depleted already, by the Hylians, the Light Warriors, and by his own unexpected betrayal. His eyes shone with inimical heat, his smoldering gaze set those who remained to fleeing, lest they fall to his unmistakable might.

He, Kinslayer, the unstoppable force of willful chaos, now watched as his intended victim made war upon a number of Lights and their accompanying soldiers. His lean, muscular form, naked from the waist up, was slick with sweat, ash, and blood. His chest heaved with ire, but his expression never changed. His malicious smirk betrayed the hunger within. Maydni was powerful, else she would not have attained the rank of Commander. Her battle with these pretentious fools was a display of her strength, her ability.

Glaive in hand, Kinslayer watched and awaited his chance. The blackened field around had been largely depopulated. The Twili, those who survived, appeared to have moved on to parts where they needn't worry about being added to the numbers massacred by his hands this day. All that was left was her, the final act of betrayal and retribution, one surpreme act of murder to quench his bloodlust.

"I'm here for you Maydni... When you're ready." He muttered as he looked on, awaiting his chance.

Ayala/Dream Land/Noon 5

Len let out a loud grown as Megan landing right on top of his wound. "That hurt you know."

"Well if you weren't just laying on your ass yah wouldn't have that problem. Now get your ass up." Rin barked as he got back on her feet rubbing her splitting head ache.

"Umm... I can't, I'm not faking this." Rin glared down on him knowing better then to believe something like that from Len. "Ok, ok I wasn't completely faking. I really can't get myself up though."

"Oh for the love of..." She reached down to help Len pull himself back on his feet only for him to start to fall over the second her got upright. 

Gen arrived just as he was about to fall face first into the mud and managed to catch him. "Oh damn you're heavier then I though."

"It's the armor and on I related note I don't think I can walk."

"Well that's to bed, we'll have to leave you for dead. Now if you excuse me I've gotta return a hit to that damned women." Megan joked... probably.

"Sergeant Major said to take him to the rear by the LT. I can't dragging him there myself." Gen piped up.

"Damn it, fine. At the very least the that means that harpy might go a little longer getting a taste of her own."

"You know I'd pay money to see that. Suddenly I good enough to move lets go watch." Len said but started to fall the second her tried to move. The other two quickly caught him by his shoulders and lifted him back up. "So much for mind over matter."


Ayala let out a blood curling screech that rang out threw the battlefield. That psychic nature of her torment transferred the scream to the mental plain as well let those even outside of ear shout her her torment. Images and scenes flashed through her mind, the war, Taden, Kashin, Fallen Angel, becoming Arch Angel, assassination attempt after assassination attempt. Her body feeling the pain over again as she relived this all in a instant over and over. Her fears and anxieties lent themselves to new torments. Images of her becoming powerless and beat beaten to near death over and over only to be revived each time just to suffer again. Images of her failing to save her loved ones from the same torment and her being shunned for it. Images of her being shunned for all that she'd suffered through. Images over everyone she loved and trusted betraying her.

Dren ran to help her as he trashed around the ground shrilling in ancient Hylian, a language which seemed as gibberish to him. He was able to hold her down but she was completely unresponsive to his calls. She'd continue to kick and scream in pure agony until suddenly for what seemed as unexplained a reason as why she started the fit stop and she fell unconscious.

"What? What is this? Where am I?"

"This is the inside of your own mind. I've suppressed your consciousness to spare you." 

"Who are you?"

"Arch Angel"

"Arch Angel!? So you mean..." her voice cut off as she chocked on her words. The though of Arch Angel taken over frightened her and she didn't want to admit it, even to herself.

"No, I am not in control, as your mind is now that would be foolish. Still if it weren't I'd still be wary of transforming. Even suppressing you consciousness was a risk I only took out of necessity."

"So then our problem hasn't changed."

The Angel didn't respond

"So, what now?"

"My previous host noticed your agony and is in the process of negating its source. When she is complete I will awaken you."

"Great I have to wait for my mother to save me. Oh well while I'm stuck here I've wondered, why don't you ever talk like Death Angel does with Senshi."

"Neither of us speak to our hosts, Death Angel's current host is a rare exception and one only being made because of the risk the demon with him poses. The only reason we are speaking now is because your existing with in the same portion of your mind that my consciousness resides. However as you are only a fragment of yourself in this state any lengthy conversation would be pointless."

"Wow you're a friendly one."

"It's not that... As you are now, what I would say to you, if I could find the words to say. It wouldn't have the impact. You don't have full access to your emotions or memories so..."

"So we should probably talk at some point in the future."


"Son of a *****, Megumi's down, Jarkin's go get her." Koma ordered as he got close enough to see how the fight against Maydni was going.

"What the hell, why me?"

"Because you're young, which means you're kind of quick and little. Now get going" Mike chimed in before the Sergeant Major could respond.

"Oh that's a good one. I was gonna say because he's the most expendable, but sure that motivational **** works too." Koma said after the young private took off.

"What's the real reason?"

"Ridden's in place so you and me are gonna attack her now. The kid would just get in our way and get killed."

"Great, so instead we get kill. Normally I wouldn't ***** about this but it's a ****y day to die. Between the heat, humidity, and sudden rain storm. Hell all we're missing is a blizzard and a tornado. Besides I'm only 22, that's not much older then Jarkins."

"Yeah but you drink like you're 46."

"Fair enough. By the way there's some other guy attacking her now as well."

"So we'll share. Hey teacher guy," Koma said turning Haraf, "assuming you don't suck you should join us too. Other wise keep these a**holes moving."

Seishi/Sky World/Noon 5

Seishi struggled to fight against the pulling force the Ice Mage was some how creating however the sound of his daughter's screams pulsing though his mind suddenly changed his priorities. "Oberon go check on Ayala would you. I'll be there I a minute."

The Paladin stopped struggling against the Ice Mages efforts and instead allowed himself to be pulled forward as he slashed down creating a large arced blade of energy in front of him.

"True Blade" he yelled just before a yellow stream of magic spirals around his body causing him to briefly vanish and reappear behind his enemy. "Press!"he yelled as he swung his blade upwards releasing the wave of every that would normally propel crescent blade into the ice mage's back.

With the attack unleashed Seishi began to rapidity fall to ground as he had to revert to his normal self to use Farore's Love. He quickly transformed back and managed to stop his decent mere inches from the ground while letting out a quiet sigh of relief. He righted himself and fire another burst attack back at the ice mage not wanting to wait an see if is previous attack had worked.

Senshi/Castle Siege/Noon 5

Senshi landed just inside that east gate with a horde of risen Twili with him. He pointed the massed of undead in the direction of the west gate and released them from his direct control not wanting him have to split up his concentration.

He once again took the air as he traveled to the west gate unimpeded by the battle raging just a few feet below. However, upon seeing the number of dead littered through the field of battle an idea came to mind and he quickly dropped down. Senshi focus some of his own power into he scythe causing the purple aura around the blade to explode. He slammed the blades tip into the earth sending a shock wave of shadow magic through the ground to be sucked up by the uncountable number of corpse. With in moments ever dead soldier of either side that had fallen in battle was once again back on their feet. The minds and souls now gone they acted on the one impulse that was strongest in them right before they're demise. The desire to fight for their side.

"That should drag this on a little longer. Now to the west gate."

Death Mountain/Several Hundred years ago

"That was quick, so quick I'm almost disappointed him." Haullam as Senshi approached him with the newly captured Oracle of Nayru.

"Were you hoping to drag this out?"

"Not at all, however I can see Kakariko from here and it's not burning. It was the only location that had an Oracle that was with in my view so I had my hopes up."

"Well if that's your only concern I believe the Dark Warriors you sent before me are still down there fighting."

"Then their wasting time at this point. It doesn't matter, I've already sent two others to capture the Oracle of Din and I suppose I can send you to find the last one. Chain this one up in that prison tent over there and return to me. The last ones location is, complicated."


"You know something seems off about you. You don't come across as evil but you're not stupid so I can't believe that your helping this Warload without realizing he has more planed then he's letting on so what is it?" the Oracle asked as Senshi chained up her legs inside a large cage."

"I'm just doing what has to be done. It will all work out and trust me, I will not allow let you or the other two be harmed."

"Just chained me up in a cage under order of a man who will likely be killing me in a ritual once the other two oracles are here. Why would should I trust you again?"

"Because he's learned from his mistakes, and he wants to make up from them." An old man in a separate cage called out.

Senshi's eye widened in shock as he recognized the voice, "You-You're alive."

"I'm not so sure about that. Enough of that, I've got a good idea of what you're trying to do so I have a gift for you that will help you along. I had to hide it though so you'll have to go get it."

"Are you sure, I don't think may actions really fall in line with your usually moral guild lines."

The tiered old man let out a weakens laugh, "You're not me Senshi, besides I used a mask fueled by a demon to beat a mask fueled by a worse demon. All in all that's not much different. Though it did cost me the Triforce of Courage, and since I kept using it the Master Sword even rejects me now. Speaking of which what's your sister up to?"


"We'll need the Master Sword, and she can take care of herself. Well take care of herself then some aged old hero or times long past can."

"Someone would need to open the Door of Time."

"That's where the gift comes in, now come closer so I can whisper where I hid it. I hope you still remember all those song.

Polaris/ Castle Town/ Noon 5

It was hard to be terrified of these things and their awkward blob bodies, as they wiggled and wriggled their way towards him. Even in their more intelligent form, they were more nuisance than serious threat. Growing tired of the game, Polaris finished dusting himself off and stepped forward, extending a hand out towards them he focused as he slowly and deliberately pulled every ounce of liquid from their bodies, as it collected in the air above them, the movements of the group gradually began to slow until their advance halted altogether. They were frozen in place, the occasional twitch was their only movement now. 

Taking the fluids he'd withdrawn from the beasts, and forming it into an enormous frozen spear, he adjusted it's trajectory so that it pointed into the sky, facing the arctic mage with whom Felina was engaged. Thinking she'd appreciate an attack with this sort of brashness, he hurtled the giant spear, sent it zooming through the air directly at the cryomancer who'd been terrorizing castle town for far too long. 

He dispatched the immobilized Like Likes in the same manner as he had done the original set of them, by freezing then, slashing them to bits. As Jaden and the enormous Goron were still tied up with the Twili woman, the reprieve on the mental assault was lifted. "Impressive. I would not have expected such a, reckless attack from you. There is yet hope."

Polaris, unknowingly had succumbed to the urges and let loose with the frozen spear without second thought, of course Felina would enjoy an attack of that sort, if it didn't skewer her in the process. Polaris was ashamed that he'd given in to such an urge and infuriated that it seemed to please Lynn. There was no going back now, hopefully all would end well, hopefully luck would smile on him here.

He had no good angle on the Twili attacker, he couldn't go after her without taking the risk of injuring one of his compatriots, either Jaden or the Goron, so he chose to hang back and wait for a break.

Daurubia/Noon 5/Outside Castle Gates

"Fair enough, I suppose. Despite my better judgment Twili, I do believe you. You have the look of an honest man on you, and...and I did feel something when you were knocked out. This creates a bigger problem though. 

If what you say is true, there is a witch in the battle now. My first order of business should be to inform the human captain of this, assuming he's finished with that dragon from earlier. But what should I do with you? In your condition, I don't see how you could fight. And the castle is...impenetrable I believe, at least for the moment."

Giga did something he never thought he would do at that moment. He stuck out his hand for a Twili. Despite the fact that he was turned down to his arms being injured, it was stilla gesture of faith that he hoped would leave its mark.

There's good in everyone, he thought. It just has to be brought out, myself included. Giga showed me that this morning.

"So...What should we do?"

IC: Shato - Castle town - day 5

As Shato charged towards the Shiekah she couldn't help but feel pleased. She had poisoned not just the giant goron, but also the sheikah commander. As she closed the distance with the sheikah a large door slammed into the ground nearby, completely missing her.

"Heh, its not so easy to hit somebody when your vision is blurred is it big guy?" she called out mockingly. However she was still a little worried about the sheikah, he seemed to be reaching for something from his belt for a moment but hesitated and stopped, preparing for melee combat instead. It seemed likely he realized what was happening was considering using some manner of poison remedy.

"Hmph, guess I'll just have to keep him engaged and try to drag this out a little more." she thought to herself as she readied her knife with one hand, while covertly unspooling some wire from under her gauntlet.

Once in melee range she swung out with a wide swing of her knife, she wasn't overly concerned about hitting the sheikah as the poison would be his ultimate undoing. As expected the sheikah easily avoided the strike and swung down with a crushing counter strike. Twisting her body to avoid and pivoting on her heel Shato began to spin to the sheikah's side, flinging out the spooled wire as she did. Manuevering around the sheikah the looped wire began to close in around his free hand, with any luck it would snare him before he realized what was happening.

OOC Summary: Shato goes for melee combat, trying to stall for time and keep Jaden from retreating.

IC: Felina - castle town air fight - day 5

Felina watched from a distance as the paladin was drawn forward. Readying a strike to aid him she was momentarily distracted by a blood curdling scream from below and the incoherent rambling of Ayala as she began screaming out in ancient hylian. 

Having heard his daughters scream Seishi had countered Quell's attack with multi directional combo attack. Seeing it as an opening Felina quickly launched her darts at Quell, a split second later a large ice spear from the ground impacted as well, smashing through Quell's chest and out his back. Felina couldn't help but smirk at the help that undoubtly had come from Polaris on the ground. Finally the rito warrior plunged in and delivered a powerful strike against the cryomancer, and then pulling away before Seishi finished the job with another powerful projectile attack as he landed on the ground.

"Gah... this is..." Felina began to call out realizing something was seriously wrong. The cryomancers body had crumbled away as chunks of ice, it was a fake.

"Behind you!" Felina called out as she saw Quell emerge from a frozen snowy mound of debris near Seishi.

Lunging out, Quell grabbed onto Seishi's swordarm. "Now then you're going to help me with something." Quell taunted as he began to use the circlet to read Seishi's mind and learn the secrets of the light warriors current situation.

Jaden/Castle Town/Noon 5

He figured they'd send something after him that was actually worth a damn. Not only that, she must have had PsyOps training, because she was trying everything to get under his skin, figuratively and literally.

Jaden realized there was one easy way to nullify this poison. But it'd be costly and ruin the rest of his day. Indignation would cause blood to seep from his pores. It could purge the poison from his system. But it'd hurt a lot. Essentially he'd consider forcing a lunar backlash upon himself to make his body go into ultimate survival mode. 

Burning the candle at both ends would play right into his enemy's hands though. She wasn't dumb by any means. Not like that other tin can they threw at him.

Reaching for an antidote would be asking for a free shot. He had to do something else. She might have been able to dodge a riposte, but he highly doubted she'd be able to dodge an Unbalancing Strike. And even if she did, she'd have to do something to force a reconsideration in strategy.

He spun his body, twisting in a staggered manner. While the poison wasn't totally shutting him down yet, it was doing things to make him less of a Sheikah than he would be if he were unscathed. His face was frozen into a scowl. His drool made bloodhounds jealous. And he used physics instead of his own power to unleash a very hard and fast horizontal sweeping cleave in Shato's direction. She'd have to pull mad acrobatics to dodge this. 

There was a drawback. Jaden noticed something ripping at his wrist that had a similar burn to the knife that had been thrown moments earlier. Thin wire...she was not kidding around. It dug in deep, and he could feel blood oozing profusely from the wound. While it hurt, he did not betray that he felt pain in the least. And he was attacking through it, making it a lot worse.

If this missed, he'd have to purge himself. Otherwise he'd be dead, captured, or worse. Better to live to fight another day even in a loss. He was hoping Polaris was somewhere nearby, because if he couldn't finish this, his hero could. Or Giga. Or someone. Because the day and the poison were both wearing on him.

Gigagoron/Day 5/Bottleneck

"Damn," he said in anger, seeing that he had missed the target. How the hell could I...I, he lost his train of thought as his vision once again became blurred, more severely than the last time. He inadvertently began to stumble backwards, feeling suddenly exhausted. 

"What...I, I don't...what's happening." Giga suddenly realized what it was. That ball of smoke the summoner had sent at him, it must had been some sort of poison. He forcefully regained control of his motor abilities. He knew that his usefulness in this fight was quickly fleeing along with any control of his body. 

He suddenly remembered back to when he had first entered the town. He had taken Horus to the castle courtyard, where a makeshift infirmary had been set up. Yes, he thought. I could make my way back there, they're sure to have an antidote of some sort. 

He looked up and to his great dismay realized his plan might not work. He had completely forgotten about the blue wall. And he had no idea if it would permit him through, or even if there was a hole there somewhere or what. 

Another wave of delirium came upon him suddenly, much worse than the previous time. S***, he thought. I can't go on like this much longer. He assessed the situation one last time. The Zora seemed to be in his own world staring up at something in the sky. On the other hand, Jaden seemed less agile than usual, no doubt another victim of the poison.

Jaden also seemed to be preparing for some sort of big attack. Quickly, Giga rolled into a ball and performed the famous goron pound. His body came down with great force as the ground around him recoiled. Hours of practice had caused him to perfect this maneuver. He had landed with just enough force to cause the ground around the summoner's feet to shake, but hopefully the waves wouldn't reach Jaden fully. Whatever Jaden had in mind, this would likely knock the summoner's balance off enough to ensure a hit.

Then, knowing his limit had been reached, Giga rolled off towards the giant blue wall, and hopefully the castle courtyard.

Whie Will Rock You Edit

Whie Malreaux/Early Afternoon 5/Hyrule Castle Hallways

Was that it? Could it be? There was a handful of men guarding a door in the middle of the hallway. Whie peeked out around the corner every now-and-again to see. They had not moved in minutes, so they were clearly guarding that specific door. Had he finally found his way back to the Chapel? Seemed likely, with the dogged way that girl earlier had protected the area and driven him from it.

Of course, there was really only one way to know for certain the answer. And that was to get inside. He pulled his head back from the corner as the patrol turned to march back down his way. In each hand he slowly began to concentrate the magic over which he had dominion, balling up electricity that floated over his palms. He focused on and on, allowing the power to build, until two orbs of electric force flitted in front of him like the fairies of the forest. He peeked back around the corner. The marching patrol was almost to him.

This time, as the two-man patrol reached the hallway intersection, Whie did not hide. He stood in the open, and they saw clearly as they turned to look down his way. They almost uttered a question. They almost spoke out, to warn their companions down the hall that danger was imminent. But almost is never enough, and Whie's silenced them as his hands touched to their chests and s discharge of magic fried their innards, stopping their hearts instantly. The pair fell forward into Whie, and he grunted as he bore their weight, dragging them to lean against the wall.

"Two down," he muttered, "four to go."

He commanded his sparks to trail behind his back, and brashly walked down the hall toward the guarded door. The two posted at the door saw him immediately, and leveled their halberds toward him.

"Halt, you! This is a restricted area! State your name and purpose!"

Whie twitched his fingers, flicking the sparks out to travel the wall. They obeyed, and began to track along the wall, making their way toward the two men. Neither noticed the glowing balls, so focused on the more visible threat of the man before them.

"My purpose? I search for someone! I'm afraid I lost her in the halls, and have spent the better part of the day looking for her, wandering lost. I didn't mean to make way into a restricted area!"

The two looked at each other, still so ignored of their approaching demise. "Well, that the case, you should leave, immediately."

"But you've not heard my name, as you asked." It was an effort not to glance at the sparks bearing down on the men, not to watch with anticipation.

To their credit, the men could sense something was off. Never did either raise his weapon away from Whie. One gulped down a retort as the other responded with suspicion. "What is your name, then?" 

"I am Whie Malreaux!"

By then, the other two patrolling guards had come closer, their weapons also aiming at Whie. One had the misfortune of noticing the sparks. "What the hell are those?"

Simultaneously, many things happened. Whie slammed the head of his mace into the speaker's face, breaking his jaw and sending him spinning to the floor. The other patrol lunged his halberd at Whie, but found his attack dodged. And the sparks found their pray, exploding in a crack of thunder as the electricity stored in their bodies transferred into the two door guards, causing them to twitch and writhe before falling limp to the floor.

The man on the floor moaned, bleeding from broken teeth and cut lips. The other patrol stared in horror at the scene around him.


The man took Whie's advice and bolted off down the corridor. Whie lifted a finger, pointing at his back, and a spark jumped off his fingernail. But then he lowered the hand again, and the patrol escaped. Whie shrugged, and turned to the door, ready to discover what laid beyond. His attention was brought back to the hallway with a sound.


He looked down at the soldier with a broken jaw, overcome by pain and crying on the floor. Whie took his mace in hand, ready to end the soldier, but again stayed his hand. It would be a mercy to end the pain, but a broken jaw was a survivable wound, and Whie's only method of pain relief was to grant death. There had been enough murder here. These people had only been doing their jobs. He crouched down beside the guard.

"Don't worry," he said with surprising kindness, "your partner got away. He'll bring back-up and they'll take you to a doctor. Your jaw is broken, but you'll survive."

Then he stood again, and opened the door. Inside was not the Cathedral, but still an open space. An older man stood with a few soldiers near a younger man. Both wore traveling clothes. Whie didn't recognize the elderly one, but he was fairly certain he knew the younger. Listening to what was being said by the elder confirmed his thoughts.

"Your Majesty, the evacuation must be done swiftly."

Whatever else he had to say was cut short when Whie was noticed.

"Oh. This shall be fun. Very fun, indeed."

Phoenix/Hyrule Castle Throne Room/Early Afternoon 5

Phoenix stopped short in his speaking to the King when the unknown man entered the throne room. He did not recognize the newcomer directly, but he did match the description provided by Agent Shea.

"You are the infiltrator from the Cathedral earlier today." It wasn't a question.

"I am."

Phoenix turned to the King and his bodyguards. "Go. See His Majesty safely to the redoubt. I'll deal with this."

The Sheikah quickly absconded with the King through a passage hidden behind the throne. Phoenix stood atop the dias, facing down Whie alone.

"I can't fight you. You're old."

Phoenix smirked. "You'll find I'm more than meets the eye. I'd suggest you turn and leave, but I doubt you'd follow along with it. Be that as it may, I cannot allow you to follow His Majesty's entourage. You say you cannot fight me, but if you try to pass me, then you will."

Whie shrugged noncommittally. "Alright." He strode toward the old man. Phoenix drew his sword.

"Last chance, old man."

Pheonix snickered. "Maybe for you."

Whie swung his mace in a downward arc at Phoenix, aiming to break his jaw as the man lying in the hallway. Phoenix intercepted with his sword, moving quickly for his apparent age. He spun the sword, parrying Whie's mace away from his body, and following with a thrust away from which Whie was forced to jump. As he landed, Phoenix pressed the assault with another swing of his weapon, and Whie was forced into further retreat.

Whie stalled Phoenix' forward momentum by grabbing his wrist and pulling, sending the fit old man stumbling forward past him. Whie turned to crack his skull with a blow from the mace only to find Phoenix no longer there. With speed that astounded Whie, Phoenix had recovered and now stood in a balanced stance facing Whie, ready to continue the fight.

"Who are you?" Whie asked, slowly circling his opponent.

"No one of consequence." responded Phoenix, tracking Whie's movement.

Whie feinted forward. "I must know."

Phoenix reacted to the feint, but did not commit. "Get used to disappointment."

Whie shrugged, and took his turn at the upper hand, sending them both back into the fight.

Whie Malreaux/Early Afternoon 5/Hyrule Castle Throne Room

It was too much. Whie just wasn't meant to be a fighter. He had never trained. Up to that point, all of his fights had been surprise attacks. He had won by putting his foe off balance, by catching them flat-footed. Or by sheer luck. But this man, this old man, was too good. He had a lifetime of experience and training. Nothing Whie did was so much as making him blink. And he wasn't tiring, either. His apparent age did nothing to hamper him in the fight. If anything, he was outlasting Whie!

"You're too good for me." Whie conceded.

"I know. You should surrender before I am forced to kill you."

"I think you know I can't do that," Whie said between gasps for air, "but I will concede defeat. Merely let me walk away, and neither of us need die here. And your King goes away safely."

The old man seemed to consider this. "I could let you go. But you would still be in the Castle, and you would still be a threat to the Hylian people. This I cannot allow, either."

Whie growled and sneered. "You're a stubborn old man! I would have let you go, but now I'll have to remember this."

With a flourish, Whie managed to knock away his opponent's weapon and retreat, gaining a moment's respite. He took this time to don the mask, undergoing the painful transformation it granted him. He gritted his teeth as his bones cracked and shifted; his muscled stretched, shrunk, and contorted; his skin itched and sprouted fur; his spine elongated into a prehensile tail. In seconds the whole ordeal was completed, though pain had a way of lengthening time and to Whie it was an eternity. The old man, bless his soul, only watched the process.

"I recall the last to have a similar mask. Any association with him is unwelcome in this kingdom."

Though able to form proper words in that form, Whie deigned only to answer with a sound. "Ook!"

Then he turned, scaling the wall by way of a coat of arms, and leaped into the rafters, escaping through a dormer.

Phoenix/Hyrule Castle Throne Room/Early Afternoon 5

Phoenix glared at the dormer window. The assailant had fled. The Hylian forces may have been on the route to victory, but it would only take a single error to turn that all around. It was time for his trump card.

Nora. Now is the time. An assassin is loose in the Castle. He is hunting your apprentice. For her sake, for Hyrule's sake, make your move.

Phoenix closed his eyes, offering a prayer. He knew full well what he had just done. He only hoped it wouldn't be a waste.

[b]Nora Larisse/???/Afternoon 5[/b]

[i]Nora. Now is the time. An assassin is loose in the Castle. He is hunting your apprentice. For her sake, for Hyrule's sake, make your move.[/i]

So it had come to this. Poor Kae. She was still too young. Nora worried she had pushed her too hard. But, still, she was the most promising student she had ever taught. She had done more in her short life than Nora had accomplished in one-hundred years. And Nora would be damned before she let that legacy end.

"I was a potential Scion once. I have the means to carry her burden, if only temporarily. Forgive me, Kae."

She concentrated on her apprentice, and held her breath as she pushed, popping through into Kae's mental planescape.

Kae, of course, was surprised to see her teacher. "[color=indigo]Nora? What? What are you doing here?[/color]"

Nora shook her head. "No time for explanations, Kae. Hyrule is winning this engagement, but the assassin returns for you, and that could very well turn the tide of battle. And Jaden dies a slow poisonous death on the battlefield. I'm sorry, my apprentice... but do me proud."

She touched Kae's shoulder, and forced the Scion of Nayru from her own mental planescape, returning her consciousness to Reality. Nora subsumed the planescape, taking it and making it her own. In doing so, she subsumed the weight and burden of the planescape, becoming the focal point for the energies of the faithful as they prayed to Nayru. She became the conduit for the Wall of Faith.

And the power flowing through her washed away her mortality. Celestial Blood Corruption sprouted and spread in an instant, overtaking the entirety of Nora's being before she could begin to feel the pain.
[b]Castle Town Cathedral/Afternoon 5[/b]

With a flash, Kae was knocked out of her kneeling position and left the focus of the ritual. A wail went up among the faithful, wondering what had gone wrong and why they were being punished with this failure. Outside, the Wall of Faith wavered, flashing and failing. 

But the ritual did not stop, and soon the praying returned, re-energized. Floating at the pulpit was a large-winged Seraph, shining the bright blue of Nayru. Praises went out to the Goddesses. The Wall of Faith shone greater than before, becoming almost opaque.

The angel's arms were outstretched, accepting and channeling the love and conviction of the people gathered in the Cathedral. She looked down at the Scion of Nayru. None but Kae saw what appeared to be a single teardrop slide down her cheek. Then she turned her regal face upward, towards the heavens, as the divine power of prayer continued to pour through her.

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