Polaris: "I distinctly remember telling you to die Fulmen. It would seem you were able to evade the Sword of the Sunrise. Pity that is. Lets finish this shall we?"
Davus: "I too remember telling you, that I don't run. We will finish this, and, Polaris, when you’re dead and rotting, when your coattail isn't here for them to hide behind I promise to kill them slowly."
―Polaris Eridanus to Davus Fulmen

The Storm Assault was a small scale skirmish fought around Zora's Domain's entrence on Epoch Night 7. The assault began when the lightning mage Davus Fulmen followed Severa Fulmaren and her companions to Zora's Domain. In the future through strange and yet known forces Davus had been pulled out of Interloper War and into the early Epoch Era thanks to Polaris Eridanus' unique conections to his timeline. Arriving years earlier Davus plotted to wipe out the Eridanus bloodline with a stolen plague created by Sirius Fulmaren. Learning that both Polaris and his ancestor Kaimu were at Zora's Domain Davus plotted to kill them along with the rest of the Zora Tribe. The battle began when Severa, Jaden, Ella, and Annie arrived just in time to warn King Tiburon's Recruits as Davus emerged from the Lost Woods.

There they proceeded to fight Davus to prevent him from entering the city and using his stolen bio-weapon. Davus lashed out with lightning magic and utilized a new technique to clone himself into different copies. All the while he taunted the hero's with images from the Mural of Living History depicting several of their potential futures. Despite having an upper hand at the beginning of the fight Davus failed to land any killing blows and momentum shifted against him when Zora soldiers specially attuned to their bio-electric fields joined the fray. In a last ditch effort to secure dominance Davus used a Timeshift Stone hidden in the Fulgarite Staff to empower himself. Useing its energy he possessed the new Zoron troops minds and transformed them into rabid Zora giants.

While the others were distracted by these Zora Davus directly took control of Severa, and used her to injure Elizabeth Bryce and kill Kaimu. This caused a paradox bubble to form around the area, and Polaris vanished from history instantly. Things further took a turn for the worse when Ella used the opportunity to kill Beth, causeing Jaden to turn on her and throwing the hero's defenses into chaos. Victory seemed assured for Davus after he possessed Stella Delphinus and used her to attack Soldat du Ciel and Rykos Bumba. However Severa managed break free from the spell and, useing her dad's stolen timestone crusher, she reversed time with Davus' Timeshift Stone. Time was restored to the point just before Davus used the stone. Kaimu, Polaris, and Elizabeth were brought back to life and the possessed Zora's minds restored. Without his Timeshift Stone Davus Fulmen was at last killed in a one-on-one duel with Polaris.


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