The Swarming of Castletown is the second chapter of Interloper War Season 2. The first chapter saw a scattering of introductions. This follows the initial battles of the twili invading castle town, and the bubble events of The Cathedral.

Dins Tits

Gigagoron/Sunrise 5/Northeast Hyrule Field

This was not what Giga had expected. As he looked away from the sun towards the west, his eyes were met with a small army, roughly a mile away, standing between him and Castle Town. He hid behind a rock and scoped out everything some more. He estimated that there were roughly 150 men in this section, hardly enough for an invasion. Not only that, but they all looked very similar to the one who had destroyed their forge. They were Twili.

Just as this pleasant thought came into his mind, he saw something nearly unimaginable. Coming from somewhere south of the town, a giant vortex had formed in the sky, and out of this vortex, a giant sphere began to emerge, heading straight for the walls of the town.

Din's tits!

Giga never saw the impact, but he sure as hell heard it. The loud explosion shot out from the town and swept over him like a wave. There must be more invaders coming from the south, he thought. He could only imagine the destruction. Qualms over his decision to fight immediately started rushing over him. Why was he out here, risking his life? Then visions of him carrying his father up the mountain, and seeing the forge lay in ruin rushed over him. Giga grinned.

He rolled up into a ball, and no longer worried about being heard, rushed full speed towards the army. It didn't take long for the soldiers in the back lines to hear him coming. 

"What is that?" One of them asked to another one. "It feels like an earthquake." They turned back and saw what appeared to them a giant boulder coming right at them. Word quickly reached the commander of this section of the army, the section whose orders were to make sure no Hylians would leave the East gate.

"I think that's a goron." One soldier said to the commander. "I've heard about thems in the stories. Sposedly, they's made of rock."

The commander, obviously not taking seriously the words of some common soldier, went to the nearest siege mage. "Whatever that thing is, I want you to stop it. I can't be distracted with rock slides at a time like this."

Giga was roughly a half-mile away from the army when he fely something hit him, like a stinging pain. He halted his roll and uncurled. As soon as he popped back out his head, a strange black blob hit him in his chest.

That was odd.

The blast wasn't particularly painful, but he saw that it was coming from a lone Twili not far ahead. He curled back down and continued on, ignoring the frequent hits. Roughly ninety seconds later, Giga felt his body crush something. Good, he thought. He uncurled to see that he was now surrounded by frightened looking foot soldiers, all beginning to lose ranks in fear of this giant. 

Giga didn't have time to think. he immediately brought his hand down and swept through several soldiers who were trying to run away. The commander turned back and saw that a thirty foot giant had flanked his men. "Where's Maydni when you need her?" he said.

The commander began shouting orders. "Forget the wall for now, the Hylians aren't going anywhere! Focus all attention on this giant! Mages, hit this beast with all you have!"

Giga was busy sweeping his fists through anything black and white he saw when he felt a sudden stinging sensation on his calf. He screamed out in pain. This hit felt like the previous ones, but was much worse. Though Giga had no way of knowing how they accomplished this, he saw that roughly fifteen Twili had all sent some form of that black energy from earlier. 

Giga limped in anger as he took one giant step towards the mages and swept his fist across them, sending several of them flying, and causing the rest of them to run. The other soldiers, including the commander, took suit; there seemed no way to harm this giant-made-of-rock. They began running the only safe route they could, towards the city gates. Giga began chasing them in anticipation 

As they began to near the wall, something strange happened. Giga looked and saw that some form of strange brown rain was coming towards the Twili, but when the rain hit them, they fell over. Giga saw this as rain, the Twili saw it as arrows, which they were now in range of.

Giga took advantage. He crushed two here, and swiped away five here. Meanwhile, the endless barrage of arrows, which merely bounced off of Giga's rock-hard skin, continued to take out more Twili. There were 125 left, then 100, then 75. The final fifty or so men took off, trying desperately to avoid death. Giga heard a small cheer come from the town. This whole process took roughly an hour.

Horus/Morning 5/Nearby Northeast Hyrule Field

Horus looked on in shock as he flew over the battle that had just insued among the Twili and giant rock monster. Never had he seen such an unorthadox and one-sided battle in his entire life. This display quickly made him realize that, with his physical power, his revenge would be impossible to exact without help if the Twili could physically hurt such a powerful looking creature with such ease. He landed on a nearby building as the battle ended with magnificent sight: a rain of arrows.

Horus had only been down from home for a couple hours, and an alliance already sounded like the less insane solution. Why he hadn't thought of this in the first place dumbfounded him. As he looked at the rock monster from far away, the thought of working with it seemed like such a good idea. He may know the land like the back of his hand, and may be a good friend to make first. But the rock monster's intimidating size made him hesitate. He had no idea how they behaved or communicated, and didn't want to just walk up to death.

Minutes passed...

"Ah screw it, I'll just follow him."

Gigagoron/Morning 5/Outside the East Entrance to Castle Town

Giga looked around at his handiwork. Any remaining Twili had since scattered and he thought it pointless to hunt them down. Roughly 100 Twili, either dead or seriously injured, were laying around him. He spotted a lone, struggling Twili who was still alive, though an arrow had struck him in the shoulder. Giga picked him up and brought them face to face.

"Tiny, ungrateful Twili," he grunted. I may let you live if you help me.

The Twili nodded in fear.

I am looking for one of your kind, a woman Twili. She has a torn-up shirt and short, round pants.

"You mean a mini skirt? I-I don't know, honestly. Lots of our women wear similar get-ups. That could be anyone."

Then you are no use to me. Giga began to lift up his arm, ready to chuck the Twili hard against the ground.

"NO WAIT!" The Twili shouted. "Please, tell me more, maybe I can help you. Just please don't kill me. I just got promoted three days ago!."

Giga held back his throw. Very well. This Twili I'm looking for came into my mountain, killed my people, and destroyed our forge. Do you have any idea who this might be? And make it fast, my patience grows thin little man. 

The Twili gulped. "I-I don't know who that might be, but I can sure as hell find out. Let me go back to camp. I can find out there and meet back up with you."

And how am I supposed to know you won't betray me, like your kin has already betrayed my people?

"I'll, um," he gulped again. "I'll make a Vow of Darkness."

And what is this Vow of Darkness exactly?

"It's an ancient Twili oath. If I make it, every day my vow is not completed, I begin to decompose. Piece by piece, my body will start to fall apart, never to regrow again."

Giga seemed pleased with this. Very well Twili. But if I find out this is some sort of trick, then I will find you, and I will perform your decomposition personally.

"I promise, I'll do it." 

Giga set him down.

Now perform your vow

The Twili nodded, closed his eyes, and began to recite some words Giga didn't understand. After he was finished, he stated, "I, Homgro, Twili soldier of the 41st unti, swear that I will inform this goron of any information that he asks me, and that I will make myself available whenever he asks of me." He finished by saying some more words in a strange language, then looked back up at Giga.

"It is finished."

Very good, where shall we meet?

The Twili looked around, and his eyes focused on a far away bridge.

"We shall meet at the Bridge of Eldin tonight at 3 am." He pointed to where the bridge was, and Giga looked pleased.

Your heart is weak Twili, but I will accept this. Do not not show up, or I will perform actions much worse than decomposition. Trust me.

Giga placed the Twili back down. He looked once more at the giant, than began to run towards Kakariko Gorge. 

Giga turned his attention back to Castle Town. He could still hear much fighting on the south side of the town, and figured he should be helping. He made his way to the castle, but suddenly was stopped short. The bridge had been drawn, and in its place, was a deep moat, filled to the brim with water.

Giga gulped. 

Gigagoron/Mid-morning 5/Outside East Castle Town walls

Giga looked uncertainly at the water. The river would be impossible for him to cross without the bridge being let down. Some soldiers on the wall saw him, but looked unsure on what to do. Obviously they didn't have the authority to do something so unorthodox in the middle of an invasion, especially when East Castle Town was the only side of the town that had a naturally built in protection. The bridge would have to stay up for now.

Giga suddenly realized that his leg was hurting. He reached down and touched the spot on his right calf where the main force of the Twili magic had hit him. A black mark, darker than any ordinary bruise was there, and it seemed to adhere to his rock-like skin. The spot felt softer than the rest of the skin, in fact, it felt almost fleshy.

Giga suddenly panicked. It must have dissolved the rock covering! he thought to himself. He felt the sun hit the spot and was surprised at the sudden burst of heat. Giga felt a disappointment. He had always been proud of his skin, which was naturally harder than most gorons. Now, he felt so exposed, so weak, although it was only a 2 foot round area. 

Giga decided he would just have to worry about that later, for now, he had to find a way into the castle. He looked around him and noticed that, flying high above him was the same kind of bird-like creature he had seen from afar on the mountain. In fact, he was almost certain it was the same creature. 

Has that thing been following me? he thought.

He decided he had no other option at the moment. He attempt to call the bird-man down to him.

Horus/Mid-morning 5/Outside East Castle Town walls

As Horus flew above the scene in attempts to get within the Castle walls, he suddenly heard a powerful, booming voice call to him from below.

"What the hell?!? I've been spotted already?"

He looked down to see, of all people, that the giant rock-like creature had called him, and was looking right at him. His heart fell into his stomach at the thought of descending. But since he had come down from his hidden home in the sky, something like this would've been inevitable. It just would've been less frightening if he was noticed by someone closer to his size. He hovered there in indecision for a few moments, then looked at his arms, which were magically altered to resemble angelic wings.

" had to happen sooner or later..."

He took a deep breath, then descended. As he descended to ground level, he tried to think of an intelligent way to introduce himself, since at this level of anxiety, stuttering would be near impossible to supress. He thought of the ways:  How do you do? No.  Hello!  No he's not your friend yet, no casual hello's. Hola! No, he probably doesn't know that dead language...

He was almost in the creatures reach at this point. Time to socialize with your first land-creature buddy-boy! Make it count! He landed gracefully about ten feet away from the large creature. He magically changed his wings back into arms in almost an instant after landing, and began his stride towards the rock-monster. Sweat was already on his brow, and his hands were shaky. Hopefully the creature wouldn't notice, but he couldn't help it after noticing just howhuge the creature was up close. After duly noting the Twili next the huge creature (He'll get his soon!) He took a deep breath, looked the creature in the eye, and spoke.

"Hello, my name is Horus. May I help you?(By Farores breath he's huge!)"

Gigagoron/Mid-morning 5/Outside East castle town's wall

Giga was pleasantly surprised at himself. After all, he had never been the most approachable person, and this bird-man's acceptance (albeit somewhat frightened acceptance) was refreshing to say the least. In fact, Giga realized that this was only the third non-goron that he had ever encountered, (not counting the Twili he just massacred of course) and it was the first one ever where he had initiated the conversation.

Despite Giga's obvious size advantage, he felt just as frightened as the bird-man looked. 

"Hello, my name is Horus. May I help you?" the bird man said. Giga also thought he heard him say something under his breath, but decided it would be rude to divulge further. If there was one thing gorons knew, it was how to be respectful and to act honorably. 

Um, well, it was then that Giga realized he hadn't really thought what he was going to say through, so he just decided to be blunt. I need your help. I saw you had been, um, following me from the mountain, and since you were the only one I saw, and um, and because I figured we might be able to help each other, then maybe, um, we might be able to, uhhh... 

Giga stopped short, realizing he was rambling incoherently. Horus looked rather confused, though still scared.

Listen, my concerns are with the battle that is being fought at this town, but it seems I have been separated from most of the fighting. This is my first time being down from the mountain, so I figured since, you know, you can fly and all, that maybe you could help me out?

Talking had been a lot easier when he had been threatening the Twili.


Horus was very relieved at the fact that this was possibly a likeable, and non-violent person when not in battle. He loosened up and calmed down, despite the creature's daunting size. He wiped the sweat off his brow, trying to make it look like he was moving his bangs out of his face as he fixed his stance into a more "at ease" posture. He was now absolutely sure that he could work with this creature in his somewhat reckless quest for vengeance, in a world he had no knowledge of. After listening to the creature's request, whom seemed to be just as nervous as he was just a second ago, he looked up at the drawbridge. After scanning the situation, and the rocky features of monsterous person before him, he quickly realized the problem. But he felt it necessary to ask anyway. He cleared his throat so he could express his voice in renewed confidence.

"Well, I know nothing about you, but you don't appear to be very...bouyant. I also assume that the the people within those walls seem understandably hesitant, considering that scrap you guys were in awhile ago."

Horus considered the moment. There was no way the people were going to let them through by lowering the bridge, and the huge creature looked like he really needed to get passed. He then had the most insane idea in years.

"I have a crazy idea. I can kinda...control the wind in a way. If I put all my effort into it, I can actually carry you over the wall to get inside. Of course, I won't have to do such a thing if I don't have your consent."

He hesitated at the thought after speaking it.

"...Just a thought."

Gigagoron/Mid-morning 5/Outside Eastern castle town's walls

Giga was confused. Very confused.

Control the wind? he thought. Lift me over the wall?

You do realize that my body is mostly rock, right? I've been told that most gorons my size would weigh almost 6000 pounds. How strong is this wind power of yours?

It seemed like a crazy idea in all meanings of the word. But then he remembered something his father had once said to him as a child. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Giga would be willing to try it.

Daurubia/Mid-morning 5/Inside the ruined forge

No one had been this far deep into the forge since its destruction yesterday. It was mostly in ruins back here, with all recognizable pathways seeming to have been replaced with rubble, magma, and rock. But Daurubia had promised to retrieve some Goronite from the Emperor Dodongo, and by Din he would.

He somehow managed to find the path to the Emperor's room. Boss key in hand, he slowly made his way to the door. But after seeing it, he realized he wouldn't be needing that key. Where the boss door was supposed to be, a giant hole filled its place. This was not from the destruction of the forge, someone had purposefully done this.

Daurubia sprinted into room, and realized to his horror that there would be no creature to subdue today. Whatever had been left of the Emperor was left in a sparse smoke that was floating around the room. Daurubia scrounged the floor for any remaining goronite, but could only find a few sparse flakes, hardly enough to make any sword.

"My goddess," he said outloud to himself. "Giga was right. I-I shouldn't have refused to help the Hylians. Those Twili sons of bitches!" He was angry now. Goronite was a personal gift from the goddess Din, and the Twili had just broken in here, killed its guardian, and stolen it all. 

Daurubia considered his actions. I can't appear so indecisive in the first day of my reign. If I go back on my word now, I'll look like a traitor for not helping Giga, and worse, for preparing his exile.....No. The army cannot leave. But that doesn't make this right. I...I have to make this right. I must show my people that I am not a coward.

"Get ready Giga. I'm coming to help you!"

The Everlasting Fate of Castle Town

Taur Dagnir/ Morning Day 5/ Castle Town

A deranged look crept across Maydni's visage, "Hahahaha, yes. Good. Well, carry on, carry on. Go, kill."

The gargantuan knuckle grunted his acknowledgment, grabbed up his axe and lumbered off towards the castle. Not far down the street he encountered minor resistance in the form of a group of Hylian soldiers crowded around an overturned wagon, they were fighting off all comers quite handily, there were piles of dead Twili piled around them on both sides, bottle-necking and narrowing, the closer it got to where they were making their stand with wagon at there backs, there was only one attack route, head-on. As the last of the Twili soldiers fell, Taur chuckled at the raucous victory cheers of the soldiers who made the stand. 

He threw his shield towards the wagon, spinning like a giant razor edged discus it tore through the first two soldiers and buried itself into the wagon, Taur roared as he followed directly behind it, he caught the shield of the first soldier he came upon with a guantleted hand, snapped the blade in two, and buried the broken end deep into the mans gut. A spinning backhand, with all of his might behind it, caught the next oncomer square in the temple, helm and skull alike, crushed. The third and fourth were erased from existence with one fell swoop of his axe. Six men dead in a matter of seconds. He did not recall what it is that he did or what he was before the curse, those memories were long gone, death and destruction was all he knew now, and he reveled in it. He ripped his shield out of the wagons side before he hoisted the wagon above his head and threw it into and through the wall and window of a building where a group of women were shooing several onlooking children back into their hiding places. How many of them lived or died after the assault made no difference, they were all Hylian, all dogs, they all needed to die. His master said so. 

Marching on into the city, he halted as a bright burst of light erupted from the palm of a man, not of Hylian descent, and obliterated several Twili soldiers. Who was this foreigner, what was his purpose here, and should Taur kill him? These were all questions for his master, whose mind, at least for the time being, was completely shielded from him. So, for now, Dagnir resigned himself to do no more than observe the altercation before him.

Harken Zeiss/Morning 5/Castle Town

Harken finished off the Twili squad and saw, standing watching, a large man in ridiculously sized armor, lean on a shield with a giant axe slung over his shoulder.

"What? Another Twili beast come to harry these people? And a big one, you are..."

He paused for a moment, looking around. Well, damn. There were still Hylians scrambling around, some diving into cover, others standing in awe at Harken, still more standing in awe at this giant suit of armor. I guess... I'll have to make a show of it. Well, if I survive, my fame will be cemented for certain.

He cleared his throat and, dramatically, raised his voice. "I say again unto you, Twili abomination! I am HARKEN ZIESS! I am the vengeance of the spilt blood of Hyrule! I am the protector of the weak, the destitute, the downtrodden! You will not touch these people! Not while I draw breath! Turn back now, or end as these who came before you!"

He gestured to the street in which lay the remains of the Twili squad. Then, twisted his fingers into the Symbol of Absorption and muttered a cantrip from a long-forgotten book of Necromancy, once thought destroyed, that had once made its way to his library in Termina. The Words wrapped themselves around the fading souls of the Twili, and slowly the became visible as they left their bodies and were slowly drawn westward. Then, the Symbol of Absorption drew the the power of these souls toward Harken, their power drawn toward, fittingly focused on, the focusing crystals. The blood, Harken's blood, around the crystals solidified, becoming reservoirs for the power stolen from the dead souls.

It hurt. It hurt worse than when his staff was destroyed and the crystals pierced his flesh. But with the profane power of Twili souls stolen through the dark ritual, he was prepared to fight this... thing. He only hoped it was enough. And that the creative uses for the crystals he was thinking up would actually work. No doubt being part of a body, and thus so directly connected to their power source, would vastly change their nature involving magicka.

Jaden/Staging Area/Morning 5

High Command liked his idea of a triple-phase blitz. And since he knew how it worked best, he would lead the first group of reinforcements into battle to push the Twili back to the wall and hold until the 2nd phase, which Haraf would command. 

This both excited and inflicted nervousness on him. He did not expect to have this honor, or this risk. 

His unit consisted of both enlisted men and conscripts alike. But he hoped to instill a purpose of unity in his men.

With a Hylian flag covering the wall which he stood in front of, he had the men arm up and prepare while he spoke. Haraf started to distribute small pouches as this was happening. They contained Deku Nuts.

Jaden walked up to center stage and let loose a shrill shout to get their attention.

"Soldiers of Hyrule, today we have a grand opportunity. We have been given the honor of striking first and pushing these heretics back to that wall. It will not be pretty, but it will be glorious, for there is no greater glory than to give one's life in battle against a hated enemy. However, I may take that one step farther. The most supreme glory is to force those Twili bastards to give their lives for failed ideals!"

The soldiers started to get quite excited, slamming their spears on the ground and their weapons against their shields.

"This is for those who gave their lives in Ordon. This is for the men who are dying out there right now. Their sacrifice will make our operation possible! Do not squander their gift to us! We will hit them hard and fast. We will give them no quarter. We will slay them all! In the name of the King!"

Jaden drew his sword and raised it to the sky. Its starmetal sheen radiated throughout the room. At this point, the men were driven into a righteous, indignant fury. They were driven. Unified. Inspired. Even the conscripts were cheering.

Haraf followed Jaden and gave the logistical instructions.

"Soldiers, contained within that pouch you have are an old favorite of the Shadow Folk. You might have even played jokes with them as kids. Deku Nuts. After the mages and archers let off their opening salvos, we are going to charge into the heart of their line. Our holding forces will support this initial rush, and we will lob some at their front line to soften it. Less casualties that way. But there will be casualties, don't kid yourselves. We can promise you that if you follow our instructions that there will be far less of ours than of the enemy's. So listen up and do not yield an inch!"

Marching orders were given at that point. Rank-and-file, the soldiers headed toward the hole in Castle Town's Wall. Toward a meat grinder. Towards glory. 

Jaden continued with his inspirational words. He activated the Defiant's aura, and that radiance instilled a purpose in these men that they'd never imagined. They truly believed that they could push these men back, regardless of hazards present.

"Ranged support! Salvo one, fire!"

Flaming death whizzed over their heads as the men prepared to make their charge. They were feeling pretty good about now, ready to die and sure that they could make more of the enemy do so than them.

Taur Dagnir/ Morning 5/ Castle Town

Taur was confused as to why this man, this FOREIGNER, would want to defend these dogs, this scum. His master had ordered him to eliminate all things Hylian. This man was obviously not from this land, yet he defied orders by choosing to defend them and call Taur to battle. Who would go against the wishes of his master? A fool, that's who. 

His masters thoughts came to him almost simultaneously with his own, "Minion, this man is NOT of Hylian descent, yet he chooses to align himself with them. If reason is ignored, his life is forfeit. Kill him." Taur sent a mental nod to his master, imperceptible to all but him and possibly, the strongest of pyschics.

Once again in his deep guttural tone, "Harken Zeiss, you say? That is a peculiar name for sure. Why would you align your fate with these whelps? Master says they must die. All of them. If you do not back down, your fate will be theirs, it is that simple." The man, apparently wanted nothing to do with the attempt at parlay, so with a sigh, Taur removed his axe, and bolted forward with uncanny speed for someone his size, aiming to end the conflict quick and concisely. He brought his axe down quickly and violently upon one of the men flanking Zeiss, splitting him in two from head to toe.

Turning towards his possible foe, Harken brought his helmed face so close that the two almost touched, "If you choose to defend them, you die. I shall not turn back!"

Jaden/Castle Town/Morning 5

No plan survives first contact with the enemy.

Especially when they drop a Gleeok right into their charge line.

"Lovely. Haraf, continue as planned. Avoid the Gleeok and push hard. I will silence this one!"

His auras would still reach his men, he had figured. If not, he would pull the dragon into range and keep fighting. Yes, it had a tail whip. Yes, it would probably cleave his men a bit. But he had to get this thing down if there was any hope of pushing the Twili back. Where did the thing come from though?

He called upon Vigilance, and a deep blue shimmer coalesced around his form. 

"Soldiers, make them pay for that glacier! I will rejoin you as soon as possible!"

Haraf covered his face in his palm and responded.

"Captain, you shouldn't face this alone. But I understand. We need to push them back. Just know we're going to lose men running by this dragon. Soldiers, shield your eyes when using those nuts! Advance!"

This new alternate plan began in earnest with the charge orders given. 

What did we learn about these things...everything dies when heads are cut off usually. It has no arms, so it can't swipe me. It's not a hydra, so the heads won't grow back. Big tail. And it shoots fire. Lots of fire. I need to distract it so that all its offense is at me instead of the men. Farore, protect me. Here goes everything.

Leading with his shield, Jaden palmed his potent flask of concentrated deku nut extract and charged headlong ahead of his men. He threw it full-strength at the ground near this beast, and it exploded in a brilliant flash of light. He covered his eyes after throwing it so as to avoid disorientation. As it went off, his men and Haraf flew by to the best of their ability. A few were knocked into the air and otherwise hurt by its flailing tail, but his gamble worked. Haraf could continue his charge and Jaden would still be in range to provide aura support.

Taking advantage of stun time, Jaden took a defensive stance and used a slashing attack intended to gain the beast's ire. This mocking blow would prove even more useful. Blood flowed freely from its wounds, but scales were thick. This superficial damage wouldn't do much. Those heads had to come off.

Jaden's men met the enemy head-on with exactly as much ferocity as expected. Some died instantly from bad luck casualties, but it couldn't be helped. Their deku nut rush did just enough for them to start this blitz. As they fought, Haraf began to bark out battle orders, which Jaden responded to as he was engaged with the Gleeok, reinforcing his unit's understanding.

The beast recovered quickly, spewing copious amounts of fire in Jaden's general direction. All 3 heads were working in unison. It really didn't like that flask. Jaden responded in kind by shielding himself as best he could, waiting for an opening to attack once more. He really didn't want to get bit by that thing. Or roasted.

Some of the men were slightly discouraged, however.

"They're a lot stronger than we thought!"

Jaden shouted back, hoping not to have a broken squad right off the bat.

"You will stand your ground! Fall in!"

His rallying cry empowered them once more. Steps were being taken in the right direction, and Haraf joined in the effort to push with his halberd technique.

"Don't spend too long dealing with that, Captain. And do try to avoid the teeth."

Jaden smirked as he dodged gouts of flame and hungry mouths.

"And you don't lose focus, Instructor. Keep them swinging. Salvo two! Fire!

More magic and arrows fired overhead, catching the Twili back row, but still within walls. These were well-trained men.

Harken Zeiss/Morning 5/Castle Town Streets

Harken gulped, swallowing a lump formed in his throat from fear. This thing was, indeed, very intimidating, and all the more so as it got close to him. 

"Uh... Uhm..." Zeiss stammered, formulating a response. "Hey! Look over there! A Hylian!" He pointed behind the armored beast.

It turned to look, with what Harken thought was a blood-rage boiling within its helmet. Its grip on its axe tightened as it prepared to murder the unfortunate being Harken had betrayed to its knowledge. But there was nothing behind it.

Then Harken sucker-punched it with a release of power, expelled quickly and painfully from the crystals through use of the Eighth Word of Force. This command created a wall of spiritual pressure between Harken and the armored fiend, which rushed away from Harken with the expelling of his breath and washed over Taur, compressing his armor around him and forcing him backward.

Doctors Note

Habiki/Infirmary/Dusk 4

Habiki listened to Kae's explanation, growing ever more enraged at her attackers, and the powers that be for letting this happen.

"And it still boggles my mind as to why Lynn would save me given what has happened."

Habiki shook his head. "Don't say that. She was the one that put you there. It's not saving someone if you threw them into the danger in the first place. As for why she stepped in, hell, I don't know! Maybe she's toying with you? Maybe she thinks you'll be useful?" realizing the insensitivity of his statement, he quickly added "Or maybe there's some remnant of Lynn Annei in there yet?"

...he doubted it. But he couldn't say that. And he couldn't bear to let Kae lose hope.

His hands angrily clenched into fists. If there was anything left of Lynn, he would drag it out of Hothknight himself! Hothknight's historical weakness was the light. That was Habiki's specialty.

He relaxed, and then sat there for a moment in silence.

He caught eyes with Kae again. "You know it occured to me, you and I have never actually talked before. Not even at the light meeting." he smiled.

He looked out the window, and saw the sun nearing the tips of the mountains. It would disappear for the night within a few minutes, and the moon would rise.

He stood and dusted himself off, growing somber again.

Look, someone has to make sure you survive until the full moon. So until this is over, I'll stick with you to make sure you don't get yourself killed." he began to tremble slightly as he spoke. "And I swear to you. If Lynn is still in there, I will rip Hothknight out of her with my bare hands!" as he said this, he lifted them up in front of chest, catching the sun's dimming light from the window. He looked down at Kae's bloodied left stump, and he knew what he had to do.

"I know it's probably dangerous to trust me. So to prove I'm not trying to pull something, I've got something for you." He grabbed a hold of his left shoulder with his right hand, and began to pull. A soft line formed at the base of his shoulder, and then he peeled back the skin, revealing the roots and cables of glowing light that were bound to his stone skeleton. He closed his eyes and pulled hard, wincing, directing his own power into the socket to cut off the energetic ties. Once the magic threads were severed, the roots ripped away easily, no longer fortified at the point of breakage.

He held the severed arm in front of him, glowing white at the base, and at his stump.

"When I was ambushed outside the Castle, I was able to convert your Star Shard into a Sun Shard and use it to protect myself. It should be able to work in reverse."

The girl who called herself Elly, realizing what he was proposing, tried to step in.

"Idiot, you're going to kill her!" she protested, but he held the detached arm in front of her to keep her from passing.

"Any other time of day, yeah, probably. But this is twilight, the brief instant between night and day. My powers will wane just as hers expand. The moon should help her to assimilate it. Will you stand back and let her decide?"

He looked back at Kae. "It will probably be unimaginably painful. But once the moon is high, you'll have your arm back, and attuned to your lunar energies. It may even help you recover more quickly."

He looked out the window and saw the sun just beginning to touch the tip of the peaks.

"Did I mention we're sort of pressed for time? If we're going to do this, it has to be now. Too late, and my energy will bleed out into the night before I can seal my wound. Too soon, and the arm will kill you." his eyes were grim. "You better decide quickly."

Kae/Infirmary/Evening 4[/b

He really was offering a lot. What he was saying made sense. It inspired her, in a way. And it also hit home. They were both of similar mind in terms of beliefs and the lengths they'd go to see them through.

"Yeah, you were in pretty bad shape then. But I feel as though we do share a bond, and we would both benefit from joining forces."

She did cringe at his proposal, and Elly didn't like it one bit. Some of the doctors were murmuring in hushed whispers as they watched.

"I promised I would try to save her too. We can do it! While I do admit I'm angry about today's events, we have to press on. Wait...oh Goddesses...if my body doesn't outright reject it, I'm willing to try it. But won't that-"

Elly had a rather angry look on her face.

"If this kills you, it'll be my head the Chieftain wants too. Don't get us both offed!"

Kae nodded and reached out her good hand to receive the arm. It was bulky and didn't look like it would fit.

"This is going to hurt a lot. But it is better than the alternative."

Wisps of celestial matter gripped onto this appendage made of clay, taking root in it almost immediately. But when clay met flesh, Kae began to clutch at it, seething in pain and huddling up on her bed.

She was going to be tattooed all over again.

As the arm adjusted into place, the active magics began to spread all throughout its surface, etching the very same patterns that had been inked into her flesh eight years prior. It hurt just the same.

Elly pulled her daggers and threatened Habiki.

"It'll be your head too if she dies."

Kae looked up at the both of them squabbling, and tried to talk through the yelps of pain.

"My choice...respect it...Elly...I will be fine tomorrow...I think...

Nora had her input as well as this was taking place.

This was not the best decision for you to make. His intentions are true, and you always have accepted gifts of generosity. Did you forget that your pact will be grafted upon flesh regardless of how it got there? Your imbuing has made that your burden, even if your soul is housed in full homonculus. And it will be painful all the same. You will not die. But do not squander Habiki's arm. He truly intends to protect you. But you also must protect him. From doubters. From those who do not accept him. And especially from those which he defected.

It is better than letting the active magics do more harm to me. This may very well filter some of my curse out and alleviate the constant pain I am in! And it's an's better than being an amputee...ow...

Her new appendage was being accepted by the body, but a heavy price was being paid. Visual confirmation of her pact. Glowing lines seared all across its surface, cooling to reveal starmetal patterns she had been used to seeing. It even adjusted to her body type with the excess clay filling in spots of raw flesh left by explosive damage. It was soaking up much of that taint. Perhaps it was filtering her corrupted blood, and that was also why it hurt so much?

The problem was, she passed out again. Doctors shoved everyone out of the way to take her vitals as her arm was cooling. 

"She's stable. What the hell was that?"

Elly shrugged and continued to look very skeptical.

"She really does keep odd company. I don't like it, but I'll live with it, Habiki. Just make sure you watch over her as well as I do. With the way this war is going, it might be your job full-time."

She walked over to Kae's bedside and took her usual seat.

"Feel free to stay as long as you like. Maybe they should look at you too."

Kae and Elly/Hyrule Castle/Morning 5

Elly helped Kae navigate through a rather unpredictable sea of humanity. The Scion was still sore from last night's strange turn of events, but grateful for Habiki's help. And also fortunate that her robes covered up this new development. People asked enough questions as it was.

When they finally arrived at the Cathedral, Elly motioned for Kae to wait outside.

"I'm going to run a quick sweep. Everyone out so I can check for traps, bugs, or anything that could cause you or the civilians harm. They instructed the clergy to do the same. So if anything's in there, it's going to be classified as hostile in my eyes. Stay with the soldiers, and do not go running off into battle! You have to trust me, Kae."

Kae nodded and smirked.

"Last month you'd have to beg me to go fight someone. I haven't forgotten my roots, Elly."

"Well, don't go forgetting them now. You need to take it easy if you're going to shield the whole castle from those heretics."

She slipped inside the cathedral and began scanning pews and confessionals. Everything looked fine until she saw a hooded figure kneeling near the front.

"Excuse me, but King's orders were to clear this place. I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Now."

Elly clutched at her daggers. She had a very bad feeling about this, but then again, she never trusted anyone that didn't have the Weeping Eye somewhere on their person.

Habiki/Infirmary/Night 4

When Elly raised her daggers at him, Habiki braced himself for the worst. But soon, as the moon began to rise and Kae's body accepted the arm, Elly's stance began to relax, and she put her weapons away.

"She really does keep odd company. I don't like it, but I'll live with it, Habiki. Just make sure you watch over her as well as I do. With the way this war is going, it might be your job full-time."

She walked over to Kae's bedside and took her usual seat.

"Feel free to stay as long as you like. Maybe they should look at you too."

Habiki shook his head. "No. To be honest, I didn't actually come here to see Kae. My father," he paused at seeing Elly's confusion. "Well, my creator," he clarified, "was wounded today. I managed to patch him up, but he still needs his rest. He's frail. I just lucked out in finding Kae here."

Suddenly he stumbled. The wound where his left arm had been was still open, and in the darkness of night the light was escaping, bleeding his body of its energy.

He reached over with his right hand as he sunk into one of the chairs, tying off the roots to close up where his good arm had been, a small sliver of light still escaping. The roots pulsated slightly, and he knew they would grow together and seal fully by morning.

He stood up and walked toward the door, stopping there for a moment. 

"Look, Elly," he said, "There is still a lot I have to discuss with Kae, things of grave importance that she must know. But not tonight. Tonight she rests. I'll brief her on what I know tomorrow."

He stopped briefly in Sol's room and saw that he had already been hooked up to an IV, and was breathing more steadily than before. He was doing better, but unfortunately, now Habiki had even less energy to spare for his father after what he had just given Kae. He gave what he could, then left.

He continued to stumble slightly as he walked out of the infirmary. Before returning to the Castle, he stopped off where Lynn and Senshi had fought only the night before, and he retreived his bag, stuffed with the books Ten told him to read, and bottles of minerals and oils. He placed his "manual" in the bag and then, with some difficulty, slung it over the shoulder of his remaining arm.

He nodded at the guards at the drawbridge, who by now recognized him, and he walked through the lobby and up the stairs, into the small bed chambers that Pheonix had offered him for his time as a Light Warrior.

He dropped his bag on the floor.

Strangely this had been the first night since joining this war that he'd really had the luxury of choosing how he slept, except the night at Darrel's Hut. Every night, he'd either been wounded or knocked unconscious and had the choice made for him. So rather than taking the bed, he opted for what his stone nature, and his years in that cave, had made him grow accustomed to.

He walked to a corner of the room, sat down, and tucked his knees in, grabbing them with both arms, and let his head lull to rest on his knees. The light instantly left his eyes, his mouth hung open at a disturbing angle, his body shriveled slightly as the roots beneath the skin stiffened. Even his hair stiffened slightly to resemble a poorly bred grass. Within moments, like some gargoyle, he no longer resembled a human at all, but a corpse, a zombie, the homunculus he was. And with that, he slept.

[b][color=yellow][hl=darkblue]Whie Malreaux[/hl][/color]/Morning 5/Castle Cathedral[/b]

Whie turned to the voice. He had spent the whole night knelt before this altar to the Goddesses. He prayed. He prayed for Leonora. He prayed that her beauty could be returned. [color=darkblue]He waited for the proper time.[/color] And now this voice interrupted him? How dare!

"[color=yellow][hl=darkblue]Leave me alone, can't you... see...[/hl][/color]"

His voice faded when he looked at her. His prayers had been answered! The Goddesses showed pity on the poor blighted Whie Malreaux. Praise be to they! Amends could be made! The past could be rectified! He could change it all, now!


Elly Shea/Cathedral/Mid-morning 5

Just what I need...

Elly was hoping for a clean sweep this time around. But everything just had to be so difficult this morning. Her hands did not leave her weapons, as her training always mandated any unexpected problems as possible threats. 

"Final warning. I don't care who you think I am. You need to leave the cathedral and wait with the rest of the clergy. Or the civilians. Whoever you may be. Failure to comply will result in use of force. You're lucky I'm warning you."

She had a bad feeling about this. He sounded like he'd found his long lost love. Too bad for him. If he wanted to try to win her over, he'd have Jaden to contend with. Not that they were together, but with enough rumors swirling around the village, they might as well have been. 

And if this guy was enamored, he probably wouldn't want to move. Which is why she wanted to get Kae into a side room or out of the way. This new Scion thing emboldened her friend to do all sorts of things she wouldn't normally. 

Elly wasn't as pretty as Kae. She had a lot of things going for her, however. Seeing Kae would set this guy off and then they'd never get rid of him.

She stood there and waited, looking rather impatient. The door opened a crack and a soldier peeked his head in. She motioned for him to move Kae, and the door shut.

Whie Malreaux/Morning 5/Cathedral

It wasn't Leonora. No. It couldn't be Leonora. No.

It was a trick! Whisper was playing with him again! Damn that voice! But never before had it changed his vision... Yet it couldn't be! It wasn't!

I have done naught. Mayhaps tis but a symptom of your own insanity.

Whie growled lowly. "Everything you say is a lie!"

And you always believe me. Hmm. Interesting, isn't it?

With a scream, Whie reached behind him, grabbing an abandoned aspergillum and swinging it around in front of him. His hood fell from his head, revealing his face and the rage in his eyes. As the aspergillum whistled through the air toward the woman's face, Whie shouted, releasing electrical energy into the metal of the improvised weapon.

Elly/Cathedral/Mid-morning 5

There is always a risk in letting civvies into the castle. Enter Sheikah's exhibit A. Even if it is an insane electrokinet.

She shouted as loud as possible, sidestepping his opening attack. Better to dodge than parry when dealing with hostiles like this.

One thought ran through her mind. Disable or kill? If he had these abilities, no prison would hold him for long. Not even the castle's super max.

...And how was she even supposed to hit him? No doubt he would have this static field all over. Those daggers in her hands would become lightning rods if she wasn't careful.

"Breach! Move her now!"

Elly couldn't trip him in the pew. Keeping him in there had its advantages, but he could always run back out the other end, or jump over them. She decided upon a left cross with blade extended in its trail.

Habiki Section, Something Something H

Habiki/Solarus' Chamber/Night 4 Habiki's sleep seemed to pass abnormally quickly. It was a blur of sparring with Solarus and being pummelled by him, the Daykeeper still chastising him for his lack of mastery. The spire loomed in the background, tantalizing but unreachable.

"Draw your sword, nitwit!" he yelled at Habiki, who was firmly on the defensive.

Habiki leapt back from his assailant and took a wide stance, raising his left arm and spreading his 5 fingers to represent the sun's rays, beginning a chant, and...

It went nowhere. Before he could finish half the first round of his chant, he'd already been struck silent by an incoming attack.

Solarus shook his head. "You're no scholar, Habiki. You're not a planner, you're a doer. Yet with what few abilities you've discovered beyond primitive bursts of energy, you've required chants and gestures, to perform them undisturbed and with ample time. Unacceptable! 

Solarus kicked Habiki hard in the stomach, sending him reeling back. Before Habiki could fully climb to his feet and regain his composure, Solarus charged him, leapt, thrusting his fist squarely into Habiki's jaw.

"What good is a chant or gesture when you're faced with imminent attack? This isn't supposed to be something you think about, something you plan out. You're supposed to do it, it's supposed to be reflexive, you see them coming at you and you raise your already manifest blade!"

Habiki was incredulous as he blocked an incoming punch, grabbed Solarus by the forearm and threw him into the air. Solarus did not come back down.

Habiki leapt up into the air with him, and the two began to fight mid-air.

"You're ridiculous! You were the one who taught me that chant, and it's been a day! You really expect me to be able to draw my blade on command already?"

Solarus flipped and let gravity take over, his legs swinging down into Habiki's chest and sending him headlong into the Earth, a crater forming where he impacted as the dust settled.

Solarus slowly drifted down to where Habiki lay, touching gently down on the earth with his arms folded.

"That and more, Habiki. It may have only been a day, but time is something you do not have. It seems the blade is your only trick, and you can't even do that right. Unless you begin to expand your arsenal, quickly, you won't stand a chance."

Habiki's bed chamber/Early-Morning 5

Habiki's body began to spring back to life. The shriveled roots under his skin expanded and his shrunken form filled out. His slack jaw closed and he raised his head, and as Habiki emerged from his slumber, his entire stiff body relaxed.

He checked the stump where his left arm had been. The roots had completely grown over the void through the night. In Solarus' strange world, he still had both arms. In fact, none of the normal rules seemed to apply there. Even gravity was subject to interference. Now he had to deal with reality again. And the reality was, with roots growing out of his shoulder, he would draw stares.

He stood and walked over to the bed and rummaged through his bag, pulling out one of the bottles of dirt and a bottle of oil. It was difficult, but by propping them up with his knees, he was able to open each jar in turn with his remaining hand and place them on the floor. He poured a small amount of oil into the dirt, and stirred it with his fingers. 

He then slathered the paste onto the stump, forming a skin and smoothing it over, hiding the roots. Quickly the magic of his body took over, and what had been mud now resembled human skin. The illusion was no longer broken. He could pass for human, albeit an amputee. He put his belongings back into his bag and slung it over his shoulder.

He stood again and stumbled over to the window. He was still weak from the night before, and off balance thanks to being without his good arm. The sun was not yet up, but he thought he'd go up to the roof and wait for it so he could get a much needed recharge. Luckily the ceiling was sloped toward the window, so he didn't have to pull himself up. Merely be careful not to fall.

He walked up the slope of the roof a ways and then sat down, cross-legged, looking out toward the outer wall of the castle.

In the dim light he couldn't make out much at that distance, but there was definitely commotion going on outside the Castle, and on the ramparts. He could hear a faint rumble.

"Crap," he sighed.

Heave Ho!


Horus was very suprised by the creature's hesitant compliance with such a crazy offer. But the offer was excepted and like he always thought to himself, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained". He remembered all the times he lifted large objects for long periods of time to test his endurance back up in his home, in the Sky Temple. He hadn't studied much about things like, "Are things heavier or lighter depending on the thickness of the air, if at all?", but even though he had never tried 6000 pounds, it was now or never, the creature was probably expecting something.

"Alright, let's give it a shot then."

As he stretched his arms, he considered the insane amount of power it would take to do something so unbelievable. This feat has only been heard from the Legendary Heroes he had heard of in his youth during "story-time." He put his hands together as feathers flew from his arms, and surrounded him as they collected and multiplied in numbers. The feathers began to circle around his hands, feet, and torso. Pressure from the wind he had magically summoned began pushing down, give his movement seem weightless. He walked behind the huge creature and prepared to lift him. But before doing so, he reached within one of his pouches and pulled out a bottle, filled to the brim with glowing green liquid. It was a special kind of magic potion that was only made in his home. One gulp of the stuff could bring him back from a terminal illness feeling better than he ever had before. He removed the cork from the bottle and consumed all of its contents. Before he even had time to finish, he felt an intense amount of energy surge through him. He had never consumed so much in his life in one go, and felt more powerful than he had ever felt in his entire life. But he knew it wouldn't last forever, so he began to lift the giant creature by it's rocky shell and hauled it slowly, but surely, over onto his back. Air and magic was doing all the work from here on in. With how much Green potion he had taken, this feat would only be possible once. He had to make this count.

"Only one shot." He grunted.

He began to glow green as he began to put more and more effort into straightening his legs. The insane amount of weight and pressure he had just applied to himself made the simple act of straightening his legs an intense event. He gritted his teeth as his muscles strained against the incredible weight. He used more and more of the magic within his system to send more and more magical wind around him and downwards. He began to believe he couldn't do it, but then it hit him. He remembered before his father left, and how he always told him "Mind over matter." He only couldn't do it because he didn't believe he could. He closed his eyes and freed his mind. He no longer thought could, he knew he could. The earth began to shift downwards and became a small crater as he finally lifted off. 

"Rrrrrrrrraaaaaaaagghhh!" He yelled as he lifted off into the air, with the huge creature in tow. he rose slowly into the air, sweat pouring down his face, which was red from stress. The way he held the creature dictated that he looked down. As he rose, he watched as the intense amount of controlled wind crushed the small amount of earth that he was just standing on before lifting off further and further down. After a few moments, he raise his head up enough to see that he was above the wall. He bent the trajectory of the wind to launch them forward, over the wall. In a small moment of hovering, he checked if anyone was directly under them. After confirming that nobody was right there, he slowly lowered down, in the middle of an empty road. After several moments, he finally touched down. It only took two minutes. He set the huge creature he had in tow down as gently as he could. Once he let go, his human limit had kept up with him once the Green potion wore off. After the energy that once surged through his viens dissipated, exhaustion hit him like one thousand bricks. He went limp as the power became nonexistant. He gasped as he looked into the sky...and blacked out.

Gigagoron/Mid-morning 5/Outside East Castle Town walls

The initial lift frightened Giga. Very rarely had his entire body ever been completely off of the ground (jumping wasn't a big thing for Giga for obvious reasons). But now, he wasn't just off the ground, he was floating in the air, with Horus right above him. If there was one feeling that Giga was not accustomed to, it was weightlessness. In fact, it made him feel rather woozy. 

The wooziness only got worse as the crossed over the river. Giga looked down in fear. Oh Din, Horus, whatever you do, don't drop me. But much to Giga's relief, they made it over the wall nice and dry. He was slowly lowered onto the road, and his feet finally touched the ground. He turned back to Horus in order to thank him, but was surprised to see that he had collapsed on the ground from exhaustion.

Oh no

Giga walked over to him, and delicately lifted him up over his shoulder. Some sort of loud raucous was coming from the southern wall. Probably the main bulk of the fighting, he thought.

He looked around at where he was. It was a rather small street with houses lining both sides. To his right was a road that turned into some sort of grassy area. The place looked deserted. He looked straight ahead and saw some sort of fountain, which was obviously the centerpiece for a courtyard. Just as he saw it though, some sort of giant three-headed monster came crashing by it, with a tiny human in toe.

Giga had a sudden burst to help the human, but realized that he couldn't while protecting Horus. So he took the side road he saw earlier and started banging on doors. No one answered. 

They must have retreated into the castle. he thought.

So he decided he would head to the courtyard, and from there the castle. He came to the courtyard as many soldiers who were sprinting by towards the south wall stopped and looked at him in terror, thinking he might be an enemy.

Do not be afraid humans, I am not with the Twili. I am here to help you, but first I must help my friend here. He showed them the passed out bird-man.

One man took charge, "If you need to take refuge, just head up to the castle."

Thankyou human.

Just then, the human shouted, "Watch Out!" and pointed behind Giga's legs. Giga swung around and saw that a lone Twili who had snuck through was trying to sneak up on one of the soldiers. Carefully cradling Horus in his left hand, Giga brought his right fist down hard onto the Twili, crushing him. 

The men looked stunned. "Hurry up and do what you need to do, we could use you goron."

Giga nodded and headed up to the castle. Before he did, he looked to the south and saw again the three-headed-giant and the human going at it.

Being a goron, a known ally of the Hylians, the guards let him through the gates and into the courtyard. Here, many people were gathered, looking scared and worried. It was mostly women and children. Giga saw a small encampment where injured men were laying down, with a nurse who frantically trying to tend to all their wounds.

Giga walked over and showed the nurse Horus. She nodded and said, "Yes, put him on that cot over there. We're trying to help as many people as we can, but our resources are limited at the moment."

Giga placed Horus down, and began to move back to the town square, ready for a fight. Just as he left, Horus started coming to.


Horus gasped for air as he jerked awake. Without hesitation he jumped to his feet to find that he had been moved further into the town he had just entered, and was inside a small encampment. 

"That creature must have carried me thoughtful."

His muscles ached and burned from what he had done before losing conciousness. He looked around and stretched his neck. A nearby nurse noticed activity behind her and turned to Horus. She insisted that he lay down, he had just only been sent there, and had just regained conciousness. Horus understood the Hylian woman's concern for his physical condition, but felt it more important that he do what he came here to do. His anger towards the Twili was still fresh, and wasn't going to slow down for something as simple as physical fatigue. As he left the encampment, he saw the large creature whom had brought him there. Horus knew what it was going to do, but wasn't about to follow on the ground. He felt more comfortable attacking enemies from afar, and immediately began to climb the nearest building since he couldn't fly at the time. As he reached the top of the building, he quickly started his way towards the battle field, whilst jumping rooftops. But since he didn't know where the action was exactly, he ran across the rooftops according to where the huge creature was going. As he followed, he pulled out his bow and readied his first arrow, ready for his first battle.

Jaden/Castle Town Bottleneck/Mid-morning 5

Multitasking wasn't helping him take the Gleeok down any faster. His men needed direction, and while he couldn't see fully what was happening, he had to dodge 3 heads, a tail, and a lot of fire. All while confirming his second-in-command's orders.

"Keep pressing forward, men! Left side, handle it!"

"Move as one! Close those gaps and redouble! Don't let any through!"

"Captain, we need you up here now!"

Jaden knocked one lunging head aside with a skull-shattering shield slam. As it left an opening with the other two heads roaring back in response to its pain, he severed it with a full upward slash. He then activated his sword's Power enchantment. 

But he forgot the problem with Gleeok heads. As it flew off to the right, it was still very much alive. And it lunged for his sword arm, taking a good bite right near his wrist. Armor couldn't stop all of the damage, either.

Haraf could hear Jaden crying out in pain, but he couldn't run back to help, as he had his hands quite full.

"You didn't do your homework, Captain. Follow through!"

"I did not expect to be fighting one...AAAHHH!"

The other two heads recovered, spraying flame in his general direction. He knelt down and hid behind his shield to cover for most of that blast, all the while slamming head number one into it to try to knock it off. 

That strategy worked, and he finished it with a downthrust before rising to his feet to continue a game of dodge and parry. 

"You're lucky it didn't shoot fire after being cut off. We're gaining ground, men. No mercy!"

One down, two to go.

He renewed their morale with another emboldening shout, and was surprised the beast continued to attack him with so many potential targets nearby. And he wanted to finish the beast quickly, as his men did sound like they needed him. Haraf wasn't a horrible commanding officer in a battle, it seemed. Which was a relief. But he wasn't Jaden, who would have had these men a lot closer to the wall by now. 

Jaden counted his blessings that progress was being made even with these wrenches thrown into his plan. And blocked another head-lunge with his shield.

Taur Dagnir/ Morning 5/ Streets (of Rage) 'o' Castle Town

Taur cursed himself for his own stupidity and lack of focus. Falling for such schoolyard tricks was beneath him, yet...he couldn't resist looking..whatever the man struck him with, it hurt! Pain like he hadn't felt in ages. It felt as if his armor was caving in around him as he reeled, then staggered backwards.

Stretching the joints of his damaged, yet intact armor, it creaked and popped as everything ground it's way back into place. Taking the brief respite in the action as an opportunity, Taur sat his shield on the ground beside him, unclasped both his cloak and crossbow and bolts and placed them on top of the shield. "Hmph, lies. My concentration shant falter again. Parlor tricks won't save you now dog."

Now wielding his axe one handed, he removed the chain from his waist and wrapped it around his gauntleted fist and afterward, it spiraled up his forearm, if the opportunity came, he'd revert to the schoolyard again, this time a game, trading punches, pity the man wouldn't last long in that fun.

He leaped forward, somewhat slowed by the little mans powerful attack, once he was within striking distance he swung his axe wildly, Tholcrist gleamed in the morning sun, in a sadistic sort of way, it was a thing of beauty, death incarnate, twas a shame the attack was a hair too slow and Zeiss was able to dodge it completely unscathed. The force of the swing however sent Taur stumbling a few steps forward and the axe crashed through the stonework of a nearby building, sending a cloud of dust and rubble into the air.

Angered by this, Taur hefted a rather large chunk and hurled it at the crowd of onlookers, the thought of pleasing his master by killing more of the scum of this land pleased him. Now picking up speed like a boulder rolling downhill Taur spun quickly back towards Harken, and in the same motion outstretched his arm towards him, the chain whistled through the air as it unraveled itself from his arm, at it's full length it would strike his foe dead center.

Seishi/BattleField/Morning 5

"Oh well that's just cute." Seishi smirked as he pointed his blade at the women dressed up like his dearest pain in the ass.

"But you've made few mistakes," he fired a small sword beam hoping to disarm and maybe hurt the women, but not kill kill her. After all he was enjoying this.

"See your mannerisms are all off, you've gotta talk like you think you're better then than everyone else. On top of that 'sorry handsome,'my wife would never say that in public. Also while were close in thinking she'd want to cut into my fun even she wouldn't interrupt a battle like this. I do have to give you some points though, the presence of my wife can strike fear into a whole army especially my kids not me though. Also that little smile thing, while completely was humorously creepy."

Ayala/Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel

"Hey Ayala I think you're parents are fighting. Mean the cool kind of fighting but kind less awesome in this case because its them." Oberon said not really knowing what to think of the situation. It wasn't as if they hadn't tried to kill each other in the past, but that was before the fell in love and had a second kid and really this wasn't the time or place. Then again it would be an awesome fight.

"I saw and I'm just going to naturally assume that its some kind of trick and that isn't my mother. Right now I'm to worried about my idiot brother to worry about that really being my mom so I'm just going to assume its not."

"Oh, ok that means I can enjoy the fight. Oh hey look a dragon!"

"Really where!" She yelled looking around with wide eyed excitement. Even as an adult she still held a fascination for the beings similar to what a small child would a pony.

"Over at their at the whole in the wall, I think it's a Gleeok since it's got one of those flying head thingies, oh wait they killed the flying head thingy."

"Oh I see it, yup that's a Gleeok, which is an evil kind of dragon usually brain dead too."

"Which would be an much more awesome thing for you to fight then a few minions." Oberon gained the same wide eyed excitement over the through of a cool battle."

"Yeah and the main forces probably need that dealt with more then we need to worry about another whole in the wall. Hm... Hey D'Ren!" She shouted across the field hoping to get the LT's attention. She was still a team player and didn't just want to run off after all.

"Oh for, could at least one person in the squad address me properly. WHAT?!" 

"You guys aren't having any trouble with these mage guys right?"

"Surprisingly no, why?"

Without responding Ayala used her jump spell to leap and imposable high into the air towards the Gleeok. 

"What the hell does she think she's doing!?"

"Probably heading towards that big ass dragon thing since you know she's a dragoon." Gen quickly responded in the most smart ass way possible."

"Great, go help her."

"You're kidding me right boss."

"No, get your ass over there. And stop with this boss ****. It's sir or lieutenant would it kill you jack holes to actually act you're in the military."

"Yes actually," Ront called out having been listing to the whole exchange. "You see military things do then to involve people getting killed which is why if we don't do them we have a better chance of living. Since of course living is winning I really think its in the best interest of Hyrule for use to stop the fighting nonsense and go get plastered."

D'Ren merely turned to with a threatening glare while motioning to Gen to get his ass in gear.

Ront lazy but no fool and knew when it was time to cut the crap, "Right back to fighting then." 

Ayala activated her staff creating a spear tip out of magical energy and she slammed down into the dragons back. The spear had pierced the beast left spine just before the tail. 

"BURST!" she yelled as he forced her own power into the staff, but instead of being released in the force of a brilliant attack as it would from an enchanted sword to sudden rush of power instead caused the spears blade to violently explode instead the dragons body sending its tail and lava hot blood flying at the twili behind it.

In a pain induced rage the Gleeok tried to torched the tail exploding nuisance that was still on its back. Normally Ayala wouldn't have to worry about this thanks to her armor but Oberon didn't share the same immunity so she was forced to grab the fairy and jump down towards to Shiekah that was already battling the beast. 

"Um... Hi! Ok cutting off their heads is kind of stupid. These things have a soft underbelly so if we can get it to rear back on its hind legs and 'spode it's heart and end this real fast for us." She said with a smile that was uncharacteristically innocent for the situation.


As Horus approached Town Square on the rooftops he could hear the sounds of battle fill in the air. His acute sense of smell allowed him to catch a nose-full of the dreadful smell of death that already filled the air as well. It was a violation of the senses, a feeling he was not familiar with. The feeling turned from a time of anger, to a dreadful fear of death. He was about to run right ahead of the creature that helped him to safety, just to get himself hurt again in a span of only a few hours. His stride slowed to a sneak as he walked up onto the peak of the roof he was standing on. What he saw was a sight both magnificent and gut-wrenching. Hundreds of human-like creatures fought amongst one another. The only way you could tell the difference between races was the drastic difference between peachy flesh, and black flesh. Even this was hard to detect, what with everyone moving around, wearing helmets that hid all but thier hard-to-see faces. Thankfully, he wasn't in the action yet, and sighed a sigh of relieve for that. But he knew that his low profile would be blown once he shot his first arrow, so he had to make it count.

"(Alright...Here goes...)" He whispered as he readied his bow and pulled back the powerful string of his bow. It was a special bow, crafted and carved from the horns of a mighty Sky Ram. The bone within a Sky Ram's horn is known among his people to be close to, if not, THE most powerful organic material to be found. The string made by the fur of the Sky Ram, which is close to the most powerful hair in the world, only seen to be cut by only the sharpest of weapons. His arrows were known by the Hylians as "Light Arrows."

He closed one eye and took aim. He aimed at the head of a rather tall Twili, whom towered over the soldiers around him. There was no way Horus could miss, for even if he missed by only a little, it would only take a small amount of wind manipulation to make hit hit it's target. He had just enough magic to do just that, and was going to take the shot.

"You're dead." Horus yelled as he prepared to let go of the string of the bow. But something happened that he didn't expect. He felt a something quickly grab his hair pull him back. As he was forced to bend backward, he was met with the one pulling his hair. A Twili looked him straight in the face, and was wearing armor that only the stealthiest of units would wear.

"Damn my long hair." Horus grumbled. Upon hearing this, the Twili reached back and grabbed his knife, which rested on his belt and made a motion to cut Horus' throat. Horus quickly aimed his arrow and fired at the Twili's head, which predictably missed. In his haste upon missing, he dropped his bow and switch to his staff. In what seemed to be less than a blink of an eye, Horus used wind manipulation to turn around and hit his opponent in the head. As the Twili was slammed into the roof head-first, Horus was already upon him and had one of his daggers to the Twili's throat. The Twili laughed.

"Woah! I haven't seen such speed since..."

Horus was puzzled at the statement. Why did this Twili seem so calm when death stared him in the face? horus looked into the Twili's yellow eyes and noticed a familiar glow about them. The smug look, the slighty different clothing, and that familiar pouch that was smeared with make-up, which was colored like the skin of a Hylian. This Twili, this ever so familiar Twili, was able to hide among the Hylian's disguised as one simply by apply make-up, and using magic to alter his features to look human. This Twili was the very same one that his dad had always spoken about The one Twili his dad said he could trust. In fact, his father in life trusted this Twili so much, he actually showed Horus a picture of the Twili, told him its name, and its methods in battle. It was like his father had breifed Horus for this day. Horus knew all there was to know about this one particular creature, but had only just met him in person. 

The Twili that dreamed to be human.

Horus blinked as it all came back to him. He was the first to speak. 

"Cid?" Horus asked the Twili.

Cid grinned his sinister, yet friendly grin. 

"Hey bird-brain. Your father told me you'd be here." 

Horus removed his dagger from Cid's throat and rose, holding out his hand to help him up. Cid happily accepted the help and got to his feet with a groan similar to that of an old man rising from a long nap. Cid reached behind himself and pulled out a bottle of beer, and took a huge gulp of it.

"Yep, I've been hiding away from the action ever since shit went REALLY sour. Have I a story for you!"

Gigagoron/Mid-morning 5/Castle Town Courtyard

Giga looked around for someone to hit. But it seemed that the Hylians had forced most of the Twili back further towards the wall. Giga looked down the street and for the first time, he could see the hole that had been made. It was acting as a sort of funnel as Twili soldiers attempted to come through, but were soon pushed back by Hylian forces.

Then Giga saw the same three-headed monster he had seen earlier, but now one of it's heads was off, and the man he saw earlier looked injured in his wrist. Just then, a woman came crashing down from the sky, right onto the monster's back. An explosion soon followed as blood spewed everywhere. But there was something other than blood. There was lava.

Perfect, Giga thought. This is my kind of fight.

Giga sprinted forward. As the woman was saying something to the man, it seemed to distract the man for just a split second. As this was happening, the monster reared back one of its heads, and Giga could see it was about to breath fire on the man. Giga hurtled over him, just as the fire was being released, and created a shield between the humans and the monster, making sure that none of the fire hit his fleshy spot on his right calf.

Both humans looked surprised, though the man more so than the woman. Giga smiled at them both as fire bounced off his back in every direction.

Jaden/Castle Town/Mid-morning 5

He was surprised when Ayala showed up to assist him and offer her advice. 

"I'm with you on this one. Thanks for the heads up about this lava!"

Multitasking appeared to be getting the better of him when caught unaware a large spout of flame came heading right at him with no time to react.

At the last possible second, the largest Goron he'd ever seen got right between fiery death and him.

"Nayru be praised! Thank you both! I'll be ready to strike on signal...and thank you again, my tall friend."

He steadied his stance, sidestepping the beast's lava and blood that had already began to accumulate into a ground flow.

This thing would have taken forever to finish on his own. And he was grateful that these two were nearby to help. Haraf had his hands full and couldn't do anything. And having this Goron fellow and Hylian lady here gave him even more confidence that this push would not fail; this Gleeok had a rather short life span.

Cid & Horus

"...and with that here we are."

Horus was dumbfounded at how much he had missed. This made his mission all the more interesting. Horus looked towards Ayala and Jaden from the rooftops as the two were protected by Gigagoron. From what he had just heard from Cid, those two, among many others, were more important than Horus would've ever guessed.

"Well then' Horus proclaimed, 'no reason to be standing here and counting the morning stars. LET'S GO!"

" (With that enthusiasm, you'll fit right in.)"

Horus took a swig of Cid's beer which was actually loaded with green potion. It wasn't much, but it did its job well. With new found strength, Horus sprout his wings from his back, so he could fly and attack, and took to the skies, bow ready, and began shooting arrows from above. Cid jumped down and began running towards the two whom were being protected by the huge Goron and, despite his Twili-like appearance, tried to speak with them.

Hey guys, anybody you want taken care of? Possessed? Melted? Dissected? transformed into a octorock?" He asked in his ever-gravely voice.

Habiki/Hyrule Castle Roof/Morning 5

Habiki watched from the roof as the sun began to rise, revealing more of the commotion that lay outside the walls. The ramparts were lined with archers, and outside the walls lay an army a thousand strong. There was an enormous explosion, a violent vortex of energy slamming into the Town Wall, and suddenly, the soldiers began flooding in to attack.

"Crap, crap, Crap!" this was not good. The Twili were mounting an assault on the Castle.

He watched as civilians began to flood into the Castle beneath him, evacuating the Town as it became a warzone.

He sat there, frozen, for a very long time. The sun traveled slowly up the sky as he did so. This was big, this was real. He'd never encountered true battle before. All he'd had so far were a scuffle with a golem or two, and his bouts with Lynn. He was not ready for this.

What was he supposed to do? He couldn't help the Twili seige the Castle, but he couldn't raise his blade against them, either. But he had to do something.

He ran toward the roof's edge and looked down at the entrance to the Castle. Civilians continued to flood the gates for asylum as the evacuation moved on. He wasn't going to get out through the Castle Entrance with the sea of bodies going the other way.

But Kae was down there, and he'd just barely made a pact to keep her safe. As long as she stayed in the infirmary, where security was tight, she should be safe until the Twili reached the Castle, but that wasn't good enough. She wouldn't stay, she would head out at the first sign of trouble.

Still, Habiki couldn't join the fray in his current state. He was short an arm, and his energy was depleted. He could barely stand, let alone fight. He'd have to wait it out, until he was strong enough to leap down from the roof himself.

He looked out at the sun from the roof. "Why isn't my energy returning?" he thought aloud. The sun had been up for a while now, but he didn't feel like he was getting any stronger.

He threw his bag down on the roof and rummaged to find the journal. He thumbed through it, trying to find something, anything that would explain why his power wasn't building. Finally he found a chapter titled "Acquisition of Energies". There were all these complicated diagrams and charts that surrounded the pages, and highly involved explanations of the process, but none of that was useful to him. 

There was mention that his power source had to be outside his body and exposed to the Light for full effect, but that was difficult when it was sealed inside his chest cavity. There was gibberish about meditations, but that still didn't explain anything...until he found one particular picture, resembling a spider, that told him everything he needed to know.

He snapped the book shut and threw it back in his bag, then threw off his tunic, leaving him shirtless. He sat cross-legged facing the sun, closed his eyes, and began to focus intently. Cracks formed along his chest, faults that deepened as bits of dry dirt flaked away from him. Then, his chest swelled up as his ribs pushed outward against his skin.

Finally, he burst open like a clam, his ribs folded outward like a spider's legs. The roots and vines surrounding the Light Heart began to pulse, and he felt them pulling away from his fingertips and toes as all of it began to pull towards the center. Like a tree growing backward from his chest, the Light Heart began to emerge, to protrude ever so slightly from his body.

The sphere's Light was dim, but the moment it caught the Sun it was bathed in glow and warmth, which began to spread to the rest of his body. Habiki smiled from within. He could feel it now. His power was growing.

Ayala/The Battle/Morning 5

"Wow you're pretty big. Ok this will work, can you lift that thing up a little so I can stab its squishy underside and kill it."

The Goron was quick to comply grabbing each of the Gleeok's necks by the base in either hand. The massive warrior began to push against the dragon, shrugging off its attempts to burn or bite it and lifting its front legs off the ground.

"That'll do. Here keep Oberon out of trouble for me." She said grabbing the fairy and handing her to Jaden. "She'll just fly to close and get hurt."

"What, oh come one. I can't see anything from back here thanks to mondo butt here." The fairy shouted in protest never being one to ever miss the climax.

"Lava hot blood remember. You to might want to back up as well, these things tend to make a mess." She shouted too the two additions to the little party they were seemingly having before turning and dashing towards the beast.

The super-sized Goron was doing his damnedest to hold the thing still and high enough off the ground for the killing blow even with the time the others seemed to be wasting with casual conversations. His efforts were well worth it though as Ayala charged forward stabbing the Gleeok with her magic spear and destroying its heart with another burst attack.

The rare explosive force of the Burst ruptured the beast chest where Ayala had pierce it and sent a sudden geezer of blood poring down on the girl. "Ok, do you think you can throw it at the bad guys?" She yelled to the goron as she wiped the blood from her eyes.

Gigagoron/Mid-morning 5/Castle Town bottleneck

Giga screamed as the monster exploded and lava spewed out, hitting his weakened right calf. But the girl seemed indifferent to his pain.

"Do you think you can throw it at the bad guys?" she said.

Giga prepared to ignore the pain as he began to chuck his foe. But just as he was about to, it burst into a puff of smoke. I've seen this smoke.

"People, we have a bigger problem here." Giga started to say, but the man was already somewhat up the road, helping his men, and the woman was investigating the smoke. In fact, the only one who was listening was someone he hadn't noticed was there until right now. It was a strange looking...human?

He decided to continue. He grabbed Ayala's attention and screamed loud enough, hoping Jaden would hear. "We have a much bigger problem here. Somewhere in this town is a Twili who can summon great monster's at will. I know because this Twili invaded my home and destroyed our forge. I fought a similar giant monster up there who poofed into smoke the instant it was defeated. If we want any hope at winning this battle, we must concentrate on finding this Twili woman."

Giga stopped, smiling at his ploy to achieve his own personal vendetta. He waited for a response.

Jaden/Castle Town/Mid-morning 5

He was very grateful that they took this problem off his hands. But his men did not achieve the push they had originally intended. Wherever that monster came from, he had a strong desire to find out so he could introduce it to his blade.

Hanging onto the fairy, he nodded at Ayala and did his best to get out of the way, continuing to issue battle orders to his unit in front of him. 

At least his Vigilance aura reduced the amount of losses there could have been. But he could have gotten the push all the way to the wall if that dragon hadn't been summoned.

"So that's where this is all coming from. I'm sorry to hear about what happened, and we'll have their heads for it. However, my orders have been set, friend, but if I am able to assist you in your objective, I shall. And thank you both for getting rid of this thing. If any of you are able to assist with keeping this line held until my next wave of troops arive, I'd doubly be grateful."

He then noticed a Twili offering to help with the battle as well.

"Prove that you do not follow these interlopers and I will not be opposed to your aid. I must return to my unit now. Do not lose faith, friends! By the Three, we shall not fail."

Jaden rejoined Haraf at the front, where the fighting had been the thickest. His men were invigorated at his return, and he let loose a loud motivational shout; an encouragement to hold.

"Captain, that Gleeok really set us back. We're going to have to use our second wave to get them there instead of pushing them out."

"And our large friend informed us of why. A summoner. If you see her, order Salvo Three to focus fire on it. We've got one left for this wave that we didn't use yet, and three more for each wave of troops. More if we push for more requisitioned resources."

Casualties were still on the low side. Haraf did a fairly decent job keeping gaps closed. They had about 3/4 of their original unit, which wasn't bad for an all-out blitz. Their second wave was not far off. And if any of their new allies wished to help keep this reclaimed ground, Jaden was not going to turn them away.

Gigagoron/Mid-morning 5/Castle Town bottle neck

Well, Giga thought, here I am. That "here" was exactly where Giga had wanted to be. Help the Hylians and kill the Twili summoner. These were his two goals, one of which was still in progress and the other one was still a mystery.

She's got to be here somewhere. But for the most part, he was surrounded by Hylians. Up ahead, soldiers were fighting their way towards the hole in the wall. Far behind him, Giga could see another group of soldiers preparing to charge. He had two choices, help, or get in the way. 

The summoner will wait. Giga thought.

He charged forward towards the hole. The charging Hylians were not as plentiful as they had been before. Noticeable gaps had formed. In a particular spot, three small gaps had amassed in a line of roughly fifteen soldiers. Giga picked up the soldiers in the middle, and despite their surprise at being lifted, he moved them over to create a much larger gap which could have been filled by nine men. 

Giga took the spot himself. A six-yard hole being filled by a single being. Giga roared and took out as many Twili as he could, doing his part. As he was doing this, he kept a steady eye out for the summoner.

Daurubia/Mid-morning 5/Southern Hyrule Field.

Daurubia peaked around the exit of Kakariko Gorge. To his north, he could see many Twili spilling out of a path he knew led to a field situated right outside of South Castle Town. This field was like unable to hold the entire army, thus the spillout. He had tried to enter through the Eastern Gate, but when he arrived there he encountered a hundred dead Twili, and no feasible way over the river and through the wall. 

But now his situation was much more tricky. Instead of a wall standing between him and Castle Town, there was an army instead. Giga had a good mile before he would reach the army, meaning that none of them likely saw him. That won't last for long.Daurubia thought with a grin.

He curled up into a ball, making himself a one-man battering ram of sorts. He began rolling towards the army, and within minutes was on top of them. He crashed through the unawares Twili soldiers, most of these second-rate soldiers anyways. He crashed his way through the narrow path, smashing anyone unlucky enough to be in his way. 

No use in stopping now, he thought. That would be a one-way ticket to death.

He was now surrounded by Twili in the small field outside South Castle Town, but that didn't slow him down. Daurubia made a path of smashed bodies as he hurtled towards the wall. Unable to see anything while curled up, Daurubia was completely unaware that he was in fact heading for a hole in the wall, which would lead him straight into a certain group of charging Hylians, and one very oversized goron.

[b]Harken Zeiss/Morning 5/That one place[/b]

Zeiss damn near had a heart attack, such was the fear and adrenaline coursing through his body. He barely step aside from a fast powerful swing of a huge terrifying axe, and instead his opponent was sent crashing into the building behind Harken. Then, he was jut able to avoid the toss of a large chunk of rubble as the beast hurled it into a group of rather unfortunate onlookers. And now, he was looking at a thick metal chain whistling through the air, ready to bisect him.

He cringed, eyes shut close, ready to end his bid for power. There was a sickening 'squelch' of a sound, and an exclamation of pain cut short into a gurgled grunt. Harken dared to part his eyelids and saw the creature's chain wrapped around, and into, one of the followers he had managed to gain during the previous days. It was quite obvious the Hylian would die in very short order, with ribs both visible and broken and his blood flowing out around the links of the chain. He only remained standing due to the force applied holding him upright from the chain's tension between its master and the broken man.

His breathing was short, barely there at all. "Protect Hyrule. Save my family. You're powerful... you care... [i]Please[/i]." And then the man's spirit left its body as the Twili demon yanked on his chain, tearing the metal away from the Hylian who fell to the ground in a mangled heap.

The armored beast growled at him. "Lucky man. I won't miss again!"

Harken looked down at the Hylian who had freely sacrificed himself. He'd never have believed it. He always read the stories, thought himself above such foolish sentiment. He was smarter than all the others; he was [i]genre savvy[/i], dammit! And yet, for some reason, in that instant, with that sacrifice, he actually started to care for the Hylians as more than just minions to us in his bid for power. He realized they were his people, more-so than the Terminians ever were. They actually cared for him. It was a power that could not be replicated with magic.

Of course, being so learned, he knew something else about that power: how to harness it. Harken reached down and touched the dead man, than rose with his palms covered in the blood of a willingly given sacrifice. He smirked at his foe.

"Now the fight can begin."

Ayala/Battle/Day 5

"Well if she makes more I'll just kill those too. I'm pretty sure I can out last a magic bottle." She boosted never being one to worry about cheap tricks. "But if you're take worried about it I'll keep a look out and let you know if I spot her."

"Oh damn you already killed it. That was fast." Gen called out as he finally caught up.

"Yeah I do that, what are you doing over here?"

"Our ever brilliant second in command told me to follow and help you. Clearly this was a waist of time. Oh well screw let head back to the mage killing."

"Oh yay, killing fish in a barrel my favorite. I should of joined the Light Warriors. Anyway I'm going to help these so called badasses at the east flank. I've me a shout if you there's another big scary thing you need me to kill." She smiled and ran off back to her post.

Gigagoron/Day 5/Bottleneck

Giga heard him before he saw him. The ground had a faint rumble as screaming could be heard from outside the wall.

"It's an earthquake!" a nearby soldier exclaimed.

"That's no earthquake."

Daurubia careened up the steps and nicked the hole in the wall as he burst through.

"I know that ball."

The hole was still fairly far up, filled with Twili struggling to get through. Daurubia had already covered half the distance between the hole and Giga when Giga stepped forward in front of the soldiers, preparing to stop his patriarch. 

As Daurubia came closer, Giga got into a squat, readying his arms in order to catch Daurubia and not get knocked back. The Twili around him took advantage of Giga's distraction. They cut at his legs, managing to cut through the rock and draw some blood, but nothing serious. 

As Daurubia was moments away hit Giga, a Twili who had seen the weak, fleshy spot on his thigh stabbed his sword into it. Giga stumbled back in pain as Daurubia crashed into him. The loss in footing caused Giga to only manage to get his arms around the ball, instead of his whole body. 

Daurubia shot off to the side, crashing into a nearby building and destroying it. He finally popped out of his ball to see what had stopped him.

[b]Daurubia/Day 5/Bottleneck[/b]

To Daurubia's great relief, the face he saw in front of him was Giga, although he knew Giga was probably not too thrilled to see him.

"Giga!" he called out. But Giga wasn't listening. Instead he was on the ground, attempting to remove a sword that had pierced deep into a black spot on his calf. "Let me help with that."

Soldiers had since surrounded Giga, attempting to protect him. As Daurubia came to aid his fellow goron, Giga shot him a dirty look and turned his back, determined to remove the sword by himself.

"Come on Giga, you need to take that out." Daurubia again moved to help his friend. This time, Giga used his arm and shoved him forward several feet, over the heads of the Hylians and causing him to land on some Twili. He quickly got up and moved to the back of the line again.

[i]Ok, I probably deserved that.[/i] he thought, though he kept it to himself.

Jaden/Castle Town/Mid-morning 5

Life as an unofficial Light Warrior just kept getting weirder.

After getting help from one very large Goron, he saw another one rolling right toward his line. He contemplated trying to catch this one, but it was rolling rather fast. And from how Giga was reacting, leaving Goron matters to Gorons seemed best. Especially with how much trouble he was having keeping his line intact. It wasn't the casualties as much as the Twili being pushed on by eldritch forces. They'd get on a run and he'd have to get the gap closed.

He cringed when he saw Giga get stabbed where raw flesh had already been exposed.

"I'll call for a medic if you need one, large friend!"

At least his battle auras were reducing casualties on the Hylian end significantly. He wasn't all-out engaged in this melee, but helping out where needed and shifting constantly. 

They knew each other. Good in some ways, bad in others. He hoped that a war zone mentality would allow them to work together.

"I'm just glad to see more support. Nice roll-in too. We need to get them right to that chokepoint, which I hope to do soon, when our next wave of soldiers arrives."

Not only did the other Goron's entrance provide for more support, it also gave Jaden the chance to gain more ground. He had a salvo left over from his first charge, so he ordered it down with another signal.

"Salvo three, fire!"

Valuable ground, oh how good it felt to regain. 

Pew Pew

Whie Malreaux/Mid-Morning 5/Castle Cathedral

Leonora... No... The woman who, to him, looked like Leonora dodged the swing of the aspergillum, jumping to the side and shouting at him.

"Breach! Move her now!"

They move her away, further from us.

Whie ignored the voice as he parried a strike from not-Leonora's dagger. Metal contacted metal, and a short zap of electric current flowed through into the woman's hand, sending a mild jolt in its brevity. She yelped in surprise, but continued her assault with a follow-up strike from her other hand, also holding in it a dagger. This Whie was not quick enough to black and it sliced his cheek, barely, leaving a thin line of red on his face.

Your penance escapes me!

Whie roared in frustration. "Shut up!"

He reared back, lifting his right foot, then slammed it onto the ground, releasing a charge of electricity that ionized the air around him. Like during a strike of lightning, the air became suddenly superheated by the energy cascading from Whie, and there was the loud crack of thunder as a shockwave exploding away from his body, splintering pews in its wake.

Elly/Cathedral/Mid-morning 5

Superficial. Barely anything. At least her follow-through hit.

But the most dangerous opponents were the ones with nothing to lose. She couldn't read him at all. His movements lacked any sort of form or style. But that electricity, that was a major problem. Not just because of the property damage, but because she couldn't use her fluidic shadow kata to soak it.

Elly could feel her muscles seizing up as she was flung backward from the nova of static, as well as her skin frying. This didn't feel good at all. 

But, she could use fluid shadow to deal with any more outbursts like that. Wincing and twitching, she rose to one knee and slammed her fist into the ground. What looked like black oil on water's surface covered her skin and went fluidic throughout her form.

From this crouching position, Elly sprung into the air, backflipping and letting her daggers fly toward her insane opponent. She was doing her best to shrug off this pain, but it was wracking her frame every moment.

She fully intended to recall her tools of death after they did their thing.

"I will not abide this desecration!"

[b]Kae/Cathedral Vestibule/Mid-morning 5[/b]

"You heard her! Let's get the Scion away. No one in or out of there until Elly gives the all clear!"

One soldier on each side took an arm and huddled down near her. They then proceeded to walk briskly toward a side room.

Kae was resisting this every step of the way, insisting that she should help her friend. But the men had a good grip on her.

[color=indigo]"We can't just leave her there! Let me aid! Damnit!"[/color]

She hissed loudly, and her radiance increased in intensity.

"Miss Bryseis, you really don't want to do that. Trust us, you need to save your strength for that ritual. Elly would call for help if she needed it, and she specifically told us to keep you out of combat."

[color=indigo]"If she dies, who will stop that insane man?"[/color]

Some of them stepped back and looked rather disturbed. 

"We'll have to dogpile him then. You're not fighting. If the castle is breached by Twili soldiers, that order will be lifted. But your brother did not want you rushing headlong into that scrum outside. Learn that you don't have to go it alone!"

Kae ceased struggling and began to pray for her friend. She could see the battle unfolding in her mind, and this man was truly disturbed. Horrors unspoken cursed his fate, and a profane power had a stranglehold on his psyche. But that could not be pinpointed.

And Elly was outmatched. Which is what worried Kae in the first place.

[b]Kae/Castle Side-room/Mid-morning 5[/b]

[i]Trusting in Elly was a wise decision on your part, Kae. Of all the days you need to take it easy, I wish this wasn't it. But we will make do. I cannot foresee this outcome though; profane magicks are suffusing Castle Town. Even contacting you was difficult. But you shine bright even where darkness blots out the light.[/i]

Nora felt Kae's troubled spirit from afar and was doing her part to comfort. 

[color=indigo][i]I am so worried about her! She's fighting a twisted man who thinks she's an old love of his. And she had to use Jutsu. She only does that when it starts to look bad! I fear if I even grant Valor, there will be problems.[/i][/color]

[i]It is your daily reserve to use, though I feel you may need it more for that ritual. And you are right. Use your gifts for defense, and Din might just have to review your condition.[/i]

Kae started praying at this point, trying to prepare her mind for high ritual and also for Elly's safety.

[b][color=yellow][hl=darkblue]Whie Malreaux[/hl][/color]/Mid-Morning 5/Castle Cathedral[/b]

[color=teal]"I will not abide this desecration!"[/color]

Daggers flew from his back-flipping foe, and Whie saw them coming. He prepared to dodge them, but... [color=yellow]something[/color] stopped him.

"[color=yellow][hl=darkblue]Desecration!?[/hl][/color]" he yelled at her as the daggers flew closer. "[color=yellow][hl=darkblue]You interrupt a man in prayer and speak of desecration![/hl][/color]" The daggers impacted with him, piercing his flesh. "[color=yellow][hl=darkblue]Hypocrite![/hl][/color]" he yelled, in lieu of a painful exclamation. "[color=yellow][hl=darkblue]You shed blood in this holy place, and speak of desecration?"[/hl][/color]"

Whie dropped the aspergillum, and it's dull hollow clang echoed in the empty room. He grasped at the knives, one implanted in his left shoulder, the other sticking out of his right thigh. Blood oozed around his fingers, dripping to the floor. He scowled at the not-Leonora. "[color=yellow][hl=darkblue]Heathen! You are the desecration of this site![/hl][/color]"

Elly/Cathedral/Mid-morning 5

He thought he could preach to her. Charming. Too bad for him; her heart was made of flint.

"You fail to heed warnings!"

This nut had to be felled soon. She cared little for enemies of the Crown, and in her eyes, he was not only a blasphemer, he was a traitor. The King allowed people in here for emergency shelter, and all commissioned personnel were entrusted with enforcing the law. This man took the hand of benevolence and spat on it.

He didn't pull her daggers out. It was surprising to her that he'd do this. But she could do a twist-and-rip later.

And he was in direct disobedience. She warned him of the consequences, and was attacked. This was self-defense. 

She landed on her feet, skipped back a step, and executed a standing side-kick, gliding directly at her enemy. Silhouettes of her form trailed her. If he was going to stand there and try to preach at her, she was more than prepared to exploit this weakness.

Blame the victim. What a load of crap. Had he left without incident, none of this would be happening right now. 

Whie Malreaux/Cathedral/Late Morning 5

The daggers hurt, but he ignored them. The pain belonged to someone else. Instead, his focus was one the opponent. He would crush her skull! She leapt at him, a kick directed toward his chest. It would be easy to dodge, but... she was leaving behind after-images of herself. Distractions. He couldn't tell which was real, or when she would strike. He concentrated his electrical powers inward, contracting the muscles in his chest, and waited for the impact.

The woman's foot hit his supernaturally hardened chest. It caused little concern to him, but did knock him back a bit. However, as she impacted, he grabbed his hands around her ankle, and using the force of her leap, and the force of his backwards tumble, he swung her around, like a competitor in the hammer throw, and tossed her at the wall behind him. Surprisingly, she crashed through, having impacted a wooden door rather than a stone wall.

He smirked, and stalked through the door, ready to finish off the bitch.

Elly/Cathedral/Noon 5

Perhaps she'd been a little too aggressive in her technique. But this was a counter she did not expect.

When she felt hands clasp her ankle, she tried to use momentum to break his throw, but he was too quick. Before she knew it, Elly found herself crashed through a door and in the hallway outside the Cathedral. Her kata did help to mitigate some of this, but her back still stung badly, and she was stunned.

Trying to well up reserves of strength, Elly dug deep as she contorted on the floor. But she could not rise to her feet. Her head was ringing and vision was distorted.

Blurred Lines

[b]Kae/Hyrule Castle/Noon 5[/b]

Sheikah were known for making heroic sacrifices to ensure completion of a mission. But Kae didn't want Elly to join the honored dead just yet.

[color=indigo]"! I know what she's doing, and I don't like it. But we need to make haste to the Cathedral![/color]

Some of her impromptu honor guard inquired as to what Elly's tactics were.

[color=indigo]"She means to kite the insane man away from my position. But if she dies, he'll just come back. I do not like this, but we need to get ready for my ritual. If this works, he will be repelled as any other heretic."[/color]

Flexing her new arm to alleviate some of its stiffness, she rose to her feet and waited for the soldiers to lead the way.

[i][color=indigo]"Habiki, I mean to conduct a highly defensive ritual in the cathedral. I may need some help, as I will be defenseless, and if it fails, the castle will be overrun. If you are able, please help me. More will be explained when you arrive, but trust that this castle will not be conquered if we succeed."[/i][/color]

They moved at a quickened pace, observing damage along the way. Scurrying past whatever chaos was ensuing, a dozen soldiers obscured Kae from view and got her into the Cathedral. She rushed to the altar and knelt, giving more instructions.

[color=indigo]"If Elly gets him away from us, bring as many faithful in here as possible. Clergy, citizen, noble, as many as wish to pray. But make sure they're not insane or wish me harm! Elly proved what lax security leads to."[/color]

Felis appeared on top of the pulpit, sniffing about the air.

"Kae, I'm pretty sure I could be that divining rod for you. This isn't the time to mess around. While these men are sufficient for detecting evildoers, allow me to help too. After all, I'll be praying too. And I don't want this castle to fall because some loony sneaks up and shivs you when no one sees it coming. Did you call for any other help?"

She nodded and mentioned she'd reached out to Habiki. 

"He and Elly, if she's fit to help, should do, provided no Twili breach the castle."

The celestial cat then headed toward the main door, jumping up on one of the soldier's helmets and perching there.

And both feline and Scion alike whispered up prayers for Elly. She had to survive this or the ritual was compromised beyond salvage.

[b][color=yellow][hl=darkblue]Whie Malreaux[/hl][/color]/Noon-ish 5/Outside the Cathedral[/b]

Whie jumped over the splinters of the destroyed door. There was the girl, lying on the floor. She was beaten, battered. It would be so easy to [color=yellow]reach down and snap her scrawny neck[/color]. He walked closer, reaching out with his hand...

[b]Whie Malreaux/Ordon Village/Seven Years Before the War[/b]

"I don't like the way ya been actin', Whie. It's creepy! Lissen, I know we swore never ta talk 'bout it, but the cave..."

Whie cut off Leonora before she could go any further. "NO!" He glared at her, despite himself. "Never! I don't wanna talk 'bout the damn cave!"

Leo cringed, shying away from Whie for a brief moment. "Fine... but..."

She bravely stepped closer to him, lifting her hands to his face. "Why ya gotta wear this stupid mask? I wanna see the Whie I 'member. Where's that han'some face?"

Her fingers barely touched the monkey mask on Whie's face before he smacked her hands away. "Leave't go! S'mine!"

Again Leo backed away from Whie. "See? S'what I'm talkin' 'bout! Yer actin' weird an' creepy!"

What... the hell? What was he doing? To [i]Leonora[/i]! How could he be so mean to the girl he loved?

"I'm sorry, Leo. I di'n't sleep too good last night, and I'm worried 'bout the goats. There's somethin' in the woods what's huntin' them. We lost three of'em two nights ago, and another two jess yes'erday. It's freakin' me out a bit, I'm s'posed ta watch'em, and I'm gonna get in trubble fer not watchin' good 'nuff. I wanna find what's doin' this and jess... I'unno, rip't apart so it can't hurt anymore goats... or if'n it gets too comfy it might attack sumone in'eh village!"

Leo's expression softened. "O-Oh. I see... Ya always were a sweetheart, ya know that? Right... Sorry ta bring up the mask and... the rest. Wish I knew why ya wore it so much, but..."

She trailed off, then turned and left. Whie sighed. [i]What's wrong with me?[/i]

[b][color=yellow][hl=darkblue]Whie Malreaux[/hl][/color]/Noon 5/Outside the Cathedral[/b]

His hand stopped. He stopped his hand. It didn't matter. The girl, cowering broken on the floor. It wasn't Leonora. It couldn't be Leonora. But she looked so much like her. So what if she was a different woman? Whie had prayed to make it right, hadn't he?

"R-Run..." he muttered to her. His hand lowered.

"[color=yellow][hl=darkblue]Leave, go on! It would be such a waste to kill you here and now. We could have so much more fun, best not to cut the party short! Better hurry before I cahnge my mind. Don't you have someone to protect or something? Go on, get to them, before I decide they'd be more fun to play with than you.[/hl][/color]"

He chuckled to mask the inner struggle, fighting against Whim ("[color=yellow]Kill her! Snuff the life from her squishy flesh! Oh, or use the electricity to have another puppet show! That was so much fun! Ehehehehe.[/color]") and Whisper ("[color=darkblue]Whoever she is protecting is no doubt important. Go after this figure. Use them as a hostage, leverage against the throne. You can get power, influence... perhaps you can even get the royalty to find a way to free you from me?[/color]"). But, for once, it was Whie's voice that was heard loudest in his mind ("No! I'm leaving, enough of you two! Just this once, I have control, and I will [i]use it[/i]! While I still have the chance!").

Whie forced his legs to walk, concentrating on keeping Whim's influence away from his limbs. In this, he slipped, only but a little bit. Whisper was able to get out a few words.

"[color=yellow][hl=darkblue]I know you now. We will meet again. I can come for you whenever I like. Or I could go after the other two, if you'd like that instead? Hmm... well, see you later, my dear.[/hl][/color]"

The Sunrise Knight

Darrel Mytura - Hyrule Castle Town - Fifth Day

So much had happened already, so many tumultuous events all colliding together in a firestorm of destruction that swept across Hyrule like a plague. The Twili, the resurfaced Darks, the infighting. Darrel's mission had not even gotten underway, his compatriots had seemingly vanished and left him there in the heart of the realm.

And so he'd fought with the Hylian soldiers as he hadn't done in ages. Shoulder to shoulder they repelled the besieging hordes, doing their best to defend the centerpiece of the kingdom. Darrel watched good, honorable men die and fought on all the harder. More than once he fought until he realized he was the only one left, surrounded by mounds of bodies both Hylian and Twili alike, and he'd retreated and joined the fray at another location.

Other men commanded their forces, other men issued orders and developed strategies. All the things that he should have been doing, they took care of instead. For once, for just this short moment in time he forgot all of the mountainous pressure that had settled on his shoulders and just fought. He was just another soldier, just another sword.

He swept through streets where the Interlopers had already gained access, or ascended to the top of the sections of the outer wall that were still intact and drove off other invaders that sought their own route into the city. Everywhere the Hylians were dirty, bloody, and desperate, but they continued to fight on regardless. Here and there he saw others, other Light Warriors fighting the fight, holding the line against the Interlopers.

He reached the point where the fighting was thickest, where the sections of wall had been obliterated by enemy magicks of an arcane and frightening nature. Here the situation was dire, and he walked into it with Morning's Edge gripped in his right fist, the blood streaked blade held out and down almost negligently. He watched, stone faced, as the Twili threw charge after charge into the gap and the body count continued to rise.

"Nothing changes..." he muttered to himself as he eyes roved over the milling masses, looking for the one who commanded the forces there.


Horus was a shadow against the morning sun as he shot arrow after arrow at anything that looked like a Twili. As the others on the ground did thier thing, Horus continued trying to pick off the seemingly endless army. What he hadn't anticipated was the whizzing of arrows coming his way, and skewered his wings.

"Son...of a bitch." Horus groaned angrily as his magical wings disappeared. He then began plummeting towards the ground, realizing he did not have enough power to slow his fall.

"Well...This landing is gonna suck." He sighed as he reached for his daggers.

Summary: Horus is coming down.

Cid furrowed his brow at the fact that he had to prove himself.

"Alright, how about this?" He thought out loud towards Jaden. He reached for his alcohol and filled his mouth with the liquid within the bottle. He turned around to notice several Twili whom were trying to advance. He jumped out of the way, towards a nearby wall and grabbed a torch. As he jumped back down, he spat out all the alcohol in a steady stream, engulfing the surrounding Twili in flame. The magical properties within the alcohol quickened the burning effect, and turned a dozen Twili to ash in seconds.

Cid looked at Jaden and yelled. "How's that for proof that I'm with you? I can burn more, I have five of these bottles."

Jaden/Castle Town/Mid-morning 5

A sadistic grin spread upon Jaden's face. While he had so much to juggle, he enjoyed seeing Cid exert his talents. He always liked using fire, but here, he avoided using alchemical arson flasks.

"Whatever you feel is best to ensure victory, go for it. Welcome to my unit. Captain Jaden Bryseis, Sentinel of the Sheikah."

He was issuing further commands to his men, becoming ever the more grateful that folks were rallying to this point. It hadn't become a zoo to command just yet, though this was by far the most complex unit he'd ever run in a live combat scenario. And it was mixed so well that all he had to do was play the right notes to make magnificent tactical music in his mind.

"Push those eldritch fools back, men! Watch the right flank!"

Jaden's blade was sufficiently soaked in the blood of his hated enemies. It appeared strange with an odd bright red glow to have vitae dripping off, but it struck some fear into those whom it greeted.

He worked another aspect to his advantage as well. Wherever he or any of the other outstanding allies who had signed on went, fighting got thicker around them. So he was able to reposition and rest men with those shifting actions. It kept them fresh. And allowed for medics to do some quick patching up before sending them back.

It wasn't a clockwork operation per se, but Jaden had things running fairly smooth on his end while delegating to the others. High Command would probably know about the Gorons showing up and others before deploying their second wave. From the looks of things they'd have to make a little room.

Taur Dagnir/ Morning 5/ Castle Town

It pleased Taur to rip in two the body of the fool dog who stepped in the path of his chain, it displeased him that it wasn't the body of this outsider. Why were these people so loyal to him? What was it that he'd done to gain their trust and unflinching loyalty? Questions that all needed answers.

The man desecrated the dead fools corpse by washing himself in his blood, and then called out, "Now the fight can begin." This amused Taur, he chuckled, "NOW it can begin? Does that mean that NOW you will stop bobbing and weaving and running like a scared rabbit?! Or is that how you fight?! Make this easy on yourself, save the effort and let me rip your spine from your body, I swear to use it as a weapon against the rest of these wimpering fools until the cartilage breaks apart and the bones fall to the ground!"

Taur re-wrapped the chain around his arm and moved in quickly now, both hands on Tholcrists' handle, he feinted to the left and the man bit on the bait, Taur smashed the butt of the handle into his shoulder, a glancing blow that didn't seem to phase him much at all, as the man spun away from the attack, he splashed some of the blood from his hands on Taurs armor. This enraged him and he aimed a straight kick towards his chest, hoping to stomp him to the ground and crush him under his massive armored boot, only to find that, yet again the man had evaded him.

Infuriated, Taur howled in anger, "Why won't you stand still and let me squash you little bug!" He lunged forward hoping to grab the man up in a massive bear hug so as to squeeze the life out of him.

Gigagoron/Day 5/Bottleneck

Giga grunted as he finally managed to pull the sword out of his calf, but the blood was relentless as it flowed down his leg. He screamed out in anguish at the excruciating pain. He managed to ask a nearby soldier in the line up ahead of him what name their commanding officer went by.

"Jaden! I think I could take you up on that medic."

Behind him, Daurubia once again tried to approach. 

"Look, Giga, I was wrong. I was, really. I let my pride get in the way of what was right, and I'm sorry Brother."

Giga perked his eyes up from his leg when he heard "Brother."

Oh, so you call your exiles Brother now? Some pride. And he spat at him.

"Please Giga, you have to hear me out." Daurubia said. "I never put the final word on your exile, you're still a part of the tribe. But despite that, you have to forgive me for my pride, I beg it of you."

Why are you here alone then? Where is the rest of the army?

Daurubia stood silent. Unfortunately, his silence said it all.

Ha! I knew it. You didn't bring the army for fear of how it would look for a patriarch to go against his word. It would've meant that I won, and you couldn't handle it, could you?

Daurubia looked down in humiliation. "Y-you're right Giga. I..."

Giga cut him off. And because of your selfishness, countless Hylians are dying. Daurubia stood in silence.

Look, despite this, you're here, and this line needs you to fight. We'll continue this conversation later. Now go! Fight!

Daurubia nodded. "Yes, you are right." And he sprinted ahead to join the line, leaving Giga cringing on the ground, waiting for his medic.

Harken Zeiss/Mid-Morning 5/Streets

Harken was bruised in places, battered in others, but the only blood on his body was not his own thanks to many strokes of luck. His breathing was more a pant due to the increased pace from adrenaline coursing through his blood. So many times he thought he was dead, only to just barely miss being bludgeoned or cut by the beast's attacks. His clothing was frayed and ragged in places, it taking the brunt of this armored fury's assaults.

Then came an angry howl. "Why won't you stand still and let me squash you little bug!"

Harken paused to catch his breath, assuming the talking meant a momentary lapse in hostilities. He attempted a witty retort, but got so far as "Why d-" before he was snatched up in the gauntleted arms of his foe. Instead, Harken's retort became the far less witty "Oh shit..." as he felt his body being compressed in a death-hug. He struggled to fill his lungs with precious air, and squirmed.

His squirming proved only enough able to move his arms, and on the tip of those his hands, and at the ends of those his fingers. He moved, pressing against the creature's shell, smearing blood on the metal, the same as he had been doing with every failed or inconsequential counter-attack he had landed during the short-lived fight. That was all he had managed to do in retaliation: spread blood, the blood of his fallen lieutenant, on this murderer's armor.

But, then, to those far enough away to see the whole of it, the blood smears took on a surprising intellect. With the final lines drawn, their shape was revealed. Harken Zeiss had been drawing runes with each pass of his fingers!

Something snapped, there was a pop that Harken heard all too clearly, but he smirked nonetheless. He whispered a breath, with the last of his oxygen, in defiance of this thing that would kill him. "Game over." And then, almost inaudibly, he murmured the Words of Subjugation.

Jaden/Bottleneck/Mid-morning 5

Giga had some rather large shoes to fill, but he was pretty sure he could stand in the gap for him.

He approached that position and ordered troops to close in as he joined the melee.

"Medic! Injured VIP! Rear guard, cover staff!"

Jaden noticed the other goron also assisting him in holding. And another fellow with a rather nice looking sword. It had a radiance unlike anything he'd ever seen. And he was fighting harder than anyone on the line.

"Welcome to my unit as well, sir! I appreciate your ardor and your magnificent blade!"

He kept his Vigilance aura up, helping the men better mitigate this relentless physical onslaught. With shield slams, stabs, and sweeping strokes, those close to Jaden feared nothing. He coordinated them well and kept their morale high.

Haraf kept his position and his head down. After giving command back post-dragon incident, he just wanted to fight.

A small band of medical staff escorted by scouts and a cleric made its way to Gigagoron.

"We can take care of this. Rear guard should give us enough time to patch you up and get you back in."

About twenty to thirty men arranged their shields in a staggered fashion to protect Giga and the medical staff from flying projectiles and magic.

"Biggest Goron we've ever seen. Thank the Three we've got allies like him and his companion. Now let's see that wound. Might sting a little, though."

Gigagoron/Day 5/Bottleneck

The medics were quick, but certainly not painless. As one of them poured a potion into the wound, a great stinging sensation followed. Giga tightened his body up in pain. "Keep your muscles limp," one of them said, "it helps the medicine to work." And true to their word, the bleeding began to slow and eventually subside.

After the potion had done its course, they began to bandage. "Were gonna need a lot more bandages over here," one of them said. "Blood will start to come out again if we don't get this tied up fast." Giga's calf had never experience so much pain before. Every instinct in his body was screaming to stop these men from touching him, but he knew it was for the best.

Finally they finished. "Well, it's finished, but I don't know how effective you could be on th-. Hey! Where you going?" Giga wasn't listening as he stood back up and turned to rejoin the line. "You're in no position to fight right now buddy," one of the medics said. He attempted to look demanding in the presence of such a giant goron, but was failing miserably. "Those bandages could break or could need changing at any moment."

"Step aside human. I am rejoining this fight whether you like it or not."

Daurubia heard the commotion and came to intervene. "Giga, you have a responsibility to the Hylians. They can't afford you getting hurt and having no one be able to adequately construct their sword." Giga shot him a dirty look, chilling Daurubia and shutting him up. "Fine, if you want to get yourself killed, go ahead."

Giga, struggling through the pain, made his way back up to the fighting and created a large hole in the line, which he then filled. He made sure to stand with his right leg back, so as to avoid any unfortunate incidents. But the pain made him slower than he had been. A Twili he would have easily smashed before now dodged his swings. This could be a long fight, Giga thought, but he kept the thought and the pain he was suffering to himself.

Thankfully, with Jaden commanding with an iron fist, they were slowly but surely making progress.

IC: Shato - Castle Town - Mid-morning 5

As the commander of the Hylian squad traded insults he launched a sword beam attack. Cartwheeling to the side Shato easily dodged the attack and flung her knife at the Paladin. With sharp reflexes he quickly blocked the knife with his sword, parrying it away.

"Oh ho! You've got some real skill with that sword of yours handsome." Shato spoke as she began to close in, drawing another knife.

Most of the paladins subordinates seemed to be focusing on their original task of striking the forces coming in through the narrow breach in the wall, while letting their leader focus on her. There were a couple exceptions though as a young girl and one of the soldiers darted off to fight her Gleeok.

Once in close Shato made a quick swipe with her knife only to be met and blocked by his sword again. Trading light blows and parries with each other for a few minutes the duo seemed to be taking their time, sizing each other up rather than going all out on a reckless blitz. With his free arm the Paladin went for a quick jab, which Shato parried with her own free hand. Shifting back Shato delivered a quick kick to the Paladins side, but he seemed to shrug it off pretty quickly as he slammed his sword down in a fierce strike. Leaping back out of the way the sword smashed down shattering the stone roadway.

"Oh, not just skill but also a solid defense and strong offense. You're the real deal aren't you?" Shato mocked as backed off again and analyzed the Paladins abilities. Her fun took a dent however as she noticed a giant Goron had already finished off her summoned Gleeok, with the beasts smoke returning to her urn.

"Hmph... how rude. I guess I'll have to send them another beastie to make sure they don't get lonely." Shato spoke as she released the smoke from the urn again.

This time the dragon Volvagia appeared. Diving into the debris of the nearby demolished buildings the serpent disappeared and emerged out the other side striking a few Hylian soldiers before diving into another nearby debris pile. Continuing this pattern the creature swiftly darted across the battlefield back towards the Hylians main line. Unlike the lumbering Gleeok that was all about overwhelming power, Volvagia seemed to prefer quick hit and run strikes while using the urban terrain to its advantage.

"Now then lets continue our little dance." Shato spoke as she closed in on Seishi once more. This time however she tried to keep herself much closer to him, turning the reach of his sword into a cumbersome disadvantage. "You know I bet the two of us could have a lot more fun together than you do with that wife of yours. I bet I could really put your stamina to the test. So do you have a name or would you rather we keep this anonymous" Shato taunted with a wink.

Taking a swipe with her knife the Paladin dodged as he tried to get into a better position to counter attack. With her other hand Shato made a quick open handed swipe towards his face, with a thin poison tipped needle between her fingers. With any luck the Paladin would be distracted enough by her first attack with the knife to not see the needle and assume this was just a slap. The attack didn't need to have deadly force behind it, it would only take a scratch to get the desired effect.

Gigagoron/Mid-morning 5/Bottleneck

Side-by-side, Daurubia and Giga fought with a force most Hylians hadn't dreamed possible. Here, Giga would bring his lumbering fist down on a group of soldiers, and there, Daurubia would throw his body into a Twili line, completely obliterating it. It seemed that this plan Jaden had would work faster than originally thought.

That is, until Daurubia noticed something above him, and he froze in his spot. "Giga," he said timidly, "you know those stories our wet-nurses would tell us as children about how if we were bad then the evil dragon Volvagia would come and eat us?"

Giga stopped fighting. "Why would you possibly think of something like that at a time like this?" Giga then noticed where Daurubia was staring, and he turned his head as well.

"Because brother," Daurubia continued, "I don't think those were stories."

Giga saw that Daurubia had been speaking the truth. Above him flew a giant, snake-like dragon that could be no other than the dreaded Volvagia of legend. "Goddess, I wish we had a Megaton Hammer right now." 

Giga looked over to Jaden and saw that he too had already noticed the dragon. The strange girl that had helped them earlier, though, couldn't be found amidst the bodies and carnage.

"We might need some help with this one."

Perhaps my little flying friend from earlier could be of assistance. Giga thought, but as he looked in the sky, he noticed that Horus was plummeting towards the ground, several blocks over. Shit. 

Horus/Mid-morning 5/Bottleneck

Horus winced at the thought of landing on the cold, hard ground below as he fell closer and closer.

"Screw that!" He yelled as he reached for his bag, and pulled out his only Red Potion. He quickly took a drink and put it back. He closed his eyes and adjusted himself to face the skies.


He felt the regenerating energy flow through his body. He quickly grew anxious as he felt the ground grow ever closer and his falling speed grow faster.

"Oh no..." He opened his eyes and could see castle walls around him. Only less than fifty feet seperated him and the ground. He adjusted himself again to look at the ground, and crossed his arms in front of him, as if to block an attack. Right when he felt that gravity had finally bested him, he felt the red potion's power flow into his arms, which suddenly exploded. Feathers flew everywhere as he flapped his wings harder than he ever had before, and, miraculously, negated his fall completely. He landed safely on the ground.

"Oh good. That stuff works faster than I thought." He whispered to himself as he observed his newly healed wings. His relief was suddenly dashed when he looked up from his wings, and into the skies. A huge, long creature flew about in the skies, its mane looked like fire, and its skin like rock. 

"...Din tits..." He gulped.

After a second of worry, he mentally picked himself up.

"No time to become a sissy now. I got myself into this war, and I am not going to be remembered a coward."

He summoned the wind to lighten his movement, then sped off towards Gigagoron. With the speed of a horse, he ran around Giga and used him as a step-ladder, then flew straight up into the skies towards the great beast above. He magically transfered his wings form his arms, and into his back as he reached for the creature. Despite the monster's speed, he had achieved a strong grip on the mane of the flying creature. It screamed in anger as it became aware of Horus' presence. As it started to fly about in a erratic nature, Horus finally started thinking logically.

"Okay...what now Horus? You're here, how do you tamed a beast that can fly without wings?"

As he pondered his next move, he noticed that archers were already aiming at him.

"Not you bastards again." He groaned in gritted teeth.

Summary: Horus got a hold of Volvagia...Now what? Think fast Horus!

Taur Dagnir/ Mid-Morning 5/ Streets

Finally!! He'd been able to latch onto the little flea, it would all end soon for Mr. Zeiss, Taur was going to pop this little zit and get back to his "master's work," until he heard, no felt something strange creep across him, it tingled throughout his entire body, what was this maggot mumbling about when he was on the brink of death? Then there was an audible pop that reverberated throughout their little alleyway and....

As soon as the first drops of blood were spattered against Dagnirs armor, Tobias knew it was time to investigate these matters further. Who was it that his construct was attempting to, and failing so miserably at, killing. Whomever this was, he was skilled in artes that Tobias did not believe to be known in this land, that was until he invaded the mind of the savage knuckle whom he'd apprehended only days ago, and was appalled at what atrocities the beast had been committing! An end had to be put to this immediately!! The spell, with the blood of an innocent and willing sacrifice coupled with the runes and the words of subjugation, would normally do the trick and break the link of one and his master, had Tobias not placed a very similar curse with buffers in the wording so as to keep the beast from ever gaining free reign once again. Apparently he'd left a loophole as the fool monster had been parading about Castle Town murdering all sorts of people in his name.

With the aforementioned buffers placed in Tobias' spell, heavens knows what will happen once the curse is lifted by the words of subjugation. All he did know is that he needed to be present when the chains of his captor were removed, which is precisely why he'd left the comfort of his loft and was now standing on the rooftop of an adjacent building. He was astounded to see who'd been fighting with his monster.


The sudden "pop" made it feel as if a great weight had been removed from Taurs shoulders, he was no longer constrained by the power of that fool psychic who'd tricked and subsequently defeated him several days ago. His thoughts were finally clear, he hadn't had any orders from his fool "master" the only order he'd been given was stay. Stay like some pathetic ffffing dog! His psyche had been fighting the curse since the moment it was placed upon him and this idiotic Terminian, just like the one before, was trying to place the same damned curse on him! He roared. "HAHAHAHA!! you fool! Now you've signed the death warrant for yourself and all of the scum of this realm! The only thing keeping you alive was the very curse that was placed upon me, the very curse that you just broke, it is what was keeping my powers in check! Now, well, NOW your curse counteracts the prior curse, and essentially, cancels it out. I am FREE!" Extending a hand towards the building that the fool Pepperwhistle was perched upon, he made a fist and in an ornate jerking motion he ripped his hand towards him.


It all happened so quickly, before he realized it, half of the rooftop, including the portion he was standing on was ripped apart and sent hurtling directly at Harken and his compatriots. It was all Tobias could do to keep from crashing into Harken and the waiting oblivion of the hard stonework streets, all the while was fighting, at least in the psychic realm, the mind of Dagnir, to keep the rubble from landing directly on top of them, he redirected it and sent it smashing into a small, unoccupied building. He himself landed several feet away, shoulder to shoulder with Harken. "'Ello, 'ello 'Ark, I could'n' let you run off to 'yrule an 'ave all the fun now could I?" Drawing his sword from it's hiding place in his cane, Tobias pointed it at Taur, "This one, 'e was a 'elluva pain in the arse when I came across 'im , put up a jolly good fight, 'e did. What say we put 'im back in 'is place eh?"

Gigagoron/Day 5/Bottleneck

Volvagia's movements were sporadic. Horus' quick recovery and nice acrobatics had the dragon angry. Very angry. It crashed into random buildings, Hylians, and Twili alike as it struggled to relinquish the strange creature that had hold of its mane.

But it couldn't.

Despite all odds, and the best efforts of Volvagia, Horus continued to securely hold onto the beast. Giga and Daurubia could do nothing but watch. 

"Giga, we have to do something!"

Giga knew he was right, but what could they do? They were two gorons, some of the heaviest beings on earth, and their foe was in the air. Suddenly, Giga had an idea.

As Volvagia continued flying around, it eventually came within about twenty feet of Jaden's line.

"Hold on!"

Without warning, Giga grabbed Daurubia by the shoulders, and thrust him upward, all 2500 pounds of him. Daurubia instantly realized what he must do. He stretched out his arms, and just as he was beginning to fall back down, managed to get his fingers around one of Volvagia's legs. Down Daurubia came, with Volvagia and Horus in toe. 

Daurubia hit first, crashing into a roof, and crushing the ground. The dragon came next. As its body made contact with the building, the weight became too much and the roof collapsed as the trio crashed into the first floor.

"Watch out!" Giga sprinted towards the building and shouldered himself through the already weakened wall to find all three sprawled out on the floor. Volvagia's breathing was heavy as it struggled to get back up. Giga didn't give him the chance. With all the ferocity of the Megaton Hammer of legend, Giga brought his fist down hard on the head of the dragon, crushing its skull. 

Daurubia and Horus had begun to stand back up when the beast disappeared into a puff of smoke. The smoke seemed to have a mind of its own as it filed itself out of the rubble and off towards the west. It must be going back to the summoner! Giga thought.

"Horus, follow that smoke! Don't lose it! Daurubia, you stay here and help Jaden." And Giga, best as he could, started to track the smoke as he sprinted off in its direction.

"And where, by the three, are you going?" Daurubia asked.

Giga stopped, turned around, and stared Daurubia in the face. "To avenge our people," and he continued on.

Horus/Day 5/Bottleneck

"(Damn, that was something!)" Horus groaned as he rose from the rubble.

"(Thought I'd be holding onto that thing forever. These Gorons are more useful than the stories could have ever emphasised.)"

He dusted himself off and prepared to reach for his staff, but then Gigagoron gave him an order to...

"(Follow the dust?)" He puzzled for a second, then looked around himself. To his great suprise, the dust that used to be Volvagia began to animate itself. He had only been down from the City in the Sky for a morning's worth, and he already felt that he'd seen things that would take months to study and understand. He had no idea why he had to follow dust that moved on its own, but he felt it smarter to not disobey the orders from something that could snap him like a twig. Without questioning the whole situation, he sprout his wings and followed the mysterious dust into the skies. As he followed it, the whole thought of what could've summon such a beast made his heart fall into his stomach. He was about to meet the maker, and nothing could prepare him for an encounter with someone whom can create something...from nothing.

Darrel Mytura - Hyrule Castle Town - Fifth Day

Darrel took his time, assessing the lines spread out before him, judging where the Twili were pushing the hardest. They were so close to breaking through, but he picked one knot of soldiers fighting desperately to cut down the outnumbered Hylians. As valiantly as the soldiers fought, if they didn't get some help and soon they would all die and it would be a hell of a job to close the gap back up.

Strong and lithe, Darrel stepped over a pair of fallen soldiers and between two of the Hylians who fought to keep the Twili at a distance with spears and wild swings of their blades. The Twili soldiers in their black armor seemed unsure of the new challenger that had appeared for them. They hesitated before one issues harsh orders in a code that Darrel wasn't familiar with. He got the general idea though once a number of the Twili began to advance with weapons at the ready.

The Twili issuing the orders received a sizzling, wrist thick beam of spirit energy through his chest before the echoes of his commands had faded. The Twili that had enclosed him pressed in immediately.

His first swing took off two heads and blocked a sword stroke at the end of its arc. The Twili fought with a quick, direct style of combat predicated on finesse rather than strength. He moved with a fluidity and economy of motion that Darrel could do naught but respect.

He ran him through moments later.

The Hylian soldiers that had been allowed through his intervention a respite from the assault seemed to have regained some of their fire. They hefted weapons and shields with a renewed sense of immortality.

They had the Sunrise Knight at their fore.

Ayala/East Flank/Morning 5

"And there goes another one." Ayala sigh as she arrived back with the rest of her squad just in time to see Volvagia take off towards the bottle neck. "I guess I should have just stayed over there. Oh well at least I know that women super goron was looking for is around here someone where."

"Where the hell do you think you're going!" Dren shouted grabbed Ayala by the leg as she jumped off again and pulling her back down to the ground. "We're fighting here, let the people fight over there deal with the over sized lizard."

"It's a dragon, I'm a dragoon, I'm pretty sure its a lot easier for me to kill it then all of those other guys over there."

"Yeah, you think I didn't notice the giant ****ing goron. I think they're good."

"I think that's Volvagia." Oberon piped of having been trying to get a good look at the beast since it appeared.

"Oh wow, cool..." Ayala said as she stared in awe at the beast for a moment. She snapped herself back to reality realizing she now had an even greater reason to fight the thing. "See Volagia now I have to fight it. I mean Volvagia, I can't pass up this- I mean it eats Goron's they can't hope to fight it."

"I don't care of its Mandrag Ganon's fairy ****ing god mothers, you're not running off again. We're fighting mages and you and that dumbass commander are the only ones with any kind of magic resist. So you can either say here and fight willingly like a good little solder or I can grab you by your ankles and use you to bash the Twili like a mace."

"You're an ass you know that."

"Yeah, its how I make my living, now get to work. I don't wanna here any more bull**** about saving the Goron either. That guys bigger then my house. It that flying snake can actually eat him I'll be impressed."

Seishi/Around the same area/Moring 5

"You know I bet the two of us could have a lot more fun together than you do with that wife of yours. I bet I could really put your stamina to the test. So do you have a name or would you rather we keep this anonymous"

"Thanks for the offer but I think I'm getting to old for-" Much to his disappointment the women cut him off before he could finish his sentence by attacking him with her dagger again. Apparently this women didn't have the same appreciation for witty banter as his usual opponents. Seishi was about the bash the dagger away with his shield but at the last second saw the women attempting to counter attack by slapping him. He knew better then to assume that there wasn't something more behind the second attack and quickly twisted to avoid the blow. The odd off balanced side side step he was force to make allowed for the dagger to slash into his shield arm but it was nothing he could heal if he could get some distance from the women. Besides there was no telling what the other strike would have done to him.

"-for that kind of crap. Damn it, you shouldn't interrupt people, there's a certain etiquette to dueling banter in war. And while I have a second to rant, if you're gonna try and seduce a guy do it right. You don't disguise yourself as a guys wife, there's to much guilt with that and a guy already gets to sleep with his wife. You should disguise yourself as a fantastic he can't have, and have the curtsy to be half naked damn it! Now that the lesson over, True Blade!" he shouted taking a step forward as he slashed down creating a large crescent blade of energy.

"Strike!" He slashed upward back along the crescent as he stepped forward again propelling the energy blade at a blinding speed with a wave of energy. He knew it was to early to start bring using such a draining attack but it was sunny out and he needed to push her to a ranger were he could heal the gash on his arm. Besides if she was cut in half or dodged it the Twili behind her would be in for a surprise. 

"Damn it, I forgot she asked for my name. Oh well."

Shadow Nightingale/Twili Rear line/Morning 5

"Son of a..." a Twili field officer mumbled to himself as he observed to front line of battle through. "Hey you, get me as may magic users as you can find and where's that thing we've employed." He shouted to his nearest subordinate as he cook up an way to deal with the Hylian's newly found champions that were pushing back there line.

"Sir you mean that life sucking guy? He's chained up back by the medic tarp, but are you sure you want to?"

"Yes, now move you ass and find me those damned casters."


"Am I needed again." Shadow asked without lifting his head has he noticed the officer approached him.

"Yes and this time we actually now where target is so you can't just wonder around waiting time," the officer said as he released Shadow from his bonds. "The Hylian's have a guy with an orange sword tearing through our man, see if you can't take care of him. When your done they've also got a giant should make a pretty good meal for you once your done. I've got other plans for him though so you better kill your first target quickly if you're hungry."

"I under stand." Shadow said softly as he walked off into the battle.

"Sir I've brought the casters you asked for," the subordinate nervously reported hoping he had found enough to mean his commanders expectations. 

"Good, here's the deal I'm sure you all noticed the giant at the front causing infantry some trouble. I want you all to make two golems the same size or bigger to take it out." he paused for a moment waiting for them to acknowledge his orders over to grow frustrated as the whole platoon of magic users just fired back a blank stare. "Is there a problem?"

"Sir, I'm not sure we have enough material to even make one, and even if we did controlling would take several of us working together, two is unthinkable."

"You've got dirt all over place, ruble from the destroyed wall, hell the walls themselves. I don't care how you make it or what you make it out of just make it. It doesn't exactly have to be built to last. If you control more then one then make one but the second it falls I want another one made, and then another after that. I don't care you all die from exhaustion in the process, I want that behemoth dead you here me!"


Shadow emerged from the crowd of that had surrounded the Hylian champion and fired his bladed chain at the warriors glowing sword. The chain wrapped around the blade catching it just before it could strike another Twili soldier.

"I am sorry for this..." Shadow said in a melancholy tone as he launched his other chain at the man neck.

Darrel Mytura - Hyrule Castle Town - Fifth Day

The fight pressed on, Darrel appearing here and there, leading soldiers against the invading hordes. He'd become a de facto leader on the front lines, taking command wherever he appeared, leading sorties and counter-strikes against major Twili offensives. The soldiers were buoyed by his presence wherever he went, and the Interlopers were cowed by his tremendous skill and fortitude. He was beginning to wonder if the force had anything or anyone capable of withstanding a concentrated assault by the most powerful defenders of the realm, the Light Warriors. Using their many and diverse gifts in a cohesive, planned assault could drive them directly into the ranks of the commanders. They could cut off the serpent's head, in a manner of speaking.

And then he ensnared. His sword was wrapped up by a long chain whip adorned with a blade at its end. A dark figure, with long hair and a brown coat, stood at the other end of that chain. Darrel didn't think he'd ever seen him before, but that didn't mean he wasn't a Dark, it just meant he may have been of a different vintage.

"I am sorry for this..." The figure said, his eyes full of emotion and his voice despondent. He whipped around another chain, sending it for Darrel's throat. Still unable to pull his sword free, he did the unthinkable.

He let go of the hilt. The blade dropped and his right hand clenched into a fist, spirit energy coursing through him. His free hand intercepted the second chain, letting it wrap around his forearm, the blade cutting a deep gash just below his elbow. He gritted his teeth at the pain, and in a moment offered the mysterious foe a hungry grin.

"Don't be." He gave the chain a mighty pull, putting all of his spirit enhanced strength into it. His dark adversary was pulled toward him as he brought his fist around, intending the strike a mighty blow to the man's chest or face.

Gigagoron/Day 5/Back alleys of Castle Town

Giga struggled to keep pace with the flying smoke overhead. It moved south-west, flying over various buildings. Giga was forced into an alley. As he sprinted along, he would knock off a balcony or accidentally knock over a table. Luckily, there were no people currently in the cramped streets as they had all taken refuge in the castle. But his job was still difficult.

Left. Right. Left. Straight. I think it turned right again. Left now? Uh..Um

Giga looked hopelessly up at the sky. Whatever traces of the smoke had flown off towards the south-west still, but now Giga was hopelessly lost. All around him were damaged buildings and small streets. He could just manage to see over the some of the buildings. Back the way he came, he saw nothing, due to the fact that no one else was as tall as he was. He looked the way he thought the smoke had been going, and saw a wall not far off. 

He decided to move that way, but suddenly he was stopped by a multitude of black blocks appearing out of nowhere. And suddenly, where before there had been nothing, a lone twili now stood. He looked up in surprise. "Well shit, I finally manage to get inside of the city and I appear next to a giant. Just my luck."

Giga, absentminded as ever, said "I don't know how you got here twili, but I can guarantee you you won't be getting out."

He began to take a swing at the twili, but he was being pleaded with. "Hey, hey, hold up there big guy, what have I done to you exactly?"

You are twili, therefore you need to be killed. I need no reasons for my actions other than it is what must be done.

"Ok, I can see that I suppose. But can you at least let a guy have a final drink before he's smashed?." The twili took out a small bottle, filled with a strange looking green liquid. Giga looked on in confusion as the twili took several gulps from the bottle.

"Hey, um, I don't mean to break your heart or anything, but I can't let you kill me. But hey, cheer up. At least you let me have a fighting chance by letting me get my magic back. Anyways, thanks again big guy, and I'll be seeing ya." 

The Twili waved as his body began to dematerialize. But Giga didn't let him. He lunged forward, managing to grab onto his enemy's tiny arm just as it was disappearing. Suddenly, Giga was no longer in Castle Town. He looked around and realized to his horror that he was just outside the main bulk of the Twili army outside South castle Town.

Luckily though, he was surrounded by soldiers who were fighting the twili, which brought some initial attention off of him, despite his size. But these weren't ordinary soldiers though. Their skills with their weapons far surpassed that of any human Giga had seen save for Jaden and that strange woman who had helped him kill the dragon.

He had no idea that right behind him, the Twili woman he was hunting was having a fight with a soldier the likes of which Giga hadn't known existed.

b]Harken Zeiss/Mid-Morning 5/Castle Town Streets[/b]

Harken dropped to the ground as the monster twitched under the effects of the Words. But then, there was a little hitch in Zeiss' plans, or so he half-understood as the thing ranted and Harken caught his breath. He really didn't pay much attention, what with concentrating on bringing himself back from the brink of death. But apparently the Words of Subjugation had somehow been twisted in the Words of Freedom, or some such rubbish.

The underline being, despite all the work, Harken was pretty much dead anyway. Or he would have been, if not for a strange newcomer to the little battle.

"Tobias Pepperwhistle." Harken groaned. "I should have known you, of all people, would follow me. What took you so long to find me, though, I wonder? Wait, wait, scratch that. I'll grill you later, we have this armored monstrosity to contend with first. I'd like to be able to appreciate your answers for more than a few seconds before dying."

He wiped his hands, clandestinely, on Tobias' shirt. "Afraid I've used up the power in my sacrifice, though. And as I recall from our reading sessions, the Words only work once per person per subject. So, got any bright ideas?"

Tobias/Taur/ Mid-Morning 5/ Castle Town Streets

Tobias grumbled when Harken wiped the blood on his clothing, but with a few deft movements, he'd separated the plasma from the fabric and watched as it spattered onto the ground. After composing himself, he looked up, "Funny ya ask that 'Ark, cuz da way I sees it is, 'e's a nuck'll and nuck'll's don't s'pose t'be runnin' roun' without a master right? Well, 'Ark, ya see that eerie lookin' red glow comin' outta 'is eye 'oles in 'is 'elmet? That'd be 'cuz there's a crystal in there an it's gone 'aywire. Our task is simple really, remove the 'elmet. Break the crystal. An then we assume tot'l control of 'im."

Taur was finished playing games with these lesser beings, and was growing weary of their idle chit chat. "Sorry to break up the reunion boys, but if you'll kindly die, I'll go about my business here." Redoubling the strength of his assault on Tobias' mind, which at the moment was locked up tighter than Nayru's panties, he sent several mental lances at his psyche hoping to break his will, or at least his concentration, but it was to no avail. This angered him and pushed him to the brink. He charged once again, chain swinging overhead and axe at the ready in his other hand, once he was in range of the duo he lashed out with the chain at Tobias' still outstretched sword arm, it wrapped itself around his blade, and with a jerk he pulled the smaller man in close to him.


The enormous knuckle sped towards them as Tobias stood there, blade outstretched towards their attacker, he was baiting him. As soon as the beast drew him in close enough, he unleashed a vicious right uppercut that connected directly with where Taurs chin would have been had he not been wearing the helm. As it was, he struck the helm and the concussive force of his blow, amplified by his blast knuckles separated the two, sending them both staggering away from each other. Dagnir did so with his helm partially off of his head, he was no longer able to see out of the eye holes and was stumbling around swinging both his chain and axe wildly, a rage fueled howl escaped his mouth as he crashed into a building and bounced off, still swinging his weapons like a mad man. 

Shadow/Battle/Day 5

The punch to the face was enough to knock Shadow back a few feet but it wasn't the blunt force of fist that was a problem. The spirit power that the man had charged his blow with burned away Shadow's flesh. He had saw the power but did not expect it to do any harm, after all spirit energy was no different then life force which he could absorb. That fact only seemed to make this situation worse those as the as the spirit power regrew his face as quickly as it burned it away. It created pain so sensational that it would render most men to fall to the group writhing in agony, but he did not. He stood there hunched over slightly gripping his melting and regrowing face, his eyes bulging with agony or so it would seem when he had eye lids, but he did not scream. Instead a small part of him welcomed the pain, he welcomed that which he forgot. In the centuries gone past since he earliest remaining memory he had felt only sorrow and hunger. This, this was new and he welcomed it.

"If that is you're response then I can only assume two thing," he finally spoke out with his monotone voice as the torment ceased. "Either you enjoy fighting, or your confidence in your abilities leads you to believe I pose no threat." He gently touch his newly regrown face as he softly spoke his mind. "It would seem that if the latter is the case then your confidence is merited. I shall not insult you then."

He throw his hands strait down launching his chains towards the earth. The chains, inches before smashing to the ground short forward and raced towards the man hovering just above the dirt and gravel. Each chain spot at either side of the man the shot out spiraling around him. Shadow raised his arms slightly stopping his weapons from continuing to an even more imposable length then the already had. He hesitated only for a moment then crossed his arms, his chains suddenly closed in around the man as if a knot being pulled tight after the last turn.

IC: Shato - Mid-morning 5 - Castle Town Wall Bottleneck

To her surprise the paladin took her first swing with the knife in order to avoid the second hit with the needle. She couldn't believe her luck. She had never expected the first swing to actually connect. Thankfully the knife was just as dangerous as the needle and the poison was no doubt racing through his blood. If he didn't feel it now he would in a moment or two.

As the paladin backed off he began yelling about Shato's poor social skills and then unleashed a powerful magical attack.

"Crap... you're going all out now of all times?!" she thought to herself as she tried to back off. There wasn't enough time to dodge an attack like this. As the attack launched Shato realized the smoke from her volvagia was already returning. Before even a fraction of it had been absorbed she released a small amount of it to summong a pair of small dodongos in front of her. 

Diving behind them she let the magical attack rip into them with devasting effect. As the smoke cleared from the attack the Paladin looked on with a satisfied look. The first dodongo had been cleaved in two and the second had been gutted badly. After a moment the corpses began to shift and Shato emerged covered in gooey dodongo guts, a small bead of blood dripped from the side of her mouth.

Returning the dodongo's to the urn it was now back at full power. The question was now whether she should focus all her attention on the paladin to finish him off or to retreat before she became encircled by the Hylians. 

Finally the decision was made for her. A twili mage warped in with the giant Goron in tow. From the distance Shato could also see the girl and soldier from earlier were almost back. Despite having poisoned their leader the numbers starting to turn against her.

Summoning a group of about twenty Moblins she commanded them to attack head on. She then summoned an Argorak bird, and holding onto its legs took off into the air and began to fly back behind the Twili lines to regroup. At least the poison would be able to disrupt the Hylian squad. Shato doubted it would be enough to actually kill the paladin, but it would likely force him to pull back to get medical treatment.

"Try not to die on me sweety, I'd like to finish this another time." Shato shouted to the paladin as she pulled away from the Hylians.

Jaden/Bottleneck/Noon 5

OOC:Yeah, metaplot requested it be altered, and by metaplot I mean DEG. It was a beautiful thing, and I wish I could have kept it as it was. Oh well. 

His job got a lot more difficult with fellow Light Warriors engaging Twili counterparts. This line had to hold, and he had to keep it sturdy. Luckily, Meado and his second wave would be coming to deliver just enough support to get the heretics pushed back completely.

"Salvo four, go! Cover fire! Advance second wave!"

He was very thankful that others were able to divert to tackle Volvagia as well. There was a great deal of trouble in the gaps left behind, but the knight with superior technique and ability used tactics Jaden had only dreamed of. It was as though he'd read about these before. If there was time to go over and talk to him, he would have, but with things the way they were, mayhaps at day's end. 

And Jaden was sure to say a prayer for him as he too engaged an elite Dark Warrior. 

Jaden changed his aura to that of Defiance, magnifying physical damage from his unit's attacks. If he was to get a second rush supplemented properly, another initial burst of power would be necessary. 

"More vile sorcery. Be ready for anything.

Gigagoron/Day 5/Hyrule field south of Castle Town

"No! It can't be!" 

Giga, after being warped outside the walls, had quickly taken care of that annoying Twili teleporter. But then his attention had been brought to something in the corner of his eye. It was the smoke, the same smoke he had been chasing. He had turned around in anticipation, but his eyes were met with a disappointing sight. 

Some strange creatures that Giga recognized from the stories as Moblins were charging at him and the rest of the elite Hylian soldiers around him. And taking off from the ground while holding onto some bird, was the one he had been chasing since he left Death Mountain. It was the summoner, the witch, the destroyer. It was the murderer. 

Giga lunged forward, attempting to grab onto the bird before it escaped, and taking out some surprised Moblins in the process. But his efforts were in vain. He jumped up at his foe, but his hands were just out of reach.

"Looks like that famous strength of yours is once again worthless big guy. Too bad I suppose. And with that, she flew off.

But Giga currently had a problem. dozens of moblins were surrounding his legs. As stupid as they seemed, it wouldn't be hard to notice a bandage wrapped around his calf, which clearly might hold some sort of weak spot. Suddenly, Giga noticed the girl from earlier. He barreled through the slashes of the moblins as best he could, sustaining some small scratches, but thankfully, nothing hit his calf.

Not one to mince words, he nodded to the girl and grunted. He turned back and prepared for the fight, which he assumed wouldn't be too hard considering the kind of punch this group was packing.

Meado/Noon 5/Castle Town Walls

The signal had been sent. Captain Jaden's first wave had lasted far better than anyone had expected, holding their own throughout the entire morning. If they survived, he'd be sure to have tales told of this day. If anyone survived.

Meado turned to his troops. Aptly dubbed Wave 2, they were to be the second wave in the defense against the Twili assault on Castle Town. Let it never be said that High Command was abundant with originality and creativity. These troops were the haggard remainders of the men who had been under Meado's command in Ordon. The last of the Ordonian Standing Army, merged now with other units of the main army. He didn't feel bad about it. The reinforcements were needed, even if technically the Standing Army had been disbanded, what with the loss of Ordon among other factors.

However, Meado was still in charge, leading this group ranked Commander. He didn't really feel up to the task, didn't see himself as half the mean General Rus was. But he would do his best. He owed that much to the old man. He owed that much to these men.

And it seemed the Scion's attempts to raise spiritual defense were actually working. Not that that came as any surprise. There was an odd flicker and shimmer in the air around Hyrule Castle. Her prayers were coalescing, or however that mystic shit worked. It wasn't his place to figure out how it worked, only how to use its working to Hyrule's advantage.

"Alright, men! These Interloper thugs think they can win. They've pushed us back! they've battered us! But we are not beaten! They will push no further! Hyrule's defense ends here! Not because we will fail, but because this is where we go on the offensive! It's time for these Twili bastards to start their own defense! We go out there, and we push them back from our city here! We push them back from our lands in Ordon! We push them all the way to the damn sea! We'll see how much they like this war they started when we're knocking on their doorstep, attacking their lands and their cities! Our campaign of vengeance starts now! And the first step is to go out there and kill every damn dark-skin you see!"

A rousing speech, or at least Meado hoped so. He turned to the opening gates in the Castle walls, unsheathing his sword. And then, Commander Meado led the second wave out into Castle Town's streets.


Unsurprisingly, there were very few of the Interloper's soldier to attack in the first few hundred feet out into Castle Town. Jaden, and the troops with him, had done a remarkable job of holding the line. Meado was almost disappointed, feeling his speech's effects dwindling among the men under his command, as they were given time to contemplate the day, and the war in general. As they were given time for the adrenaline spike to fade away.

"Alright, then. Good job to Jaden, I say! Let's give his men a rest, I'm sure their tired, and I feel that my sword thirsts. Best not to deny her, eh, boys? You know what they say about a woman scorned?"

A few of the men around him chuckled, a bit of a strained laugh given the circumstances. But they continued a steady advance toward the front lines, toward the wounds of battle. Behind them the Wall of Faith had formed fully, a glistening translucent prism of blue. It was an immense casting of a well known though seldom replicated spell: Nayru's Love. Once used by the great Hero of Time in his quest to save Hyrule from Ganondorf Dragmyre. It was fitting to be used again, and it inspired the men.

Meado continued at the point of the advance. He considered it a way of honoring Rus: first in, last out. It was that mentality that had lost Rus to the Hylians, he had indeed been the last to leave the Faron conflict...

There was an odd rumbling sound, and the ground shook, disturbing the balance of many of the troops and causing rubble to shift and fall. A nervous murmur started between pockets of Hylians.

"What was that?" "A new Twili weapon?" "Are the sewers going to collapse?"

Their answer came shortly, and appeared to be 'Yes'. The ground cracked and opened in the middle of the formation, and arms formed from the dirt, grabbing Hylians and crushing them into pulp against the street, or else merely taking them wholesale underground, never to be seen again.


The shout set a panic. Swords were bared, and the slightest provocation prompted stabbing the metal into the ground. But there was silence then, as much silence as could be found on the battlefield. No further attacks came.

"Tread lightly, be wary!" Meado advised. "But we can't let them stop us here, we have to join up with Ja-!?"

His words were cut short as a chasm tore open before him. He fell into the earth as dozens of clay men poured out around him, slamming into the surprised Hylian ranks. A melee brawl broke out, clay limbs flailing about crushing men as sword hacked away at the behemoths, whittling them down through numbers and attrition.

Wave Two had been waylaid. Captain Jaden's support would not reach the front lines.

Seishi and Ayala/Siege/Noon 5

"Damn it..." was all Seishi could manage to utter before being rammed by one of the newly formed Moblin's. The creatures spear manged to find its mark in the space between Seishi shoulder and chest armor but to the paladin's luck the spear was to think to penetrate to deeply. The beast charged smashing Seishi into the wall in a pointless attempt to drive its spear farther in but Seishi armor was to well made for that. Instead it only gave him an opening letting him him stab the Moblin just as his back slammed into the outer wall. Not one to give up a prefect shot Seishi channeled a small bit of magic into his blade firing off a sword beam inside the beast the force of which blow out the creatures back killing it in an instant.

"Oberon! Come here and get this armor off me! He shouted as he ran back toward to the rest of his men. The wound on his shoulder wasn't bad but he didn't want his dominate arm acting funny in the middle of battle which meant he'd need to use a stronger healing spell and at his skill level that still required laying hands. The same was true for the much more severe wound on his left armor but that one would have to wait a moment. Having ones shield arm covered in blood was much more forgiving in a battle then the same issue on ones sword hand. Sure there was the blood lose to think of but he could just cast minor healing spells on himself until that issue was fixed. After all it was a still a sunny day, if maybe a bit humid, and his stamina was nearly limitless as a result. 

"Wow she got you twice, either she's good or you're getting old." Ayala jested having seen her father with far worse scrapes to be considered.

"Neither, I just got a little careless. I'll give her this though, that Dodongo Barrier was pretty cleaver." Seishi shot back as Oberon magically removed his armor so he could start healing his shoulder. "Hey Dren! Screw the mages, lets take out those moblins then start cutting into their main force.

"It's about damn time you started to make sense. Hey you slack ass bastards heard the man, get to work!"

"Hey Mike, are you sober?" Jarkens called out to long bowman next to him as he looked down at the battle below though unable to hear his officers words.

"Is it past noon yet?" Corporal Litoris responded with a hazed sun-baked tone.

"I think so?"

"Then unfortunately I am, why?"

"Well I was just wondering, Moblin's normally only live in the forest right?"


"So then why is there a crap load right bellow us attacking the others?"

Litoris briefly looked down having previously had his focus attention on more distant targets, "Magic."

"Magic? Ok magic I'll take that. Now while we're at it care to explain the three story tall Goron standing in front of us?" Jarken's asked as he looked on in awe as the massive swatted at the women his commander was just fight.

"Kid, you don't explain something like that, you just get drunk and try to forget about it. I'll treat you once this crap is over."

"I'm 17."

"Good, that means it'll take less liquor to get you good and pissed."

"Would ya' two id'jits stop d***ing around and get with it. That harpy ***** our new boss was fightin' is getting away." Barked as his took a shot at the escaping Shato only for the arrow to fall short do to her long bows limited range.

"Ah tisk tisk, such a poor dispel Miss Megan. Now please step back and let me show you how a man and real archer wields his instrument." Ridden mocked as he readied his long bow and fired off another shot at the felling women. He didn't get the chance to see if he hit his mark however, as he the pain of a dagger pressing against his back suddenly distracted him.

"That Sergeant Megan," Rin said with devil's malice as she pressed slightly harder but still not enough to cut him, "and if ya' take that tone with me again I'll tell that life sucking snake Megumi ya' wanna be her new toy. Got it, boyo?" Ridden just nodded nervously. "Good, now get back to fighin' ya' lecherous s***."


[hl=white][color=green]"Not much of talker are you?"[/color][/hl] Ayala asked with a smile after their new Goron allies gruff hello. 

She ducked slightly to avoid a charging Moblin's spear as she trust out her own impaling the beasts hip as it ran into her much shorter range. She quickly grabbed the beast weapon using magic to augment her strength and lobbed the massive spear at another moblin charging at her still healing father. She pulled out her still active spear tip causing her first target to collapses to the ground slowly bleeding to death while the second turned into a puff of smoke and trailed of. [hl=white][color=green]"Hey um... Super Goron, I just got a weird idea. Do you think you can start pick these guys up and start pitching them at the Twili? I think a 500lb fast ball with a spear might do some damage, or scare the crap out of them."[/color][/hl] 

Darrel Mytura - Hyrule Castle Town - Fifth Day

Darrel had made a painful miscalculation. When the chain whips were removed he realized that not just the ends but each link as well was adorned with a razor sharp blade. His forearm bled freely, spilling crimson across the cobbled street on which they fought. He had no time to dress the wound, though, as he was engaged in a fight for his life.

The monotone speech of his foe unnerved him, but he'd heard such before. The whips shot out and in, threatening to wrap him up and cut him to ribbons. He crouched and thrust himself straight up at the last moment, leaping over the chains as they closed in on him. Too slow, one of the chains managed to snag his leg, wrapping itself around his calf and embedding itself in the hard muscle. He could feel the blood as it flowed from the new set of wounds, soaking his pant leg. His leap was thus cut quite short, and rather than waiting for gravity to pull him back down he was dragged back toward the city street and his foe by the chain that held him fast.

But he would use what he had. Bringing his sword up, he channeled spirit energy along the length of the blade. Its brilliant glow intensified and disjointed, coruscating sparks and bolts of energy ran along its length as he fell back to earth, crashing down upon his foe with furious intent.

Harken Zeiss/Mid-Morning 5/Castle Town Streets

As the armored monstrosity charged, Harken took a few steps to the side. If he read Tobias right...

Ah! There it was. Those blast knuckles. Rather wonderful creation those were, based off the Blast Mask Harken had been able to collect back home. A shame that one was left behind, not that it made to much difference to him. The thing was far to dangerous for him to ever want to use himself or for him to ever want to lend it for someone else's use. Let those idiots that overthrew him blow themselves up with it.

Of course, Harken wasn't so stupid about it all. The wonderful scholars and magisters that had made his (poorly missed) cane had also worked on other projects for the ex-lord. For example: Tobias' blast knuckles. He had given them the Blast Mask, and after, oh only about a dozen or so deaths they had been able to replicate the effects in this pair of brass knuckles, with a little bit of changes, of course, to fit Pepperwhistle's pro-boxing fighting style. Of course, those being the same that had made his cane, Harken had ordered them all killed when they finished the work, so truly Tobias had a one-of-a-kind item there.

And boy was it ever a great match for the man. Their opponent staggered backward, swinging his chain randomly about like the madman he was, helmet dislodged yet miraculously still on his head. Though, Pepperwhistle had the misfortune of also being propelled backward by the blast. That was one little kink they never seemed able to quite work out. What had that man said? Newton Figsworth, the energies-specialist? "In science, there is always an equal force in the opposite direction. The same is true for magiscience, unfortunately." Or some such rubbish, Harken hadn't cared about the how of those men, just their results. Point being, it was a kink they couldn't work out. Or something...

"I swear, Pepperwhistle," he said, striding over to his old acquaintance, "one of these days those damn things are going to kill you. But that day doesn't seem to be to-day, so what say we kick this guy's ass?"

He took his fancy-pants monocle from the breast pocket of his jacket, settling it over his eye and adjusting it to a comfortable position.

He smirked at Tobias. "Remember this piece?"

And with a touch to the rim, he activated the lens, which acted like the eyes of the Beamos statue and released a beam of energy (the magiscientists had called it a 'laser') straight toward the helmeted head of their flailing armored foe.

Daurubia/Noon 5/Bottleneck

Where ever Giga had run off to, he needed to return as fast as possible. The men were tired, sore, beaten. Left and right, Twili seemed to be resisting their push to the fullest. 

What was that fool human thinking. There's no way that a line of this size could have hoped to push back their whole army.

And then he heard it, a chorus of screams coming from behind him. He spun back, noticing the shield covering the castle before the group of men. But once he saw them, he realized the plan. Multiple lines. Brilliant. he thought to himself.

The men around him gradually began to take note of the help coming forward. They seemed relieved, knowing soon they would have a break. But roughly half way between the castle and the soldiers, Daurubia saw something he did not expect. Hands began coming out of the ground, crushing the charging soldiers. And then, the ground shook as a hole split open, blocking their path. And out of the hole, came a number of large, clay-like creatures.

The soldiers around him looked lost, dashed of any hope that they had of victory. Daurubia instantly curled up into a ball. "Where are you going goron?" one of the soldiers asked.

"To even the odds." And with that he sped off towards the golems. 

Tobias/ Mid-Morning 5/ Castle town Streets

"Well 'Ark, it's a good thing I 'ad your chaps make this fancy pants armored vest ehh?"

Harken brandished his monocle, which was different than the one that Tobias possessed, in that it literally shot laser beams from it's lens, where Tobias' held the capability to show the true intentions of ones heart and to reveal things hidden to the naked eye, Harkens lens possessed no mind delving abilities whatsoever, it was forged with only destructive intentions in mind. Activating it, Zeiss sent a steady stream of the molten electrified fire known as laser directly at Taur, the blast erupted forth from him and struck Dagnir, who was still thrashing and stumbling about wildly destroying all that held the nerve to stand within his path, mid chest and traveled upwards until it connected with his helm, sending it spiraling away, clinking and clanking across the hard stone that made up the street, revealing the glistening scarlet crystal mounted upon Taurs forehead.

With a level of agility befitting a man half his age Tobias dashed forward, ducking beneath what would've been a crushing blow from the thick metal chain, two more steps and Tobias left his feet, right arm drawn back back behind his ear, with all of his might and reserved energy focused behind it, he sent his blast knuckle encapsulated fist surging forward, which connected cleanly and squarely with the aforementioned crystal. The force of the resulting explosion sent Tobias hurtling through the air. He struck the stout ground with a hard thud followed by a wet crunch and went tumbling across the street, broken ribs were among a cavalcade of other injuries. 

Now that the crystal was out of the picture, the barriers surrounding Dagnirs mind fell and, once he regained a fraction of his composure, Pepperwhistle assaulted the psyche of the fearsome knuckle, the stone hard, icy tendrils of Tobias' consciousness came over Dagnir's mind and dropped harder and fast than the panties of the ranch girl Cremia. His vie-like mental grip completely encapsulated Taur, who stood there lurched forward in an almost trance like state. ''Ark, I 'ave control of 'is mind, but I've not got the energy within me to complete the spell meself. The Rite of Servility should do the trick right well, and, as a tiny bonus for 'im or anyone else with a mind to steal control from us, the curse of fragmentation. If we don't control 'im, 'e an everyone round 'im....kablooey!"

Harken appeared almost appalled at the thought of Taur going supernova and obliterating himself and his surroundings, but consented to aide in the casting of the incantations nonetheless. The duo began muttering collectively, the ferocity of their speech rose and fell with the lines of the passages, finally rising to a crescendo before trailing off, it was done. Taur was under the collective control of the duo, until death, or nuclear explosion, do them part.