Majin: "The Trust Key will never be yours! The very reason I sought you as an ally is the reason I cannot allow you to leave this cavern with it. You're dangerous."
Taden: "The thief who started a war now calls me dangerous? But see what profit our conflict, that it should lead us even to the Goron Trust?"
―Majin Kotage to Taden Horwendil

The Theft of the Goron Trust was an event that occurred on the dawn of Epoch Day 4. The full text of the original posts composing the trust theft can be found here. The event started the previous night when Majin Kotage, Sirius Fulmaren, Taden Horwendil, and Polaris Eridanus arrived in Goron City. Working for King Tiburon of the Zora Polaris had come to make a formal alliance with Patriarch Darmoto against Hyrule in the event of war. Daramoto however was unconvinced by Polaris' arguments and instead chose to keep the Goron Tribe neutral. Taden however had different plans.

After Polaris had left Taden entered the room disguised as Master Jotun of the Yeti Tribe. He convinced Darmoto that the Zora were responsible for the previous theft of the Hylian trust, and that they were ordered to do the same to the Goron's in the event their alliance failed. Shocked by these (false) revelations Darmoto gave Taden the location of the Goron Trust under the belief the Yeti man would go to protect it. Instead Taden made haste for the trusts resting place in Dodongo's Cavern, where he intended to steal it and give it to his Hylian employers. Sirius, Majin, and Polaris all found out about what Taden intended to and rushed off to stop him. The four fought their way through the monsters at Dodongo's Cavern before confronting each at the trusts chamber.

However by entering the chamber they inadvertantly awoke the trusts guardian; the fearsome Mega Dodongo. With no single warrior capable of bringing down the beast alone the four were forced into a temporary alliance in order to survive. Eventually they were successful in killing the beast in a massive explosion, and the band of misfits escaped to the surface in Hyrule Field. There they found The Battle of Disharmony taking place. Taden managed to get away with the Goron Trust amidst the chaos while Polaris, Sirius, and Majin were unable to stop him. Template:EODENav

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