"Yes, it was this key that was stolen in the raid, and it can be no coincidence. There are only two discernible reasons for this theft: the perpetrator means to start an open war between the Hylians and our neighbors, or they mean to take the power behind the thrice-sealed door for themselves."
— King Dromand

Template:Infobox GameEvent The Theft of the Hylian Trust was an event which occurred on Epoch Day Zero. The full text of the original posts composing the theft can be found here. On that evning a Tokay mercenary named Majin Kotage secretly infiltrated Hyrule Castle at sunset. Under contract with a mysterious cloaked employer Majin's objective was to steal the Hylian Trust Key, one of three keys needed to gain access to the legendary Timeshift Stone Vault. In addition he was also told to kill several guards while in the process leaving one alive as a witness.

Majin accomplished this task with relative ease, killing eight of the royal guard while knocking out the nineth with a poisoned dart. He escaped the castle grounds without having alerted the remaining guards until he was long gone with the trust key. That night Majin gave the stolen key to his employer in exchange for a large sum of money. The theft of the Hylian Trust would soon spark a crisis that would bring the nations of Hyrule to the brink of war. Template:EODENav

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