"If you lived as long as a dragon guardian, over the years your sense of self would shift as dramatically as the very landscape."
— Note from Sirius’ Journal​

The Three Immortal Dragons are a group of dragon guardians who oversee the Hyrulean Continent. The provinces these dragons reside in are named after each dragon, respectively. Faron has power over water, Eldin has power over fire, and Lanayru has power over lightning. All three are capable of reading minds. By the Epoch Era Eldin had taken on a more human like form while the other two remained in their original state. Faron resided in Lake Flora, Eldin in a Death Mountain cavern, and Lanayru amoung the deserts near the Western Ocean.

In the year 1000-AD during the events of Skyward Sword the Three Dragons helped led the Hero of the Sky to the Triforce by teaching him the Song of the Hero. Later on in the Skyward Era they were present durring the sealing of the Timeshift Stone Vault. At the start of the Epoch Era the Three Dragons were the last people alive who knew the true location of the Timeshift Stone Vault. During the Epoch War the dragons were sought out by agents from Hyrule, the Zora Tribe, and the Guardian Order who each hoped to find the vaults location.