"This has been a most fortuitous day for the Zoras, my friends. It seems that fate itself bends backward to serve our ends. I will accept your services, and I have my first task for you."
— King Tiburon

Template:Infobox Group King Tiburon's Recruits were a small group of special forces operatives created by the King of the Zora Tribe, Tiburon during the Epoch Era. While aligned with the rest of the tribe's army, these agents operated independently from the Zora military and in fact had Non-Zora amidst their number. The recruits were originally put together on Epoch Day 1 after Polaris Eridanus, Majin Kotage, and AvaKai all pledged their loyalty to King Tiburon and volunteered to serve his cause. However with Tiburon not truely knowing their backgrounds he opted to test their loyalty as well skill by putting the three together as part of a special task force. As part of their first orders Tiburon instructed the three to travel to Goron City and to cement an alliance with the Gorons against the Hylian's.

During their quest Tiburon's Recruits would so face down Secret Agents of King Dromand who had come looking for Majin and the stolen Trust Key. Fighting these agents in the the Battle of Kakariko, the two sides would soon become locked in a lethal rivalry as their conflicting missions would see them face off against each other time and time again. While ultimately unsuccessful in their mission to sway the Goron's, King Tiburon's Recruits nevertheless proved themselves worthy to the Zora cause due to their actions in the Battle of Disharmony. With the Zora King now fully trusting in his agents he assigned them a new task. With new members in tow Tiburon ordered his recruits to find the Three Immortal Dragons and use their information to learn the Timeshift Stone Vault's locations before the Hylian's beat them to it.


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