"An ancient society that once resided in these lands mined a material that, through a variety of methods they had at their disposal, could have profound effects on the flow of time. I'm sure none here is blind enough that they cannot see that that kind of power, in the wrong hands, could be catastrophic. My ancestor and the ancestral leaders of the Gorons and the Zoras realized this as well, and they locked away every scrap of timeshift stone that they could find."
— King Dromand

The Timeshift Stone Vault is a legendary but hidden location used to seal up the timeshift stones. The vault was created in the year 1050-AD. In the years leading up to it creation explorers from Skyloft discovered strange magical objects called timeshift stones in the region now known as the Gerudo Desert. Possessing the ability to manipulate time the stones were immensely powerful tools whoes use could be catastrophic if they fell into the wrong hands. A crisis broke out when the formerly nomadic Gerudo Tribe began migrateing into the desert with the intent of mining these stones.

To protect the timeshift stones and time itself by extension an alliance was made by Zelda the First with the Zora and Goron Tribes. Together the three races worked together to build a hidden vault and seal up every known timestone within. Once this task was completed the vault was locked with three enchanted keys known as the Trust Keys. One key was given to each tribe for safe keeping so that no one race could access the vault without the other two's permission. Over the following centuries the true location of the Timeshift Stone Vault was forgotten by all but the Three Immortal Dragons.