Tipping the Scales is the 8th Chapter of IW Season 2.

Cool Kids In the Castle Edit

Whie Malreaux/Castle Halls/Evening Five

Whie tilted his head. "Oh, oh. Aren't you a mister smarty-pants!"

Whie peeled the mask form his head, contorting in pain from the horrid transformation. Then he gave the man a mocking bow. "Whie Malreaux. Not sure what a Hothnight is, but sounds exciting. As for the mask..."

He looked at the thing hanging from his fingers. It grinned back at him with a soulless simian smile.

[hr] Whie Malreaux/Eight Years Before the War/ Ordon Forest

Looking around him, in the darkness, he was suddenly lost.


There was no defining feature in the complete blinding darkness. He had skinned his knee, and likely picked up a few bruises, in his tumble. Along with the physical relics of his gracelessness he had managed to afflict himself with a mental ailment: disorientation. There was no sense of forward or back, no way to tell if a step forward would take him into a wall, or out over an abyss, or any other myriad potential disasters.

And Leo was still lost somewhere. Lost anywhere in this cave that no one knew was here. Whie could only assume they were both going to die lost in the dark. Panic started to grip its insidious claws into his mind. He gritted his teeth to fight back hysterical tears.


His voice echoed in the cavern was was swallowed by the darkness. Yelling was a mistake, it let loose his control and gave voice to his fears. He began to cry and hugged his knees to his chest. Great heaving sobs shook his chest. Minutes passed in that timeless emptiness as he cried, lost to the waltz of the ages.

Slowly his racking chest calmed, his eyes dried and the the fear gave way to something clearer. A type of acceptance. If he was going to die, then he would do it at least trying to survive. He would search for an exit, even if it led him deeper into the caves or into some deadly obstacle.

He opened his eyes, and found a pleasant surprise. In the intervening minutes his pupils had dilated, becoming accustomed to the gloom. What was once palpable darkness was now something less; there was a faint glow coming from somewhere, and by it he could see the vague outlines of the cavern walls. For security, he pressed his palm to the wall and followed it toward the light. He did not find the exit, the light was not the sun.

But there was some strange altar, in a hollowed out expanse somewhere hidden deep in these caves. It sat in the very middle of the large open room, and housed a simple wooden monkey mask. Whie stumbled toward it. The light was comforting in the darkness. He took up the mask from the altar, and his fears were further allayed. Comfort washed over him as he settled it over his face.

[hr] [b][color=yellow][hl=darkblue]Whie Malreaux[/hl][/color]/Castle Halls/Evening Five[/b]

Whie looked back up at the man, giving him a shrug. "[color=yellow][hl=darkblue]Does it really matter where I got it, as much as that I have it now? I think a more important question is what we're doing here, don't you? That's a bit of an intense fight over there, and I've rather not end up getting wrapped up into it, don't know about you.[/hl][/color]"

Kinslayer - Hyrule Castle Corridor - Fifth Evening

"What I'm doing here isn't a question at all. As for you... well honestly I don't really care." He said in answer, frowning at the deranged man gripping the primate mask in his hands. "As for the fight, I'd rather they both just kill each other and be done with it."

There was something odd about this unstable man before him. Perhaps it was the fact that, while he did not outwardly display the madness lurking beneath, Kinslayer was sensitive to it in some way. He could see it, plain as day, written in the currents of the man's surface thoughts.

Such a strange sensation he was feeling, a sensation that had been pulling at this edge of his consciousness since his brush with the creature behind the Brand during his tour of the Warp. Though his cerebral abilities had always been there, they had never been useful unless he'd actively employed them. Now he felt as though his mind was more receptive to the thoughts and feelings of others, as if somehow his encounter with the Brand and what lay beneath had broadened the scope of his powers in a way he'd not anticipated. With that sinister an mysterious entity, he could rule nothing out.

Still, he had important things to be about. He would spend less time concerned with how or why it had happened, and simply be content that it had. It was but another tool in his arsenal. And his arsenal was not small.

"I ask about the mask because, if I'm not much mistaken, I knew the original owner." He pushed himself and took a few steps toward and around the man who called himself Whie, assessing him. "Erstwhile acquaintances, one might say. Alike in many ways, but different in more.

"It suited him better."

[b][color=yellow][hl=darkblue]Whie Malreaux[/hl][/color]/Evening Five/Hyrule Castle Corridors[/b]

Whie laughed. "[color=yellow][hl=darkblue]Suited or not, he doesn't have it anymore. Probably dead, but what do I know? Or care, for that matter.[/hl][/color]"

He twirled the mace in his hand, watching as the man walked around him. "[hl=darkblue][color=yellow]But whatever about that. This fight is stupid. There has to be something more interesting to be done around here... Haven't seen a girl around, looks like a Sheikah, if those things were real? I been trying to find her, but I got [i]way[/i] lost.[/color][/hl]"

Senshi/Hyrule Castle/Evening 5

The incomprehensibly powerful beam of star magic collided into the seemingly helpless Senshi. That blast was so large much of it by passed him, slamming into the divine barrier far behind him. The magic forces collided and swirled against the barrier, constantly being forced back only the re-assault like a child on a temper tantrum until it burned itself out. 

As the wave faded away Blade found himself looked up in a confused awe. Senshi was floating there unharmed surrounding by 6 glowing golden wings. "Oh don't look so surprised." Senshi yelled down as he slowly descended to the ground. "You know who I'm related to, it should come as a shock that I can use this." He held up the Sage of Winged Light coin that he had stolen the previous day.

"You miss understand," Blade replied with a stern voice trying to mask his ever raising anger. "I'm not shock by your little light show, well not entirely. I just to see you draw that much power so effortlessly, knowing who your father is, who your uncle was, seeing what you can be and knowing you've betrayed us. I just can't fathom it."

"What I could have been died long ago, but trust me when I tell you, what I'm doing is right. What I'm doing is for the best. If I must become the face of darkness as a result, then so be it."

"And you would willing drag your families legacy down that path with you? A legacy of loyal solders and hero?"


"You're father must be so proud," He paused to take a deep breath and let lose his anger to for final words, "I'm you uncle spinning is his grave to know he survived by such scum."

"You have no right..." Senshi face filled with rage. Four of the wings vanished, the energy from two surrounding his left arm and taking the form of a dragons talon made of golden energy. The energy of the other two surrounded his body enhancing his speed and strength. "You have no right!" Senshi dashed forward using the remaining wings to farther enhance his speed. The punched with the dragon arm with enough force to take a normal persons head off. Blade blocked with is sword but the beam he shot early had weaken it allowing the force off Senshi attack to shatter it.

"My uncle, when he was over two hundred year old and nearly powerless risk his life to take down a man who could have very well killed all the sages, taken their powers then done who knows what to this whole planet never mind the country. When he failed and the Light Warriors didn't have a shot in hell and cleaning up the mess I took it upon myself to sell my soul and fight along side one the most twisted individuals the world has ever faced just for the hopes at at least mitigating his madness. My uncle, the man who was once this world greatest hero, saw what I was doing and put his faith in me knowing it was the only chance we had. In the end he died, he sacrificed himself leaving me with a sin I can never wash away. He did this knowing despite what I meant I had to live with that I would still be able to say I did the right thing at the end of the day. That we could move on and keep this world safe with out him because we could do what had to be done no matter what. So you, a coward who hides behind a wall despite having the power of a whole battalion, power that belong to his ancestor who used that power to lead a whole army from the front, do not get to lecture me!" Senshi pulled back his empowered fist and let out another ungodly punch to Blade's sword shattering it.

Light Warriors/Death Mountain/Several Hundred Years Ago

"It took you long enough." Senshi scolded as all the Light Warrior appeared before him in a flash of light.

"Watch who you're talking to," his mother shot back. "I'll have you know even with you acting as a beacon what ever Haullam did the shroud this place was still making it fairly difficult to teleport to."

"Well that's great because that paranoid bastard has me and all the real Dark Warrior guarding an outer perimeter to keep us as far away from that ritual as possible. In other words you taking so long means we're shot on time and have to run a mile up hill."

"That's all, the way you're panicking I though we had a problem." Seishi berated his son as he dawned the Goron mask and rolled out towards the ritual. Ayala put on a ridiculous looking bunny ear hat and followed after him.

"What the hell..?" Senshi looked upon his fellow light warrior suddenly realizing they were all carrying new yet somewhat familiar equipment. Dajronon the Silver Gauntlets, Phoenix the Golden, Darrel the Mirror Shield, Koro a hook shot and the small hero's bow. All of the Light Warriors were given some of Link's only equipment. Even Zelda in he Sheik form was carrying the Fairy Bow and Arrow of Light.

"Navi showed up and felt we shouldn't let any of this go to waist. Now didn't you say we need to hurry." Zelda explained before running up the path.

The Light Warrior arrived to find Seishi and Ayala both struggling against Haullam. Never was able to lay a scratch on him even with Seishi using the Sword of Light and Megaton Hammer and Ayala the Master Sword. The blows just bounced of him, whats worse is the Sword of Light almost seemed to strengthen him in the same way it would either of its two current owners.

It wasn't the fight that drew the attention of most of the warrior though, it was the site of Link and the three oracles. The young women we circled around a portal of swirling blue energy trapped in some from a trance as power followed out of there bodies into the portal to sustain it. Link floated helplessly above the portal as a rainbow of various magics rose out of it and into him.

"Any one care to explain what's going one?" One of the new Light Warriors final asked turning towards Senshi figured he'd now something considering he had been working with the Dark Warriors.

"Does it matter, save the girls then kill the bad guy."

[color=deeppink]"It does matter Senshi since it means we might not be able to stop Haullam as easily as you seem to think. That's a portal to the Sacred Realm. He's using Link to draw in the powers of the six sages and store them like a battery. Haullam must be trying to take all that power into himself has already gained a good chuck of it. That's why neither your father or sister can hurt him right now and why we might not fair much better."[/color]

"Right, save the girls so the portal closes and he can't get more. I'll worry about the rest when they're safe." He started running toward the portal but was stopped shot by a bolt of lightning that had just missed him. It was Davus, the Dark Warrior had final shown up.

The Light Warrior sprang into action, Ithan against Davus, Darrel against Kinslayer, even Sirus Fulmen had show up for what ever reason and have having a delightedly twisted time rekindling his mismatched rivalry with Kokage. Every Light Warrior had paired off with their usual foe, the novices teaming up to take on those unclaimed. Only Senshi and Zelda remained to deal with Haullam large regular army that was guarding the oracles as Laynnei tried all she could to break the break the girls out of there coma.


The fight had waged on for hours to the point where to sun had set. May of the duels and drifted away from the field of battle. Some end with an ally having to pick up the slack. Senshi, Zelda and Laynnei had made it to the portal and were still fending of waves of beast and enemy soldiers but were having no better luck freeing the three girls or the elderly Hero of Time. Seishi had given up on the Sword of Light instead taking on the Goron form and duel wielding the his Magic Sword and the Megaton Hammer. He and Ayala traded the Light back and forth to keep up they stamina now that the sun had gone down.

"Enough of this!" Haullam boomed as he realized a part fraction of his stored power launching his opponents several yards away. "This was entertaining I'll admit, but I grow tried of the handicap I've allowed you to enforce upon me thus far. Now wait right there while I claim the rest of what I've worked for and then I'll be able to show you just how outclassed you really are.

"We're out of time," Senshi ripped off his necklace and readied himself to engage Haullam. He knew he couldn't beat him but with luck his powers would drain away enough of Haullam's before it kill him removing what ever was protecting Haullam from the Master Sword's evil banishing effect.

"...wait..." Link stuggled to call out. "Just wait, and listen to my very closely. Laynnei put the strongest barrier you can around yourself, the oracles and Zelda. Senshi, when Haullam get close enough I need you to stab me in the chest."

"No, there's not way in hell. That will kill you, I'm not killing you. Hell everyone through you were dead and now that your not I think we all want you to stay that way."

"Senshi, this is the only way we're going to stop him, you know that."

"No bull, you had a plan, I know you did. From the second I saw you in that damn tent I saw you coming up with a plan."

"This was my plan. I'm old Senshi, and I've lost my powers. For now on it'll be up to all of you to look after Hyrule just like you've all always done when I wasn't around. Come one, at least this way I get to be a hero one last time."

Haullam approached his floating battery caring as little about the other three around him as an unloving god would ant.

"Do it now!"

"Senshi clenched the hilt of his sword as he anguished over what was being asked of him. "Damn it!"

The power once stored within the Hero of Time exploded with such intensity that those as far away as the Desert Colossus would swear the sun had risen in the dead of night. Haullam was thrown back from the explosion. So much power had rushed into him so quickly that it it burst within him like a balloon leaving him drained of all but his own dark magics. Ayala jumped to her feet seeing the perfect opening and ran Haullam through the heart with the Master Sword.

With Haullam dead the oracle were free from there bonds. Drain of all there divine energies they collapsed to the ground. The portal the sacred realm, no longer having being sustained by the girls began to shrink though remained open in an unstable form. 

The energies released form Link began to fade way once again returning darkness. A brief moment all the fighting had stopped, most taken back buy the pure force of what had happened, but other just stood in shock to see that nothing remained of the Hero of Time. No corpse, no bones, not even ash. It seemed he's completely vaporized, or maybe something else. Only Senshi remain, his negative power having protected him from harm.

He stood there in shock for a brief moment until finally dropping his sword and falling to his knees unable to come to grips with what he had just done.

Senshi/Hyrule Castle/Night 5

In desperation Blade swung at Senshi with his broken sword but he easily dodged it and punched Blade with his Sage Dragon Fist sending the heavy armored knight several yards back. Senshi rushed forward with the same enhanced speed to deliver another punch but Bladed once again enchanted his armor nullifying the blow. Senshi quickly jumped back to avoid another swipe from the broken sword. "Well this is annoying, a stalemate."

"Not quite." Blade's armor rolled into an ball and began to spin in place. As his speed in created the Star energy sounding him began to stretched out and from into an giant buzzsaw. 

Senshi tried to draw more power from the Winged Light Coin but energy back fired. The slight burning he'd been feeling since he first started using it rapidly increased forcing him to yell out in pain, breaking his concentration and dispelling his energy. "S***!" He managed to jump out of the way just before Blade came speeding back to slice him in too.

Blade turned as sharply as he could, bouncing slightly off the barrier wall to make a second pass at Senshi. Senshi quickly drew power from the coin again forming to wings to lift himself over what he though was Blade limited area of attack. Blade used the energy surrounding him to launch into the air catching Senshi off guard. It was only by summoning to more wings to deflect the knight that he managed to avoid being sliced in two.

Senshi landed back on the ground and focused the full extent of what he could draw from the coin into his fist. Blade bounced off the Wall of Faith once again and came rushing down at Senshi at a deadly speed. In a desperate act, hoping his gauntlets and stolen sage power would be enough, Senshi threw one more punch.

Through seer determination, or perhaps luck, Senshi punch deflected Blade momentum sending both flying in opposite directions. "I'll give you this much. I was sure the second I pull out this sage coin this fight would be over, but you kept up the fight for quite a bit there."

"If you think for one minute that I've given up..." Blade ripped the Star Sage coin from the hilt of his broken sword. He started pulling the same massive amount of power that had had damaged his sword into the palm of his hand. "...then you're a bigger ****in' idiot then I though."

Senshi/Hyrule Castle/Night 5

Blade control of the power he was focusing in his bear hands was limited. Loss streams of energy flew off in all directions smashing harmlessly into the Wall of Faith, tearing up the ground, and scaring the castle's stone walls. "Oh I get it," Senshi smirked finding another way to hackle the General. "You can't control that power unless your focusing it through something."

"I guess if I ripped that armor off piece by piece you'd be helpless. Don't worry though, I won't dare tarnish that legacy anymore then you already have. So instead." Senshi dashed forward with his enhanced speed. Blade released the power he was forming but the he couldn't keep it together as a solid blast allowing Senshi to punch right through it with his dragon arm. 

The closer Senshi get to Blade the more resistance he felt from the Star Blast. Less and less power had splintered off the closer he got to the source forcing him to re-channel the power from his remaining wings into his arm. Farther in still he was forced to refocus his enhancing aura into his arm as well hoping his gauntlets would be enough to make the final push.

An inch, and inch from the dragon talon reaching Blades hand and grabbing the Star Coin and Senshi couldn't move forward any farther. They were locked in a dead stalemate. "I'll be damned if I'll admit to being evenly matched with you." Blade struggled to gain control of his power while he desperately tried to draw more energy. His focus being split on both tasks made it impossible.

"You're not," Senshi removed his necklace and drew his flaming sword. "You see there's a big difference between you and me, I've got powers of my own. Flame Burst!" Senshi released the omni-direction fire attack as he simultaneously unleashed the full effect of his negative power. The energies collided in the middle throwing both backwards and forcing them to drop their respective coins. 

"Cute," Blade stood back up and picked up the coin laying next to him on the ground, "but I think you lost something." He showed off his newly acquired Winged Light coin.

"Well, I guess I'm at a disadvantage then." Senshi put his charm back on and climbed back to his feet but not before secretly picking up the Star Sage coin that had landed next to him. "So, Blade, I guess this is where you try to show how much better you are with that thing then I am. Am I right."

Senshi/Hyrule Castle/Night 5

Blade tried to draw power from the Winged Light Coin but nothing happened, "What the hell?"

"You're really surprised," Senshi smirked as his slowly walked towards the General. "The only reason you can use the Star Coin is because you're Sabre's decedent. It means your both a candidate to replace him as a sage and naturally aligned to Star magic. That coins as foreign to as money to a dog. Now, your swords broken, you've lost your sage powers and you can't expect to beat me just by rolling around, so why don't you just give up and hand over that coin."

"What makes think I can't use my sage powers?"

"Because," Senshi raised his arm to show it was glowing with celestial magic and punched Blade in his armored chest. A blast erupted form his fist at the moment of contact launching Blade far back into the Wall of Faith.

"You see like you I can use these coins because of my lineage," he boasted as he bent over to pick up the Winged Light coin that Blade had dropped know that he was kneeling face down in the dirt trying to not cough up a lung. "The difference with me is I'm from a blood line that can use all the sages powers."

He reformed his Scythe and lifted into the air, "You know if you hadn't been so reliant on your sage coin I wouldn't have bothered using mine. You really should learn to fight under your own strength. Oh well, good luck with that." He took off heading for the very top of the barrier.

Senshi/Hyrule Castle/Night 5

Senshi stood a top the highest spire of Hyrule Castle as he played an incomplete song on his ocarina. It was one he'd had in his head as long as he could remember and his uncle had helped him fill in some of the blanks. Now he played it for the seraphim floating above him. A parting gift for a fellow pawn of the goddesses that he was certain was making the ultimate sacrifice.

Phoenix landed next to him having flown up to him in his Oni after the fight ended, "You need to give that back Senshi." 

Senshi ended his song and held up the Ocarina of Time. "This, no this is mine. Nydesti even arranged as such if you remember."

"You know I mean the Sage of Star coin, hand it over. Wait Nydesti, since when do call Zelda by... Never mind, give me the coin."

"Sorry but I need it right now. Don't worry I'll give it back eventually. Anyway its not like Blade will be using it while hiding behind this barrier, and even if he gets out it couldn't hurt him to learn to fight with out it. In fact I'd say its the only way he'll progress since his skill with the coin is inefficient. Though to his credit he didn't seem to share the same sides effects as I did. My left arm still fells like its on fire from that last attack. Its weird though, the Winged Light power only tingled a little and I drew out a lot more power from that one. Then again I'm not sure why either should hurt me at all."

"So are you rambling on hoping you'll catch me off guard or are you stalling until you get the feeling back in your arm? Either way you know you can't beat me so just hand the thing over."

Senshi quickly changed the subject, "So his other angel with six wings, it's related to Brysies right. Her teacher of something right. You know I've seen what this kind of power can do to someone. Ayala may never recover for her Arch Angel transformation and that was just because she was to young. Still we're built to house that kind of divine power. This though, this isn't like that though. The angel seems to be stronger if it can support this barrier for so long, and the person doing it is using a form I can only guess is meant for the scion but with out the physical capability of withstanding that kind of power. She wont survive this will she?" 

Phoenix said nothing.

"I thought so, another person sacrificed because of those three. I guess she had a choice in the matter though, that's something right. I mean, this was her doing what she felt was necessary to protect everyone. It's not a curse force upon her like some of us."

"Senshi, give me the coin."

"I guess I can understand that, even respect that. Hell I think it something to emulate."


"See I can choose to sacrifice myself to save everyone too. Except instead of my life, I'll just give up my soul. All to save everyone for the second biggest mistake those three ever made."


Castletown Here, There, Everywhere Edit

Vykos/Castle Town Gates/Afternoon 5

They finally made it. A large army of almost eight hundred strong of all sorts of walking dead began to claw and scratch at a lightly defended town gate. Sure, they were on a bridge. Sure, they were being shot at by archers, but arrows wouldn't do much to things that wouldn't drop from tissue damage or trauma. These soldiers had to be dismembered, turned, or unsummoned. 

Twenty or so Ghini rose from Vykos' cart and began to wreak havoc on the ramparts as well. 

He didn't really have to do much except focus on dangers and shout them out to his minions. His Gibdos waited for orders, but they were his last line of defense. There were no footsoldiers at this gate, and that gate was pretty resilient, but it would give in due time. 

Horus/Castle Town/Afternoon 5

The ugly beast had been torn to ribbons by Jaden, whom seemed to be what he could guess to be uncharacteristically enraged. As the beast drew its last breath, Jaden appeared to go back to normal, but all didn't seem to be well. Hell, the poor guy looked like crap. This did not worry him at all though, as he watched from a short distance as Jaden became surrounded by medics, what truly worried him was Polaris' almost complete change in behaviour. Horus eyed him suspiciously as Polaris slaughtered soldiers in an unusually sadistic manner. As the Zora turned towards Horus and Jaden once more, he had a very different look in his eyes, as he appeared to scan Jaden, then Horus, then back again. When Polaris looked at him, their eyes met, and at that very moment, Horus knew there was something horribly wrong about the Zora. He could almost feel a sinister aura coming from Polaris' general direction.

Horus glanced towards Jaden once more before he cautiously, but positively walked towards Polaris. As he approached the Zora, he tried to think of the most polite thing to say to a Zora, before completely dismissing such a thought. Horus was sure he was about to sorely regret approaching Polaris, and decided to say nothing until he was close enough to make shouting unnecessary.

[b]Harken Zeiss/Afternoon 5/Castle Town Streets[/b]

Harken snerked at Tobias. "Honestly, Pepperwhistle, your stoerytelling skills need some work. Not even mentioning your enunciation. Be that as it may..." He stood to join his partner. "We should capitalize on this before the moment passes."

He gestured forward. "Lead the way."

Polaris/ Sunset 5/ Castle Town

In the time the required to glance at Jaden, the Rito had started towards Polaris, he wasn't overly concerned, as a matter of fact, the bird creature had shown a measure of courage in the fight against the Twinmold, this was to be respected. However..."Tarry not in conversation with him, if by chance this Rito proves to be an obstacle..." "He will be removed."

For sake of appearances, Polaris released the magic he'd channeled into the Dagger, sheathed it, and stood. Waiting.

Tobias Pepperwhistle/ Afternoon 5/ Castle Town Streets

"Oi mate, tha' was a low one, right in the nuggets. I annuns..annuns...I speak jus' fine." Letting bygones be bygones Tobias followed the tell tale signs of Taurs energy trail to the central courtyard in which the battle was taking place, what they saw upon their arrival, hundreds of Hylian soldiers, a large Goron and of course, the bloody Scion herself, on top of Taur and his foe, all made Tobias shudder, "Well 'ark, we bett'r make this convincin, an' hopefully they drop tha barrier b'fore our boy kills tha' poor bloke, if it don' we're 'osed."

The barrier was wavering, sure to drop at any second, for Meado's sake, the sooner the better.

Horus/Castle Town/Noon 5

Horus did not hesitate to give his honest opinion on his observation of Polaris.

"I've heard much about you, Polaris,' He started, smelling the air, 'but something is off about you today. Your behaviour in the battlefield, from what I've heard, has had a more...sadistic vibe as of late. Not only that...'

He hesitated, before sniffing at the air again, grimacing.

"Part of my training up in the skies was to recognize the smells of every kinda of creature, so if by any off chance I could not see them, I would be aware of their presence with just a single sniff. I've become especially familiar with the smell of Zora lately, and sir...'

He looked up at Polaris.

'You do not smell like a Zora. I can smell something else about you, a sort of stench that just makes my hair stand on end...I cannot truly identify the smell, but all I know, is it's nothing good.'

His 'as a matter of fact' tone became a tone of concern.

"Polaris, are you alright?"

IC: Quell - beneath castle town - dusk 5

From beneath castle town Quell zipped through the underground network of sewer tunnels. He had spent nearly an hour going back and forth laying the ground work for his next move. Spraying a thick layer of ice he finally stopped.

"Hmph... this should be good enough for the spell." he spoke as he blasted out the ceiling with his gauntlets. Rising back up above ground he emerged at the edge of town along the southeast corner of its walls.

Moving away a short distance Quell turned back to face the town. Clenching a fist and pushing it against his open palm he began an incantation in a long forgotten language. As he did a low rumbling could be heard as a tall obelisk of ice rose from the ground where he had just been. Across town in the northeast, northwest, southwest, and directly north of Hyrule Castle identical pillars began to rise as well.

Continuing his chant Quell opened both hands and faced them towards the nearest pillar, a he did it began to glow slightly. Then clenching his fists and drawing them toward his body streams of light spread forth across the ground to the other pillars, until a glowing pentragram of light encircled the entirety of castle town.

Stopping his chant Quell relaxed a little as the ritual reached the point where his control was no longer needed. "This battle will soon draw to its end..." he began to whisper waiting for the ritual to complete itself.

Polaris/ Sunset 5/ Castle Town

Polaris was impressed with the forthright manner in which the Rito addressed him. The question however, left him taken aback. "Am I...alright? Yes, I'm as well as I've ever been to be honest...unless I'm mistaken, you say that I stink? Intriguing. As for my change in battlefield tactics,"

Polaris inhaled deeply and then sighed, as the winds picked up and swirled around the two of them, a bone biting chill hung in the air."sometimes, an alteration to the "norm" is necessary. It is truly regrettable that so many of the Hylian faithful had to die back there, but it was a paltry number in comparison to the greater force."

Smirking, Polaris raised an eyebrow at the Rito, " Insolence and disobedience must be punished duly. What good are soldiers who do not fight?"

Polaris extended a frigid hand towards the newcomer, "You know my name, but yours escapes me, what are you called Rito?"

As he stood there, Polaris fought back the urge to strike the man down for questioning him. Diplomacy may yet work today, but just in case, he released the barrier on his magic and began to funnel it into the Dagger, holding back just enough to hinder the transformation of the blade while still sheathed.

IC: Mirra / Lake Hylia to Hyrule Castle / Night 5

With Rukh's enchanted feathers and her dark green cape, Mirra's land-speed was beyond measure. She worked her way around the folds of Lake Hylia's shores in minutes, and was soon leaping over the hills of Hyrule Field. The Castle loomed large on the horizon, bursts of light and the sound of explosions drawing nearer. She darted through the ranks of the advancing undead army Rukh had warned her about, working her way towards the Castle's defenders, whom she was sworn to protect. En masse, the hundreds of ghouls and goblins outside the gates were formidable, but individually they were rather slow and dull-witted, easier to sneak past than to confront head-on.

To her surprise, Mirra found more carnage inside Castle Town's walls than out. She entered just as a tall Zora warrior leapt into the fray of Twili soldiers wielding a sword and staff, making short work of the Interlopers, only to unleash an icy blast that mutilated a squadron of onlooking soldiers. Before she could confront the Zora and halt his killing spree, a Rito appeared and began to approach the Zora more cautiously.

'Don't get into any fights, Mirra. You are there to heal,' Rukh's wishes echoed through her mind. On the opposite side of the Zora and Rito, she could see a team of field medics tending to a wounded ally, but she couldn't sneak around the two warriors because of the massive spikes of ice that had sprung up all around them.

'Courage, Mirra!' As Rukh's words flew to the fore of her mind, she bolted towards the Zora and Riot in a blur, then flipped into the air high above their heads and landed in the midst of the surgeons on the far side. Without looking back to see their reaction, she knelt to the ground before the wounded fighter, then immediately began calling out orders. "I am Mirra, Guardian of the Sacred Realm, here to assist the wounded," she said, then bent over the injured soldier, naturally assuming command.

But it was no soldier being tended to. It was a Sheikah, or what was left of him. "He's been poisoned," one of the lead healers told her. "We've already sent for the antidote," he said.

"There's no time for that. We need to restore him now and get him out of the combat zone," Mirra spoke. "Where's the nearest apothecary?"

"The Castle has an infirmary, but it's sealed behind this giant wall," the healer lamented, gesturing towards the luminous veil that had been spread around the Castle's towers. "All of our medical supplies are behind that damn Wall of Faith," he cursed. "It'll take time for our pharmacists to concoct a cure from scratch."

"Not a problem," Mirra said. She pulled a vile of blue potion from her belt. It wouldn't eliminate the poison, but it would buy time for her to work. Mirra delicately pulled down the fabric of the Sheikah's mask, then eased the potion gently into his bleeding mouth. She replaced the vile, then pressed her palms together. She brought her fingertips to her lips. Mirra began praying into her hands quietly, and soon they were glowing with a brilliant white light. "O Farore, Goddess of Courage, let me be the messenger of your living breath; let your light shine through me and thus into the world. Have mercy on this man, and heal his body..."

As the light in her hands grew, it spread from her fingers to her lips. She finished her prayer, then pressed her palms one on top of the other on the wounded Sheikah's chest and began pumping forcefully. After three firm pumps, she pinched the Sheikah's nose and pulled it back to open his mouth, then pressed her lips to his and exhaled deeply, sending rays of healing light over his tongue and down his throat.

Mirra raised her head and wiped the Sheikah's blood from her lips. Slowly, the white light began to spread over the Sheikah's body. It grew brightest over his chest, where Mirra continued pumping, and then began to concentrate on his wrist. Mirra repeated the process methodically, breathing prayers in the patient's mouth, until gradually the gored wrist was covered in a blinding white light that soon expanded to cover his whole body.

"Everyone please stand back," she instructed, and the medical team gave her more room.

The light coming from the Sheikah's body burst into a column of green light that reached into the heavens, soon lighting up the whole square where the battle had been raging. The shards of ice that littered the streets caught the light and refracted it against the cracked and smoldering walls. At the same moment, a great rumbling echoed through the alleyways, and five pillars of ice shot up from the town's sewers. The cool light of the frozen pillars blended with the green of Mirra's sorcery. Inside the column of light, Mirra continued her resusciation undaunted, raising her hands from the Sheikah's chest and spreading them out evenly. She slowly pressed both hands down into the light coating his body. Her hands passed through the light, and then beneath his flesh. Gasps arose from the mesmerized healers.

Mirra's hands moved through the Sheikah's broken body like those of a ghost. She found his wrist, then clenched her fist inside it. When she brought her fist out of his arm, she opened it to reveal a long, sharp wire black with blood. This she handed to an attendant. Then, she began to sway from side to side, running her hands through the length of his body to and fro, almost rhythmically. The light became only more intense, until the medics had to avert their awe-struck eyes. The air surrounding them started to blow away, lifting Mirra's hair and robes in wild strands. Mirra's eyes remained tightly closed as she wove the healing energy into him. Then, with a start, her eyes flew open, the white light dissipated, the rushing wind calmed, and the medics stood gaping in the icy glow of the frozen pillars, merely a faint glow emanating from Mirra's body and her ward's. A cloud of purple vapors rose from the Sheikah's reconstituted flesh. The poison hovered above him in the shape of a slithering serpent, hovering in place on the dying down breeze.

"Does anyone have an empty bottle?" Mirra requested of the other healers, as she looked down into the Sheikah's slowly opening eyes.

Horus/Castle Town/Sunset 5

The frigid wind that surrounded them as the Zora spoke was the most pleasant feeling Horus had felt in years. Although his mind was set on the Zora and his words, all of his other senses had fallen into a state of utterly complete bliss. He fought this blissful trance, for he knew the danger he was facing at that very moment. Questioning superiors was something Horus usually wouldn't do, but there was something very wrong about the 'superior' that stood before him. Suprisingly, the Zora continued to speak to him, rather than predictably strike him down for his rudeness, but that did not effect Horus' suspicion. Horus could feel the dark presence grow and shrink in almost a rythmic pattern as the Zora continued to speak. As the Zora extended his hand in friendship, Horus hesitated, for the look in his eyes and the schizophrenic changes in the wind suggested otherwise. Horus began to summon his own wind, which came from high in the skies, from where the sun began its slumber. This wind was hot from direct exposure of the sun's last moments of the evening, and mixed with the ever growing figid air that surrounded them.

Both were soldiers, fighting for the same cause. But they were a world apart in nature. 

The wisdom of age stood before the naivitivity of youth. The cold embrace of the sea stared down the warm blanket of the skies. A fish intimidating a bird. A ghost greeting a child.

As the warm and frigid collided, in a unseen war, Horus' hand, radiant and surrounded by feathers, which danced around in the wind that swirled around his arm, extended to accept the handshake that waited before him.

"Where I come from, I am known simply as Tehuti. But since my descent to the earth have adopted the name...Horus."

Twilit Giga/Battle field/Dusk 5

Giga poked his head out of the hole after hearing a thud come from nearby. Around him, all the attention of the soldiers was focused on a giant rod of ice which had seemingly come from nowhere. To make matters worse, he saw four more, visible over the walls and buildings of the town. 

He didn't have time to think as light began connecting through each of them. He looked back at the blue wall surrounding the town, shining through the retreating light. He had to stay near the castle for now, if only to have a chance of finding Daurubia. He was unsure of the possible result of this light wall being formed, but he didn't wait to find out. 

Quickly, he jumped out of the hole and sprinted harder than he ever had before. A couple of times, a soldier tried to stop him to ask where he was going, which ended with a blow to the ribs from Giga's hammer. 

Giga was able to leap over the forming wall of light just before it reached it's high point. He was afraid to touch it, unsure of the results it might bring. But for the moment he was faced with a different problem. He was now squarely apart of the main hub of the invading force. The wall was no more than fifty yards in front of him, with soldiers occasionally being hit by an arrow from the wall. 

The bottleneck ahead of him seemed to be his only choice.

Polaris/ Night 5/ Castle Town

Polaris, for some unseen and unknown reason, winced when he grasped Horus' hand. The warmth and light that radiated around the Rito appalled him, Polaris wanted nothing more than to rip his still beating heart from his chest..but no, that would be a bad idea. Right? He was still pouring over this quandary when he heard the light footsteps and whoosh of yet another newcomer sprinting directly at them, Polaris was prepared to attack, he'd rip them both to shreds if this were some sort of setup, his grip tightened on the Ritos hand, arctic magicks only seconds away from being poured into their link.

Polaris hesitated to release the barrier on his magic when the girl leapt high above them and took a direct route to Jaden. She was some sort of healer it seemed as she started barking out orders and began some sort of white magic healing ritual. Polaris turned back to the Rito, letting all of his magic funnel back into his aura, Horus had avoided a fight, for now.

"If you'll excuse me, I have to go and see what the hell she's doing to him. There will be a tariff that I fear she isn't fit to pay if her role here is anything more than healer. Come if you wish." If he followed, he'd be closer and easier to kill later.

Polaris completely severed the connection between himself and the Dagger, as he did so, the not so subtle whispers that had been bouncing around the back of his psyche dissipated. Moments afterwards, giant spires of ice erupted forth from the ground all around the city. Polaris was impressed..."Hmm, where has that flying ice mage ran off to? And what sort of sorcery is he up to know?"

The soldiers he'd set in place to guard Jaden actually thought he'd give a damn about their reasons for not stopping this girl. "Move."

Silence fell across the lot of them as they stepped aside revealing both Jaden and the newcomer. Polaris waited until she'd finished her ritual before speaking, the poison she'd extraced from Jadens body hung in the air between them gyrating in a serpentine fashion. "Might I inquire as to whom you might be?"

Horus/Castle Town/ Night 5

Horus decided to observe their actions from several feet away, keeping a cautious eye on all of them.

Mirra / Castle Town Square / Night 5

Still kneeling at the Sheikah's side, Mirra looked up and smiled at a soldier who presented her with a small glass jug. His hand was trembling nervously, and he stared indiscreetly at Mirra's chest. "This will do nicely, thanks," she spoke, as the soldier blushed and stepped back into formation. "I'm Nals," he whispered, but his bashful grin vanished when an icy voice shot through the crowd.


The soldiers stepped aside at once, and Mirra's heart quickened as she looked up at the imposing figure of the powerful Zora she had just seen slaughtering Hylians. His command of the arctic elements was on par with the Demoness she and Rukh had encountered earlier that night, and he rivaled her in ruthlessness. But to her surprise, the Zora greeted her in polite tones. "Might I inquire as to whom you might be?"

Before answering, Mirra swiped the kind soldier's glass bottle across the poison floating above the Sheikah she had healed, then rose to her feet and popped in the cork. She handed the bottle back, and the soldier stumbled awkwardly as he returned to the ranks. "Klutz," she heard one of his comrades mutter. Mirra patted the dirt from her knees, then looked directly at the Zora.

As she spoke, a strip of blue light spread across the cobbelstones from behind the Zora, cutting between them with a frigid breeze that chilled Mirra's bare shoulders. The line cast an eery blue light on their faces from below.

She answered the Zora's question firmly, in a loud, clear voice. "I am Mirra Lemeris, Guardian of the--"

"--Uh, miss?!" a frightened voice called from the soldiers. Mirra looked to see Nals holding the bottle of poison out in front of him, hopping on one foot as the purple brew boiled through the glass bottle and dripped onto his boot, burning down to his toes. "Help!" he yelped, then tripped over the cobblestones and dropped the bottle of poison right onto the line of icy blue light, where it shattered into shards of glass and a plume of thin, toxic needles of frost. Nals's shoulder crashed into the mess and his entire body was instantly frozen as well, both legs still sticking into the air.

Mirra's eyes flashed green as she gaped at the dead soldier frozen at her feet. She traced the blue line that had frozen him to the direction of the Zora and the Rito standing behind him.

"What have you done?!" she shouted, looking wildly from the Zora to the Rito. "Who are you? What are you? I saw you wielding the power of ice against these soldiers. You must lift this curse from the city at once, before more people get hurt!"

Horus/Castle Town/Night 5

Horus stared on at the man that had been incased in ice and poison, shocked by how swiftly the event had taken place. He glanced at Polaris with an accusing look, before he remembered an earlier event.

"It wasn't him...' Horus said in a low voice, containing a slight mix of sadness and rage, 'there is another...' He finished, looking down at the ground.

As he finished his sentence, he inhaled deeply through his nose. He caught a whiff of something he had not detected before. The Rito jumped down to his hands and knees and sniffed the ground...Not just the ground, through it. Horus rose up on one knee, and looked at Mirra with a look of seriousness that could kill.

"The cause was under us."

He rose up and sniffed the stench of the magical being that had escaped his wrath with a frozen duplicate. He could almost see the smell, it was so potent. This man was definitely no longer clean where he had been. Horus smiled at the advantage he had been given.

"The cause is to the south,' He announced, getting his magical shield ready. The second half of his sentence had an almost evil vibe to it, 'He will not get away twice."

Horus' wings began to sprout from his back as he followed the smell, completely dismissing the people that surrounded him.

Twilit Giga/Castle Town Walls/Dusk-ish 5

Giga was completely boxed in. Behind him, the light wall created by the pillars was glowing, and Giga was unaware of the effect of touching it. In front of him, other Twili were slowly trying to force their way into the hole made so many hours ago. Their strength seemed much smaller than before, and most weren't making it very far before being shot down by an arrow.

No matter what happened now, he was either going to be captured or killed, and the later seemed particularly unwelcoming at the moment. At his feet lay a soldier, likely slain earlier in the day, with a full set of armor on. He dragged the body to a nearby fountain built into the stairs for cover and began stripping him.

The armor was poorly made, and fit horribly to boot. He thought if he could just have a forge of some sort, he could fix it to be near perfect. The happy thought quickly subsided as an arrow hit a nearby stair, merely five feet away. 

What was left of the fountain he was in was mostly in shambles. But water still trickled out of the holes in the wall, pouring slowly down the sides. Giga cupped his hands and drank as best he could.

A thought suddenly came to him. He splashed some water on his goron skin patch on his calf, hoping it might have a similar effect as earlier in the day. He waited and watched closely for any changes. Nothing. Giga sighed, knowing that he wasn't getting any more help.

Giga donned the dead soldiers helmet and stepped out and charged, keeping his eyes peeled for any stray arrow heading his way. Luckily, he reached the main nucleus without incident. Around him, soldiers were pushing and shoving, attempting to get themselves to the front so they could be shot down trying to enter a narrow hole.

It was suicide. But Giga already felt dead.

He joined them, shoving through them. In front of him, a Twili was struck dead by an arrow to the neck. Giga picked up his body and held it over his head, using it as a shield. A few more arrow pierced the body, missing Giga by inches. 

When he reached the hole, the chaos was at its pinnacle. Giga knelt down, trying to become invisible in this mass of soldiers. As the sun was just beginning to set, Giga snuck through the wall and rolled to his left, landing between the wall and a row of houses. He hugged the wall, making sure to remain as discreet as possible. He leaped into a new alleyway, and began sprinting. If any archers saw him at that point, it was irrelevant. The darkness covered him.

As Giga stripped the armor, he marveled at what he had just done. He knew one thing for sure, he could never had done that as a giant. 

Sha'Tive/Castle Town Streets/Night 5

Sha'Tive rose slowly from the darkness, finally taking human form. It had been a long time since she returned to her original form, she was almost unfamiliar with it. As she stretched, she looked into the night sky, and grinned. She walked a few forward before whispering into the night, with an almost motherly tone.

"Come my children, the night is young, and the bodies pile high..."

Green lights, all in pairs of two, appeared and approached her with zombie-like posture and speed. Their shapes, identities, and souls were lost in the eyes of the Twilight Witch. Although she saw simple black forms with green lights, people would see the true form of each of them, even Sha'Tive herself. In her own perspective, she was smiling a smile of madness and glee, whilst others saw her as a perpetually weeping woman. Only those who had been touched or could see into the afterlife could see Sha'Tive's true face and intentions. The perfect disguise...was the one she couldn't take off.

The shadows with glowing eyes had surrounded her. Hundreds of them, and more were still coming. Before continuing, Sha'Tive suddenly noticed a heaviness about herself, one that wasn't present when she was in animal form. She looked down and was almost shocked at the fact that she had almost forgotten its existance. Her belly was huge. The child that lay within was due any day, but it was nowhere near ready.

"No wonder I'm so hungry..." She snickered, licking her lips with glee. Her eyes glowed a radiant white as she spoke to the creatures around her.

"Come, children, the parasites of Hyrule do not know of our presence...That will be rectified tonight.' She smiled and continued, caressing her belly. 'The Prince does not have enough power within him, we need more children to join our game. They will learn to fear us by the end of the darkness, but when I'm done, they will learn to fear each other. When the night comes when all hope is lost, and none can trust another, we will feast upon all of them as they scatter like roaches in the light."

She cackled with glee and anticipation.

"Only then, will The Prince be ready..."

The endless masses grew reckless. This pleased her all the more.

"Go, my children. Make the bodies your own, and tear them all apart...slowly."

Without hesitation, every creature in the area ran to the Bottleneck, all appearing to laugh with glee. Sha'Tive layed down on the ground, and returned to her form as a cat, and slinked into the darkness.

Seishi/Battlefield/Night 5

"Does that girl ever run out of energy?" Dren asked Seishi as they cut there way through the Twili ranks.

"Oh yeah, we just absorb light and that sword acts like a second sun. Then again now that it's night we better wrap this up."

"About that, you know the Twili have a weakness to light."

"Yeah I heard something about that."

"Then why were you two keeping that sword hidden for most of this battle!?"

"It was suppose to be a surprise trump card to use against they're leader. The problem was I got distracted by that ice mage and your wouldn't let Ayala fight there commander."

"Alright I'll buy that, but while we're on that ice mage, I though you said you took care of him?"

"I did, in by take care of him I mean it retreated so I ran back here figuring all hell had broken loss. Apparently I was right. Anyway, why?"

"Ok, then what the hell is that." Dren pointed up at the ice pillars that were now surrounding the castle town.

"Damn it, that's not a good thing. Did we bring any bombs"

"A few... wait you can't seriously expect us to-" Dren was cut off as Laynnei appeared before with her usual showy teleportation spell.

"There I've healed your solders and ever patched up they're so called minds. Now would you'd kindly get our daughter to stop fighting for five minutes so I can take care of her."

"No, I think she's having to much fun. I don't suppose you can head to the medic tents and help them out."

"Seishi, I did not come here to play war games again. I do have work to do you know."

"Right, right coping books. Look we're out number and can't afford a battle of attrition, so can you just help. If it makes you fell better I'll try and get Ay to fall back a bit. I need the sword anyway."

Laynnei let out a heavy irritated sigh, "Every time, I let you drag me into this every time." She vanished in a flash of light, teleporting to the Medic Tent.

"Ok look we probably only need to destroy one of those things to stop, well what ever the hell they're for. I'm gonna run ahead and get started, you grab whatever and whoever you think can be used to dent that thing and meet me there."

"Which one?"

"Trust me, we I start attacking it, you'll know."

Polaris/ Castle Town Square/ Night 5

Polaris clenched and unclenched his jaw muscles, bristling at the accusatory tone of her voice, his eyes flashed white as his retort was cut short by the Rito. Horus informed Ms. Lemeris that this was not the work of Polaris...being able to follow and recognize energy signatures, impressive. The bird man rushed off after Quell, if he found him, he may regret it. That made no difference now, he was gone. 

"As our friend so kindly pointed out, this Polaris waved his hands, motioning towards the large spires, was not my doing.But that,He pointed at the mass of frozen and mangled soldiers, also at the numerous smaller spikes of ice that jutted out at awkward angles skewering several more bodies,...sometimes a message need be sent. It is...regrettable."

Polaris' demeanor softened, the acid fell out of his voice and his eyes returned to their normal color, and he motioned towards Jaden, "What of him? How soon until he is well?"

Jaden/Mindscape/Afternoon 5

When he fell out from the pain and overtaxed stress he'd been exposed to, Jaden's mind retreated into a deeper corner as a subconscious attempt to block out what had happened to him.

What he saw was devastating. An ethereal snake was devouring anything it could get its mouth around, and he could see his body wither. He whispered up a prayer from within for some sort of help. From anywhere. And then a medical team came. And then something else came which was more than he ever expected.

Maybe Kae was interceding for him. Or Nora had been watching. Something. Because stuff like this didn't just happen to him. At least it didn't a week ago. But getting wrapped up in this war exposed him to all sorts of things out of the ordinary. Living history, being able to fight alongside legendary heroes, and even witnessing what the Three can do when they select a champion. 

He also experienced loss and the horrors of war, some of which were not new to him.

Suddenly, the divine had an impact on his life once again. Something reached into him, righting all the wrongs. Breathing the essence of breath into his lungs and removing all taint from him. Even the wire from his wrist. Mended that anew on top of it all. He felt invigorated. Jaden's consciousness was returning as his spirit descended headlong through a pillar of green light...

Castle Town

Jaden's eyes sprung open, and while his voice was a bit groggy, he hovered there, staring at his rescuer.

"Thank you...did Kae send you to us?"

He surveyed what was going on around him. The Rito that helped him fell Twinmold was speaking with Polaris, a divine being stood in front of him and he could see his blood on her. She was his savior, and he was grateful.

But he also saw many dead bodies courtesy of cryomancy. He wasn't sure where it came from, as there were pillars of ice surrounding Castle Town and beams flash-freezing things on contact. These soldiers died from something else...

"I swear by the Three and the King that I will eviscerate that Twili cryomancer! Two days ago he destroyed much of our town with a glacier from the sky. He seeks to do it again. He cannot succeed in this! What has been happening? How long have I been out?"

Flexing and moving about whilst hovering in the air, he thanked her again.

"I must thank you again. In the chaos we missed names...I am Jaden Bryseis. Older brother of Kae, the Scion of Nayru. Honored and grateful to meet you."

It's Meado!/Afternoon 5/That one place near the thing with the stuff

Meado gasped as a heavy booted foot planted itself in the small of his back, unfortunately inhaling some of his own blood when doing so. He heard the creak of metal on metal and knew the axe was being lifted for the finishing blow.

"Damn," he muttered past swollen lips and bubbles of blood, "I was hoping to save this last one."

He reached to his belt and pulled a hardy flask from it, viscous liquid sloshing lazily inside. "Sorry, Madam Larisse..." He undid the thick metal cap and flung his arm backward, sending the contents of the flask arcing behind him. It hissed as it came in contact with the air, sounding like nothing less than a pissed of rope. The metal of Taur's armor was immediately scored with pits and divots where the stuff splashed.

And it clung to his armor, eating its way further inward with every passing second. The act of throwing it was enough to pause the axe's decent, and the surprise of the super-corrosive acid caused the Knuckle distraction enough that Meado was able to wrestle himself free from its boot and scramble toward his fallen sword. He grabbed it, clambering upward, and turned to face the slightly frantic giant.

"Aim for the acid, and hope you stab through the weak armor before that stuff eats through your blade..." He cocked his weapon level with his shoulder, finding aim for his running stab.

And then the barrier around the two combatants dropped with fanfare.

Taur Dagnir/ Afternoon 5/ Ooooohhhh That Place!

He was poised to bring down the death blow, to snuff out the fading light of the already spent candle known as Meado's pathetic existence. His armor creaked when, as if some sort of blocker had been removed Taur released his coiled muscles and Tholcrist began to drop. Then a tiny shimmer caught his eye, a small flask tumbling end over end through the air brought this death machine to a screeching halt. First he heard the sizzle as the armor of his helm and breastplate was being eaten away, he stepped backwards as he felt the searing burn as the foul venom seeped through to his skin.

Grrrraaaahhhhh! You bastard!! What treachery is this!" The giant roared and stumbled around blindly, ripping off his helm sending it clanking acrossed the stone paved street to reveal his bandaged face, he threw his axe like a frisbee, sending it hurtling through air at an unseen target. 

Tobias Pepperwhistle/ Afternoon 5/ That Place

Meado easily sidestepped Tholcrist as he readied his sword for attack. Then a chorus of cheers went up all around from the onlookers as the barrier dropped. The massive waraxe went wheeling right passed where the wall had once been only seconds ago.

Tobias nudged Harken, "Now'd be our time pal."

Zeiss nodded and pulled on the non descript pair of gloves and activated them. Once the massive axe was pulled close enough by the gravitational power of the Magnetic Gloves, Harken reversed their polarity and sent the axe screaming back towards it's owner, flipping it sideways with a turn of his wrist so the flat of the axe head smashed directly into Dagnirs face. Sending armor flying and Taur himself reeling backwards.

Tobias had wasted no time in gawking at his compatriot like everyone else had, he'd already seen what those wonderful gloves could do and had taken off at a dead sprint. He commented as he zoomed passed Meado, "There'll be no need for tha' mah boy. The cava'ry 'as arriv'd." Tobias didn't bother slowing down, several yards away from the still rampaging knuckle he leapt forward and drove his shoulder into the midsection of the monster which resulted in the two tumbling to the ground, Tobias landing in a mounted position atop Dagnirs chest. Taur had already shed most of his armor in an attempt to escape the liquid hot burn of the acid when the impact of Tholcrist removed the rest, so it was in his much more lithe form that Tobias found him. Under any other circumstances the knuckle would've easily overpowered Tobias, but not whilst he too was donning a new glove of his own, courtesy of Harken and his rather formidable collection of gizmos and gadgets. With the Titans Mitt firmly in place on his left hand, Pepperwhistle grasped the throat of the much larger man, pinning him to the ground.

Sitting atop Dagnirs chest, Tobias tightened his grip on the giants throat everytime he bucked and gyrated trying to throw him off. Hoping to bring a fitting end to this charade, Tobias pulled his head in close to Taurs ear and whispered so softly that no one else could possibly hear, "I truly am sorry mate, this'll 'urt yeh a 'elluva lot more th'n it'll 'urt me." With that Tobias extended his left arm, flattening Dagnir to the ground, creating as much distance between the two as he possibly could, seconds later his right hand, blast knuckles and all, came smashing down on Taurs face. A resounding explosion filled the area as Tobias was sent tumbling off of the now unconscious and limp giant.

The smell of burnt metal mingled with sizzling flesh filled the air causing several of the onlookers to turn up their noses in disgust, Harken, unencumbered by the acrid scent, went to work binding the giant with several large chain shackles, all of which he locked into place with a massive padlock situated on the monsters chest.

As Harken was finishing up that, Tobias had gotten to his feet and was dusting himself off when he noticed that everyone in the crowd was staring at them, mouths agape, "Oi! 'Ullo thar! We been trackin this beastie for days now! Thank'ee much for the 'elp. It'd be 'igh time ta throw 'is arse in sterns an' lock 'im up. Ehh?"

Extending a hand to Meado, "Th' names Pepperwhistle, Tobias Pepperwhistle. An' I thin' some of yeh've already met me friend over there."

Kae/Castle Gates/Afternoon 5

As the barrier faded, she could see what Meado did to try to make a comeback. She apologized to a madam Larisse...did he know Nora?

Fortunately, a familiar face who once tried to crush her in his palm and another fellow came in to dispatch the heretic. It would save her and Daurubia some effort. Where were they two minutes prior?

"Kae Bryseis. Nice to meet you too. Unfortunately, it's too dangerous to leave alive, so I suggest you move. He attacked the Commander of our military, and thus will be judged."

Taking a strafe-stance, Kae extended her fleshy palm toward the felled target, where a fairly decent amount of cosmic energy coalesced.

"This is all your fault!"

With a resounding shout in ancient Sheikah, a pulsing beam flew free, hurtling towards Meado's fallen enemy. 

Stick it in irons and carry it away? It could hurt someone again. It was strong enough to throw Meado about like a ragdoll. It could break those cuffs. And with how she was feeling right now, diplomacy would have no effect. Kae was fortunate enough to be able to keep her cool to warn people to move before firing...

Daurubia/Afternoon 5/I'm pretty sure we were at the fountain

Daurubia was ready to rush as the barrier faded. The uneven odds in this fight had been angering him for quite some time now, and he felt that a giant should be combated by a giant. But his chance to intervene was short lived.

The amount of things happening at that moment seemed astounding. Two men showed up, one with magnetic gloves, and the other one was much stronger than a man of his size should be. They were able to quickly confine the Knuckle, but were soon met with their own resistance.

The Scion was having no part of the duos plan, it seemed. Her anger got the better of her quickly, as she resorted to sending some sort of cosmic energy at the foe.

Daurubia knew she was right. This was no time to protect those who could harm innocent Hylians. Whatever happened next, he would stand by the Scion. And luckily, he was fairly certain that the other 300 soldiers behind him would do the same thing.

[b]Eddard Langston/Night 5/Alleyway[/b]

Eddard's head hurt as he felt a wet sensation over his face. [color=white][hl=blue]"Get off of me you mangy mut,"[/color][/hl] he said, pushing the dog off of him. It was undeterred, it simply looked up him happily and barked. [color=white][hl=blue]"Wait a minute, where have I seen you before. Ahh yes, you're that dog who loves the goron meat. Why, it's my little Volvagia found me at last."[/color][/hl]

He considered the uses of the dog. A dog who, if he remembered correctly, was nearly obsessed with gorons. Nearby, he could hear the clash of swords and armor. [i]I am no warrior.[/i]

Whether or not this dog was a hunter, its teeth would be infinitely more useful than anything he could do. He knelt down and pet the dog. [color=white][hl=blue]"Hey there boy, you wanna help me get some gorons?"[/color][/hl] The dogs face lit up at this. 

Eddard took out a small ball of skin he had been keeping in his pocket and held it up. The dog smelled it and instantly the once happy-go-lucky face became a savage killer. The dog pounced and tore it to shreds, or attempted to anyways. It was skin, not meat, and no where near soft enough to be penetrated by teeth.

Eddard picked up the ball and smiled. [i]Perfect.[/i]

Mirra Lemeris / Castle Town Square / One Long-Ass Night 5

"You must lift this curse from the city at once, before more people get hurt!" Mirra trained a blinding green stare into the Zora's wide, black eyes.

Her gaze narrowed as she saw the Zora's eyes begin to glow white with anger in response. Before he could answer, his Rito accomplice caused a distraction by dropping to his knees and sniffing wildly about the street.

"He will not get away twice!" he said, raising his shield and sprouting a pair of wings. Without a word, the Rito vanished into the southern alleys, escaping Mirra's sight in the faint light of the frost and runic pillars. Could the Zora and Rito be working together?

By the time the Rito had vanished, the livid light had left the Zora's eyes. Had he used the diversion to think of a lie? For a moment, he seemed chastened, and the corners of his eyes and lips softened. "This was not my doing," he whispered, his voice a distant mumble.

Just as quickly, the white flare seeped back into his eyes without warning, and the Zora cringed as if seized from behind. His voice became harsh and ragged. "Sometimes a message need be sent," he croaked, eyes glowing eerily. Over the mangled heaps of soldiers frozen together in a bank of ice the Zora slowly dragged his scaly arm, reiterating his "message." His webbed fins flitted as their spines stiffened to their sharpest point.

Then, for the second time, Mirra watched with suspicion as the white light faded from the Zora's eyes. She could see his fins folding in slowly as the bitterness drained from his voice. Was he acting, or losing his mind? "How soon until he is well?" he asked, again in a gentle, friendly mumble. Mirra was mystified.

Mirra Lemeris / Castle Town Square / Midnight 5

Before Mirra could find her voice, the Sheikah answered the Zora's question for her, then beckoned to her. "I am Jaden Bryseis, older brother of Kae, the Scion of Nayru. Honored and grateful to meet you."

Mirra turned from the troubled Zora to the newly awoken Sheikah, floating in the air beside them. She took his shrouded hand in hers, and gently pulled him to the ground. She brought her other hand to his shoulder, and looked steadily into his eyes. With a single glance, she communicated a chain of memories and questions directly into Jaden's mind.

'Your excellency Jaden Bryseis, fearless warrior of the Shadow Folk, I am Mirra Lemeris, Guardian of the Sacred Realm. I have not met your sister, but if Nayru has appointed a new champion, then I must speak to this Kae Bryseis before the night is through. You must take me to her ere the sun rises.'

'I arrived here from the Desert just after sundown to find you unconscious behind these guards and medics, while this Zora killed Hylian and Twili alike in a blind rage. When I began to heal you, he cast the demonic ice spell you see around us that killed the young soldier who carried your poison and scared off the Rito knight.'

'Jaden, you must tell me, who are these people? What is this Zora cryomancer's name, and why did he freeze these Hylian soldiers to death? Why did he summon this arctic runescape?'

Mirra Lemeris / Castle Town Square / Midnight 5

As the resuscitated Jaden found his footing, Mirra began to step towards the ailing Zora. He looked exhausted and desperate, dropping his shoulders in a woozy daze and yet breathing frantically, as if in a rising panic. The wet, black eyes trembled with some unseen angst. She proceeded with diplomatic caution.

"Your excellency, do not be alarmed," she said in a slow, steady voice. Mirra brought her arm across her chest and presented herself to the Zora with a long, deep bow. She continued without lifting her head. "I have traveled from far away to bring aid in Hyrule's hour of need. I have come to wash the feet of the suffering, and bring light to those veiled in shadow."

Mirra lifted her head to face the Zora, and gently took his long, pale fingers in hers. As the pale light faded from her gaze, Mirra's emerald irsises looked deep into the black pools of the Zora's eyes. Her cheek blushed into a disarming smile, offset by the cool, dim light. She furrowed her brow with a look of concern. "Pardon me, but are you not feeling well, your excellency?"

She sent a quiet message into his mind. 'Trust me, Polaris...'

They/Nearby/Night 5

In the shadows, they looked on at the Sheikah whom had just risen from sleep. They drooled at the sight of the evil that dwelled within the Zora. They smiled with glee at the Rito's youthful appearance. The others were all new to them, but it mattered not. They had no fear, no doubts, not even regrets.

Besides, what else can be lost? Starting as a swarm would be counter-productive. They were smart enough to take a different approach. As the dark blobs that hid within the shadows formulated their plan, the Rito ran off. A minor annoyance, but easily dealt with. Without any more hesitation, They split into bits, small enough to slip between the cracks in the brick roads. One sliver made its move as the rest stayed within the ground. The blob bent and twisted, tore and convulsed, with the grotesque effect of a Hylian being wrung out like a towel. Bones formed and cracked into place. Within an empty part of the blob magically summoned liquid, which became innards. The skeleton that remained after the tranformation grew muscle, which soon was covered in skin, and finally, hair and clothing formed. The child form was balding as if he had just fled from a fire, and was covered in bruises. His clothing was in tatters and his eyes were soaked in tears, forever streaming down his face. Phase 1 had begun.

They: Sliver #56: Crying child Form/Fountain/Night 5

The child ran from the alleyway, towards the warriors that They had just been spying on. The child ran towards Mirra, with tears streaming down his face. He pleaded for help in an almost unintelligable manner, pleading her to stop the fighting.

"They...hurt mommy. She was screaming when I was in the kitchen, and when I went to check if she was okay...She wouldn't wake up..." The child whispered in gasps between sobs. The child looked up at Mirra as he hugged her tightly, as if in hopes of comfort. He waited for a response.

Any kind of response will do...

Polaris/ Castle Town Square/ Night 5

"Here to help she says, wash the feet of the suffering she says, bring light to those veiled in shadow she says...she says trust her...yet she questions you incessantly, makes wild accusations, she was told not once, but twice, that the pillars were not your doing, yet she still begs you to lift the curse? A curse you had no hand in placing. She's done nothing to garner your trust. Kill her Polaris. Kill her now."

Polaris' eyes flashed white again, his fingers twitched in her soft embrace, in a few short seconds he would reach for his Dagger, that glorious and majestic weapon...and drive it through her heart. That would put an end to her and her nonsensical blabbering. It would allow him the opportunity to go back to what he did best. Especially now that Jaden was up on his feet again. With him revitalized, Polaris wouldn't have to stay around to babysit and assure his well treatment..Polaris frowned and shook his head, clearing both his thoughts and his eyes, she HAD helped as she said she would, she healed Jaden. She was true to her word. That in it's own right was more than enough to deem her trustworthy.

"Madame Lemeris, trust is not something thrown around nonchalantly, it isn't something given without reason, you, you healed my friend, relieved him of the poison that coursed through his veins. That alone is why I place even the slightest hint of trust in you. Now, these massive runic pillars, they're NOT my doing, there's another, a Twili cryomancer whose power is quite substantial. This, those, are his doing. seems I am not myself...

"You owe her no explanations, eliminate her, she needs to die."

Polaris gritted his teeth and clenched his eyes shut, resisting the urge with every ounce of his resolve. But he was weary, games of the mind had never been his strong point, he wasn't even sure if Mirra would hear his response as he wasn't what you'd call "proficient" in the area of speaking with his mind. Over the centuries he had always been more of the "hands on" type, straightforward to a fault, the only time his mind was used as a weapon was in concocting elaborate battle tactics and schemes. This...this whatever the hell it was between his mind and itself or that of Lynns whichever it may be, was taxing him to no end, her influence and the strength of the thoughts and urges she continually peppered him with had caused him to do many a regrettable things today.

"Okay me. Please?"

Polaris was startled as a small child came running out of nowhere and weasled its way between he and Mirra, the child was tearful and jabbering continually about his dead mother, this...this kid, didn't seem right. It's sudden appearance, the look and demeanor of it, was unsettling. "Who are "They" boy? You've no place out here on the field of battle...finding shelter somewhere hidden would be a wise decision. Lest you end up like your mommy."

Mirra Lemeris / Castle Town Square / Post-Twilight but Pre-Midnight 5

'Trust me, Polaris...'

Polaris's fingers twitched in her warm hand, and the cold, pale light spread from his pupils once more. The icy cataract etched over his eye as frost over a pond, spreading his corneas into thin, dark rings around the almond-eyed periphery. By the reflection of the cold, pale light on their faces, Mirra could make out the transparent folds of the Zora's ocular membrane. They quivered as the cold, pale light overtook Polaris's eyes completely, like two frozen lanterns hanging from the sockets. Their shine blended with that of the heiroglyphs and obelisks spreading throughout the town into a kind of lunar fog, underlying the mists of the frozen fountain and glinting in the frost suspended in the air.

Then, she heard a voice.

'Kill her, Polaris...'

As soon as it had come, Polaris shattered the veil of light over his eyes with a shake of the head. Mirra recoiled as if she had been stung, and a chill ran down her spine. She closed her eyes and severed the link with Polaris's mind. The guards and medics surrounding them gasped in a chorus of cowardice, a steaming fluid seeping between one medic's white robes before turning to frost against his flesh in the bitter, moonlit cold. When she opened one eye tentatively, she was met the black gaze of a Zora. He spoke to her with full presence of mind, unlike the numb madness of the voice that had ordered him to kill her. That cold moan had rattled like someone freezing in the night. Polaris, on the other hand, spoke to her with a cool reason and clarity, and she replied in kind.

'I want you to listen to me very closely, Polaris. If this is truly Interloper sorcery, then we don't have much time. We have to find--,'

--Suddenly Polaris's knees buckled and their dialogue snapped. He winced in pain, and as a chill shot down both his and Mirra's spines the freezing voice echoed, 'She needs to die.'

Mirra fell to one knee, and looked up at Polaris, who seemed to be having trouble keeping his balance. She marveled at the command over himself this Zora demonstrated, like a mighty battleship buffeted by blizzards in an arctic sea. She pressed her mind into his forcefully, and was struck with a burst of confusion and anger, a raging torrent of hatred in the center of which stood a woman's name. The figure of a woman hung in the center of the chaos in Polaris's mind, a Sheikah with the pale dress and physique of a cryomancer. And this Sheikah cryomancer had a name and rank.

I'll Rukh You Edit

Rukh / Lake Hylia / Really Late Night 5

Rukh lowered his eyes at the limp, hanging body with all the rage of the rumbling rain. His beaming eyes pierced into her eyes, and she recoiled at the blinding flash. Rukh could see that she was beginning to crack. Mirra's thoughts trickled into his mind.

'I have met another rogue cryomancer, this time a Zora. There may be a third, a Twili more powerful even than Lynn Annei.'

'Three psychotic ice mages in one night? This cannot be coincidence. We have to get to the bottom of this, but remember--,'

'--I know, I know. No fights. Did you break the Sheikah yet?'

'She's about to crack. Just a little more pressure and the hatred will take over.'

'Alright. Remember, we need her alive.'

'Courage, Mirra!' Rukh sent to his partner as he watched the Sheikah writhe.

"I will die before I betray my oaths!" she yelled, shouting hoarsely over a thunderclap. The struggle to make her voice heard caused her visible duress. She clenched her eyes tight after a blast of lightning.

When she opened her eyes, Rukh's glare beamed into them with sylvan light, and she shut them tight again. 'Your lies are betrayed by their own illogic, Demoness,' Rukh growled into her mind. He could see the hatred rising in her eyes, close to the breaking point. He plied her mind to infuriate her still more, to invoke her loathing. 'It is not'before you betray your oaths that you will die, but after.

In a blast of air Rukh flung his wings wide and slashed into Lynn with his iron talons, gripping her tightly around the chest. She let out a gasp of pain as the bladed claws pierced into her shoulders and back, teeth clenched and muscles trembling. She was shivering furiously.

'You betrayed your oaths when you slaughtered Gerudo prisoners; you betrayed your oaths when you deceived a Spirit of the Light; and you betrayed the oaths of the entire Hylian Race when you set loose the King of Thieves upon the Realm of Hyrule!'

Rukh thrashed into a nosedive amidst a deafening peal of thunder, rocketing vertically towards the waves of the Lake at the speed of a newly fletched arrow. Lynn pushed against the steel bars encaging her only to cut her arms and neck.

'And now you will die!'

Rukh shrieked with the searing cry of the eagle into Annei's flickering consciousness as he slung her beneath the waves with a bloody wrenching of his talons from her flesh. He sliced into the air with a grating, metallic howl that echoed over the laughing bursts of thunder and lightning streaks.

Rukh / Lake Hylia / Midnight 5

'Rukhakhukhu! Rukhakhukhu!'

Rukh's grating, metallic howl echoed far and wide over the landscape, until every beast of the earth and air had shuddered at its biting ring.

A lull came over the fuming storm as the echo of the howl faded into the night. Rukh circled watchfully over the spot where Lynn had dropped. Then, from within the pall of clouds covering the sky came a wide curve of lights shining through the midnight drizzle in tiny pairs of narrow, red points.

Quietly at first, the sound of a thousand screams flurried across the distant sky. 'Cuccocucco! Cuccocucco!'

Then the sound came closer, until the clouds clammered with a cacophony not of thunder but of clucks. 'Cuccocucco! Cuccocucco!'

A swarm of red-eyed Cucco chickens descended from on high to surround their mechanical brethren in a perfect ring of hellfowl that spanned the entire Lake. As Rukh's eyes beamed their green light brighter, the blistering red eyes of the Cucco on either side of him began to blink into sparkling green points two by two. When their eyes had all turned green, Rukh bent forward slowly, and all the hovering Cucco lowered their beaks in menacing unison.

Rukh deployed the first two Cucco nearest him to attack the Sheikah assassin wherever she surfaced for air. 'Answer me, Demoness! Who gave you the order to liberate Ganondorf?' he fired his inquisition beneath the surface of the waves, and the Cucco flock burst into a maelstrom of white feathers.

Rukh / Lake Hylia / Night 5

'Rukh, my ice mage is having a nervous breakdown,' Mirra sent.

'What a coincidence, mine too,' Rukh said, circling over the Lake.

'I need you to find out Lynn's eyecolor for me.'

'Lynn's eyecolor?' Rukh looked down at the roaring waves where the Sheikah had plunged beneath the surface. 'That's going to pose a challenge. Can I ask why you want to know her eyecolor?'


'Yes, ma'am...' Rukh dove past his Cucco minions and splashed beneath the surface of the Lake. His eyes lit up, and he began looking for the Sheikah. He called out to her in a low growl of concentrated fury. 'You still haven't answered my question, Demoness...'

Mirra Lemeris / Castle Town Square / Night 5

' me. Please?' Polaris begged her with his mind. Mirra was pushed to her knees by the force of the whirling winds in Polaris's soul. She saw the pain of guilt and remorse sinking into his shoulders, and was inspired with a feeling of forgiveness in her heart.

'O Polaris, 'twas not thee that froze this young blood of the Crown to the streetstones, was't? It was someone else, wasn't it?'

Mirra's eyes blazed with a sudden emerald light that poured into Polaris's mind with the speed of a kestrel over a fishing hole. 'Was it Lynn, Polaris? Was it Lynn Annei who forced you--,'

Suddenly, a screaming child jumped out of the frost and filth in a side alley and tossed himself into Mirra's arms. She was nearly knocked to her back by the little tyke, still kneeling before Polaris. Before she could pick their connection back up, the second presence inside Polaris wrenched into his face and scowled at the boy. They began to argue about the boy's dead mother, until Mirra jumped to her feet and put herself between the mad ramblings of Polaris, now shuddering wildly with his white eyes, and the innocent, wounded orphan at her back. She had to protect this child from the Zora, torn as he was between bloodlust and contrition. When she spoke, she looked through the white, flashing eyes, and appealed to Polaris's sense of reason.

"Polaris, I know well how rarely trust can be found in this oe'ershadowed kingdom. In times of great sorrow, trust is the coin of the Realm. It is not lightly that we take on the burdens of trust, but I have revived one of your allies, and in return I hope you will count me among them. Now, I beseech you, you must find the Twili who has brought this evil upon us, while I deliver this child to safety. Seek him out and break his incantation, by force if necessary."

As she spoke, her voice also flowed through his mind. 'You have to trust me, Polaris, because you cannot trust yourself. This murderous rage is too powerful. I must keep this child safe from its bloodlust. But do not be controlled by the demon inside you; take control of it, and channel it towards the Twili cryomancer, your cold against his. You must kill Quell, Polaris! Hyrule Castle depends on it!'

Mirra turned to Jaden and spoke with a note of urgency. "As a healer, I am committed to aid this child, but I have expended the last of my power by reviving you. Please Jaden, use the energy I have given you to escort us to the nearest medical tent, and stay with me until the child is safe. I am without weapon, but am willing to brave the way if you refuse to risk your life."

Mirra scooped up the child and cradled him in her arms, holding his head to her shoulder. She looked pleadingly at Jaden. The child wrapped his arms around her neck and tightened his thighs against her ribs. He was shaking violently with the shock of physical horror. She stooped down and tried to let him walk, but the terrified boy kicked ferociously until she lifted him back up and hugged him tight. "Everything is going to be alright," she whispered into his bleeding ear. "Mirra's not gonna let you go."

Mirra stood tall and hoisted the sniveling child against her chest. She raised her voice to be heard by those in the honor guard and medical team who had been surrounding Jaden. "You men, you must lead us to the nearest medical tent! This child is in need of sorcery!" The six wounded guards and three exhausted medics bowed down to Mirra.

"Excuse me, ma'am," one of the soldiers asked, "but do we have your permission to seek medical aid once we get there?" He held up the bloody stump of a hand, having ignored it until he could get relieved of combat duty. A second guard stood with his head held high, an icicle of frozen blood hanging from his wounded nose. The armor of several guards' knees clattered together in a pathetic racket of shivering and fear. Mirra nodded, and the nine grunts gave a sigh of relief. She wasn't sure if Hylian subordinates were under her jurisdiction, but they didn't seem to care. The soldiers and monks bolted for the nearest medical tent in a mob, hopping over the icy beams of light that paved the ground. One of the more altruistic monks had the decency to cry out, "It's this way! Follow us!" as they rounded a corner.

Mirra turned to face Polaris and bowed to him gravely, keeping her eyes fixed on his. 'Do you understand me, Polaris?' She looked deep into his soul. A gleam of emerald light blinked from her eyes to his, and she darkened her gaze into a fearsome leer. 'Kill Quell.'

She turned from Polaris and started running down the alley, then cast a glance to Jaden, who was still standing among the ice shards. She passed a green flame through their eyes. "Let's go, Bryseis!"

They: Sliver #46 and 92/On the back of Mirra's legs, spread out enough to be completely unnoticable/Night 5

Whether she felt them sneak up on her or not as the conversation went on is up to you. Think the symbiote from spiderman, only it is able to become transparent if stretched out enough. 

Horus/Castle walls/Night 5

He looked on at the South-East pillar as he ran along the walls of Town, sniffing the air as he ran at speeds that would rival the fastest and healthiest of horses. The man's scent had become very strong, and Horus had his Staff ready since. In mere moments, he was upon the Southeastern Pillar, or to be exact, almost behind it. He sniffed the air, which filled his nostrils with frigid frost and the stench of sewers. He shuddered at the smell, it wasn't the most pleasant he had the pleasure to experience. He turned to the smell and ran along the Pillar, and quickly came upon the very man whom had summoned it. He had been moving around the Pillar so quickly, Quell had not noticed his approach. Horus scowled at the back of Quell's head, feeling the wind that had just kept up with him. The scowl on his face made his almost adolescent features appear much older and, perhaps, evil. Even though he was sure this man was the one whom killed his father, Horus still had honor. He clenched his staff tightly, which rested on his side, as he yelled with a terrible, booming voice that he had summoned with the wind. All the anger and power he had been holding in since he came down to this land in the morning sun was released in the form of two words, almost loud enough to break nearby glass.

"Face me!"

Mirra / Castle Town Square / Night 5

As Mirra dashed towards the alleyway the guards and medics had taken, her legs stung from the surrounding cold, struggling in their numbness to carry the weight of the small child. It was too cold for her to notice the two slimy slivers of shadow that had latched onto her right leg, one on her smooth calf, one in the curve of her featherbound ankle.

Horus/Southeastern Pillar/Night 5

As he yelled for Quell's attention, he could see the shockwave he had caused with his voice, which shook everything around him, and Quell. Moments passed without reaction, which made Horus puzzled. Something like that would normally cause someone to jump right out of their pants in fright. Horus' eyes narrowed at Quell as he cautiously began to walk around him, with staff at the ready. As his eyes met with Quell's he noticed something wrong. The stare in Quell's eyes were lifeless and his body was unmoving. Horus, without hesitating, summoned wind around his arm, and launched it at Quell. The wind's force were equal to that of a Goron's punch, and made Quells crumble into a pile of ice. Horus looked on at the pile as it lost its color and returned to a transparent glow, not unlike regular ice. Horus gaped.

"Another fake!" He barked angrily, punching the pile of ice, pounding some of it to dust. He picked up the head of the copy, which even though was normal ice, still held the lifeless stare, mocking Horus. He grit his teeth in anger as he threw it at the pillar. The head shattered as it collided with the pillar, with a sickening crack.

Horus looked around hastily, sniffing the air, hoping he could pick up the scent. To his dismay, the smell was gone. The sense of failure washed over him once more. It was almost unbearable. Horus fell to his knees, and in his rage, punched the ground until his fist bled. He fought back tears as he rose to his feet after his tantrum.

"One day...They will all die." Horus grumbled to himself, looking at the crater he had made with his punches.

"One day..."

He summoned much of his power to soar into the skies, and scanned the city, in hopes of finding the group he was with before. He sniffed out Polaris almost instantaneously, and glided towards them. He landed on a nearby building, to see one of them holding what looked like a child. Said person coldly gave an order to Polaris, before running off from the scene. He jumped off and landed next to Polaris. Without noting the reaction, Horus reported his unsuccessful hunt.

"I could not find him...I lost his scent. The bastard might not even be in this town anymore."

Jaden/Mindscape/Afternoon 5

His mouth was gaping in the mindscape Mirra had created for them. That's not the Polaris he grew up reading and admiring. Something had to be horribly wrong.

"That's horrid! I don't know why he'd do something like that. In his writings, which I studied with utmost dedication, he implored any budding strategist to never forsake their honor. Each soldier that fights for you has a life worth living regardless of skill. None should be needlessly sacrificed. Some less-scrupulous Hylian tacticians have advocated executing troops on charges of cowardice in the middle of a battle to scare the others into fighting better. Wasting lives doesn't help. That one soldier could make the difference. I may be brutal in my methods, but Polaris' guidance...Goddesses...why would he do that?!"

Jaden covered his face in his palm.

"Thank you again for saving my life! I'll be giving him what for when we're done talking here. Whatever's gotten into him will be forced out of him using the very methods he inspired to get a good soldier back in line. As for my're a healer, and I thank the Three for you. Kae's been afflicted by Celestial Blood Corruption. Din cursed her for vulgar displays of power. She did battle with Kinslayer and Quell yesterday and lived to tell the tale. Barely. Lynn had something to do with her survival too..."

He went on to explain all that had happened just a day before. All he'd learned, he relayed. The dabbling he'd been doing with Lunar artes. What Nora did to hone that skill and lay a foundation to enhance his prowess. That he'd been appointed the heir to his people. Why he was telling her all this, he didn't really know. But he felt comfortable around her, and he owed his life to her as it was.

"Please, provided we all live through this war, we've got to save my sister. Nora told me that those who succumb to it end up never being able to return from the Sacred Realm, and are banished to one of the lowest tiers with no hope for advancement, barely escaping the chill of the Underworld. And as for Polaris, it is as I've known him my whole life without meeting him. The brief moments before I was poisoned were so surreal, yet I felt I met a kindred spirit. Those men didn't deserve that fate. I developed our defense strategy today based on his writings and fought alongside them for hours. Loyal blood thaws, crying out from the ground. And Quell...if I ever find him again, he will pay for what he has done to my town and my sister! He will choke on his suffering."

Jaden hovered there, sheltered in this timeless sphere of mental shapings, looking quite disturbed. He had not had comfort in months, and he had been fighting this war months before it actually broke out, trapped behind enemy lines. It wasn't just his body that needed mending, but also his mind. And he didn't know that the Wall of Faith was being powered by Nora now. Or that Phoenix had deployed Kae, which was something he hoped would never happen. He didn't want her out in this mess given what happened to her yesterday.

Mirra (w/ Jaden) / Mindscape / Night 5 (a little earlier)

On the north side of the Wall of Faith, far from the chaos in the township below, a pale moon fell on Hyrule Castle and a cool breeze began to blow. Seated on the green gables of a northern rooftop, Mirra and the Sheikah Jaden looked out over the starlit plains. 'Do you recognize this place?' Mirra asked Jaden's mind. 'Don't worry. If you can't tell yet, you'll be able to soon. In return for the Insight that you have entrusted to me, I give you this Foresight into our future. This is where the hand of fate will guide us both. I know not how we come here, nor how we will leave; only that, very soon, we will both be in this place.'

Mirra turned around and beckoned Jaden to look behind her. There, on the Castle Rooftops, a magnificent tree had taken root and spread its sylvan boughs like wings. Streams of pure sunlight glinted from the mighty tree's eaves, bathing Jaden and Mirra's faces in a warm, golden aura. On that coldest of nights in Castle Town, the great tree was a sun unto itself, and it gave an air of twilight to the wintry darkness.

"Jaden," Mirra said aloud, turning to him in the glinting light, "this tree is our destiny. It will show us the way to save your mentor and avenge your sister." A cold wind carried a string of leaves out into the moonlight. A chill ran down Mirra's back, like the one that the voice inside Polaris's mind had sent down her spine before. "This war is tearing Hyrule apart, from the Castle grounds to the very minds of her heroes. Together, we must unite this Realm, and the souls of her allies."

The pool of light beaming from the gargantuan tree expanded until Mirra and Jaden were consumed within it. When the light cleared, they were back in the town square. Mirra approached Polaris, equipped with the knowledge that Jaden had given her, but a wounded child burst from the alley before he could answer her questions.

Mirra / Castle Town Alley / Night 5 (a little later)

Mirra rounded a corner, holding the child close, and walked into a pack of three hungry stalhounds with frosted froth foaming from their frigid fangs. Two more burrowed out of the ground, for a total of five. Mirra cried out, "Jaden! Help!" She only had time to hear her cry echo through the alleys before the leader of the stalpack lunged.

Jaden/Mindscape/Afternoon 5

"We'll get there; you've got my word. But how will we get past the Wall? I'm not sure what will come of what's out here, but if I can talk some sense into Polaris, he and the Rito should be able to hold things down before the final wave of soldiers arrives. What got into him?"

Jaden could feel the pocket of mindspace begin to waver as events around him were calling his attention. He could see a troubled aura that was most likely Polaris, a bunch of faded ones that had disbelief, anger, and sorrow commingled as they effervesced away to the afterlife, and a significant amount of profane energies concentrated around their perimeter. 

Castle Town

Mirra was out of sight. Polaris and the Rito were there, and suddenly he heard Mirra's cry for help. There was no time to really get into Polaris' face, and then he remembered one of his physical enhancement rotes. He could find a way to compress time just like Mirra did perhaps, and yell at him. Give him a piece of his mind and the original writings about honor. A wake-up call.

He drew his morningstars and raised one in the air, shouting triumphantly.

"The Three have renewed me to fight once more! Keep the faith. We will crush them!"

Jaden had a look of righteous anger on his face as he ran over to Polaris, looking at the wasteland about him. Placing his hand on his shoulder, he muttered a brief incantation and felt things begin to lag a bit. This was his chance.

"Polaris, Mirra told me what happened to an extent. Do you remember what you wrote so long ago about never forsaking your honor? What the hell has gotten into you? I just met my life's inspiration and calling incarnate and he has been an exact opposite of everything he has preached! What am I supposed to think about this? What about the others? My sister, that Rito, Mirra, Lord Phoenix, and the others? These hundreds of soldiers fought by my side from sun-up to their deaths. I entrusted them to you when I could not fight any longer because I thought you could lead them to victory. Why did you lead them to death?

Things were speeding up again; he couldn't hold this pocket around both of them for too much longer.

"Every soldier in your force is of value regardless of their skill. Never decimate your own forces to inspire fear. A properly delivered word can do far more than a slash through the heart. Your legacy speaks volumes, but one bad action could tarnish it eternally. Is this how you want history to remember you? Our legacies are both shrouded in a way, but do not let one momentary lapse in judgment soil all the things you've worked hard for. One shot at redemption, sir. You came back for a reason, and you had best not forget it! I must assist Mirra. I saved the best troops for clean-up. Redeem yourself by helping Wave Three mop-up these heretics and rout them to the last!"

Jaden turned his back after looking intensely into his eyes with indignance and disappointment combined. He couldn't believe he had to talk like this to someone he highly respected. And now was not a time to fight amongst allies. He was glad he was not his sister, who saw things in two very distinct shades of judgment.

Time lapsed back into its real passing and he began to run toward Mirra's cry for help. Before he picked up, he turned his head to the side for one more point of advice.

"You should be familiar with this one, Polaris. It's a triple-wave defense push, except on land instead of a river bottleneck. Alter to taste. Help's coming soon. And remember what I told you! Your legacy is now. Our survival is now. The Three guard your heart and mind!"

The young Sheikah heir ran off at full speed toward Mirra's cries for help and he could smell the stench of undeath getting thicker as he approached. She had a small child with her that she was trying to protect. In either event they were going to do some bad things if he didn't hurry. Luckily with how the infrastructure was set up, one of the larger medical stations was set up in the Square. They'd backed his forces up that far at a point in time...and now undead got through. He couldn't dam up the undercity because then they'd have no water. And it was too late for that anyway.

A pack of Stalhounds. He was glad he'd chosen the right weapon to deal with them, and it looked like they were giving Mirra some trouble. She was a healer first and foremost, and that was her gift. Fighting was his. And he'd use it to save her or die trying.

They've given me a new lease on life. I've survived things that should have killed me ten times over. A pack of bone-dogs is nothing compared to what they've thrown at me today!

He charged at supernatural speed to intercept and sent one of them flying with a diagonal uppercut. It shattered against the shell of a burnt-out home. Another one met its end as a flash-frozen pile of detritus as he shattered it and flew into one of those bordering beams of bluish-white light on the ground.

One more remained and he was ready to strike, standing between it and her.

"I'm getting you to the tent after this. Stay back and remain calm!"

Mirra Lemeris / Castle Town Square / Night 5

Mirra breathed a sigh of relief as Jaden made short work of the hellhounds. While he distracted the last of them, she ran towards the medical tent, now in view behind a demolished shopcart's awning.

Just then, the streams of icy light that flowed across the ground began to hum. Mirra froze in her tracks, tightening her grip on the child. The pitch of the light's hum rose to a clawing ring, and the little boy in her arms began to cry. "It's alright, baby," Mirra said gently, looking up at the radiating pillars with fear in her eyes. She recognized the runic patterns of Twili sorcery. There was no longer a doubt in her mind that this curse was laid by Twili, and not Zora. As the metallic screech spread to all five pillars, the Twili runes illuminated and with a simultaneous crack sheer walls of electric blue sprang from the strips on the ground and thick sheets of ice flashed through the alleys of Castle Town.

The child knocked Mirra to the ground, kicking wildly from the ringing in his ears. "Jaden, help us!" she cried, as they slid across the street of ice, directly past the medical tent and into the nearest wall. She tried to roll to cover the child, but ended up slamming her side and legs against the barrier, and she cried in pain as a block of ice formed from her knees to her ankles. Another stretched across her left arm and torso, sealing the child to her shoulder and chest as he began to cry uncontrollably. She muttered an incantation to slow the spread of the ice in the child's small body, but was now unable to move on her own. 'Jaden...please...,' she groaned in her mind, as the electricity of the magic barrier coursed through her body, threatening to freeze her and the child from the inside out.

Polaris/ Castle Town Square/ Night 5

Just as Mirra rushed off with the nasty little child in tow, Jaden rushed over before Polaris was even given an opportunity to respond. The mere sight of his protege up on his feet and moving about again, caused all traces of the blight that had periodically consumed Polaris' being to be funneled away from the forefront and locked away somewhere deep within his consciousness. He was fully himself for the first time in what seemed like an eternity when Jaden verbally bitch slapped him in the mindscape he'd created via some sort of incantation. What made it all worse was, there was nothing Polaris could say in his defense. No arguments could be posed, Jaden used his own theories to scold and chastise him. The grizzled Ice General didn't even respond, he merely hung his head and accepted the tongue lashing, trying to figure out how, or why he'd allowed himself to fall prey to the machinations of Lynn Annei. 

Scratch that. She was no longer Annei, she was Hothnite. He'd searched and hoped for a means to heal her and remove the hold Taden held over her, only to be tricked by and consumed him. How a mere foot soldier of the shadow folk had become so powerful in just a few days time, caused him to shudder. It was then and there that Polaris decided, if the Daybreak Sword didn't do the trick, he would be there one to lop the head off of this snake if Kae were to falter. For, Kae, as powerful as she was, held Lynn in much higher regard than Polaris ever had or would, he feared the she'd be unable to do the deed. Polaris, however, after all that he'd been put through, would not hesitate.

Lost in this reverie as Jaden spat his own teachings in his face, Polaris missed any opportunity for rebuttal or apology as the mindscape faded and Jaden started to rush off in Mirras direction. "You've nothing to worry about. I know what need be done." Polaris muttered under his breath. 

The winds picked up again as he manipulated the moisture in the surrounding atmosphere. Moments before it all came to a head, he turned to Horus. "It's high time I start atoning for my sins, my path of penance begins here and now...oh, and you might want to take a few steps back." A frigid explosion reverberated throughout the square as Polaris rocketed high up above the city into the frosty atmosphere above. Hovering there, he scanned the city, looking, watching, waiting for any signs of the Twili cryomancer known as Quell. The winding path to redemption was a course that Polaris knew all too well and he embraced it in kind.

Stupid Chickens Edit

Lynn Annei/Night 5/Lake Hylia

Lynn plunged beneath the surface of Lake Hylia and immediately gagged. She woke with a start at the cold embrace of the water and winced at the echoing pain of an eagle cry in her mind. Her eyes opened in fear and closed again against the unexpected murky water surrounding her. Her lungs strained against the lack of breathing. But which way was up? The water cloyed her senses.

There was a flash, a brightness from a particular direction. Lightning. That was up. She kicked and flailed her arms, dragging herself to the surface as her vision swam and her lungs burned, throat constricting to prevent her from taking that fatal breath. Then the dull sound of thunder broke into a true peal, and the wind pricked needles of cold into her face. She finally inhaled, sputtering a bit at the wash of water from the lake.

And then she heard... some sound, through the light lapping of the tiny waves and the occasionally roll of thunder. It was the beating of a thousand wings, though Lynn was confused and unable to recognize the cacophony.

"What the hell is going on!?" she yelled into the air. "You damn bird, I'll kill you! I will not abide such slander, not from an Enemy of the Crown! I did no such-"

Her shouts were cut short as a cuccoo landed on her head and began to peck at her hair. "Gah, Holy Gold! Get off me, you little bastard!"

She swatted at the cuccoo, but it just flapped its wings and stood its ground. Angry, she grabbed the thing and flung it into the water. It cawed at her and took off back into the air. She grumbled, wincing at the soreness of her scalp. And then the beast was replaced by another (or was it the very same?) that continued the attack. Frustrated, she yanked at the cuccoo and snapped its neck, dropping it to float limp in the water beside her.

And then there were even more cuccoos, flocking around her, screeching and assaulting her with claw and beak. To escape the relentlessness of the avians she gulped down a lungful of air and dove once more into the lake. Lynn tried to look around her, but her vision was drastically decreased under the dark and the water. Soon, none the wiser for a plan of escape, she was forced to surface for air. Immediately the cuccoos returned to their assault. She grabbed on, snapped its neck as well, but their numbers were overwhelming. Of a few feet away from her she heard a splash, as though something large was diving into the lake.

She began to swim in that direction, keeping herself just under the surface to avoid the cuccoos, surfacing enough to breath while avoiding cuccoo claws and beaks.

Polaris/ Castle Town Square/ Night 5

Scanning the horizon, Polaris took it all in, sadly "it all" did not give any indication as to the whereabouts of the Twili cryomancer, Quell, was nowhere to be seen. Frustrated, Polaris bellowed to the city below, "Damnit! This carnage must cease! Quell! Come, face me!!" The time in which he hovered there, waiting for any semblance of a response seemed like an eternity, although it was merely a few minutes. There was one voice that rang in his ears, piercing the night, it rose above the din of battle, Mirra was in trouble.

Polaris wheeled around in mid-air and it wasn't long before he found her, lying on her back with the child clutched to her chest, she was nigh encapsulated in arctic magicks not of his making. Even though Quell could not be located, his presence was still being felt loud and clear. Jaden was fighting valiantly against a trio of Stalhounds, now was his time to repay a favor. Polaris rocketed across the sky, covering the short distance in a matter of seconds, he dropped down in between Jaden and the final monster, "Hope you don't mind if I cut in on this little dance here." 

Without waiting for a response, Polaris had the Dagger up and out of his boot, the resistance that had been present for the past day or so, was no longer there, the blade immediately took the hand-and-a-half form the General favored as he strode forward, pointing the tip out towards the circling beast. The skeletal hound lunged forward, snarling and snapping at Polaris, but was too slow for the grizzled Zora. General Polaris spun to his right, bringing his seamless blade down in a backhanded swing, slicing the beast in two. The hound fell to the icy street and burst into a wispy smokelike vapor. 

As Polaris closed the gap between he and the freezing healer, a cacophony of shrieking howls pierced through the screeching winds, four white wolfos rose up from frigid wasteland that was once the Castle Town Square. Polaris leapt forward, catching the first beast unawares and drove his sword through the top of its skull, the tip of the blade sunk deep into the stonework below the ice, pinning the still thrashing wolfos to the ground. Polaris quickly spun around and caught one of the beasts that had jumped at him by the throat. Holding it there, high above the ground, the wolfos kicked and growled as it struggled to free itself from Polaris' frigid grasp. 

The beast was unsuccessful, Polaris channeled vast amounts of his own frosty aura into the body of the wolfos until it was a solid block of ice. Releasing the beast, it smashed to ground ad shattered. Polaris fired off a quick arctic blast at one of the wolfos that was closing in on Jaden, striking it broadside and sending it tumbling across the street. "Jaden, finish these atrocities while I attend to Mirra and the child! I'm here to help. I promise."

Polaris turned and walked over to the trapped duo and reached down through the ice covering Mirras wrist. Firming his grip around her forearm, Polaris lifted them up to their feet and brought them close to him. The ice that covered them fell away as he did so. "I hope you don't mind, but I couldn't find Quell, neither could Horus. He WILL be dealt with in due time. Until then, I guess you're stuck with me."

Rukh / Lake Hylia / Night 5

Rukh sat, sphinxlike, at the dark bottom of Lake Hylia, watching the Sheikah struggle for air against his furious pheasants. He began to wonder at the latest mystery posed by this Demoness. She called him an Enemy of the Crown, accused him of abducting her from the Castle, as if to deny everything that had transpired at the Light Spirit's spring in the desert. And despite his provocations, she had not summoned her powers over ice. Something about that explosion of light that led them to her must have changed her somehow. She was almost fully healed from her ravaged state in the Arbiter's Grounds, and yet now her cryomancy lay dormant. What could have caused this sudden change?

Then, he saw it. A bubble of light dangling from the Sheikah's robes, emitted by the small bottle fastened to her belt. 'The Blessing of Garo...,' Rukh contemplated. He had not been able to see the object until looking at her from below. 'Of course!'

Mirra Lemeris / Castle Town / Night 5

When Mirra could finally open her eyes, she was surprised to find Polaris helping her and the child to their feet. "Thank you," she said, squeezing his cold, scaly hand. His touch sent a lingering chill down her spine and raised goosebumps on her bare arms. Could he be trusted around the helpless child? She had no time to question him now.

She nodded to Jaden, across the street, as he dispatched the last of the stalhounds and wolfos. 'Jaden, keep an eye on Polaris. If what you say is true, he may not be able to stop himself from attacking us or the child.' Then, she continued aloud. "Thank you both," she sent to Jaden and Polaris, "Now we must get to the medical tent! This child needs to join the villagers who evacuated to the Castle, before this night gets any--!" Before she could go on, another tremor shook the frozen earth and caused her to slip on the ice and fall. Glancing across the street, her eyes grew wide as she looked at Jaden. "Jaden! No!"

Four massive freezards burst from the ground on every side of the Sheikah warrior, closing in on him rapidly and towering nearly as high as the icy barriers of Quell's pillars. Mist hung from their gaping jaws and frost glistened in their uneven rows of round, bloodred eyes. "Polaris, you've got to help Jaden!" But Mirra's cry was cut short as four more of the lumbering ice-beasts loomed from the ground surrounding her and the Zora. With a deafening roar, all eight freezards let loose a torrential stream of freezing air at once. The blast from the four surrounding Mirra and Polaris encased her and the child in a solid block of ice.

Rukh / Lake Hylia / Night 5

As the Sheikah Lynn kicked through the water, a faint light begin to gather in the mirky depths below. The faint light brightened into a shimmering green, and a hail of bubbles began to foam upwards beneath her. Then the silhouette of an enormous beast swelled from within the light. With a grinding howl, Rukh swooped up from the depths and grabbed Lynn by the shoulders with Celestium talons, then burst from the water and flew into the skies. He touched down on the top of a great column of sheer rock that jutted vertically from the Lakebed, dropping Lynn in a soaking heap on top of a tuft of reeds.

One of the Cuccos fluttering overhead swept in and bashed Lynn's shoulder, knocking her onto her back. The bottled Blessing glowed faintly on her hip. He pressed one clawed foot down over her legs, then howled into the night, signaling the other birds that this was his prey. He bared his razor-sharp beak like a blade in a flash of thunder, then set upon her helpless body like a takkuri with a newborn bulbo.

'Enemy of the Crown, am I?' he asked, lightning flashing all around them. 'Done no such thing, have you?' Rukh taunted her, pacing around her slowly. He looked into her exhausted eyes, a look of agony peering out from behind her Sheikah garments. 'Then tell me, Agent Annei. If you haven't been to the Arbiter's Grounds tonight, then where did you get this?' He snatched up the bottle and tore it from her waist, dangling it in his beak, then kicked off of the stone pillar and began circling it on his wings, out of Lynn's reach. The bottle cast its harsh, pale light on the Sheikah as he glided around her, spinning her shadow in a loop.

'Answer my questions, Sheikah, or it's back into the waves with you.' A clap of thunder rocked the earthen tower she lay upon, and the mad Cuccos began a round of startled and angry clucking. 'What do you want with the Blessing of Garo?'

Jaden/Castle Town/Afternoon 5

More and more of these atrocities kept popping up. And now there was no way for Wave Three to reach him. This effect couldn't last forever, so he resolved to fight it out.

And with Polaris here to help even when things looked their darkest, victory was possible.

But he was surrounded by Freezards. He activated his Subversion Aura to increase his resistance to magical properties and went to work. Going with a morningstar and his shield, he knew he couldn't get hit like Mirra and the orphan did, so he moved to flank.

This was solid ice they were talking about. The longer those two were encapsulated, the more likely they were to suffocate. But if he broke them out now, they'd just get hit again...

"I believe you. Now, let's get rid of these before Mirra gets choked out!

Jaden rolled to the side of one to circle it and managed to reach behind it. The other ones started to let loose their cones of cold but he had a good wall blocking it. In between breaths it did try to turn, but Jaden crushed its head with fierce repeated downward strikes and shield bashes. What he didn't notice is that any move he made got him closer to the bluish-white freezing light, not until he began to feel colder.

Using his shield to steer on the ice, he slid himself toward the next one, just missing another frosty breath.

A fire-flask might help even the odds here, but I don't want to risk burning Mirra alive...

"Polaris! We need to draw them away from Mirra so we can bust her out!

A thick layer of rime began to form on Jaden's starmetal shield, weighing it down a little as he went to work on the next one.

Polaris/ Castle Town/ Night 5

It was one thing after another today, Freezards? Really? The dark artes Quell had put into motion with the pentagram and pillars, had brought a blight upon castle town the likes of which it had never seen before. The only benefit, if it could be called a benefit, was that these were all ice based creatures, whose ice attacks were, for the most part, useless against Polaris. Although, these gargantuans could use brute force against him.

As Mirra and the child, frozen even more so than before clanked to the ground as a solid mass, Polaris was surprisingly calm and sarcastic, "We're on our way. I think Mirra is gonna chill over here though." Polaris drew the Thunder Rod and leapt forward landing on the knee of the closest of the four Freezards, he used it as a springboard to shoot himself into the air, as his upward motion slowed and Polaris came level with the face of the frozen monstrosity, he swung the staff as hard as he could and with obvious violent intent. The broad paddle shaped end of the staff smashed into the ice, with a resounding sonic boom it shattered into a hail of arctic fragments.

With the head of the beast now removed, Polaris scurried onto the shoulders of the lifeless frozen body. Before the ice could dissipate, causing the body to explode into a puff of smoke, Polaris reached out with his power, and took control of the hulking mass, he spun and sunk a ways down into the ice, encapsulating his own body up to the neck. 

As he stretched limbs and wiggled fingers, he chuckled to Jaden, "Oh, we're definitely coming!" Polaris reached out and latched on to one of the Freezards and hurled it over into the middle of the Square, closer to Jaden and a great deal away from where Mirra was laying. While Polaris was distracted with the monster he threw, the other two leapt at the opportunity to attack him, they slammed into the ground and went tumbling across the slick, ice covered stonework.

As he struggled against the combined forced of the two glacial monstrosities, Polaris grunted out," em away from Mirra. A little preoccupied right now though!" 

Horus/Castle Town/Night 5

Knowing that somewhere in his inventory, Jaden had something to make quick work of the hulking pieces of ice, Horus had to move quickly. As Polaris preoccupied the Freezards that surrounded him, Horus went for the block of ice that held Mirra captive. With the almost hot air he had summoned still surrounding him, he focused some of it within his hands, and approached Mirra. 

He plunged his hands into the ice, but only enough to melt the ice near Mirra to make handles within the ice. As the handle-like indents he made into the ice took form, Horus magically removed the warmth from his hands, which instantly turned pale in the blistering cold of the ice block that sat before him. Ignoring the sting of the ice upon his hands, he rose up into the skies, holding the block above his head. He strained as he began to shout to Jaden, but decided the Shiekah was observant enough to notice Mirra's absence, and would take action accordingly. 

Without hesitation, and with the speed of a hawk, Horus rose up onto the top of a nearby building. He placed the great block of ice down on the roof, and stretched his arms, groaning in exhaustion. As he stretched, he summoned what was left of the magical heat within him, and summoned it all into his hands, which he awiftly placed onto the ice. His entire body shivered as steam billowed from the spot of the ice his hands were in. He was starting near Mirra's head, in hopes of at least freeing her head to allow oxygen.

Twilit Giga/Night 5/Alleyway

Giga marveled at the massive force he saw in front of him. He hadn't gotten a good look at the wall outside, but now he could see the power it likely had. Around its base, the forming of ice could be made out, and just standing in front of it made his body shiver from the cold.

He dared not find out what would happen if he made contact with it.

The light, or whatever it was, cut through the town like a knife, not paying heed to houses and their walls. His only option was turn back, towards where he knew a great deal of fighting was likely still taking place, or follow it along. Being done with fighting, he chose the latter. 

But his path soon led him back to the bottleneck, albeit further away from the wall. He seemed boxed in by this light wall, almost as if the gods wanted him to fight. But fighting had done nothing good for him so far. It was because of his anger that he was like this now. If he had just stayed home, he'd be safe.

He retreated into the alleyway, hiding himself in the darkness, put his back against a house and slid down on his ass. It was odd to sit after he had been standing for so long. He was tired, he realized, exhausted even. It was peaceful here, the only sound of war being the distant clang of swords.

The sounds soothed him as he slipped in and out of sleep before letting it consume him. 

In his dream, he watched from afar as a little goron was pleading with his father. Only the goron wasn't as little as his demeanor might have hinted. He was clearly a child, yet he was nearly as tall as his father. It was then that Giga realized that the goron was him, many years ago. It was a memory he had forgotten.

"But D-daddy!" the little Giga sobbed, "I don't want to leave my classes. I l-like them!" 

"Now Giga," his father Daurnuro answered, "it has become clear to us that you are special. Giga, you're one of the giant gorons. This is a great honor, you must understand that. We have not had a giant in this tribe in nearly a century."

"But why do I have to s-stop school?"

"Giga, giants are not treated like other gorons, this is something you should embrace. Giants have never been patriarchs, that is the law. Your purpose is still great though. Giga, you will soon be the greatest smith in all Hyrule, in all the world even. You will still be in classes, but private ones now. The arts of war needn't concern you anymore. The goddesses have blessed you, you need to embrace it my son."

As the dream faded out, Giga could make out one last thing his father was saying.

"Giga, my dear son, giants were not made to be fighters. Remember that, you have a purpose, remember that."

Giga woke to the stampeding of a dog. Pinned to the floor, Giga could hardly think as the dog stood over him barring his teeth and growling.

"Choose your words wisely Twili. Why exactly has my dog taken such a liking to you. You've been with gorons, haven't you? If you don't tell me where you saw them, your face will be Volvagia's next meal." .

Mirra Lemeris / Castle Town / Night 5

Mirra's lungs burned as she froze in the ice. The worst of it was, she had a crystal clear view of her own powerlessness, watching helplessly as Polaris and Jaden started fighting the freezard monsters. Just after they each beheaded two of the beasts, Mirra was surprised by Horus, Polaris's ally returned to the fight. He plunged his hands into the ice containing her and the child, then lifted them both up over his head and flew them to the rooftops. There, he began to melt the ice, freeing Mirra's head and neck.

"Ah!" she breathed in deeply and rapidly, her lungs stinging from the sudden, blessed rush of cold air. She caught her breath, then stared out over the battlefield wearily. Polaris had taken control of one of the freezard's bodies to destroy a second, and Jaden had smashed a third to rubble. Now five of the icy ghouls lumbered about the square in a pack.

"Enough of this," Mirra said sternly. A new resolve weighed into her voice. She closed her eyes and focused intently, furrowing her brow. Within the block of ice, her body began to shine through her robes in a bright green silhouette, until the entire prism of ice began to beam with rays of emerald light. Strings of electric power began to dance over the ice's surface, and when she threw open her eyes, they were a brilliant green as well.

"Dominion Rod!"

Rukh / Lake Hylia / Night 5

'Rukh, now!'

"Alright, Sheikah, you know what?" Rukh laughed, alighting on the rocky pillar he had set Lynn Annei upon. "Let's try this another way. No more weapons."

Rukh sat back on his haunches, then dislocated his jaw with an iron click. For a moment, green light streamed from his joints, then a runic circle gathered in his beak around an expanding ball of light. He cocked back his head, then fired the Dominion Rod into the heavens with a thunderous clang and glowing tail.

He leaned back down to face the Sheikah as his Cuccos rose into the clouds, gone for now. The Blessing of Garo dangled from his lower beak, casting its pale shine over Lynn's distraught features. She recoiled from him instinctively, scooting back over a tuft of reeds. "Now, Agent Annei, if you would permit me, it's clear that you've had a very long night. What say we take this little gem back to the Castle together, and let the Royal Guard decide how best to dispose of a Light Spirit's Blessing?"

"Come on," Rukh said, flapping into the air once more, opening his feet to the Sheikah, "I will take you. Unless, of course, you'd prefer to find your own way down."

Mirra Lemeris / Castle Town / Night 5

Above the incandescent stone of ice containing the child and Mirra, the grey clouds of an ice mage's storm began to spiral and reflect Mirra's green. An eye of wind opened in the frigid spiral, and like a comet the Dominion Rod burst from the heavens and shattered her frozen prison in a blinding explosion of emerald light.

When it cleared, she floated above the rooftops with the Rod of the Heavens hovering around her in a slow, steady ring. Her eyes were radiant. "Watch the child," she said to Horus. "Keep him safe up here until I open the tent."

Mirra closed her eyes. She lifted her arms in an arc above her head, twisted her neck, and touched both heels together in midair, inches above the frozen rooftop. Then, she let one arm fall slowly outward, and the Dominion Rod rose to hang vertically at her fingertips, pulsing with energy. The wind picked up as Mirra opened her eyes and sprang from the rooftops.

First, she landed by the remaining stalhounds, and leapt past them with a wide kick that brought the butt of the Dominion Rod slamming into their bare skulls. They shattered into dust as she spun above a clay pot, arms still raised above her head. She flipped into the street's center, the Dominion Rod passing under her to lift the clay pot into the air and bring it crashing down atop the head of one of the white wolfos that had attacked Polaris. With it stunned, she thrust one knee forward to glide toward it, then swung her hands in a wide loop to spear the head of the Dominion Rod through the wolfos' neck. She whipped her arms across her side to fling the Rod, wolfos still impaled upon it, into the side of last white beast. Alighting on the glassy surface of the street's ice, Mirra spread her feet shoulder-length apart, then opened her hands to let the Dominion Rod lay in them, the gore of the wolfos never penetrating the thin layer of protective magic that coated its finely polished surface.

The five remaining freezard behemoths loomed over her in a ring, each breathing their arctic gusts with the harried fury provoked by her allies' combined power. She looked to her right, and saw that Polaris was at a safe distance. She looked to her left, and saw Jaden standing clear. Horus watched closely from his perch atop the roofs, his arm around the injured child's shoulders. "It's time to end this," she called out.

Mirra lunged into the air, rose the Rod above her head, then brought it down upon the first freak's face with all the punitive force of divine judgement. Curving the blow to propel herself upward, she flipped into the face of the next freezing scum, and punished him in kind. Now two of the five were glowing green from within. She dropped to the ground, then charged straight at the third one with the Rod raised to her shoulder, slashing into his side horizontally with the full weight of her charge. A crack spread through his body, and it too began to glow green. With similar strikes, she bludgeoned the final pair of the freezards in the lower jaws, and they all froze in place.

Mirra skipped into the air and touched down in the center of the ring the contorted freezards had formed. She again brought her arms high into the air, opened her palms to the sky, and the Dominion Rod hovered there, end to end. "Your excellency, Horus of the Rito people...," she shouted as the winds began to howl, lowering her arms and the Dominion Rod with them, "...cover the child."

With an angelic cry that rang in their ears like a gong, Mirra swung her arms up and the Dominion Rod flew into the night air in a spiraling blur. Loud cracks broke from the base of the five freezard statues, and with guttural moans all five of them were lifted into the air. Mirra began to levitate with them, and slowly the entire system moved to hover above Castle Town Square. Mirra poised herself above the frozen fountain and curled in her toes, then began to rotate. Gradually, the five monsters began to rotate with her, the Dominion Rod righting itself to spin on its vertical axis. The Dominion Rod spun faster, and Mirra's body too, and soon the five freezard bulks were orbiting her like arctic moons. The light in the Dominion Rod's emeralds began to glow, and a low hum rose in pitch along with its velocity, until a deep boom gushed from the Rod and an emerald shockwave burst forth. The shockwave shoved the freezards out to the edges of the town, where they came to a halt and hung in the air above Quell's quintet of pillars. Each freezard had been suspended, face down, above each of the five pillars, their obelisk shapes culminating in a perfect point at the apex.

Mirra rested her spin and let her arms fall to her side. The Dominion Rod dropped to the ground and bounced with a bang, and the five freezards dropped with it, dying instantly as their faces met the pillars' points, with nary a bark before the liquid squish of impalement echoed from each corner of town. Her shoulders and chest heaving heavily, Mirra lifted one arm to bring the Dominion Rod up to her hand, then waved it weakly to open the front flap of the medical tent in the far corner of the square. "Let's go," she said to Jaden and Polaris, fixing them with her wild eyes, sweat dripping down her cheek before meeting the cold air to form a line of frost from her neck down to her collarbone.

"We're not through yet." Mirra hopped up to the roof and retrieved the child from Horus's protection. She clasped both his hands in hers. "Thank you, Horus," she said, healing the damage he had done to his hands by freeing her from the ice. "We are in your debt." She smiled at him warmly, meeting his pensive gaze, then picked up the child and jumped down to the street, landing by the tent's entrance.

"This child does not have much time," she called out to the others. "Quickly, follow me!"

Mirra stepped into the low tent, keeping the canvas entry flap open telekinetically. Inside, she met a team of elite healers, already attending to the guards and medics that had fled earlier. The others rushed in behind her in a gust of cold air, throwing snow around the small room as Mirra raised her voice. "I am Mirra Lemeris, a healer from the heavens," she announced to the gathering. "I have exhausted my gifts in healing others on this mortal night." She threw back her green cloak and lifted up the wounded child within it. "We must reunite this child with the evacuees in the Castle. Is there any among you with the gift of teleportation?"

Lynn/Night 5/Hylia Lake

Slowly Lynn regained her feet as the automaton awaited her. She stretched her legs, sore from the swimming and the abrupt travel to the top of this spire. She stretched her arms, likewise sore from swimming and dealing with the cuccoos. Her eyes remained fixed on the bottle glowing under the thing's beak. Garo's Blessing.

Garo? Then there was a Fifth Spirit, after all? If...

She tried to recall why it was important, but her head burst into a spasmodic pain, causing her face to crunch into a wince, subdued only by her willful denial to show anymore weakness to this demonic adversary. She gritted her teeth, biting her lip to stifle a groan, and marched slowly forward. It didn't matter why the Blessing was important. It mattered only that it was important. And it had to be returned to the Castle, safely and in the hands of a true servant to the Royal Family. Her thoughts thus steeled, and the headache abated by her lack of concentration on the specifics, Lynn charged at the abomination before her.

Mid-stride her hands were in motion: left unsheathed her sword, fully expecting it to be ineffective; right hand fishing in her tattered belt pouches for one of the few items she had left. Then Lynn jumped forward, with all the speed of her training, and spun midair. Left hand scored a strike at the chest of the bird-thing with the sharp of her blade. Right hand swept by the front of it, releasing a Deku Nut to impact square between its eyes in a superbly blinding flash and then scooping up the bottle, and Blessing inside.

Her jump took her further past the foe and off over the edge of their rocky pillar perch. She fell back-first, looking up with a mocking smirk at the outwitted being. Even if the Deku Nut had blinded it, and it couldn't see, she satisfied herself by tucking her sword into its sheath and presenting a one-finger salute to her likely humiliated foe. Then she twisted around and tucker her body into a dive before piercing the waters of the Lake and disappearing into aquatic darkness.

Laynnei/Medic Tent/Night 5 "Is there any among you with the gift of teleportation?"

Laynnei couldn't help but let out an arrogant chuckle when she heard a women run in and asked that question. "Come now, did you really expect to find someone with that level of magic competence among army medics. Honestly these novices can barely compress a wound forget casting a healing spell."

She walked over the the newcomers quickly scanning there minds to get a better understanding of the situation. The bird didn't particularly stand out to her. Nor did the so called heaven women, though it seems she'd encountered Hothnight early. Like wise the Shiekah man seemed related to this whole Hothnight mess, having a relation to the host current choice victim. The zora and the child both peaked her interest. The Zora was hiding something in the deeper regions of his mind. She was temped to find out what but didn't have the time to deal with what ever she could unleash by accident. Strangely she couldn't read the child's mind. The only time she had that happen was when there was a psychic barrier in place but this wasn't the case. 

"Well regardless you are in luck," she said ignoring this concerns with the zora and the child mental state for the time being. "Normally I'd tell you to tough it out but I can't very well sit back and not another child suffer because this idiots wanted to play war again. Anyway, you." She yelled over to a near by soldier. 

The solder was hesitant to respond. Laynnei hadn't been there long but she had managed to place the fear of death in all that were present to ensure the recognized her authority while she tried to bring order the makeshift field hospital. "Um... me?"

"Yes you, start gathering up anyone who's injures will keep them from returning from battle and anyone in critical condition who can still be moved. If I'm going out of may way I might as well make the most of it."

With everyone gathered she began to focus on her destination while casting her teleportation spell or the suddenly cut it short. "Well this is distressing. It seems that barrier is making it difficult to aim so teleporting directly into the hospital will be to dangerous. I'll aim for the courtyard instead."

She once again began to focus and cast her spell. In a instant the whole group vanished in a flash of light and reappeared inside the Wall of Faith.

A yell rang out from slightly above them the second they appeared, "SENSHI!"

"Hm... I suppose the roof works too. This really barrier is impressive. Well don't just stand you, one of you hurry up and run down to the hospital. It will be easier to try again if I have a mind to lock onto."

Seishi/Battle Field/Night 5

Seishi landed on the ground next to his troop and dispelled his Wings of Light. "Any luck?"

"Well that depends on what you mean," Dren replied making no effort to hide his frustration. "First the bombs froze the second the touched the pillar, which I wouldn't exactly call luck. On the other hand we learned those things freeze anything they touch before some idiot tried to take an ax too it, so that was lucky. Um... lets see, well we figured out we can get the frozen bombs to explode if we set up another bomb a foot or so away so that's lucky. The problem is that waists a bomb and all we did was chip it. So yeah not really lucky. How about you?

"Five True Light Blade Strikes a managed to put a ten foot long crack it."

"Well those if True- what ever the f***s work why'd you stop?"

"I can only fire some many of those at a time. Plus someone tried to throw an ice monster at my head so I figured I'd be better to attack it from down here. Anyway one of those attacks can cleave a Darknut in two so I wouldn't call five of them only cracking it as effective."

Horus/Castle Town/Night 5

Horus could barely comprehend what he had just seen, but what he knew for sure was it all started with a flash of light.

His hands and body burned in the bitter coldness of the night as what little heat was in him melted the ice, freeing the head and neck of the woman inside, whom almost immediately cried into the skies for a Dominion Rod. Horus had never heard the likes of this before, and didn't want to get vaporized, so he jumped back several feet as the ice that held the woman captive glowed a radiant glow of green before shattering magnificently.

Before he knew it, he had been given the child, and she was joining the battlefield, telling all to take cover. Reacting accordingly, Horus summoned his wings from within his back, which covered both he and the child with a force as powerful as willpower itself. As explosions and radiant green came from where the woman was standing, Horus gazed at the child, whom seemed rather...odd to him. The child had a very bitter look upon him, like he had lost everything dear about him.

But Horus noticed something more. Being this close to the child, he could see into the eyes of the child. Strangely enough, he found a glow from within the eyes of the child. This glow normally belonged to someone filled with glee and happiness. Horus suspiciously sniffed the air, and could smell something very familiar. He looked at this child, with a mixture of horror and confusion. This boy had the same stench about him as the Dark Nut whom tried to finish Jaden before things got really ugly.

Before he could make any action about it, he could feel Mirra's presence. He dismissed his wings, which dissipated into nothingness, leaving a mess of feathers behind. He then, much to his suprise, made trade with the woman, whom smiled warmly at him. He hadn't noticed the sting of frostbite in his hands until it was gone. He glanced at his hands, which were still gloved. He removed his gloves, revealing human hands, with claw-like fingernails. They had nothing wrong with them. This fact was actually rather alien to him, for he was unfamiliar with magic that could repair bodies directly. Back home, injury or sickness was dealt with normally, or made to heal faster with a special kind of blue potion, in case of situations that were rather dire. There was once a time when he was very young, when one of his friends had climbed on top of the highest building, and jumped.

His friend had recently broken his wing, but wanted to prove he could still fly, by flinging himself off the highest building. Without thinking, Horus had reached for a blue potion, and threw it at his friend with all his might, with the help of the wind. The potion had flown so high, his friend had enough time to drink the potion and stop himself with his newly repaired wing. Once he was safely on the ground, Horus punched him. Then they both laughed and went back to The Study.

Horus' mind wandered until this memory ended. Whilst completely ignoring everything around him, he found himself somewhere completely different. He looked up to see the Castle, still protected by magic. He looked down the shield, to see he was on the opposite side of the shield. A seemingly false sense of security fell over him as he looked back at the Castle.

The Rito/Night 5/Castle

The fight was long and vicious. As the two men clashed, the amount of powerful attacks each one let loose was soon uncountable. The Rito watched from his invisible perch, steering clear of any fighting for the moment.

When the fight was taken to the air though, the Rito took an increased interest. Flying was something that he had always found unique about himself, an attribute that humans couldn't have. The Rito realized he was likely in over his head, but he was stuck now, forced to watch a fight where a missed attack could mean the end for him.

When it ended, the victor flew out and headed for the roof. Silently, the Rito followed at a safe distance, hoping that none of these men's ESP would detect him.

"Senshi..." the Rito heard as he landed to eavesdrop on the conversation.

"See I can choose to sacrifice myself to save everyone too. Except instead of my life, I'll just give up my soul. All to save everyone for the second biggest mistake those three ever made."


At that moment, a flash of light appeared from somewhere below him. He glided over the edge to see the cause, and to his surprise, he found a rather large group had seemingly appeared from no where. Utterly confused, the Rito held him self in midair, praying that no one would feel or hear his presence.

Horus/ Castle Town/ Night 5

Horus sniffed the air curiously as he looked around his new location, and to his suprise, he caught the smell of...another Rito?

The smell seemed to be drifting from up high, so Horus looked up, scanning the skies, almost immediately spotting the source of the familiar smell. He looked at his group, then back at the skies. He knew his absence would make little difference if it was a short one. He sprout his wings and took to the skies, almost causing a shockwave as he lifted off.

Sha'Tive Soul /Within Rito's head /Night 5

"One of your own has found fun!"

Tobias Pepperwhistle/ Castle Town/ Afternoon 5

There was absolutely nothing Tobias could do to save he and Harkens minion, Taur would have to consume the entirety of the blast, which, in his current state of unconsciousness, would undoubtedly render him dead. The fabulous thing of it all, was that death's embrace would gain no hold on Taur Dagnir, not while breath still filled the lungs of sirs, Tobias Pepperwhistle and Harken Zeiss, the rites of subjugation and various other incantations and wards would make sure of that. 

Taur Dagnir/ Castle Town/ Afternoon 5

He knew that he'd been beaten and bound by his masters, that much became evident moments before he was knocked unconscious, the reasoning behind all of this escaped him, but then again, in his current state, who was he to question them? As a matter of fact, who was he anyway? Taur Dagnir was his name, but is that who he was as well? In the dark void of his mind his thoughts were muddled and inconsistent, he couldn't quite grasp one, solid line of thinking.

His reverie was interrupted by the screams of a woman. She didn't speak in any language that he was familiar with, and he'd thought himself to be familiar with them all, however at this stage he wasn't completely sure of anything. Immediately following the screams he heard, no felt, and then heard, a sort of pulsating heat. What luck! He'd just started to realize he was getting cold, whomever provided this warmth was quite thoughtful. He'd have to remember to thank them once he was back on his feet.

The happy warmth and pleasant thoughts were obliterated in an instant. A searing pain coursed through his being, Taurs body seized and he raised off the ground at beams impact, the binding shackles broke and dropped freely to the ground. His body came crashing down behind them. A guttural scream managed to escape his lips and his eyes shot open, for a brief moment he lie there, wide eyed and staring at his tormentor, a rather beautiful Shiekah woman, Taur raised a mangled hand and pointed at her, "You! Whench! You, shall NOT escape punishment for this atrocity. I will feast upon your very soul!"

Taurs body burst into a puff of smoke and whisped away on the wind.

Tobias Pepperwhistle/ Castle Town/ Afternoon 5

Tobias shrugged and turned to Kae, "Well lass, I s'pose 'e got wha' was a comin to 'im. Can't say as I blame yeh, good riddance I says."

It took every ounce of his measurable resolve to stave off the smirk that he so wanted to smirk. Yet he kept his face grave and straight, careful not to betray his insincerity as the armored body of Taur Dagnir respawned inanimate in Harkens underground lair, awaiting the words of activation that only Tobias and Harken knew. Maybe, just maybe they'd give the monster a tad bit more free reign this time around, maybe they'd give him more access to his formidable well of power. Maybe, he'd have a champion of Nayru, a Scion, as his new target.

Harken Zeiss/With the rest/Evening 5

Taur Dagnir, the Iron Knuckle minion they commanded, was hit full force by the Scion's blast. There was nothing could be done to stop the attack, it was released and did its work as soon as Kae finished her little rant. Taur manages a rebellious threat before his body succumbed to the damage. Then the Word of Subjugation, as well as Tobias' own little spellcrafts, activated and the damaged and battered, or more aptly the very dead, body of Taur exploding in a cloud of smoke, wafting away into the streets leaving nothing behind.

Then, Pepperwhistle's magic started it second stage. Harken should have known it would happen. Allies or not, he and Tobias were cut from the same cloth, as it were. After all, hadn't Zeiss taught everything Tobias knew... to him?

Harken's embedded crystals saved his life, with the power of the souls of the Twili dead still stored within them. Resurrection wasn't free, of course. Life had to come from somewhere, and in this case that life came from Harken Zeiss, through the crystalline souls housed in his flesh. It was as written out in the books Zeiss had studied, that he had leant to Tobias as well, of course. A small handful of the crystals cracked and fell from Harken's body onto the cobblestone street, burnt our by the transfer. Harken groaned slightly.

And the body of Taur Dagnir reformed back at the safehouse, coalescing from the power of departed souls. This, at least, Harken could sense due to the intimate transfer of life. In fact, he felt a connection not to the Iron Knuckle that he suspected was similar to that his psychic partner could feel.

Well, that will be my little secret, then. Should have known better than to completely trust a crook like Pepperwhistle. And I do hope, for his sake, he remembers I'm a crook as well.

Aloud, he spoke instead, "Whew, my. I feel a bit light-headed after that. Took more out of me to face that thing then I thought it would! And seeing such a display of power, why it's quite something. Quite something, indeed."

He glanced at Pepperwhistle, a rather lighthearted grin on his face. "Damn near miraculous, eh, Pepperwhistle? Wouldn't you say?"

End With A New Guy Edit

[b]Jacob Hewlitt/Dusk 5/Ordona Protectorate[/b]

"Now, say 'Ah'."

Jacob rolled his eyes. This guy really was the very stereotype of a doctor. Nonetheless, he complied. "Aaahhh!"

The medic leaned back from Jacob after finishing his checks. "Right, then. Looks like we've accomplished a full recovery with you. Be thankful His Majesty decided to send even me, the way things have been. But, then, you soldiers don't need to worry about the politicking of the higher-ups. Final point is, you've got a clean bill of health and can return to active duty now."

Jacob nodded. "Right. I'm sure the officer cadre is in great need of a First Lieutenant," he said pointedly, hoping to point out to the man he was no mere soldier. "Thank you, doctor. Praise to His Majesty, and thanks to Lord Ambershade. If that is all?"

The doctor nodded. "Go on, Lieutenant. I've many others to deal with still."

Jacob left the temporary hospital, which had taken residence in one of the permanent Hylian structures still left standing. The sun was just setting, the best time of day. Dusk refreshed him, that lurid glow of dying light, when Shadow, not Darkness, reigned across the world. Sure, he had been released healthy from the hospital, but only with dusk's dim light did he truly feel whole and hale once more. He was, after all, a Shadow Mage of the Twili Army.

Though from the rumors that he had heard while bedridden, he was no match for Lord Raoul Ambershade. Though that was to be expected from a member of the Royal Lineage, no matter how far he might be from attaining the throne. Well, come to think of it, he'd have to report to the Lord soon enough, no doubt. That had been the order given him, and part of why he was chosen for first round treatment from the new doctor.

That in mind, and invigorated by the day's death, Jacob made for Lord's current abode. He saluted the guards, giving his name, and they let him through the door. He passed the threshold as he last of the sun disappeared below the horizon.

Jacob Hewlitt/Dusk 5/Ordon Protectorate

He waited for some time in the entranceway to the Lord's manor, but despite the aide going deeper into the mansion and returning, Lord Ambershade had never appeared. Eventually, another Twili book-keeper appeared instead.

"Lord Ambershade has requested you to begin work on setting up the portal system for transport of goods, material, and personnel to and from the home kingdom. This man," he gestured to the surly looking Captain at his side, whom Jacob recognized as Creed, "will lead you to the proposed location of the junction."

Jacob saluted Captain Creed. "Sir."

The Captain returned the formality and beckoned Jacob. "Let's be on with it, I have other duties to attend to before I can sleep tonight, and so do you."

They walked in silence through the ramshackle remains of Ordon. Jacob skimmed the village, remembering the fighting that had occurred here what seemed an eternity ago. A small welling of pride formed in his chest. Despite everything, even if it was not much to look at, this was Twili land now. He almost smiled, but controlled his expression lest he have to explain himself.

Creed dropped Jacob off at a warehouse, seemingly recently emptied by the scuffing on the dirt floor, with a simple, "Get to work." So Jacob did.

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