6’ 1” 195lbs with dishwater hair and scraggly beard. Startlingly blue eyes. Monocle worn over left eye, see inventory below. Tobias wears a pair of tattered looking black slacks and scuffed black and white wing tips with a yellowed and faded white collared shirt and shabby black tie beneath a gold colored chainmail vest with various scorch marks on front and back.


The Eye of Verity- a monocle worn over his left eye, works similar to the lens of truth in that it allows him to see hidden items, passages and whatnot, also allows him a glimpse into the hearts of some men and women and to see their true intentions. A black sword cane of no magical significance aside of the blade is supposed to be unbreakable and will never dull. The handle consists of a golden and bejeweled mallard head, the blade itself is also golden. A gold colored, chainmail lined vest, over a white collared shirt with a black tie tucked into the vest and black and gold cuff links at the wrists, black slacks and black and white wing-tips with golden blades in both the toes and heels of each shoe. A golden pocket watch. A rather interesting set of brass knuckles with many uses, if the wearer so wishes, he can have, literally an explosive punch (among other things) something like the blast mask from MM, although the wearer of the knuckles takes little to no damage when they're used.

Strengths & Abilities

Was at one time the inter provincial boxing champion for 6 years running, until he was forced to retire for his brutal tactics inside the ring, therefore it can be said that he holds his own well enough in close quarters combat with fisticuffs also with his sword cane. A rather powerful psychic and telekinetic specializing in the areas of infiltrating and breaking ones mind, good for interrogation. Also well versed in several ancient and dark artes.


Although he is in superior physical condition, Tobias is still middle aged, and isn't quite as lithe as he once was, this is a truth he refuses to accept. He's very goal oriented, driven, and "hands-on" when it comes to accomplishing said goals, where some in his position would just as soon order someone to do his bidding than to get his hands own hands dirty, Tobias will jump right into the middle of the fray, be it during interrogation, in a fight or otherwise. In essence, he's quite the risk taker and this generally has a means of complicating things.

Character Backstory

With their empire in Termina crumbling, Tobias’ partner Harken Zeiss made to flee the land and leave Tobias to pay the piper for their numerous crimes. Tobias, having been suspicious of his cohort for some time, tailed him and followed him through a portal from the Steampunk society of Termina into present day Hyrule.

Begrudgingly, and perhaps because they knew no other way, Hark and Toby again began to work together as they attempted to build another mafia style empire in a new land. The war in Hyrule between threw a wrench in that plan as Castle Town was transformed into a wartorn wasteland. Over the last several months Tobias, alongside Harken and their ragtag following of rebels, cutthroats and thieves, has fought to keep hold of the little corner of Hyrule that they’ve carved out for themselves, the ever present rivalry between he and Harken always just under the surface.