Name: Toshi Mirari

Race: Hylian

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Status: Inactive/Non Canon

Strengths: Toshi is quite athletic, thanks in no small part to years of cow-tipping and goat wrestling. He's also an oddly quick study when it comes to any new physical skill.

Weaknesses: Having never ventured out into the outside world, he is very much a greenhorn at everything not included in the life of a farm boy. Shows no signs of magical ability or above normal magical resistance. Little combat experience beyond fending off wild animals and monsters that stray into the village.

Equipment: The clothes on his back, a small bindle of food, a wooden flute, a slingshot, and a blank wooden mask painted black which he keeps tucked in his waistband.

Appearance: Handsome but nondescript, the kind of person that blends into a crowd unnoticed. Dark haired, mildly tan, wears a simple brown tunic. In a word: forgettable.

Personality: Toshi seems generally quiet and agreeable. He gets along well with others, provided they're willing to get along with him. He's been known to go off by himself for long stretches to just sit in the woods. No one knows why. Perhaps he takes comfort in the solitude. He has a reputation in his village for being wise beyond his years. The elders view him as an old soul. He has a tendency to be indecisive.

Non-Combat Companion(s): N/A

Background: Toshi was born and raised in a small farming village on the ridge between Kakariko and Zora River. Surrounded by woods, this village has remained hidden from the outside world for generations. The people here keep to themselves, and as such are never bothered. They know almost nothing of the political climate in Hyrule, and consider themselves self-governing. Toshi is the first to leave his village in a century, and has sworn to tell no one of its whereabouts.

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