"Glad you asked about me. I am more than your average talking feline advisor. I am a minor celestial aspect."
— Tuffy

Admiral Lord Tuffington III, more commonly known as Tuffy is a male Celestial Cat non playable character, created by tristandark. At 19 standard years old (although his true age is unknown) he is a companion of Jaden Bryseis.


Admiral Lord Tuffington III, Esquire was born shortly after Elizabeth and Tristan Bryseis came into the world. He had existed long before them, but was birthed into the Plane of Hyrule around that time with two other siblings. His father was Felis Minor, Kae Bryseis' familiar. It was only fitting that more familiars would be available to advise the Scion's family as time went forward. When The Great Blasphemy befell Kae Bryseis, he assisted the family in finding a safer method of traveling through time.

Teaming up with Kae's youngest, Nora, a planetary alignment that occurred once a decade would allow the Orrery in the Bryseis Family Enclave to transport someone through time. Of course, adjusting the Orrery instruments was a key action that Tuffy was able to guide Kae in completing. After Jaden had found where Elizabeth impacted time, he volunteered to travel back in time to obtain the Starborn Edge. Kae had made it quite clear that Elizabeth's survival was irrelevant. She had shamed the family and discarded her own heritage, and her life was forfeit.

Tuffy volunteered to accompany Jaden back to the Epoch War, as he believed that if they both met Elizabeth together, he could convince her to turn from whatever had befallen her. Jaden needed an advisor, for in the years since the Interloper War, he had turned to alcohol and other vices to numb the pain of that war's losses. He never could quite overcome them. But Tuffy had been a good friend of his over the past nineteen years.


Tuffy is strong and has the ability to transform into a translucent celestial lion. He also possess high agility. Tuffy is weak against solar magic, shadow magic, catnip, milk, yarn, and historical lore.




Tuffy appears to be a large, obese tomcat. Height: 3', Weight: 23 lb. Fur is short haired, has a black and white bicolor with "mask and mantle." Tuffy's eyes are gold.


Tuffy has a strong wit and intuition. He is obsessed with history and will talk endlessly when exposed to a major find. He's gifted at staying out of trouble.