Vincen Forneaux is a 43 year old male Hylian created by redawson2. He is a non-playable character in Epoch of Disharmony.


Born on the grounds of Hyrule castle, Vincen was the product of lust. His father a knight, his mother a washer woman, Vincen has never known anything but protecting and serving Hyrule since he was a toddler. He underwent knight training with Zerins father, Sebastien and the two formed an immediate bond. If ever Vincen had a brother, it would've been the elder Savassi. Vincens love for Zerin is nearly as great as it was for his father.


Great physical strength. Durable fighter who can take a good deal of physical punishment.


No magical attributes to speak of, any prior attempts to learn the arcane have ended in disaster so Vincen abandoned the prospect. His immense size and brute strength make him a slow mover.


Armor worn by your typical Hylian knight, poleax and large spiked mace.


Vincen is an exceptionally large man at nearly 7 feet tall, barrel chested with a wild unkempt mane of mud brown hair that is indecipherable from the equally tangled and knotty conflagration of beard.


Under the terrifying exterior is a kind soul who loves his friends, of whom just about anyone on two legs would qualify, even moreso if you've a spare pint or two handy. Yes, Vincen loves his ale and firewhisky nearly as much as he does his friends. He's doggedly loyal to Zerin Savassi and his success in his endeavors, however if Zerin were to do something unbecoming of a knight or what Vincen perceived as morally wrong, the brutish knight would be the first to set his young friend straight.


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