Towering over most, Vykos is incredibly thin. He has no skin, is all bones, and has thick dark robes flowing throughout his frame. They are all woven with pale green metallic thread, and he has an apron with his varied tools stuffed into them. He keeps the hood of his cloak raised, and he has a plague doctor’s mask reminiscent of a medieval nosegay. Pale orbs glow underneath, casting light where his eyes would normally be.


He has a staff crafted of obsidian, darksteel, and a large pallid green crystal. He also carries a satchel full of material components and spell materials, including a spellbook made of the flesh and bone of his enemies.


Incredibly powerful Exemplar of Shadow Magicks. Seemingly endless hordes of various undead monstrosities. A floating necropolis above Hyrule Castle Town. Master of supernatural infectious diseases, a practice he calls Plaguecraft. He also has the ability to warp and re-shape the flesh and bone of both living and undead alike, a practice he calls Fleshcraft. Is a lich with a hidden phylactery. If he were to be killed, he has various backup bodies hidden throughout Hyrule that his soul can reanimate within.

GMNPC Specials: As mentioned earlier, Vykos has a large Necropolis floating above Hyrule Castle Town. It is surrounded by hordes of various undead, including Ghini and winged abominations custom-crafted by the Overlord. Said Necropolis is also a dungeon, and should any adventurers dare to raid it, the rewards would be worth the challenge.

Undead Hordes: As long as Vykos remains in unlife with his Necropolis intact, roving packs of undeath plague the entire land of Hyrule. Thanks to advancement in his experimentations, most of Vykos’ army now carries a contagion that reanimates its victims upon initial death. They tend to be more problematic after the sun sets. They also may be found as rogue forces that find their way into large battles, as the commotion attracts them. Thankfully, they are considered “extras.” Any Player Character should be able to fight them off or get away from them within reason. They may carry special loot, so don’t just overlook them!


Without his army he is quite fragile and easily killed. When he is killed, his soul locates a different body that he has buried somewhere in Hyrule. If his phylactery is destroyed, he suffers Final Death. Also when he loses his body, anything he had equipped stays with that body. So he would only have his magic and fleshcrafting abilities, and have to gain control of his armies once again. So for the amount of time that his soul does not have a host, his armies will run berserk and become highly disorganized. His undead nature makes him fatally weak to Light and Forest magic, as well as Fire. He can also be banished to Hell once more, as his soul cannot travel between planes without assistance.


Vykos Osteon was once a high-ranking Wizzrobe in Ganondorf’s service. If it weren’t for the Hero of Time and his blasted Master Sword, he’d probably still be there. Instead, the Twili decided to summon him from Hell and attempt to subjugate him. He killed the summoners upon entry and reanimated them. Agreeing to a deal with the Twili for the sake of political convenience, he offered to ply his trade of mass reanimation for them. Unfortunately, when the Battle of Castle Town did not go as planned, he decided to declare independence and send his armies on a warpath. Constructing a Necropolis from the ruins, it now floats high in the sky above Castle Town as a reminder for the mortals that remain. He was at war with a demoness named Sha’tive, but she went missing over the course of these past six months. In her place came a man that the demons call “Prince.” He looks like a Twili, but Vykos does not know what to make of him other than the fact that this prince also makes use of corpses, which aggravates him greatly.

As a result, Overlord Osteon has sent his armies to the four corners of the realm to gather raw materials for further expansion. The Hylians are reeling in his eyes, and on the brink of defeat. Ganondorf is still out there, but Vykos doesn’t think he can trust him. The Twili have tried to retaliate against him to their peril, but if they have less enemies to fight against, he could be in trouble. His ultimate goal is for all life to be extinguished on this plane, and to serve him in undeath.