Short and scrawny with tousled tawny hair


His FISTS, some tattered leather armor, a maul, and a monkey mask.


Lightning/thunder magic. Unbalanced fighting style (tends to confuse opponents). Surprisingly strong for his size.


Still frail due to his size and easy to "knock around". Prone to random acts, sometimes even self-injuring. (Seriously, he crazy.)


Whie Malreaux was a patient at the Saint Saria Home for the Criminally Insane. On the day the Twili attack Castle Town, he happens to have a flashback to a time eight years before the War. Back then, Whie lived happily in Ordon as a farmhand, shepherding goats. In that time, his pseudo-girlfriend Leonora led him to a cave in the Woods, and they entered. Before his recollection can continue, though, one of his many personalities made some foreboding comments, and the power of Whie’s mask was unlocked. With it, he transformed into a monkey, which incidentally freed him from his straightjacket. He gruesomely murdered three guards and an orderly, causing another flashback, this time to five years before the War, when Whie murdered three men from Ordon in similar fashion. The murder in Ordon was committed after Whisper (one of Whie’s split-personalities) revealed to him that the ‘something horrible’ that had been done to Leonora… was actually committed by him. In the present, Whie escaped the Home, having killed the guards, and began a small spree of terror in Castle Town.

He attacked Elly Shea in the Castle Cathedral while she was protecting Kae during Kae's ritual to erect a shield to protect the Castle from the Twili Siegemages. Whie somehow became convinced Elly was his pseudo-girlfriend Leonora, and of course formed an obsession with her. He was driven off by her superior fighting skills, but returned later that day to either try to murder or save Elly (it's a bit unclear, he is kind of crazy). In a face-off against Lynn Hothlight, it came to light that that the Monkey Mask was one of the Hated Relics housing a portion of Taden Hothnight the Hated's soul, and that its corrupting influence was what drove Whie mad and broke his psyche. In the aftermath, Whie was captured and put on a prison cart headed to Hidden Kakariko. It was assailed by Twili on the way, who had hoped to find the escaping King of Hyrule among the passengers, and in the ensuing melee Whie escaped. For six months he has been hunting, trying to find his lost Leonora... trying to find Elly Shea...