The ZRPG series is a play-by-post role-playing game series based off of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda franchise. A fan created spin-off the ZRPG's are text based games that combine interactive fiction, collaborative storytelling, and competitive player vs player combat. Players begin by creating their own characters based on the races and factions from the canon Zelda series. Players then interact with each other, participating in various quests, battles, and events that take place over a small number of in-game days. Users who participate can either follow the main storyline, create their own unique quests, or both.

The ZRPG saga explores the time periods set between the various Zelda titles. Rather than following the exploits of Link however the series instead focuses on events in Hyrule when the legendary hero isn't around to defend it. The action usually takes place during the historical events and conflicts only briefly mentioned in the back stories of the canon Zelda games, such as the Demon War or the Twili Invasion of Hyrule. Featuring a wide range of both original and canonical characters, items, and locations, the ZRPG saga stretches over a period of 2000 years between Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess.

Held on IGN's Legen of Zelda Message Board the ZRPG series began in June, 2001 with it's first title The Dark Chronicles. Since then the series has grown in size and scope over the last decade to include least 13 different RPG's. The ZRPG's follow their own unique chronology in addition to the main Zelda timeline. Characters and artifacts from previous RP seasons often show up in later titles, while events from one RPG may influence or be referenced in current conflicts.

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