Appearance Edit

Regular Twili with long dark red hair. Build is slightly bulkier than usual.

Inventory Edit

Dark Nut equipment and armor...stolen from the corpse of one.

Strengths Edit

Wields the strength of a Goron...

Weaknesses Edit

...and sinks like one.

Background Edit

During one of the battles of Hyrule, he fled knowing too well that he would fall just like his fellow soldier. As he ran, he grabbed a Twili magician on his way out. Whilst in the spur of the moment, he couldn't think of a better idea than to capture a goron, and sacrifice it to absorb its power, at the cost of the magician's life. He went along with such a plan, which somehow worked. As he emerged from the smoke as the sacrifices disintegrated, he looked on from a cliff of Death Mountain. Upon seeing the battle at Hyrule Castle, he was relieved to see that he still had time. He hauled his huge two-handed sword over his shoulder, and began running to the scene.

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