Zerin Savassi is a 19 year old male Hylian created by sye024. He is a playable character in Epoch of Disharmony.


Zerin Savassi (zair-in suh-vah-see) was born and raised in Hyrule Castle Town. His father was a soldier for the King and he always looked up to him as a child wishing he could become a soldier one day as well. At the age of 16, he began training to become a soldier of the military. After the two years of training nearly passed, his father was involved in an ambush on the streets, bringing him to near death.

Because of this Zerin dropped out of training to stay by his father's side. During this time, his father told him that the military of Hyrule is corrupt and evil, and to stay away from it at all costs. Before dying, he told Zerin where to find a mechanism that he's been working on for years and gave him a key. That night he passed away. One year later Zerin is now equipped with his father's gift that he still has no idea how to properly use, roaming Hyrule in search for a purpose.


Quick on his feet and in combat, very precise and accurate when using a blade or a ranged weapon.


Fire and lightning magic. Travelling in any severe heat is a no-no. Little to no knowledge in the magic department.


Dual steel longswords. Two sheathes with cylindrical chambers which act as launchers for the mysterious item that his father gave him on his death bed. The hilts of the swords have triggers which, when pulled, shoot two approximately 50 feet long grappling hooks in a desired direction out of the chamber, then latch onto the target material. With this technology, a person can launch themselves in any given area to any given area very efficiently. Most effectively used in a forest with many things to grab on to.


Around 6 feet tall. An above average build, but still not very muscular. Medium-long hair stylized in a messy manner. Casual cloth attire, medium fit.


Snarky towards anybody he speaks to, a higher up in command or otherwise. Doesn't tolerate people mocking or insulting friends, family, or himself. Tends to get along with people that he wants to, but if not, they'll most likely grow to hate him.

Timeline of Major Events

Day 1-6 Summary

Zerin was somewhere away from the other characters on these dates.

Day 7 Summary

Zerin practices using his clawshot like devices on the outskirts of Castle Town. On the way back he sees Avarius trying to break into Hyrule Castle. Zerin try’s to stop him and the two briefly get into a duel. Avarius manages to get into the castle and explode, burying Zerin under the rubble. Later Zerin is saved by Vincen Forneaux, who takes him back to his house to recover.